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tv   [untitled]    November 26, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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tenants bho have lived for decades without tenant protections and leases in in-laws and in units that should be safer. my legislation would protect rent control status for these tenants, would not allow cost pass-throughs from landlords to tenants for mayor capital improvement, would not allow for subdivisions and would establish a relocation process and a reimbursement process for tenants if construction is necessary there a currently technically legal inlaw. the third category of folks that this helps are home owners. we know that property values will increase when you are able to legalize these units. this legislation will help to reduce planning and zoning obstacles to legislation, the sledge lacing also only charges a nominal administrative fee to an owner to legalize to make it
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as easy as possible and to allow openers who are able to bring financially able in-laws up to code. i want to thank a very significant coalition that has been working with my aid, amy chan and i for the better part of the last 9 months, really trying to bounce the needs of tenants and property owners in advancebacker advancing our citywide housing goals, i want to thank the asian law caucus, just cause, the chinatown cdc and the tenderloin housing clinic. i want to thank the small property owners of san francisco, the coalition of better housing, we've had the intense participation of citywide advocates from spur, the housing action coalition, many city staffers from the department of building inspection, the planning departments, our earthquake safety program and our city toerp's office and colleague, i do hope as this proceeds to the process that you'll be able to
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join our coalition in finally moving this in regard after many years of discussion. the rest of my item, i will submit. >> thank you, president. supervisor cohen? >> thank you very much, i have one in memoriam today recognizing the life and legacy of officer michael howard who was a san francisco police officer, star number 1813, passed away monday november 18th at the age of 60. he joins the san francisco family as a sheriff's deputy in 19ed 86, in 1990, he joined the san francisco police department, he spent the last 22 years where he was assigned to it for most most of that time. he was known throughout the neighborhood as big mike and it was common that many of the neighborhood would look up to him. he was a gentle, soft spoken
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man. he will be dearly missed not only by his family, his police family, but also the community that he served, he believes behind a wife and three daughters as well as his beloved mother, the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor cohen. supervisor fehrbacker farrell? -- farrell? >> i am could sponsoring a resolution developed in part nership with mayor lee support the revitalization of green finance sf and support the efforts of the environment, to gret green finance sf up and running again, i want to thank supervisors wiener, kim, yee for the co-sponsorship, as well as supervisor mar for his sponsorship. after nearly 6 months of ground work with various stakeholders from the environment, mayor lee
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and i announced to rekick start green finance sf, a program that will continue san francisco's tradition of being at the forefront of combating climate change, meeting our greenhouse emission reduction, our renewable energy pros in their homes. green finance sf is a program for residential properties of [inaudible] or less, otherwise known as pace, it's a financing structure that will enable san francisco at no cost to the city to fund energy efficient and renewable energy upgrades for property owners and home owners. green finance sf special form of financing will overcome market barriers by spreading cost recovery with savings realized over the lie of the improvement. the special form of financing allows owners to upgrade with a traditional tax assessment with extremely favorable terms and
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competitive interest rates. it will be provided by private entities with no financial risk or exposure to san francisco. every day in our city, we're fortunate too witness emerging models that that has become our clean energy economy. we know it can trigger market transformation s*us u just as the it transformation we're currently experiencing, but in order to unleash this true potential, as a city, we must provide callus stronger demand for renewable energy products and services. the catalyst is green finance sf. we receive seen in other parts of the state in california that have adopted residential pace programs, in sonoma and riverside county and is have seen the positive impacts that have followed further residents in their local economy. the stores of individuals that have chosen to participate in the respective pace programs
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and the successes they have experienced. these can save on monthly utility.bill tos the tune of tosses of dollars, from the beginning of this process, we wanted to make sure this finance tool had a strong workforce component tied to it. we convened meters with our partners and labor to start discussions with how that work component would look like. it's a key to not getting them job today and keeping them employed but to help them find meaningful careers and new economy ins the green collar economy that continues to grow. we want our local workers to have the skills necessary to take part in that e -- emerging industry.
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we want to ensure local residents are working on local contracts on local projects so we keep money and workflow within san francisco and continue to boost our local economy. i want to thank pat muligan from city build in particular, for all their hard work in the workforce component on that as well. we are confident that san francisco's program can now move forward and be successful. we've seen countless programs up and down the state of california and nationwide operates successfully now for years with no threat of it being shut down, we want to protect property owners and give them the comfort they need to part pate. our governor jerry brown passed in his budget reserve funds that will address sfha concerns
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and make sure that they are not impacted by pace impacts mere in san francisco, we will be participate ining the state reserve fund so that our property owners are fully perked. green finance sf is the environmental solution we've been searching for in san francisco that will build out local energy sources and will create local jobs, it will reduce the adverse effects of climate change, make it easier for property owners in our neighborhoods make energy efficient upgrades to their homes. we have more work to do and colleagues, i hope you'll join me and many other city ride to reach our green house sf here in san francisco, i want to thank everybody that's helped with this process, the department of the environment, department of public finance, the commission of the environment, as well as numerous other labor community, small property owner and
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business people that were involved in this process, the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor farrell. supervisor kim? >> thank you, supervisor kim, supervisor mar? >> thank you, colleagues, today i'm requesting our budget and analyst office to evaluate economic impacts of our transit first policies in the city. public space in our city is extremely -- it's an extremely valuable resource. we've increased the use of better neighbors planning, complete streets, strategies to meet transit safety and neighborhood revitalization goals from the masonic to 6th street, we are providing the safety of pedestrians and bikers as well as improving our transit, it is these benefit that is ie aoem asking the
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budget analyst office to study, between like lanes, bus rapid transit projects, street festivals like sundays streets and farmer's markets, we're using our streets in more creative ways, it looks as streets as the river of life in cities, the place where we come together and the pathway to the center. i would like to look at how these types of improvements have an economic benefit to our merchant corridors and our neighborhoods. the analysis is also designed to satisfy the request of the small business commission to analyze the impact of the bus rapid project, so i look forward for me excellent work from our budget and analyst office. also on november 21 at the neighborhood services and safety committee chaired by supervisor campos and with supervisor yee and myself, i convened a hearing where our city's food security task force provided us with extensive data on hunger and food and security
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programs and how our city addresses them and we issued the city's food security task force report for 2013, the first in three years which looks at food and security and hunger in each of our 11 districts, it provides us with high priority recommendation that is we as a city i believe must commit to and achieve. in order to move the city forward to be more food secure and to reduce hunger and to eliminate hunger, i'm introducing along with my co-sponsor, david campos, norman yee and kim, the fiekt against hunger, and it will also request additional work from our cities specific departments in our food security task force to develop plans that will advance our programs in achieving the recommendation. it asks city departments and the task force to report back to the neighborhood services
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and safety committee by march, 2014 so that we will hold our second hearing to address food and security and hunger in san francisco. it also sets a target date for ending hunger and food and security in san francisco, it's an ambitious one by 2020 but sets out concrete step that is our city departments should take to get us to that goal, included but not limited to having calfresh program analyze the 50% of the people that are eligible but not receiving benefits in order to get targeted intervention for having calfresh enrollment, it is for food stamp, having the department of aging and department services providing analysis of the funding required and policies involved of home bound seniors and disabled are served within 30 days and in an emergency within 2-5 days and to report back by march, 2014. those are some of the examples
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of what the resolution will help accomplish. also some of you may know that i'm on day 6 of a 7 day food stamp challenge where i've been living off of about $4.56 of food, i'm on day 6, i can barely con strait, i'm hungry at night before bed. it's really a challenge, but 4.1 californians face this every day and in san francisco, it's 51 thousand people that are on food stamps and 51 thousand others that are not accessing by *f it but are eligible, i'm just dealing with this for one week, but i'm empathetic and understand the serious issues faced by many, many thurs of people in our city and millions in our state. i've gained a better understanding of what our neighbors need to meet basic nutritional requirements as well and how challenging it is
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to have healthy food at affordable pricing in our neighborhoods, so saoup soreess, i would like you to join me to finish out this week with project open hand who's been a lot of their leadership and community leaders have been also going through the food stamp challenge, we're having a thanksgiving lunch and ending the food stamp snap challenge with a ko*ftion and dialogue at the curry senior center at supervise or tenderloin in kim's district, those interested should arrive between 9:45 a.m. and noon, curry is one of the four senior sites will serve thanksgiving meals to seniors who might otherwise be hungry or alone for the holidays. contact a richmond city resident at 447-2426 if yu wish to join us on thanksgiving,
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also if you're in the richmond district, our richmond district neighborhood scented, our foot pantry in richmond, we have two, but they want to announce that thanksgiving food pantry event is being organized for thursday, thanksgiving at 2:30 p.m. and it is located at 741-30th avenue, preregistration is required and you can kault 750-8554 for more detail, i'm supporting small businesses for small business saturday on november 30, the day after black friday, it's to support small businesses, a day to celebrate and support how the small businesses are the backbone of our economy and haul that they do for our communities, it's sponsored by the u.s. small business administration, if you want more information, shop is the information. i'll be out on klem meant
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street and also in the outer balboa area throughout the day, but there's a lot of activity in our small business corridors as well, shop small and support our small businesses. >> thank you, supervisor mar. supervisor wiener? thank you, supervisor, supervisor yee? >> thank you, madam clerk, i'm introducing a resolution to urge the california department of education to reconsider its recent decision to change the way that child care resource and referral program divides the service areas in san francisco. in san francisco, we have diversity in languages, cultures and the two service providers in san francisco, children's council and children services have both served the entire city of san francisco for 40 years and have worked out the best system for this. a system that is culturally sensitive. we are deeply concerned that
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changing the service area to divide the service area by zip codes will create inefficiency to families and to children seeking services. we want to ensure that no one is turned away for living in a different zip code if they choose one service provider over another. therefore, this resolution today is to call on the california department of education to keep the current determination of the service areas so that we can continue having efficient access for all of our children and families and i want to thank supervisor far more co-sponsoring this resolution. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor yee? supervisor avalos? thank you, supervisor avalos. seeing no other names on the roster, that concludes roll call for introductions >> >> why don't we now go to general public comment? >> at this time, the public may
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comment generally for up to 2 minutes for items within the subject matter jurisdiction within the board, and items on the adoption without reference to committee calendar. please note that public comment is not allowed on items which have already had public comment at a board committee and please direct your remarks to the board as a whole and not to individual supervisors nor to the audience. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount time to testify, and if you want a document to be displayed please indicate such. >> thank you, let's hear from our first speaker. er >> don't give many of the friends of the library, the system encourages public comment and most of the safeguards of democracy em powers the public citizen,
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dehumanization, i attempt to counter this by acknowledging by birthday. i am 67 today, 67 is not a major birthday, but you don't need to be [inaudible] to figure out that if yesterday was the 50th anniversary of president kennedy's funeral, i turned 17 after the day of his funeral, he said my fellow americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. after that, he said my fellow citizens of the world, ask not what america can do for you but what together we can do for the freedom of man. finally, whether you are citizens of america or the world, ask us -- ask of us the same standards of strength and sacrifice that we should ask of you with the good conscious our only sure award and history are
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final judge of our deeds, i may have been a naive kid but i wasn't the only one who believed it. in those days, there were ideas that our freedom was dependent upon the freedom of others, they were working for a better world for our children, everyone was entitled to justice, that we owed something to our communities that had given us so much. that there was an enlightened self-interest that was better than simple greed. now we have a city hall family smart enough to lie for each other. now we have david chiu having us arrested. now the lies don't matter because only money matters. in fact, it's been a rough 50 years and the lies cost more than the money. thank you. >> next speaker.
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>> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. >> if you want to pull the mic. a little closer to you. >> sure. >> perfect, thank you. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen of the board, my name is [inaudible] aluciano, and also with me are some of my co-workers of at&t ballpark, i've worked concessions at the giants games since 1976. in 1993, volume servers which is now known as center plate took over the concessions from harry and stephen. we all went to the union but we didn't have job security in our contract language. in order to keep our jobs, we all had to agree to take a $4 an hour wage cut. it's taken 20 years for us to get back to that rate that we had there before. we want to make sure that the situation never happens again by winning job security
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language in this contract. the workers have been loyal to the giants and the company and we want them to be loyal to us. please support us in the struggle by signing the pledge to boycott center plate until we get a fair contract. thank you. >> next speaker. >> hello, good afternoon. thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak. my name's patricia ramirez and i'm -- i worked as a cook for center plate for 14 years. i've been working really hard to win a fair contract by organizing by co-workers and myself are going to center
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plate customers almost every week. i'm 65 yearser -- years old and i would love to be able to retire when i'm 66 but my finances are so bad that i would probably have to work until i'm 70, one of the thing i'm feting for in this contract is to improve our pension benefits so that like me, i can retire with security and dignity. i hope you will support me and my co-workers by pledging to honor our boycott. thank you. >> next speaker. >> my name is robert mccall, this is my 26th season at the giants game, i started work at candle stick park, i've been a member of local 2 when i started working at a busboy at
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the san francisco hilton. on november 10, i was working a 49ers game when my foot started swelling up, i finally went to the hospital and the doctor told me if i had waited one more day, they would have had to amputate my foot, instead i'm just taking antibiotics and i'm nearly chilled. if i didn't have my health benefit, i would have lost my foot, i want to a contract that maintains our health benefits. please support us by joining the boycott of [inaudible] at at&t park, thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> i was sitting because i can't stand. good morning, -- well, good afternoon, louise vaughn, and i'm here mainly for my church, i go to church in bayview and
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now they put a building where we park, i had to pay $100 dlauz i accidentally parked in the driveway. there's so many driveways where they cut into where they put that new apartment building there on 3rd and oak dale until you can hardly see it, they're not clearly marked and it's costing us money, in the middle of our services, they come in and tell us to move our car even though it's a huge sidewalk and there is people all over this city that's on sundays that park, have special parking all over the city where they double park or they made preparations for them to park on this street area and now they put meters all around, so we have to come by and feed the meter, we can't stand and serve the lord, and most of the black people in this city has been evicted by this city just like i was, so i want to ask y'all,
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when you think about housing, think about very low-income housing because a lot of people have been discriminated against that could not finish their jobs and e with have to also talk about the discrimination that's been happening over the years and no one's been paying attention on jobs, that's why so many people don't have jobs so we have a lot of things to talk about but i will be coming back because now my grand dauktder is 16 and i have plenty of time. thank you. and i do support the giants also, what they're trying to do. >> good afternoon. my name is anthony wonder burger and i have worked at the giants ballpark for a little over 3 yearess, i started as a cook and now i work as a bartender in the new goth em
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club, i was born into a white collar family that had a very strong belief in unions and under that belief, with the promise of fair wages and fair treatment, i went into food service in this community, and i'm here today to ask jou all to sign the pledge for the boycott against center plate. i actually have -- i live in reolinda now, i live in san mateo now, but due to the lack of improved contract conditions, i have been forced to move as it's just become unaffordable to live in this area. it takes me about two hours to get to my job at at&t park but i still continue to do so, myself and my family, we need those benefits. and, you know, i do understand
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the importance of elevating everyone, you know, from the ground up, you know, that's just kind of the trickle down just doesn't work. you just start from the bottom, and i'm fighting for a fair contract with center plates because i feed to keep my family benefits for my wife and my two daughters and to win job security and a wage increase. thank you. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is marine nans and i've worked in concessions at at&t park now for 16 and a half years, i have been been raised and born in san francisco into a union family and i'm now 78 years old. i didn't start lookbacker work at the ballpark until after i retired of my clear job in san
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francisco state university as part aof the financial aid, i worked in the loan department of san francisco state for almost 25 years where i retired from and i had to go back to work to supplement my income because i accept support members in my family that should be out and about on their own which includes a great granddaughter now of 17, i'm applying for a contract not for myself because i am retired but for the next generation that includes my son who also works at the ballpark. i want to make sure these people keep their jobs and remain in good jobs. please support us by joining to our boy cut of center place, thank you. >> linda chaplain from the land use committee. i know many of you are
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concerned about affordable housing, and there was a conditional use appeal of larkin that they voted to change as an emergency measure and they decided to -- the fact that the project for [inaudible] instead of the tndc project which we pontbacker wanted and we felt it was the best sites for senior housing which would have put in 56 units of fixed housing, which could have provided community facilities for a neighborhood that has no community center, no senior seiner, no library or police station with a public room, no place for social activities whatsoever. we used to do it in that charge. we couldn't get your attention when we were trying to file the appeal. it's a neighborhood where you would never baibltd get 20% of the neighborhoods because it is i