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tv   [untitled]    December 18, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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>> so good afternoon everybody. >> hi. >> no, no, no we're going to blow the roof. >> good morning, good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> before i say anything i want to say thank you to our wonderful students how about a round of applause. i can't tell you how excited we are for the young men and women who are here. we all know schools is a place when you come to school our
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absolutely engaged in learning and being able to be who you are without worrying about who's not going to talk you, you. so what i love about this organization and our students as they share stories about when we have the opportunity to make that choice do we invite somebody to sit next to others we made the choice to exclude people and exclude people so this organization is going to help us all development our skill sets to create a environment in school where everybody is included. whose against committing a rammed act of kindness. who doesn't want to make it cool to include people?
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who doesn't want to sit with those who are alone at lunch. who does want to make it not okay to talk against somebody's back? those are things we know we should and shouldn't do but it's hard sometimes because the school cultural or the friend cultural says it's not cool to do certain things. i want you to create a system or environment it's cool to be included and cool to do the right thing. i want to thank my colleague who's the superintendent and she was helping to promote this organization and to have the conversation to have them come to san francisco. she's really cool too. with that i want to say how
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excited we are to have you in do and want you to be part of this group. and with that i have the honor to introduce the leader of our city. this gentleman is our elected mayor by beyond this he's made a commitment to the schools in san francisco and part of his first step of that commitment he's going to the comment to making a difference and he's actually brought people to the table that are helping us to change the lives and education in middle scalds. he walks the talks and he talks what he says and he's a true believer. he buildings we have to change and support a cultural in mid-school to be included were with that, please welcome our
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mayor, mayor ed lee (clapping) >> thank you for that introduction. and how are the middle school kids doing. do you know why i adopted you last summer. the middle schools are my focus of what i want to do as mayor. people ask me are you the technical or the business mayor what's the most important thing i say it's gol got to be education and people take my place. and some of you may want to be the next mayor of san francisco. that's why i want to thank you for being part of this. i'm proud of all our middle schools because the kids in san francisco are our future.
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i raised two children microwave. they're in new york. their busy with their lives but they always tell me and to me tell mom and dad they love us. this is why i want to come here to unrapport the first school. i want to personally thank laura for your wonderful creation of this program. it's needed it's absolutely going to make a difference and team backyard thank you very much. it's exciting because you're going to be able to talk about the lessons your learning and transfer those lessons to other kids and give them back hope and experience we all need because
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guess what in order to be successful in society and if you want to be a mayor or a supervisor or the head of a company you've got to be able to enact with a lot of people. you've got to be able to recognize what people are doing or saying and if they need some help this is what beyond differences is all about it's taking down isolation. this is why i wanted to come here today and thank laura and aching daughters who experiences the worst effects that isolation can have. i want to say it the kids here you're also creating this program in lilly's honor so
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other children wouldn't suffer the effects of isolation. because isolation of being not talked to or talking down on someone eventually, it will lead to violence. and this is not acceptable not only in our schools but sits not acceptable in city hall or in the neighborhoods. the things that you will recognize today, i on this program right now are going to carry forgot for the rest of your lives. sometimes you hear an adult say you learn this now, it's going to be with you. i represent everybody and i have to go through a lot of people's lives inform help them but what you learn in this program how you get along and reach out to
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create less isolation for someone else that will weeping keep with you the rest of your life and become part of your are personality. this is what i like about our city it's diverse. all different backgrounds and it's the most important thing we understand where people come from or make the extra effort to reach out to them. this is the beginning of success >> you see a lot of people walking around in san francisco and you get on your bus you see people there's a lot of innovation going on a lot of things people are creating with technology and social services and part of that success is what
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do you think about this program. police officers will talk to doctors will talk to people and we'll all try to come up with better electrocutions u solutions. that's how you make a school even more viably vibrant. people talking to another person in other cultures and suddenly everybody is excited and this school is safer and it's inviting to you but to your friends and when you graduate were going to continue on and reach out to people who are looking at themselves not feeling loved, if you will, not
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feeling appreciated you'll be able to reach out and say hey, i want to include you. that's what i'm trying to do as mayor. this year outside of san francisco perhaps there's going to be millions of kids that are going to be booze and talked negatively about. we talk about schools all over this country this will change that and teach others what the impact is for bullying and i want to thank especially our san francisco skruth lead by the superintendent pr he's leading the effort with all the principles and teachers to instill a new attitude about each other. it begins here. we can stop the bullying here. we can create conditions of less
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isolation and that's important. i begin by saying i have adopted you as kids well, i really adopted the school but you're a part of it. we're bringing in with a lot of friends more science and math and ipads around the classrooms we've never had that before and we're going to connect this school with all the technology that we have as a city can over. i can see in your lifetime your generation some great ways to learn faster and better. because your your future. i'm going to a invest in all of you. you're going to be the great investment for the future.
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thank you very much. thank you the team board for all your leadership and thank you for being who you are by being more than who you are in the coming months >> i appreciate it very much (clapping) he's the leader of this group of technology companies. some 6 hundred of them. here we have over 1 thousand 8 hundred technology companies some you might know twitter 1 thousand 8 hundred. will mr. conway is a friend of mine and he's a leader so he helped support a lot of those companies get started. as a leader of those companies he's helped me with programs that i think are important
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whether it's funding for schools or ending violence. you've heard about all the gun violence he's a part of that leadership to i understand the gun violence. so we work close together and it's my privilege to introduce to you the head of the initiative that is mr. ron collins (clapping) >> we have the best mayor in the country here (laughter) (clapping). >> san francisco is very lucky to have ed lee. he could have adopted loves causes but has adopt the middle school in san francisco. i'm sure you don't know where i was 52 years ago i was eating
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lunch right outside here (clapping) i grew up an angelaer drive near sunset and came back as a junior high before my family move forward to the peninsula but i'm a graduate and when i find out there was an event here i thought i have not been here since 11 years old. i want to share you with you how i got involved in beyond differences. it's kind of interesting. ed lee mentioned that i got very involved in the gun safety issue after the san francisco massacre on december 14th last year.
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lots of people in the tech community thought i should get involved to stop gun violence and on mayor fourteen the anniversary we invited several of the parents of the san i didn't hook kids that were killed and one of those personalities what we mark barden and his son 7 years old was killed on december 14th. and mark barring done like my parents is devastated but mark barring done told us and standing with me in this conversation was the fourtd of twitter who ed lee referred to but guess you can't what the founder of with twooerlt is
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standing right here jack >> so jack dorsey is the person who intended twitter and he wanted to come and meet the san i didn't hook parents. jack and i had this fascinating discussion i wish my kid wasn't killed bus he wouldn't let anyone on the playground be alone interest so here's a child who instinctively understood his role and at 7-year-old multiple instances where he would go up to one of his school mates who was good evening go forward or isolated and bring them into the
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group. so mark was broken hearted because he lost someone who was stopping isolation. everyone in this room and the one campaign can help stop isolation. and if you talk about karma a week after jack doris i didn't and i had this discussion aid and abet smith and laura told me about one beyond differences. let's harness all the social meow media and when school starts let's go rally all of america and have launch b-1. it's launching today, it's launching with a massive amount
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of social media and snoop lion has tweeted about this. snoop dog changed his name to snoop lion because he changed his image around the gun issue. mc hammer as tweeted and governor brown and, of course, jack dorsey will tweet and what's important in the conversation that we had we said one of the bad things about social media it does allow you to communicate to people without talking to them. so finally today, we're going to use social media to increase conversations between grade
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school and high school kids and use this to stop isolation. i think today is a very, very important day and congratulations to you the ask the >> yeah. and, welcome
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for the historic meeting between the small business commission and the transportation agency. >> these are two meetings. >> director brink man? >> present >> lee. >> present. >> nolan, >> present. >> rubke? >> present. >> direct heinieke will not be able to be here. you do