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tv   [untitled]    May 4, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PDT

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findings and large project authorization at 650 indiana street >> good afternoon, commissioners, diego sanchez with planning department staff. before you i present a project located at 650 englanda street proposing two five-story mixed-use build and proposing 111 residential units. in approximate life 122,000 gross square feet and within that development is also proposed approximately 1900 gross square feet of ground-floor retail space. it's locationed on west side of englanda between 18-19 streets in the dog patch neighborhood. this requires two actions.
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this is pursuant to planning code section 295. and secondly you must grant a large project authorization pursuant to planning code section 329 to allow the construction of the two proposed five-story, 58' tall buildings and allow modifications to requirements for rear yard under planning code section 124 and dwelling unit exposure and horizontal mass reduction under planning code section 270.1. as a matter of background, the project went through before the rec and park commission finding that the new shadow he'll to 0.049% of the theoretically available annual sunlight is not adverse to the use of the park. staff recommends that you take the two mentioned actions for the following reasons. first the project provides 111 new residential units of which more than 40% will be two-bedroom units and project satisfies the affordable
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housing requirement through the provision of units on-site. the project utilizes roof debsing courtyards and private decks and publicly accessible open space to provide all of the required open space on si the new shadow cast is relatively minor and amounts to only an additional 0.049% increment of shadow on the park. this was found again to not be adverse to the use of the park by the general manager of the recreation and parks department in consultation with the rec and park commission. commissioners [tpro-ebgts/] is on balance and consistent with the objective and policies of the general plan. lastly since the publication of the case report, i have received apadditional seven letters of support for the proposed project. i am submitting these letters
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to you right now for your review. this concludes my presentation and i'm available form for questions. thank you. >> thank you, project sponsor. >> good afternoon commissioners, and director rahaim, [pr*-eupbs/] pal at a local developer, i am here tonight as well with our design team, who are valuable if you have questions. in addition to what diego shared, i wanted to point out that you will see there is also
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a public plaza proposed as part of the project. i wanted to clarify that item will actually be come bag before you in two weeks when the in-kind fee agreement will be before the commission the we went ahead and included versions of the plaza and both site plans with and without the plaza, i might say. but this approval and our project do notdend on that plaza happening. we certainly do hope it happens and we think it's a great transformative place-making opportunity for dog patch. i would like to go through the project design and call out a few important design features of the project. can you see on the first slide, this is a view of the project as if you were standing on indiana street looking south near the 18th street overpass. this is a picture of existing conditions as you can see from the plans, the site is
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kitty-corner to osprey park, just northwest of the esprit park and espirit park. esprit park in green to the northeast. we're an extraordinary transit-oriented development site and a few blocks from the
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mupi 3rd street ultimately subway central 20th street station and of course pier 00 and the park are just four blocks to the east and we'll get back to that in a second. moving close to the project site you can see why we dub our name project oem, and we occupy a slender site. we back up onto a landscaped embankment. across 19th is a warehouse that is currently occupied by an equipment rental company and to the east is the ucsf administrative and planning building. this is a diagram of the
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massing -- on the left, one of our emphasis, our goals in the design was to create a very articulated and diverse building facade. on that note, we were committed to really four things when we approached the building. we really wanted to build a block, not a project. we wanted to actually create a series of buildings, an experience of a series of buildings. we also wanted to give back to the neighborhood and that is why we have proposed this public art plaza. and this corner cafe. whenever possible we attempt to activate the street with everything from stoops to small plazas to a voluntary mid-block passageway. and then above all we wanted human-scale design. so moving on to the site plan. this is the site plan with the plaza. we are proposing a substantial redesign of the western side of indiana side consistent with
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better street standards that would actually result anyway widened sidewalk, planting, street trees and of course, as you move forwards 19th, the permanent closure of 19th, i want to emphasize in all of our schemes this remains fully public and would be a public plaza dedicated to large-scale rotating art and we're in conversations with caltrans about getting an easement to do work on their land as well, to build an urban bleacher. again, we'll come back with the specific plaza designs in two weeks. here is a project view, hovering above esprit park to the northeast. the o green building and m, reddish building to the north. i think a really important perspective view if you are standing in the corner of esprit park looking across the street and see the green o
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building with the playful rhythm along the fagaed, a full 17-18' clearance, transparent base and that is a double-height space with corner arts cafe and further down the block, the m building changing the palette. this is again looking back and standing to the north and looking southward and you can see the m building the reddish color and white exclamation point of that tower accentuating the lobby. this is a materials pal yate pallett that we're proposing to you.
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balconies with the same typology. as i mentioned we were really concerned making indiana became a living street. these show all of the various entrances from the large lobby entrances to individual stoops to access to the mid-block publicly accessible -- i'm sorry, mid-block passageway which was voluntary and something that we added. the code did not dictate that mid-block passagewayment now we're back at the plaza corner and we're just going to move down the street. again the plaza does not have to be part of the project and we'll show you the non-plaza option in a minute. the idea was to connect into the neighborhood. in fact, we heard at four different dog
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patch neighborhood associations. it's really important to talk about the urban context and what we see as an opportunity to catalyze a bunch of other changes in the neighborhood. when we were studying the plaza
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site we suddenly realized it's the book end, if you will, of the extraordinary work at the park proposal that the port is deep in the process of designing. what is nice about this is that 19th street kind of becomes this green corridor and start at crane cove park and land at esprit park and land at the book end of this hard-scaped plaza that would be dedicated to public art. when we climbed up to the
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embankment, we saw this extraordinary view to the crane at crane cove and that is this view. i will try to speed up. i apologize. that is the relationship between esprit, the plaza and the cafe, that is semipublic and courtyard to the overbuilding. we put great effort into having a continual floor plane, when you sit in the cafe, not only do you appreciate the public plaza, but you can see the interior courtyard to the o building. this is the corner without the plaza. jonas, should i wrap it up? >> yes. >> thank you. streetscape improvements and these are the stoop entrances for the o building. we're at kokomo muse. further down the m building one of the small courtyards and
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stoops. and then finally the tail-end of the m building and the 18th street overpass. looking down the roofline and ending up with the southern perspective. apologies for running over the ten minutes. thank you for your attention. >> thank you. let's open for public comment. [ reading speakers' names ] >> i support these 111 new units at 650 indiana. i decided to come and speak in support of large housing projects, whether i realized that the entitlement process is biased against ben beneficiaries of new buildings.
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the rest of the rental market benefits from more units. so i'm part of the generate community of renters in the bay area and i'm affecting by the lack of housing through high rent and lack of options. and to consider all the people that will benefit once it's built, because they don't exist yet as renters. thanks. >> thank you. next to speaker, please. [ reading speakers' names ]
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>> hi i'm susan vice president of the dog patch neighborhood association and as michael said we did vote unanimously to support this project. we met with the developer numerous times to discuss our concerns and suggestions to what we wanted and did not want in the design. major suggestions from neighbors and our members, which the developer responded to were creative design and exemplary quality finished materials, one-on-one site bike parking and on-site atorridable units and three-bedroom and open space at street-level. ample loading zones that will not impede the slow of traffic and parking. additional grooming of sidewalks and sidewalk-level. sidewalk lighting, car-share, electric plug-in for cars and to decrease and move back
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peripatetic walls to love boyding heights so buildings fit better to neighborhood height and bulk. this isn't the first project that building has done in our neighborhood. i can't even remember -- they did the esprit project years ago and at that time that was 147 units and there was not one vote of opposition. we feel that we benefit so much from the in the dog patch.
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that is win option. the backup, which we have discussed at length that the arts cafe, the cafe fronting the plaza and work out a rental arrangement, so there is essentially a private steward that needs to make sure that the plaza is maintained and the plaza remains 100% public and that is really important to emphasize. we're talking with the mayor's office and dpw and others about should it remain a street or should it become another form of public property?
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and even to this 19th street location. it doesn't get as much benefit one thing to explore with caltrans to get that far is the addition of potential sound wall. hopefully, artfully designed at the very end, if for some reason that looks like it's desirable. >> and then you have got kind of part of the caltrans right-of-way as part of the plaza. i method imagine the
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stairs? >> the bleacher steps, yes. >> it's a great part of that plaza and is it a separate track with caltrans? >> i believe it comes bask in date -- back in two weeks the in-kind agreement, which covers with other sources that were identified, cover the right-of-way, the stub end of 19th and includes budget for approximately 4,000 square feet that is in the caltrans' landscaped easement. >> thank you. >> commissioner antonini. >> agree that petrino transformed the dog patch neighborhood. it's a wonderful restaurant and i always enjoy going there and this project is one that will further transform dog patch in a positive direction.
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it's already moving that way and helps to create the critical population mass that is needed in the neighborhood and therefore, we can start seeing more neighborhood-serving retail, going in, because you need enough population before it makes sense to have the neighborhood-serving services there. so that is something that we are moving towards with this and i'm very much in favor of this project. it's well-designed and well-planned and gives back a lot. >> commissioner sugaya. >> i have a question. is there rentals or condos or do we know yet? >> diego sanchez, it's a rental project. >> that is more encouraging because i think they are probably a better fit. so we're getting 16 affordable units, is that right? okay. i will move to approve with conditions. >> second. >> commissioner fong? >> well, you beat me to it.
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>> go ahead, you make it. >> [laughter ] >> incredible project and i am supportive of the project. >> commissioner moore. >> it's a great day to see great architects on housing and we have been searching for innovative housing and i think we have seen three projects today that are doing it and i'm delighted to approve it with all the positive accolades, repeating what the neighborhood organizations already summarized, i think we are right ontarget here. >> commissioner antonini. >> i think it would be remiss not to mention part of what we are voting on that we do agree that the shadow on esprit park is not significant and that is one of the votes that we will be taking because often times projects come up and with small impact, tiny impacts like this, become big issues. but i think it is a great
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project as are many others and i'm glad that the commission and public don't have any problem with the very small shadows that will result. >> on that thought, i just want to add i do agree on this project. it is a diminus impact. but this is not a protected parks and those parks fall in different categories. >> so commissioners there is a motion and second to approve the project, as proposed with conditions, including the findings for shadow. >> on that motion commissioner atbion. >> aye. >> commissioner borden. >> aye. >> commissioner hillis? >> aye. >> commissioner moore? >> . >> aye commissioner sugaya? >> commissioner fong? >> aye. >> commissioner president wu. >> aye. >> that motion passes unanimously -06789 commissioners that will pace you on item 14 or case no. 2012.04 the 3x1201 request for
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authorization. >> good afternoon agencies, rich sucre department staff and the project is a large project authorization for proposed project at 1201-1225 tennessee street and seeking modification for rearar, dwelling unit exposure, off-street loading, horizontal reduction and accessory for dwelling units. the proposed project including demolition of existing two-story commercial ware hughes building and automotive service station, and new construction after i 6-story residential building with 259 dwelling units of which 34 will be affordable dwelling units. and grund-floor corner retail, approximately 2260 square feet. 2-car share parking spaces, 147 off-street parking spaces and 259 class i bicycle parking spaces. the project includes