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tv   [untitled]    November 29, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PST

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outbound 10 or 12 a few weeks ago and our bus had to sit through 11 light changes at the corner of bush and sampson street because of the traffic that was sitting on the bridge, that traffic will go down to that area and also would like to support when he said about expanding the scope of the study, i think that it is important because it is not just the water front and the gentleman who spoke about the impacts of the ten and the 12, this 30-32 will deal with other places but it is important to get this transportation study in place where the people can look at it and one person was filed for the last year i think that it is important. thank you. >> thank you. >> sue hester and i wish to address the proposal wha, eir are we talking about throughout
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this and there is an overlapping between the mta and the cta and ininvolvement in the warrior's eir that the water front transit assessment, and that is not clear here. and what eir are you talking about? >> we know that the eir for the warriors is post up and well we don't know when, because they keep designing the project new and the date keeps receding. and but, what we have along the water front, is no outlet, there is embarcadero and there is the bay on one side and there are hills and bay bridge on the other side it is not like you have a lot of choices unless you are a shurpa and you want to go over the bridge. but we don't have transit worth crap in this area. and no one seems to care about it except for the district six
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supervisor. but if we don't resolve this problem, in conjunction with this study, we are not addressing the problem. >> we have arena that is not basketball, it is a 252 day arena and on the other side there is a hotel and up scale housing, right converging at the same intersection and we have to solve what exist nows and you have heard about the congestion and apart from that, all of the letters from the editor and oh, the warriors are not going to have that impact and they are only going to be in there 80 days a year. >> thank you very much. next speaker.
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>> hello. chair and commissioners, my name is jessica lovejoy and i am here in support of the warriors arena and i want to thank you for taking the time to focus on the transit system so that we can continue to live in a city that strives to the best of all aspects. i have seen many changes happened in the city and what i have taken from them and what i have learned is that we are a can do place and that we should be able to find the solutions that allow us to welcome the projects like the warriors to the water front and while maintaining a world class system and i want to say thank you for your time. and appreciate the look. >> commissioners, and chair, thank you for the opportunity, i would really think that you want to expand the scope here because first of all i appreciate that you are not (inaudible) the three projects and should really be expanding
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the scope further south and not just to hunter's point but all the way to candle stick and i would include the bay shore bay lands and now with regard to increasing capacity there has to be no mention of cal train and maybe electrickfiation, and the fact is that we if we do it right we will be able to get trains an hour in and out of it, and you will get the six cal trains just like they are going there now and actively doebt have any more capacity and as the trains are longer but you will have the opportunity of running an additional six trains an hour, and if you look at it logically the terminal is less than half a mile away from the arena and so you have the capacity just waiting for you and if you would like to disagree with me, look at the 2012 olympic
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timetable and how we got the trains in and out. >> if there are no other members of the public to comment, we will close public comment. >> commissioner campos? >> thank you, thank you mr. chair, i just want to say that i appreciate the work that staff has done so far and i also want to thafrpg all of the members of the public who have come out. and i do want to make sure that we are or we have a scope that is broad enough to really address all of the issues that could be implicated with this and i am worried that some of the stake holders you know, did not feel included, and i am also wondering what kind of out reach, if maybe the staff could talk about what kind of out reach was done to the neighborhood groups to make sure that we have the proper scope here that we are looking
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at all of the issues including issues that we may not be thinking about. >> okay. bryson again and, that is an excellent question and what i would respond is that there has been some out reach that we did on the scope of work tagged on to the out reach that already the processs that have already been in place for the over all water front transportation and i appeared at one of the cac meet togs discuss this scope of work, but what i would also propose is that i really appreciated all of the feedback that i heard from the public today, is the very first task that we are proposing in a scope of work is to refine the evaluation framework and methodology and i think that is really a great place to you know, nail down what exactly the corridors are and address some of these suggestions that have come up and would be happy to accommodate that, and i think that it is important for us to get something approved
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just because the time frame here is short to actually do the analysis and be on schedule with the eir process and i think that maybe i can invite peter to talk about the over all out reach that has been done to date for the assessment. >> thank you. chair. >> peter albert. thanks. and what i hope helps to clarify is that we approach the water assessment is the first phase was developing the strategies and the second was to analyze the solution and where we are getting so much help with this study and i appreciate liz coming to one of our meetings and talking about it is that we intended to do this analysis and that we have had the ongoing part of your workshops and community meetings but you are helping us, and you do it much more quicker using the same modeling tools and so i see this as pushing forward, ahead of schedule what we are hoping to do and with the full skill sets of the authority which are considerable and i hope that understanding that this was
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phase two of the assessment and the work that the authority is doing, that would have happened concurrently with the ier now proceeds the eir. >> i want to note for the record that we have been joined by the former mayor who is here and i guess that i do still have a concern that we are not binding ourselves to a scope that may be too narrow and so would i like to know if there is an opportunity, to get additional feedback. i think that we should talk to people on both sides of this project. and to make sure that was whatever you think about the project and at least you are taking into consideration all of the issues that have been raised. and i have to say that i think that the objectivity, obviously should be to do it expidiciously and do it right. and this project and the scope
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of it is too important to not do it right. i want to be the opportunity for us to take into account expanding the scope, if people on either side of this project have additional suggestions because it is better to get the scope right now, than to change it down the road >> just to sure, as far as the water front assessment and i am looking at this complimentary effort that gives us extra analysis and i think that it is the determination of the board. and but i think that will be terrific, if that is the clarification that liz was defining as part of the task and that works nicely for our progress as well. >> if i could respond to that. >> i want to take ownership over the fact that our office did not speak directly with our neighborhood leaders around the scope that we worked with on sfmta and we have so many balls
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and we did incorporate the feedback that they had given when we sat down to go over the scope and i did suggest that we have a meeting with sfta and a group of our residents that are interested in giving feedback on the assessment and we are happy to organize that and my apologies for not including folks, you know, in getting feedback for the assessment. so i want to make sure that we take ownership for that. i think there it is important to have that meeting. and a couple of things that i will just say, i think as we are closing this hearing i know that we have a board meeting coming up soon is that we are committed to this process and i think that it is incredibly important for our residents and i think that we heard it in public comment and we begin to address the transportation deficiencies today and as we talk about the projects it is not just the warrior's arena, we are talking about the major development, on pier 70 and in the transbay neighborhood and
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all of the projects are projected to produce, 8529 units in this very small part of our city and project jobs at 40,725 and while these are really great numbers, i believe in growth and density, we have to make sure that our neighborhoods have the faith that we are going to be able to provide the infrastructure that is needed to support this development and growth. otherwise, the question is should we continue to grow, if we are not able to provide that level of infrastructure and on the second issue that several of the residents brought up, including dph, thinking about our air quality, and i would be really interested in talking about avalos and mar, and their part of the bay area air quality and management district, and i would like to learn little bit more about that. i definitely hear that loud and clear, i know in my own house you know that just the windows that i open have a thick layer
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of black dust and the windows that i never open i never have to clean the sills and it is clearly from the congestion in the neighborhood and i know that that is real and i am glad that was brought up and i was struck in the budget and legislative analyst report in june that supervisor mar had commissioned that the highest rates of asthma in the bay view and south hill and actually in telegraph hill as well and so it is along the water front is where we are seeing the highest rates, it is not just our district but i am sure that supervisor chiu and cohen are concerned as well, and something that the city needs to take a closer look at. >> would i like to continue to examine how we identify the funding for these project and i am very interested in the video enforcement because that is not putting officers out on the streets and in the recent visits to korea i was struck that they had 300 cameras that
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just do parking traffic and traffic parking enforcement throughout the city and while the traffic continues to move slowly t moves and that is something that i am very interested in pursuing and i am interested in congestion pricing and we need to have a discussion on that and last alooking at the tep and seeing how we can expand the lines beyond second street to address all of the residents that we have living in that part of town. but i do appreciate all of the commissioners time and all of the department's time, and i know that everyone believes that this is an incredibly important issue and look forward to continue to work on this with you and of course our residents. >> thank you, mr. chair, and i just want to note a couple of points, first of all, thank you commissioner kim, and i don't think that there is a need for an apology there is so much going on and i think that it is a great thing that you will make sure that some of the residents that are here are included and i would actually
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ask that we go beyond that and we really think of any other group that may have been left out because there are so many neighborhoods that will be impacted. i mean, i think that we should be talking to as many merchant groups and resident groups and other community organizations to make sure that their feedback is at least considered, in determining the right scope, and so, i will hope that happens, because i think that we want to get this right, and you know, we as a city right now, the mayor is taking about, and the others, talking about how we need billion and billions of dollars, and added to this system to meet our transportation needs. and you know, when you are talking about adding you know, a lot more development to that equation, i don't even know what the actual number will be. so i think that it is an opportunity for us to make sure that we do this right, and i would rather do it right than move it too fast. and so that is what i hope
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happens. and i think that we owe it to the residents to make sure that everyone is included in this process. >> thank you. and i want to thank them for all of the work that went into presenting this scope today and i think that when i and when supervisor kim when we requested this analysis, i know that i am speaking for myself at least, this is really what i had m mind it is taking a very deep look at what the transit impacts of the project will be, as well as the broader analysis of the transit impacts of all of the projects in the area. and we know that we have a sad history in this town of doing development and not adequately taking into account transit impacts or some exceptions like treasure island and park merced and i hope that hunter's point, but, there are, and we put a
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lot of development in this town without adequately dealing with the transit issues, and i know that we have had conversations with mr. rich and others to make sure that that stops. i know that we are going to be doing a full eir on the pier 30-32 pro-yekt project and i think that the analysis is an overlap with the ier but it is not exactly the same and it is not complete, overlap, the eir analyzing certain things so that we have information in determining you know, the environmental impacts. and this is also very relevant to the nitty grity negotiations around the development agreement and what kind of
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transportation enhancements and changes, we need, what the project will contribute to that. and so forth. and so, just to be clear, that in this scope as i understand it, is not somehow just acceleration of the eir analysis and so i am comfortable with the scope and i think that it is great that we are bringing in the ta in and in this way in addition to the role in the ier as a separate, set of eyes and it is always good to have multiple groups around the table. and doing the analysis, and i know that both the mta and mr. albert in particular, as well as the ta have pretty deep experience when it comes to doing transit modeling and analysis and i think that we will come up with good product. >> great, thank you. >> colleagues? >> and thank you for bringing this items forward. and i think that it is a really
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important as we looking long term at the water front and the proposed projects looking forward and so we can close this hearing and work towards approving this item. >> so, item number 12, is before us, and can we colleagues have a roll call? >> mr. avalos? >> aye. >> breed? >> aye. >> campos. >> aye. >> chiu. >> absent. >> cohen? >> aye. >> farrell. >> absent. >> kim? >> aye. >> and commissioner mar >> aye. >> commissioner tang >> aye. >> and weiner. >> aye. >> and commissioner yee. >> aye. >> the item passes. >> and the item passes. >> okay, colleagues, we have the next item and item 13, and the potential closed sessioned concerning the executive director's performance goals for the fiscal year and these are goals that i worked on executive director over the past several months and we
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appointed her to the exclusive director position and we also had a personnel committee meeting and i feel great about what she has put forward but given that we don't have the full board here, i think that it would be good to defer this to the next full board meeting and we could all weigh in. and i would feel most comfortable if we had eleven members that were part of this rather than the 8 that are here right now and so we defer this item to the next full board meeting and i don't think that is going to change very much. the work that miss chang and the ta are doing and i encourage you to review and in our packet, what is there for the next meeting again. >> and okay. so let's item number 13, we can have public comment. >> and seeing no one come forward we will close the public comment on item 13. and we can go on to our next item. >> 14, introduction of new
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items. >> this is an information item. >> colleagues? >> commissioner mar? >> yeah, quickly, as many of you know in the procidio in commissioner farrell's district there are three finalists that are vying to build the facilities at san francisco treasured chrisy field and i know that the trust is going through a process of analysis and the proposals are all different ranging from finance and nature center, to george lucas's proposal for a museum to show case his collections. there are many factors that i think that they are looking at to find the best fit for this historic and environmentally sensitive area. but transportation needs i think should be a key concern and over the past decade, muni and the mta has cut all service and the rebuilding of the drive or the procidio drive, is really a critical area that is
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reshaped the transportation landscape in the area and i am requested that we analyze the network, include doyle drive and the shuttle and also the bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and determine which of the proposal and how they will impact the general region and so i am requesting to the staff. >> the public comment for this item? >> and seeing none come forward we will close public comment. >> item 15, public comment. >> we have general public comment, anyone who wants to comment on any item that is not on the ago ahead agenda. >> seeing no one come forward we will close public comment. >> item 16. >> adjournment. >> colleagues we are adjourned. thank you.
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>> welcome to the monday, november 18, 2013 meeting of the san francisco small business commission. the meeting is called to order at 2:07 p.m. our thankses goes didto city hall building management media services and sfgov tv for making this possible. members of the public silence cell phones and electronic
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devices. speaker cards are at the front for those wishing to speak on any agenda item. speaker cards enable a more accurate record of public comments. you can return completed speaker cards to me. additionally there is a sign in sheet at the front table for those that would like to be added to our mailing list. we will now take a roll call. commissioner adams? >> here. >> commissioner dooley? >> here. >> commissioner dwight? >> here. >> commissioner o'brien? >> here. >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena? commissioner white? >> here. >> we have a quorum. >> next item. >> item 2, general public comment: allows members of the public to comment generally on matters within the commission's purview, and suggest new agenda items for the commission's future consideration. >> any member want to make a comment to the office of commission of small business that is not on today's agenda? seeing none, public comment is closed. next item. >> item number 3, presentation of a small business commission certificate of honor recognizing the san francisco chamber of commerce small business advisory committee as part of the sbc's "small business recognition program".
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>> that's you. >> down here? >> um-hm, wherever you prefer. >> all right, here we go. put on my glasses to read it. okay. this is a certificate of honor to the small business commission -- from the small business commission to the small business advisory council of the san francisco chamber of commerce. on this monday, november 18, 2013, the small business commission is honored to recognize the san francisco chamber of commerce's small business advisory council for its contributions to the vitality of san francisco's small businesses. the small business advisory
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council has been a welcomed addition to the chamber's organization in an effort to ensure that the small business community has a voice on par with large corporations. the council's advocacy for small business interests during public policy discussions on significant issues including neighborhood commercial district parking and the family friendly workplace ordinance demonstrates the chamber's commitment to better understanding the needs and concerns of small business. for these reasons the small business commission commends the small business advisory council on a job well done. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> photos. >> photos unless -- i'd just like to say a few comments in terms of -- because i've worked with the small business advisory council through my tenure as the executive director and how invaluable it's been for me to be able to go and present and be a sounding board for me and then also work together with you as we continue to foster and
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promote our small businesses in san francisco. and umenyiora been doing an excellent job advocating for small businesses. >> and i'd like to repeat what re jean a said. it's been a pleasure working with you, michelle, leslie, and the chamber. ~ regina i think we all work together as a team. for the same common good, to make san francisco a better place for small businesses, so, i can't thank you enough. >> i'll add this advisory council was kind of just coming into being in my first tenure at the chamber of commerce and i've just rejoined the chamber of commerce board of directors. and i'm really delighted to see how it's developed over the years. and i think it's really gained momentum and it's going to be a great thing going forward for our collaboration. >> let's take a picture.
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>> okay, next item, please. >> the next item is item number 4, approval of the october 28, 2013 meeting minutes. this is an action item. >> do we have a motion to approve the minutes of october 28 meeting? >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> any abstain or -- no? okay, next item, please. >> next item is item number 5, discussion and possible action on board of supervisors file no. 130998.
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we have a staff presentation by justin true, legislative aide to supervisor david chiu. >> thank you very much. good afternoon, president adams, commissioners, [speaker not understood]. justin true, legislative aide to supervisor david chiu. i introduced this ordinance a little while ago after working with the planning department on t. at the most basic level this ordinance implements state law that took effect earlier this year and is called the cottage food ordinance because we're not selling cottage cheese or anything about cottages. it's about a small operation, small food making operation being allowed to exist in residential areas as an accessory use. the provisions that allow this to exist are defined pretty clearly in state law. the city had some -- has some options in terms of how we're implementing it. this is what the planning department recommends.
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this item is at the planning commission this thursday. most specifically, the cottage food ordinance that's proposed allows for the sale -- for the production and sale of certain foodstuffs out of the home in a space up to a third of that space. and the reasons for this are that it provides some more healthier options, helps people supplement their income slightly and pushes us along the path for more sustainable food sources at a small level. supervisor chiu has long been interested in these issues. he carried a urban agricultural legislation in 2011 and looks forward to carrying further ag legislation when additional state law changes in the near future. the legislation also makes two changes related to accessory uses more generally. accessory uses essentially -- the secondary use, aside from whatever the primary and essential use of a particular site s in a residential situation, the accessory use in