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tv   [untitled]    February 26, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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dan quail came to the san francisco in 1992 and he came to [inaudible] view because there was a program we set up called resident management counsel and that is training to be managers and [inaudible] all the things to take care orphthe housing authority. [inaudible] i would like to say this, precautionary [inaudible] not applied to those that live in hunters point. i would like to also say [inaudible] i learned what that meant a month ago and i say that has been practiced against me and the blacks [inaudible] i see a part time [inaudible] used with those that are in [inaudible] thank you very much >> thank you very much. next speaker.
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>> good afternoon. i would like to bring your attention to this [inaudible] on the san francisco bay bridge headed from california tol bridge authority, which is cal trans. this was headed by frank mereian [inaudible] he had a special resolution and a special highlight of this publication saying [inaudible] contributed to [inaudible] energy and spirit both as mayor of saf and governor of california to a public movement producing the oakland bay bridge. [inaudible] resolve within the limitation of powers [inaudible] the san francisco oakland bay bridge be dedicated to james roth junior. the san francisco conical head lined
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this, san francisco bay bridge dedicated to routh memory [inaudible] this was in september 1934. the examiner, then the leading newspaper [inaudible] state authority takes formal action to take [inaudible] all this was reconformed on the 50 anversey of the bridge opening in 1986. [inaudible] we dedicated by the citizen of the california [inaudible] well within the life span of most people here in this room today. i would like to say my comments on this subject which you may have heard are not necessarily aimed
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insition to a person or organizations. i believe this [inaudible] thank you very much. we are going to start our black history month at this time and will come back to the end nob number at this time i would like to ask supervisor [inaudible] take the gaval to preside over these [inaudible] >> thank you. they think prez dnlt chew, welcome everything wn. wie are here to celebrate black history month and so blad to see so many here. rel fvs and friends of those people. we will get right down to making sure that we maximize the use of this time and give all the attention
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to the honor ease today. i want to be biased and start with mine, but i'll go iin alphabetical order. we will start with supervisor ovlows [inaudible] today >> thank you so much. i would like to call up jacquie battle to the podium. jacquie battle is the facility coordinator at the [inaudible] recreation center. she is also acting have visor [inaudible] she supervisors [inaudible] her relationship run across the city and integrates them in every place she works. jacquie
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has more than 25 years in public service. she worked in many communities throughout san francisco. she loves working in under [inaudible] among the peers and colleagues, jacquie is known as someone with a pioneering spirit and someone that can make things happen. in 2012-20 sthraen when we experienced the spike of [inaudible] jacquie was [inaudible] community together and organize the peace [inaudible] she also brought a lot of staff involved in the process and what is a remarkable and unique [inaudible] remarkable is that jacquie is able to faster a [inaudible] that they worked
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for the community and the young people [inaudible] that is beautiful to see. she is a active member of the community collaborative which is instrumental in foster cooperation and working together. [inaudible] the over all community development of the neighbor. we are very very lucky to have her. as a public service [inaudible] she is great role model to young men and woman in the city. what i appreciate brt jacquie is she ingraced a nob nab has made sure that her futility and [inaudible] is one that connectwise the latino and asian and african american community and white community. i think that is special. we have [inaudible] celebration. and [inaudible] celebrations.
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we have [inaudible] festivals mpt so many things she bring said together for the residence of the neighborhood. that is a great sign, having the partnerships in the neighborhoods. that makes the prm strong and shows dedication that jacquie battle provides. in the celebration of black history, i want to say thank you for your great service to our neighborhood and to all of saf as well and it is a honor and pleasure to work with you as peep people that provide service in san francisco. >> thank you. i want to share a bit something about how i got to where i'm at. i want to thank you this amazing award. this award reinforced mystaff and i do in the
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community. it gives great pleasure in making sure people are enjoying the parks and recreation. i am blessed to work in a great department with great leadership and prepared me to to do the work in the communities i surfb. i want to acknowledge a couple people-this is my academy awards you guys. i want to acknowledge my supervisor lorraine [inaudible] for her mentorship throughout my young career and i also-a wonderful colleague and friend [inaudible] for her continued support and [inaudible] can reck and parks stand up? i want to command supervisor avlose, ricell and frances for
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the out standing work they do in district 11 and thank you for the awesome award. >> thank you supervisor ovlose. it is now my turn. adrien williams, come on up. i'm going give you the background, but also have a
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couple things to share from my personal experience. adrien is the founder of the village project and she mostly operates out of the western addition. working with our young people and in many cases these are kids that don't have access to other programs and these are kids that are very challenging to work with. and a very difficult to find someone like aid rien that's is willing to go toe to tow. in many cases she is like a parent in their live squz her vauvment in the community is what makes the knhunty so unique. aidrian and i don't always see eye to eye, but hat the end of the day her heart is pure. her heart is for the kids and the community and is consistent in the work
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for the communities. her consistency led to amazing eventser, including my favorite, a senior moment which is a great event. all seniors get in for free and there is food and drinks and dancing and trust me, if you don't come oint your sun day best, you should nlt come at all. she started the mardi gras event we will have in the fill more district next tuesday and what is so amazing with the mu scr aid ball is it led to the fill more businesses being engages and they have special and there is a band that performs and gives out [inaudible] it createess this amazing new orleans style culture in the fill more. that isn't all she has done. she worked with a number of our children
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especially during the sum whr they have no place to go. she takes them to the african american art and culture complex to eat and [inaudible] where ever she needs to to maic sure they are participating in the programs and active and have something producting going on in their lives. oddrian what is so amazing is you stay consistent. every year you yell at me for money and fuss for bus tokens, every year you do what it takes to get the resources you need to get whatio need for the people you care about. i know people don't say it enough, but thank you. thank you. yes, thank you for reminding me. i didn't
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read my notes. quaunza is a event that aidrian stuck with time and time gaen. every year, bringing people together flaum community and took it further by extended to say we will not nob flaub [inaudible] nob we will take it >> student hunters point. as a supervisor, it is a lot of work i have to do, but i can't do this job alone. it is because of people like aidrian that i'm hewnered to serve in this capacity because she is out there doing the work day in day out. you couldn't stel her the difference between her and the kids because the rithe same size. she is marching up and down the streets and doing what it takes traget the resource squz do the programs and make things hap frn the kids and
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seniors. pulling money out of her pocket and doing so many incredible things. yes, she left a life in the private sector because her life in the public sector was more meaningful. her journey to take care of a dmunty was more meaningful and the nil more and concern addition and our community is better off because we have you in it. adrian it is trully my honor, i knloe i don't say it enough because i'm trying to get the money for you and we are yelling back and forth, but i appreciate you and love you and thank bod you are there in the community working with our kids and seniors and everyone that needs you the most. on behalf of the san francisco board of supervisors, we honor you for your commitment to the community.
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thank you. >> thank you. [inaudible] i don't know what to say. i'm speechalize. i was so busy today i said i will pop in here and get this and run back out. i have been passing out fliers around [inaudible] i didn't know this meant so much to me to hear you saythosis things. shucks, i just do what needs to be done and i'm honored to be here today. thank you guys and i really have a long speech but i'm speechless. [inaudible] thank you very much and please come out and join us for--i do remember what i have to say,
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just a moment. i have to thank people. supervisor [inaudible] brought tears to my eyes. yes, if you look at me and think about the village project you think i'm doing this by myself, but i'm not. i may run the day to day operations. -we have 47 babies following around the sitdy. i'm able to do this not with funding but because i have a village supporting me. i have to say thank you supervisor bree for the support this sum squr trinose peept tharecognize what i did, the charities rkss thank you cath lean. the jewish community has been with me from day one helping to take care of my babies. thank you so much. right now i had to leave the babies because theyern ram bunkss and had foocome up and
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talk and had to give them the eye. i do want to thank everyone at the fill more center. we couldn't pull off mardi gras without the merchants coming together. we were hanging out and supervisor [inaudible] district last week bringing marbdy grau to had [inaudible] thank you very much. there are times i feel i'm doing it by myself, but i know i have a village so thank you guys. and doctor church well who helps me get food out to the people, thank you for coming down and thank everyone i am missing. i love you guys and thank you supervisor bree in recognizing me in my work. >> oscai, we are going head
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over to supervisor campus >> thank you very much madam chair and it is my haun toor continue the tradition orphhonoring and it so happens today is 3 very strong woman. i have a woman i want to
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recognize [inaudible] before i look at my notes i want to say that in life all of us get the opportunity to come across pretty incredible people, but it isn't often we have the chance to exsprens or preciation for having them in our lives and i'm fortunate today i have the opportunity to show my aprechiation to a very special person. she one of the most remarkable public servants i have met. one of the most talented and commit community leaders in the city of san francisco. she is also a
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residence of district 9. let me talk about [inaudible] have known each other for many years even before she was a member of the board of education and my first interaction with her was as a parent seeing her as a parent coming to meetings of the board of education and i was the lawyer at the time. i remember being struck by how strong a presence she was and how articulate and passionate she was and how thoughtful shes in her remarks. let me tell you about [inaudible] she works at a independent community advoicate and a [inaudible] many of us know her through her work as a elected official and elected member of the board of education for san francisco unified school district
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[inaudible] sworn into office in the year 20 of 7 and elecktded to serve another 4 years by the people of the city and countee of san francisco in 2010. she has been since she was alected to the board of education, the chaimpian for a-g grjuation requirement frz all student of the school district. this was a crucial policy change that meant all young people in the pub lb schools can graduate from our system and can now be edgeable to attend a 4 year yineversity. thank you for making that happen. she was also a author of the district wide [inaudible] initiative, which is a critical part of the districts disciplineary
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process. the impact of this initiative is very profound in terms of impacting the lives of young people. the initiative paved the way for discussions that are happening now on how to limit in school suspensions. i can tell having been a attorney for the school district many disciplineary actions are against the poor kids and kids of color. we see a discussion of suspensions for willful defiance, which again this impacts low income and communities of color. kim she served on the board of education for a number of years and in many resects it is a thankless job. it is a thankless job that is only complicated fwhie fact that you don't get much financial comp scission for what you do. i think you still get the total
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sum of 500 dollars a month and yet kim approached her tenure as a full time job. she finishes her term working with things like a 5 year high school plan, making it a visible option for all student to access ap course work in san francisco unified. creating opportunities for apprenticeships and paid internship jz supporting the student advisory cancel and creating the [inaudible] first student bill of roits. it was the parent adviceary countsal [inaudible] the board contributed to improval educational opportunities for all the cities youth and her work is especially critical when it comes to close the
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[inaudible] we have not only one of the highest performing urban school district izin the currentry, but in the state of california and yet in our district, affric american student that attend saf unified are performing at a lower level than african american student attending oakland unified. she is a true adrocrt for had african american and loteeno youth and make sure they get a top rate quality education at san francisco unified. kim was born and raised in la and she was-she advocateed for childrens educational rights since 198s 6 when she was working at the holee grouv childrens society in la which is a orphan izfor emotional
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physical and sexually abused children and youth where she worked for more than 12 years t. is the work she did that inspired her to do educational advocacy because she saw first hand how children were impacted by that advocacy. [inaudible] her family and qu i want to mention her grand mother, amie lee, who is a sharecropper in texas who moved to san francisco in the early 1940's. living in the fill more and renting rooms to peopling in the ship yards while working as a domestic worker her grand mother raised her daughter who is in the audience and if i may ask kim [inaudible] mom to stand and be recognized. i
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know that kim [inaudible] looked up to her mom all her life. her mom taught the importance of education and [inaudible] her mom went back to school and became a industrial mechanic when kim [inaudible] was in elementary school. following on that legacy of lifep long learning [inaudible] kim is planning to continue her education after completing the term on the board of education. she is planning to attend law school and on top of that she will get a doctorate in education and a teaching credential as usf. as if [inaudible] on top of she is
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a track and field coach. she has a beautiful daurft [inaudible] who has a beautiful daughter herself. [inaudible] the grand daughter marly [inaudible] who a is 3 years old. i can sit and talk about kim [inaudible] for a long time because i don't know if there are enough words [inaudible] san francisco has been enriched by you and i know you have not aul alreceived the recognition you deserve, but today at the supervisor for disrbt 9 it is my honor to recognize your accomplishment squz thank for making san francisco a better place. >> thank you so much supervisor comps. i have to tell you this is a pleasure to live in your district and i
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truly have no intention of moving anywhere else in san francisco if i can help it. i love district 9. it is a wonderful place to be. i mentioned our relationship start #d off rocky. i was a ang raparents coming to school board meeting and talking about the [inaudible] you were the attorney [inaudible] sometimes at 1 a.m. while my daughter slep in the back room in a uncomfortable chair. i kept coming and you all listened. then commissioner mar, one of the first elected officials that responded to my xum plaining e-mails. that set the tone that every day people can have a dialogue with their elected official and have meaningful conversation about things thatern happening in their communities and my
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communities was a school community and what needed to be changed. supervisor mar listened and conversed with me. so did commissioner san ches and xhishzer [inaudible] you also. as the attorney and helping me through the struggles i really appreciate it. it was a fime when schools were struggling [inaudible] i was running the pta and thought it would be about raising money for the track team [inaudible] it turned out to be so much more and led me on a path i [inaudible] i have come to recognize i am to be on this path and it is always aul about education. you mentioned my grand mother. she came here to san francisco with a 3rd grade
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education and graduated with her young est son with a high school diploma. education is everything. is the great social equalizer mpth it is ning that levels the playing field for so many that have not have opportunities and every memberf my family knows that and believes that and works towards that end. in our communities the application are in [inaudible] they offered a teaching credential