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tv   [untitled]    January 14, 2015 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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one, kind of a small knit, but the budget summary page, there's a typo. it's the indirect costline on 18 says line 17 times line 18 i think it means line 17 times line 16. would that be correct? >>i think that's correct, yes. >>and the actual calculation is not 15%, it's something slightly less that that so i'm not sure why there would be -- it seems like a simple calculation, 15% of that -- >>perhaps it was a rounding. i don't have a calculator. >>it's about 14.7% across the budget, so maybe it's a rounding thing but it was an odd dollar amount when i made the cal cow cuelation. i'm not sure why there's a disparity, which always causes
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me a concern. not that i don't trust people but it seems like it should be accurate. >>okay, that's something i will follow up with the agency regarding. >>out of curiosity, it calls out in the outcome objectives 75% of all facilities will be visited on a quarterly basis, that would be two visits and same for the [inaudible] facilities. >>the baseline from the previous thing is that we require at least one visit to one board and care home every year so we've added this in as part of the increased performance as a result of the increased staff. now the plan is to in addition to seeing everyone at least once, each quarter, 75% of them
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will be seen. we didn't go with the 100 po allow for a little bit of leeway there. >>are the businesses announced and scheduled or unannounced. >>i believe both. in some situations the ombudsman will respond to a complaint brought by a family member or resident and appear unannounced. ombudsman will make an unannounced visit to see how things are going and to speak with residents to solicit their feedback on current conditions at the facility. >>thank you. commissioner -- >>other question. how many rezsidential homes are in the city of san francisco now? >>i believe there are 77 and that is down from 83. get our expert witness up here. is that right? >>there are presently 77 rcfes
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and that's down from 1986 figures which were 160 rcfes. we're experiencing in san francisco, we being everybody in san francisco, other agencies, a decrease in rcfes at a time particularly low income and moderate income so we have a real issue with maintaining existing stock and that was part of the plan i submitted originally to dos to try to develop an intervention where places just don't close, but they maintain a certain qualitative performance benefitting the residents. right now they're 77 but it's part of a trend of lowering numbers over the years. >> >>following on the 77, what's the range of the residents inthe homes? like five to 20 or what? >>larger cfes the people with
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means, so to speak, assisted living communities have anywhere from 100, 80. and there's a real dichotomy of the small six beds which are called board and care homes, and the larger residential fa stillties which are assisted living or part of the ccrc. so there's a lot of breakdown and stratification of pipe within that population of homes. and part of this proposal is also to address adult residential facilities as part of an -- to justify an augmentation because we're getting a lot of reports of neglect to the abuse mandate to the individuals who used to be below 60 but now many are ageing in place. complicated strategy we had to get to get this money. >>commissioner ow and then
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james. >>i don't think you identified yourself. >>i'm the program director of the ombudsman program and i've spoken here before that's why. >>are you -- >>program director. >>program director. >>correct. >>you came to our commission for many times an you oversee the san francisco nursing homes? >>we go to skilled nursing, both long term and the rehabilitation nursing facilities, some of which are actually included in the acute hospital buildings. i've come to the advisory group, i've i've come to legislative group over the years, yes. >>right now the agency going to get $148,000. will it include -- we listen to you for many times. you always [inaudible].
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>>it will improve or ability as measured in the number of unannounced visits to see what's really going on that might make vinls living in these places unhappy an dissatisfied and overall, if we can sustain this augmentation through capacity building and future years, it will certainly improve our oversight and hopefully improve some of the conditions affecting residents or patients and skilled nursing, both short term rehab as well as long term, as well as in residential care homes. right now i characterize this initial augmentation as getting more feet on the ground to increase the number of visits so
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our services can improve and also the individuals are experiencing can improve so they go hand in hand to speak. >>i got one more question. last year the state legislature have so many bills to includemprove the living facility for the seniors. >>that's an interesting point. the legislature had a whole series of residential carol reform act legislation. those that would have required that licensing agency community care licensing to increase their visits per year that had a fairly high expense attached to it and never got out of appropriations so therefore the expectation in some of those bills to increase regulatoryover sight were not really funded and so we're stuck with five year
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visit pattern with a sample because the funding never came through the legislature for those particular bills. those reform bills didn't cost any money, but not in terms of stepping up the regulatory visits. twenty years ago they use -- every facility used to be visited annually and now it's only a select sample of 20 or 30% in whatever area we're talking about and then the others only get visited once every five years. that was an argument to step up our visits because we're not the regulators. >>thank you very much and i appreciate the comments and the importance of the issue, but in
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the interest of time i would caution commissioners ask questions specifically relevant to the motion before us and specifically relevant to this contract. >>it is relevant. after you make a visit you make a report. if you don't think your report facilities is not up to par and then they do have violations, what is your remedies where do you go next step? >> >>i think i can speak to this one. the goal is to investigate and try to resolve the complaint at the facility, but in the event they do refer on to other appropriate bodies that have a sanctioning power such as licensing. >>commissioner james. >>in the interest of time move on. >>any questions or comments
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from the public. hearing none all in favor, oppose. thank you very much. >>item b requesting to provide consulting to analyze integration of in home supportive services ihss to the horizontal integration programs during the period of november 1, 14 to june 302015 not to exceed not here today. >>oh, she's here but i'm presenting on her behalf. >>thank you. >>good morning, president, director and commissioners, ms. name's hugh wang. i'm a dos manager working in the health supportive services
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program. i oversee two medical eligible units and current dos is in the process of creating a service hub and the hub will specialize in serving seniors and people with disability. this will create the extension of services in medical, cal fresh and some of the human service agencies that is offering currently. human services agency has experience working with the service hub model. at the same time they have utilized intelligence consultants to plan the design. dos is very excited, looking forwards in working to create the service hub and the hub will have public access and it will give dos an opportunity to partner in working with community partnership to create mixed services at the same time
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having resources easily accessible for our senior and people with disability. i'm here today to ask for your approval for this contract. this is pretty much an extension of [inaudible]. >>thank you very much. do i have a motion to discuss? >>so moved. >>seconded. >>yes. e >>any comments or questions from the commission. >>commissioner sims. >>i notice there's a $4200 line item for consulting travel expenses, which made me think it was a non local agency but they're in danville so why is there such an expense for travel in this budget? >>good morning. the reason, commissioner is that there's such a high travel expense in this one is because the person we've specifically
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asked to work with works out of florida. she's been providing good service and well want her expertise and she's got some local team members here but that's why it's so high. >>thank you. >>commissioner loo. >>i realize the [inaudible] in april of 2011 and it's almost halfway or so. are they on target of the contract at this point? >>good morning commissioners, director of contracts. we've been working with the dhs side since april and we have successfully integrated three of our service sites so now that we've got three of them up and running the fourth one would be the dos service hub. but yes, they've been very helpful in the process. it's a whole change of business process, the way we give out
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public benefits so it's been very beneficial especially in our medical division. because of the affordable care act we had 50 or 60,000 additional applications so by moving into this streamlined process we're actually providing quicker, more efficient service. we're hoping to continue this model with this dos hub. >>thank you. any other questions from the commission? comments and questions from the public. hearing none call the question all in favor. any opposed. thank you, the motion carries. c, requesting authorization to modify the grant with bay view hunters point multipurpose senior centers services for additional community service programs during the period of october 1 2014 through june 30 2016 in the additional amount of
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$75,000 for a revised grant amount not to exceed $1,625,000. >>what i'd like to do this morning is by way of introduction is just share with you a few comments before we go into the contract approvals. this morning my colleagues michael zogg and monte will be presenting a series of new modified grants that resulted in the recent bidding process by notice of nofa 618. i want to at this time along with denice chung, we want to acknowledge and also her
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colleagues who helped us bring these grant awards forward. you may have noticed that we bun bundled services with the funding for projects that didn't fit into the traditional community services program funding model. we chose to create an umbrella term for ageing and disability friendly community. another distinction would be that it is much more neighborhood driven. it is in the community type approach than intends to help seniors thrive in their homes an neighborhoods. with that i will ask for your
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approval after your review and questions for adding on additional funding community services funding to bay view hunters point multiservice senior social security senior senior services. p as you may know, we have an existing western addition senior center in the area and there's also a rosa parks senior center that was recently added as well. the funding, the 37,500 per year will be to augment the activities scheduling for the rosa parks center and will help bring on a part-time activities coordinator to help there. so another thing you may already
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know is they do have meal program there and also a very comprehensive state of the art computer lab through our sf connected program. and so it is our hope that you will approve this grant so they can increase the level of services and also recruit several new participants to the program. >>thank you maria. may i have a motion to approve. >>motion to discuss. >>any comments or questions from the commission? commissioner sims. >>i'm going to ask this question now and i'm not shurm it's the right place of discussion to ask it but there are several of these applications refer to an appendix f that's used to describe locations of services and i didn't find an appendix f in our packet. >>we refer to appendix f and we
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are working on getting those forward. they are what we call site charts and these are something that the office on the ageing has using throughout the years. it isn't necessarily something that is required, is what i understand from the contract management office that's required as a contract document but because we do refer to it we would like to be able to show it to you and basically what it does is gives you an idea of where the locations are, what holidays they may honor, observe. so what their hours are, also some other pertinent information, but it's a handy tool to have and right now our office is working on setting those up and we have some examples.
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of the site chart i can show you here. as my colleague mentioned these are some of the nutrition sites and some of the senior centers that we operate through self help. just to give you an example of what it is. >>i would say that's useful. >>yes, definitely. like i said in preparing for the actual contract it was something that wasn't necessarily required but we will fulfill that. >>thank you. any other comments or questions from the commission? comments or questions from the public? hearing none, call the question, all in favor. >>i. >>any opposed. thank you. the motion carries. >>thank you. >>d e requesting modify the grant for additional community service programs during the period october 1, 2014 through june 30 2016 in the additional amount of $110,000 for a revised
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total grant not to exceed $118,667. do we have a motion to discuss? >>so moved. >>seconded. >>second. >>please, thank you. >>good morning, president james, commissioners, director hinton. the funds will help augment services, increase staffing and provide infrastructure. this funding request is for the excelsior branch only. we're looking to hire a halftime cantonese speaking program assistant. over the last years there has been an increase in about 4% of chinese participants at the
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center and about half require some degree of translation services. they're looking for a cantonese speaking person to help the growing population. they'll they'll provide translation services to people who come into the center on a regular basis or drop in. they can help the existing staff at the center. when people are facilitating other groups and then other people come in who 23450ed social services staff are pulled away are the stuff they're doing to address the individual needs, so this new person will be there to help support the existing staff and take on the role of bills that come in the mail or letters and things like that. in addition there will be site service unit increase throughout the year through activity
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services and translation services. each one will increase about 400 hours a year so activities hours will go from 2800 hours a year to 3200 hours a year. translation services will go from 1800 hours a year to 2200 hours a year. we urge your approval and if you have any questions i a happy to answer them. >> >>commissioner sims. >>the grant is $55,000, correct? >>yes, overs two years. >>this one was a little trickier for me to track, but it looks like there's a salary line of 37,440 and the nearest i could pick up was a 31% fringe benefits rate which got me to 49,000. kind of a nick, but i couldn't find the 55 nicely. >>yeah, yeah. so my conversations with the staff at bruno heights a lot of
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this is going to infrastructure as well. like the day-to-day activities rent, utilityiesutilities. so my conversations with them yesterday, the additional funds are going to infrastructure support. support. support. >>broadly, it would be easier for me to look through these things especially when they're fairly small dollar amounts if there were some consistency in the way they're presented so there were specific numbers so it's quick and easy to address. >>thank you noted. appreciate it. >>any other questions or comments from the commission. comments or questions from the public? hearing none call the question. all in favor. any opposed?
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thank you, motion carryiescarries. now we will be taking item e, which is in the correct order, which is requesting is again, do i have a motion to discuss? >>so moved. >>seconded. thank you. you're on again. >>good morning commissioners. we seek your approval for catholic charities located in the district of san francisco. this proposal is for funding augment services and increase staffing. other proposed changes, catholic charity ises looking to increase the program manager from 1.10 to
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1.16. the purpose for this is to increase her on site presence inthe program and to address the needs of the seniors coming into the sight. if there are needs that can't be met in the community services program then the program supervisor can refer those people to case management program at catholic charities. they are looking to hire a bilingual program assistant. ideally this individual will speak cantonese, or mandarin. they've seen about a 5% increase in the filipino population. this individual would provide social services and translation services to people who came into the center. so catholic charities community services site also has sf connected computer lab where
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they have classes for seniors. they're looking to get reconnected to first train staff and volunteers at the center to provide classes for seniors and additionally get volunteers for classes as well. classes would be both individual and in the group setting. some of the courses that have been most popular are e health literacy and computer classes for beginners. catholic chair tiff to 400 unduplicated clients a year looking to increase their activity hours from 1200 a year to 1600 a year. they're looking to increase their social service units from 500 to 900 units a year. translation service they're looking to increase from 300 units a year to 500.
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ooa urges your approval and happy to answer any questions you may have >>any questions or comments? commissioner loo. >>i have a question on the operating expense detail. it seems like eight months expenses is higher than 12 months. >>are you looking at the nofa budget? >>operating expenses. >>oh community technology network is only for the first year. so in the next year it's not a line item. >>patty, would you come forward? thank you. >>commune technology training is for the staff and our key volunteers. because we have about seven
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languages evidence at our center it's hard when they go on to their language for staff to help them because they're not as familiar with the programs so we want them to become more familiar so they can help the seniors more and better so we want them trained so we can get more seniors on the computers and help them through the process. >>i'm looking for the counseling.
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counseling. >>next item, item i. requesting additional authorization to modify the grant during the period of october 1 2014 through june 30 2016 for additional amount of $30,000 for revised grant amount not to exceed $1,334,313. may i have a motion to discuss? >>so moved. >>seconded. thank you. >>we seek your approval for on lock 30th street senior center community services located in the mission district of san francisco. the funding proposed is meant to help with infrastructure support and staffing. they're look together hire a special projects coordinator full-time. they'll help facilitate group


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