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tv   [untitled]    December 12, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ said the blind man to the the lamp do you see what i see? way up to the sky little lamb. do you see what i see? is a stair a stair daunz in the night with a tail as big as a kite with tail as big as a kite. said the little lamb to the shepherd boy do you hear with you hear?
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ringing through the sky shepherd boy. did he hear what i hear? a song a song how above the tree with a vais voice as big as big as the sea. said the shepherd boy to the mighty king. do you know what i know? in our palace mighty king. do you know what i know? a child a child shivers in the cold lettuce bring him and silver and gold. let us bring him silver and
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gold. said to the king to the people everywhere duo listen to what i say. pray for peace people everywhere. listen to what i say. a child a child shivers in the cold lettuce bring him silver and gold. lettuce bring him silver and gold. >> thank you (clapping.) >> thank you tracy.
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(clapping.) >> well good evening. good evening. >> good evening. happy holidays everybody i'm phil i'm the general manager of your rec and park department welcome to the rec park tree lighting ceremony at the calory lodge in san francisco. you can do better than that are we fired up or what? (clapping) >> it's cold it's winter it's the holidays it's awesome so we have a great evening we'll got snow how many kids took the tob canning. i know we're all here to see the tree get lighting lit this is
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not going to be a long ceremony. i want to start with our mayor ed lee whose he's cross the world tonight but we're here happy to have our acting mayor supervisor yee. we also have our city treasure jose is a next year's. district 4 supervisor eddy sunset pete's here. you're from the sunset you won't. we've got supervisor tang here. we also have our city administrator naomi kelly is in charge of everything. (clapping.) >> and we have the guy in charge of the water that keypads
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audio trees healthy and embrace green harvey listen kelly the executive director of the puc here. (clapping.) and we're so very lucky to have 6 individual here tonight who oversee all your 2 hundred and 20 parks and all you tell one hundred and 69 playground and swimming policy our rec and park department president marble and his vice president allen low and also commissioners. tom and commissioner megan levenson was here and
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commissioner ifshg eric new mexico dodged. we have ken weber from 20 a business and i don't know where he is but from the san francisco park alliance pat o'grady is here (clapping) so 84 years trowel one of the most special event this department has done for nearly a century and it's been a great year for replying replying our realms e recession programs are not as popular and last week, we have the president of the united states at the rec center n here.
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we call him uncle john mccleaner he was the first person to start the tradition of lighting the trees that end here in front of mcclaren lodge. this this is san francisco's of the city and county of san francisco it's a monterey cypress tonight we're going to light over 1 hundred and 50 lights so t a big shout out to your entire department who tptd uncle john's tradition and especially our superintendant bob and his manages and a special shout out to our entire recreation staff who planned this fire department
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we've got tree to thaters who hang the light and our electrician let's give a big shout out to the hardest working city employees anywhere (clapping.) so we're going thrilled most of all that you're here that our community is here we get to share that especially with our kids. cities are about special moment and i hope tonight is a night you also remember. we're thrilled to have you. we at one point ask our asking mayor norman yee to come up.
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>> thanks phil happy holidays hanukkah and merry christmas. this is a tradition that started 84 enforcing and i'm so glad to be here enjoying the festivities with you. i'm hoping for the next 84 years we'll continue this tradition. i want to keep it short i know the kids are waiting for the lights there yeah. i was going to say happy new years eve. next up to say a few quick words the lights are coming is president mark. very quick words acting mayor you won't and all honored guests
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i want to say one thing and that's our rec and park department staff worked hard to provide services to the folks in san francisco and tonight it shows it has older folks like me and kids and folks in the city they're in the san francisco park having a wonderful time and happy holiday to you i hope you have a great time you all right so we had tracy before she won the citywide contest. we have a lot of other fun i want to give a shout out to the theatre company and the high school drum core and to the school of the arts choir, to the cleft driveways who are here and
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our golden gate park band. all right. so we like to say if it takes a family we cannot all do it just because of the rec and park department s it's a team. i want to bring up two members of our team that help with all the programs returning first up randy from kaiser and randy you and i have joked we share a mother to & to help folks thrive in san francisco roond come on up >> the right thank you very much. i i know we're all waiting for the lltdz to coltolo.
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we have 2 hundred and some neighborhood parks. it's not be president about just eating food it's about family and friends so thank you to the rec and park department and thank you for your 0 pardoning and happy and heath holiday season to everyone thank you >> thank you r5r7d we have another mother to we like to get out and play. there maybe no san francisco organization that shows the joy of play better than zinka. i want to bring up ken weber from zane can. i have a fun job i get to work
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in a company that makes games like farmville. we're proponent of play on our computer and on our smart phone by the we like to engage in real play. we're proud partners of rec and park we've built mraurgd and we're a young company and we feel we're just getting started. we are thrilled to are a be a part of this and on behalf of our employees happy holidays to everyone. thank you. (clapping.) >> thank you keb all right. are you rode to light a tree. the tree only goes on if you're really, really loud. are you ready to light the tree.
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already i'm going to ask the people behind me to stand up but welcome two special guests i'm going to ask those special folks to come up. joe pa did he is a painters that's worked in the department for the last 17 years and see that train out there you you know that that tarantula changes every year it's a different at home and today, we're honoring batkid and last year we honor the warriors and the giant and every year for the last 15 years joe paints that train for us. he spends the entire holiday seaming seagull so on the 15th
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anniversary of our train we wanted to notify up joe and it's granddaughter lillian is going to lead us in the count down. come own over here. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> yeah. >> happy holidays everybody. enjoy our time and love your park. >> have is a
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>> the city of san francisco sfgtv meeting of the san francisco transportation authority occurring december 10, 2013, will begin shortly. >> good morning and welcome to the san francisco county transportation authority, finance committee, i'm scott weiner the vice chair of the committee and i will be chairing today's meeting to my left is commissioner david chiu and to my right is commissioner mark farrell. our clerk today is erika cheng and i want to thank sfgtv for
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broadcasting today's hearing. >> are there any announcements? >> no announcements would you read, or call item two. >> item two, approve the minutes of the november 19, 2013 meeting, this is an action item. >> any changes or comments regarding the minutes? >> okay, is there any public comment on item two? seeing none, public comment is closed. could we have a motion to approve the minutes? >> motion. >> okay could we take that without objection? >> that will be the order. >> please call item three. >>recommend award of construction contract no. 04-3a6404 to the lowest responsible and responsive bidder, golden state bridge, inc., in an amount not to exceed $49,305,345.50, authorize the executive director to negotiate contract payment terms and non-material contract terms and conditions for the construction contract, authorize the executive director to execute all other supporting agreements, and authorize an additional construction allotment of $14,569,340.50 for the i-80/yerba buena island ramps improvement project.
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>> this is an action item. >> good morning, commissioners my name is eric and i am with cordoba and i am the ranch project manager and i am happy to present item three starting on page nine, i do have a short powerpoint presentation that i wanted to go through. just to give you a brief overview of the project, this project will reconstruct the westbound on and off-ramps pictures in the diagram there, the off-ramp in blue and the on-ramp in orange and as well as other improvements on the road associated with the tie-in to the new san francisco oakland bay bridge, separate and apart but independent with separate funding construction phase is funded with federal highway bridge program and proposition state one the
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seismic retrofit program to the tune of 77.5 million dollars. we have completed the plan specifications and estimates and certified the right-of-way for construction. we also received approval to construction funds in july of 2013, for 77.5 million. we have been working in partnership with tata for six years in developing this project and have executed all of the agreements that we need, and we have hired and retained a construction management firm back in july of 2013 to go ahead and be a representative in the field. and the to over see the activity and we are ready to administer the contract with the oversight with cal transand let's talk about the advertisement process. this is our item here today. you know, we issued an invitation for bids in september third of 2013, we blanketed and we felt the
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construction community as much as we could, 14 builder exchanges and legal ads in the chronicle for eight days consecutively and ads in multiple minority and industry publications. and held our mandatory prebid meeting on december 17, 2013, and had almost 100 people there in attendance and so we got the good coverage in terms of out reach to the construction community. it is important to know that since this is a federly funded project, we established that goal at 12.5 percent. we had a bid opening on november 2013, at the transportation offices and we received one from welsh construction company and another from golden state bridge and a third from mcm construction, as you can see on the screen, all three of the bids came in under the engineer's estimate and that is
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good news. the first walls construction came in at $46 million, 183,331 dollars but they did not meet the dbe commitment they only came in at 4.5 percent. golden state bridge, bid was $49 million,305,345. and they exceeded the goal and committed to 13.83 percent commitment and dg the bid was 53 mill object and their db commitment was 3.93 percent. federal regulations require that either the dbe goal be met, or good faith effort documentation be provided that indicates that they in essence tried but could not make it for the specific reasons. w