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tv   [untitled]    November 16, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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lee here with activities worth buzzing about. there is much to do and see in sfrangs -- san francisco and we like to do it in the cheap. we like to enjoy the arts. join us for the korean culture festival from 11-4:00 p.m. and features dance
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and activities and fun feast of foods. welcome aboard the rainbow warrior this sunday. this vessel is the newest generation of green peace historic fleet and the most environmentally sail technology available. get ready to swing this sunday in the park. a free weekly event at the museum when golden gate park closes to traffic and the dancers take over. you can get a fun lesson at noon and practice with the whole group. that's the weekly buzz. for more information on any of these events, visit us at the inteblth is a huge part
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of our everyday life everyone with the seniors use it for work and play. although there's a many valuable websites on line. >> the first thing a senior will ask me is about viruses if they go on websites what are the discharges of being on the internet. >> for instance, you see something that maybe from the bank and the first thing it starts asking you for a private information where you get
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intiger's offers and they're not real. the way to tell where it's a fishing scam or not is who it's from. they can fake a name that says paypal but they can't fake an e-mail address it would be from a bank if they have any issue it's not going to be over an e-mail. >> stay away from e-mail all the same can be said on networking sites. the user should make sure they know the person before clicking on the requests >> some of tracking software they can get argue bank account information some are more hamper full we'll get pop ups and i
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want to avoid those. there are many levels of protect your i s public works usually has a security looking for things you should have a updated advisor software. there are a lot of anti virus programs the number one free viruses program is microsoft security and microsoft has an invested interest for people to make sure their computers are safe purify you don't want to use easy to guess passwords and mix things up. you want to have a capital letter or a special characteristic like american people exclamation point and
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change our pass wood frequently every 6 months or so. be aware that anything on the public community someone else can be looking over our shoulder and there's memory that keeps the informational so when you log off clear the briers so somebody can't come behind you and see the information >> when your banking or shopping on line the browsers tells us you that this site is safe. when you're on a safe site you're going to see number one the address on top will see h h p.s. and that sustained for security and none of your information is out into the public. sometimes, you'll see a lock
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that the browsers has deprecated that that browsers is navigate save. because of evenly crippling item $0.31 it's actual for dangers to if you give our credit card at a waiter thank you arraignment. so a lot of people don't get that and it can make our life easier. if you have mobility issues that's a in his luxury to have. >> the internet provides a lot of profundities. people young and old. by following some simple rules you you can, in fact, the web safely and securely. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ for more information visit >> good morning, everyone. welcome to the board of supervisors budget and finance meeting for wednesday november 13, 2013, i'm supervisor mark farrell. i'm joined by other supervisors. i want to thank the members of sftv. mr. chair any announcements >> yes. please silence all electronic devices. and keep the documents that should be given to the clerk. the agenda will be acted upon
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today >> mr. clerk call item one. >> this is for telephone services from 2010 to, 2013 to may 31st, 2014, with an additional opposite to extend the term remaining to the welfare fair of more than $3 million over the 4 year contract term. okay minute from the sheriff's department. okay they're not here testimony 2. the department of height to extend the diseased control fund and it's called hepatitis linkage for help it's b >> okay. we have someone from
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our public health department. thank you for being here >> hi, i'm a environmental hepatitis coordinator. it's a partnership too the san francisco public health department and the goal of this grant is to test 3 thousand viruses to insure they know their help it's status and know anyone who is tested positive. this is the second year we've been awarded this grant based on successfully studying our goal of you testing more than 4 thousand individuals for hepatitis b and any questions >> i want to thank you for the
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testing for the asian that community at any time important to get tested and many of us are infected and if it's treatable once it's on our agenda. it's been a great partnership with our opinionating. >> we don't have a budget analyst report anyone wish to comment. seeing none, playgrounds. okay. mr. clerk call item 3 >> item 3 authorizing the public library to accept a grant in the unanimous of 20 thousand there's plus for directly sport for a variety of public services
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for july 30th, 2013, and fourteen. >> thank you, mr. herrera. >> thank you city librarian. supervisors. i appreciate the opportunity to ask for your supported in the resolution that's to authorize the liable to accept the grant if the friends of the library and just as a point of background they annually provide significant fund for not only our branch library program but for the programs that make the lib library a great institution. increase a variety of cars to support of the children's services program but adult outreach to our fairs that you are our one city book initiative and our grants that help us push the envelope for technology.
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last year in terms of ass various programs it reached about 2 hundred and 45 thousand patrons that attend through the library. again, we ask for your support and i'm here to answer any questions and a supervisor mar >> i visited our branch and the friends of library contributed so much to making sure that even the furniture and outdoor areas and a community groups really partnering with the library has been critical. i know the baby branch need a lot of support as well. thank you for building all the branch libraries in our neighborhoods >> thank you. >> i echo those condominiums. we'll open this up for public comment. seeing none, playgrounds.
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can we move this forward without recommendation. mr. clerk femaof that >> item 5 moving a grant by the use of the did not of an amount of $38,000 for a 5 year term. >> thank you welcome back. >> good morning john updyke it's a lease at south van ness. the landlord is general partners in hay word california. over the years this has been used for a office that building
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for a variety of programs. we've providing mental health case management services to hiv and we're counseling the youth. as the form lease was a fixed rate for the last term of 10 years we have quite a bump in rates for this renewal as one would anticipate. from the prior rate of $189 annually to $14 plus annually. so this lease takes effect upon the resolution. i'd like to note we've extend the prior advantageous rate and additional 5 months that has saved the department of health thousands of dollars. this lease expires june 30th it
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has a 4 year option for renewal. it has a fixed rate and it's allowing us to step up so it's more less than 3 percent. the only cost for the city is utilities and it's about $10,000 per year. the market lease is 42, 36 a skeet. it's a 3432 under the rate. there's some considerable discussion regarding a choice to lease rather than buy at this locati location. several considerations come to
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mind we need a willing seller in this is example we need a certainty of program schedules and think to meet the challenging needs to the neighborhood is certainly an issue and we need to look at a total cost of ownership when comparing this to the cost of the lease. we're under a projected cost per skeet. we can remain flexible and enjoy a slightly lower tenant risk. every one of those is case by case property. happy to have that discussion. the budget analyst has an ice toward termination or other
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opportunities and the desire is part of the capital plan in about a year. my team b will work closely that the staff and we look forward to this discussion. there's a recommendation to clarify the lease term. i'm happy to answer any questions >> colleagues, any questions. >> i know from the being the r budget analyst report it's almost doubling the cost of the leasing and are we going to see that happen to other private property leased areas. >> a question about what the future looks like. the good news is we have purposefully worked on extending
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a number of leases over the last couple of years were we do a 5 year forecast and into 2015 and 16 we have fewer renewals or xieksz. i'm pleased we're not going to keep the market apace for the next 24 months we're not going to have a lot of leases up for rerenewal. >> this is a question that's more of a philosophical one. i'm curious as the nonprofits and city agencies in other areas of the city exceptionally around market they're to face the same situation can the city control the nonprofits and city agencies
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>> certainly a key issue a topic of conversation and probably more hearings to come. we're participating to see what the city can do whether it's any small amount of space we can make available. unfortunately, there's not a lot of room at the end in the cities portfolio that's good news and bad news. we're at the table talking to our partners and others so see if there are some strategies we can comply to help. it's a prevalent issue a lot of directors looking for spaces and recognizing there are issues in the next year to 18 months. >> thank you, mr. updyke we have a budget analyst report.
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mr. rose >> on page 12 the proposed mostly rent for $2.86 per square feet it's 97 percent more than the basics rent with a dollar and $0.50 per scooting. however, as dictated the proposed grant represents fair market value. on page 13 of our report we note in table 3 the total estimated cost of the rent new lease over the 4 year period it between $2 million plus and $333,000 dolls plus. as indicated by the committee since this space has been
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occupied since 1981 over the period the rent and related costs is to be paid by dph is several million dollars and we recommend you provide a report on the plan including the plans to consolidate plans at fats for the next board of supervisors hearing and we recommended it be clarified that the lease is approximately 4 years and seven months rather than 5 years and we recommend you approve the recommendation as amended >> okay any public comment on this item? please step forward everyone will have 2 minutes.
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>> i'm here on our related on the precisely profile of our case that will be coming up real soon of the ocean properties. it's going into foreclosure this weekend and - >> mr. washington this is a chance to condominium on this question. >> but it relates to our profile you talked about properties so it relatives to if you bet elicit me finish my public comment. so i'm saying as a it relates to the profile of our properties on the properties are getting ready tow come before this board theres a parallel so an important piece of property is coming to your government from our community i want to show a
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parallel hoping the real estate department will have an opportunity to talk about this piece of property that's all i wanted to say i have no comment on this piece of property >> okay. thank you very much. nobody wish tow comment seeing none, public comment is closed. can we move the recommendation. can we move that forward. so moved >> the department provided the legislation to me at the 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> duly noted mr. updyke. we'll make sure that happens. i see our sheriff's department do you want to come up and talk
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on this item? we're on the other mike >> as he discussed the sheriff wants at that one year extension of the contract that will there the commission by 65 percent for 65 thousand dollars for to the welfare fund. we discussed amending the title of the resolution to make it clear for a total dollar value of the entire contract of $4 million. we're here to request that it pass out of committee to the full board >> thank you very much supervisor mar. >> i want to thank you for the information. i asked about