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tv   [untitled]    April 10, 2015 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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i first came to the puc he went off and learned more working in new york for the port authority and has come back to us been part of our regulatory and legislative team and directing it and stepping into the role of the actressing director thank you to him for joining us in that effort for leading us in that effort at the staff level the next item on prevention active reform we have i told you we need to have changes in the way we contract so we can perform our work exceedingly for our overhead procurement program we're moving forward towards
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agreeing asking the board of supervisors and mayor for authority specifically to standardize contracts much like others participant in the electrical market the western contractor the edison and master agreement that folks in the industry r0u7b9 use what they're making tracks we have the power pool limited there's amount contract we are looking for the standard forms of contract to be able to be used for our power purchasing for dollars amazes greater than $10 million and duration up to 20 years those are changes to our current authority we current i'm sure you're aware of have to come to the commission and the board of supervisors when any k345ush8g
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go obligation involves $10 million or 10 years or more with those changes we'll be able to go out to the marketplace make the procurement decisions that likewise allows us to make xhmdz commitments that have a positive effect on the overhead costs because we can negotiate agreements with a fixed portion of portfolio going forward and have the opportunity with the commitment see new generations constructed to provide services so for the program those contracts are rounlt used in the marketplace we're looking forward to that being a key part of demonstrating the increase renewable energy that the folks look for out of this program i'll pause there to see if
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there's any perspective questions on that effort. >> i know that last time we approved the timeline that item is going to be trying to track that we're trying to accelerate that program that as well as the stakeholder engagement line item around program design was supposed to be completed today. >> the proposal was actually on the timeline presented to the board on march 31st we've been working internally within the puc and the city attorney to really nail down our ask and we've made good progress we need logic active language creation time and to make sure we have the proposal that has the right
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delegations delineated in that. >> so back up just be a little bit we're trying to identify what we would need to move at a commercial speed so as the charter says over contracts $10 million or 10 years have to go to the board except the construction and contract we can't have the board or the mayor waiver that the voter amendment so we've been working with the city attorney and there's been 3 instances that we were having the board to delegate the authority going to the board to us so that's what we're actually working with the city attorney but they want to make sure that there's some terms around it because when we go to the budget analyst and harvey they'll have issues of delegating authority to the
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board the other thing the mayor appointment as far as cca the contracts that deal with building a new returnable he wants to make sure it is in the bay area and so that's another caveat we have to put into the legislation to allow us to move forward so we're trying to accommodate the mayor and trying to accommodate you know the city attorney and everyone else is on board but to make sure that it goes through harvey and address a lot of the issues we're trying to follow the schedule such as a and trying to accelerate i want to make sure we want to make sure that you know we get it so we execute it we can do it right the other thing i know that inquiring the long term debt we need to be committed we've had
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situations we've answered into long term debt and it explicit pan out right so before we go out with the rfp we have to meet with the commissioners to feel xhovenlt what type of long term debt we're talking about and what range because we had a situation that you know we entered in a it didn't turnout well, i want to throw that out there there's a lot of moving parts but i feel comfortable we have a place where we want to go so to hopefully, we'll meet the date of the 31st we're trying to accelerate it but if not shortly after at least we feel that's what it will be. >> now the timeline says the 24th i mean, i'm concerned there's this is a tight timeline we approved the timeline at the last meeting there you are
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several other things that are coming up quick not to exceed the 24th you told me yesterday. >> yeah. i'll jump to the sneak peak. >> it sounds like we don't have a proposal on the perspective ask will look like; right? you've given us an outline but not the proposal will look like so i don't know if we need to readjust >> what we're going to do at every commission meeting an update if we find something that more difficult than anticipate we'll came back come back and tell you it is challenging we'll look at ways that's why you have the ability to make up time i really want to do things right and have a program that we're
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not proud of so you know we're committed and moving the program as quickly as possible but want to make sure we have the ability to move forward so the schedule we're trying for work to meet it so we're doing everything we can to meet the schedule as well so that's what i can say about that. >> so that date we're looking at the 31st moved to the fourth. >> we're going to try to make the 31st but if not, we're going to try to get it hopefully, the next week so we're going to try to work with the mayor a accelerate the we can ask for thirty days detail there's things in the schedule i want to marshall make sure that the nuances we're 6g9d out we have
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the ability to do that. >> i'd like to say that i think vice president is right on the schedule has to be met and there should be no espouse nor not having that met correct so we're going to have to fire up did you i think you have a comment as well. >> the only thing i'll add there's a portion of this you know, i appreciate the desire for speed and maintaining the schedule but the other part as items come to us to make sure we're doing the right job and if - so we're kind of working at different sides of the same issue we want to do it quickly higher on your list than mine i want to make sure all the dot
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all the i's and cross the t's so that's a pressure i i know that harlan in the middle and that's going to be tough i heard from you where you know the schedule as a whole is the most important the individual line items may need flexibility and you need latitude to do that. >> i respectfully sdprau we had a timeline to be approved if there's a difference so i come to the meeting expecting a proposal on a certain date maybe some notification or you say you're not going to be in it for those reasons but of a sense all those parts are coming together understanding 38 they might not be met but an exception of a timeline you guys produce and we
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approve. >> just to give you some prospective on why the program we give you schedules and try to meet the schedules but if something come up you have to readjust the schedule we don't build something because of schedule but try to build it the right way the major issue we want to launch the program at that date that's my goal is to launch it on this date if we have to take another week to make sure we have the right legislation i'll do that and try to recover on that date for me that's the most important thing i'm committed in delivering programs so you know we may miss a date you know on the bay tunnel we delivered the bay tunnel for me this is something that you know i'm committed in doing i judge have to have the
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latitude to make the right decisions without getting on each of one of the items because we didn't know we were assuming what it was we didn't know that the mayor had issues we had to look and see when we asked the authority what did harvey rose say so we figured out not a bad budget analyst report so taking the extra time i think puts us in a better position so - >> further comments. >> the third item i was going to present if i may the sneak peak on what is up in the next couple weeks we're reaching out to stakeholder and accident citizens advisory committee for feedback on the proposed principally program design we'll, bringing that to you once we receive the feedback on
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april 14th we've advanced on the schedule the late fairness board interaction we'll be meeting with them on april 17th to have them provide us with - to present to them excuse me. the program design and not to exposed the rates for the program and hope they'll be comfortable acting either then or shortly thereafter we were successful in getting that calendar it was the stakeholders outreach the week of april 6th a productive to the commission of the program design april 14th and not to exceed rates on the 17th so that's just some of the activities we'll be peru have the timeline a lot of other things happening but those restraining order the things
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we're highlighting for your thank you very much. >> before you leave the podium any other questions or comments i have a question and this just sort of going back in history for me i'm going to question the value of buying power contracts 10 years and out which if i understood you correctly is what you're saying you're looking for 10 year $10 million contract that is something that i will reserve for comments later and i'll be happy to talk about it. >> just if we are trying to establish a set price for a longer period of time if you enter into a purchase power
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agreement if you know how much the power costs for a long term you minimize your risk because you're in the to the market or in the realm of power prices so i think that is what you want to do but not put too much of the power in long-term because if the price comes it is too expensive you have to manage the risk of long-term and short-term power purchase agreements and i quite agree want to add that 10 years a long time i've said when i wanted to say. >> thank you. >> i just on the local 261 so it is going to go to the fair rates board on the 17. >> yes. >> our next commission meeting where harlan won't be here on the 18th of april.
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>> that's when we are presenting the program design and and a sense of what the rates look like goes to the fairness board. >> correct. >> and by then the legislation will be introduced at the board okay. so that should get us on the elements of the timeline and one other pious on the telling meeting what the stakeholder to discuss the precipitates. >> that's the week of april 6th we'll be presenting before we present program design and not to exceed rates here and at rate fairness we're proposing to talk with the stakeholders so that will be a step ahead of presenting to you. >> great. >> thanks. >> and but to our point that's not the only time we'll be talking about this. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> does that conclude our -
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>> yes. >> report now i'm going to ask for. mr. brooks hello >> good afternoon, commissioners i was going to tall one water a little bit i need to forego that and talk about community choices i'll say by the way the stakeholder process that was mentioned didn't include the community advocates only the stakeholders that the mayor come up we need to get the stakeholder meeting to run the program to initiate to work with staff and contractors to make sure the program coming out properly and is robust on timeline issues i have to say i'm not compelled by the general manager kelly said about the perspective that
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his i've worked on prevention through city hall it can be amended as it moves to the committee and city hall process even the board of supervisors itself there's no reason that legislation can't get off the ground on schedule as it is on the timeline and concerns raised latter while amended the legislation to fit those concerns claiming should not be an option this is not community crisis is not a community project that has no competition it has competition from pg&e and there are political issues around community choice being b being we need to get the program approved before the election this november so we can't be slipping on the timelines and i would add with the not to exceed rate that we need to make sure at the next meeting on april 14th that you
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folks as a commission are saying to staff that okay. today we're going to tell you to send those not to exceed rates that match pg&e brown pourn a rates to the ratepayer i forgot the name of the board. >> the fairness board so there's no delay on that when we're seeing staff asking for details anything that can be accelerated needs to be accelerated that means if we accelerate taking not to exceed rates to the fairness board we needed freed need to do that more quickly if we don't get the rates pushed in the papers before pg&e roles out it's program and talks about it presumably great rate to market the product we'll be behind the
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eight ball marketing to the public it is really important for us to move the timeline forward and not let timeline sliej happen because of the timeline this program fads. >> thanks. >> thank you good afternoon. >> good afternoon. i'm the conservation program for about the charter of the sierra club thank you for the general manager hail for presenting this and moving up the timeline not to exceed the fairness board i didn't hear a plan in the sneak peak what that's coming back to the commission on april 28th that would be great also wanted to give you a heads-up i've seen something about a protest being planned at city hall on april 14th i'd like
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to have the meeting where we look at the practice writing program design that may i think the plan to shut down the building from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. i want to have that meeting and have this discussion wanted to give you a heads-up for plans for that thanks. >> what's the protest. >> what's the protest. >> i got invited to an event on facebook to shut down city hall from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. i can send you more information but that could cause problems for starting the meeting on time but still have the meeting on april 14th. >> jason chief financial officer for lass could first of all, congratulations to the
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gentleman for the interim position officially i thought he was in the position i bugged him for weeks i want to get to the timelines first of all thank you to the puc for moving up the meeting in the middle of april that's a good move and smart the one piece i'm nerves but that was the rid critical timeline section the rates board was moving one thing up potential details in the critical line item of the legislative that his as plain clothes officers said it is alleged going through the process one of the things there is a progress that the board of not perfect on die one we don't want to rush but there are ways
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to getting the process started getting the big picture items out what you're looking like if it's changes here and there you can do that with the general big picture getting started as quickly as possible i want to push not only your staff but the city attorney's office to make sure we get something that will be introduced at the techniques board meeting it is critical and needed and finally on the meeting with the stakeholder groups that was something that the mayor's office see office requested i've submitted names that includes accident advocates to the puc staff and it should be included not one small sector of groups my understanding correct me if i am wrong it is meant for anyone who is interested should be at the meeting and putting the invitations will be sent out i'll be working with the staff
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to make sure that people are there it is critical to have 311 in the room and where things should be done in the future that's where we are at thank you. >> thank you. >> comment. >> yeah. i just in thinking about this stakeholder engagement pious it is so critical i don't know where it is ultimately coming in the land or extraordinarily affairs we're mandatory to do a certain amount of the nature of the program with the outreach the sooner the better we'll engage the community members and all variety of people to understand the nature of that program and what's coming down the pike so i don't see the communication stream plan in this timeline it would be great to get updates
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regularly on the strategies to engage stakeholders who the people are i don't understand if it's the mayors appointed group or the advocates or who that body see i think you know the quicker we can make the broad circle of engaged community members the better. >> i totally agree we need to engage the folks and have regular updates so i do agree that the legislation is on the critical path so maybe what we do is every two weeks we'll update you on the schedule to save time we've give you an update on the schedule by the way, the launch date you don't want to e slip and we'll save
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time one last point i wanted to make when we talk about you know lack of light green the initial offers that everyone has to opt out on we're talking about the green aversion people have to opt in per diem what they talk about raising the pummeling their competing on the greener one; right? so that's why for me it's important for us to talk about the greener ones should look like that helps determine the price on that and so for me that's what is important doss because we know what the price is the basic one at the pg&e price now it is and our product is going to be green eerie wanted to point out. >> on that note do you think
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we'll able to approve not to exceed both versions on the timeline and we're going to definitely do that i just wanted to make sure that like you said we need to get a robust you know communications and outreach so that everyone can comment on it. >> question mr. kelly how do we know what the light green rate is going to be for pg&e we're making an assumption we don't know for sure. >> right now pg&e doesn't have a light green they're having a brown rate which is 25 percent returnable and we're looking at 3233 like marin we can offer that at the same price pg&e is
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offering their 25 percent so our product will be greener the same price and the beauty is those people will automatically be in our program we talk about their martha they're marketing the greener product and having people opt into that program we'll have those folks in your program so for me we have an advantage i'd like to move both the products once you have an opportunity to communicate with the rate fairs or the customers we would like to give them opportunity to convince them to sign into the greener product at the same time their automatically coming out our program that's what i want to do is give them a choice you can
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going come into our promissory note program or opt into a greener program with more build outs so we need to define that that is how i'd like to you know market it because and i think waiting once they're in a program it is hard for them to move because we've seen that many merry run it is less than 10 percent people opt into a greener plan i'd like to really you know try to go in the double digits to do more build outs with one hundred percent renewable. >> i agree except for the fact i can't in my mind that we know what the new program for pg&e the light green rate will be we don't really. >> they didn't have a light
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green. >> that's the dark green their coming out with it is equivalent. >> it goes up in increments. >> my understanding okay they're going to offer one hundred percent renewable and we're calculating because we kind of know how the claugsdz that's one hundred percent but you can say i'd like to have one hundred percent rushld for 50 percent of my usage so; is that correct. >> is that how it goes. >> it's different how green is you want your total bill to be is one hundred percent of renewable what's the portion of your usage you know do you want it 50 percent of your usage you want to use green we really need to figure out you know how they're marketing so we can put our