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tv   [untitled]    July 20, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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>> item 13 is adjournment. >> do we have a motion to adjourn. >> i move. >> second. >> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> we are adjourned. [ meeting is adjourned ] >> >>much. >> good afternoon. i'm supervisor yee representing district that. i want to thank you all for being here today, we're here today unified for children and families yes (clapping) we are honored to have not only
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mayor ed lee but assembly member tom who is on his way to join us today. thank you. (clapping.) this is a special day for san francisco children we'll be introducing the final version off our legislation the children and families first initiative today at the board of supervisors meeting the final result was much, much input. from mire colleagues and from mayor lee's office the reward for working together is a strong, strong piece of legislation supported by not only by me but all 11 members of the board of supervisors and mayor ed lee. (clapping.)
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san francisco's population totaled children population is approximately one hundred and 9 thousand children. 56 thousands of those attend our publics schools there's about 35 thousand children between the age of zero and 5. this is why we're asking voters to support the children and families initiative which brings amendments to our city chart of four elements number one reorientation of our children and family fund passed in 1991 and 2001. two the reauthorization the fund for the enrichment passed in 2004 one of those dates. number 3 modification of the rainy day reserves to become two
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see reserves and we will have baegs that that number 4 asking for the creation of the family council shared by mayor ed lee and superintendant. we have several goals to consider. strengthening the existing children's fund and the public education enrichment fund and flrsdz resources and allow for more flexibility toe meet additional children and you and increased efficiency and provided better oversight. and highlights of the children and families initiative includes many things the creation of the children and families land that puts children first in providing city services and infrastructure including housing and number 2
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the creation of the community advisory committee for the office of early chair and education and 3 the creation of the oversight and advisory committee for the department of children youth and their families and number 4 allow for original free school for all children serving children zoo to 5 with priority on the four years old and expanding the definition of transitsal age youth. number of increasing the set aside for children's services by 33.3 percent over a four-year period. number 7 increasing the amount of fund to our public schools by at least 6 million and 8 rainy day rules that provides san francisco school district to
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allow the district to have oethd for this allocation. the children between zero and 18 in san francisco is only 18.4 percent of our population making it the lowest in the united states. the city must do better for your children and families this legislation will get us closer to doing a better job. first, i want to bring up mayor ed lee to kickoff today's program i'd like to visit him up and thank you for being here today to support this crucial measure mayor ed lee >> thank you supervisor yee. hello even e everybody happy summer in san francisco. this is to introduce something that the board has been working on and soberly supervisor yee
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and city leaders a lot of family and neighborhood advocates people that have been working on this for a very, very long time and you tell result is we say a united front in the city it's children and families first in the november ballot and thanks to the entire board amazing voting their work is reflected in the hard work our offices do together to have a shared policy agenda for the entire city focused on our children, our youth and families. you know, we have one of the best public schools systems in the nation thanks to this incredible school board and the staff we have and we've been making record nichlts north e never letting the episodes that
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the state or national government effect us two negatively but we've attempted to recover that's why we have one of the best schools not only in the classroom what happens before and after that's with the families and in our neighborhood. and that's both of these incredible sources has come together to support but the backdrop of a school that's improving and, in fact, not only do we enjoy record niechlts from the city but the private investments for the foundations that are putting their money together like the benny harassing foundation with their contributions to the middle school initiative but it climates all the foundations that are working with us they believe that early education and sustained support at the school
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system will help all the families improve and give the skills we need for the 21st century. this children and families first initiative brings together the children's fund and the public enrichment fund those are incredible fund and need to be renewed but we have not only renewed them in this initiative we've adding for conflict of interests and creating accountability we've heard parents throughout the city they've never heard a lot of our programs they don't know where to enroll we want them to be provided with all the contributions that our city has been given but all the great programs and want to make sure that all the families that deserve our support get it in a
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way in which to in fact, and here heard from parent to have a more efficient system and let's not have me find out when my kids are in the teens there are so many great programs we've got to get a system that i think this is reflected in this initiative to have families analyst it easier and to increase it at the time not only when the city is plentiful but when the city wants to enjoy more investments and i'm happy to join the entire board of supervisors the elected officials and tom who started a lot of this back in the days when he was supervisor i give him credit along with applicant
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working together they're pushing hard to make sure we have the best programs and we have the opportunity to have this conversation with the public this november. we're going to have the best children enrichment programs in the world here in san francisco. raids our families here and get our kids in the public schools? going to be the best city for the families here >> thank you, mayor ed lee he did a pretty good job introducing assembly speaker tom he's also going to be considered an educator and the only reason we're talking re30 years anything is because of tom. thank you very much (clapping.) very kind words this is so cool i was going to photo bomb the mayor we'll wait on this.
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i was talking to commissioner 1915 (i) state plan hcbc about 24 or 25 years ago this women and men came in and presented this no idea and i said well, i like it i've taught school i say this was many, many deficiency on resources so sometimes under the reagan bush years they'll take all the money away from the school district and have a skeleton crew but we needed to prioritize well kids are worth it we've got push back you, you know, it's a carve out but to me it was a compensation for all the years there were no money nor education and parks and libraries this was quite gifrt i'm glad to be here to start the
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engines on our school district system the business community has the criticism but superintendant co-sponsor random has done a good job so when businesses is this this and that when you want a worldwide school system to produce world-class folks we need you to be helpful and to understand that that's why i want to say a big thank you to warren around the k3wrish9 program prop h, you know, (clapping) i was the lion tamper the guy who inherited the cats. he would curse and scream and showed me a to the once he got other activist tans to go
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neutral or support the willingly he was the bank we had a stunning victory on this sports and aortas and preschool it was a wonderful thing in san francisco the town that time forgot e and the rainy day fund i knew what it was like to get a pink slip i said i'd rather wear one then get one kids related to a certain teacher and the teacher was begun we're one of the few places in california that really didn't have large layoffs so it's been a great journey without the board of supervisors and the school
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district working no partnership now and then none of this could happen once a teacher also a teacher i knew there was a difference between the city and school governs when the supervisors got elected to a certainly district all of a sudden the parents are asking for a crossing guard there is no heat in the classroom and the initiative placing class that was recommended in 2000 came screaming to me i don't know about schools additional they learned so thank you. (clapping.) >> thank you tom. so i want to give an acknowledge this is thank you to the school board members concluding vice president emily and hydra
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mendosa and joe as mentioned already there's 11 supervisors that have signed on those co-chairs i'm proud to have that support so i'll acknowledge them quickly. president chiu, supervisor tang. supervisor kim. supervisor david campos. supervisor mar. supervisor wiener. (clapping.) and i'll bet you they're all around somewhere but right now i want to bring up two supervisors that really worked hard with my office to put this altogether. their staff were incredible. and putting a lot of time and crafting something that is so strong that i believe its going to turn the tide around when it comes to children's staying in
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san francisco so let me bring up both supervisor avalos and supervisor kim to say a few words. supervisor avalos (clapping.) thank you, norman i want to say it's been a honor to work with you and helping to craft of the children family initiative that's not been easy but it's one that we set out to do together and really by who is here on the steps of city hall the foundation of the community community and the which shall and families that will be getting the services we've done a great effort to pull together a great initiative to look at jashthsz for years to come in san francisco to make this work 26 years into the future from cradle to adulthood a pathway
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for opportunity and education and health and health care for housing services all those things are going to be in the children family initiative and a great source of funding foreign the school district and tall i'll this is under the theme we care about the kids in san francisco i've drafted the children's fund part of the children family initiative by sitting bull i'll do that again we've put our minds together and see what life we can do this from the mayor ed lee and the board of supervisors and the foundation community and the lgbt community we've done that. and i want to say thank you it's been great to be part of the process and move to the ballot and win thanks
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>> (clapping) >> so i realize i'm stand on the stage with 6 other school board president's we've all served on the leadership the board of education it's amazing to have i'm sorry and angela i count her it's amazing to see such strong political leadership for our public schools the public education fund i've been involved with since i cross paths with tom in march of 2004 with a strong community of youth and education leaders i want to say right now california it the 9th largest economy we've educated over 78 children out of 9 we believe this should be the
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best place but california ranks last in larcenies to student ratio and ranges last in guidance kournld and in 2008, california was ranked the 8 in pre k schools and 2012 california wagner was ranked 47. in san francisco we've seen the impact of those state and federal policies things the implementation of our new graduations we've seen $77 million in cuts from the state and nearly half of our sf sophomores were not on track to graduate it's why the public enrichment fund in san francisco is important we is if the state and federal government will not
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take care of our our children city and county of san francisco well, this is what we've done 84 professional art teachers that work in our k through 1259 librarians. 2 hundred and thirty athletic coaches and 44 support professionals and peer resources in our high school and constitute nutrition and wellness centers and transmission services for our parents so first, i want to thank the voters of san francisco for voting for this in 2004 (clapping) we have showed in the past 10 years that sf knows how to make the right investment for the outcomes we've seen the outcomes and now in the reauthorization i'm proud to say we're reforming
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things we've recovered the 25 percent trigger we're going not taking money away from our kids we've extended the sunset from 10 to 25 years he know this is something that voters about continue to support and feinstein we'll changed the rainy day fund from tom support 70 decided which when they need the fund without sending pink slips to our teachers (clapping) so this work couldn't have happened you without united states community folks that have advocated for the funding i want to recognize them and the young leaders i want to in particular thank supervisor yee and supervisor avalos and the reauthorization that's a roller-coaster ride but worth
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the effort. thank you (clapping) and it is my player to bring up the next speaker who will represent the board of education emily (clapping.) all right. where are our public school supports i want to ask several the commissioners to come up i'm here to talk about the importance of the public education enrichment fund for over 5 years we've been strufrg in the face of 25 percent of budget kits they december matted cuts in music and student health centers anything outside the core subject but in san
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francisco we proximately caused protected those programs as a result of the peek vachlts there's librarians in every school and book circulation has topped one million books a year and every student has access to physical activities and robust activities. and just a few example of the peace impact rashawn jones is an outreach worker at the wellness center that has helped dozens of peers with issues let's hear it for ray. esmeralda a graduate of burdening ton high school is heading to san francisco state university this fall as a result
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u insulted u result of the peace program and calling la mission high school graduate was recruited for the sand volleyball team earned scholarships she's excelled in sports. those are just (clapping) those are just a few of the students tacked by the student enrichment fund this fund has touches hundreds and thousands of our cities children fostering learning and proposing them to criteria success on behalf of the colleagues my sincere thanks to mayor ed lee and supervisor yee and supervisor kim and supervisor avalos for authorizing this measure for the legislation to the service provider that coming out came out to advocate and the voters
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of san francisco for investing in our public schools. thank you (clapping.) so i know we're running a little bit long let me bring up our next speaker who was made a contribution for the legislation supervisor eric mar >> thank you. i have the honor of proceedings the leader from kohlman advocates but in my short time i'll say when the kohlman advocates others 20 years ago brought this to the board of supervisors this was zero support at the board of supervisors and 10 years ago with tom and a number of us crafted the prop h for our children and schools there was very the also support i think the reason we have a strong children's fund and a peace that
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supports art and music is by and large because even if grassroots coalition and coalition building from the kohlman advocates and a diverse coalition of community. (clapping.) as we build on this momentum i want to say a as a parental are parents i'll be proud to stand side by side with the folks but accountability advocates especially the combroots coalition if all over our neighborhoods partiality and youth in the leading lead i'm proud in november while make sure that everybody knows that san francisco is a city for children and families thank you for helping to build this coalition (clapping). >> next, i want to bring up a few more speakers they're
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playing an important part to lead us up to victory so you're next speaker will be walker the executive director for the kohlman advocates. >> thank you, supervisor and good afternoon this is an incredible day for the children youth and families here in 0 san francisco. once again san francisco is poised to lead by example by putting the children and our families first. especially with bach it up with the necessary resources. the children and families first initiative will come before voters this november. while it is the reauthorization you heard earlier of the two fund for children and youth it's the strongest possible measure the initiative will provide stable funding for early based education through the education enrichment fund a significant
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increase in the children and youth fund. i'm excited to say we're providing now necessary funds for disconnected transitional youth this will sure that both funds will be placed for the next 25 years (clapping) so our young people low lead the effort in 25 years to reauthorize it i'm proud to say that kohlman has lead the coalition for the los last two years with many folks here today thank you for your service. in addition would like to an opportunity especially supervisor yee, supervisor avalos and supervisor kim and also supervisor mar and along with the 11 supervisors to make
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sure many this will be passed unanimously. as well as the mayor and the board of education that sometimes gets forgotten we thank you for your leadership. we're proud of the work we've done making a strong statement about a long term commitment. to our next generation of san francisco to make sure that all i say all i say all of our children and youth have an opportunity to call this city home. and lastly remember your child see is not just that woman's child the little boy who's commissioner sako placing in the middle school basketball court is just his father's son each one of the children here 90 in san francisco blonds to each one
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of us and we have a responsibility to make sure they have success so i look forward to seeing you this november (clapping.) thank you >> next person by the way, for some of you reporters can i get there's youth that want to be interviewed for the impact can you raise our hands. and, of course, everything else. our next are person i'd like to introduce is monica walters the executive director our charter amendment is for who it serves from zero to 24 today, we have monica wooults u walters there that will talk about the earlier education funding (clapping) and