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tv   [untitled]    December 10, 2013 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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but it now also provides a new resources and skills, 21st century skills in their computer lab and with their various workshops. the one on one still is the basis for a lot of their work as well. in a 30-year history, project read developed this model of motivational literacy that ensures that adults set goals for their learning based on their own interest. so, it's really student driven in many ways. and the goals are reviewed every six months given that learners confidence [speaker not understood] improvements and celebrating their achievements. also project read expanded, as i said, beyond its general literacy efforts and also developed additional innovative programs like family literacy. i can't imagine for a parent maybe an immigrant parent that comes here, maybe they cannot read in their native language so the challenges that having to support or to help your child, i think project read is an example of where the family
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literacy services to break inter generational cycles of it literacy. there is also project money which is a great innovative program, learner driven approach to financial literacy in our communities ~ and the wednesday night readers project read book club that promotes the joy of reading to new readers. the city and county of san francisco has been pleased to recognize and honor the staff before, but i think on its 30th anniversary, i think it's really fitting that later we'll have a resolution in honor of project read that we'll vote upon. but i think in today's board meeting commending them is appropriate as we celebrate the 30 years. so, before we close we'll be declaring hopefully with a unanimous vote december 10th, 2013 as project read day in san francisco. i wanted to thank marisa [speaker not understood] for writing the great article the day after thanksgiving that gave a human side [speaker not understood] who the amazing tutors are and who makeup the program as well. so, tonight 30th anniversary
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celebration, 5:30 to 7:30 in the public library, the top floor, skylight room, project read will have tutors and learner hosts and learner hosts, special guest speakers, food and beverages and a "share your project read memories video booth." so, with that i wanted to invite randy weaver, the manager of project read, [speaker not understood] the access services manager [speaker not understood] and michelle [speaker not understood] from the main library to come forward and let's give them a round of applause for 30 years of opening the world to so many people in our city. (applause) >> thank you. good afternoon. on behalf of the 10,000 adult learners and volunteer tutors who have participated in project read since 183, i want to thank supervisor mar and the entire board of supervisors for recognizing our 30th anniversary today.
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~ 1983 the project read is attributable to the people, the adult learners, volunteer tutors, the families, the library staff who all have come together with one purpose, to create an environment for learning and a system of support that helps foster success. and as supervisor mar mentioned, through the years project read has grown, seen inevitable changes, bringing on more technology and online resources, but we've always tried to stay focused on the people. working together to create a more literate and participatory society. and on that note of a participatory society and sort of following the power of [speaker not understood] advice, i want to have a quote shared with you today on what an adult learner feels when they vote for the first time. voting in our society is a challenge to many people with
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limited literacy skills. but a couple of years ago [speaker not understood] by the name of owe dell nixon was successful in voting for the first time. and this is what he wrote ~. i voted for the first time in my life on november 6th. filled out an absentee ballot then walked from the library to city hall. there i dropped my ballot into a box. the next time i'm going to vote from a booth in my own neighborhood. so, that's the kind of goal that we really want to support and it really takes not only dedication and volunteers and the adult learners themselves, but e board of supervisors, the mayor's office, and all the library administration from karen straus, the chief [speaker not understood] [speaker not understood] to make a program like this continue and succeed. so, thanks to everybody today. (applause)
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>> thank you, colleagues. that concludes our special commendations for today. with that, want to go back to our regular agenda. madam clerk, can you call item 12? >> item 12 is a resolution approving amendment no. 1 to professional services agreement, airport contract no. 8838, to provide operation and maintenance services for the airtrain system, between bombardier transportation (holdings) usa, inc., and the city and county of san francisco, acting by and through its airport commission, in an amount not to exceed $98,700,000 pursuant to charter, section 9.118(b) for the period of march 1, 2014, through february 28, 2017.
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>> colleagues, why don't we take a roll call vote. >> on item 12, supervisor campos? campos aye. supervisor chiu? chiu aye. supervisor cohen? cohen aye. supervisor farrell? farrell aye. supervisor kim? kim aye. supervisor mar? mar aye. supervisor tang? tang aye. supervisor wiener? wiener aye. supervisor yee? yee aye. supervisor avalos? avalos aye. supervisor breed? breed aye. there are 11 ayes. >> the resolution is adopted. [gavel] >> madam clerk, could you call items 13 through 18, the master lease amendments related to treasure island? >> items 13 through 18 are the resolutions retroactively approving amendment master lease agreements between the treasure island development authority and the united states navy from december 1st, 2013 through november 30th, 2014. item 13 is the south waterfront master lease. 14, [speaker not understood].
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item 15, the [speaker not understood]. item 16, the childcare master lease. item 17, the venues master lease. and item 18 is the fire fighting and training center master leases. >> colleagues, can we take these items same house same call? without objection these resolutions are adopted. [gavel] >> item 19. >> item 19 is a resolution retroactively approving the contract modification between the city and county of san francisco and guardsmark, llc, to provide security services for the human services agency, to extend the term by two months, for a revised period of december 1, 2008, through january 31, 2014, in the modified amount of $21,226,260. ~ january 14th. >> same house same call? this resolution is adopted. [gavel] >> item 20. >> item 20 is a resolution retroactively authorizing the arts commission to accept and expend a grant in the amount of $200,000 from kaiser permanente foundation for the bayview opera house plaza renovation and restoration for the period of july 31, 2013, through august 1, 2014. >> colleagues, same house same call? this resolution is adopted. [gavel] >> next item. >> item 21 is an ordinance appropriating $4,388,000 of transit center district funds and transportation development impact fees revenue and capital
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project fund expenditures to the municipal transportation agency in order to support capital projects in fy 2013-2014. >> same house same call? this resolution is adopted. [gavel] >> next item. >> item 22 is a resolution retroactively authorizing the office of economic and work force development to accept and expend a grant in the amount of $902,465 for the period of october 1, 2013, through march 31, 2015, from the u.s. department of labor passed through california employment development department for the dislocated worker additional assistance grant. ~ fiscal year >> same house same call? this ordinance is passed on first read. [gavel] >> next item. >> item 23 is an resolution approving an amendment to the san francisco tourism improvement district management district plan, in accordance with california streets and highways code, section 36636, to require monthly, instead of quarterly, assessment, collection and distribution of assessment funds by the office of the treasurer 23or. >> madam clerk if you could read the next item as well which impacts the same aye item? >> item 24, resolution approving amendments to the moscone expansion district
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management district plan for the business-based business improvement district, known as the "moscone expansion district," in accordance with the california streets and highways code, section 36636, to require the monthly, instead of quarterly, assessment, collection, and transfer of assessments by the office of the treasurer and tax collector; and an agreement with the nonprofit owners' association for administration/management of the district in accordance with the california streets and highways code, section 36651. >> colleague, can we take these two items same house same call? without objectiontion the resolution is adopted -- both resolutions are adopted. [gavel] >> next item. >> item 25, resolution authorizing the mayor's office of housing and community development to accept and expend an infill infrastructure grant from the california state department of housing and community development in the amount of $5,661,107 to commence following board approval, for the housing development at 5800 third street. ~ third street >> same house same call? this resolution is adopted. [gavel] >> next item, item 26. >> item 26, resolution urging the restart of greenfinancesf and supporting the mayor, department of the environment, and office of public finance to enable city residents to finance the costs of energy efficiency and renewable energy capital improvements; and to take such other actions necessary therefor. ~ improvements. >> supervisor farrell. >> thank you, president chiu. colleagues, today we're here to vote on a resolution i co-sponsored along with mayor ed lee urging for the revitalization for finance of green finance sf and ask as a board we support the departments of the environment and the office of public
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finance to take the appropriate steps to get green finance sf up and running again. i want to thank my co-sponsors, supervisor wiener, supervisor tang, supervisor mar, supervisor kim, supervisor chiu, supervisor yee and supervisor cohen, and particularly want to thank supervisor mar for his early leadership on this issue when the program was put forward a number of years ago and ultimately stalled. so, this year after nearly six months of groundwork various stakeholders of the environment and finance and labor communities, on november 26, mayor lee and i held a press conference to announce san francisco's intention to kick start green finance sf once again. a program that will continue our tradition of being at the forefront combating climate change, push our city further down a path of meeting our aggressive greenhouse gas emission reduction goals, put san franciscans to work in our neighborhoods, and help san francisco property owners finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in their homes. known as green finance sf, it is a special form of financing that will help to overcome market barriers that exist to
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energy efficiency upgrades, spreading cost recovery with saving realized over the life of the improvement. this special form of financing allows property owners to responsibly finance the upgrades through property tax assessments each year with very favorable terms. as a financing structure that will enable san francisco at no cost to the city to fund energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades for property owners and homeowners. every day here in san francisco we are fortunate to witness the birth of innovation and with that new and innovative economic models one being our clean energy economy. ~ we know kleischv energy economy can trigger market transformation as big as the it transformation happening across our world also here in san francisco, but we need to provide [speaker not understood] for stronger market demand and renewable products and services [speaker not understood] and that is green finance sf. we have already seen other parts of the state that have adopted similar pace residential pace programs most notably sonoma and riverside
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counties and have seen the positive impacts that have followed in those jurisdictions. and we've also now seen the stories and know the stories of individuals that have chosen to participate in these existing programs. we know these upgrades can save money not only in repair costs to crucial home energy services, but also on monthly utility bills to the tune of thousands of dollars a year annually. from the beginning of the process, it was a priority for mayor lee and i to ensure this environmental policy and finance tool had a very strong work force component tied to it that put local residents to work in this emerging industry. we convened meetings with partners and laborers to discuss what the work force component would look like. training our workers for jobs in new and emerging industry is key to not only allowing them to get new jobs but also helping them find meaningful careers that can keep them in their families here in our city. we're going to continue working with [speaker not understood] that ensures local residents are working with local contractsers on local projects so we keep monday and i work flowing inside of san francisco and continue to boost our local
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economy. i am particularly want to thank pat and josh for their strong work on this work force component perspective. and despite the federal housing finance agency's concerns, we are confident that san francisco's program now can move forward. again, we've seen other jurisdictions do this throughout the state of california. and because the fhfa concerns are doing all we can as a city to protect our owners and give them the comfort and certainty they need to participate in this program. governor brown recently passed in his budget a reserve fund for pace programs in the state of california that will address the fhfa's concerns and ensure that fannie mae and freddie mack will noting negatively impacted by these programs. san francisco will be participating in the state reserve fund so that our property owners here in san francisco are fully protected. in the end of the day green finance sf will further cement our city's national role as a leader in reducing the adverse effectses of climate change and make it easier for property owners in our neighborhoods to make energy efficient upgrades
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to their homes while creating good local jobs on these local projects. we do have more work to do in rolling out the successful program and hope that you'll join me and many other city-wide in supporting our efforts to restart green finance sf in the upcoming months. lastly i want to thank the members that have been involved in this project, particularly my staff and particularly [speaker not understood], mayor lee and his staff, in particular roger kim, as well as the department of the environment, department of public finance, the commission on the environment, and all those other from our business and labor communities. colleagues, i hope to have your support. thank you. >> supervisor mar. >> i just wanted to add thank you so much to supervisor farrell and the mayor. i wanted to also point out rich chin from the san francisco department of the environment who has worked on this for about four years with johanna pardon our [speaker not understood]. even wade was i think involved with this in the years that before, and i wanted to thank roger kim as well. but i think it's a really great
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program. very proud to be a co-sponsor. i think it really made clean energy more accessible to residential buildings and more san franciscans and i support this. i don't think it's a replacement for clean power sf, though, and i think in terms of environmental impact it may be relatively small, but i think we have to move with different innovative projects like this and others in our city. we also need to continue to work with the public utilities commission to honor the super majority of this board to move forward with clean power sf while still exploring other important projects like this as well, but i'm proud to be a co-sponsor of this. >> colleague, any further discussion? >> president chiu, just real quick again. thank you for reminding me to thank mr. chin from the department of the environment. he's played an integral role. also make sure i don't forget nadia from our office of public finance and her entire team as well. >> okay, colleagues, unless there is additional discussion, can we take this item same house same call? without objection this
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resolution is adopted. [gavel] >> item 27. >> item 27 is a resolution authorizing the office of community investment and infrastructure, operating as the successor agency to the redevelopment agency, to issue and expend bonds in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $70,000,000 for the purpose of financing a portion of enforceable obligations in the mission bay south redevelopment project area in the current or future budget years. >> same house same call? this resolution is adopted. [gavel] >> item 28. >> item 28, ordinance accepting an irrevocable offer for a public sidewalk easement on the brighton avenue extension north of ocean avenue and accepting an easement for these purposes; accepting an irrevocable offer for improvements and real property related to lee avenue north of ocean avenue and accepting a grant deed for these purposes; authorizing the conditional acceptance of an irrevocable offer for sidewalk improvements for ocean avenue east of lee avenue; declaring such areas to be open public right-of-way and dedicating them for right-of-way and roadway purposes; accepting maintenance and liability for these areas subject to certain limitations; establishing public right-of-way width and sidewalk width for the lee avenue and the ocean avenue sidewalks; approving an interdepartmental transfer of property for a portion of lee avenue and for a sidewalk area fronting a portion of ocean avenue; approving and making findings, including environmental findings and general plan and priority policy findings; and authorizing official acts in connection with this ordinance. ~ for these purposes. >> same house same call? this ordinance is passed on the first reading. [gavel] >> any next item. >> item 29 is a resolution imposing interim zoning controls to require that, for a 12-month period, in the area bounded by market street from van ness street east to 5th
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street on the north side and east to 2nd street on the south side, 2nd street south to brannan street, brannan street west to division street, and south van ness street north to market street: certain building permits for any buildings with some commercial use shall require the posting of a notice and a 15-day delay in starting the work, and the re-establishment of a commercial use that has been converted to residential use shall require planning commission approval through either an authorization under planning code, section 320 et seq., or a conditional use authorization, and making environmental findings, and a determination of consistency with the eight priority policies of planning code, section 101.1. ~ south van ness streets. >> same house same call? this resolution is adopted. [gavel] >> >> next item. >> item 30 is an ordinance amending the police code to update the list of city job classifications responsible for enforcement of litter laws and having the power to issue citations for that purpose. ~ for that purpose. >> same house same call? this ordinance is passed on the first reading. [gavel] >> next item. >> item 31, ordinance amending the administrative code to modify open data standards and set deadlines for releasing open data. >> supervisor farrell? >> thank you, president chiu. colleague, today on this item we're going to vote on an update to our city's groundbreaking open data ordinance that will help lead to further innovation and technology driven solutions here in san francisco. and the application of civic issues and problems that we face here as a city ~. across the nation we're seeing different cities, counties, states and the federal government take steps towards making appropriate government data available because open data has helped us spark innovation, drive efficiency in government, and fuel further economic development. open data has transformative potential and we're seeing the
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largest positive impacts happening at the city level. here at the local level we have the opportunity that we must seize upon to use open data and reinvent and reimagine the relationship that we can have between our residents and our city government. we've already seen great examples of open data use and practice here in san francisco and how open data can help us as a city government accomplish a number of positive benefits. whether it's partnering with the city to post public health scores at their website for city restaurants to inform residents to make healthier choices, residents being able to use acclaim now rec and park app which helps residents and visitors find park and rec locations and make picnic table reservations or using smart phone to help you when the next muni bus is arriving. these are real examples of how open data can improve the lives of our city's residents and make services more efficient and timely and further fuel economic growth. the ordinance in front of us today will further establish san francisco's role as a national leader in the open data movement and want to specifically thank president chiu for his leadership in the
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initial ordinance that was crafted a number of months ago. in terms of a few of the details, the city's chief data officer when hired will be responsible for drafting rules and common industry tech until any cal standards such as ensuring that data will be available for download and machine readable format and determining [speaker not understood] which data sets are appropriate for public disclosure. since the city is also a custodian of private data the city will be charged with creating a plan to release this data on a format and system so people can securely access data on themselves. for example digital data on their medical records and permit application. this new initiative follows the national movement growing to give residents access to their own data for their own use and san francisco will once again show our national leadership by becoming the first city in the nation to develop a strategy to give residents access to their own data. all these updates are key to unlocking the true potential and value the data sets we hold to the city which a recent study [speaker not understood]
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is creating a potential $3 trillion economy worldwide. by enumerating these data standard we're creating more accountability and certainty not only for public and entrepreneurs but city and staff agency that will be tasked with organizing, up loading and releasing these data sets. we've also inserted timelines regarding the release of the city's appropriate data sets. these timelines will ensure that city departments and agencies are making open data a priority for the respective departments. all these tire deadlines ensure we in city government remain accountable and accessible to the public so that they and the entrepreneur community in san francisco are made readily aware of any new guidelines or data that we release. with more certainty business in the public and better plan around ideas and implementation regarding our open data set so they can use open data as a base to create the next best new product service or application and we're going to be encouraging and creating an atmosphere that will spur discovery and growth. i want to thank a number of people who have worked on this
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legislation. in particular, my staff again [speaker not understood], our clerk community entrepreneurial community here in san francisco and a number of national organizations as well that have been incredibly supportive. we do have in front us today an opportunity to once again push the ball forward and cement our standing at the national open data lead here in san francisco and colleagues i ask for your support. >> thank you, president chiu. >> thank you, mr. chair. i first want to recognize supervisor farrell for this legislation. happy to be added as a co-sponsor. i want to add a come words of context where we are today. while san francisco has been a leader when it comes to open data movement, i think this legislation is an indication that we can do more. this is actually our third piece of legislation as a city in the last few years on this topic. the first was legislation that i worked on with mayor newsome to essentially establish as a city goal the fact that we should move forward open data. what we found, though, was that a lot of agencies only wanted to display those data sets that showed their agencies in a good
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light and i think what we need and what we want to focus on are data sets to show us what we can work on, what we can improve and how to deal with and tackle our city's challenges. the second piece of open data legislation that i authored and was happy to work with mayor lee's administration on established a number of more proactive steps in moving in an open data movement. it called for the hiring of a chief data officer. it called for the establishment of open data standards. it called for data coordinators to be established in city agencies throughout city government. but none of these things after many, many months have occurred and this is why supervisor farrell has moved forward with his legislation. i do hope that all of the agencies throughout the city that have data can understand that we are serious about wanting to modify our open data standards. we are serious about releasing every open data set that we have. this is how we improve our government. this is how we make our government accountable and transparent and colleagues i
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also ask for your support. >> thank you, president chiu. so, colleagues, can we take this same house same call? thank you. [gavel] >> >> item 32, madam clerk. >> item 32 is a -- >> i'm sorry. looks like there are a couple comments. >> i apologize. i actually wanted to go back to item 29 and rescind the vote. i apologize i need to make a minor amendment. >> okay. supervisor kim would like to make a motion to rescind, seconded by supervisor campos. without objection, the vote for item 29 is rescinded. [gavel] >> supervisor kim. >> thank you. my apologies. i thought this was coming later on the agenda. as many of you know, our office has been fielding a number of calls regarding evictions, particularly evictions for commercial use buildings throughout the south of market and mid-market.
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most notably as many of you read, we have the potential eviction of about a hundred residents, many of whom are local artists that live between two buildings on mid-market between fifth and sixth street. i really want to recognize the tenant community and the mayor's office department of building inspection, and the planning department who work together to find a solution that would allow current tenants to stay in affordable residential units, many in commercial buildings that had been ill legally converted by property owners who previously couldn't find a commercial use for their building. i in particular wanted to recognize jeff buckley from the mayor's office, director john ram, and director tom [speaker not understood] from planning and dbi on the work to find a pathway for the owners of 10 49 market and 1067 market to legalize their already existing residential units. through this process came the
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interim control legislation that is before us today and through this process we learned that there was one major gap in our noticing requirements which is that commercial buildings are not required to notice their building permits. this legislation would require the notice of permits through posted for 15 days, the day of permit issuance, and a conspicuous location on the ground floor of the building for the work specified. the noticing requirement would be applied to [speaker not understood] for structural and architectural work above ground in the interior of the commercial building that was built prior to 1979, is valued at $15,000 or more. and requires the submittal of floor plans. i do have one change. it actually -- it's a switching around of words and i wanted to ask the city attorney jon givner to read that into the record. >> mr. givner. >> deputy city attorney jon givner. in committee, the land use committee made an amendment to
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this ordinance that i think my office did not accurately take down. so, in committee, the amendment was to page 4, the further resolve clause that begins online 4. that during the pendency of these interim controls, the reestablishment of any commercial use that has been converted to residential use shall require planning commission approval through a conditional use and a proposition m authorization if triggered by planning code section 322. so, that will be -- that would be the amended language. >> supervisor kim, i assume you'll be offering -- >> yes. i'd like to make a motion to that effect. >> okay. is there a second of the motion? seconded by supervisor breed. colleagues, unless there is any discussion, without objection,
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the motion amendment is made. [gavel] >> and if we could take this underlying item same house same call as amended? without objection, that should be the case. [gavel] >> madam clerk, why don't we now go to item 32. >> item 32 is a motion confirming the mayor's appointment of vivian fei tsen, term ending february 26, 2014, to the treasure island development authority board of directors. >> supervisor yee. >> thank you, president chiu. colleague, i want to express my full support of vivian tsen appointed to the treasure island development authority. and vivian is a credible [speaker not understood] accomplished with her experience in urban planning and development. her guidance was instrumental in the final design of the yerba buena gardens revitalization of pier 1, and the ferry building. vivian's dedication to the community is also apparent in her service on many nonprofit
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boards that advocate for affordable housing, smart design, and sustainable growth. i am fully confident that vivian's dedication, vision, and expertise will be an asset to the treasure island development authority. thank you very much. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you. i also wanted to share my words of support for fei tsen who i've known for many years, has been a really incredible affordable housing and also just community planning advocate, and comes with a wealth and depth of knowledge. look forward to working with her on the treasure island development authority and thank the rules committee for their support. >> thank you, colleagues. i'm happy to associate myself with the previous comments. can we take this same house same call? without objection, this item is approved. [gavel] >> item 33. >> item 33 was considered by the rules committee at a regular meeting december 5th and was sent to the board as a committee report.
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it's a motion appointing charles perl, term ending june 5, 2017, to the treasury oversight committee. >> supervisor yee. did you want to -- okay. colleagues, can we take this item same house same call? without objection, this motion is approved. [gavel] >> let's call items -- pass over the next items? >> items 34 through 39 were considered by the land use and economic development committee at a regular meeting on december 9th. from those items, item 37 through 39 were not forwarded to the board. item 34 was forwarded without recommendation. it's an ordinance amending the planning code to revise the criteria for residential demolition, merger and conversion, and to standardize those definitions across the use districts and prohibit residential mergers where certain evictions of tenants have occurred; establish a strong presumption in favor of preserving dwelling units in enforcement of code requirements; and making environmental findings, and findings of consistency with the general plan, and the eight priority policies of planning code, section 101.1. ~ uses. >> and why don't we also call item 35. >> item 35 was also sent to the board without a recommendation. it's an ordinance amending the planning code to permit the enlargement, alteration or reconstruction of a dwelling or other housing structure that exceeds the permitted density of the district if dwelling units are principally permitted in the district and the enlargement, alteration or reconstruction does not extend beyond the building envelope as
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it existed on january 1, 2013, and if no tenants were evicted under certain provisions of the rent ordinance; and making environmental findings, and findings of consistency with the general plan, and the eight priority policies of planning code, section 101.1. ~ or reconstruction. >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you, president chiu. i would like to actually postpone these items till after roll call. [speaker not understood] was ready, but there is one question that remains. so, we can hear them after roll call. >> okay. without objection that shall be the case. why don't we handle item 36. >> item 36 is an ordinance amending the planning code, by adding section 102.37 and amending section 204.1, to allow cottage food operation as an accessory use for dwelling units and increase the allowable area for accessory uses in dwelling units; and making environmental findings, and findings of consistency with the general plan, and the eight priority policies of planning code, section 101.1. ~ and increase the allowable area for accessible units within dwelling units. >> colleagues, with can we take this item same house same call? without objection this ordinance is passed on the first read. [gavel] >> why don't we go to roll call. >> supervisor campos, you are first to introduce new items. >> thank you very much, madam clerk. i'm simply introducing one item today. it's a hearing request on the report, the final report from the wage theft task force which was created in june 2012 and has been looking at different