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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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valencia. it's extremely unpopular among it's neighborhood and will have an impact of those that are there and inconsistently surrounding and in terms of the issue of parking and there is 12 spaces lost to parkletts. it's not that the parking a lot near valencia is gone. and the parking lot at the public parking lot at on bartlett that one section is reserved for monthly parkers and that is not available for people who come and go, and finally of course we are not talking about a few parking spaces on bartlett street. we are talking about a block of parking. these are real skwaenld and affect the long-term residents who live there. i hope when you now consider the eir report, please look at it. tl mr. williams has
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already pointed out that it's factually inaccurate. how can a body consider a document if the facts of the document are inaccurate and do not describe the circumstances. this needs to go back to the drawing room. it needs to be fresh end up and made accurate. i hope you will decide. thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm with 24. we are merchants in the neighborhood council with the district. we are here to support for the valencia street. we feel development should take consideration of the environmental i impact and seniors and culture. we see too many that are not benefitting around those around them.
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building houses is not just that. it's got to look at the whole picture. one size does not fit auchlt it should be left in the hands of the community and those that surround it. >> i want to thank our supervisors for letting us to do this. i'm a neighbor in the mission. i have a family and i'm a teacher at the marsh youth theatre. i started going there when taking my kids when they were very young and i was a parent and now i'm a member of the marsh. i want to ask supervisor wiener that you are very concerned about, you were asking the opinion of 12 apartments won't take too much parking that public transportation is only a block away. well, i would like you to
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ask some questions to ceqa, when they do an environmental study, they don't include you the impact on the cultural impact in the economic impact that they do in our neighborhood. our neighborhood is completely suffering a buys displacement on culture on our people as we say it as students cannot come. they are leaving our neighborhood. who is going to buy those apartments? it's local people. all those people are going to have cars. they are not going to have children. they are not going to need to come to the marsh. we are going to be on their way. even if we take care of the noise during the construction and there is a good litigation about that. there is no real follow up on those problems when the
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construction starts. i would like you to consider that as it has the protocols and they need to be up grade d for environmental needs. >> good afternoon, my name is mary gallagher. i'm an urban planner. i'm in full support of the objections raised by mr. williams. i would like to talk to you about three environmental acts. the first is a proposed receptor. the project is located to the interior sound level and it has never been enforced by the
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building requirement. i ask this be added as mitigation measure. in the absence you have not find this in good faith that the on-site interior sound would be been wn the legal requirements. that would be saying there won't be anymore armed robberies in san francisco because there is a law to stop that. unless laws are enforced, they are not complied with. we need a mitigation measure to enforce it. no. 2, the marsh is also a sound inspect ofrment . it is a school for children from ages 5-15. it identifies near schools of city college a block away. second, it is a neighborhood theatre. if you are going expand our definition of sound receptors in theatres located in the heart of the
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neighborhoods. we must adopt mitigation measures that limit this noise from construction and projects for a performance theatre. this is a threshold much lower for most uses. finally for someone who watches this from the early 2000s. >> thank you very much. next speaker.a hello, my name is courtney, first sunlight, the building is going to cat -- cast a shadow on our street. our quality of life will be
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compromised. second, i'm concerned about parking. as it is we don't have enough parking for current residents and neighborhoods in our neighborhood. not already will finding difficult parking will increase but circling of additional cars will be a problem. the addition of all these residents and their friends that this condominium will provide will only exacerbate these issues. i'm concerned about the excessive pollutants these vehicles will provide. finally as a bicyclist, i'm concerned about the additional cars. i'm concerned about cars that are ready to snatch a parking spot
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potentially hit me and others. i don't think these issues have been investigated enough and we don't know how severe the impact will be without an environmental impact report. >> good evening. my name is john barbie. i was here when i was 35 now i'm a senior citizen. we are a long standing historic district on the very edge of the gigantic plan which is recent. the valencia project was proposed almost immediately after that went through. this is really our first encounter with that gigantic. i think
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it's the whole chapter 8 which discusses historic resources and as you know this is directly next do are to a major resource cultural theatre comedy club in san francisco in a major resource in itself. i really urge you to support this appeal of the negative declaration. you cannot be so offhand about ceqa regulations and an environment that is this sensitive. it can't be that we have actually come to the point in san francisco where we need a high built density where we have some of our few surviving
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cultural resources. >> good evening, my name is leonard fisher. i have lived here for 40 years. i have 40 years experience in the building trades. as an engineer one must look at numbers. however many of the statements are unsupported by fact. where there are numbers there is a full impact nos. explored. as an compel of subjectivity the it's an example of subjectivity it dismisses aesthetic and commercial zoning and enhancement of the unique character of the mission. there are over 400 merchants who have opposed this. as an example of
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this failure to address the impact of numbers, the propose is project is an unacceptably high number of greenhouse gases. this is not addressed. the project is estimated to generate roughly 17 1/2 tons per resident per year of carbon dioxide equivalent. it will pollute more than double the current san francisco average rate of 6.7 tons per year. the rate will be higher due to additional emissions to increase additional parking. this will produce negative environmental impact and is contrary to city policy to reduce carbon emissions. considerations of this impacts as well as that of other
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projects located nearby but waved away and not being close by. ceqa demands evaluations. >> good afternoon. i'm a long time resident of san francisco and i'm here to support highly respect the community based marsh. we celebrated the 25th anniversary and where i have been an audience member and volunteer over a decade and where i have enjoyed many memorable sold out performance at this cultural resource.
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there are 700 shows with 305 adults and children in the area. i want to propose the majority of the performances by solo artist who require complete silence, although it's silence with loud and enthusiastic applause. the theatres don't mix. i urge you to expand the definition to address the sound to include small theatres and sound to this project. this theatre like the marsh can continue. for those who have not that had pleasure, the marsh and the best audience is an affordable theatre experience in a cultural heart beated of this
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corner of the mission of san francisco. finally this issue is as much about coexistence as it is about preservation of the marsh. latino culture and the mission as it is about the arts. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors, i'm going to be brief and ask that the eir conduct a full analysis. thank you. >> hi, my name is josh. i'm a solo performer. i have developed a number of shows. i was this a year before him, so i think i win. i used to li around the corner from the marsh on hill street in a basement and i would walk
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around and i would get the tell the story of my totally unknown family as i was growing up in this environment. it's a privilege to speak to this democratic body. it's a privilege to be heard both as a citizen and also an a performer and i want to reemphasize of what people have said is that silence is not just a bone us for the theatre, but if you don't have silence and you are doing a theoretical performance is like having a museum without walls or paintings for things to look at. it's everything. i would be really grateful as a citizen, as a lover of the marsh and the lover of san francisco in the mission district. i would be grateful if you can make sure that this project, it's not against
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condominiums, but the theatre is also important i'm not saying as important as condominium if a theatre can be brought up to the theatre. also supervisor avalos i would like to do a portrayal of your character. >> hello supervisor and other important people. my name is marty gomez. i'm a neighbor of the marsh. i have lived there for 35 years. i'm a performer at the marsh and perform
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regularly. i think i win. i'm not quite sure. i want to reiterate what people say the quiet is as much a part of our performance as our words. when i talked about this situation, they say, why don't you use a microphone. i could but in between there is still that important space in between the words and that's important for the audience. some of the words are funny and some of it is deep. right now after dia de los muertos. this is a heart time for artist in the mission district and the latino community. it's really a very appointive to be here. i want
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you to please consider the designate ors of the marsh. in the mitigation measures written in the building permit. also, i am not a fan of the parklett because i don't ride a bicycle. i say please more parking spaces and not less with this condominium . >> good evening. i'm an owner and property within the range of everything that goes on around the marsh. i particularly picked the building because i want to be more involved in the marsh.
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it's a family. i'm on the board of directors. i have produced shows and taken class after class and found it just a joy full part of my life. being part of the board i have to say that we were glad to see content fried chicken leave and we were very horrified to find out it was going to be put up against a large condominium. we couldn't find out any details. we kept asking and asking representative and making phone calls and day after day we came back to meetings and we had no more information. so i would please like the board to consider all of the negative sound environmental and noisy
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negative aspect of having a large billion for people without any parking. thank you very much. >> hi. i'm a business owner and resident of valencia street. unfortunately 20 or more of business owners in that 1,000 blocks of valencia street couldn't be here today. two and three employees and running a small business makes that impossible. but, i'm going to
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talk a little bit about what has been important in our discussions as business owners and that's sort of an amorphous word of character. people talked about our historic neighborhood. we had buildings that survived the 1906 earthquake and fire and we have people that come to enjoy our shops and restaurants. it's a real term. people enjoy this neighborhood and we believe that having a very large structure that doesn't give courtesy to its neighbors in its massing and height will change that character and make it more difficult for business owners to survive. so please think about supporting small
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businesses and asking our new neighbors to be better neighbors by decreasing the height and fitting better in the neighborhood. >> good afternoon. my name is adrian abet. for past three years i have called the marsh my home and i just developed my full length show. my father is doing his own show. you have heard the marsh is a solo performance of the country across the world. i love this city and i'm very proud of the cultural and creative history of this city. if the city is to continue being the hub that it is, we need the marsh. the
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voices cannot compete with bulldozer and others associated with construction. please take us into consideration. thank you. >> thank you for having me. my name is marilyn: i'm the host. i'm also a stand up comic and so oh performer done many many shows at the marsh. there are many times in my solo that you can hear a pin drop. if there is construction. we may not have the sanctuary that it is the marsh. people have said a lot of the same things because we are scared. the developer has failed already and we hope that you can take that into consideration to make them do their due diligence and take into account the aspect of this
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community. i have been driver for 30 years. make them put in parking spaces. >> i'm a san francisco native and i have used the cafe and and important place to develop before i was the historically committed genius. i tried to get these people to be a good neighbor as they move into neighborhood. san francisco has been a welcoming place for generations of artist to move to going back to the 50s. that should continue. the city generates before the opera. no one likes opera. people likes to be seen at the opera no one
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likes baseball, people like winners. we are making our losers by losers. we don't have riots or cause traffic jambs, we cry in our beer and have sex with baristas. if you need more support for this project and the city needs to look at that. >> if i want to come back for other general public comment, we welcome you. >> hello, my name is barbara ruzel. there are so many of us
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that are against this project. they are all voters. i want to greet you and thank you for being here and this you for listening to us. i was born and raised in san francisco. i bought a house when i was 20 years old on hill street. my son was born right after that. i still have that home. i don't live in it. i live right across the street. for 72 years i have lived in this area. i have they homes and i have homes that are rentals and i have worked very hard to have build what i have. it breaks my heart to see this building going in. nobody wants it. look at the people here. debits --
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gets bigger and bigger. the traffic would be awful. it's not going to work and for all the reasons that you heard before. i am adding my objection. i don't know what we have to do more to influence you. we care about san francisco. everybody wants to come to san francisco and this is going to be a victorian street with a huge tower. if this developer had come to talk to us, he refused. we need to preserve the culture of the city and the wonderful artist. please vote no to this developer. thank you very much.
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>> hello. my name is suzanne garn. the setback is an eye sore. it hasn't been occupied yet. there is a loss of a parking lot and very few parking spaces. i want to support the concerns of the marsh. the idea of being quiet so they can perform and preserve it as a unique performance place. thank you. >> hi. i'm a resident of san francisco. i have developed and performed two shows at the marsh. it's not a cast where they are playing off each other. the audience is
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basically our partner in the shows and lots of us can over power the outside noise. basically the performers can feel each other's humanes. this is not something we can get at the media. it's important that we protect fr the marsh from outside noises and we have non-performers come and get up on stage for the first time. they are really scared and very vulnerable. so we need to have a safety place where they can express something that they wanted to their whole life that is really important for them. if you go e to the, you will see on then season roster they have shows that really represent all the
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diversity in san francisco. if you go to the theatres they don't represent this. they represent one demographic for the whole year. the march they really represent the whole community. this is only a fraction of our community. it's so much bigger than this. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> hello, my name is candice roberts. i'm a resident of san francisco. i came here in 2000 and it was an instant love affair. i have worked at the marsh for 3 years.