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tv   [untitled]    December 15, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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one hundred and 25 miles from the goal of 13 of those miles you saw three-quarters regardless of the modes the traffic collisions it is a focused allocations we have in the city can you ask a quick question i want to make sure i said 12 percent of our streets or 70 percent of people and vehicles have severe fatalities on 12 percent of our streets. >> exactly, exactly yeah, we thought that, too it is of those modes it is still hatch on those particular streets some overlaps but on these corridors we have our work kit out for us
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to break down it those are the pedestrian injuries they also have a two-thirds overlap this is a hover lap with the different modes the same thing with bicycling it is fairly concentrated in the same areas with driver passenger and motorcyclists it is concentrated in the urban core area and then lastly the counties of concern the areas that are prominently low income micro populations they generally speak other language other than english and recent arrivals are experiencing the collisions there's an additional network
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that is not part of the three-way network we'll be working with caltrain and the other states departments improving the safeties along the corridors we've come a long way since 2011 and have a network we draw from its important to points out we're - there are situations happen outside of the network we'll voluntary to address our goal through vision zero if we dissolve those treatment we believe to resolve them i'm going to end that sector of the presentation and get back to the other one
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i'll have sandra do it i'll i'm going to turn it over to tom to go over the update we have. >> okay. >> unless you have questions. >> can we call item 4 to 5 together we have to public comment seeing none, on item 3. >> chair kim can i congratulate the two gentlemen from bringing in mr. maguire to make our streets safer that is a tremendous benefit you've only
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been here a couple of months. >> two months. >> you have to get used to the culture of our city but i'm looking forward to getting this program start thank you for being in san francisco. >> i was going to welcome tom maguire and congratulate you on our new post and look forward to working with you under the vision zero policy i know has been a priority for so many aspects of the city family before you speak i want to recognize we have john here as well who's been leading the safe streets and they're here on hand to answer questions regarding the large vehicle workers and i want to recognize one of the
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participants in the larger work group we're excited about the work and your leadership t is important for the roll modeling what is possible for us in the city and our private partners to make the city safer mr. maguire i'm sorry did we call items 45e8 together. >> the capital term projects and item 5 our action strategy informational items. >> we're going to cover all that material in the presentation i want to say to all the commissioners, thank you for your words of welcome i was so excited to come here i saw the commitment by the administration but the board of supervisors and also our agencies board to implement
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vision zero at all levels of local government is making a difference i'm impressed by itself coalition you have here so that is the lens i came in with and what i hope will convey in our remarks here the way in which we've changed business as usual bus of the change of vision zero that your colleagues have put in front of us so we're going to cover all of the e vision zero engineering education and enforcement evaluation and talk about policy at the end engineering is probably what has been the most time i want to give you an update open the product deliver mta and it's
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partnering agencies delivering the safety improvements tim showed us the map a few minutes we're going to start request education it is john who will talk about the work that supervisor kim mentioned. >> good afternoon two quick updates i want to reflect the large vehicles work we've been doing our team a hanging added mta has been working with advocates ecology and fedex and other city departments to develop policies for the larger program we're aiming for early spring roll out next year additionally as of yesterday the mta includes in all contracts we signed with the
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contractors they'll have to offer this training to all contractors have coming in the city and i know that is positively something that will come forward and additionally on safe streets and the education subcommittee vision zero we're putting together a citywide strategy an item that supervisor yee had recommended we have a strategy currently underway we're doing best practices research but we're on schedule to having a draft strategy that we can come and bring back spring of next year hoping to have that draft completed by the end of march but that strategy will be a first step in the city talking about saying that all departments are going to work together in developing an
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education mostly an education program making our streets safe it is a long time coming we're making progress i don't know if you have questions about the safe street program we're a thousand pledges for safe streets in our county that both joined the effort and wi be putting the budget inspections displaying their support and shuttle drivers are joining at this point in time and we are doing roll out and presentations to the chamber of commerce getting on the agenda for this etc. and as part of that the project is underway sfpd is out with additional enhanced enforcement doing focus pedestrian
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right-of-way enforcement for about 4 hours everyday four to five officers >> supervisor mar. >> i see one of the equalities how do we reach out to locking families to make those communities safer. >> that is a personal value of mine something we he'd in the education strategy it is how we make sure we do that we are currently working with the san francisco conservation core to do a community outreach on our focus corridors and chinatown cd c to reach out to the communities both business and on the street outreach to the folks that are living and working there and shopping there
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as well but we do so that the grant that we are writing the grants that will be kifk next year and has a commitment before the grant we got it all the grants have that written directly into them. >> with the bicycle coalition reaching into the community and walk sf i think community partners will be helpful two. >> they're at the table for almost every meeting. >> i have a question i think it is great you mentioned the number of the shuttle programs what is that exactly mean. >> so i guess i can say the shuttle pilot they're being asked to talk to the drivers about safe driving on, on the
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street and required by going through the permitting progress and partnering in the pilot program to over the curriculum once the actual video is released next spring. >> so everyone will be required to use the vehicle program. >> it was written into the contract. >> and when you said that taxicabs are also voluntarily participating what does that mean. >> part of the safe streets we have a pledge that we ask the drivers and pedestrians to take we ask people to change the way they behave on the streets when you look for behavior change one of the most important things we ask people to take a pledge and use the streets safely and be
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mind fulfill to spread the word that safety is important once people have taken the pledges it is found they're more welcoming to medications that tell them how to be safe we have brochures and talking points for people that sign up for safe streets for the first step to how to be slowing up to make sure that people are aware of left turns and movements before people are hitting pedestrians trying to increase the awareness of what is happening when people are getting hit and steps to change their behavior so with the taxicab companies and specific we're distributing bump stickers for drivers wells fargo to take
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the pledge and take this seriously and receive a talking point for the actions we're ask them to pledge. >> after the pledge they get a series of educational items does it say found once you take the pledge they're more open what is that based on on. >> it is based on a number of studies people are not receptive if asking people to change their world if you do something for the environment they're more receptive. >> okay. >> that is good to hear i hope we're able to do more substantive work its a step forward and more alignment with supervisor yee is doing on the
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campaign will be w be cooperation so frequent driver education program and also the work that supervisor yee is doing citywide education on vision zero. >> well, i would say theirs coordination i think there is inherit coordination but the large vehicle driver education is a small piece we're hoping by march we'll identify the types of audience we see need to go after, etc. the larger vehicle collection will be done and underway we're working with the dmv to see if we can't get those requirements more stating like truck drivers at the end to cross injuringal burgundy we're talking with the foengz folks that write the tests at the dmv
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to get a couple of questions they're open to writing a couple of questions more focused on pedestrian safety and bicycle safety in urban areas which are not covered right now. >> maybe on our next committee he meeting we're here more. >> mr. white can you ask a question through the chair are the transit agencies taking the pledges too. >> well, they are mini operators have been going through a bicycle training specific to driving on city streets we're doing you outreach with the larger vehicle curriculum to aid the transportation, etc. golden gate transit, etc. we're not specifically gone out and asked the drivers to take the pledge yet. >> thank you.
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>> okay thanks john were education e the next is enforcement i'm sorry that commander lee is not here she's out on the streets keeping pedestrians and drivers safe where flooding and power sections are disbelieved i'll give a quick overview of the statistics as of september a big increase in the number of citations that have been issued traffic citations both traffic companies and in some cases by the pcos we've began a coordinated effort between mta and the pd to comply our services more fiscally where walking the box is happening and so that the drivers who block
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areas south of market in the areas near freeway ramps understand that is a sustained effort they're not going to get away with it after the studies we found that blocking the box drops 80 percent because of the presents of the inclination combination of the officers we're going to continue that for 0 year and try to put a dent in blocking the box. >> excuse me. >> supervisor breed. >> do you have your presentation on available to the commissioners? i can't read it from the system. >> okay do we have a hardcopy. >> maybe that one but not the one. >> in the packet dollars a general written report in the
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packet. >> i don't think everyone has the packet. >> there's a presentation title entitled vision zero. >> just for the people watching at home and the director for the programming at the transportation authority i think the power point presentations are online at the first presentation is in your enclosure are to the packet and the power point is in the actual packet of the material. >> just for clarity on the item not in the there's only one told them section. >> one - there is an enclosure which which is the vision zero high injury mapping data and
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then there is an attachment to one of the agenda items that is in the actual packet of the materials and that's the presentation that tom is giving right now. >> sorry for the confusion. >> sorry to interrupt. >> okay. then we talk about evaluation being a part of vision zero we want to make sure we're tracking the forest fireness of the action in all the program areas tim showed day showing high injury the multiple high injury that is again be the baseline we're tracking to show us where we're making progress and we'll talk about this when we get into the strategy update
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but it is important that we're tracking outcomes vision zero is about outcomes not the pcos or dollars we put in but how many lives we save and towards vision zero you'll look at the evaluation through that lens we'll talk about later on policies we did a good job to coordinate the policies we'll have control over again by the commitment we got from the board of supervisors and from our own leadership that is important probation officer to look outdoor and upward at the state level to look at the laws that might be holding us back if vision zero from safety enforcement to look at whether or not we should drop some programs for 25 miles to 20
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there are issues we've got get to later i want to talk about the delivery of the projects something i know has been a concern for the public and for commissioners over the last year so what i want to emphasize a lot of has changed in the rifrp between sfmta and the partnering agencies that help us with vision zero vision zero nodes those more than you know more than the board wouldn't just mta it is a great role public works and the puc are very important partners i'm going to talk about some of the ways we're cooperating our efforts better and they're bearing fruit up on the screen we have an image of an internal tracking database
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dashboard that shows the projects that we have in the pipeline with the status with the status of those projects and it is drawing from shared information that is information that sfmta has within our capital program and our financial controls the idea to have all the agencies talking from a common mr. chairman where are the projects and the details and flipping behind schedule we are working from a common story that's the first thing pull up something that we're working with depending to show transparency so while the dashboard gets into the nuances of the incredible that might not
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be what the public wants to see i'm pulling up the tractorer that will eventually be on the city's website and which members of the public and members of the board of supervisors and other stakeholders can use to get a quick look at the projects and hopefully, if you have questions on where we are not on schedule. >> so next slide okay another issue i know is a concern how are reprioritizing projects we have lots of data about where the injuries and crashes are occurring we also
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know that we made a commitment to deliver 24 projects in 24 months we have a pipeline of over 40 projects we're trying to move forward i want to make it clear to everyone the projects we're bringing forward in the pipeline and the pipeline behind those 40 projects we'll schooler not stop at 40 they were found on the multiplied mobile network on the streets tim talked about the idea when you look at the map you see the goodgraphies spread over the city one of the interesting things i found when i was looking at the data the initiative walk first safety action approach showed that south of market and the tenderloin were kind of the real
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high collision locates for pedestrian safety projects and that's what we focusing a large number of trafficking on and safety promotions that are designed to protect pedestrians from moving vehicles and quite a few streets outside the geographies vehicle versus other is safeties alameda boulevard and sunshine boulevards and speeding and red light running will certainly be urging all our tracking tools to address those as well and i think that perhaps the important point vision zero is a citywide project not a one-time but all business related to travel and all those tools to bear that's what we see
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going forward. >> we'll also pulled rolled up a summary of first 24 promotions in our cue the total price tag $26 million you can see i won't go through the chart but a wide range of funding sources that is before prop a and. >> bob: fund were brought into the picture we've got a large amount of money from prop a and we're seeing some positive coordination from the ta staff and c e ways to bundle those and keep the important oversight over our spending to take some of the bureaucratic steps we need to take before we go into
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those promotions and take the particularly and i'm grateful to the ta staff for that and, of course, we have there are state funds, funds from the budget and so it's a broad funding base before prop a and it will increase as we go forward. >> actually mr. maguire we're missing this slide it could be one that you added i want to copy i know a number of colleagues that asked about the funding for vision zero if we could get a copy of that slides or additional slides okay sorry about that we'll make sure that you get a copy. >> i'm sorry go to the next
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one. >> i think that is it also i know that we are we've got a question from the members of the public but i'm interested in looking at how prop a and b will help us deliver on vision zero amongst the other priorities that sfmta the kind of thinking with the department with the passage of those two measures. >> that's a go question i think there are two parts to the answer one is that that broadens the base for projects close to half of the money is available under a prop a is going to go towards projects under the vision zero umbrella with the high network so obviously the most important russel's roles is to provide the source and we're committed to help with this
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vision zero strategy other important thing that the prop a does it gives us the ability to you know bring on specialized staff necessary to move across jurisdictions and agencies to do initiative things to work through the challenging jersey and on 19th avenue and howard street require a fairly broad set of resources skills so the staff initiative properly and, of course, for the funding as well so i'd like to move on to identifying some of the specific challenges to project delivery and some of the ways in which we are delivering so in th


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