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tv   [untitled]    June 24, 2014 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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connection project this is an action item. >> supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much mr. chair. colleagues thanks for hearing this item what you have before you is an result of a public process that took over 13 years to complete after the closer of the schlage lock factory in the 99 we partnered with universal paragon to develop a revitalization plan for this site in the community. after several years of analysis the process recently concluded with the adaptation of the redevelopment plan zoning changes a master plan to guide the changes on site, however, with the demise with the agency in 2012 the loss of tens of millions of dollars dollars in tax increments funding that
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accompanied this project has required us to reaccess and give a fresh look at the community goals. it's been challenging to move forward to say the least especially moving forward without redevelopment funds but we've been able to lean on the advisory committee members it's been flexible and they've rolled up their sleeves to revitalization this project. we've been working with the mayor's office and other agencies that includes sfmta to come up with thoughtful solutions to help us meet the gap we found ourselves in after the dissolution of the redevelopment agency. what we have a simple today, i'm asking for your supporting to commit $2 million for the bay
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area caltrain project adjacent to the schlage lock project site. the transportation study that was adapted in march of 2013 identified a connection to the bayer station as one of the priority. we've learned throughout the community process that transportation improvements and access continue to be a priority for the members of the southeast. now we have today will help expedite the construction of an interim pedestrian connection through the development site as the overall project is constructed that can save caltrain users more than one half a mile around the area and help. and no mystery that neighbors
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are clamoring for the need for more transportation environmentalist with where we were we're dealing with demonstrateful in the distribute this includes a couple of things i want to highlight a few with schlage lock a grocery new public parks and open space and affordable housing, specifically addressing the restoration of the historic office building and payment of the payment impact fees and the infrastructure fees and most important a significant environmentalist in the community that historically has lacked little attention deserved from city hall. the residents have spent hundreds of hours working on every component of the project the solution of the redevelopment agency has resulted in changes and
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compromises the community has been there so colleagues i'm asking and hopeful that you will support this incredible investment mr. chair thank you >> thank you for your comments. if no other comments we'll open up to. please come forward anyone from the public >> my name is fran i'm affiliated with the visitation planning alliance and a former member for the prop k expenditure plan for the transportation planning and implementation presently i'm on the giving me geneva r.c. the
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alliance challenged the proposal to build a store and we won thanks to the former supervisor he advocated for the community planning and the affordable housing and public transit serving retail jobs and underserved community slang is the key to the revitalization of visitacion valley and schlage lock will be sgral to the southeast. our neighborhood has supported the transportation at schlage lock and we started the entire progress that led us here today. in the span of 2001 the san francisco muni received a transportation planning grant to do a short plan in november of 2001 and the caltrain station at the schlage lock and jackson the
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avenue. this grant was a precursor to getting more funding for damage and landscape improvements that reinitialed the visitacion valley developers for sfrar. in 2010, the planning alliance received and won hard battles for the sf planning agency. i'm sure you're aware of a couple years ago we lost the tax increment financing that's nov necessary for the schlage lock development we've been if the forefront of advocating for affordable housing almost all neighborhoods don't want - i'm almost done >> quickly thank you. >> okay. i'll cut to the chase give us the money for prop k for pedestrian pathways thank you. >> thank you very clear.
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is there any public comment? please come forward and seeing none, public comment is closed. and roll call vote >> sxhooelz. supervisor breed. supervisor campos. supervisor chiu. supervisor malia cohen. supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. supervisor mar. supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. supervisor yee. i. that item passes >> thank you. congratulations. great. next item >> item 10 adapt the balboa park circulation study this is an action item. >> okay. this is an item i've been looked for a number of years i'm very, very happy that the circulation study has buena been done now the elements to implement is before the mta and
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hopefully, we, have feedback from your citizens advisory committee that helps shape the direction but around balboa park station we've had decades of congestion that meetings needs to get unclogged the circulation study talks about that closing some of the off-ramps and on ramps around the station that will enable transportation to flow and enable cars to have choices going you outside of the transit bay area hub to drop off people or heading to our freeways that are right increase in the system it is the greatest concentration of the transportation from bart and muni from light rail to bus and also our caltrain highway system so we spell need to find ideas
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for unclogging that the transportation study has been part ever that i'm happy to have it before us today and supervisor yee. >> thank you even though the balboa park station ♪ district 11 where it comes off the freeway and the path to district 7 and i've been keeping abreast in terms of the alternatives and so forth i'm really looking forward to implementing those this study mainly because what i'm seeing in the last few years is worsen traffic conditions and there's more and more people also taking either muni or bart so you have the competition with the traffic
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and pedestrians which is just going to get worse and i know this is in implementing this study or new prongs will take many years i'm anxious we ged get going on this i'm supportive of this report >> thank you. i've often joked how difficult it is to get around balboa park station this study can actually help me to change my motto to something that's helpful to transportation. with that, we can go to oh, supervisor mar >> yeah. i wanted to say supervisor avalos and supervisor yee that i didn't realize how sdauvenlgs dangerous it was until the supervisor tang and
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the mta staff took us to look at the muni yard and other conditions but it's definitely different corners like san jose and geneva i'm sensing how the schools around there it is impacted by especially dangerous for seniors. >> thank you on to public comment is there any public comment? seeing none, public is closed and revolt. >> item 10 arrest supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. supervisor campos. supervisor chiu. supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. supervisor mar. supervisor tang.
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supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. that item passes >> great the item passes. >> next. >> 11 allocate in prop k funds and appropriate 39 thousand and 1 million in prop k funds attached to the fiscal year cash flow distribution schedule. >> go on to public comment is there anyone who wishes to speak on the item? please come forward seeing none, public comment is closed we'll have a roll call vote and item 11. supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. supervisor campos. supervisor chiu. supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. supervisor mar. supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. that item passes. >> great on to next.
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>> item 12 approve the prop k programs. seeing none, no comments from the commission we'll go on to. and seeing none, public comment is closed and have a roll call vote vote >> supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. supervisor campos. commissioner chiu. supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. supervisor mar. supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. that item passes >> supervisor cohen. >> thank you. i have a quick question for the staff in my office we've fielded a dozens of calls from elderly folks about street maintenance since the
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maintenance the trees have been transferred to the property owners clarify which trees are included in the 5 year prioritization plan? >> through the chair the trees that are included in the 5 year prioritization project the maintenance category have under trees dp w jurisdiction not relinquished to the property owner. >> thank you very much. thank you for your questions >> okay. we had a resolved vote and the item passed next. >> item 13 this is an informational item. >> colleagues new comments on matter of authority or future items to discuss seeing none, is
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there anyone who wishes to speak on the item? seeing none, public comment is closed and go on to 0 next item. >> item 14 public comment. >> general public comment is open for any members of the public seeing none, public comment is closed. and move on to the next >> item 15 adjournment. >> colleagues, we're
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♪ >> the san francisco playground's hitsvery dates back to 1927 when the area where the present playground and center is today was purchased by the city for $27,000. in the 1950s, the sen consider was expanded by then mayor robinson and the old gym was built. thanks to the passage of the 2008 clean and safe neighborhood parks bond, the sunset playground has undergone extensive renovation to its four acres of fields, courts, play grounds, community rooms, and historic gymnasium. >> here we are. 60 years and $14 million later, and we have got this beautiful, brand-new rec center completely accessible to the entire neighborhood. >> the new rec center houses
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multi-purpose rooms for all kinds of activities including basketball, line dancing, playing ping-pong and arts can crafts. >> you can use it for whatever you want to do, you can do it here. >> on friday, november 16, the dedication and ribbon cutting took place at the sunset playground and recreation center, celebrating its renovation. it was raining, but the rain clearly did not dampen the spirits of the dignitaries, community members and children in attendance. [cheering and applauding] ♪ ♪
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happy new year, everybody. i love the fact that we are doing a tournament here at the center. when i was in eighth grade i played on a basketball teechl. team. i have to admit i wasn't very good at it. i always aspired to be an nba player. regardless of playing in
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college or nba, i expect many of you have be leading us because of the leadership skills you are learning on
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