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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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lgbt x connect and made it at that lgbt center we're going to respond to that. san francisco has always been there for people pea this is what our government will continue to do. we'll invite people to celebrate the diversity and we'll like this fire engine we'll come to the rescue of those in need (clapping.) (laughter.) >> this is the spirit of our city and i want to make sure as long as i've got the privilege of being the mayor we'll continue this tribute and understanding the history and working together collaborating
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finding solutions to people's problems and especially during the holidays making sure we talk to another person who got it a little bit better than us come in and help identify city succeed for everybody yes support the season of giving and the nonprofit organizations in our community help them help us to succeeded and we have continuous opportunity for those who are succeeding b will help us bring everybody into the rest of the city. thank you very much for this tribute (clapping) and speaking about diversity there's a young man who taught me a lot of things oversee the years hose now, of course, the democratic elapse for the state
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of california he's also that paid attendance and that's congressmen john bird (clapping) >> thank you ed. you know if willie brown were here he wouldn't have let those first degree engines go by he would have fired the cohesive (laughter) >> but the mayor didn't mess up the fight of the red triple for the tenant against the howard's authority efforts the lawyer that led the fight (clapping.) but this is a tough day for me
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speaking about diversity a separate male. heather i knew george i loved george and i group together. if it would for george i won't have passed the bar he took me four days and asked me legal questions i learned 63 years in law school. what encountering brought to the city it's what heather brought not 9 the city of state but to the country george brought the neighborhoods into city hall. up until the time he was mayor the downtown groups and i don't say that in a negative way but
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they actually didn't control city hall but if you looked at every commission they almost all looked like me in her opinion all people from the more affluent parts of town that's with an a not an e. george was elected by the people in the neighborhood he made those commissioners allocating look like the city of san francisco and george was a guy it's really weird having you have to be my angel but it's lekts for mayor in 75 was literally seen by some as a fight for the soul of the city those who opposed george and what he stood for and harvey
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milk stood four was change and a inclusive and taking care of what we needed in government. those who were opted to george wanted the city to stay the same, same, they were upset by gay rights and civil rights march and upset by anything that would change the status quo. if he were brought up in a city the status quo was good but not for everybody heather and george understood that we thought it was a time for the city to change and to change for the better (clapping.) which is a novel thought but one of the things i want to mention and heather i had the misfortune
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or every time heather ran for office he ran against a friend of mine but i supported my friends. heather didn't hold it against me he understood it. and when the alice b club i believe they endorsed against heather so heather started his only democratic club which is the lgbt lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgenders he started the city club. i had to go and speckle before them when i ran for the house of representatives it's in the hotel i remember he was wearing jeans and this big belt buckle
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and a blue don't ask me what i had for prevent i was going a wait for him to take a shot at me he trod me with grace and a lot of respect that said a lot to me about heather i think i was 0 and 3 against him. but everybody talks about heather and somebody said mark some woman didn't know who he was again harvey is an icon you'll not get who don't know who moscone is they think moscone is a convention center and most of us we call the
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moscone playground the if you happened to the playground. one thing talk about prop 8 but there's another thing coming down the pike they found out they're fighting against fair housing and started out migrants gay marriage and they thoutd told you they can't do much about that but now they're going against transgender youth. and now we are going to side once and for all we can't be harassed (clapping.) i believe and, you know, clearly i did not know i can't imagine
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how it is to be a young person to be questioned about your sexiest and given when tommy passed the bill they said they were going to be another referendum and it's going to be one we're going to win because picking on people who they don't think they can fight back young people who can't fight back but we fight back for them and that's what we're going to do. thank you (clapping) and i'd like to introduce a friend of mine who's a colleague of harvey's on the board of supervisors carol rue silver.
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(clapping.) >> thank you very much john. thank you for the remarks and a giving us a complexities for the evening that we are here i won't say celebrated but oubdz it was thai years ago that i stood many of you stood many of you were not born yet i guess by those of us who are old enough to remember stood on those very steps and we 340ur7bd and we tried to make some codify sense of what had happened. we thought about it we talked about if this was the without doubted the most unbelievable
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set of circumstances in san franciscoed political history or at least recent history interest if you go back enough you'll find there's things but we didn't have people who were elected officials pulling out a gun and taking out the mayor and another city official. i mean just how strange was that. but you have to also feel the strangeness of that in the year as senator leno mentions in which we've had the strangeness of jim jones i hope some of you who remember a local minister
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who took a thousand people into the jungles of south america and fed them cool laid for a mass suicide. harvey's leg is acy was he was able to sue semi late all the strange thipgdz in san francisco and his candidatecy was very, very strange you couldn't believe there was any gay person elected to anything in america anything. now jose had republic as a gay man and had broken that code so that he was the harvey was not
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saying i'm the first to have had the opportunity to run for office but he was the first to win. and when harvey will you please it wasn't because all the gay people rows up and voted for harvey but a little old lady voted for harvey and the shopkeepers and they voted for harvey because harvey was there in neither shops and another their doors every little meeting everywhere in san francisco in that district and that's why harvey won. it's a very, very wonderful thing we're remembering him thai years and very wonderful we're remembering george moscone back
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up because if we forget the sfakdz that were made for our freedom then he risk the back peddling that will cause us to lose it. we also know freedom is not fro. (clapping.) >> you tuchdz.
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thank you very much >> we all just to go on living just like we have a need for breathing got to have hope just to stay alive. >> stay alive. you've got to give them hope >> accumulative you've got to give them hope so they can see. you've got to give them hope that they can feel and receive it you've got to give them hope they can survive and give them
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love and give them hope give them hope give them hope. you've got to give them hope you've got got to give them hope so they can see. you got to give them hope that they can feel and believe in you've got to give them hope and give them love and give them hope give them hope give them hope. you've got to give them hope. give them hope. got to give them hope. got to give them hope. got to give them hope. got to give them 0 hope. got to give them hope. got to give them hope. hope. hope. hope.
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give the >> when there's good children's theatre it's good thoert and if it's good to her you will like it ever it's for children that's what i think. it's both a story for kids and a older people it's about loving a toy or friend and it's will what it means to get old. >> in 1986 my son was two and i decided i would like to make a
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developing rabbit i had never read it i heard it as a mother. my first version was a bedtime story recording and it's through that that i denied the at home and role determined how to produce the story. it's through licensed to it when i first made the dance i really watched any son and i took him to the perform he loved the performance and he loved it when somebody was reading to him he heard the language human resources usually when the rabbit come out he say oh, the rabbit. it's the talking and sliding and kids can relate to.
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and the adults loved nanna. now napping in a is the main adult figure in the show she represents stern love the fair is played but he same person and i think fairy is the thing have you for your first child pure love. i think nature is a beautiful thing and all widespread rabbits come to nature it's about how far and not something our kids get those days. ♪ ♪ ♪ there's fantastic spectacle what happens with the computes so i
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think in life performance you see it more successful and ask people to buy into your world so long as the world is consistent that you have on stage and film say, i want this message for kids. the world doesn't have to be spectacle it can be about relationships and a taking things seriously and not about being blown away. what is real asked the child one day and the success for the most part when you are 7-year-old you sit in the seats and kids laugh
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and ask questions and that's a sense of success. i think the fact we tour it and do it here and still are audience is lasting. i want to say its lasting because the story is a wonderful story. if it was just an okay story it wouldn't have laced this long. i've had people come up to me and say that's the first story i've seen of this as to how and people come back to see this when they're in their 20s and they come back more than once what their older year after year. ♪ ♪ ♪
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