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tv   [untitled]    February 26, 2014 1:30pm-2:01pm PST

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[inaudible] why don't we go to roll call for introduction >> supervisor wiener you are first up to introduce [inaudible] >> thank you, [inaudible] today i am-i held a hearing and we did reports for the mpa about the performantance of their cystism in terms of maintenance needs on time serve squs disruptions in the subway. we receive a report about the hearing. given recent events we will go back to having a hearing for the next quarterly report we will schedule in the next month or so. the system has had very significant discorruptions including yesterday when a computer
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failure shut down the subway. it is unclear why [inaudible] could not move it to the manual operation and continue to actually get peep tool work at the height of rush hour. unfortunately these types of disruptions are all too common and very frustrating to rider and me not just as a rider but as a person that represents riders. [inaudible] for the xhine ease newiary parade, there was a tragic kent where a homeless man was killed by a rail way vehicle. very sad and tragic. it took all most 4 hours to get the subbay back into the service. [inaudible] in addition it took 2 hours to put out a tweet or web site update to let the public know what is happening. large numbers of people were made to
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get off the subway and told to shuttle there and there was no shuttle or service of transportation for quite some time. given these significant events and isues aroun communeitation with riders i thinchg it time to have a meeting of what they can do. there are things that have happened that are outside a agencies control, but sometimes it get exaszer baited. [inaudible] the sisters of [inaudible] passed way suddenly. total surprise and many are in absolute shock. a few days ago sister barby was a founer of the russian river house hof the sisters of
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perpetual indullgence and [inaudible] to the community pr many years mpt she moved to san francisco where she become a part of the san francisco [inaudible] serving as board chair i working on many projects in the knhunty. i got to know sister barby [inaudible] she ran a [inaudible]. saturday, which is sth saturday night before pride. there are a lot of people [inaudible] it is a major undertaking to keep that event safe and the sisters do a great job and sister barby helped bring the management of that event into the 21 serchry and kid a wonderful job for years. [inaudible] she did many things in the community
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and was a wonderful rock solid person and official. i would call for advice some times and just a turfic person and we are devastated she passed way and send our sen sear condolances. [inaudible] butcher on church street near 30th street. [inaudible] joshua ethyl who was the owner of drews died in a motorcycle kent on february 15. he grew up in san francisco and worked at drews 26 years ago and became a owner of the business in 2 thousand along with his brother isaac. he was what we want to happen in saf. people to make lives for themselves here and open
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great small businesses. [inaudible] a dog lover and walked his dogs at the reck center. he was a father to his son justice who is 6 years old, survived by huz mother and siblings and many friends and family members. i know a lot of people are going to miss him a lot and i hope that the business is able to move forward. finally, a great loss [inaudible] a neighbor of mine passed away recently. he was bone in 1981 and moved here from massachusetts to live with his boy friend you have who was the love of his life.
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[inaudible] moved from [inaudible] to san francisco and made it their home until blakes passing. blake was known for his smile and sense of humor as remembered by his friend aenthany. [inaudible] in a gathering of friends and family this past saturday [inaudible] everyone wore pink, which was his favorite color >> thank you supervisor wiener. supervisor yoo >> i want to make a couple anountsment. last saturday we had our first par tis putor budget program for district 7 and happy to report that there was a lot of interesting [inaudible] dollar were over 70 people to listen to the process
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and figure how they can apply for funding and probably 70 percent of the questions that were asked were around how can we receive a graint [inaudible] safety measures. we will have a follow up meeting march 5 for those that are thinking of applying but need help in figuring out the departments-what the cost may be and what to qualify. the other thing is that, this coming monday, san francisco public school will have their first student crossing guard program implemented for something that hasn't been done for several decades in their public schools. this week
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officer lewis continues to provide train frg the students so they will be out there directing traffic or they are directing pedest renes to cross the street safely and not putting them in harms way. i'm happy to announce it will start this coming monday >> thank you supervisor ye >> i 3 [inaudible] related to work force. i have a hearing on the [inaudible] review and assessment of the [inaudible] program recommendation. the laj slaigz i worked on as min on correction projects [inaudible] we are talking
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about [inaudible] places people in jobs for hotels and restaurants and grocery markets and jobs that are stable and long term in the city. [inaudible] for construction projects so i'm excited to see the city is coming forward with a possible program and i'll be holding a hearing to discuss how that program will work and how it will be based on data of programs in existence. i have 2 pieces of legislation related to lockal hiring and [inaudible] these are ordinances that is a extension of the 2010 local hire construction ordinance. thality created a change in work force development programs in the
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silty. this extend the [inaudible] private projects on public land. just put on the americas cup events and there were later disputes about how wage can be applied or was applied to workers working on construction project for the americas cup event. with this legislation we will have a back stop to make sure we are hiring locally and extending the wage presenceple to private projects on local land. we can get of the [inaudible] we saw in front of city haul with a rat that was blown up [inaudible] that other piece of legislation i have is calling on developer to disclose their work force
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hiring proposals and how they pay wages. [inaudible] this allows [inaudible] construction happens to give note toos the developer that they should be talking with our [inaudible] organizations that create a pipe line for workers into the the trade. early in the process they were able to have a soled program and hire local residence and pay a wage that will suffice the cost of living in san francisco. i'm proud to introduce these pieces of legislation, there is great support for them. within the building trade we have a building trades counsel endorsement and both pieces of legislation and that [inaudible] several building trades that have in intramental in developing the support. [inaudible] operating engineers and labors and sheet metal
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workers and electrical workers [inaudible] we brought forward and support-we have nob number in 2010. i'm excited about moving these pieces of legislation forward. really, this legislation is consistent with what i'm saying with [inaudible] we are in the mist of a economic boom and seeing wealth and prosperity that is all too often staying in few hands and not shared as it should be in the neighborhoods with low income residence and parts of san francisco that are in need of developing infrastructure. these is-these pieces of legislation are a way to comprise and measure [inaudible] cut off from the
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welt in the city. i think we need many more to assure [inaudible] they should all be lifted. hope to have your support when these come to the xhitety and i want to thank my staff member [inaudible] for her work on the legislation and the building trade, the unions have been helpful. [inaudible] department of defense coming forward to give that support as well. i want to thank my cosponsors who are many and i am excited about that [inaudible] scot wiener and normal ye rr. if i missed anyone let me know, but i'm thankful for your cosponsorship [inaudible] is the daughter of
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[inaudible] painted some of the murals at the co irks t tower. [inaudible] for many years she was connect would the california historical society, the stock exchange, the art institute and the [inaudible] she had a clear and enthusiastic knowledgeable way of engaging and drawing out her audience. articulate art [inaudible] specialized in [inaudible] in addition to champening the work of her
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father [inaudible] bernard. its history of art published by val [inaudible] intical in keeping this land mark on the map [inaudible] published in spanish pin 1998. to artist bernard [inaudible] an interior decoratorer [inaudible] on the 19th of may 1931 at 12 noon [inaudible] by the mayor of saf. along with the husband, [inaudible] they were married in 1954. spent 7 years in england where her first child was born. in 1996 got her master in english from berkeley [inaudible] 25 years as a
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english of humanities instructor at san francisco city college and a teacher at san francisco state university. 20 years after refiring she was still involved [inaudible] keeping the on campus [inaudible] in the public eye and for her scholarly efforts in capturing the story of her city. [inaudible] supporting the sen funy and opera and [inaudible] >> thank you supervisor ovlow >> supervisor [inaudible] >> thank you. today i'm introducing a revolution authraising the director of had mayors office of housing communethy development to the take all steps necessary to protect the health and safety nof rez dnss of midtown park
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apartments. [inaudible] one a couple weeks back you know i made a statement and provided you information that there were challenges there. this resolution will enable [inaudible] the mayors office having to complete work on the roof and removing mildew. [inaudible] we haven't had much. many of the midtown town units experienced flooding and leaks. [inaudible] the leaks have continued and have created the mold and mildew in the unit and the city must fix this problem. as a property owner we are obligate today this this by law. more importantly we have obligation to [inaudible] living in safe conditions mpts the roof cannot be patched or
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repaired should be replaced immediately. the estimated cost is about 750 thousand dollars. [inaudible] to expend federal housing funds to pay these emergency repairs. the leaky roof and mold are the result of years of negligent. now we are faced with a issue and [inaudible] can go to other affordable housing needs. this 750 thousand dollars will only provide a temporary roof repair and the needs that midtown will continue. we need a more consistent structure to maintain the units before the problems become emergency, which this isn't the first time this happened. as i have said time and time gaen i will do everything i can [inaudible] insure the a safe place to call
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home. this will be a on going challenge we will have to deal with as a city and i'm definitely committed to that challenge and i am submitting this request today. the only other item i have is something we all take for granted, but felt it was something we should mention. i'm introducing a motion to approve the budget and legislative analyst work plan for 2014. mr. havy [inaudible] they do a amazing job for the board of supervisor and have done this job before most of us were born. much of the data and analysis we base our decision on or the public reads about in the paper comes from [inaudible] 2014 plan calls for 17 hours divided into
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the-17 thousand hours divided into 3 cat goze. [inaudible] as requested by members of the board and of the [inaudible] committee look forward to working with havy in the future [inaudible] as well as his [inaudible] of his product. >> thank you supervisor breed. supervisor comps >> thank you very much madam clerk. this is the first time i didn't watch any of the olympics in russia and just when you thought russia would get the gold medal for home phobia and intalliance, the state of arizona decides to give russia a run for its money. i am giving a resolution to talk about the bill 1062 which enables individuals and businesses in
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the state of arizona a right to refuse service to anyone targeting [inaudible] based on the guides of religious freedom. i want to note that because the arizona governor has until friday february 28 to act i request this item be put on the agenda so the board of supervisor can take a stand against this law [inaudible] as clearly as we can. [inaudible] provides essentially license to discriminate because it allows any individual corporation [inaudible] the right to refuse service to a individual if that owner believes doing so would violate their religion. it is important to note that similar
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laws have been struck down in new mexico and we respect the freedom of religion, it cannot be used for a exkoos for individuals to treat residence of that state whether it is [inaudible] based upon some perceived identification and treating them as inferior based on their religious beliefs mpt 1062 is a dangerous precedent [inaudible] so long as they claim office under their religious beliefs. i want to note that since the state legislator enacted sb 1062 a nov civil rights leader and officials and businesses and mbs of different parts of the
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industry including the torest of industry flout the country have come out against 106 fwo and urged governor [inaudible] in fact arizona senators bob [inaudible] peerpal that were in support of the bill sent letter to the senate and governor urgeer her not to sign this bill. as the mayor of [inaudible] i think it is important for us in san francisco, a sitee that has lodge been at the for front of protecting the rights of all people and special the rights of [inaudible] we take a clear stance against this legislation and this resolution will do a number of things. first, it will put the city and the board
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of supervisors on record as opposing sb 1062 and send a message to governor [inaudible] not to sign 1062 and if she decides to sign it the board of supervisors here in san francisco urges the city to renew the boy caught of arizona. that we call upon city departments to the extent [inaudible] to refrain from entering into any new or amendment contracts for the services of good or contract station izin arizona and will take every step we can to sending [inaudible] review contracts for the purchase of goods and services from comps in arizonas. this resolution would also establish that we as
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the board of supervisors, that the law is signed and encouraged [inaudible] san francisco business to refrain from doing business in the state of arizona. we believe that it is important for the rest of the country to send that very clear message. we also endorse whautd our city attorney has done, which is to offer to lend a resource of his office to cooperate in a legal challenge to sb 1062. we i think have a history of standing 41 people who are the subject of discrimination and we want our breathers and sisters in arizona to hear from san francisco that they are not alone. thank you very much >> thank you sfr visor compose. president chew >> thank you i have 2 items today. first is to support a
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state bill [inaudible] many are spending a lot of time focusing on the topic of affordable housing and [inaudible] to the state at this time 7 of the top 10 cities that have been hit hardest by the for closer crisis are in california. [inaudible] 72 percent of people that are homeless in the state are experiencing homelessness because they ceent afford a place to live. as many know, in 2002 and 06, the state of california provided 333 million dollars for housing in the state of saf [inaudible] they are drying up. would insure we raise about a half billion dollars annually and leverage [inaudible] in the
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affordable housing [inaudible] it is my hope we will be on record in supporting the bill. want to thank supervisor mar, kim and [inaudible] to understand the needs of services for violent crimes. [inaudible] under direct supervision [inaudible] it is estimated that thousand of individuals on probation have perpetrated violent crimes. it is estimated about half of the victims are victims of domestic violence and sexually assault and if you [inaudible] a number of victims in need of services will jump to several thousand. [inaudible] provide our courts with a report for each defendant including a victim impact statement and a recommendation as to whether a defendant needs to pay
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restitution. there are no mechanisms or resources to obtain the information to determine restitution or [inaudible] at this time about 8 percent of our reports to the court lack fundamental information necessary to assess restitution or victim statement regarding the impact of victimation. typically after a course ending victims don't receive the services needed on the road to restitation. bob thaub commit crimes the department is creating [inaudible] i'm calling for a hearing in order to understand and quantify the need foosupport victims of these crimes, particularly domestic violence who [inaudible] study the opportunities unique to that agency and look at how a
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new program can coordinate with otheragy squz look forward to working with city staff and [inaudible] the rest of my items i will submit >> thank you mr. president. supervisor co00 >> thank you very much. i have no legislation to submit today, but i do have 3 memoriams i would like to recognize. 3 fantastic womb who passed on mptd forty-first i would like to recognize mrs. [inaudible] she was bornl manch second 1926 and died lat last year on december 31, [inaudible] worked a incredible career working in san francisco at general hospital which is where he retired from. the next wonlen i would like to
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bring up is girttrude [inaudible] 2014. she also dedicated her life and professional career to the city and counto of san francisco where she worked for [inaudible] hospital. she will be laid to rest this friday. also want to recognize the untimely death of a young woman named mr. carl av hix. born october 181960 and passed away february 15, 2014. she was a mother and a business woman spirfckly a entrepreneur. she was a native san francisco and [inaudible] made significant contributions to the city and county of san francisco and leave a legagy with their family. they were loved and will be messed h. >> thank you