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tv   [untitled]    June 11, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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meeting will come to order this is the wednesday, june 11, 2014, san francisco budget & finance sub-committee of the san francisco board of supervisors i'm supervisor mar and joined by supervisor avalos and clerk linda wong my noumentdz. >> yes. phones, pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. items acted upon today will be on the june 14th agenda. >> i'd like to thank our
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sfgovtv bill dill lane and jennifer lowe foretell casting us today. clerk linda wong i think we need a motion to excuse chair mark farrell that's sick so can we do that we'll take that without objection. thank you. clerk linda wong call the first item >> number one is the resolution to approve the new contract modifications to security services for the human services agency for february 2014 to january 2015 in the amount of 189.8 million. we have mr. david the ceo ceo >> good morning. i'm the director of contracts and facilities in way of background
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this is one of the larger security guard contracts in the city this particular one has been highly competitive in an city that's very expensive i'm sure supervisor avalos reminds in 2009 when guards mark got this contract we are before you in early 2013 requesting a two month expectation to complete the procurement progress we put out our bid in august of 2012 we having had 10 recipients was one disqualified we scored 8g9 and can be with a grouping near the top of 3 companies we requested a 2 most extension to determine a winner of the new contract. we completed that and picked a winner which was t time security
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and we made the tentative ward and receives two protests from the number 9 international security services we didn't get a protest from the number 2 bidder that was the inthat community guards mart they instead filed a lawsuits against the number one bidder alleging violation of trade secrets and one of the officers the new company t ton was a former guards mark employee so the litigation didn't name the city but had a visit interest so we talked to both companies guards mart said they will continue to provide the services until the resolution passed it took approximately one hundred days
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for the party to settlement out of core court ensue t ton had to withdraw their proposal so we had to go to number two bidders so we renegotiated a new contract with guards mark before you today. one thing i'll say in the previous contract guards mart wanted the observation to be at their discretionary we entering into one year contract with 3 options we're concerned about guards mart change of local management we have them under a corrective action from the adversary report and mortgaging their performs and if not performing up to performance we'll put it out to bid
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>> can you explain the local management concerns again. >> for the past 5 years the local management and guards mart is a worldwide company headquartered in memphis the local management manage our contract and we have 19 guards at the sites including homeless shelters. the local management as has done an "x" mr. star contract they've bid against another company that's the subject of a litigation. the guards themselves are all subject to displaced workers act so in my stunner we've begin through 5 security companies so we're concerned that the local management over the services
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stayed intact because of the lawsuit they left the main individual go and new replaced them with a new person but there's a steep learning curve. as well as the fiscal impact the new contracts starts out at $0.16 higher we held it steady and it's a one year contract with the city's discretion to exercise. >> thank you for the presentation i see no questions and we don't have a budget analyst report report open this up for public comment anyone from the public wishes to speak. >> yes. i would say the progress sometimes, it's a creative in terms of particular reason and structuring and
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infrastructure in order for the expansion of the geographic raise under the society for this funding things to happen see for everyone due to the contract. >> thank you is there anyone who wishes to speak on the item? seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you for the thorough presentation, sir. i see no other questions can we have a motion >> sure a motion to approve move forward with recommendation. >> we'll take that without objection. >> thank you so much. mrs. wong call the next item >> it is a resolution to authorize the public health department for accident services to enter into an amended service contract with the states department of public health for the term of july 2010 through
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june 30th, 2014, and authorizing and to approve the all the times for the lense agreement contract amounts. >> thank you. the director in the public health department. >> this is the regular can he occurring contract for san francisco it was a job and continue after me the final hopefully amendment to who was a 4 year contract. every california county is required to provide clofg drug and services this is for the state and federal regulations to the major overriding change in this amendment is a name change of the department of public health services that oversees
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it. >> okay sound like a simple amendment thank you. i see no questions open this up for public comment is there anyone who wishes to speak on the item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> motion to approve. we'll take that without objection. ms. wong >> item 3 is a resolution for the acceptance and the provider for the bicycle project from 2014-2015 totally approximately 8 hundred 81 hundred thousand. >> rachel from the department of public works the proposed resolution authorizes dpw of the sfmta to accept and extend a total of $71,000 plus as long as
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the state grant fund from the metropolitan transportation fund in 2014-2015. the transportation development act of 1971 earmarked a quarter percent of the sales tax and created a local transportation fund in each community to receive the funds the state board of equalization in accordance with the sales tax collected in each county article 3 appropriated 2 percent of the sales tax for the purpose of funding the bicycle and pedestrian and road development projects the funds are looked at by the transportation funds to the 9 bay area county.
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dpw and the sfmta has a collaboration and those are the fund in the package. as you see we're dividing the funds equally mta proposed to use 8 hundred thousand plus for the maintenance of various bike facility projects including bike expansion. dpw proposes to use $202,000 because. the sidewalks improvement and the remaining $202,400 will be used for planning and designs throughout the city. those programs locations are selected from a list development by dpw and the mayor's office of disability it will be constructed the following fiscal
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year 2016 using for the sales tax measure funds. the mta doesn't require the counties provide local matching funds. i'm joined by mta and the dpw program staff and if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them >> thank you, ms. alonzo open this up for public comment anyone from the public wishes to speak, please come forward. >> go ahead. >> i've been in jerry for the planning project to be created if the go holistic wholesale be objective plan to 10 thousand 10 thousand tense thousand difference >> is there any public comment?
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seeing none, public comment is closed. . i have a question about the mta accommodate out of curiosity supervisor campos and i have questions >> of the $440,000 the $10,000 will go towards the bicycle project by the 15 stations and one hundred and 15 additional bikes. >> i think it was detailed a little bit because of some kind of change in the company that was installing them or what's the progress on the expansion plans do you know. >> the planning stations in place by the end of the calendar year they're working through the schedule but that's the current
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plan. >> what was there going to be a change in the bayer entity. >> their preparing a request to potentially finding a new contractor maybe the same contractor. >> thank you. so i see no questions. so colleagues, can we move this forward with a positive recommendation without objection >> ms. wong call the last item. >> number 4 is a resolution to the pufrdz office to accept a grant from the board of state for the purpose of implementing illegal education advocacy for the period of december 31st, 2014. >> good morning. >> good morning, supervisors we
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have lauren who is our expert education federal reserve the san francisco public defender's office who's been the moving force behind this successful grant we're in the are third year of funding and this is the final year and many of our board of supervisors members we know we're hoping to instill lists this program in our office we have incredible and not able achievements i'd like lauren to really mention and to remind the supervisors that the work is ongoing and it's very important work. we continue to save lives and money for the city when we're keeping youth in their appropriate educational programs and out of jail >> morning i want to highlight a few things over the pass 2 1/2
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years we've served 2 hundred and 050 students in san francisco we have less than a 13 percent recidivism rate and students have increased their attention in school if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them. >> actually, i was going to ask about the funding and i know that this is residenttively authorizing funding but what happens in the future for the funding for the program. >> with your support we hope we have this funding for the education attorney and our youth advocate but we're hoping to fund a paralegal position because as it is we have well exceeded our target population of one hundred 4th of july per year and actually turning down
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cases where our lawyers are making referral so the need it there i think the mayor has been supportive of funding the education attorney position and the youth advocate but we're looking forward to adding another position the
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