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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2013 8:00am-8:31am PST

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he was 81 years when he passed away. mr. moore lock is survived by his wife who was a long time librarian. he had a huge impact on people's lives and was one of the great teachers we all shared. mr. moore lock was a native san franciscan born in 1932 and attended the high school and university of san francisco as well as cale berkley. mr. moore lock dedicated his life to the profession. he retired on foy years in the clamor. during the course i knew him he had a passion for traveling. and to be a colleague to all the other teachers he was.
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he learned as much from interacting with young people. he was simply one of those people that had a huge impact on my lives and i know he'll be sorely missed by generations even if people who had hitting him as a teacher. >> thank you supervisor farrell. supervisor kim >> thank you. i'm introducing a resolution supporting the secure our smart phone initiatives that be charred by as many of you know, our san francisco assistant district attorney and london mayor borrowing johnson. it's time for manufacturers to put their profits after the
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products. 50 percent of all robberies in san francisco involved a communication stolen devices. it's the top property crime in the u.s. pr sometimes those leads to injuries and sometimes, the loss of life. it only gets worse in measures don't take action. i want to thank sam sun they created a kill switch to all excise at the moment they got stolen. all the software was on the smart phones in the united states.
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all the carriers including t mobile and sprint refused to collaborate on this. this can lead to ending the theft as we've seen in australia and it the kill switch can act anywhere in the world by eliminating this the market for stole devices will be eliminated and no motivate to stole them. i'm interrogating a legislation today to strongly encouraging the city and county and also to prioritize the businesses and the weerls carriers that manifest to implement their
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solutions that will help make our neighborhoods safer. second i want to express any support for the charter contemplate offered will i supervisor avalos. i'm supportive of all the concepts in the amendment on the independent and going interest ridered were when we have additional spending revenue we can place limits on fair increases and acknowledging that's not necessary the most important place to raise revenue. i've also supported muni and that's important for those who are 18 and under and last i'm supportive of the market vendors
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where we see a clear nexus between the congestion from the additional market rate production but limiting it from nonprofits and those who provide health and human resources and affordable housing that. i know i've had this conversation i looking at 4r50rd to having this separatists role one ordinance to talk about source of additional revenue and the second legislation to define a set aside plan for how we spend that money. that discussion will continue over time. third optimum looking forward to participating with president chouz office with our office
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that they've called a hearing for. as our city continues to be widely successful in increasing the presence of industries and jobs hero optimistic commercial rent has gulping gone up 33 percent over the city and has placed burdens on school programs etc., throughout the city. that's our office is exploring resources long with the new workshop that will be shared by the mayor's office office of housing. i'm exfoliated to announce the city has been working with the california development fund to actually create the community art stabilization trust a
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$5 million trust that's capitalized and again, the northern california loan program to support the cities center market and a tenderloin area. wore existed we are going to purchase two buildings. one it is the building their residing in on sixth & market that will allow them to remain in the building and have full ownership. they were at risk for public and private investors but they'll have fro art classes for homeless and other folks who want to participate. i want to announce the purchase of on the under utilized adult
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theory on above the counter pulse a art performing team. they're now have the building in the long-term and move it's arts facility. so wore happy to announce some of our events. we want to see how we can expand efforts. fourth i wanted to announce a board of supervisors fundraiser. next monday at 03. supervisor avalos and i are co- chairing a task force local in the philippines.
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acknowledging we do represent the two largest filipino groups. as part of the effort we're trying to have a all volunteer effort we'll be able to donate outlining all our revenue i want to thank all the supervisors for co- hosting this event next week and also hydra on better off of the mayor's office. wore looking at forward to having people donate but we're going to have other funds.
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finally, i wanted to submit two memoriams today. one is for anita sanchez with a long fought battle with cancer. as many of you know she was the only filipino department head of san francisco civil serve commission she referred an 25 years of distinguished service to the city and serving several mayoral administrations. she was an incredible lifetime fighter of social justice. she lead to the growing effort
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of student abstracts. she organized and opened the filipino after school spaces and advocated on their persons. she worked with groups including usa the filipino organizing committee and the national orientation coincidental. she sported the veterans of world war ii who have not been acknowledged for their service and has always tirelessly represented the family special affirmation dianne feinstein and director of the mayor citizens. she helped to put the filipino community together and making
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sure their interests were being horde and he represented. she's he repealed as one of the hardest working servant that impacted thousands of san franciscans. i had the pleasure of getting to know her over the last 5 years. i wanted to say all the filipino leaders i met anita was the one that was not in the lifetime light. she was incredibly modest. wool greatly greatly miss her >> colleagues, i wonder if we can do that we can do that without opposition. that's the case >> thank you i'd like to submit
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a second memoriam. a young woman who was tragically murder in the south of market after celebrated her 28 bitter. she was fatally shot following a fender bender. our thoughts are with the 21-year-old who is fidgeting for her life. actually, we have a legislation that supervisor weiner trod last year on the accountability of our parking lot vendor to provide staffing and camera surveillance after hours. she jarred in criminal justice and earned a minor in
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philosophy. she wanted to teach baseball and work with the troubleed youth. she loved music and taking photos. described by her friends and family she had a big dismissal. her one of said she was the most loving person. the couple had been together for 5 years. she was days before we are 24th birth this week so anyone with information on this incident we durnl u encourage you to reach out to sfpd or to text a text message with tip 411 to sfpd. our heart goes out to her and
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her wife and the rest i submit >> thank you kim. supervisor mar >> thank you. i'm interrogating with my colleagues scott wiener and others a ballet measure that would establish a sugar drink foe to be decided by san francisco folks. this is holding manufacturers altercatedable. monk children the sugary consumption as quad erupted among adults. i have hiding behind any skroen a bottle of coke. i think people know that there's before 22 paths of sugar your drinking as you drink one of
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those. that's quite a bit more than what's advised for nutrition and researches are also saying that drinking too much of this can take years off you're alive and lead to diabetes and damage to your heart and other chronic diseases. some parents are referring to drinks recollect sodas as liquid diabetes and other harms as well. i wanted to say that the measure my colleagues and i are proposing is supported by a coalition with voices from brilliant consolute from yale and the support of avalos and cowen wore hoping to have more sports. wore pitting out a mess and i'll
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produced to say optimum co- sporpg supervisor weiner amendment. revenue raised that this measure would be used for would be distributed in a fair and a equal way. help inequality in our neighborhood. i think many of us are well known the campaign wool build will show many communities node help and wool - we'll utilize the resources that are created really help to prioritize the in
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qualities of neighborhood. 50 percent of the funds will go for nutrition. like school lunches and community based organizations like healthy incentives wore trying to transform corn stores and the other half would go to resources that focus on physical activities. this will be equally split between activities in and out of schools and rec and park department and the department of youth programs. so i'm expiated we have a growing consensus and i'm happy
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about the board collaboration wore building. i'm working with the anti hunger groups to known a hearing at our neighborhood service committee along with co- sponsor jane kim and norm you won't and this will be with the san francisco task force who be issuing reports on foods and insecurity and foods in san francisco. the 2013 report is the first we've done in 3 years. hunger is growing and reliance on informed programs and that's increased in 37 thousand in 2010 to about 50 thousand today even if people in san francisco that rely on supplemental nutritional
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assistance programs. also children have gone up significantly. i think the inspection is at the federal level wore seeing proposals from the house of representatives to cut tragic the informed stamp and i think wore believe support in san francisco to try to fight against i think humane food stamp. so those will be announced on thursday but an action plan that will address food and security and a hunger in san francisco that had been a strong step if eliminating hunger in our city. i want to thank paula jones and key anti hunger advocates from the project open hand and meals
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on who's also and our broad coalition as well. we'll be taking the hunger challenge wore calling it the snap challenge it's going to be a struggle we're going to try to survive on what people are gichlg given in food stamps it's $32 a week and try to survive on that $32 a week $4.50 a day. i want to encourage other people to join us with the snap challenge. on a positive note in our neighborhood in the richmond district south of market the
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newest grocery stores is opening on thursday at gary and 28th avenue. it's opening thursday but the opening to the public is on saturday. it's the first san francisco location for the grocery precision that started in san francisco 11 years ago. it's the first time one in 12 years tirns since 1946. it was called an esteem value it was offering lower prices. it has 40 employees and has a healthy section. i want to say that grocery outlet made an effort to hire locals with our cities help as well. the new issues that this grocery outlet are traifs and his wife and his young son attend a
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school near the store. the beau can center is a sponsor. but this new mural features neighborhood places liquor the mary virgin and it opens on thursday and saturday is the official celebration at the 9:00 a.m. for a thousand dollar donation will be given. i want to thank them. the last item my colleagues brought up i want to say that anita sanchez that passing away
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that supervisor kim mentioned she was a close friend of mine. i met her in 87 and so many of my colleagues she mentored but i can't say how sad i am but how happy i am for all ore work to raising up the filipino community and igniting our community. i'm pleased supervisor avalos is bringing up the chapter amendment will will generate $31 million a year that will go to transit in our city. lastly, i want to co-sponsor supervisor kims efforts for
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dispamphlet and sxhou postal protection act. the rest i'll submit >> thank you supervisor mar. >> supervisor kim. i want to adjourn our meeting today of someone's who was on administrator in our san francisco public school system for 36 years. mr. john carney jr. he was the principle and in the supreme court of california he worked as an awe perspires. he passed away this halloween of this. john was a graduate of the university of san francisco. he was a decorated platoon leader and a lieutenant colonel.
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he thought an air force individual walker. he has four children and go to san gabriel school. he is so i have had by 16 grandchildren and i wanted to send my condolences and thank you for taking the request. thank you supervisor tang >> i want to have a oversight hearing for the incredible amount of roadwork that's happening in san francisco. and it's going to be happening in the foreseeable future. we're going to have some sfro infrastructure work on the
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roads. the puc is replaying a one hundred year old sewer system and ugsd our water mains. that's being financed by bond money the voters passed some time ago. pg&e is ugd it's embarrass lineups and then open topping of that all wove got rod resurfacing thanks to the voters passage of proposition b. that will continue because the mayor's office have agreed when this bond money bins to tail off we'll be paying informative inform o for it out of the general fund. this is an incredibly important
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long overdue wore trying to dig ourselves out of the problems with the infrastructure. it's extremely disrupt active. there are times when the work starts and stoops with no observe explanation so we want to make sure that residents and businesses are getting information about what projects are happening and what the timeframe is a we want to make sure contractors are being held accountable for the situations where some contractors have been leaving a mess behind or working housing they're not supposed to be working. and we want to make sure this is
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going to be ongoing for o a number of years that the department and pg&e is coordinating as well, as they can. i want to give a lot of credit to the department of public works. they're doing great work. but i think f this is a good time to step back and make sure how the coordination is unhappy and how we can better disseminate information to the pun and that will reduce frustration levels. i want to second a lot of what supervisor mar said in the sure beverage tax i'm happy to be co- sponsoring him with supervisor avalos and cowen. the two measures i think are
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overwhelmingly similar i know that supervisor mar are committed to working with each other to have one unified proposal and i hope that vote will be unanimous. this is important wore on the verbiage of we already have a big problem with diabetes. we can't call is adult onset diabetes because those beverages are giving doebz to our kids. so colleagues, i hope to run a campaign and win >> thank you supervisor weiner. supervisor yee >>