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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PST

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student. i did get my undergrad in business, so, i want to combine those. that's why after talking to wyatt, i really wanted to work in the office of small business just because it really interested me and i enjoy my study. >> she said, i hope to create more definitions for the additional terms that the taxing treasurer's office added to their list ~ just to kind of help get a definition of maybe why they were added and what type of business [speaker not understood] that you would check that box instead of another box. and then i also helped compile the list, preliminary list of potential business he for the legacy rebate program. i basically just went on to the data s.f. and put in specific terms looking 30 years ago or older and then also certain class codes [speaker not
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understood] felt would be best that fall under the definitions of it and then just compile it had into an excel spreadsheet. you only have one class code. i d a couple more and i hope to continue to work with that project because i really think it's a great project and would like to provide any help that i can. >> thank you. >> so, thank you, stephanie, and monique. so, you're welcome to stay or you're welcome to go back downstairs if you like. all right. also, so, to move on, so, the a-d-a subsidized assessment program we are now going to expand it city-wide. and it will be available as long as there are funds annually because of the dollar registration that's added to the annual business registration. we have approximately $50,000 to work with. so, that could add 40, around
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40 kass p, subsidized casp inspections. it was opened up to targeted certain neighborhood programs. now with this fee we're going to be targeting -- opening it up city-wide. small business saturdays is coming up november -- i'm very embarrassed, but the last saturday of the month. we are very pleased that american express has decided to, again, include san francisco in expanding its sort of activities. >> the 29th. >> the 29th. yes, thank you. so, they are planning a main street make over which is just helping with kind of decorations and with hayes valley, and then small business saturday night in the upper fillmore, helping them put together some promotional thing that they can do for late night
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shopping for that -- for that neighborhood. so, and then, of course, we're doing the banners again this year along with the invest in neighborhoods program. formula retail, so, today in land use and economic committee starting at 1:30, the two formula retail item are being heard. and, so, hopefully find out after this meeting is over in terms of what was the final outcome. the point of sale registration, so, monique is continuing to work to help sort of develop some additional data and information for both our office, supervisor farrell's office and supervisor wiener's office, but our next steps are also to be meeting with dph. they are going to put together an assessment of the businesses he that they've gone into. they've done the testing ~. and they even have -- their
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registers, their pos system is office to see if we can see any sort of -- from that data, if we can make any sort of determination, you know, in terms of size of business, industry business, number of pos system in the business, that type of thing. so, i don't anticipate that this is going to be a fast-moving legislative change because i do think that we want to be measured about it, but we will be -- we're continuing to work on it. so, i'll just keep you apprised as each stage, any sort of new developments take place along the way. next, for your next meeting on november 10th, you will be hearing the 14 b local business enterprise program legislation. initially it was scheduled at the october 6 meeting, but was asked to be continued.
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and, so, supervisor chiu's office and the city administrator's office has commits today november 10th. and you will also be hearing both pieces of legislation. supervisor mar's and supervisor chiu is dealing with formula retail employees. so, i just wanted to make sure you're aware of that. last, last week supervisor breed had at the land use and economic committee establishing divisadero neighborhood commercial corridor and the fillmore street commercial corridor. the commission heard those back in 2012, i think, or late '12, early 2013. the one change that was made to those two pieces he of legislation, initially they had a ban for formula retail, but the ban was removed from the
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legislation when it was heard again and they'll just follow the planning commission's formula retail criteria. so, those two item passed out of land use and will be before the full board tomorrow for its first reading. i want to let you know he that our new website is live ~. so, we have developed it so that once the portal is live, all the subtantive material that was part of the 10 steps to getting your business open, [speaker not understood] financial business will be easily able to be extracted without having to be able to be extracted because all that information is now housed in the portal. ~ substantive so, there is a seamless transition once the portal goes live, which we're -- i'm hoping will be in the next couple weeks. it's pretty well ready to go. and then i've provided you with some updates on the staffing and they hope that we are
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getting to interviews in november. and then working to schedule the presentations from the departments that you've requested with the health care security ordinance, the health department, and the planning department. so, those are the key elements to communicate with you from my director's report today, commissioners. if you have any questions. >> thank you. next item, please. >> will you let jane know she did a really fantastic job on the portal. really top notch. her presentation was great and i think a fantastic foundation going forward, so, that's really fantastic. >> next item. >> all right, so, item number 9 is president's report. >> i just have one brief item. thursday night, this thursday
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night, october 30th at 6 o'clock on the corner of castro and 18th we'll be having our grand opening of our sidewalks in the castro. we have new widened sidewalks, rainbow crosswalk. and the businesses he in the castro are going to be staying open late on thursday night ~. we have tentative the mayor, supervisor wiener. we're trying to get people back into the castro. you know, it's been shut down most of the summer due to this construction. it's finished so we want to have a great big party, want to close it off to traffic. businesses are going to be open late. i'm just encouraging everybody to come to the castro and shop, eat and drink on thursday night. so, that's what i have. >> sounds like a good idea. >> next item. >> item number 10 is vice president's report, but since the vice president had to leave early, we will -- shall i move
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on to item number 11? >> time number 11. >> item number 11 is commissioner reports. >> commissioner ortiz. >> i want to congratulate [speaker not understood], last week was the 41st anniversary. we're doing a great job in the mission district for a very long time. so, congrats. >> great. any other commissioner reports? seeing none, next item. >> item number 12, general public comment. this allows members of the public to comment generally on matters within the commission's purview, and suggest new agenda items for the commission's future consideration. ~ purview. >> do we have any members of the public here who would like to make a comment on any future meetings of this commission? seeing none, next item, please. >> item number 13, new business. >> any new business? nope, next item, please. >> item number 14 is adjournment. >> do we have a motion to adjourn? >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> meeting adjourned.
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thank you, very much >> all right. good afternoon, everyone are we still gm everyone good morning good morning, everyone. and welcome to dream force we're excited to have you here b how about those san francisco giants, huh? all right. this is an amazing october in san
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francisco we also thank god's there this glories day and sunshine and we couldn't westbound for grateful i'll tell you 3 forces turned into a conference we had more than 35 thousand people to register to attend this is incredible bus that's just in person over 3 million more join us online as well i'll tell you the neat thing about dream force is not just the size with the incredible new sales force wave the cloud and all kinds of products and new companies are here an incredible innovation keynote tomorrow and an incredible launch with companies and neil young is going to launch his new copy on thursday
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all the innovations and a huge mulch of fun and thank you, mayor ed lee for the brooklyn us center tomorrow night thank you all for giving back one of the things every year dream force gives back more than ever before this year's not expectation we're able to give back with the incredible food drive with one million meals and thank you 101 rob rinses one million more meals that's toelts great we have an amazing program tomorrow inviting night we've raised over $2 million for our children's hospital in san francisco that's raised over $23 million for the children's hospitals and we say also have an awesome fireman on thursday for your vets helping
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our getting vets getting jobs so thank you all with that, i'd like to turn it over to nancy thank you so much for coming to dream force and all our support. >> thank you very much and thank you very much mark excuse me. all of our leadership dream force a doubt a over a decade the first dream force 13 hundred people this year will be one hundred times that partners it goes to show you how big the dream is so i want to thank mark and salesforce an, an elected official i thank you for honoring our democracy where people what our doing with sales force and dream force to strengthen and enable customers
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that are people in our country it have a strong voice and connection they asked me to it to talk about what i saw this morning city 311 essential command were citizens are people could call in and be connected and register a concern i saw what we were doing with va stack how we honor our veterans by giving them a stronger voice through technology and saw what we were doing to enable people to assess the affordable health care and bha what that means for children's families and central nervous system in our country so who president clinton were the president he called the people the customers it strengthens the customers voices so we thank you for honoring that part of our democracy.
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>> thank you for honoring the service of our veterans the aspirations of our children with lynn and your providing for children's health in our area and children angelian technology to industrial their voice but on this columbus do i day i want to lighten ben hoff to a great navigator helped people navigate public and private and nonprofit sectors for the great good for the great good and taught but first and foremost to embrace the crowd in this cloud our dreams come true thank you, mark for all the children and for the veterans and the country and the universe now, it's my privilege to present someone who has already been introduced we're
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happy to be here with mark and tony robin we'll yield the floor to our distinguished mayor of san francisco he's operational and accepted to change for the positive that making progress as not only did he close the streets for the concert that is important he opens the city to every kind of possibility and that's what makes san francisco so great and he's probably considers himself we all contend to be the number one san francisco giants fan in san francisco mayor ed lee. >> all right. thank you (clapping). >> nan and mark nancy thank you for your leadership you are our speaker and our conscious your representative go girl we need you in washing
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thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, it's october welcome to san francisco it is dream force time you don't know how gifted i get to october this used to be howard street is now every october it's 0 innovation park and mark and i keep talking about innovations right here spiritually i want to say thank you to march and listening for being great san franciscans salesforce habitation been there with me when it comes to education and housing housing with our vets this dream force is innovation and fin but more importantly something dear to me something that leader pelosi and i talk talk about i want to admit i also had the hesitancy of being mayor of san francisco
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and i wish for the day where i could talk to you-all all those companies coming in and say can we all work together to make that t this city successful well, you have the standard and in san francisco people pits that's 99 thing they focus on when they model the 311 model using people and technology and resources to reach out that really warms my heart when they to him come to the schools we can list the schools you up with innovation when the employees of salesforce say yes, we can give another million meals joining tony this is the essence of what i feel great companies companies
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that are started here in san francisco grew up here and will be here forever bay by the way, if you're wondering across the country there's a reason why the initial sass sf annoyances with san francisco it's our heart this what we do that's why i say thank you, mark and listener being a great festivity thank you to salesforce it's foundation that's working closely with us to transform and improve our schools and is employees all our subcontractors a everyone here at salesforce this is great for the region and world with that, i know that before we end we're going to listen to mr. robin's i know him to be someone that is a
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motivational speaker a migration forgive all of us but has a commitment to fight hunger i hope you, you brought a can like leader pelosi and march and i did we'll meet the match and have tony robin's to explain but please help me welcome someone that is expiring us but he's been said to be an international humanitarian tony robin's. >> thank you, everyone fewer participation and mark creating an visit and every year i've known march for 25 years this whole journey with the force it's grown because it is added value we know that businesses help to make things but i want
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to thank everyone for participating i want to make a million happen for me, i know that in this country one out of 4 families her in marin county is not sure there i go to have a meal so when you live in san francisco when you're in the tech business at the time easy to think about the challenges and forget what they are half the planets lives on $2.50 a day we had times when there were no food one day whither i i was 11 years old i didn't have food we would h have starved or someone knocked on the door i've been paying it forward and feed $42 million people but there are
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i i know that congress you didn't participate ms. pelosi but food stamps that's the equivalent of every family going without a meal for 12 bucks so this year i was coming out with a new book i will do not my profits i'm hoping you'll match me and the goal to feed one hundred million people i hope you'll match it i deliver the million and i hope thanksgiving is not only about giving food but go physically you'll be hooked for life and the kids will be hooked for life thank you for letting me be here.
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>> thank you tony for inspiring. >> and mayor and nancy you're our inedible dedication to our country and city and our public service. >> thank you for all of you coming to dream force go dream force. go giants >> to address these concerns, i
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have made a series of amendments to the resolution that capture the spirit of the policy but would allow continued conversation with the task force and other stakeholders about how we do metering. i believe strongly that the city needs to start developing toes to help create affordable housing. in our housing element alone, we talk about building a 60% affordable, but we are currently not doing that. it is important to start the discussion about creating tools of measuring our affordable housing and creating tools to enforce that. i grew up in new york city, one to my parents who had immigrated here to the u.s. actually, i started really becoming active in working with the community when i was in high school. came outo california for college, went to stanford. i was always politically involved. when i was a college student, i worked on the initiative to get
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rid of affirmative action in our public government system. currently, we have 3 legislative items that are pending. the first is going to be coming to a final vote on tuesday, our mid-market uptown tenderloin task exemption legislation. t is basically an incentive to encourage businesses to come to mid-market. in particular, where we have the highest commercial vacancy. and then when i graduated, moved out to san francisco about 12 years ago. i always loved sanford cisco in college, and i just wanted to try it out. i started working in economic development policy. i was a community organizer for six years. i worked with young people, parents, and families around issues that concern our neighborhoods, whether it was improving muni lines, affordable
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housing, public schools, or just planning issues in neighborhoods. we just had a hearing last week, and we are trying to do some work around bedbug enforcement, which is a major issue in the tenderloin and of hill and 63. a hearing will actually be on thursday, april 7, 10:30. we're doing our first hearing on pedestrian safety. i think public safety is a huge concern. it ranges from both low-level crimes to pedestrian safety, and so that is a really important issue to me. we are probably more than double what every other district has. and that are preventable. and we can do better. district 6 is one -- home to one of the most diverse constituencies. we have the poorest residents in san francisco. we have lgbt. we have immigrants, people of color, youth, and a high proportion of seniors in the city as well.
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we heard that people want to see more jobs, want to see access to more jobs for our residents. we want to see more preventive instead of just reactive. we want to see after-school programs versus the police picking them up because they are out on the street, which i think our chief agrees with. i actually ran for the board of education in san francisco and got to serve a term on our school board. what really surprised me was how much i enjoyed it. i loved it. i love meeting with families, meeting with youth, meeting with teachers, visiting schools, and getting a deeper understanding of what it means to make our system work better. the one thing i really enjoyed was i got to run within a district instead of citywide, was that i really got to know voters and residents. i actually enjoy campaigning more because i had time to knock on doors and the voters individually.
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i'd love it. i actually really enjoyed being out on the field. so i spent a lot of time doing it because i got to really get a deeper understanding of what people care about and what people's concerns are and also what people loved about the district and the city. i was talking with the mayor yesterday. he was very interested in seeing how the good work with our office -- how he could work with our office. i wod love to see how we could support small businesses because they are the heart at san francisco. they provide 60% 07% of the jobs in sanford cisco, and they provide it locally, and they are not going to offshore their jobs any time. i am not an opponent of cleaning up the tenderloin. i love the tenderloin. i love what is right now. i recognize we have a diversity of books that live there and people do not want to see open drug dealing. i do not have a problem with people lit think -- people out on the street socializing. i think that is good.
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that to me is more -- you know, it is part of the character of the neighborhood. i get to represent one of the most exciting and dynamic districts in the city. it is where change is happening, so i think it is exciting in terms of how we can model what it means to be a smart growth neighborhood, how we can use transit and housing effectively to serve our city and also to do a lot of the new green policies that we have developed over the last 10 years.
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