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tv   [untitled]    March 15, 2015 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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definitely a key discrepancy for him more importantly is it so personable and i've grown to see mary so appreciates people for and represents people for who they are not what we are and it is very blessing to me and i remember there's a time when jean our executive director in the early 80s under the d feinstein in the 1 and 82 when the access 3w4r07kd to bethlehem steel and laying in the assets at the port my primary function as maritime managing manager to enforce and oversee the shipyard
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lewis lease so gene in the last year of his life his life is in decline making sure so struck much or up a relationship with gene and making sure so wanted to go see gene and visit with him he asked me it was his schedule he wanted to do it during the lunchtime within an hour so he asked me to drive him so he could spend time with gene salty had the opportunity to visit with gene probably a half-dozen times and learned a lot from gene and the sight and the shipyard operation and why it come out to be what it is and great history lesson that helped me better do any job at the port that is this level of
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relationships that making sure so has an uncanny ability to develop i most respect and not going to say i'll miss we'll cross paths again but thank you very much muir so (clapping). >> any further public comment and commissioners if i may i want to add. >> have get to come to the podium (laughter). >> i just wanted to add my thanks and love and kudos to making sure so for all he's done and making sure thank you for sharing making sure so with us here today, we wish you all the luck and i'm sure we'll see you again we'll really, really miss you (clapping.)
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>> any other public comment? turn to my colleagues kimberly >> after all that i'm going to start crying boy i just want to thank you as everyone has said i don't think i've been to the port offices without seeing our smiley face you've been so wonderful and kind graduating congratulate you on your retirement and wish you lots of luck. >> thank you for everything you've done (clapping.) making sure so i wanted to say that you're a fine individual and man i see you, we talk but to hear all the people saying the nice things most people wouldn't do that but your dedication to the port and to everyone's life i guess that's
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the greatest froibt not the material possessions but the impact you leave own people's lives you've left an impact including me and continued to be a better commissioner you and your family enjoy our retirement you with only live ones and thanks again. >> we all should have that blessing on our life i certainly do and it's great to see april talk and comment on the life he lived working at the port he obviously talked as you talked i have a great respect for that i wish you a lot of luck and maybe you might consider come back in another 5 years or (laughter). >> i'm going to say one thing
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everything has been said and congratulations on our retirement it's clear our the mascot the port you're the cheerleader you've touched the lives at the port that spirit affects us as commissioners to know that the spirit of the team and the team members can be sparked by one person and hope that spirit lives on with you and even though you're not we're going to continue what we've heard from the team members it is important that is what makes life worthwhile having the feeling of worthwhile seeing our smiley face thank you for the legacy you've left us (clapping.) making sure so ivy think you're blessed in life to have the
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opportunity to hear how many people you've touched with our being and integrity and kindness and thoughtfulness he hope you appreciate that you've made such a difference by being who you are and small acts it a wonderful this thing to hear that so many people have such respect and admiration you'll be missed it's port i want to congratulate you on our retirement i have often said the port has the best staff in the city i can't think of anyone that embodies that more than you making sure so, so thank you for your work and if any colleagues join me i have a presentation to give you
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(clapping.) >> read into the mike thank you for 32 years of outstanding service from 19983 to83 to march 2015 (clapping.) >> your awfully young to be retiring (laughter). >> thank you, thank you very much
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(clapping). >> great (clapping.) i got it. >> are you going to say a few words. >> thank you very much. >> in the mike. >> in the mike. >>
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(laughter). >> they have to record you. >> i want to thank everybody for being here it's a special day i have to give the credit to god people asked me how did you do it i know that god sustained me and, of course, the love of my wife and her support i couldn't have done it thank you, again it's a pleasure you'll be in touch. >> yeah. (clapping). >> congratulations and thank you making sure so we have another retirement we have several retirements but another one today which is also painful for us which is jay hawk our regulatory mental affairs manager jay has been with the port since 2000 so for 14 years another young guy who is moving
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on to retirement up north with his about how far wife karen jay has a number of firs he's been recognized with 5 recognized and couple i want to directing your attention to first off is jay is the circus master forever the pierce 27 and at pier 70 he participated and really had the vision and leadership for diagnosing some of those something that was vitally friendly with our crews industry working on a crews ship on the piers 30-32 that ultimately found its way into the system at pier 27 when we got it done as a long and it is
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your reduce route he did something similar at pier 70 we are critically proud of the effort because as you saw the last meeting it has produced incredible results in the reduction of our emissions we're very dedicated to for the most part jay thank you for that and the other thing that stands out in my mind jay was one of the outstanding responder to the costco oil spill that happened earlier in the morning but it effects went on for acquittal if i recall jay dispatched himself up to awe kwfk park and tried to get a grasp to the marin
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environment based on what he was finding open the beach and quickly started relying the evidence it was moving quickly not good for awe consecutive or beach life it was a touch day for a number of reasons and i'll never forget your leadership in that regard jay and appreciate our thoughtfulness and guidance and just your dedication to doing the right thing by the environment and not what was right for and personally so that's been fantastic and, of course he some sort of ma ignition when it comes to getting permits 7 federal and state permits it is a personality business and jay has some sort of ability to sweet
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talk regulars sometimes not on the first try i've noted sometimes sweet isn't the word but as far as i know he's per scooted his colleagues not only for the port of san francisco but other ports and done right by the bay we've benefited tremendously and for all of that jay thank you thank you as well for your mastery of photographer you've given us pictures we've admired in our calendar and many have hang in their offices they've gunning gone all even the world your eye is an incredible view
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of the architecture fascinating as well as the folks not only them by along the waterfront we'll miss all of that and try to figure out how to entice us with next year's calendar or the jerry on behalf of of u.s.s. may you and karen have an incredible parrot of our lives and may you took a little bit of us on that journey please join me in thanking jay (clapping.) we also have a few speakers i still can't believe you're going i said that when i first heard peter daily and following him mike. >> good afternoon, commissioners on behalf of the where is jay isn't it so there
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he is before i get to jay making sure so. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'll see you when we see you, your a good friend jay started 2000 monique talked about you to about his responsibilities over the last 14 years of expenditures on the agrees done many base fills that were taking care of allowing the ships to going come into our port and the commerce at the shipyard and our cargo terminals short power one of the first jay was involved the result of work that we saw in california the inventory numbers our badge is directing by 50 powers those improvements will continue as
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the legacy of jason work represented the port numerous associations that many of us wouldn't want to sit through meetings with monique talked about his affirmative photographer we think we're master with the for purposes but jay is a great one many types of things he is a great sense of humor you can explain scientific jargon in a pragmatic way for my simple mind he makes a man and woman margarita but i've not had that opportunity this is a sad day for san francisco i'll tell you why jay is a registered groeft in the state of california and scientific guy his wife is a
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professor at sf state in the geography metrological department the pun came to both rock stars they're heading north to ash land we have a place to hang out it's a loss for our city those two bright individuals i'll miss the creativity and jay it's been a pleasure to know you thank you (clapping.) >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is mike i'm in the maritime division and port i've had the pleasure of working with jay for the last 15 years we've tubed dredging and the crews terminal and about short side power and photos but what you may not know the jay was the cooperated of a port advisory
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committee called the environmental citizen's advisory committee known as e quack that was later absorbed into the fisherman's wharf advisory committee known as finish wag jay and i have connections there something else besides the things mentioned one of the things that besides the port staff that will miss jay the barry it is a in the ferry building will miss jay there was a group of us regular customers the only problem is the people that worked down there think his name is raul or congregating to they don't know his real name (laughter) i have a letter from ellen she's the co-chair of the maritime commerce advisory committee and she's in washington, d.c. so she
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couldn't be here so she asked me to express her appreciation and gratitude for everything that jay has done throughout his career she was the executive director of planning coalition in 1983 and worked on many projects with jay not only in the port of san francisco but at the ports of oakland and richmond elaine praised jay for having an expiring and creative mind and for his expert skills those are quotes she said that you were one of the early advocates of reusing sediment as a resource on land from clean to challenged i will always remembered our giant feet of creating a parking lot with choojd sediment from the santa fe channel that is an important
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asset for the city of san francisco and the regional she sited his achievement in the areas of dprej and your quality quote you've kept the ports water dredged you and i worked together and were structural in implementing the long term management strategy for dredged material disposal you were a supporter and sponsor felt forecast track program for fish reminding agencies of the importance of backing en12k5irgd species regulations with science finally in connection with air emissions ellen said of jay quote you've provided an important and strategic leadership for the port in spearheading the reduction program and encouraged other ports to do the same you've
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established a worthy example for all your success through the lengthy and complicated process in winning numerous granted for short side power both for pier 27 and pier 70 is outstanding thank you, commissioners that concludes my remarks congratulations jay on our retirement (clapping). >> bret. >> hi, i'm brad benson jay i just want to talk about some of the things that people have talked about already short power i had the great pleasure to work with a you on pier 70 and sometimes pier 27 as a scientist you've been grounded in sort of numbers and science
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and not rhetoric about environmental issues and that grounding letd led to euphoric on the really big wins and in short power if you look at the emissions rescues from the short power snaugz in terms of tons of pollutant across a variety of pollutants we need to control it was huge other thing i remember sometimes scientists like to battle consultants try sneaky games with the data we had contaminates in the sediment and jay was in a fight with the consultant working with a responsible company a utility and managed to get the upper hand and really avoid getting the finger of blame at the port
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for contamination that happened years ago and jay led us to hire experts to help fingertip that contamination and make sure the responsible part had to take responsible in the regulatory progress i think you've going duplicate a wonderful service to the port jay i can't thank you enough (clapping.) >> john. >> john. >> jay i'm going to miss you i've been working with jay the first time was in particular with the sea take terminal advisory committee we have a memoir 18 months working together that was a horrendous experience actually
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(laughter). >> out of the process jay developed the short side thing he took it on a a manager 2 took a lot of determination and he got it done so i appreciate i represent all jay's intelligence his dry sense of humor but i'll remember he was one hell of a botchie ball player (laughter) i'll nominate you to be in the port botchie hall of fame so thank you jay we'll miss you (clapping). >> any other public comment? commissioners >> jay thank you so much for all you are contributions to the port we're really going to miss
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our. and expertise thank you, very much on our retirement. >> jay you know you're a generous and caring guy and good teem player i'll share i won't drop names we were in after work in sacramento and jay likes a good drink and good food and conversation that was a great night it was a group of people knocking them down and real people that's the kind of guy jay is a genus but a down to earthquake with guy he's a guy it thinks outside the box and a progressive i'll say that ashbury land oregon you come up that jay i like hanging out with you we'll go down to the bar when you come up and solve the
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world problems thank you (laughter) clapping) >> i just want to echo he everything that's been said you've helped us to make strides open the short side power and thank you very much and wish you the best on retirement (clapping.) >> jay you sound like a hell of a guy to hang out with or shall i call you raul or grut to all the good stuff i wish you a lot of luck in our further endeavor. >> jay (clapping) jay it has been you've worked on issues that are very important and significant to me i've followed all i brought to the port i can't begin to count the
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times you've raised issue and articulated them and that is a real talent to be able to take complex difficult issues and put them in understandable issues you have at&t's the uncanny way of doing it with short power beverly and i spoke about your contributions their immeasurable you'll not have what an impact on the san francisco police commission but so much further as i look at other ports you really starred the ball rolling on focusing on short power here that will - has a significant impact on the environment so our activities are felt positively much, much further than stuck in our realm again your leadership on vial
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issues goes without saying i certainly will be very, very sorry not to have you around setting new policies and trends and fighting the regulars you come out on the winning end but when it's done because of our passion caring for the environment and appreciate what you brought to our position and you've done it in an unflappable way you'll be missed thank you for your service and congratulate you on our retirement and move to ash land i'm going to think hard and long about the festival up near you and think hard about the drinks. >> here's a plaque from the count i commission and congratulations on our
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retirement (clapping). >> (clapping.)
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okay. well now i have to think of something to say first thing it is on you this time (laughter) working at the port has provided just great opportunities for me projects i've done i never could have imagined walking in the door doing them but they have been a number of things coming along on someone that didn't like doing the same thing twice when there's a exchange i go for that i can name things with pg&e (laughter). >> was night mary for a long time we paralyzed with help from the chronicle in a first page article