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tv   [untitled]    June 3, 2014 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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test. >> so before we get started today just a couple of announcements we'll ask you turn off any sound producing days and we'll also ask you take any secondary conversations out into the hauling if you want to speak we request you fill out a blue card we call the names on the blue cards before additional public comment if you're speaking under public comment you'll have 3 minutes. >> 3 minutes. >> on each item and when making public comment please remember to address the commission the commission neither the commission nor staff will answer questions or ask staff to answer
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questions until your through with public comment that allows everyone an equal amount of time to comment. if you want to speak on an item that's not on the agenda and falls within the jurisdiction of the recreation and park commission you can under item 4 general public comment and the other is on item 10 it is continued from 4 to 10 if you speak on item 4 you may not speak again on item 10. with that, we're ready to start and we're on the president reporting >> thank you very much. i first want to make an important announcement to welcome the third grade class if the san francisco friends school thank you for being here they are here to observe and hopefully see how one commission
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operates in san francisco. i hope you have a good time i've had a chance to chat with them and they represent every park in san francisco. secondary i attending the reopening of coit tower congratulations to the staff for really a very, very, very excellent job. i particularly want to point out i think the upgrade this the shop there the visitor commercial piece is really underpass and should set a standard for future operations in the park. and lastly i want to ask commissioner harrison to weigh in on an issue >> i was fortunate to go to the t c harrod park particularly by tom smith i was particularly interested in the putting green
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turf that is resistant to pests they're a problem. the park is absolutely beautiful. the placement of the no mow grass allocations great they've done that to reduce the time spent mow the grass that's a saving the improvements are great. the changes are amazing. when i first worked out there in 1968 the improvements are marvelous. they've built a huge underground tank to hold reclaimed water to hold for irrigation savings hundreds of thousands of fresh water it's amazing. the equipment is just since i worked out there pits amazing they do a great job and is cooperation within t pc lead by
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director tom smith and kevin are just great this makes this thing click this cooperation within the two-piece two seektsdz out there is this huge improvement over what it used to be. i congratulate them and the staff for putting that together it's marvelous out there. thank you >> thank you tom. i'm going to ask we've got quite a few of the people attending rather than having people to stand staff please give up their seats for people in the back and once a couple of those items are over we'll see exodus people sit down we can't have you blocking the doorways. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment
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there the president's report seeing none, public comment is closed. on item 3 the general manager's report >> good afternoon, commissioners good afternoon san francisco friends how are you. >> good. >> so typically we like you outside not in buildings when it's sunny and beautiful we're going to make an exception so you can see how the city works we want you outside playing in our parks all right. arrest commissioners i'm sorry i was laid i scam from buena vista park we welcomed facebook folks joining us in bona fide park for the amazing work on the western slope of buena vista which has been a suffered from a tremendous amount of erosion and we've had two or three projects
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that are not only stabilizing the projects but making that side of the park sparkle for the neighborhood and it's great to about a hundred facebook folks out there. i wanted to talk about the great work that we're doing at the hertz playground this is a the to the commission commissioner low who initiated a request to use some of the money from the commissioners receiver hertz playground is in one of the challenged and under secondary communities and because of the commission and the great partnership with tlc for can i see and is public works we're renovating the ball field and have resurfaced two basketball
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courts and given a make over to the playground and playhouse. the ball field which was primarily done on may 3rd with dozens ever volunteers raments the doll dynamic it was contractor for the kids and the in kind grant to make sense and install new bat things and scoreboard and home run fence at the site it mooint might be the best ball field it's amazing. are there's still for work happening i note that those projects are challenging. as you may have read in the paper a similar type of partnership in the city of oakdale their challenging for both is cities and the private
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partners and the fact we're able to pull on the job projects off is a testament to the partners we have that want to invest san francisco parks and a great credit to my staff both at the partnership level lisa and also the volunteer team kimberly and the men and women on the ground in operations our gardeners and maintenance staffer. so we'll be celebrating the completion on saturday may 31st a at the 10:00 a.m. please be there and a big thanks to the commission for kick starting the project. i want to give a special thanks we wanted to thank and shout out to the entire eight grade class in roovl school that includes my date grass for participating in a volunteer day of service not
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only for the golden gate park and the julius playground. the project was hosted by our department the presidio trust and over all we had 2 hundred and 40 eight graders to clean up our parks. we're very, very proud of our youth programs on scene with our special guest over the past 3 years roosevelt has provided many, many hours to make our parks great and planting the trees for the next generation of folks. may 31st at the 330 public comment this commission along the recreation and park commission and our friends and partners on local 2 61 will host the sixth annual awards at
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mcclaren park we're going to recognize the gardeners who went above and beyond the call of duty we'll be celebrating 12 of our staff. as i know this is our late summer at the stick. but plans are shaping up for our late hurrah at candle stick park a successor match between the nation of ass your by shall think on may 27th this is one thought just 3 world cup two matches for our as national team in new york city and then they're off to miami city before heading off to brazil where
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there will have challenging matches against portugal and guatemalan in a and germany thank you successor fans it's been called the group of deaf because the competition is good we're happy to have the u.s. successor item team in san francisco we e they know that san francisco is an natural successor hub for this country and they're well aware of our world cup's successor vooufgz we'll talk about we're kicking of not central plaza again. on or after we've got the lesions of candle stick for a fag football game on july 12th featuring joe monotenant and dwight clark and roger greg and other leeblgz including dan
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moreen. following that the san jose earthquake successor team a plays host to madrid one of the best teams in the world on july 27th and august 14th we're going to have a concert to paul mccarthy of the beetles will have a farewell concert at the candle stick 31 they gave the last performance in 1966 those interested in keeping up can sign up for alert at the last summer dot and we'll have our playday on the green a free you contingent day on august 3rd at the candle stick where kids and families can come to candle stick park one finally
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time free and enjoy one taste of the iconic stud before we say good job we have 3 special acknowledges first steve denouncing u dunn where is steve come on up if you can squeeze in. steve dunn one-on-one one of our gardeners in the parks recently went the extra mile to help a member of the public i thought that was worth menacing. steve's boss or manager shared with steve was doing his regular work auto on the lake merced and found out a set of luggage 3 pieces of luggage on his beat he
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say no contact information other than a prescription bottle it would have been easy to ignore or let someone else worry about it steve took the perspires bottle and called the paramedic and convinced them to give him the name and he got in touch and dropped off her luggage. anyone knows the stress of being forget full so i want to give steve a ticket of appreciation and helping and demonstrating the best of our the public function of our rec and park staff. steve thank you very much (clapping) take some photographs.
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commissioner president buell you can join me for the rejection two russel come on up we've talked about the importance of volunteer he's a distinguished member of our volunteer core and railing was the recipient of a general with regard with regard for compact of getting his fellow citizens get down unquote unquote he's an seminar and he shared his love of dancing as one of the popper dance instructors where 3 hundred
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people come and they spend time in our parks program so rawls in celebration is a distinguished award on behalf of the rec and park department i want to say thank you for your efforts and offer you a certificate of appreciation and hope to learn some moves i really need some help (clapping). you can say a few words this is your moment please.
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one thing i'd like to recognize is that the jefferson award for public service is a national with regard in 3 locations in the schools in the workplace and in the community. and our case k pi x is the media partner. i was nominated by one of our line dance danceers and i believe i was selected for doing more than just leading the line dances. one i've helped to keep the line dancing going when we were just at a point when all we had was intermediate classes and two
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i've created new tools for them to work with and 3 i've changed venues when they've needed to be. some of the centers you know have closed two days now and when sunday's close at the seminar center i got focal dancing into richmond rec we when saturdays closed i changed our line dancing and hampton recreation center where i teach to 930 and our other instructor to noon. i'd like to thank victor lee who's in charge of the recession for the golden gate park senior
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citizens center we've created programs and have spots for programs so that citizens like me and many others can exercise, can enjoy games, can socialize things of that and a half >> russel thank you very, very much. >> and our employee recognition time of year. and i'm going to bring up someone to present the award i'm very, very proud is say this goes to jim our equipment supervisors and know that steve is here they often do not get the recognized keeping our rec and park department together
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with talented committed public services thank you jim and ken to present the award >> good morning. i'm ken g the human resources for the rec and park department. i'm proud to be here to introduce jim kohlman - okay. as the award recipient of our employee recognition program in december of 2005 he started as the equipment supervisor as a truck driver for 9 years and general laborer for 5 years we became the primary contractor for the installation of the siren pole it's an emergency response system and will be part of the cities wifi network under the direction of mark farrell,
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jim from our maintenance division worked the department of technology and the department of public works on this project and assembled interest topers and the heave crew to dig a trench to install a 8 and a half foot pole and our increment technician to finish the job and it occurred over the weekend of the march 22 and 23rd and bend from the technology. since this is went so well, this think a ongoing program to place the siren posted throughout the city. in a letter jim dunn the project manager said they worked hard
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professionally and presented many challenges with the terrain they worked closely to complete a unique job in the departmental cooperation sea finished the project shortly. they were able to finish the program and finish. what this departmental tie doesn't say he look forward to working with the department of public works and has a safest aspect on behalf of the rec and park department we want to thank gym for his dedication and look forward to his continued success in the city and county of san francisco
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(clapping.) steve do you want to - >> (clapping) >> and now as we conclude the general manager's report chief of rec and parks. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ helping hands and this is our favorite weekend we celebrate our walk of the earth and 3 hundred acres of the earth.
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this is an incredibly special place and thanks to all of your help we got it done over 2 hundred of you that's 3 hours of work getting our hands dirty that's 50 truckloads of debris that was cleaned and hauled out of here. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> coit tower is approximately sponsor a number of reasons those are historic liberty in the city they mean to
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generations of people we reintroduce them to kids and generations of our own and when you look at the murals you'll understand the history is dedicate and a reminder of the great depression but the faces of diversity thought our world and the west coast in san francisco. 4, 3, 2, 1 (clapping.) it's a big thanks to elton and jane and everybody does not and that concludes the general manager's report >> any public comment on the general manager's report. >> go ahead. >> we're on general public comment we have ken and others
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(calling names) i'm going if i'm pronouncing that right sorry that - >> hi i'm a native san franciscan i want to ask for the fillmore park at the fillmore and turkish we would like to do things to help improve the park and work with you. i presently have a television production training program going on in the ocean building and i get leave people we want to do things in the park we want to partnership with the park you may have things we can use we want to improve the park and look forward to work i don't know how to go about, you know, forming a partnership but we want to do that
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>> thank you very much. darryl >> hello, everyone i'm deterring repel hunter i first of all, want to note i was proud of what i saw with all the activities with the rec and park and what's going on with the youth i want to incorporate something in which i had going on there before i jumped in having a multi culture festival people they represent and respect and entertainment and bring it under one umbrella as we have all those unique children here; right? so we need to come together and put something together in that respect. i came here because with this gentleman we've got something special with the filmmaker
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production and he's been the engine to that. i want to incorporate the rec and park to be part of the filthy partnership we want to use that park not only as woody allen a wonderful park where people enjoy the sun but hear the truth about the community and better their community and better the entire san francisco and use the park as a venue so do that. i appreciate it >> thank you very much. >> anastasinastasia. >> good morning. i'm ann establish i'm unfortunately came in here to talk about bad things instead of good things but talking about the and a half areas problem i asked margaret to give handout one is the
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article from tuesday by the clinton cob and the name of the article is nature problem. and just to remind the plan significant nature resort plan plans to cut aid for the trees for the reason of restoring the forte area from the habitat. the handout is the letter which you might have seen last year, it was writing last year from glen and it is an organization consisting of two neighborhood organizations that invest in the neighborhood and the vote was