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tv   [untitled]    March 28, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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86 waller is clarified as a historic landmark and exclude that i saying there are many properties in san francisco and this is really important to reducing the impact of the housing shortage in san francisco but to do that we need things like barriers for exposure and open space and problems with non-compiling backyard or rear yard and existing rear yard that concludes my presentation. thank you for your time. >> any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner richards. >> i think this is a good project i think it gets
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additional unit in a place that make sense the open space exception is not a huge issue given what i saw from the planned i move to approve. >> second. >> commissioners on that motion to approve with condition. >> commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner richards additional commissioner wu so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero zoning administrator what say you. >> close public hearing and it is allows the for that requirement to be waved and not historic resource that appears to be thanks. >> very good commissioners moving to item 14 ab on fulsome street it is yet another
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conditional use authorization variance to be considered. >> good afternoon rick with the department staff continuation a conditional use authorization for the proposed project at 1174 fulsome the project sponsor wants a conditional use to establish larger than 14 feet the proposed project is demolition of the two existing industrial building and new construction with a 66 foot tall mixed use building with a second-story office space with approximately 59 square feet and 42 single occupancy sro on the third-story and figured out and 5 of the floor between 2 hundred and 3 hundred square feet in size and open space for the rest
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of the third-story and common roof deck on the 6th floor it has 48 bicycle parking spaces and off-street parking located within a blow garage garage the further sro unit needs to address the planning code requirement for open space and dwelling exposure currently 48 unit they don't meet the dimension at requirement for the proposed off-street parking garage and support it on clemente street the western selma graft guidelines the driveways not on the guidelines but they courage fulsome be
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protected if conflict from bicycles and cars to establish fulsome street between selma current the entrance to the below grade garage department staff recommend approval specific the project complies with the planning code and consistent point policies and procedures of the general plan it is in the retail and sro or principally permit with a mixed use ground floor retail and mixed use xhudz the sdrapz the project is xhfktd with the varied neighborhood character and matches in scale for the context the project will establish a new office that required more
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limitations and has 42 sro's of the housing stock the project sponsor has presented a short peshgs pay attention that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions thank you. >> project sponsor. >> good evening, commissioners thank you very much for meeting with us i'm eric lou the project sponsor for this project that project is locate on a parcel of land my father and family occupied since 19982 we currently operate our general incredible service the lbe doing business throughout san francisco and built a go significant amount of housing for tenderloin for d n d c and so on twrorgz i contacted david
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barkers office we started the plan to try to figure out what we could do to utilize the real estate to focus on the neighborhood and add to the neighborhood fabric as well as serve something that was underserved in san francisco at a time we focused on the residential portion i'm sure you're aware of the property itself or project is designed to be as dime as possible residential portion of it was designed to be affordable by design; right? you've talked about that tonight but this aspect of it was something not foreign to me i myself have lived in san francisco and born and raised and had friends that left
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because of the affordability i worked in our mission at that point to develop workforce housing i believe this project develops that keeping everybody in the project itself to develop workforce housing and so that's what our initial goal was i believe we've achieved that we're extremely proud of that project and i bring to you david backer to present. >> hi my name is david baker i'm the architect i'll try to do this presentation quickly as well is that up here there you go. >> okay. so 1798 fulsome there
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it is between 7th and 8th on fulsome street and it backs up to clemente 10 at site in the middle and popping up yeah. if on if it was that easy it is in 65 x that includes a set back on fulsome the alley has a 45 degree solar axis plan the shape of the site there can be all the other things no density limit and the affordability is you know just bye design so it didn't have an inclusionary requirement so there's this diagram showing a rarity civically hoping for a ground
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floor retail and offices probably some sub tenant and the 50 above this is the tiered open space it has a terrace that is part of a common amenity for the project and courtyard that is the subject of the variances i'll describe those and in a back it tiers down in order to keep the 45 degree so clemente tina don't get two dark whoops so it has sun shades and we'll do pb it's not installed and san francisco entertainment commission management it has a double aspect so that we have two fronts that make things
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interesting one on fulsome and one on clemente 89 in a so anywhere you future protected bike lane and of that neighborhood so this shows the site that exists it is deceptive there is a tan building and set back with parking spaces right away right now there's the building one and two warehouse structure facing fulsome with the retail the lobby and the office space that's across fulsome we don't - i got this nice i think sunshade very strongest facing fulsome so on clemente 89
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in a we've set back voluntarily and had the transform in the ground with the park space and the rest of the building back and we relocated the building to the northern side of the site i'll explain that we started out with lists of 27 parking spaces and down to 9 so this is the 27 parking spaces and storage and the narrow ramp going down this shows above with as you can see the ramp up there what is the city going to buy f t sorry 4 d just kidding >> the lobby goes through the
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back currently and it is the gray building there and here it is is, you know sprouting up there with the light in the alley so then the cue zone behind the parklet this is the front actually, the city storage you'll familiar with that is actually a real building and the photo is a real building and the sidewalk is set back it is widened to make the sidewalk more usable and working on the landscaping they did the grandparent planning codes a butch a great guys fun to work with one of the benefits of
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doing the 12 foot set back that's hard to put real trees there is a kind of clemente tina extends our entry is kind of point to there are on the left the car come out they come out over the sidewalk your 12 foot from the sidewalk it makes a great safety feature yeah. there you can see the car disappearing to the power pole a fire hydrant and a loot 0 matters to than you think many say the office level one of the property owners to the north we
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overwhelmingly had the court yard facing south and there was concerned about cars coming out and interwith the traffic open clemente tina so we made the property owner they've submitted a letter of support and we are united airlines our lightwell with the guidelines those things stepping up and back that courtyard it doesn't it didn't the 4 unit don't have the shape and they have a 45 degree angle so when we were doing the lp a in this case, i have with me they say is solves the problem
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and only loses 2 unit that's silly the units on the bottom are nicer and the building to the north is lower and has a courtyard facing so the court yard gets a lot of sun and here's more landscaping. >> sir, your time is up. >> can you show you the common space. >> okay. you might ask me about the common space. >> opening it up for public comment i have two cards (calling names). >> good afternoon, tim on behalf of the housing action coalition rob had to run a tour in potential housing that just opened we saw this project two
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or three weeks ago members loved it again what we're seeing is a responded to the extreme he housing pricing crisis is small unit a beautiful design with great common spaces an eloquent response to the scrape that is in the back of clemente is gorgeous we love the project it is a huge asset to the neighborhood as beautiful reinforcing space you shouldn't hesitate a second to approve it. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon planning commission members i'm tom as i'm on behalf of the owner of the building on 1335 fulsome street two blocks away we want to express our full support
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federal and state this is a thoughtful if he designed building the project sponsor have spent a grateful of time working on the open space and the selection resulted in a better project we strongly believe that improves the neighborhood and expands the current quality of the r m it is a perfect fit and on this note i'd like to fully support this and hope that is approved thank you very much. >> good afternoon. i'm mike roach thank you for allowing me to speak i'm in favor of the project as. >> saw david barker show you
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why he's one of the best residential architects in the country the study he went through and the design that came out is so unique and fits the site so well, it is just a delight to see a wonderful project like this i certainly hope you approve it thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi, i'm jamie i live in lincoln hill south of market the concern about the micro units is the lack of open space i live in a 4 hundred and 32 square feet studio i have a hard time staying in there in there for a extend period of time my unit
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going here rather golden gate park and other areas where there's public open space the other concern as people angle they develop dementia alzheimer's and other issues those micro units don't allow four caregivers to stay with them thing to that about bigger pictures. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm jake i'm excuse me. i was born in the city and moved back after college as a young professional having a house that is allowing for solo living that is a great luxury and should be encouraged my time in the city the last 8 years have done the
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group living thing and finally settling on my own as young professionals this kind of housing option is virtually as a resource to them and really like to express my support to the commission members to move this project thank you for your time. >> is there any additional public comment? >> if you could have the overhead please. this picture is at the corner of ninth believe it or not this project here is completely consistent with the western selma community plan as you can see here the garage entrance is on the main street not the alley but a ground floor restaurant
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dominates the place by moving the garage entrance syndrome the mine street encourages the developer to wrap the windows around the corner and provide a wonderful view of the alley and invite the neighborhoods into the restaurant further down the street is the main residential entrance making the residents citizens of the community reminder of the front is glass not garage doors 788 was approved under the older zoning a 50 foot building with 5 stories they doesn't get the extra 5 feet nevertheless, the developer provided 12 foot ceiling the residents love it the restaurant owners love it
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and the developers do now off to this which is sumner alley david and eric want you to focus only on clemente tina street they're right cars will exit into clemente tina but enter 13 foot by sumner street trucks can't even navigate the turn from sumner into clemente tainting i can't to void a traffic light that's why neighbors don't want one more car coming down sumner street if this project is developed in corneas the main residential entrance will be on the alley
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and the restaurant on dumping u fulsome street ninth prove a 10 foot garage entrance will not kill a 15 foot wide building the project sponsors agree it awe tracks more traffic. >> thank you. >> sue hester i haven't heard that the economic rules that you get the most money for what you put on the market has been repealed the
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influx of people that are making $150,000 right now tech industry i read in the papers you read those papers the amount of money they can afford to pay is higher definitely higher than traditional sro tenants in the city we have adopted as a city a limitation on the number of micro unit it is a great invasion if you call them sro's the market rate voedz you don't have any limitation on what you do other thing that is happening well, a lot of things are one of the other things happening we have an conversion of short-term
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rentals in areas close one people should volunteer there will be no short-term rentals in this building that's one of the things the owner can say he can accept no short-term rentals period in this building and secondarily we have a great influx of affordable by design buildings i think the rules should be every project that says they're affordable by design should have volunteer conditions they're going to report to the planning department the amount of rent charged from every unit a year at the year of occupancy a year later, they should have to prove that and the best prove
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that the reporting to the planning department that is public record since the va is here i will challenge him as well the rule under the planning code and the charter st. is you have the responsibility to say wait a second we need to think about it there needs to be an amendment to the planning code a planning code amendment for sro units affordable by design those have to have rules if their call themselves affordable they have to approve that the owner is here he didn't agree to anything thank you. >> is there any additional public comment okay seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner antonini.
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>> yeah. i can't necessarily comment on what these unit will sell for but i think that is a huge demand for housing in the city as monopoly will debate and this is isn't the first time this has been the case for over a century and maybe longer in san francisco and you know about a century ago we had land available we built tunnels and a lot of units were dense that's the solution in those days and in more recent times people especially younger people are people that are 1259 out indefinitely will partner up and live in a common space or sharing a bedroom ankle this is sort of a variation to another solution a solution one
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gentleman spoke in this regard you know rather than being in a unit building and sharing a bedroom or sharing a unit this is larger with three or four people you can have your own unit just so for you this makes sense i'm supportive and move to approve. >> second. >> commissioner richards. >> i visited the project site a couple of days ago my comments on another project the question i have is there is office space in this building that requires an allocation of a small cap. >> richard from the department staff not allocations is required for 25 mosquitos. >> i think the affordable by
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design is an interesting concept one of the concerns the fact this type of building structure gets away with not providing any bmr unit or affordable housing fees the sentiment of my fellow commissioners to ask staff to determine how that might be accomplished i hear the gentleman's concerns about the alley i stood back there and saw cars. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> down clemente tina i support the project i support having staff exposure of having clemente tina west and having the cars going the same way way i like the project but ask for
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an explanation from mta from an alley one way to help with the traffic. >> i'm fine with that. >> we're exploring or doing an in kind design with the neighbors they have to be on board some like the shortcut but have everybody. >> i think we'll work with the residents i was after i saw it is a cut through alley. >> yeah. >> we conducted 4 separate meetings in addition, i have a one-on-one meeting with numerous neighbors that live in the alleyways we will do on in