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tv   [untitled]    February 24, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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ing new new development and the owners are aware on the new supply and free up the price to get higher on the existing property and so there is a functional alliance between these apparent enemy to preserve the housing supply status quo of high demand and limited supply and on the property it is the mortgage financing that they can get on it and all that the renters need to realize that the greater the total supplies of bedrooms the lower the cost of one. period, and please recall the five story house boats that i mentioned previously, they would satisfy three needs with one structure. and they would house people today, they will not fall over in an earthquake tomorrow and they will not submerge as the sea level rises in the next few decades thank you.
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>> thank you. next speaker please? >> my name is nism. >> i am sorry. >> could you get closer to the mic. i have been around the san francisco scene since 1976. and i have opened a business, and in december 5th, and i had four stores on chest nut street and i will have a store around the neighborhood for a long time. and most of the real estate development, and you know it is, behoofing to spoke about giving and i used to be a big brother in the big sister movement and i was a big brother to a young man and he was in the black
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neighborhoods. and he went bad. but he knew that i was saved by a brother and he was black (inaudible) and he was my sponsor. and he died. but my business -- father and the name was mckayla and she called me up and told me when he died. i loved him. any way, i am (inaudible) and in san francisco, and on third street, and many of the other things, i have a video and you can watch part of it you can. >> thank you. >> next speaker please. >> next speaker please? >> hi, everyone, my name is (inaudible) and i am the
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current district six commissioner and i am also a senior from the (inaudible) and first of all i really want to thank supervisor campos and supervisor ferrill and uls my district six supervisor jane kim for helping to sponsor this arch, bishop resolution and to support the students that are against these mortality clause and to support our teachers that are fighting for the rights as teachers. and recently we have had two vigils so that we can experience our concerns against these mortality clauses and since then when this was issued earlier and this is brought about earlier in february, and our school community has been in some sort of devastated atmosphere and the reason for that is our teachers, are living in some sort of culture of fear, and by that, i mean that if this goes about this contract, and these mortality issues goes about in the land
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book and in our next school year we are going to be forced to sign a contract that teaches against homosexuality and against using birth controls and as supervisor campos stated it is totally going against what the pope has mentioned and as a growing catholic myself i believe that religion should be used to be more ininclusive and include those that even the lgbt community and especially if you are using these mortality clauses to go against a specific group of people that is not religion at all and that is not teaching what love is in our catholic faith, and i just really want to commend you all for putting this out in your agenda and hearing our voices out. >> thank you. >> next speaker please? >> good afternoon, members of the board of supervisors, my name is avalos and i am the young commissioner for district five and i just want
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to reiterate my colleague words of support for this resolution, about a week ago on february 17th this came to the full board of the youth commission and i personally did not support the motion that we made in we supported the board to contend the mortality, not because i don't support the students, i will support anybody that is standing up for their rights when they feel there is an injustice, what i did not support it for though was i felt it was ap prehenive because i thought it was constitutionally inappropriate to tell a private institution to go about their business. but what i do believe as my colleague has said is that you know religion should not be used as a tool. despite whatever the philosophy may be to craoe division and bigotry and i think that these students want to feel that they belong and that they feel safe and
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especially the teachers that they are accepted and the workforce and i think that this resolution is great. and i will definitely keep supporting the students who are standing up for their rights. >> thank you. >> next speaker please. >> my name is joe -- and for my allotted time i would like to play mr. lanyata video. >> unfortunately at this time because the video is said to be similar to campaigning, we cannot allow campaigning in the board chambers. >> okay. >> then i will just speak then. >> okay. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> madam president and supervisors my name is joe valasko and i have been working with nism since i was 20 years old as a county clerk he used to own the (inaudible) a chain of retail stores and i am now, nism director of real estate and i would like to recognize mr. laneto who not only has a
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kind heart but a successful entrepreneur, and thank you for giving me the chance and i am grateful for this confidence that you have given me, and we have another individual by the name of cicelia who is coming on board and we are excited and unfortunately she cannot make it here today. >> thank you. >> thank you. and we are happy to watch me video, but unfortunately under the board rules you are not allowed to campaign in any way at public comment time. so thank you. >> next speaker please? >> good evening, madam president and supervisors,
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when i look back, had i not went through the so-called channels and stuff, maybe i could presented this back in october and like i tried to
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do. all that i am asking is if i send the e-mails to your office and don't just ignore them because i have something to say, thank you. >> thank you very much, next speaker, please? good evening. my name is vladimir and i am 83 years old and you who survive the holocaust in world war ii and now i am on the street and i say that the united states is the most (inaudible) the 83-year-old person on the street is facisti, and i have a proclamation and one from the
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mayor nusome and lee and two from board of supervisors four times people told me that i am the best citizen of the united states of san francisco, okay? and you give gave me this from the board of supervisor and now, and then when i meet 12 and the 83 years old, should to sleep on this street. and in cold weather. and it is only in fasist and in the terrorist country, in obama and ed lee, could keep a person do you know that the people that are homeless are eating from garbage cans and never see the doctor because they are sleeping and they just, and again, how could
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country like this who promise so much set to evict, 83-year-old and put him to die on the street facist country. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker please? >> my name is lee and i am a member of the supervisors here and they met with me and talked with me before and i want to compliment and commend the entire board today with the sets of compliments that they made that you honored today without sounding patronizing, i commend you for i am a property owner here in san francisco and glen park and it is my principal and only residence and i have lived here and worked here in the bay area and in san francisco
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since 1966. and so i am a long term resident and i am now retired and on a fixed income, and it is not an income that is subject to the cost of living adjustments. unfortunately, so, sort term for me, and allows me to keep pace with the cost of living here. and allows me to stay in my home, to a city that i love so much, to supervisors ferrill, and supervisor ferrill's earlier comment, regarding the legislation that was passed, we have my wife and i taken steps to get our business license and we have that in hand now and we have already registered with the planning department, and registered our property and we will now be listing with a
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number of home rental sites or home showing sites and i am here to ask you today to not modify the legislation in any way, that would result in the negative effect on our ability to. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> okay. >> and i am going to be as quick as possible. and but, i have to -- i am
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sorry. >> the 2000 street map of san francisco shows candle stick park to be surrounded by the candle stick point state recreation area. and the complaint that i fought against them here. and if i could get, and if the defendant lanar urban is a commercial and real estate developer who envisions the bay view area as a beach and has no appreciation whatsoever for the unique charm and character and history of the area, this defendant proposes to replace the world wonder candle stick park, with a subdivision of
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6,000 probably up scale homes in glitzy shopping malls and inconsistent land use for the state recreation area and bay shore atmosphere, and preserving candle stick park would be a force to reserve the historic character of the bay view neighborhood and the point as a whole. and in january, of 2015, and a number of times since this and the e-mails and telephone contacts, i demanded that >> thank you, your time is up. >> i need to be heard. >>
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>> and i am tom, and 2000 south beach marina apartments and bravo, to the caption people, and it is nice to see the names. and 1972, nixon started his reelection water gate happened, and i was a senior in college, and special gala gave me a book to read, mario puzo and the god father i read about that much of it and i got really through a lot of it. and i didn't catch the end and i went to the movie and we went to the movie together before, i finished the book it was a great movie.
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and recommending a book, and and sorry, a young woman and meaning that the lee harvey oswald and the last six months of his life, recruiting in the dynamic scientific and anti-cancer virus labs. but to read that, and get the full bang out of that one, in new orleans and this is the set up of what happened and where this woman went to and this is a mystery also. and so this sets up where this young woman went to. when in 1963, you could go to a movie and you would see a double feature. and i would recommend if you want to see a double feature this time around at home, front line the warning. followed by front line, the
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untouchables and see, what video and what books you need, and we need to digest to know what is going on thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. are there any other members of the public who would like to provide public comment at this time? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. madam clerk could you please call item number 33? >> >> okay, at this time we will go to the adoption calendar. madam clerk. >> okay. >> could you please read the adoption calendar, without reference to committee item? >> yes, madam america, item 34, through 36, are being considered for adoption without committee reference. >> okay. does anyone want to sever, any items for adoption without reference? >> seeing none, mat am clerk, could you call the role.
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>> yes, on item 3s 4, 35 supervisor and 36, cohen? >> yes. >> aye. >> and supervisor ferrill. >> aye. >> kim. >> aye. >> mar. >> aye. >> tang. >> aye. >> supervisor weiner? >> aye. >> and supervisor yaoe in >> aye. >> aye. >> and avalos in >> aye. >> and supervisor breed? >> aye. >> breed, aye. >> sperp campos? >> aye. >> kristin sen. >> aye. >> there are eleven ayes. >> those ar dopted you madam clerk. are there any other items? >> madam president i will call item 33, and that does conclude the other business on the agenda. >> madam president --. >> sir, you are out of order. >> public comment is closed sir, you are out of order.
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>> emergency. >> sir. sir, sir, you can leave us a document, and we can pass them out to the members of the board. >> thank you. >> can you call item 33, madam clerk? >> item 33 is a motion that the board of supervisors convene in closed session on february, 24th, 2015, for the purpose of confering with or receiving advice from the city attorney, regarding existing litigation in which the city as a plaintiff, defendant and petitioner and gas and electric company is an adverse party. >> all departments nice of you to join us, could you begin by introducing, we are missing somebody? >> okay. >> we are going to go into closed session. >> okay. >> and so, we have already. >> okay. thank you, we have taken general public comment for this particular item as i have announced when that we would take public comment in the time that we opened
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general public comment for item number 33. and so at this time, is there a motion to go into closed session? >> moved by supervisor kim, and seconded by supervisor kristin sen and without objection we are adjourned to closed session.
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