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tv   [untitled]    January 1, 2014 9:30pm-10:01pm PST

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to be addressed in the new budget. first, to reiterate, there will be a decrease in revenue. so, the general fund will be requested to offset that decrease. second, the department has selected harvey and rose associates through a competitive process and we are nearing finalizing the contract negotiations. mr. rose's group has proposed a contract hourly rate increase as the contract rates did not increase from 2010 to 2013. at the committee's direction in january, i will make a recommendation for a cola increase in the draft budget and will work with chair farrell on that proposal. third, i propose increase funding for bilingual premium pay and legislative assistant premium pay as required through ifpte local 21's m-o-u. some of the legislative aide's
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regularly provide stern says of english use [speaker not understood]. they are entitled to bilingual premium pay in addition. the department expects that more legislative aides will become eligible for the legislative assistant premium in fiscal year 14-15 and 15-16. this will add approximately 25,000 to the department's budget. the job class changes in the clerk's office. as the committee may recall, i have made several changes throughout the years. some positions we've downgraded as we've seen high profile retirements and as we've hired new staff, we've hired them at a lower classification and now that they've had that experience we are moving them through the process. and to create a ladder in the department, we are now moving those positions up to their original classes. i will be requesting upward changes in two positions in my office, our accountant position from a 16 52 to a 15 64, and
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our 81 16 legislative calendar clerk to an 81 18. this request is based on a review of job duties and selection of the appropriate class with dhr. these changes will increase the department's budget by approximately 44,000 in salaries and benefits. and fifth, the board of supervisors's budget includes membership in the following three associations. the national association of counties, the national league of cities, and the california state association of counties. currently we are sharing those expenditures with the enterprise departments. we understand that the california state association of counties has raised their fee by an additional $40,000. i will work with the committee in january to discern whether or not the committee is interested in funding that increase in the department's budget.
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second to last, information technology. the department needs a new file server at a cost of 14,000 and maintenance for our aab, online system, which phase 1 is completed and we are now moving into phase 2 and we're on target for that project. we will need an additional 24,000 for that project. and finally, other recommendations by the committee, i'm happy to work with the committee as well as members of the board over the next several weeks to ensure that further guidelines that the department is interested in seeing be placed in the budget is, in fact, prepared so that when they bring it back to you in january, it will be close to being complete. that concludes my presentation. i'm available for questions. >> thank you, ms. covy. supervisors, any questions? >> yes, please. thank you for the presentation and your work on the guidelines for the clerk's budget.
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a question about premium pay. could you go into a little deeper describing what that is? what are the changes that you're proposing, what is currently the status of premium pay for -- >> yes, specifically, if we're talking about the legislative premium pay for longevity, the legislative aide is working for the same supervisor for a period of four years and the fifth year they are working at the top step and they are entitled to an additional percentage based upon the m-o-u for retention and any special skill the supervisor may feel that they have. the bilingual premium pay, i understand that it is the supervisor who is working with the legislative staff. if the supervisor feels that the number of hours per day the legislative aide is utilizing of the extra language or languages, in some cases, then the supervisor will let me know that the aide is in fact
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utilizing premium pay and meets the standard of the premium pay requirements. >> so, we currently have the ability to do that, but just haven't enacted premium pay? >> supervisor avalos, we don't have the funding in our budget, but this is the first year since i've been the clerk of the board that it has been requested of the department's budget. so, we'd like to provide that service if supervisors would like us to. >> and i think it's worthy of supporting. >> chair farrell, if i could just thank joe [speaker not understood] for all of her work on the department's budget. i wouldn't be able to stand before you without her good work and that of deborah landis. >> thank you very much. if with there are no other questions, we'll open this item up to public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. before we adjourn, i was just
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informed this is mr. victor young's last meeting as our clerk of our committee after now i believe a number of years of service. so, certainly we did the budget season together last year. thank you for all of your hard work, victor. you're going to be hard to replace, but thank you for all of your time here and look forward to working together, you'll still come bay and help us out once in a while. >> have we taken action on 13 yet? >> we will do that. first of all, can i continue item number 13 to the call of the chair? we can take that without opposition. [gavel] >> victor actually was budget chair when i was first -- he was clerk when i was budget chair in 2009 and the year before that. i think it's been at least six years that you were on the roll, but you served as the clerk for this committee. i know it's a lot of work and you've done a fantastic job and thank you for your service. >> thanks, victor. >> thank you very much. >> mr. clerk, do we have anything else before you? uous? >> that completes the agenda for today. >> okay, we are adjourned. [gavel]
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