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tv   [untitled]    February 25, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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like to thank [inaudible] with only 6 months of adult teaching and living in san francisco i feel i have a lot oto do and am up to thatd challenge. i believe i'm only here because of the hard work of my students. i draw from thir energy. serving in the military has a level of distinction, but not until i walked into the classroom could i say i love what i do. every morning i get up and love what i do and have new ideas for my student and they lusk it back. it doesn't get better than this. thank you. >> okay, supervisor ye, you
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rup. supervisor wiener wanted to go last. >> [inaudible] [inaudible] bridget is a former board member of the ocean avenue association and the small business owner in district 7. she was borned and raised in san francisco and attended sacred heart but graduated from
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abraham lincoln high school which is where my older daughter graduated. there seem to be a theme as abraham lincoln high school [inaudible] she had the opportunity to work with a master stylist. she pursued a license in cause motology and continued her training at the pris teejs paul mitchell academy for styling. in 1992, she went into partnership andopebed her first salon in san francisco. can you believe when i heard she opened up [inaudible] what was she, 5 years old. not only is she living her dream of running
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her own business [inaudible] about a year and a half agoy a 4 alarm fire shut down many of the businesses on ocean avenue including bridge lts. it was a difficult decision for any of the business owners to continue operation, but bridget was determined. she managed to continue serving while the [inaudible] were being rebuilt. bridgets resilience and positive attitude [inaudible] she found to keep [inaudible] and have a grand reopening late last year. bridget, your energy and spirit up lifts those around you. in fact, when i feel down, i drive by the shop and see her smile and feel a lot better. bridget, i
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want to say that you are just such a great example of the community, as a strong role model special for asparing woman of color that also hope some day they will start their own business. thank you for being here and sharing your energy, bridget. >> first of all i would like to say it is privilege to be here and honors for all the people that were up here before me. they have done so much for their communities. this is such a honor because usually when i dm to city hall i'm stressed out and dealing with taxes and stuff like that so this is the first time i have been here without being stressed out. i'm so thankful i grateful and want to give nob nab i would like to say that it
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wasn't spoken about my mom that she originally started a business and she is right there, i would like her to stand. the whole crew-i would like all them to stand, that is my sporelt team and friend and family and sthai are they are the only ones here. i thank them for supporting me all this time and my fellow-i wanted to say grewing up in the fill more, it wasn't easy at all, but-and i was also a teen age parent. that is my daughter and i would like her to stand because she is a wonderful
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inspuration. i beat the odds and she beat the odds. not only do we style [inaudible] we have to listen and give good advice. i want to thank you for recognizing it is a privilege and you recognized me before that and you have such a good person and you brighten me up to. it helps me when i see you. you are very humble and i precthat. thank you guys for having me here and thanks. >> congratulations bridget
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and thauj for your patient here today. we are at our final person. mrs. supervisor wiener. come on down. you the last person for the black
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history month celebration at the board of supervisors chamber. >> thank you madam chair and certaintyly last but not least today i have the honor of recognizing a new [inaudible] who i inherited from supervisor kim. [inaudible] many know. you may know about her work on planning commission, but there is a lot more to this amazing woman. she just recently became the [inaudible] of the golden gate [inaudible] before this new role she spent 10 years at ibm of corporate
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citizenship and corporate affairs. she managed corporate [inaudible] focus on education u sustainability, work force and economic development. she is involved in quite a few [inaudible] and received numerous awards for her leadership. she was named a industry leader by personal business wom ochb california last year. she made the san francisco business times for influence woman in bay area business. while on the board of [inaudible] think tank, she was a non profit beard leader of the year for the non profit professional network in the san francisco bay yeaia. she is recognized by the ymca of san francisco and it is great [inaudible] volunteer of the year for service in the bay view hunters point y. she serves on the board of american
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red cross bay area chapter [inaudible] she served on advisry board including [inaudible] and urban solution. she played a key role in prop k and making sure we have good transit funding in san francisco and is [inaudible] god bless you for that. i know-putting a side to see what i would say is i always lovered work wg commissioner nob nab i appreciate people that are plain spoken. she will tell you what she thinks
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and intends to do [inaudible] i recept anyone who can make it through the hearing week after week. it is a lot on the agenda and you are very straight forward with people coming to the xhishz and able to articulate city [inaudible] i'm honored to recognize you today and tell us what you think >> before we move on, i just a few words i wanted to add. just to put this in perspective, i met gwenth as a
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legislative aid and now she is the first african american to run the golden gate restaurant in the county and satey of san francisco. it is amages, but also she spent her entire career giving back. always engaged in making a difference. as soon as she worked for ib smrks she second what can she do for the community. she is amazing person [inaudible] i commend you for all your hard work and so glad you are being honored today so congratulations >> ip want to thank supervisor wiener and bree for her kind remarks. i ptd to thank you the board of supervisors for doing this honor of black history. i know
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we [inaudible] there are so many african americas here doing the service and living their lives in the city and county of san francisco and i think it is important to recognize people in this chamber where the public and see and know what goes on [inaudible] the media only [inaudible] it is nice when you have a forum to recognize people doing great deeds. i want to thank all the other honorees and acknowledge the great work they are doing. it is a honor [inaudible] i'm sorry more people are not hear so they can hear these comments, but thank you for this time and sirfbs and have a great rest of your meeting. >> picture time, gwenith.
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well, this wraps up the black history month celebration here at the board chamber for 2014, but this continues on to tomorrow. supervisor-i'm doing
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what others do. calling you me. supervisor co00 and i decide today have ablack history month cellbrasion in the rotunda tomorrow here in city hall. we made that decision to honor our culture and honor our artist and african american restaurants. to honor our heritage and so many things that are important to the african american community. if you are around tomorrow between 6 and 9, come by and enjoy the fusativities. we hope this can become a annual event where wree celebrate art and culture and the amazing things about the community in san francisco. far too often thaings that are not so great are highlighted and it is time that we remember an occasion like this where we honor amazing people that have a history of committing their
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life to make a difference in the lives of others. that is what the african american community has always been about and will continue to be about through celebrations like these and the one tomorrow kw how we live our liferbs every day by giving bam to the community. i want to thank you so much for being here and hope you will continue to come back not to just go through the stress of deal wg your faxes and paying your bill, but to participate in the politicalicate process and make sure your voice is hard and push the legislation that makes a difference in the community. wree look forward to working with you throughout the year to make black hisry not just a month, but 365 and 366 on leap year. thank you for being here and happy rest
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of black history month. thank you. >> okay, if i can ask folks if you can leave the board chambers quitely. with that i would like to go back to public comments and hear from the next speaker. members of the public if you wish to careoen conversation please be respectful. >> my name is [inaudible] and all the stress that can be treated by cognitive behavior techniques >> please, if quee could ask folks to take your conversations outside. why don't we restart your time
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>> [inaudible] i'm advocateing switching from the current ex[inaudible] to a free, top quality consistent delivery system where appropriate. suffer is hard to measure, but the death is not. amageen the [inaudible] constant flow [inaudible] and then copying that over and over again. compare that with the cost saving of supplementing [inaudible] and inconsistent delivery system with a free [inaudible] when you shift the liability away from the county [inaudible] maybe because of common stigmas [inaudible] can be treated without admitting they have a problem. what is new that fda uses cognitive
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behavior techniques for? supercommon eating disorders. [inaudible] all i'm asking for is a foot note on a poster. imagine a poster they is we have med and therapy and if those don't work for you try [inaudible] i have-anybody out there have someone or know someone, there must be a lot of people i can be contacted through info at [inaudible] thank you, michael [inaudible] the idea is we find the [inaudible] >> next speaker >> ladies and gentlemen of
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the audience and commissioner. my name is [inaudible] i have been a residence of san francisco for 45 years. i address you today on 2 items. we are taking down candle stick park and it a a big mistake. in the 15 years i have drove a taxi in city, [inaudible] tickets of 40 thousand for the world soccer cup which is the
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biggest growing sport in the bay area [inaudible] candle stick can be turned into a soccer [inaudible] and kitty teams connected with the schools. i think you should look at that now brf they destroy it completely. to build a new stateium would cost a billion dollars or more. ret row fit may be to 150 million. it was on the cover of sports illustrated. secsdly is this, i applied for jobs in the city of san francisco for 10 years. i filled out all most 1100 application squz for the 4th time in 9 years. [inaudible] and i bring this to your attention is this, i dropped a
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letter for you that is given to the president of the u.s. and attorney general and jery brown to deal with the civil service inadequacy in the city san francisco. thank you for your time >> next speaker >> good afternoon [inaudible] at the executive committee nob nab there was a mugging of
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culture artistic democracy when they approved a replacement-the destruction of the last side [inaudible] it is replaced with [inaudible] we sent a let toor the art commission the mayor and you among others just a week ago and that caused the visual art committee which normally handles the projects to turn it over to [inaudible] i read exerts from the letter and after i will show images. supervisor [inaudible] strongly opposes the third side of the mural on the library back wall
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and its complete re new mural [inaudible] just a few year ago all the following individuals and agency supported the renovation of all or some of the murals. the library commissioner and director of the culture affairs supervisor tom [inaudible] kaiv udcampus and susan [inaudible] singer song writer [inaudible] the commission and library commission approved this project when it was created in 1981. we [inaudible] for money--
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>> my name is nob nab and i'm black and gay and [inaudible] today i want to honor also [inaudible] the dean [inaudible] paul wade. nob number[inaudible] mr. henry commons the first black man to work in parole [inaudible] also civil rights in american for the black experience in san francisco. [inaudible] brown. lewis garret senior. gerled johnson. [inaudible] jf doctor rea rifferedson. i come here
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here today because tomorrow is the 2 year an versery of trivon. the number is 510, 652 [inaudible] kg paul my name is juicy. i have been singing [inaudible] i show to you mr. mark of district to to get pin touch with the people at 474 [inaudible] we want to get ahead and get together. people shouldn't have to be
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abused. [inaudible] thank you. >> are there any other members of the public that would like to speak? madam clerk can you call item 19 >> item 19 is the board of supervisors [inaudible] the california government code regarding the [inaudible] with labor union representing city employees >> the parties we will present to us would like to brief us next week on march the 4 so can i have a motion to amend to do that? let me ask if there are members of the public that wish to motion to
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amend or do you is a public comment? motion to amend item 19 so we sit in closed session on march 4, 2014. can i entertain a motion to [inaudible] without objection that is the case >> item 20-23 are considered for immediate adoption. single vote may adapting this item.
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[inaudible] comps i. resident chew. i. co00, i. [inaudible] supervisor kim. kim i. supervisor mar, i. [inaudible] there are i. item twen is the water front [inaudible] right to vote city department kw measure the impact on the city future [inaudible] >> our colleague mentioned this is a krait forward resolution that is one thing thats i think should be non cont vurls, but i think [inaudible] become cont vurlsh even though they shouldn't. it
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requires information and analysis for the city department about what the impacts will be of this measure which is qualified for the ballot [inaudible] not to take a position and not recommend a change to the ballot measure but to provide information and analysis so the public knows what the impacts are and that public can make an informed decision one way or the other whether to support or not support the ballot measure. the resolution indicates a viryty of subject matter by different departments on housing production, affordable housing, occupyen space infrastructure, transit and so forth thrmpt are