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tv   [untitled]    March 3, 2015 3:00am-3:31am PST

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people are you know bullets come through their walls it's not just people people who aren't where they are supposed to be i mean this is 4 o'clock in the afternoon and somebody else said that there's all these things coming together and bad things are already happening for a long time and it doesn't seem to be changing. actually it's getting worse. maybe. thank you. >> thank you very much for coming. any further public comment? okay hearing none public comment is now closed. obviously we we all here and watching at home that was a lot of questions and issues that
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were brought up i want to give the chief a chance to be responsive in the office of citizen complaints maybe makes more sense to to do that in your report chief because that's what we're doing next on the agenda i'm sorry sir i closed public comment. i can reopen it. no. i'm sorry sir public comment is closed. >> next line item. 5 b chief if if i can just start. the issues that i think would be helpful is obviously there is an open investigation from the occ so i'm happy if there's
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anything you want to share director hicks the issue that was brought up by a couple of our speakers and the members of the aclu and it sounds like issues around staffing impacting families and businesses and folks in the bayview and then i don't know if i don't know if you want to be responsive about the concern about the dna lab results as well as all of the other things you have to report. >> sure. good evening commissioners and director hicks and the public. first i'll take those in the order that you gave them so i do apologize for any distress caused to miss tillison during her detention the circumstances as i as i understand it was the officers did recognize two suspects that they believed to be wearing clothing during the commission of a burglary i have not seen the the pictures that
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we took but i have seen the video posted that does show the 2 suspects wearing clothing and did believe he reason to take the pictures and as as far as the crime they were more like how tall are you they were not interrogatory questions regarding the actual elements of any crime that had occurred. i have been briefed on the case just this afternoon. i don't disagree that he had reasonable suspicion but i think the public said it had been presented it hasn't been presented so there so there will not be criminal charges.
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the next matter that we brought up was staffing we're currently in the middle of the aggressive hiring plan adopted by this commission put forward by the mayor and unanimously supported by the board of supervisors and we're reexamining our budget now to see if we can't find moneys before this fiscal year closes and fully anticipate being able to add -- i just met with the mayor today and he would like to make that happen for next fiscal year so so we'd also like in anticipation of attrition load to past fifty candidates. there really isn't a district in san francisco that doesn't want more police
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officers yesterday. all current guns subject to dna testing are out either at our lab or at independent labs and i have assurances that all results will be back within 30 to 90 days which significantly can you cuts down that that 1 year period and i don't have to tell any of the prosecutors or defense councils that many cases are made absent dna and i wanted to speak a little bit about gun violence in san francisco we had an horrend u.s. january where 9 people were murdered as a result of gun fire. gun violence although homicides are the ultimate tragedy the problem is gun violence every single person that has ever shot could just as well have been killed
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in 2014 we had of the shootings we did have in january, only one of those results in a homicide only 5 percent of the shootings that happened resulted in a in a homicide. in 201536 percent of the shootings resulted in a homicide so although you you would love to have only one homicide or less or no homicides every month they are all a factor of the shootings so the fact that we took 600 guns off the streets of supervisor cohen's district speaks volumes to the fact that we have a gun violence problem in san francisco and the san francisco police officers are prioritizing gangs and guns every day that they do their job and we will get a a hold on this i want to reassure
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people we're still going to have more homicides than anybody would ever want until we have less gun and see gun and less shootings and i'll work with captain o sullivan on the areas of concern and i'm no strange to casada street myself and we'll work to get a handle on that as well. i do have a brief presentation. commissioner commissioner marshall asked last month i have a brief powerpoint presentation i know that everyone is waiting on the other presentation so i'll move through this pretty quickly.
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>> >> so if you look at your screens and there's copies of this presentation for the public over on the table. we've been working with our community so obviously working with our community is a huge priority. in 1994 the defendant came up in 1994 the department came up with the cops general order and established the first policing general order in the history of the san francisco police department in september of 2011 and this policy established consistent philosophy and organizational strategies again with significant community input and members are held
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accountable to to and violations of this order would be a matter and source of complaint referred to occ and established radio code 421 for positive youth interaction and followed that with a citizen community engagement radio code so that we can better track when officers are contacting people and such information sought by this commission. as far as training goes training was provided and ongoing with emphasis on crimes against children interpersonal communications juvenile law gang awareness and additionally we have school resource officer training youth engagement training is something that i initiated since becoming chief. every academy class does 4 hours in a youth setting be be
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it a boys and girls club ymca playground every month on the department and every recruit required to volunteer 4 hours in a place of their own choosing in the community where they live in the in the city and it has to be focussed on youth and a variety of other programs and jam borees with younger people and the ymca and in the western edition and bayview and in the western edition and they work in boys and girls clubs citywide and did holiday events and worked with the seniors housing. we refocussed our youth and community engagement unit located it at garfield playground in the mission district it was a playground at
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least in my time from 94 to 2000 was plagued by problems like drug use in the bathrooms acts of prostitution and the fields rarely used by the children and ever since it has been completely rejuvenated that playground and i'd invite anyone to go by. also we employ 35 youth on private dollars and over 250 other youth through the mayor's jobs program working directly with the police and then our projects that have been going on forever like the wellness program program saling and fishing and operation genesis where the children from the bayview hunters point area. we
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work with nonprofits like make a wish and that was the benefactor nor do we seek that out we just do it to do it. there's a lunar new year kick off. again the police academy community policing the alert system we re-envigorated the cadet program and about to hire 40 cadets but you still have to be in school and people interested in law enforcement and part-time jobs and the next several sides of the nonprofits we work with
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empowering youth program just started 2 weeks ago, be magic and on and on and on. i don't want to take a lot of time but i think this is what commissioner commissioner marshall was talking about. we . i'd encourage anybody to look at the men and women of san francisco police officers are doing every day have been doing for a long time continuing to add to it and if anybody would like to see more police officers in their neighborhood in the non enforcement capacity which is i think important that we're in the fabric of the communities that we serve, we'll be there so with that that would conclude my portion of that presentation and i see the commissioner has a question
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before i ask lieutenant fong to come up. >> i really want to talk about the broader picture and maybe do we have a policy in place regarding confronting a suspect when he's with his attorney? and if we do, i'd like to see it and make sure -- i'd like to look at the case and make sure we have a policy in place that complies with this law. if we don't have a policy i think we should have. we should have a policy because it's important to give guidance in situations and i know you are going to say it's a current investigation but you also have constitutional rights to an attorney and the attorney was present and we need to look at the policies in place and whether they are up to par in terms of constitutional rights
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and roles between officers suspects and attorneys and how to handle these because there are rights. >> all of us have been at this a long time. i do also -- the rules of engagement have long been sack sacrosanct so however the hallways have always been a public area and i think i do find it a little ironic that the protest was the taking of the picture. in this same public hallway the video was taken and posted by the public defender that that a million people have seen that also depict the the suspects.
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>> i understand what you are saying. public places are a free for all but do we have a policy in place when an actual attorney is present. you can't just go arrest attorneys. whether we have a policy in place that's the question. >> i can answer that commissioner. >> there's a pending investigation there there will be an investigation as to any misconduct and a recommendation for discipline and also in that process is a recommendation on policy issues that is should be considered by this commission and you are going right to to policy. >> if we don't have a policy i want to start talking about putting it on the agenda that's what i'm talking about. >> there is a policy it's called the 6th amendment to the constitution of the of the united states. >> in terms of giving guidance
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when it happens. >> we'll take it up in this process what violation, if any, occurred. >> that's not what i'm talking about. i'm talking about do we have a policy in place and if we don't i want to start talking about putting an agenda item and being proactive not reactive. >> as the second oldest member of the commissioner right now there was a comment made that the commission can't remain silent. fortunately there's a process and we have to remain silent. . therefore we do ask if there is a case we can not comment about the case we're not allowed to comment about the case and we're not allowed to even get close to and talk about whether there should be a policy or not. we can probably
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do that in the next item down the road here about scheduling items for future consideration but everybody has rights here so we have to be very careful about what we say and do so i caution not to be caught in the heat of the moment by our public defender coming here or aclu aclu we need to see whether it was done right or wrong but at this point we can't comment on it. >> i'm going to schedule this item. i want to to know these questions. >> in the meantime i'll look to see if there's a clarification of any of the trainings involving detentions or working through attorneys miranda and the like which the officers get significant training in. >> okay thank you. >> okay with regard to the presentation on the youth activities i think commissioner marshall asked for this presentation. it's an
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overriding investment in youth so my question would be to you chief i know that maybe everybody doesn't watch the police commission on wednesday nights and assuming that is to be true, i'd love to hear how the department how we can continue to share with he with folks this information about what the department does on a regular basis it's important for folks to understand. >> i'm happy to post this presentation on our website even since doing this there's 2 or 3 more things that have come about and or will come about in the next 30-days. >> great thank you chief. next item on your -- >> the next item on the task force annual report if i can ask lieutenant darrel fong.
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>> good evening president loftus and vice president turman and fellow commissioners director hicks and members of the public. i am i am i am the lieutenant in charge of the special investigation unit and i'll be presenting the annual report with the fbi's joint terrorism task force. . i did invite david johnson of the fbi of the fbi to be present as i have the last few years and he was not able to respond by message so i do not anticipate him being here. >> okay thank you chief. >> okay the format used to develop this report was based upon previous input and request for information from members of the law caucus and resulted in
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the requests and responses. the requests will be read in numerical order followed by the response. >> number 1. related to the number of times that undercover officers are infill traitors, no member of the sfpd the san francisco police department staffing consisted of 2 full-time employees. one employee departed in july of
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2014 and a member is currently being vetted to fill that full-time position a full-time employee works approximately 2080 hours per calendar year. >> 3, the request for a complete description of violations and possible violations of the ordinance. the fbi conducted quarterly reviews of cases which the defendant has reviewed as well. there were no violations or possible violations of the ordinances in the year 2014 and the e-mail received by the department yesterday from the asian caucus and additional clarification as as to the quarterly review process and independently reviews these cases on a quarterly basis to
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ensure compliance with department policies and procedures and state and local laws as required by the ordinance. >> a request regarding actions taken as a discover of the violation or possible violation . and recommendations of how to prevent recan reoccurrence of the violation.
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>> they are well aware that the members of the sfpd must comply with the provisions within and subject to these guidelines. the fbi has not placed members in any position at risk of any violations. regarding including whether the ordinance has impinged the ability to receive terrorism information from the federal government and whether the federal government
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has has has been cooperate and whether the the ordinance is affecting the relationship. the fbi understand the restriction placed on its members of the sfpd and to ensure the officers assigned and the sfpd maintains a very close professional working relationship with our colleagues in the fbi. regarding complete description of any issues in relation to the sfpd's process to ensure that the ordinance is being implemented. >> a request for a complete description of any sfpd funds
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and any attended issues resulting from those these expenditures. the sfpd paid the salaries of the officers in 2014 used personal equipment and other expert expenses such as overtime etc. remain the responsibility of the fbi and a recent inquiring all task members are provided with a government vehicle with the fbi. >> regarding a complete description of the oversight system created to ensure compliance with the ordinance the task force officers including a a description of relevant training provided to sfpd officers. officers are trained to be familiar with the guidelines and restrictions and as reviews are conducted on
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a quarterly basis and in response to the inquiry members review these policies on a quarterly basis with their immediate supervisor. >> the extent to which the officers enjoy access to legal council that arise in the course of their work with the jttf and the officers have the same access to the city attorney as other sfpd officers and the level of supervision provided the officers have weekly contact with their immediate supervisor or lieutenant of the special investigations division. >> 7, a request for a complete description of the command structure relating to the sfpd officers who are working with the fbi joint terrorism task
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force. work under the command of the san francisco police department and the immediate supervisor is the officer in charge or lieutenant of the special investigations division then reports to the command to the commander of investigations and reports to the deputy chief of operations who reports to the chief of police cht . at the jttf an fbi special agent the ssa reports to the special agent in charge who reports to the special agent in charge. >> 8, regarding a number of requests from outside agencies for access to records of sfpd and fbi, jttf activities including a number of requests granted and denied there were no requests from outside agencies for access to records of the sfpd and jttf
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activities. >> 9, related to the number of requests by members of the of the public made for access for records related to the ordinance including the number of requests for document where information was produced, did not exist, the number of requests denied following the report to the police commission in february of 2014 the police department utilized this inquiry in creating this template for this mandated annual report. . >> 10. a description of the role and duties of the members of the jttf f in 2014 the primary role of the sfpd officers assigned to the jttf
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was to establish a liaison to facility information sharing between the sfpd federal state and local agencies involved in the jttf. sfpd officers work on a team whose mission is to identify potential terrorist plots and to prevent terms prevent attacks before they occur. in this capacity sfpd officers were involved in a weapons of mass destruction case in which an individual suspected of being in in possession of a