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tv   [untitled]    December 30, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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to get milk and cereal for their children. >> it's for the city, not only our clinic, but the city. we have all our children in san francisco should have insurance now because if they are low income enough, they get medical. if they actually have a little more assets, a little more income, they can get happy family. we do have family who come outside of our neighborhood to come on our clinic. one thing i learn from our clients, no matter how old they are, no matter how little english they know, they know how to get to chinatown, meaning they know how to get to our clinic. 85 percent of our staff is bilingual because we are
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serving many monolingual chinese patients. they can be child care providers so our clients can go out and work. >> we found more and more women of child bearing age come down with cancer and they have kids and the kids were having a horrible time and parents were having a horrible time. how do parents tell their kids they may not be here? what we do is provide a place and the material and support and then they figure out their own truth, what it means to them. i see the behavior change in front of my eyes. maybe they have never been able to go out of boundaries, their lives have been so rigid to sort of expressing that makes tremendous changes. because we did what we did, it is now sort of a nationwide model. >> i think you would be surprised if you come to these clinics. many of them i think would be your neighbors if you knew that. often times we just don't discuss that. we treat husband and wife and they bring in their kids or we
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treat the grandparents and then the next generation. there are people who come in who need treatment for their heart disease or for their diabetes or their high blood pressure or their cholesterol or their hepatitis b. we actually provide group medical visits and group education classes and meeting people who have similar chronic illnesses as you do really helps you understand that you are not alone in dealing with this. and it validates the experiences that you have and so you learn from each other. >> i think it's very important to try to be in tune with the needs of the community and a lot of our patients have -- a lot of our patients are actually immigrants who have a lot of competing priorities, family issues, child care issues, maybe not being able to find work or finding work and
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not being insured and health care sometimes isn't the top priority for them. we need to understand that so that we can help them take care of themselves physically and emotionally to deal with all these other things. they also have to be working through with people living longer and living with more chronic conditions i think we're going to see more patients coming through. >> starting next year, every day 10,000 people will hit the age of 60 until 2020. . >> the needs of the patients that we see at kerr senior center often have to do with the consequences of long standing substance abuse and mental illness, linked to their chronic diseases. heart failure, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, stroke, those kinds of chronic illnesses. when you get them in your 30's
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and 40's and you have them into your aging process, you are not going to have a comfortable old age. you are also seeing in terms of epidemics, an increase in alzheimer's and it is going to increase as the population increases. there are quite a few seniors who have mental health problems but they are also, the majority of seniors, who are hard-working, who had minimum wage jobs their whole lives, who paid social security. think about living on $889 a month in the city of san francisco needing to buy medication, one meal a day, hopefully, and health care. if we could provide health care early on we might prevent (inaudible) and people would be less likely to end up in the emergency room with a drastic
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outcome. we could actually provide prevention and health care to people who had no other way of getting health care, those without insurance, it might be more cost effectivehub.
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>> hi, i'm jean yes my name is jean and sometimes, people call me sir, girl. san francisco has served our sewer system and it's no square feet it's a matter of time. that's why we're planning major upgrades public health depends on it that. see how this important work is done.
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i was fascinated by it. we're going to creek. i would recycle you to come up and see the sewer system in minnesota that's why we see this through the plant. a lot of people don't realize how much work sgo goes into cleaning the water were. we offer free service to san >> first of all, i'd like to start out before we get started
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with our ribbon kci terminal cemetery actually, we have a congratulate message it's what they say in japan it's a congratulatey message we've received from the deputy administrator from japan who i think you can see on the screen. i'm going to read it in japanese and then in earning
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> so i'll read that briefly necessary english. it says i'd like to congratulate you on the opening of our new facilities in san san francisco. i look forward to the center becoming a focal point for united states and china. to further their research to open up a new era in business 13 from the japanese folks. thank you very much >> (clapping) >> okay. so now i'd like to
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ask an important dpoifts to please come to the stage for a brief speech. i'd like to ask mr. mayor ed lee give him a round of applause >> thank you, my japanese is not as good as yourself. i'm glad to be here as the mayor of san francisco and joining jane kim in welcoming the first international incubator right here on market street the innovation capital of the year. i want to thank the general for being here per he's here because he knews we're an international city. we host some 72 foreign consulate offices here.
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we're host to 18 sister centralize and one is in japan. i'm delighted that today on this wonderful announcement of digital garage 707 is in the heart that combination of the digital garage incubator headquarters in the innovation corridor. i was talking to some of the media they know this is part of our commitment to market street. that we want this to be the incubator innovation for the whole year. i have sincerely announcements one is the recognition that innovation isn't done locally we're part of on integral market the talent is here and technology interest is here and
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we make a long-term commitment to discover better ideas in business or comfortably the quality of life better. the acknowledging other announcements is to thank the digital garage because they've begun in the very kind of value oriented way we also wanted to see good businesses start and they follow in the tradition of many tlaevented japanese companies that have come here per not only do we want them to be successful we want to share. this is the story of san francisco. supervisor kim and i are not about business success but success for everybody to share in that success and that's why i'm so moved that when the d g
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717 starts here thief chosen 3 entities to receive the sporp, the grants that they have to start here. this is so asian in my opinion because i've wanted to do that with every successful effort with our success we bring others aboard hospitality house is a well-known community based artists project that helps the homeless are getting a grant from digital garage. also the asian law caucus they're getting a grant. someplace pits close to my hearty used to work that and jane as well. and then something dear to my heart which is the mayors cup
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and the commitment to the first key program is also getting a grant as a result of this opening. so those 3 entities are being supported by digital garage. so on behalf of the city and county of san francisco, in fact, on behalf of all of technology companies d g 717 now becomes the 1 thousand 8 hundred and 23rd technology company in san francisco. i want to congratulate them and thank you. on behalf of the city i want to present this to this gentleman. if you come forward to present this the proclamation from the city declaring today to be digital garage day in san francisco. thank you
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(clapping.) thank you very much. mr. mayor ed lee mayor of san francisco. now i'd like to ask the district 6 san francisco supervisor ms. jane kim to please come to the stage for a response >> thank you justin. it's actually a good reminder it's important to support our language schools in san francisco being bilingual and transitional is an important part of our city to be able to compete in an economy. so the mayor and i have the honor of going to all the ribbon
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cuttings participate in the south of middle market. this is the first incubator space we're coming to which is an international collaborative workspace. i was speaking with some of the employees how many of us came to san francisco 13 years for the first dot come boom. many folks went from the colleges to the hot economy at that time. of course, we had the bust will cycle that followed and we're seeing something that's exiting the diversity of the economies and the businesses are incredible. this is excited about this step we're seeing on international collaboration this notice not just in san francisco but in
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asia. i'm sure you're aware it's been the mayors responsibility to collaborate to share ideas together. that's how innovative business and products are going to be created and brought together for our people. so i'm also here on behalf of the 11 members of the board of supervisors to welcome digital garage d g 717 to the south of market. i have an accomodation. i want to say one last thing. both the mayor and i came from a background of advocacies so we know how important it is to have relationships we're not a dividend city. we often have to kind of
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negotiate and really push companies to consider investing and giving back from the git-go but there's none of that digital garage came and immediately said how do we invest back into the city. you don't have to convinces this city. asian law caucus and it was a wonderful organization. we have some members from the asian caucus here. where are you? we have some of our youth leaders from asian caucus that have done work to support immigration reform. we have so many young people that came to the i see at a young age from a convolute process don't have the same
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access because of their jobs in the country. they've been courageus about how they can access higher education. and i want to recognize hospitality house jamming i didn't changing is our executive director. when people ask me how we're addressing homelessness in the center it's by hospitality house. one that people go to and they have an arts center. by supporting those organizations it's going to be a wonderful partnership. and seeing people how to golf is a wonderful wonderful thing thank you. again and i want to present this accomodation on the
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part of the board of supervisors to the d g in our start up incubator where you're beginning our start up we what to thank you for this opportunity for the ribbon cutting (clapping.) thank you very much >> thank you and welcome again. >> thank you (clapping.) thank you very much. okay. now moving on i'd like to ask an important guest to come to the stage he's the acon suicidal of japan welcome him to
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the stage >> (clapping) >> good morning, everyone. it is a great privilege to be here to celebrate the opening of the incubator system in san francisco. i want to say thank you very much to mayor ed lee for making his time available this morning to celebrate this special fended. i know that mayor ed lee has been a big supporter for the past years. having visited the site of the company we're grateful to the successful opening of the incubator company in the san
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francisco at that vanish point of the city. i want to recognize and thank other leaders from many areas including the ms. jane kim in attendance for celebrating this momentous occasion today. from japanese prospective opening this incubation system is a very opportune time the gross strategy of japan by our prime minister and opening up new market both inside and outside country on the promoting new ventures in the business. one he thought leading company who's name is widely known not
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only 90 in japan but around the globe including the u.s. it has so far many japanese start up companies and digital garage has now eyed san francisco for expanding their area of vision and the take into consideration to the general office is very much coming to san francisco. i'm sure this incubation center south of the bridge between japan and the united states, of course, it's atkins the center for the incubation and san francisco has the ability many in aspects to attract young vibrant and innovative minded like digital garage i see inc.
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we're very much looking forward to seeing more and more japan companies entering into market and u.s. company coming to japan country. innovation takes place where people make face to face interaction and expand their network. it's my sincere hope this incubation center south of catalyst is forcing more and more subcontractor and this center about facility more gross for the bay area and japanese company in the future. congratulations for this grand opening of this incubation
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center in san francisco. thank you very much (clapping.) okay. we will be moving on to a special ceremony in which digital garage will be presenting 3 donation checks to 3 companies that were mentioned. first of all, i want to get the participants up on stage. mr. mayor ed lee as well as supervisor kim and the japanese gentleman as well as of the representatives of the m pos come to the stage as well. the 3 donation checks are for the hospitality house the asian cup and another one. first of all, the hospital that
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pistol house through a unique combination of adequacy efforts many homeless people benefit. the cup is for the asian law caucus and the leadership foundation. and lastly, the asian caucus founded in 1972 it's the christopher organization serving the japan and america neighborhood. the first check is for the hospitality house. would you bring that out now (clapping.) thank you very much. the next one about go to the
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mayors cup (clapping) and next to the asian law caucus (clapping) thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, and one more round of applause for the people on stage mayor ed lee and supervisor kim and all the ceo's. okay. so now in just a momentum e moment we'll be movie to the
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ribbon cutting ceremony. so, now for the next part i'd like to ask mayor ed lee once again supervisor kim and the council general and the japanese gentleman ed mcfar listen to make their way to the stage. it's getting started in just a minute. sorry a little bit which a miscommunication dan will be on the stage sorry about that. okay. so we're going to ask them to do
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the ribbon kci terminal ceremony. i'd like to ask everyone in the audience to participate. we're going to do this simple we're going to count down 3, 2, 1 and go and on go cut it. so i hope everyone about help out. all the scriptwriters are ride. everyone here we go 3, 2, 1, go (clapping) thank you very much. everyone one more round of applause.
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>> good afternoon. welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors san francisco land use committee i'm scott wiener to my right is supervisor kim the committee vice chair and supervisor chiu will be joining us shortly and our clerk a andrea and i want to thank sfgovtv