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tv   [untitled]    November 14, 2013 8:00am-8:31am PST

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business is the speaker, talked about will be definitely beneficiaries. and i think that public transportation is really quite excellent when you think about the trainings and the part and in the moving and the buses and the east bay terminal. and you really can't put it much better. the entertainment and cultural values, are going to be fantastic. and in terms of these concerts and so on and so forth. and not to mention the fact that we get to see the warriors who full disclosure, season ticket holder to the warriors. and loving it. the civic pride that is going to be generated here, i think is just, it is the wo w factor and it is just fantastic and
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with that i will just say, i will second the previous speaker >> anything that you can do to push this along? >> fantastic. go for it. go warriors. >> and after you, we will have ruben heculoba. >> and good afternoon. my name is (inaudible) rice and i have been active on the water front for years and years as you know. to many commissions. and the i could go on and on. and every time that i said something,... and every time that i said something negative about the development they lost. so i have had pretty good record. of accuracy and besides this development is concerned, i have located at the golden
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gateway which is a four tower center. and a lot of the people there, object to this, because they are worried about the noise that the events will bring, and the crowds being unruly. and by the way, nobody mentioned anything about a 500 car garage. i saw the garage under my park years ago. and defeated it because it was not feasible. on drum street, when back up to south of market, and embarcadero to the bay bridge and as you know it is already congestived. and if you read the papers recently, it said, san francisco is the third worst congestived city? the united states as far as traffic is concerned. so if we take all of those things into consideration, sure, let's get on paper, and then the reality is, that it is
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very, very big. and it is not just not the right place. and the whole venue that is not being discussed today and the hotel towers and the condo on the other side and 175 feet which is worse than 8 washington and 105 feet for the hotel. and which is unbelievably, disfavorable. and just as we predicted and we said, if you open up 8 washington and others will follow, we were right. and the same thing as far as my park. >> oh, we will put a botchy ball court on the southern end of the plaza. and don't worry no one else will come after that. and guess what? >> we have a children's playground. which did not belong there because we have six parks that have play grounds and so you see that it is all, and it is not..., it is smart development and how many real estate all of
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my life and that is how i saw the open space opportunity here for my park and so please, listen, and this is not the best use of land, on the embarcadero and furthermore, the biggest point that i have to make is why are you in competition where the giants will have to go and have an event venue and the retail and etc. etc. and you are pitting one development against the other on the port and for that reason, i do not know, it is insanity and you don't do that. so if you are going to have the giants build a venue on the parking lot there, let them throw it. but this way, you are going to knock everything out of the ballpark, so to speak. and create a lot of havoc because you are not planning it properly. and so please think about it, and this whole thing needs to be rethought, and given proper
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consideration. and you don't talk about what parking is under the condo, how many cars will go under that. and how many cars will go under the hotel. we cannot absorb it, the city is only 7 miles big. small i should say. please, use some reasoning and do the right thing, thank you. >> thank you. and (inaudible) >> >> i have been a resident for san francisco for 45 years and also, i am an architect and i have also sefbed on the building commission for four years and i am in support of the arena from the sand point
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of there is vital economic and social opportunity opportunities and the arena and there is from this category the economic will revitalize an aging water front and there will be social gathers at which both open space and inside of the buildings will be iconic in the landmark status that will probably be a gathering place for many and those that will be flocking to the water front. and as a cultural landmark the building itself will stand by the category by which it would receive the strong support not only along the water front but in a regional basis of transportation in many categories. on the environmental side it will help to mitigate the aging water front and the piers that are continuing to not only
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pollute but also the parking lots. and training in the bay. there are opportunities here for growther and progress and this building will provide the economic growth and progress and the growth that is so vital for this city and the water front needs revitalization and there are one of many jewels along the water front that have now been revitalizing from the fery building to the new, if herry terminal to the many, many other opportunities south of market and along the waur front. and the economic growth is vital, and the social cultural and economic growth are vital. and this building as an iconic landmark will be vital to the growth of the water front, thank you.
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>> and crowley and after that jim, seius. >> thank you, commissioners, good to see you, again, the port staff and especially to the broadcast employees who beat us out to the general populous. >> and this city is no stranger to icons and being against those, if it were not for people who could see ahead we might not have the golden gate bridge today so i was lying in bed to say what i can say that has not been said about this process and so i put together the notes and read them to you today. i am here as a native of the great city to express my support for the new pavillion. i love the design, it is dramatic and accessible and it is incredibly useful and the people want to go to it because of the location on the water front and it is a gathering place and vocal point for the residents and visitors to san
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francisco and isn't that what we all want? secondly, it creates hundreds of thousands of permanent jobs, san francisco arts and entertainment economy is valued at $4 billion and responsible for 48,000 jobs and not all of these jobs are paying living wages and benefits like healthcare and retirement. but the jobs will as they do currently and you are talking stage hands and culinary workers, and station gers and broadcast technicians and these are just a few of the types of employees that will serve the new pavillion. it will make it easy for the workers to get to the jobs and finally i will speak as a former port commissioner, it will resurrect 30-32 and if we lose the opportunity to build it, the city will have to spent, approximately 50 million dollars to remove the piers as a taxpayer that is not what i want. i want it at pier 30-32 and
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thank you for your time and generous and i hope for go forward with this. thank you. >> and after, jim, we have leah peminto. >> good afternoon, president and commissioners i'm jim salina senior and i have been raised in the commission district and i have lived in san francisco my entire life and i have passed along. i encourage you to move this forward, and the ability to approve or renovate these pier and they are not in the best conditions and since they were built and they have been maintained. and so we have the opportunity
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to move this wonderful resource forward and san francisco does not have the means to do that and this provides us and also look at from the standpoint that it creates these wonderful jobs that we are absolutely, in need of. as this arena is built, this particular developer, as agreed to support local hire, at a time when we desperately need it even through is a considerable amount of building in san francisco. most of it is private development and they do not support local hire.
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>> i am a third generation from san francisco and i am here to speak in support of the project. trying to compare eight washington to the wear ors project is not even comparing apple and oranges, it is tiger to apples they are different. it is going to bring the warriors to san francisco and keep them in the bay area. i strongly support this project. >> thank you. >> okay. >> danielle, and patrick. >> thank you, for the time to be here.
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and my girlfriend and i were proud home owners in west oakland, and we are going to be sad to see the warriors leave our town, but we are very e cited to see is the vision and it is a shame that we could not do this here and nonetheless, we stand behind the project and we are happy to see the warriors stay here and i am here. and we also, over see all of the giant's games you see, for the home feeds and the away feeds, and our men and women are going to be able to keep work and we are proud to say that the goeden state warriors have reached out to us and so on behalf of a man who is from the city of oakland, it is a sad day, but it is a happy day to make sure that they are committed to the jobs and on behalf of the members that i support and do the union labor that put together the broadcast that you get to enjoy on tv and i want to say thank you for your time and great presentation and that was
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wonderful to see the people's revisions over time but what a great process and thank you to your time thank you. >> thank you. >> and after patrick, dennis mckency. >> my name is pat and i live a block and a half from the proposed site and i am very much in support of the warriors coming to the neighborhood and one of the things that i have learned over time is that there is a support base for this that is extremely large and extremely diverse. and i was in the room the other day with a bunch of folks who were in favor and advocating for this project on our water front and the diversity is impressive and incredible. and also, when you think about it is over seven acres of open space on the bay, the whole purpose of how we evaluate of who goes on the bay is how do we get the people to engage in the bay and i think that this is a responsible manner and we will have an opportunity, while, there will be certain
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inconveniences in my neighborhood, they are far out weighed by the ability to bring so many people to have such an experience on our bay front, that will not be had otherwise, and we see that almost every single day right now with nothing going on on that sight, except for the toxic waste on the bay. >> also there was a comment made about a traffic congestion, and it is not the warer's fault that people decided to drive. and in fact, what we have at this site, is an incredible array of transit options probably far exceeding anything west of manhattan and we have bart and transbay and central muni coming on-line and cal train and the high speed rail and the people can walk and there are taxi options and bike share and bike options as well. and from the entire mental perspective, this is again, a responsive development and i have reviewed it and i am in real estate as well and what they have to go through to do this project will help the bay,
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from a standpoint verses where it is right now, and there is no pouring concrete into the bay, it is the opposite and the mitigation is impressive. i have read the legislation, and ab 1273, and what this project will go through and what we see happening here today, is part of it, and we have a very, good, public citizen in the warriors and proposing this project and investing in a bit of resources and i am excited about it and there is also a basketball team coming to town and i forgot to mention that and thank you very much. >> dennis, and after that alex bash. >> thank you, commissioners, i'm dennis mckensie and i moved to san francisco in 1980 to attend the california graduate school and in 1985, i transformed my thee sis into a proposal doing the sports and
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education. so, in addition to my education, reform, development, proposals, i also teach high school for the last 13 years in the san francisco public high schools and i provided everyone the warriors and the city with my proposal to include a high school, college career classroom inside of this arena, and as you can continue to contemplate and assess, the evolutionary process of this project, in order to provide the highest and best use of these, i respectfully ask that all parties involved consider, the potential positive and long term implications in order to create business and economic education, and career development programs and benefits for the entire san francisco bay area. citizens and tourists alike. and fish to providing our san francisco unified school district students and teachers, schools, with real world education, and career pathway
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knowledge, the skills and experience, and opportunities for the year round access to this interior classroom facility and this pier 30-32 project can also serve the youth and the community organizations with the programs. and i trust that the comprehensive elements of the long time sports facility and the proposals and the capacity to enhance and expand the highest and best use of the multipurpose cultural center and aren ga and contribute to the left handinger term health and well-being of our youth and the private sectors of our culture and diverse community. and i trust that the conclusion will be farsighted and the real world career pating pathway classroom within this arena and it will offer san francisco and the entire bay area, the opportunity to build a model cultural center and arena worthy of international respect for generation to come. for the benefit of the public
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who have not seen the proposals and around the thank you. >> thank you. >> alec bash. >> anything on the pressure of the water front is an impressive of what is there in order to be a worthy addition and this is especially true for anything on the base side of the embarcadero and the views out over the water are prized by all. while, 3.0 is an improvement and offers some very creative ideas, i'm not seeing anything that makes me believe that the warrior's arena to be truly worthy of our water front,
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something that enhances in almost everyone's eyes, rather than detracting from the tremendous views that are there now. the giants open our eyes and you can build it out over the deep sea bay and often of the hours of pleasure while they are there with games, and in addition to in joining and in the playing field and they have public access above the out field area, which also and the other opportunities for everybody. and while not exactly comparable, the city opera house, that anyone who has seen it admires, the creative architect haves created the
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iconic opera house, on the center and thinking of a skupted iceberg, brought in as a playground at the edge of the city to be climbed all over and enjoyed the views over the harbor and back to the city. if the arena was something hike that, with a roof top, public plaza and garden, 125 feet above the water and 360 degrees back, over the bay and back to the city, with the cafes above to help to activate it might be truly worthy of the water front and this will be something that will be a site and a wonderful experience for everyone. and with the couple of another idea and rebuild, where one can visit the tall, dome and looked down through the glass upon the perlimentarianand to look down
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from above upon the professional basketball will be a new experience for all. and so excitement and innovation like this will be truly worthy of san francisco and our water front district capture our imagination and make us look forward to an ad dish for all people and not just the basketball fans thank you. >> thank you. >> and next up, sue hester. >> sue hester, there have been a lot of meetings of people in the neighborhood about this project, and this is a neighborhood. and what we didn't see a shred of today is any discussion of the other block, if there is to be any change at all, people should be told that. secondarily, because the scale
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and the fastness of the presentation, i really could not understand what is happening along the entranceway along the embarcadero on the east. and is there only one vehicular entrance in the middle of this site? and so, that tour buses taxis and buses from patrons doing a block of tickets because it is an arena as well as the warrior's. and so the people have been really discussing how traffic circulates around this idea and i could not understand, we never have the exhibit and we just have flash flash flash and do you understand how the driveway works on the pier side of the embarcadero? i don't, and i was really paying attention. and so, if there is one
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driveway, to get in and out, in the same driveway, and it is going to be a mess there. and secondarily, there is a fire station there. and both of the fire station and the fact that there is a muni light rail line brings in code requirements, there are absolutely code requirements for our fire station, and there are absolutely code requirements for our light rail intersection. and these are issues that people have been struggling with from the neighborhood trying to understand how everybody is going to descend on this area. and the neighborhood will survive. what now with the people who live there, don't see their survival there. because, it is in good luck already. because the bay bridge approaches and you are ignoring the garages. that the nba says have to be
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provided and whether or not they are on the pier, or on the side, if they are on the land side, they will be surrounded by people who live there. and so, the fact that you encourage people to make these presentations that are powerpoint, bang bang bang bang bang, with no handle and no understanding except, the chronicle. they got something. how are we supposed to comment? i'm telling you that there is enormous concern about the circulation and loud driveways thank you. >> thank you. >> next up is paul eisly? >> actually sue said what i have to say much better but i will, my name is paul isela and i have lived in the neighborhood for 20 years and i walked the neighborhood almost every night after dinner, just to for my own health.
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and i very often walk down by the bridge and below the bridge. and the embarcadero is crowded day and night now, before we even have a terminal there or recreation facility. and now i just asked you, to think very, very carefully about the traffic congestion and the traffic flow before you improve this facility because rate now things are very serious and they could be much more serious later on, thank you. >> thank you. >> michael mckenna? >> >> the out reach to the
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neighborhood associations and the traffic and they have provided the out reach to the building trades and to the local hire, and what she said about providing good, paying jobs for san franciscans, and i'm started my career in construction, on the water front and working in the ship repair industry and actually, started some of the first projects. i can see the pier, 30 and 32 deteriorate, since i gun working in that area, and it is really sad, and to see the opportunities in the beginning and we missed the opportunity of the cruise ship terminal
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there looking towards the bay bridge and so that i think they have done the outstanding job in toning this down and building open space, and building open scaries and really providing an excellent addition to the missing place in the water front and so i urge you to move this forward, thank you. >> is there any further public comment? >> hearing none, commissioners? >> questions or comments? >> on the first slide that you showed maybe, it is my imagination, but does the
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embarcadero get narrow at that point, or is it still the same still, three lanes? >> the answer is no. simply the entrance for the vehicle support access is placed in the middle of the site. >> okay. >> i like what you have done and dropping the part that, and that is really, makes it look nice and her yeah, there was a lot of public comments on the parking. and we talked a little bit about the parking? >> yes, of course. >> is there going to be parking in the stadium itself? >> there is a number of
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vehicular support facilities on the site and there is also, there is for loading and other to the site and as you know, in addition to this being a basketball venue, it will be used for cultural and other activities and related to entertainment and so that those could have it under fleeting the plaza and there is parking spaces for the fire station and dedicated to users of the arena. >> and so that will be down on the mezzaninelevel? >> you can't see it because of the way that we have made the design is that the green lawn that rises up from the south, takes you up to plus, 28 and underneath all of that is where