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tv   [untitled]    November 28, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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martha over there and she wanted to eat southern informed she was born in alabama and priorities from alabama and the food was great. i codify joked about it i said, you know, it's too bad they didn't have a permit she'd be singing but i get what commissioner hyde is saying. i recommended she meet with a group there in good faith. i would like for you to grant it to her. she has a busting business and brought business to this area it needs a columnist of other businesses to actually come together to bring some vibrancy and she's taken a good step. i'm a big for that purpose and
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understand the importance of the outreach and home e hope she'll denying continue to do that but grant her the permit in good faith >> good evening. i'm jerold. i want to tell you that some s r o we don't feel like people who are living there and don't count they have mostly meetings and if you check with the management or the building manager of that building they've give you the exact time and date. i know around 17th and mission they have a couple of s r os the star is one and i know they have mostly meetings especially, if a
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business is coming out the neighborhood. i know that most people in the s r os would like to find out u find out how to get a job. so keep that in mind. the s r os count and they have mostly meetings >> thank you. any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. the matter is now with the commission. having to take more discussion or a motion >> do you want to make a motion then we could have discussion so i move to approve. >> i second. >> all right. let's. >> for discussion i want to say this business is not new in the neighborhood. it's trying to enhance. so if people think it's new in the neighborhood it isn't and that's my comment >> i'd like to add that in
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order to grant this permit they have to do at least one outreach. okay. and that's one of the conditions and secondly >> a friendly amendment. >> yes. and it's not that i thought this was new but the entertainment permit is new. >> so it sounds like there's a proposal i don't know if it's friendly. >> i keep telling you it is. >> so i the maker of the motion accepts that. >> ando a second. >> okay. so the motion so to approve conditionally and so have the applicant do one meeting. >> on that motion. commissioner lee. commissioner joseph.
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commissioner hyde >> so let's move into our next permit hotel permit. >> their requesting a hotel permit downtown off union square for wedding and celebrations corporate events and central station supports this event with conditions. >> thank you. speak into the one on our right >> can i plug this in to the microphone? >> while michael is setting up my friends at the hotel asked me to assist in the outreach
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process and we did the outreach in the packet. we reached out to the polk association and lines for district of the union square b.i.d. and north of market and the police department and observes and we got requests and alliance for the presentation on the 6th was made. the b.i.d. called me and said they required no presentation >> great, thank you. >> i finally, figured out the sound drive. so as mentioned those were an existing exemplify the hotel and we're applying to the entertainment we can have live
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music at the hotel for wedding and private fire department's and on the weekend and so on. we did the necessary paperwork and i make sure it was correctly filed in and it was for october. those were there meeting rooms we're small. i will show you 3 meeting to give you an idea of what we're looking at. this is not changing the use but to have will music. the hotel went through a $7 million rams and we're trying to get more guest and have to control any noise or 10u7bd issues it would upset our aprons so that would be detrimental to our own business.
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i have some photos to show you real quick. this is the exterior from the building its from 18929 believe. ? one of our smaller building on the 16th floor this is from the exterior of the will building and this is our event space on the 16 floor this
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is the 3 meeting we're considering. i worked with david and partnered with him and making sure we reached out to the local entity and i've got letters from the nearby hotel the cliff hotel from across the street and another hotel in the same block and the california hotel that's on the other side of the 16th and jones a local market across the street and also the apartment that are the closest to us across the parking lot. and approve from everybody and the support. so with david reaching out i at the end obtain november 12th for an alliance allocates 230 eddy and went to this melting and had no negative comments from them.
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as i mentioned earlier it's not to create a club scene that would take away from our atmosphere >> thank you. i had the one question what's the capacity of those rooms they don't look big. >> we can put 70 to 80 people per event. >> sow how do you prompt the space to be rent. >> the person in my sales department her job is to reach out for wedding and anniversary parties and private events and daylight event she'll be promoting the space. >> commissioners joseph. >> i've actually par take of our bar.
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i mean this was a couple of after newer event like at the cliff and whatever and people would like go off to the bar it's reacting and nice. you've never had a dj in. bar every >> i've been there a month and never. >> where were you before. >> i used to run the b w. >> commissioner lee. there's no permit; right? i didn't see any speakers >> we have all the permits to play the background music. >> that's all? >> you're letting the client bring in their own. >> yeah. they bring their own equipment and so who is doing the sound you have a certain vendor you use all the time.
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>> yeah. we go to the marriott hotels they're a big company they have power point presentations and microphone systems. >> basically the client has to use them correct. >> that's traditional we are not set up for that we don't have our microphone system. >> how do you had a sound check when there's no sound. >> that's a good question. >> that's something we can discuss that's part of the permit you have to have a sound system to check. >> i'd like to make a comment pr i'm familiar with what mr. pass is talking about. it really is in speakers and small speaker systems and i
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would imagine that anything they put in there for a wedding would be below any of our sound ordinance i'm familiar with the company that they would use. it's really low profile flat speakers >> i'm pretty much you're not going to disturb the other aprons. there's no sound system so other than what you have in our walls >> i think it's typical the sound like system is certain volume and usually background music and you have another company put it in. in the lobby didn't a publish system used to be there that spates used to be an evenly
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closed one. so it's a pretty enclosed one with no access into the lobby >> okay we've heard enough for now we're going to bring up police if they want. >> hello steve arrest the only thing we've asked for and i've spoken to mr. pace during the visit there is basically as well as adhering to the entertainment good neighbor policy that the staff needs to be trained and they're actually tips trained which is very, very similar pretty much interchangeable. so central station be notified
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of the event. it's more during a new year's eve parties or st. pacific day party >> thank you. any questions for the officer. no. okay thanks. we are going to go ahead and start taking public comment i have one speaker card. then whoever just great there's another comment. >> hi, i'm jerald banks. i got a chance and i got to meet the manager of the alliance 6 he gave a great presentation and i know it would be great he did reach out on gary street down
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towards market where i live. so i would ask you to give him his entertainment permit >> thank you. next up kevin carol. >> good evening. i'm the executive director of the hotel council it's nice to be here again. the hotel is a member of our organization. you can see by the presentation that michael made he's someone that works with the community. michael has that hotel is assisting the committee and they've hosted other events recognizing our employees in the hotel industry. we recently finished an impact report and 70 percent of our employees live and work in the city.
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and the hotels support the economy there that as well. michael serves on the hotel and foundation board that raises money for hospitalized pistol and a sclarpdz michael is the president and he's about that a leader. as michael mentioned the hospitality industry is a industry that looked at gaps around us the hotels have careful because of the guest xrerps and you can post on any type of noise and they did. and michael and the hotel has done a good job and i encourage you to move this permit >> any public comment on this item?.
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all right. seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners happy to take a motion >> i move to approve with police companies. >> second. >> great any further discussion? if not let's take it for a vote >> on the motions to approve with police conditions (calling names) moved. >> congratulations. we're going to move on to our next item that's really a closed item section 4, 5497 and an admin code we are going to do a employee evaluation so we're going to have everyone please we the appropriately report and review of the executive director and it came out very positive.
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and so that's what i would like to put on the record >> is there a second it to that. >> i'll second. >> any public comment on this item? all right. i don't see any. >> same house, same call? . yep >> so our last couple of agenda item commissioners, comments or questions commissioner hyde. >> so i just wanted to say that today audrey and i did our follow-up at club malibu and they're definitely working on things and we'll see results with that. i think we're aisle problems and mr. dick is really good for them and it will be much better.
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saturday night because we've been depreciating complaints from neighborhood from 1015 over the halloween that weekend i went by at the 11, 12 and 2 and watched how they dispersed the crowd. they do a really good job and the problems were purely halloween. i just wanted to say i did that on saturday night. and i think a that's it. >> great commissioner joseph. >> processed for submissions for the main stage pride is now open. you know a great local band or someone that might want to submit and possibly be chosen to perform at the san francisco provide the date is sunday,
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saturday june 28th and sunday june 29th. great any other comments or questions from commissioners >> yeah. i wanted to make sure that all people get the outreach guidelines. i understand it's new so i wanted to make sure. >> great any other commissioner comments or questions. if not we can take public comment. seeing none, wool move to our final item for future calendar or agenda items >> i want to staff to contact commissioner chiu's to present exactly what this legislation which is ultimately a moratorium and in north beach so we understand it since it effects the venues that we regulate.
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>> i'll to second that it's open my list good. >> go ahead commissioners and the first tuesday in january, i want to have a small discussion on 10 b here. i don't want - i think i'd like staff to help me focus this so it's not just a complaint. i talked to supervisor weiner today and they're going forward with looking at outdoor permits and stuff like that. they want to have a discussion we don't have to take action. as long as you're open to having a discussion between us first and talk about the implications of anothers program the 10 b
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assignment to understand it. it's something that the sfpd is in charge of. we'll move from there to talk about performance i get what you're saying so long as we can have an open dialog and have the police department speak to us because we'd be speaking to ourselves >> i'd like the police department to be here. >> you can't can you ask you what about the 10 b program do you want to focus on new. >> justice some of the issues that have been brought up they feel they don't have a voice on and i don't think beyond the
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scope 4i6 it would be good to have a discussion. >> what don't they have a voice on in relation to 10 b for permits. do we ever put a condition on our permits >> no but the local captain does. the captain makes the recommendations. so either captain or commanders whatever >> but we never put it on the condition of the permits so that's. >> those are people we're permitting that are being affected in various ways and i think it's important that we take their concerns serial especially, when they take the time and three or four organized contact me and say they're having a difficulty and want to be heard we have a
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responsibility as well. >> i here you but i'm kurt's what's the difficulty. >> i want them to say it. i think - i don't want to get into the discussion here it's not an agenda decided item >> why can't we have them come and explain the procure. a lot of people don't know what 10 b is what the normal question and practice is >> i have a question i mean it seems to me similar going to the fire department and saying we have an issue with. >> the fire marilyn. >> yeah the fire marshall we're not going to change the rules. >> i'm not asking for it to be an action item. >> oh. >> we owe the people to be
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heard. we're responsible to hear them >> so i think commissioner lee's suggestion is pretty good we can ask the police department to come and talk to us maybe commissioner hyde may say here's the presentation heros our issues. could we try to get them to come and explain to us >> i'd like to say the supervisor avalos is interested in having us talk about this. it's something i've wanted to discuss like in a year and a half. maybe it's a good idea. >> so this is new business for the future. >> first of january.
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>> (laughter). >> just another note we'll be scalding the december 16th meeting so note that commissioners. any new items on the agenda? all right. any public comment seeing none. that wraps up our meeting. thank you our your our meeting is now adjourned. happy
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everybody. >> all right. good morning. thank you all for coming out today i'm ed reiskin i'm the director of transportation in san francisco. i appreciate you all coming out. what we're here to talk about is safety. about a year and a half ago the board of supervisors adapted a strategic plan identifying transportation safety as the number one goal for the 6 years of the strategic plan and that will continue to be our goal. the safety of the transportation system is walking in the streets and driving a bus or riding a bike. i think the good news is that san francisco jefferson is a
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safe city and a muni is a safe transit agency. we're starting from a good place but there are some areas where there is work to be done. in the area of crime most types of crime are low and continue to decline on the transit system. there's a couple that are going if in the wrong direction. we're going to be talking about that today. the other piece of good news we have a mayor that's focused on public safety. in the last public budget had a great stepping up the police department. he's made a priority to forge partnership with the city family insuring we're working together to achieve our mutual goals. so we have great partners with the police department and the
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district attorney's office. the da wanted to be here but was unable. we're marshall our services together to make the city and muni safer. i want to acknowledge the folks in uniform. sfpd officers are working together to make that safer. without further ado i want to bring up the birthing cheerleader our mayor mayor ed lee. (clapping.) >> well, thank you ed and to the entire board the mta board and the staff everyone on the staff for working so hard in this past years to approve the muni service and identifying all the things we need to do on safety. we're fortunate that our economy a strong.
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and we do want to have success for everyone in the city. and everybody in some way including the kids in my family all touched muni in one way so it's a major transit mode we want to support and when it comes to saves they have to be a safe place for everyone. thank you to all the offered and the people and the entire safety compliment that works directly with metropolitan and as well as our police department. only on a day to day basis but they've been there with our officers to supplement all that the muni needs to do. we've invested in the improvement of our public safety. this


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