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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2013 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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i was thinking about amending supervisor weiners resolution to have your brain photocopied. as supervisor weiner amply pointed out we all know if there's one person who knows the answer it's likely to be you. you've helped us deal with legal matter and trained entire generations of public advocates in the country your truly a lawyers lawyer. from my staff and i, we want to thank you for what you've done. i'd like to acknowledge supervisor campos. >> i want to thank you and one question remains who came first, the charter or buck i'm not sure
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but it's hard to imagine the city attorney's office without buck. it's not arguably the best municipal law officials office in the country it's because of the caliber of the folks. you know, the fact you have people like vince who will soon be going to washington, d.c. and vince i'm happy to help out. but i want to say to buck is i really appreciate everything you've done. you understand the charter and the codes better than anyone and i know that perhaps as a former
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deputy attorney i know that when i hear advise from you it's as sound as it gets. i know that the city attorney's office will not be the same without you but i hope you continue to, you know, stay in touch. i think the entire building will not be the same without you. as a san franciscan i want to say god supposed to you >> supervisor avalos. >> wait buck isn't retiring is he. we'd be lost without him. buck congratulations on receiving this award. i started working in
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january 2005. if they want to give you an award for telling us what we can't do you've told me so many times but i'm a better legislator. and at one point you told me about the roderick dual and i checked it out so thank you for helping me with my history of san francisco >> before we hear from our lawyers lawyer i want to recognize our city attorney. >> thank you supervisor scott weiner for your kind words and from supervisor campos.
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after hearing supervisor campos rendition and admiration for bucky have to tell you i know why buck is the only member of the city attorney's office that supervisor campos hadn't had an argument with. thank you for your kind words. on behalf of role the other public servants the countless individuals who have had the pleasure of working with buck. i can't thank the members of this board enough for considering this resolution today. as many of you know, it's not a initially occurrence for this board to declare an honor
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reposer buck is the only one who will have received two honorary days. one was about 13 years ago on emphasis 30th anniversary. now i have another day in our honor buck in the tremendous recognition by a national and statewide organization. i can't imagine a more worthy individual than buck to get those awards and have the depiction of having two days in his honor. it's because of a unique individuals buck is. we've heard about the fact that he is the oracle in this building. hose the person is individuals turn to when they want to know the history and legality. when buck gives advise it is
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beyond reproach. and if someone doesn't agree when they know it's sound and based on the law and the facts. but that ignores that doesn't do justice of who buck is as a person. the person who speaks 7 languages. i thought i had him state your name for the record my son talked to him in mandrin and he speaks mandrin. that speaks about him he's the most humane and best mentor in public life than anyone can have. harvey said he's the one individual i know i wouldn't recommend eliminating his
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position (laughter) that's something he's not going to be recommended. buck thanks so much for the work but as a public sent in the city and county there's no better. supervisors i encourage you to vote for this resolution. i want to make an amendment saying buck is prevented from retiring because when he retires we'll all be worse off there's never obeying be another like buck >> so moved. with that buck >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'd like to thank supervisor weiner supervisor avalos, dennis and the rest of
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the board when i graduated from hart's in 1969 i collected at the law firm and didn't like the environment and heard about a job in the city attorney's office when i got the job i was so excited to work in this city i've load this city since a child envy grandparents and great, great grandparent were here. so i was so exfoliated about getting the job i didn't ask about the salary and 43 years later i'm happy to come to work. i reported yesterday reporting i
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entered a little change when the building was built in 18912 many of the decks still had the ink stains our office clerk still reported all our cases in big lernlz in handwriting and the ibm selected twoirp was just coming into the office. the space would have been built for 10 attorneys was built for 35 attorneys and one was an alderman and one female and all the rest white i've been fortunate i've had some great challenges and lewis who really
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transformed the office into a diverse talented public staff and lawyers in the nation and the community outreach team. it was much to my colleagues and to the members of the board they've shown in selfless commitment with excellence. i've seen a panorama of public life former mayor friday afternoon when he returned to our office and joel holding court with his spell bounding conversation and dianne feinstein relentless compassion.
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and willie brown's flaw less grasp of december tin. the the temple people's massacre and twice stopping the giant ownership from moving the city to toronto and jacksonville. the bathhouse litigation and two impeachments all unsuccessful and one city official in prison. the interrogation of rank choice voting and instant elections and local pub funding for campaigns. proposition 187 the anti state
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initiative. we deal with things everyday. the composer of initiative when i came in here 3 ordinances had been adapted we now have in excess of one hundred. the rise of affirmative action and the restoration of city hall to its splendor the revises of homelessness and district elections i've been through this twhis twice in litigation at least the first time around rent control and on and on. it's been an extraordinary era. i love public law bits it's the wonderful swugs to many things.
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in conclusion i'd like to thank you for allowing me to sponsor this community and all this board for all the challenging work you've sent envy way. thank you.
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(clapping.) >> >> thank you buck. i want to acknowledge our former mayor. and with that we have a number of special accommodations 3 more to be recognized. i want to acknowledge our supervisor yee for the next accomodation >> thank you, president chiu. today, i'm honoring a organization that has a special place in my heart. as some of you know i served as the executive director years ago at a place in which i spent 18
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years of my life. in ca necessary it supports many family support centers in china town. and those centers are throughout china town but in visitation valley and the tenderloin. serving hundreds of children regardless of race and economic status. in fact, we've served in 19 north side it offered children services or childcare services for the san francisco first
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payment program that was funded by the state department of education were we make sure that they have the resources and support to be successful in their businesses throughout the city. we noted the children needs strong first name foundations which is why we commitment compromising comment for family refrld. when children succeed community thrive. we hope that organization like we will continue to provide the much needed services to our families especially those in the most challenged neighborhood. next month we will be opening it's sixth childcare center in
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the bayview community. i believe that there are other supervisors that want to make some comments before i wrap that up i >> i want to take a moment to honor the wu child services for our youth and families across san francisco since 1977 yee has been committed to low income families and served as a referral house to connect families to needed services after school programs and other services. yee was helped with community organizations and san francisco unified school district the list
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goes on and on. it's home to the yee generation site arrest i'm thrilled that wu yee and ymca will be lgbt the center next month. i want to extend my gratefulness to you that wu yee will continue to serve the ethically defy neighborhood of the bayview community. thank you for promoting the healthy development of families and children across this entire city >> thank you supervisor cowen. first of all, i want to recognize an incredible he organization that started in the heart of my district in 1977.
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a number of social workers got together to address the needs even if family. we know it take a village to raise our children. you serve tens of thousands i have families. all of you who are part of the wu yee family have a lot to be proud of. you have any champions and allies on the board. with that, why don't we turn it over to the wonderful executive director and your staff. oh, i'm sore - imz supervisor jane kim >> when we have a high density of families we're appreciative
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for your services. we want to recognize the long commitment of supervisor yee for the childcare in the wu yee tradition >> today, we have monica walters and to accept this accomodation. i want to acknowledge the parents and community members that are here today. please would you like to stand up (clapping) please join me for thanking - well, you did that. i'm looking at to joining the supervisors at the grand opening next month >> monica with me with mark
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who's on our board of directors. we're very humbled for thirty this recognition from supervisor yee and all the board. we can't tell you how wonderful it is to be providing all the services for children in san francisco. we know that affordable childcare is one of the biggest barriers. today, we have 4 thousand children still on the wait list for services. i want to do a quick recommendation to the district director at the ymca who helped us to make this opportunity to him come to reality.
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our home grand opening december 5th. it's a wonderful gift for me to work with the china town in san francisco neighborhoods to have this incredible staff you see behind us and painter with their kids who have been part of the yee family and who continue to provide excellent services for the families and children of san francisco. so thank you very much. (clapping.)
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>> thank you to weighing our next recognition will be from supervisor mar. >> i want to say i'm proud to say i have a couple teachers that have taught me about healthy living and eating it's my honor with supervisor cowen to honor them today. the food guardian from the food access group in the bayview neighborhood and the two a couple of of their leader i'd like to ask them to come forward. i'm sorry you waited over an hour but with all humility their
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inspiring to the whole neighborhood from the tenderloin the healthy store coalition with us. the food guardian project is an education project that builds food education. they're great work is used as a model and was an inspiration for legislation that we supported the healthy corner store that will transform our mom and pop stories to find healthier drinks. i want to say that the - each person in the bayview helping others it's a model they've developed in their xhrg of
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other. they provide a voice by educating and raising advocacies for better foods and sustainable food systems. they're currently engaged in advising my office on sugary drinks and have been stroll helpful to make us understand the healthy champs. i want to acknowledge the great work of our staff. and for their leadership in the support of food program as well. supervisor cowen could you help electro them >> i will.
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i want to thank the folks particularly to provide a voice to the food and advocateing food security as well as the sustainable food system. many of you have read in the newspaper that district 10 they have health inequity issues abound. communities in areas like this have been historically been excluded from participation and the results truly have been deadly. in food services like in bayview with a lack of food service market with an over bound of
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stores selling tobacco and other things but they've helped to strengthen our neighborhood in healthy food access and including our recent efforts open is healthy store initiatives. the baby healthy food is an initiative that was worked with on third with a healthy make over which included shelving no produce benefits and allow a liquor store to over more healthy products to a neighborhood. they offer technical assistance to help the market expand into those healthy options.
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our community is desperate for you for our service. on above the leadership i commend the guardians to helping us change our environment. thank you supervisor mar >> before the two folks talk antonio couldn't be hero but i'm he honoring kenth and jason. kenneth hill is a student and sequa informed guardian. he's been working to help awaken city college to help educate
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people and help to improve the equity for all communities. and jazz is a graduate from the state. she was accepted to the matters of health program at sf state. she repeated in the bayview area and during her time in college she volunteered and confederate her peers to make healthy food choices. she joined the food guardians and she's been motivated to teach in her community. i want to honor them and they can say a few words >> thank you very much eric mar and s