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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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diversity in san francisco. if you go to the theatres they don't represent this. they represent one demographic for the whole year. the march they really represent the whole community. this is only a fraction of our community. it's so much bigger than this. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> hello, my name is candice roberts. i'm a resident of san francisco. i came here in 2000 and it was an instant love affair. i have worked at the marsh for 3 years. the place
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that represents diversity. i have been priced out of my own city. do we want artist to remain here. do we want service workers to have a place and do we want diversity to have a voice. it a house -- allows memo to have a voice. it negatively impacts the marsh. please think of the negative impact this project is going to have on the marsh and essentially like i said it's the last stronghold and the way i stay connected to san francisco.
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>> hi. my name is alex. first i want to thank everyone who is out here to support the marsh. thank you supervisor for your attention. first one of the things i would like to point out as you can tell we have a very vibrant community. i have heard very little in favor of this development. in fact none. we have a lot of people that care about this space and people aren't antidevelopment. it's a matter of protecting the institution. i work at the marsh. we serve people from 4 years young to 104 years old.
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we have a huge range of audience members in terms of their diversity and numbers. here we have 12 units now who is more important to you. in one of the appellant's claim they can't get their document right. how are we going to trust them to protect us from the noise of construction. we don't want neighbors calling cops on us when we have a performer yelling at a scene. we don't want jack hammers when little kids are trying to learn their abc's witmusicals. my
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question is, what will you do from here? thank you. >> i just want to make it clear, given the comments this is a section at the time for the comments to speak on behalf of the appellants. this will be another portion for the comments where you can speak. in case you have not heard from folks on the other side. national next speaker. >> good afternoon. i want to speak to the negative declaration. the area is not a transit rich neighborhood and the area is not served by transit. this will have an impact on the area. while the
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mta policy is working on transportation. there is a limited range. there is a neighborhood community option. this neighborhood was well served. the bus on valencia guerrero and 22nd street have been eliminate. designing cars when the limited number of parking spaces is predicated on an area being well served. this
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neighborhood has been systematically swept of it's public transit options. there have been studies that shown when you have people of higher income for condominiums they are going to use cars. more cars for their parking with damage to our environment. >> good evening. my name is rick west. i have lived in san francisco since 1970. if you've seen hill street, it's a very quarter neighborhood lines with
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prequake historians. one thing about this building that they are proposing 3/4 is on valencia. 3/4 is on hill street. the bottom line is, the environmental report is flawed and inaccurate and omits many details. what more do you need to know. these people have come here to let you know their concerns. the report is incomplete. >> my name is john lemon. this
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development will do a tremendous amount to destroy one of the last contiguous historic neighborhoods of this city which identify that had privilege of living. it will cast shadows on my backyard and i will no longer be able to grow the plants that i grow, it will cast a shadow to my neighbors who have a little access to their backyard who enjoy sitting on their front areas in the mornings and having their coffee and mostly the addition of these 12 units and the possibility that these people the owners will be granted permits on our residential streement,
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essentially their numbers, this projection is 20. it will take up every available parking space on hill street. i think that has to be considered when we consider the impact on our neighborhood. one other point which is we are not 1 block from public transportation. we were three. the building is along the corner of hill street to 21 to 22nd. that's 3 blocks. >> hello, my name is as -- as suzanne. when they were talking about the rich transit. it's not very rich. dirts and crowded and and it's very
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dangerous. it a terrible bus to take and it no the very reliable. the number 49 hardly ever runs. it's not rich transit to walk to mission. also as elected government officials it is your duty to serve the people of this community. it's wrong that this building is wrong for the neighborhood. >> good afternoon supervisors. thank you for listening to this testimony. i'm a long time resident of the mission district. there is no doubt that this building will have a negative impact. it's never been in more crisis than it is now and never more development in that area. that is all having a cumulative negative
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impact or this neighborhood. that project at 1050 valencia will break the back of a parking. that in itself is a reason to support this appeal and make sure that this matter is held in a responsible and legal and proper fashion that addresses the neighbors, the residents of that neighborhood of that whole city. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> hello. i'm also a 14-year resident of hill street. thank you for taking my comments. i want to open by saying that i wish to personally support, i wish to personally support this
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project. i personally am in support of thought fully executed increases. i'm personally in support of those aspirations for valencia street. i, my husband take transit and serve by the modest strip of rapid transit that we have in this city. i want to like this project. this project represents and extreme version of the valencia street. a version which logistically where it's requirements cannot be met by valencia street. it is it has been implemented from the surrounding neighborhood in this particular case on hill
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street. it's foot print is more than twice is size other than hill street. it is an -- anchor in an historic district. the story they are selling to you they maybe selling to the customer. they plan to tell their tenants apply for a parking permit on hill street. maybe go. two. >> hi. i'm mike mayor, a property owner on hill street. the height is an excessive
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height. aspect out the property will be built 70 feet. the marsh is 33 feet. the side of the street is the same size of the marsh. leaving the protisticing -- property -- sticking out. the hill street neighborhood and mission is considered the sun yes neighborhood in the city and it's going to be taken way with a 70-foot building. we are also a world class city. i'm lucky to run across many people who pick this area as a destination and we are going to lose some of that character. i want to
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say that we don't need it to be 70 feet. this is no the a -- request. i'm just asking for a sense of reason and the ability for the character that is there. thank you. >> president chiu. and supervisors good afternoon. i'm i have been going to the shows at the marsh as long as i can remember. i have friends that come to the mission toen jo en -- enjoy the shows. we need to
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protect it. sound from construction and from residents can affect the performances. applause and other sounds from performance can affect the residents. these issues need to be addressed. please support our character and culture. i urge you to vote to expand the definition for sound measures on this project. >> thanks, next speaker. >> hello, my name is margaret wilson. this is molly. our family has been on hill street for 11 years. while i'm not opposed to development, the proposed development at the end
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is not compatible with the neighborhood aesthetically. it's also the cost of those apartments will not be an asset to the neighborhood. you know the price point of housing is getting so high. it would be nice if it were something more affordable coming in. most of all i want to say there is not enough parking on hill street as it is. it's not and the lark of parking is difficult for families for which are there are a number of on hill street. adding more parking even with permits it's not possible to find parking on the streets especially on street cleaning days and people will park until 6:00 and stay over night at those parking spots. thank you. >> next speaker? >> hello, my name is dale did
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uncan, i just want to emphasize supporting everything that has been said earlier and with the scale of this development coming in and so many unknowns with the plan and what is going on in san francisco, it would be nice to have the plan a little bit mysterious and what is going on there. if there is talk about it being commuter friendly and perhaps maybe having a conversation about okay, these units will be not available and parking permit. a dialogue between the community because clearly we need more development and we need a more tangible conversation and you get this out pouring of people.
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>> i have a brief powerpoint. if there is a member of the audio visual club eligible. >> sit set up? if not one of our staff will work with you. >> i live in the tenderloin but a frequent visitor of the mission and particularly valencia street which is a wonderful place to go. in the past period of unemployment i volunteered at the marsh which was a wonderful experience. i don't know if anybody remembered. it's a marvelous institution. as we are learning
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it's a venue that is mostly quiet. isn't that something. i am opposed to this measure which is throughout more chaos to this neighborhood that has it's where people are comfortable, where they are happy and i can just imagine the chaos that might ensue the billboards coming soon. i'm against the values that i have personally brought me here to san francisco and made me love the city. i hope that you will go with the fans of the marsh and the neighborhood. thank you. >> i'm ready. it's on this computer.
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>> it's ready. my name is elizabeth. i have lived for decades in 94-1-10 and i live on hill street. what you have heard on the documents is that this building is not a good fit for our neighborhood. this development is based on lives and you should know about that. the first lie is that we are well served by transit. you can walk a half block for 2 feet to a munis line that doesn't serve well. according to the system wide on time performance which is less than 60 percent. the 49 and the j are all lower as you can see on this chart that comes from sf mta. all three of
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these lines are lower than the 60 percent. does anybody in this room think that less than 60 percent is a good on time rate? is it good for you? would it be a good rate for your children if they had to get to school? if is it a good rate for your ride to work? i don't think so. not a good rate. these dwoerps should put their money where they mouth is. i would say thank you for considering the neighborhood and considering the marsh and do not let them have residential parking. they say they want transit building, let them have it.a good evening
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supervisors. thank you for hearing our comments on the marsh. i'm a small business owner. i work in district 6 and live in district 8. i'm in three corners of san francisco. i came to the park and i'm staying for the marsh. i was thrilled that the marsh opened in 1988. we moved our business this and we found it was booming into a rich neighborhood. i followed the marsh from it's home to valencia to where it is now.
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really, that building now went from an empty storefront to the jazz club to this wonderful place where culture grows and blooms. so corporate memory. yes. we all had that, we all know what happens to the stores in the mission. is it progress to step on one of the places where the arts can thrive in each of our drebts in neighborhood theatres. i don't think. i have three things to say. first i'm not guess helping in san francisco. this seems sleazy and poor planned and second of all i'm a constitutional scholar and promote the general welfare. thank you very much.
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>> hello. i'm jenkins and i have been around the marsh and on various locations on valencia street which is an essential development when it was pretty rough going down there and walking home at night to a situation where this extreme over gentrification. i think it's a resource that we really want to preserve and protect and think about how this condominium oh project is threatening that and hill street and what that damage might do that you can't redo. like the cable cars that almost got taken away. we are always teetering on that edge about
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how to make that preservation. what does this project, what could it do to blend in and be more part of the neighborhood. notice how to marsh is with banners and not big -- signs and serve those kinds of goals or it's going to be detrimental and take away from what we are trying to accomplish here and as well as addressing the needs of the mission that are there as well as parking as being a huge concern. thank you very much. next speaker. is there any other members that wish to speak, please lineup otherwise we'll proceed at the end of this speaker. >> hello, i'm been a resident
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of the theatre since 1972. i had had the opportunity to perform at the marsh and scene -- seen the development of thousands of performers. when the board of supervisors, when is the board of supervisors going to realize that keeping the sanctity and quarter -- quiet for artist to perform and needed to work that as it's going on in cities and many have gone on to new york to taken san francisco with them to expand their experience. do you really want to be the one to have your signature go down in history to be on a document that contribute now of
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destroying this. thank you. >> hello. i live in the adjacent castro district area. i am fearful of the every epicrouching darkness that is a result of the these large buildings. i'm also very concerned about the character of the neighborhoods, the kind of places that are being built will invite people who come in quickly and abandon the neighborhood quickly and will not care for the quality of the area. i'm already concerned about the character of these buildings fitting in and what we think about our city and how we want to preserve what it is to us. so i would that the
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board of supervisors please consider these questions. >> are there any other members of the public who wish to speak in public comment with regard to this topic? seeing none, let's go to the dmranttopic. >> good afternoon. i'm with the planning department. joining me today is my colleague, sarah jones, the environmental review officer and also rich sue krae who is a planner. the department provided you with two separate memos submitted by the appellant. after the concerns raised in these a. and the testimony we heard
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today we find the mitigated nag dak was adequate and appropriately issued. the building would not result in a significant effect on the environment with implementation of the identified mitigation measures. thereof we believe that the mitigated nag dak for the environment and other issues whether the project, scale or architectural style and we found that they would not. the department's response to the concerns raised are fully contained. in my time now i would like to cover 5 points. they relate to why the project