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tv   [untitled]    November 28, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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right and you can make the change. make that change, the man in the mirror, we add the board of supervisors and the mayor, every day is thanksgiving for someone, gobble, gobble, gobble, ho, ho, ho. >> thank you, have there any other members who wish to speak in general public comment. if noted, general public comment is closed. >> item 36-44 are considered for adoption. >> colleagues, would anybody like the sever any of these items. seeing none, could you take a roll on the adoption calendarbacker dar? >> on items 36z through 44 had, supervisor breed, aye. supervisor cam bows? aye. supervisor chiu, aye. supervisor cohen, cohen, aye. supervisor farrell, aye, supervisor k*im, kim, aye.
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supervisor mar, aye. supervisor tang? aye. supervisor wiener, aye, supervisor yee, aye. supervisor avalos? avalos, aye. there are 11 ayes. >> madam clerk, can you read the in memoriam >> >> today's meeting will be adjourned by the memory of the beloved individual, on supervisor cohen, dpr the late officer michael howard. sxfrjts do we have anymore business in front of the board. >> that concludes our business before the board today, mr. president. >> we hope everyone has a wonderful thank giving. we are adjourned before the board. (gavel). (meeting is adjourned)
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>> all right. good evening, everyone this is it's november 19th i'm bryant tan the point of the commission. if you'd like to make any public comment? make sure to turn off our cell phones or put them on vibrate. and thank you to the sftv for
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broadcasting this. we can go ahead and start with roll call >> audrey joseph. glendon hyde. we have quorum i did get a late e-mail from naomi akers she couldn't attend. all right. so we don't have a huge agenda hopefully, we'll keep this under an hour. the first thing is any public comment? this is for anything that say you feel protons to the business of the entertainment commission. seeing none, public comment is closed. moving on to item 2 is the rough and approval of minutes november filth. commissioners i don't know if you have any changes to make if
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not happy to entertain a motion >> i move to approve. >> second. >> audrey joseph is there any public comment from the minutes of this last meeting. seeing none, supervisor hiding. audrey joseph. barbara campagnoli. item 3 report from our executive director take it away director king >> good evening i will make this short. hello. i'm going to mix this up. and talk about something we talked about latin last night. a buff of us went to the lesion project and the heritage sf a
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nonprofit they added writing to new bars and restaurants to their program and we assisted in putting the event go together last time. it was full probable 50 or 60 people. there were owners felt legacy bar that showed up. some of you might know this gentleman talked about writing a with book and we offered our assistance in offering our information as well as skwg for phone calls folks who worked behind the bar. it's neat e neat he wants to hear steroids from people who work trudging along every night to keep the bars and a restaurants here.
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the criteria is 40 years plus and there's 75 of them. that's a lot. they got some coverage and if you guys if you look at the list and have any other to add they're to do another round in six months >> are they looking at for bartender that have experience. >> yes. >> okay. let me know. we can't discuss this but i want to update the commission it's positive - are we okay media services is running away is supervisor chiu did a roll call to create some of the broadway alcoholic use district for the area between columbus and
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montgomery so i'll transit to you once it's accomplished probably on line tomorrow at some point the legislation by the e-mail like all legislation it's going to sit for thirty days. i don't know that the supervisors asked this commission formerly to make any comments but again, i'm going to ask we don't discuss it it wasn't on the agenda this evening and lastly let me go over the corrective actions. this is based on complaint or other actions for resident. i'm going to turn it over to my colleague. this caused some serious noise concerns >> yeah. there was a meeting
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this morning that involved the police department the mayor's office and emt and us and rec and park because the organ next year's never pulled any permits every. so rec and park department, of course, organs activities on union square and every year they encroached on non-rec property all the way to a jones pr so we had a lot of complaints on 311 and they now know they've made an error and radio working to correct that we don't want to lose the marathon. we're working with them and there's another meeting with the mayor's office and rec and park in december.
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okay. the next meeting i want to talk about is one that glendon hyde talked about on mission street. i think i can ask glendon hyde to speak about that there were 15 neighbors that discussed the community and the commissioner helped to talk about the security and street nuisances and work towards long-term discussions about sound there's another meeting on january 8th. hopefully, this will be a simple fix. it's a lot of different things and we hope malibu will come
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into compliance quickly and we won't have to do anything but mediate. and lastly on november 7th a meeting took place with officer and the operator the owner of 620 jones. and that was again to discuss ongoing noise concerns. with him and with us and officer side i can't see him. we spoke to the gentleman about complaints during the pride parade >> you walked many in. we acknowledged, of course, that he had a long fight to get the live permit for the outdoor space and nevertheless, to see
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we'll keep our fingers crossed and that concludes my report >> i didn't have a question but i want to follow up on treasure island so i did some asking of friends and i was told by the people that attended the fire department it was much louderer especially the saturday electronic day or sunday. >> saturday. >> my friends were saying several of them go every year and it was too loud for them to enjoy it. so i wanted to bring that here >> interesting. >> any other commissioner comments. so we note on the record the arrival of commissioner lee. >> any public comment on the
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director's report seeing none, public comment is closed. we don't have to take any action which the next one is police department actions and comments so officer and anyone else please. hello commissioners i'm steve is from central station we spoke about the leads training and i got more formation information so the next abc leads training this is a free training that absence absent will imperative out you only have to sign up. it's on december 10th. and in the future you only have to go to the abc website. i try to encourage the establishments to do the
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training. it's really helpful. a lot of times we'll have a gut feeling so far as something not being right on thursday someone fired a gun on 440 brood and the shell casing away was found outside the club. part of the conditions is they maintain the surveillance system for at least fourteen days and that night it was not operating. i look at how many cases are closed or you how many times we're able to look at shootings or on those lines through the video. and so it's kind of i wish they had the video there because if we have someone on broadway
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shooting off a gun we want this video. other things going on there was a undesirable the peace call at the masonic they are were having an event and one of the neighbors was complaining we went out and the police responded it was a theft from a building 1434 grand street on november be 9. and the last one of the things we're doing in the central is the acorn players and that's something we've been going that back and forth with the community it coming up came up when we worked with the supervisors office. we were able to mediate it but that's something we're still dealing with we want to mediate
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it so everybody is happy. we're trying to see the best course of action through entertainment or if they go to park or if they deal with the noise complaint. any questions >> yes. i have a question. so the acorn players their - >> i got some pictures together before the meeting and you can see where the person is hiding it under their jacket (laughter). >> and are they dancing the pock can. >> no, but when the police come out how late. >> it varies between 4 and 9:00 o'clock but the e-mail today is as early as 12 noon actually
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midnight depending upon the weather. >> on cosmo did the shooting happen after the club closed. >> if the place is closed i don't expect them this have the surveillance but i asked the sergeant it was 104 even though it was wednesday night to thursday morning by my sergeant confirmed they were open. >> and at disturbing the peace at the ma sochg was it a noise complaint with what was that. >> it was more them packing out the gear. >> for the band. >> yeah.. and it's something we're dealing with i'll talk with the management there >> so what time at night was that do you think approximately?
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>> the original complaint came out at the 11 thirty another night. >> so the noise was because the people were packing out the gear and loading the truck. >> correct. >> i get the feeling you're going to get a lot of those. >> i checked the cad and there were not that many cads there are there's only been 8 calls for service. >> yeah. the noise of loading the truck it happens okay. thank you. >> okay. >> i wanted to make a comment about the acorn some of the streets should permits that are $75 for 6 months. you can be in one space for an hour and have other places to go but only in a place for an hour
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and have to move. and one of the complaints about the defy when bangs the buckets t is the repeatness maybe that's something that denver is doing that might be possible for us to incorporate here >> one of the things i was talking to the supervisors office that's helpful to have someone from the supervisors office and entertainment and all the stakeholder recalls as well as people to try to come up with a common thing we can have citywide that would be helpful. >> any other comments from commissioners. all right. thank you. we can take public utilities is there public comment okay seeing none, public comment is closed. we'll move on to our hearing and
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possible action for permits under the jurisdiction of the commission. i believe there's 2 tonight so tammy >> the finishes would be elizabeth wells it's located at the 2071 mission street. ms. wells opened the barbecue and they serve all kinds of barbecue as well as brew their own brew and they want the opportunity to have soul and jazz. mission station is in support of the permit we have the companies in your binder hopefully. and with that we'll notify up ms. wells. >> hello. hi. good to see you all again. the south bar barbecue is
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originally from alabama and wanted to bring a taste from the south to san francisco. and part of that in the long run was to a be able to offer music thanks that are from the south so soul music is a soul brunch we want to do a as charity event to donate 10 percent of the precedes to a charity and for anyone who wants to sing. also on mondays during bluegrass we're a restaurant first and for most and very respectful of our aprons they're there to eat. so from our prospective it's really about background it's providing entertainment but not encroaching on our guests to
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enjoy the conversation in the restaurants. we don't see the noise as high. >> great. commissioner joseph >> i have two skews. >> we're on mission between 7 and 18th. >> do you know if you're type 75 license you can't have anyone else under the age of 21. >> that's national h not a restriction we can't serve anyone. >> but you can have because you're a bona fide restaurants you can have people under the age of 21. >> that's correct. >> okay. >> have you seen the police conditions. >> yes. >> have you looked at condition number 4 which says conditions related and permit
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holder agrees that no person under the age of 21 should be allowed on the premises if food is not being served. >> we provide food serve all the time. >> okay. >> so anytime your serving alcohol you have to serve food. >> okay. thank you. >> any questions. >> are we now in permit that have new contingent outreach as part of the packet. >> yes. i believe so. >> so i want to talk to you about your that community outreach. >> okay. >> there is 4 ways one to going to neighborhood group and one for who runs a nonprofit that deals with health and life
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issues how they use services or something like that and another one is attending neighborhood meetings. i don't see you've done any of that and it's expels in our packet >> i'm sorry in is an l l opinion p. >> i believe she did some outreach it's not in the packet. >> so if i'm going to read this we're politically for an entertainment permit we've signed a petition i don't have which i'm supposed to and it's a bunch of businesses. businesses are not community outreach outlined in our packet so you have a copy of the petition >> the petition signatures?
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>> yes. she just asked me and is now going to submit it. >> i talked with the folks on 17 and 18th street. >> the question so you would supervisor hyde is wondering if you talked to nonprofit organizations. >> we've told them their several doors down we spoke when them several days ahead. >> do you have proof you've done that. >> i have a signature from the management and i have signatures from all the local businesses from 17 and 18 in spanish that i could explain to them.
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i have signatures you know from the locals in the neighborhood that know we're applying. we're they tlifrld how do you deal with them >> they were excited about it. it's a type of music that we don't have access to in the city and the normal hours that is coming to the mission area it's a benefit to the community as opposed to a hindrance. everyone is excited >> everyone is i'm feeling and you know, i think it that you wish definitely doing this and would be a good prosperity take care but there's a reason why we tell you how to get this done. we get a lot of problems from the neighbors and entertainment
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existence. so just to make sure you're taken that step so the people not businesses but the people in the neighborhood feel heard and theirless likely to come and complain. completely >> i don't want that going to businesses is the same thing or i think i need to do outreach into the contingent that was expressly asked of you in the packet. >> sir my understanding was the outreach to our neighborhood on 17 and 18 it's a commercial zone so we don't have neighborhood living next to us. i don't want to harass folks >> did you contact our
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supervisors office or - >> we looked at community organizations. >> do you give a presentation to any of them. >> i didn't do that. i thought the signatures were about - my understanding was really reaching out to individual see that come into the restaurants if our community letting them know about the restaurants and we work with a lot of local businesses. and also reaching out to any neighbors we've had it posted up and letting people know >> i'm not saying you're not doing that but there is a specific way to reach folks. >> she actually ms. wells filled out her application on
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line and that was no into the packet. we talked about outreach but she didn't get the interior packet because she did most of hers on line >> that's an error. >> yes. on my part. >> all right. i think it so you would you've done at least walking the pavement to talk to 0 your immediate neighbors but commissioner hyde is interested in community outreach so if you can assure us should neighbors complain or neighborhoods come to you and say hey turn that do you think there's an adequate response. >> sure. >> i can there's other comments from commissioners to my left.
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>> yeah. i think it's great you're doing that especially longer than that corridor because i think that valencia street has exploded and mission street nodes to be morevilleal as well. >> bluegrass and barbecue. >> we'll take some comments from the police if there's any at this time and we'll take a vote go ahead and have a seat. >> is there any police comments or questions. all right. seeing none, opening it up for public comment. so if you have anything please fill out a comment card >> i'm a big fan of south paw barbecue it's not a client but i had the pleasure of bringing up martha over there and she wanted
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to eat southern informed she was born in alabama and priorities from alabama and the food was great. i codify joked about it i said, you know, it's too bad they didn't have a permit she'd be singing but i get what commissioner hyde is saying. i recommended she meet with a group there in good faith. i would like for you to grant it to her. she has a busting business and brought business to this area it needs a columnist of other businesses to actually come together to bring some vibrancy and she's taken a good step. i'm a big for tha


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