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tv   [untitled]    February 26, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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to [inaudible] help to change them and your work as a organizationer was a inspiration. i give you a lot of works and skills. i would want be successful without it. thank you for all you work in san francisco. you helped me and so many leaders around the city and have organizations that spun off and continued on and your mark is not often seen, but it remarkable. thank you. >> thank you. an e-mail was
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sent out to me there would be a all you can eat buffate here. i don't want to point fingers, but i think [inaudible] is the one that the sent out the e-mail. i appreciate the acknowledge in and i thank you supervisor kim for picking me out of the crowd of a number of folks who labor in obscurity in the communities every day to make life just a little better for all of us. john and i covered ground together and-i'm not usually in a loss of words,
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but-- >> [inaudible] >> i'm also inspired to say to the clerk of the board, [inaudible] we go back a ways as well and we are inspired by you angela and very encourageed you have stayed with public service. there are many of us who have seen over time we get good people [inaudible] across the country a lot of us have faith inpublic institutions tested over the decades and i want to acknowledge supervisor kim for the leg work and ground work and the commitment she has
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shown over the years in terms of being committed to inequitable education system and committing to public service qument to acknowledge the work you have done in your career and it inspired folks like me to continue this work. inspired to see supervisor ye, we were comrades in many child care organization efforts in the city and he hab in a instration to a generation of folks in the education field and was one of those who inspired me with his very simple but effective logic that numbers count and you always feel better about a campaign if you win that campaign.
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yesterday was the 31 anniversary of elvul hutch who was the first african american wom toon serve this body and wanted to ocknowledge her legacy. there are a number of people in the room i do need to acknowledge that are here. [inaudible] presents and michael blecker. maryicate coner. litia eely. nob [inaudible] wloo ever the euros used her home for the peoples staging move: i also want to acknowledge a friend and a mentor and in my opinion a
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genuine american hero, steven bingm. i want to ecothe sentiment of earlier speakers, black history is a celebration of the achievements of african americans locally and across the country, but it also a cautionary tail about the unfulfilled promise of america. given the back drop of the dramatic exodus of working families and communities of color and african americans particular from san francisco there is much work to do in this city. this loss of more than 50 percent of the
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african american population in the city is of absolute alarm and what rur city will become. they can't afford to live in the city and that isn't the legacy we want to leave for our children and grand children thmpt mosake that is uniquely san franciscan is also evidence of the inescapable truth that each culture is highly dependent on the other for success. though it is true that hopefully in the best of circumstances every generation owes much to the preceding generation. standing on sth stoulders of giants, the hope is the current generation also bequeevs to the succeeding
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generation a renewed sense of what is possible. the willingness to continue to dream of possibilities in america and there are a number of folks that are here. some had to leave earlier, but i want to acknowledge lily waung [inaudible] lieuesea [inaudible] michele coon. [inaudible] davis. mad lm putnam. [inaudible] beezly. mason von. rox ana sal zar. [inaudible] bird. david mckinley. there is much to be thankful for in terms of the next generation of poet [inaudible] who will follow us and hope that despite all evidence to the contrary the
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succeeding generation is willing to embrace the emplausible and pursue the impossible and imagine the impossible. i want to make sure that i acknowledged my wife, sherry who among other things probably got me every job i ever held in the last 25 years. i thank you for most married couples there is vested interest in getting your husband out of the house otherwise he is hanging around doing god knows what. also, my wife taught me a great deal about what commitment and love looks like every day in ones life and i have clearly gotten
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the better half of this deal. she agrees with that, see. that is a intelligent woman. the last thing i want to say is, i think this sid city of san francisco is on many ways on the van gaurd of this on rushing on slot of nob and fanatics who somehow hijacked our system of government. we run the risk of having our nations capital become the words largest out patient clinwalk the inability for people to apply basic reason and stand rds of decency to all walks of life and commit in arts music and culture [inaudible] for the young
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people. i applaud the people for the board of eeducation and for the nob naib raging against the tide and i urge you to continue that fight and i want to salute those that struggle every day to find meaning in their lives and a reason to articipate in the life blood of the community. those are the buns we celebrate with african american history month and celebrate the common folk that show what strength and courage mean every day. that is a inspuration to all of us. thank you >> thank you. so, like a
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trur organizeer you have recognized many people in the room. it would be great to come up and do a photo. there is also a rumor that it is your birth day this friday so happy birth day. we have a few more honorees that have been patiently waiting. thank you.
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thank you. thanks everyone for knhing. we have a few more folks to go so if you can take the conversation outside while we move along. up next is dist rict 4 supervisor mar. >> thank you chairperson bree. i'm arrack mar from the richmond district. i want to
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say that black history month is important to me as well as many of my colleagues. a lot of my meners i mentioned the firks non commercial black station. [inaudible] a lot of mentors came out of the black panther party and fought about my history and inother communities like the african american community. as a chine [inaudible] a lot of mentor came out of black studies. concepts like self determination whether it was talked about by mandela as we celebrated the amazing muchbment around the world, but also the [inaudible] movement here with which i was a part of
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[inaudible] the history of struggle in the u.s. and the building of unity within the black community and unity as other people said like jowilson said [inaudible] others how to use those concepts is powerful to me and the w the passing of mandela and [inaudible] i think about how history helped as a asian american and be the best allah i can during this time and as ors said all your round. i wanted to say that one of the elders in the knhunty ury [inaudible] who was a friend of malcome x [inaudible] she told me that if we know our own history, it makes us more open about learning about african americans and others and vice versey. she strived and urged
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uzas community leader to reach out to the african maench community. this think this is a great way to celebrate and [inaudible] my honor today is to acknowledge and i'm so humbleed he is with us and a lot of colleagues from had ymca are here with us. i would like to ask [inaudible] if anyone else would like to come up from the y as well--oi dpirs met chuck as we worked on a healthy [inaudible] his leadership is amazing. charles cauline is president and chief executive officer of the ymc in san francisco. he is codhaired [inaudible] and he is a leader
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in building healthier communities and educating all of us about the dangerous riskoffs sugary drinks and unhelty foods that effect especially low income communities. his wife and the team are here as well. mr. caulines was appointed chair by mayor nusem of the physical activities counsel and the cochair [inaudible] ymca of u.s. from 2002-04 he ran as president and ceef executive office the familyancy that does work in san francisco. from 83-2002, he is president of wge
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ventures ink, which were engaged in commercial and residential real state. the signature development were the met ron in district 6. the san francisco medical center 1 and 2 and the 4 seasons hotel [inaudible] mr. caulines practice law with the firms of stein heart and [inaudible] a former at the state level seck riitary of the business and housing agency for the state of california, he coordinateed the management of housing [inaudible] department of real state at the state level. he served on the board of california housing finance agency. he has city planning back ground working with [inaudible] cook and associates and among the major spauckts
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was directing the comehensive study economic and [inaudible] housing requirements for development of down town san francisco. in feb he was appointed by the mare toorb the san francisco art commission and make the art [inaudible] reach the community [inaudible] san francisco art instustute [inaudible] as board member of the museum of modern art he sieves on the ecective xhutty [inaudible] a former trusty of [inaudible] and san francisco state dmoo university foundation. going back mr.
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caulines received the ba from williams [inaudible] and mastered from mit and [inaudible] that little place back east, harvard law. he was awarded a diploma from the athens sinter in athens greece [inaudible] national and regional research and development projects. under the completion of mit studies he was named the out standing graduate student in the department of irken studies and planning. [inaudible] mr. caulines is also a-he tells me about parenting. he is the auththorf african american studies book for 9thry and a senior editor of the day in the life of africa [inaudible] published in 2002. i would like to introduce a brilliant
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man, a renaissance man and a champion of healthy communities in the city, [inaudible] caulines. >> thank you. i would like tafirst of all before i ever forget is tothank my wife for being here. she is more than one can [inaudible] stay married to the same person for 43 years is probably the most important part of my life. thank you, poly. paula. to be in the company oaf people hold thg stand in the sate of the african american knhunty is the honor. when i got a call and was asked to accept this award, i felt in just the way hime rr built there are many other people thatd should get awards like this in their time
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in life. the reason i say that is because in many ways we are missing a lut of the foundation that makes our city great. when i look that supervisors here supervisor bree and co00. they rent a missing generation and that generation is missing because we didn't pay attention for substantial peerds of time that the youth are the foundation of the future. it should be unusual we have such a diverse group of people that are legislating and make the city operates. [inaudible] i say because i'm probably the old est person in the audience that i have not seen a board of
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supervisor work so cohesively as you. i want to prais you for working across district lines and not just protecting your own turch, but waching-when each says this is my district, but i'm a part of some something bigger and more important y. think that is something i want to say to each one who i'm looking at to continue to collaborate like that because our city will be stronger if we find ways to cross the tipcussion divisions that create politics about what is common sense. the journey of my own life i want to say in a few words because i'm quaunshs of the time. when wie parents came here in 1942 as member thofz great immigration of the south to work for the freedom of sth world through had war. we were a community
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that was beginning a movement. thousands were coming from the south and midwest and east to make the american dream possible. what did that mean? it meant that those men and woman that came out laid a foundation for our city. they laid a foundation for our future and you as people who are committed to our cities have that responsibility. in my work at the y and with my colleagues here who i only represent, our focus is is on youth and you will hear that from me over and over. the foundation of our fuchser built on the health of our kids. there will be no competitive san francisco or global economy or a bloom on the city if we
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don't invest in what makes the city our greatest. it isn't the technology t is the polesh of the children. i want to thank you on behalf of the ymca i my colleagues and the generation to precede, but i want would like to say you will make the biggest diferance in whether the children of the city have the opportunity that they are entitled to. thank you very much. >> congratulations commissioner cauline squz thank you for your hard work in the community and in the fill more for many years. you look younger than you are, but you are not the old est person in
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the chamber. you are, norman? you can have a battle on that after this presentationism we will move on to district 4 >> thank you supervisor bree. tfs great listening to the honorees we had today and here about the diverse conbution they made. today i'm honored to present accommodation for major price mont gomry she has the jrotc program at lincoln high school. we talked bewit the students education, i think it is so important the outside experience as well. today that is why we are so haep to honor
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major price mont gumry for isthmpt she over sees the training in education for the 102 students inruled in the program which teaches achievement [inaudible] in a effort to file for constructive and disciplined learning environment. she volunteers for the global [inaudible] which affords students the students to experience a summer abroad in developing countries. [inaudible] served 26 years in the u.s. army and required with honors in 2013. major munt gumry is a part of the liberation of kuwait and the iraqy war. she has plans to begin a business administration plan in 2015. she lived in several states and countries and as a traveller embrays
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change. her commitment of the country and communities serves as huge [inaudible] we work foointhrich lives of students outside the classroom we atrack a [inaudible] such as major price mont gumry. today we want to thank her for her work and hope you will continue for many years at lincoln high school >> thank you all. i would like to thank [inaudible] with only 6 months of adult teaching and living in san francisco i feel i have a lot oto do and am up to thatd challenge. i believe i'm only here because of the hard work of my students. i draw from thir energy. serving in the military has a level of distinction, but not until i walked into the classroom could
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i say i love what i do. every morning i get up and love what i do and have new ideas for my student and they lusk it back. it doesn't get better than this. thank you. >> okay, supervisor ye, you rup. supervisor wiener wanted to go last. >> [inaudible] [inaudible]
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bridget is a former board member of the ocean avenue association and the small business owner in district 7. she was borned and raised in san francisco and attended sacred heart but graduated from abraham lincoln high school which is where my older daughter graduated. there seem to be a theme as abraham lincoln high school [inaudible] she had the opportunity to work with a master stylist. she pursued a license in cause motology and continued her
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training at the pris teejs paul mitchell academy for styling. in 1992, she went into partnership andopebed her first salon in san francisco. can you believe when i heard she opened up [inaudible] what was she, 5 years old. not only is she living her dream of running her own business [inaudible] about a year and a half agoy a 4 alarm fire shut down many of the businesses on ocean avenue including bridge lts. it was a difficult decision for any of the business owners to continue operation, but bridget was determined. she managed to