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tv   [untitled]    June 21, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the public comment but tiffany our liaison from sand dust and jackie is here also to present. i wanted to say i think i've said this attempt i apologize to the public i appreciate sand dust and were grateful you're the first copy to the community and it's far above and beyond the wonderful work. i don't pay nonprofits to pay me things but it's important when i see the nonprofits in the tenderloin and they is sand dust is here every week i've heard it at several schools our again, you can't replace that community organization and i appreciate our work and leadership and so i'm tiffany i am the community
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liaison at sand dust i'm here to answer questions but i am here to objectively go what peter said to suggest improving the progress we need a consensus on exemption is it more important to have the companies to commit to a number of dollars i agree that having us volunteering and we make sure there's an gaerment once a week is important for the relationship building we get dings not we but the volunteering aspects get dinged quite a bit in the press there's a prospective as a replacement for the dollars we have the understanding of the balance between each we wanted engagement and relationships with those organizations since the cbcs do exterior we want to
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make sure the engagement goes past that. i do think that setting priorities is important as we discuss the draft we agree upon the commitments in the benefits agreement but a year a longer than because issues and i rise when we look at the process last year, we sort of had a lot of our comments locked in and housing was located in and we have few of the housing in the documents so making it more movable or having a list of buckets percentage i know companies say yes, i'm to take that one open it is important. i think it's super important to talk about the citywide issues not solved by 6 companies. the cac that oversees the
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process sometimes that meeting is a platform that is troublesome in san francisco and can feel overwhelming and with that when we began this process the idea all our investment should be in an concentrated area and there's an aspect that some things spill outside of the area we need clarification who are the feedbacks supposed to be in a confined area like something in housing do we need to open up the areas a more stringent check list is fine the only thing i is in terms of when we try to resolve the reporting issue and show the accountability like the city i agree with passport we want
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something on the other side yes, they showed up no, they didn't i'm concerned about sending the e-mails it's 70 to percent of my job is a reporting on the cbc it's cumbersome. but the cac we're working with has everyone's interest at heart i'm appreciate their have our interests at heart. again if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them i'll be here until the end of this item >> i don't see any questions i know you've been supporting an advisor so this support it well appreciative and i appreciate
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our setting clear exceptions the citywide and setting the expectations that's part of san francisco i know that certainly the big issues that come up the cac and the market for accident mass has asked us to address those issues it can only be done in the city and the larger sector. thank you for being here. next, i have jackie junctions here from market for the mass he want to acknowledge, you know, a really great public meeting and great event they've cooperated with all 6 of the companies that participate in the cb a. about two years ago at the twitter headquarters one of the
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feedback we've given a specific it so having the world as the, you know, all the things we want to see from the community benefits narrowly down on the policies and idea we would like the tech companies and the companies that participate to help address and actually coming up with specific proposals that was great and i also appreciate it was a different type of set up it didn't allow for the best type of dialog it is great to have one room with small table conversations with folks so thank you for being here >> thanks for having this hearing i really wanted to acknowledge peter and tiffany's condominiums so market street
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for the mass is a collective voice for neighborhood residents in the mid-market and south of market neighborhood we've form and response to the is significant investment in 2012 and have 28 members so we wanted to talk about two things one is a so you have packet with all this information there is a letter that went to the city fester on may 1st with specific recommendations some have been covered by tiffany and peter. we would really like to see more timely documents for meetings and a longer process for the cb a process that allows the community to weigh in as you mentioned supervisor kim the meeting around the holidays are
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difficult in a lot of different ways. then the clear set of standards for the miserable outcomes and a way to circle around and whether or not those outcomes were met. we're currently awaiting a meeting with the city administrators officer to go over to letter about some of the process ideas and we also just said to briefly talk about as you mentioned the dialog section we had was the tech companies and the city toekz folks and supervisor kim i know upper a big part of that meeting we really, really appreciate our efforts and city administrator was there. we've responded to the call from the liaisons for more specific ideas.
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and in particular you, you know, one of the areas we actually formed around and i would say member organizations came to the table around the issue was displace of employment displacement of resident and neighborhood servicing businesses i would say that's the number one issue around the mid-market development we recognize that the technician companies were not necessarily causing the displace of employment that that's not their fault but the, you know, the developments that's happening in the mid-market has created displace of employment so that's how the market works we know that's a reality so we have fraction that we've presented and we would like to see f is we'd like the cac to develop that as a fraction for the process come out to fall into
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the framework and the cac to use this and, of course, the c a organization to take limp so there are 4 elements i'll go over the community stabilization and acquisition fund that's the biggest ticket item and this addresses the displace of employment that mitigate displaces of employment of residents and nonprofits organizations just briefly how it works we're asking the cb a companies to provide funding but really maybe more importantly not more importantly but equally leadership to outreach to the deeper pockets to race $3 million for the fund that allows the nonprofits to be able to purchase property they're not able to purchase as quintessential as the folks
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would, pay incarnate. and so a lot of property is disappearing into the hands for profit developers and nonprofits don't staples a chance of creating housing or creating spades for nonprofits if we don't have the ability to make deadly for quickly so we wanted to create the stabilization fund south of market in the boyer and this is our number one ask. and as leadership in the funds we understand that the cb a companies that the contracts with the city in now can create a fund of $25 million so we get that and we'll outreach to other. we have a couple of community input projects through wifi and
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a security project detailed are in our packet we want lisp from the keypads there not only fund but to move forward. and then we have an idea for neighborhood integration activity we're offering as a way for on board folks who come to work at the cb a companies to understand the neighborhood and too and i think that some of those things are things the companies are already doing and engaging in we're hearing that the cb a meetings we have a list of things again, a list of things they're doing well, and taping into so essentially that's what we wanted to present i know we had a number of speakers that came about 3 hours ago but i wanted to reiterate we have a coalition of 28 organizes
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and many more that orchid think the proposals that are not members so i know there are members of cho cho here and the land trust, etc. i'm not sure if folks will be able to remain so thank you very much >> so at this point we'll start pub public utilities i know a lot of people who couldn't stay. i appreciate the specification in terms of thus far and to improve the process also the specific proposals are incredibly helpful and one of the goals is that companies not only gifts of gives of give back but the last sheet on how companies can get to know the neighborhood and the community is to 130r we want our employees
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to be able to develop relationships with real based organizations and understand the history of the neighborhood they're moving in or living in so our communities continue to both be challenged by. at this point we'll continue with the public comment >> okay. great i'll call up public comment cards
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(calling names) and people could line up on this side of room. or the sheriff gets unhappy with us. first speaker please. thank you, supervisors for letting me speak i'm tim. i am a residence of tenderloin and i'm the director of a nonprofit in the tenderloin. i rent an apartment in the tenderloin and fighting tooth and nail to stay in the apartment i'm the director of an organization on ivories street why wham with the you did not care youth we've been there 20 years we lease the property and provide many community services and been there for 20 services training skills for people and run a pany for feed 2 hundred
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and 50 people that come every week we've got will one thousand people for food we're in partnership with la jolla have a may we open up our shelters for women in domestic violence i was invited by my landlord that some developers are purchasing our property i'm a fight i'm losing my building after being there are no 20 years i have the first reporters of refusal i'm trying to raise the amounts to fight off big developers i'm not blaming the tech companies i understand this is the way the market works but i'm here to support market street for the magnifies this is necessary for
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all organizations like mine that's been there 20 years and we're doing everything we can to remain in the neighborhood we love the tenderloin i'm part of the tenderloin i work and walk through it everyday i enjoy it i don't want to leave >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hello, i'm the program director of krnt pulse we're in the process of buying a little i want to thank you for passing the non-profit supple we're fwrad your keating nonprofits in the city. i'm a proud member of the market street for the magnifies and the packet is a great guidepost for the tech companies for them to gain meaningful subcontractor with the community i think one
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of the biggest tuntdz is the commitment to the community that is the mid-market area tiffany said it in the dollar signs are unimportant but they only go that far and actually getting the employees leadership to care and feel in community with the rest of the organizations of the city is the important goal we speak for the pact to do that so thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors i'm working as a community organizer with the tenderloin. we're an affordable housing developer that also provides wrap around services for the extremely low income working
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class families so thank you for having this hearing. with knowing this might sound like i'm preaching to the choir i want to speak broadly about the housing crisis in san francisco i am sure i know this is not a public comment space i don't not want to talk about that as the previous speaker said it's true that the advisory committee space is kind of the only place right now as a place for community members to speak about what was happening in the mid-market program and you see what's happening across the city it's n it's not fair to say that we can't talk about the larger picture the displacement pates
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unhappy we're seeing it because of the tax inclusion and the explosion in the tech industry so we strongly support and ask the supervisors to encourage that to get this passed. you you know that $25,000 n is not didn't you have enough but can do some things that people who need supportive housing who need the neighborhoods amenity are able to stay we encourage the board takes this serial we look forward to the second hearing with the city administrators office included. thank you >> thank you very much. next speaker. and good afternoon. i'm sam dennis son i'm from feedback for fools. what i'd like to stress here is
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the goal of market street for the mafdz in producing this fraction is to produce relationship of collaboration and get ability so we can say how things are measured and know was we have success and hit the collaborative level i appreciated what tiffany wanted when the tax inclusion so over this is not something that gets texted e checked off. gender indication is a huge issue it's been said in a whole bunch of ways people are suffering because people are coming into the area that have a fair amount of weight and part of what we need is coming to a common vision we can't say those people can't come in or leave but if we're going to have
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commonly outlet the framework that says we need to work together financially and let's see work together at the a community it is something we need to do. the other thing i want to say to the liaisons and hopefully 81 many you'll help we need to have lisp from the law sons themselves in building the collaboration we need phone calls for the magnifies will you show up. we've held the first meeting that said let us get together and talk and now hold your office supervisor kim support us would be an excellent thing and speci specially if sxhmgz office can help >> thank you. next speaker.
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and i'm paul from the academy and co-chair of the 0 market street for the massive. i want to provide a few more summary items that the market for the masses notably 3 things that emerged with the cb a companies in looking for fraction for the lecturers framework to maximize impact and outcomes for their investments and activities. and a desire for those to be cooperative so market street for the massives and cb a companies are working together on bigger projects and those promotions are included in our packets as well as a desire for multiplied year projects in order to have
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the most outcomes or impact sometimes that's going to take more than 12 months to accomplish. as jackie alluded to we have the proposal in our letter to the city administrators office for the framework for cb proposals ask them to include participation in the investment opportunity for the acquisition fund the impact projects and the neighborhood integration and organizational process we've made great strives toward the cb a and the nonprofits i'm hoping the leadership shown by supervisor kim's office we can make those cb a impactful and
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thank you very much. thank you. next speaker. mr. welch >> thank you kevin welch the san francisco clearing house speaking in support of the mid-market stabilization plan. the market street for the masses address the affordable housing and the retention strategies in neighborhoods and this proposal reflects in a very comprehensive way the relatives of that conversation and i strongly commend it to our attention. i want to amplify on ms. lisa pertinent remarks on the citywide and local neighborhood issues. there's 3 realize of real estate and we're talking about real estate here. and those 3 rules of real estate are location, location,
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location. the impacts of real estate development are very specific although the manifestation can be seen citywide we have a act locally so there's no real contradiction between citywide problems and revolving them ass another a neighborhood level that's how problems are resolved citywide problems and national problems are all resolved from our hearts and locally. there is no contradiction you. thank you very much. next speaker. . >> hello, i'm in the tenderloin for 20 dwrrz i am here because i love the tenderloin. i hope this defines the relationship too the tenderloin and the tech companies we're not
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here to appeal to their sense of charity that's a demand of taking the responsibility on the impact on our neighborhoods. it is also an invitation we engage in a process that might preserve the ethnic and cultural a economic diversity of the neighborhood and recognize the altercations to be a place of created and citizens after awhile folks share the sameness of style everyone i've gone. if you want to surface one of the creative neighborhoods for another neighborhood.
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memorandum of understanding moo i urge you to put this proposal forward with urgency >> thank you. next speaker. . >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm atrocious with the land trust here to express support for the market street framework that was put together and is a very nice comprehensive yet target framework i hope we can see this used with other community benefits and especially want to express support for creating a mid-market acquisition fund. if there's anything we've learned through the two real estate circles the only way to prevent evictions or high rents is to own the property to own the building. and therefore in order to really empower community serving
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nonprofits and other agencies to stabilize the neighborhood we have to have a way to parking meter on the private market before we lose existing residents and nonprofits. so this kind of fund i feel is most impactful not only today but for decades to come by attracting current fund, however, their measured but it seems like the proposal is to ask for specific dollar amazes of donations from the initial 6 tech partners which this, of course, could be matched by other companies in the mid market area that's one of the best asks the community could ask for. i ask you to psyche the chief
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administrator also to make that ask >> next. >> hello supervisors this is a long average i'm james tracey i'm on the board of the san francisco land trust and a former resident of the tenderloin i know a lot of times those discussions at city hall are like an italian opera the stabilization and he other fund can change the tune imagine in residents didn't have to change their resources when new development comes in they could think and a about and look at the face of its merits imagine wee if we grooi grew this skill and