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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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will address food and security and a hunger in san francisco that had been a strong step if eliminating hunger in our city. i want to thank paula jones and key anti hunger advocates from the project open hand and meals on who's also and our broad coalition as well. we'll be taking the hunger challenge wore calling it the snap challenge it's going to be a struggle we're going to try to survive on what people are gichlg given in food stamps it's $32 a week and try to survive on that $32 a week $4.50 a day.
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i want to encourage other people to join us with the snap challenge. on a positive note in our neighborhood in the richmond district south of market the newest grocery stores is opening on thursday at gary and 28th avenue. it's opening thursday but the opening to the public is on saturday. it's the first san francisco location for the grocery precision that started in san francisco 11 years ago. it's the first time one in 12 years tirns since 1946. it was called an esteem value it was offering lower prices. it has 40 employees and has a healthy section. i want to say that grocery
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outlet made an effort to hire locals with our cities help as well. the new issues that this grocery outlet are traifs and his wife and his young son attend a school near the store. the beau can center is a sponsor. but this new mural features neighborhood places liquor the mary virgin and it opens on thursday and saturday is the official celebration at the 9:00 a.m. for a thousand dollar
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donation will be given. i want to thank them. the last item my colleagues brought up i want to say that anita sanchez that passing away that supervisor kim mentioned she was a close friend of mine. i met her in 87 and so many of my colleagues she mentored but i can't say how sad i am but how happy i am for all ore work to raising up the filipino community and igniting our community. i'm pleased supervisor avalos is bringing up the chapter
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amendment will will generate $31 million a year that will go to transit in our city. lastly, i want to co-sponsor supervisor kims efforts for dispamphlet and sxhou postal protection act. the rest i'll submit >> thank you supervisor mar. >> supervisor kim. i want to adjourn our meeting today of someone's who was on administrator in our san francisco public school system for 36 years. mr. john carney jr. he was the principle and in the supreme court of california he worked as an awe perspires.
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he passed away this halloween of this. john was a graduate of the university of san francisco. he was a decorated platoon leader and a lieutenant colonel. he thought an air force individual walker. he has four children and go to san gabriel school. he is so i have had by 16 grandchildren and i wanted to send my condolences and thank you for taking the request. thank you supervisor tang >> i want to have a oversight
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hearing for the incredible amount of roadwork that's happening in san francisco. and it's going to be happening in the foreseeable future. we're going to have some sfro infrastructure work on the roads. the puc is replaying a one hundred year old sewer system and ugsd our water mains. that's being financed by bond money the voters passed some time ago. pg&e is ugd it's embarrass lineups and then open topping of that all wove got rod resurfacing thanks to the voters passage of proposition b.
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that will continue because the mayor's office have agreed when this bond money bins to tail off we'll be paying informative inform o for it out of the general fund. this is an incredibly important long overdue wore trying to dig ourselves out of the problems with the infrastructure. it's extremely disrupt active. there are times when the work starts and stoops with no observe explanation so we want to make sure that residents and businesses are getting information about what projects are happening and what the timeframe is a we want to make sure contractors are being held
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accountable for the situations where some contractors have been leaving a mess behind or working housing they're not supposed to be working. and we want to make sure this is going to be ongoing for o a number of years that the department and pg&e is coordinating as well, as they can. i want to give a lot of credit to the department of public works. they're doing great work. but i think f this is a good time to step back and make sure how the coordination is unhappy and how we can better disseminate information to the pun and that will reduce frustration levels.
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i want to second a lot of what supervisor mar said in the sure beverage tax i'm happy to be co- sponsoring him with supervisor avalos and cowen. the two measures i think are overwhelmingly similar i know that supervisor mar are committed to working with each other to have one unified proposal and i hope that vote will be unanimous. this is important wore on the verbiage of we already have a big problem with diabetes. we can't call is adult onset diabetes because those beverages are giving doebz to our kids.
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so colleagues, i hope to run a campaign and win >> thank you supervisor weiner. supervisor yee >> yeah. thank you madam clerk. i was out at the san francisco it would pouring rain but it was raining. but i don't know for some of you such as supervisor breed and kwoelg and farrell who grew up in san francisco we went to the zoo and some of the supervisors that have kids and a supervisor tang too but when you get out to the zoo there's also that playground and it was part of the zoo
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scientist. there was a 7, 8, 9 when nothing was there. you were too young but when i was growing up they have swings that were metal and if you walked in front of of those metal swings you were in the hospital. today, i'm glad to say they've rammed and renewed the playground. one structure duplicating iceberg and the structures are incorporated into the ice beggar and another one is banging trees and about conservatism for the river. they're to be opening it up this
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saturday. i urge anyone who hadn't been there to go to the zoo and playground. it's a wonderful, wonderful playground. it's going to set the bar highway for the rest of our playgrounds. it's liquor a movie set. i want to invite each one of you in the public to come to my office this friday everything from 4 to 7 we are going to have a reception. we're highlighting pieces from the students they've created those art pieces. i was so impressed with their work. they actually don't have an
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opportunity to get their artwork out from their schools so let's bring this to city hall and have people view it. those are very talented san franciscan public school kids that i would liquor to highlight. please come by friday 4 to 7 it's not a dinner just refrments sorry folks. lastly, i want to if supervisor avalos didn't mind i'd like to co-sponsor the amendments that your interrogating to the transportation. i'd like to do that. thank you supervisor yee. supervisor campos >> thank you, madam clerk.
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i think about anita sanchez she was a wonderful person there was something about her sense of humanity and her dedication and compassion for the well-being of others i know conversations with her. and i'm role shocked that to hear of her passing. i just wanted to close by saying something that i know was said about her by former mayor. in a way it somewhere the tremendous contributions that she made and it's something that anyone of us would aspire to achieve.
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she enjoyed people that had no power to have power. >> thank you supervisor campos. supervisors all of those items will be properly referred >> let's go now to general public comment. at this time the public may comment up to if minutes including items on the adaptation. please know that the comment is not welcome on those comments that have already been commented on or translation assistance is provided and you'll be allowed twice the time.
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>> first speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors stop the public rape of the libraries. you understand the harm. this is president of the library commission voigt someone's right to make public examine. will you hold it to we get to it please. are you not listening to me. sit down. sit down. sit down >> please. please sit down. >> this is jury trial good friend of mine's is pluto plotting her revenge against another citizen. >> i used to be able to do
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this. (inaudibl (inaudible). you recognize very well those are small examples to discriminate the library will deny the simple truth and insult you and laugh in our face i hope you can barely imagine. the trouble is you can't sue a city for human i can't guess or infliction of emotional stress and david chiu had me arrested his trial copies on february 3rdrd.
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if he is not found guilty you can kiss democracy goodbye. >> thank you. next speaker, please i'd like to ask the supervisors to have a hearing open libraries plans and priorities and performance. the library unfortunately does the opposite of what you said expect it to do and was it supposedly asked it's citizens for their opinion on. at the last meeting there was a new program which represents essential destruction of shelf space this time in the bound magazines section. they announced wanting to pit in
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a literacy area by the presentations of the liquor commission gave no cost figure and no information as to what would happen to the magazines. after public comment raising those issues it turned out that the program would cost a better of $1 million and there was no clear plan for what would happen with the bound magazines. other examples of the library appearing to listen to folks it did the exact opposite of the people's priorities. people that is a they want more weekends and evening. so the weekends will have a net loss of closing at 8 instead of
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89 and no main office hours or other times and again those represent the exact opposite of what people have ask for. please hold a hearing over the library plans and priorities. thank you. and why don't we go to the next speaker if you need another minute to set up. let's go to the next speaker and i'll ask the staff to work with you to make sure that's set up. next speaker >> good evening. i'm john
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president of the letter carriers of california want to thank supervisor avalos and other and hope you guys will co-sponsor it. right now so everybody's is aware of that there's two sets of legislation the legislation wore asking everybody to get behind to do away with the postal red tape out to foy percent of the future for the fees. we already have $50 billion we can't touch postal services can use. the legislation we don't want to have going forward would do away
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with door to door deliver for thirty million residents and partial delivery in saturday and we can have partial home delivers from another service carrier. we're trying to make up money lost from the internet. and co-op those post offices open. wore asking everybody to get behind the postal offices s b-36 wore against. thank you. >> could you please speak into the microphone. >> this is going to be a video.
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>> others call on confidence to reform the chemical laws and she's a movie star and a star and she's worried about about the chemicals kids are exposed to everyday. i'm a mother i'm tired of debating about asphalt and they contain led and all koifdz of a host of carbons and now flame retardant. what's good for a tire is not go for a kid. there's no acceptable lead for children. i'm so tired of reading
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quote/unquote. and yet right in front of of i things wore exposed to everyday liquor synthetic toxic chemicals that are urban the evidence and certainly have begun untested in advocates it's unacceptable. there's nothing portugal to protect the health of our children and no one's prevent margin can justify the harm to our children after generations >> thank you. thirty theories resurfaced tires carry somehow people think it's safe to play on that. >> jennifer your meeting are congress. >> there are people who deeply care about future generations
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and no one can justify that. thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> you can stay there tim >> tim colorado loan. my purpose is to bring to to your attention a remarkable conference that was put on an analysis and forecasting of the bay area and san francisco real estate market and it detransacted 4 hundred and 50 participants. it's sprooipg that no one from the city attended it's important about the rentals of condo but you how much attention was being focused on employment trend and pictures. the good news is san francisco
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and the bay area are going to continue to lead the state in employme employment. this is going to go on for 2014 and 16. we're going to continue to attract many, many thousands of high-skill contemplation e compensation worker but they need a place to live. what come out came out of this conference the pressure wore seeing on housing and on land we should expect to continue if not intensive if i. golden is 96 around the sales force and at those production rates that's 2 to 3 years of housing programs for one
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company. there was another 6 to 5 vote that was a discussion about a significant vote and the trend of the discussion seemed to reflect well, i, bring some - >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> is it on? i'm here to talk about doing subway construction in a civilized manner. i'm pro subway and president chiu may recall i was the sport of north beach vs. the union site. i've had some concerns over financing but that's separate.
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this city has had a more thank you. on thanksgiving to new years eve. this is a sifted thing one of the things that's made this a good city to live in. however, the mta has abandon this holiday more thank you. and allow construction on the subway site during this period from monday to saturday. it's public works project creating congestion and closings sidewalks and what all the citizens are upset. there's a circulation on had. but the important point is that the mta has decided that construction can start at the 6:00 in the morning and to 11 at night. i don't think you would like that if construction is up to 10
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at night and a start at 6 in the morning. this is not a descendent thing to do and is a lack of respect. the folks said they'd only work from 7 to 10:30 they're going from 6 to 11 at night and don't think about the overcome head costs. if you have any sense of decency you'll stop this extra hours >> thank you very much. >> good evening supervisors i greet you on the one hundred and
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50 anniversary of gettysburg address and i'm sue i'm a retina of district 8. i want to speak about human rights and talk about the legacy of moscone. disabled people all over the bay area occupied the h e w office on this fifth floor of the undertaking. they were there 10 days without any hydrogen facilities. george moscone asked them to set up make up showers and they reviewed. george moscone went to the hardware store and purchased hoses