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tv   [untitled]    December 11, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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metropolis, a city that has knowing people, all sorts of people, and what we must do is that we continue to have diversity because that is the keystone to what we do. we must be diverse. we can't be just one kind of people, but all kind of people, and so it is critical for us to work together, to bring about a kind of response so we will all stand together and we will be able to see and hear some music that will say watch out, watch out, watch out, watch out, there's a call going out. there's a call going out. it started 27 years ago. and the call is still now, 27 years. and now the call is for you and me in the now, present, whatever we do we do it to make sure we enhance the lives of people, not take from the lives of people. it's now time for us to move and if we got anything standing
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in our way, we have to go and make sure that everybody is included, so radical inclusiveness is very important in my life. you gotta include everybody. i don't know whether you know this. i've got to get it in before i stop and that is was one of the first persons on the west coast that started talking about divesting to mike ing make sure that people recognize the fact that par type was a disease and worked against humanity. harvey mills was that person, and he did planning at that time talking about divestment. i want you to know.
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the reason show me, show me, show me, show me.
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>> the /e episcopal church was also represented. they represented the celebration of
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nelson mandela. >> the kind of warfare that was waged by nelson mandela was a different kind of warfare, it was a spiritual warfare.
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twenty years ago i took a group of my high school students from virginia and we traveled to the kennedy center in washington dc to see an amazing dance by the howard university dancers.
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gathered with their young people to dance and to chant as they welcomed a new day. in the midst of this, they too danced the war dance. the elders of the community gathered all the young people around them. the young dancers who were in their teens and even pre-teen and explained to them what the nature of this war dance was. it was the same as that west african dance. it was too cast off the spiritual violence that infects
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communities and beats people down. he said with a smile, i'm not telling you to go out and raid white people. i'm telling you to fight spiritually. in 2006 nelson mandela was interviewed and he spoke about a spiritual principle that guided his life and it has guided the life of so many other heros of this movement against the par tide like arch bishop. it is called bibuntu. the way it was taught to me is it means i am, because you are. we are together or we are not. nelson mandela said more about ubuntu. he said it meant respect and
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meant standing with others, that is, recognizing them as human. the word simply means this, it simply means humanity. desmond tutu told me that until the world /-r stood with south africa through means like divestment, their struggle would never have reached its fruitful conclusion. as long as they struggled alone, they never would have succeeded. when the world stood with them in solidarity, the principle that no one stands alone, then success was assured. in this way, through the spirit of ubuntu, nelson mandela overcame the spiritual forces of evil that had infected his country and continued to infect
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the world. i offer you a blessing, it comes from i don't understand me. it comes from centuries and millennia ago. it is not owned by the episcopal church or christian faith -- go forth into the world in peace, be in good courage, hold fast to that which is good, strengthen the faint hearted, support the weak, comfort the afflicted, be patient with everyone, but make no peace with oppression. love and serve all that is holy and may the blessing of the divine, the source of all that is, the reconciler of all that is divided and the sustainer of all life be with you ever more.
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amen. [applause] >> bishop, your reference to nelson mandela's comment about how the strength of the people of the world was utilized to help him succeed in freeing his nation of that evil, that spirit actually started in the state of california. senator mark leno will now share with you how san francisco, university of california, and the state of california played a leading role in being the initiator of the divestment movement from
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south africa. senator mark leno. >> good morning everyone, it is a great privilege and humbling opportunity to be able to address you today. as nelson mandela of course transcend eded one of the most severe human dignities, harsh imprisonment for the crime of being who he was, for being the man who believed in the dignity of all and the fair treatment of all and for having dark skin. that was his crime. but he chose, as we heard, to forgive and he chose the path of peace when he could have chosen the path of war and he
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knew in his heart that only love conquers hate. i have personally experienced the dividends that have been paid as a result of his teachings and his mentorship. my good friend alice huffman who drove down early this morning from sacramento to share her thoughts, is one of her disciples. when i first introduced the nation's first air quality bills in the state legislature back in 2005, hard to imagine that it was a very controversial bill. alice huffman, leader of california naacp, was there front and center unequivocally and she took a lot of heat for that. she stood by us as we made our
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case for equal rights for all californians. thank you alice huffman. and i remember her smile charming my colleagues in the judiciary committee when they challenged her why are you here representing the western conference of the naacp and she looked them straight back and said, "our mission is to fight for civil rights. equal marriage rights are civil rights." i want to extrapolate on some of the history that alice shared with us a little earlier. yes, i've seen waters working with willy brown in the state assembly at that time, led california to divest its billions of dollars of vest /-pl in south africa, but prior
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to that it was governor george on his seat at the university of california who led the university of california to first divest its funds in south africa. and whereas we see yesterday some very unfortunate partisan comments as a result of barack /o bam obama living the spirit as he shook the hands of castro on a public stage. from the university of california, to the state legislature, to the city and county of san francisco, it was our board of supervisors, the first local legislative body in
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the country, led by cecil, thank you for reminding us of harvey milk, his successor on the board of supervisors, harry brit led to divest in south africa. so state of california, city and county of san francisco, we led the way in divesting significant amounts of money, which the rest of the world followed and turned the tide in south africa, and i think we should take some pride in that. [applause] >> doctor king once said the power without love is where
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wreckless and abusive and love without power is sentimental and anemic, but power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice. that was nelson mandela and that is the memory of nelson mandela. power at its best, love implementing the demands of justice. thank you for being here this morning. [applause] >> these events do not happen just by accident. it was chief of staff, steve cava and naomi kelly that had
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matthew come together and begin the process that caused us all to be here. they made sure that members of the school board and others would also be a part of this and they made you the citizens of san francisco a part of this. and i must tell you that your staff did really well. they've produced what i think is an appropriate celebration of nelson mandela's life, a number of persons from various countries in africa who are part of our city government, nuru and others.
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we're all here celebrating. but in addition there to mayor lee, you can see from this perspective incredible diversity that is san francisco. and when you could have an event in which rose doesn't get a chance to say anything, it's a good day for the city and county of san francisco. on behalf of mayor ed lee and that hearty band of persons who put this morning service together -- some of you say why morning? well, nelson mandela operated at the earliest moment on a daily basis in the quest of ridding the world of inequality and establishing peace and mayor lee's staff thought it
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very appropriate to start this day, host celebration of south africa in san francisco in the early morning. most people would say noon, afternoon, but as is typically the case of san francisco, we do it in memory and honor in the way of which the person who's being honored would have wanted us to do it. thank all of you for coming. don't forget to affix your signature to the condolence book so that the family will know that we are in fact a part of their family. thank you for coming. [applause]
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>> we've never been in so much focus worldwide and will not be this this is a the moment in time when a story going and make a wish is a program that fulfills wishes for children we operate in every cities there are 62 chapters. our chapter was formed in 8984 we fulfilled 24 wishes. our chapter covers from movntd ray 17 communities and we expect to fully 3 hundred and 50 wishes this year. we send verizon's it out to the wish families and interviews the wish child and if you do their
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heartfelt wish then go to work to make it happen. dismissals is a 5-year-old boy who was diagnosing diagnosed with life without parole when he was 20 months old he's 5 hose now in remission he had his port removed hose monopoly on the chemotherapy. this particular wish the parents wanted to wait until he had energy. i began assigning this wish with the family in march and started to understand the two miles how are we going to achieve that i
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made a bold statement into turning this into goth am city. it codify catapulted. so, now it's a much for ininaccurate indicate from the divorce. people starting twoet and reposting and it went viral. it was incredible about make a wish he wanted to be thinking about being batman. there's been a lot of super issues that have happened cross the country but i think that can only happen in san francisco the mayors on board and the city hall it's an incredible outpouring and i love how san
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francisco is in the spotlight here and people around the world sending their love to san francisco. you kids we thank you for your encourage and we wish we can erase the pain we hope this is the day of magic and that you'll remember this forever. bat kid forever in san francisco >> san francisco is unique in this way and it's part of our compassion and we have a civic duty to be involved and people are stepping forward if in huge way. it's about san francisco and it's inspired by miles and about every child who has a severe