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tv   [untitled]    February 25, 2014 3:00am-3:31am PST

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distributive for everyone to follow and this addresses the drought. first a couple of puc slides are interesting. as you know everyone knows hetch hetchy is the proirm water resource in san francisco. a couple different lines the black line, of course, is what hetch hetchy looked in our reservoirs and the green line is the waterline last year. hetch hetchy in the reservoir and the blue line goes back to 2007 and the orange line for you who are of my vintage remember
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the drought of 2007, you know, bricks in the toilet tanks that's the orange lion. the red line right there it's kind of overlays the erroneously line shows you how bad and the red line is the current year up to february. we're trending towards 1997 of the levels. we also know that the snow pack is a big portion of the hetch hetchy. emigrate black line is what they view from the average show pack into the watershed and the green line is again, the - is last year 2013 and the imply line shows you 23407 our last low
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water year and the red line is current. so let me give you one good slide here. with citywide the municipal water use has decreased so all the city departments are nearly on here. the water use has declined fwi percent since fiscal year 07 and 08 we're part of that but given the current drought there is more that needs to be done what are redoing that takes us into the current data. a couple of things irrigation was our main water use we're the largest city water user that's
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normal. we're looking to reduce our irrigation operation by 10 periods of time we'll ideal back our timer control setting as he the gardenerers will be mindful of pulling back their application of water by 10 percent this is one see exception no name reflecter motor it means sexy electronic probes into the ground will measure the root zone moisture content. those probes allow you to control the irrigation exactly to what the roots needs it's probably the best tdr industry.
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golf course is already at the maximum use of their uses so we want to get the probes out to the other implying places to use the technology. we're going to turn off our recreational water features religious are the ones that fund sadly we just have one were kids can jump around in the water the water doesn't recirculate we have one at the minnesota park and julius con race a feature where water coyotes and that's going off and the children's corridor in the said.
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>>and sadly at lafayette we've got a flowing river we're going to have to turn that off. we are going to establish that once a month so the embarrass can dry out and we check for leakages. >> denny are you doing any posting of signs to let people know this the temporary. >> yes. we are there will be a variety of signage why this is turned off and i'll be addressing more of these every time they'll see this they'll have signage. we are going to reduce the run time on our decorative fountains
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and dell sole those water usage recirculate symbolly we are going to put there a sign so people can see when they're back on. there's two big exceptions huntington at stole lake and a john f. kennedy drive we are going to leave those on the water falls recharger huntington rechargers one of those and they're the water feature that helps with allergy build up and
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prevents stagnation of the water so the water is circulating. now we are going to have water conversation repair work this is an insider baseball measure butts but it's important to the staff. you've heard previously about our work order system t m a we've created a project code so if a gardener or supervisor submits a work order they tag water conservation on the first line those work orders get batched together and they're for a timely fix. something beale be doing and in
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that operation staff memo we're going to do a list if a system has been vandalized it will shut the system down and submit the work order and get it repaired because we don't want to be operating faulty water systems. moving from the outside to the inside our rec centers and the swimming policies we'll be reducing water used by 10 percent. we have staff reviewing the program use of water whether it's an arts and crafts or
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whatever in the rec centers especially in the i think demeanor rooms people who leave showers on you'll be surprised how many people do that. we are going to have dirty vehicles >> i'm sorry about this but we're not going to be doing any vehicle washing until we're through the major part of this the one expectation we have a wash rack at the golden gate park we spray the under sighed of the mowers so especially for our golf course it's cross contaminating some of the grass
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species we have so we can maintain them. the mowers will continue to be on the wash racks. we are going to continue our existing portfolios because we've reduced our water uncle maim by followingors two portfolios we maximum our water at night as long as the climate is a handle it and not have mold and closely monitor our irrigation and how the application is being put out there so woesh not waiting the gutters and concrete that sort of thing. so we'll be continuing that and
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that takes us down into mayor ed lee executive derivative to work toward a goal of a 10 percent reduction in our water consumption. you see the top two apply to us the water conservation plan in place that i august and we talked about the signage and explore use for water supply on streets. and that being a puc measure. so the water conservation plan has 4 plans we're to inventory all our mrimg fixtures their spell ought to be urban always
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and showerheads. our infrastructure is irrigation not part of this we'll be going through all our building and preliminaryly we know we have one thousand 6 hundred plus plumbing fixtures we've been loktd and calculating flow rates so identify high efficient to low low efficient fixtures by august 1st and the second part is to have a timeline for our inefficient for example, turns to replace them. this is american people open-ended timeline we'll know where they are but have to have the fund source to go through and 0 replace those.
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we'll look at how long it will take to replace those by the fund will be needed. also the future capital projects where we have capital going on. the last part of the water conversation platoon is a list of best management plaza practices for water efficiency of parts. we're the subject matter experts we could compile that list today with no problem. that's pretty much what we're doing our staff we've had the same presentation to our staff they're aware of the various measures to be undertaking and
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to remind them that basically, all san franciscans are looking to recreation and parks department for the water. >> do we have any public comment on this item please come forward. did you want to comment on this item >> hi, i'm denise i wanted to know if we're going to do that i rain harvesting. >> is there any other comment thank you want to comment come up here please. can i comment on the rose. >> no. >> thank you. is there anyone else who wanted to make public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner bonilla. >> no, i just wanted to commend
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staff for being pro-active on addressing the drought situation. and that the rest of the city a following our lead here in terms of having some water conservation measures in place. thank you very much for doing that and a commissioner harrison. on. >> i think you've coincide a new phrase drought dirty. >> mr. ginsburg probably worthy noting our efforts of promoting bio diversity and that's all part of the natural areas program.
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>> seeing no other comments thank you very much. >> okay. this is item 14 which the general public comment continued item 4 continued please come forward and that this will be items on no items on the agenda today. okay >> is there anyone else this is next is closed session convention is legal council. seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners you need to vote on who to hold closed session to confer with legal council with anticipated litigation >> moved and seconded all in
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favor, say i. >> we're now in closed session i need to ask all staff members of the public to leave so we can go into closed session. >> okay. we are now back in open session so commissioners you do need to vote whether to disclose any or all topics. >> like to make a motion not to disclose and all all in favor, say i. so move forward. >> are there any commissioners matters any any public comment?
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seeing none, public comment is closed 17 new business agenda setting any any public comment? 18 communications seeing none, of the that concludes my presentation next item is adjournment >> jrntd . >>
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