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tv   [untitled]    April 12, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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you. >> thank you, sir (clapping) and. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm. >> affordable health care a.k.a. i want to bring attention to the gentleman he was a police officer that was stopped over in the bayview after showing the police he had a badge he was in effect a police officer bureaucrat listed and trumped up kaiser charges he beat his case now they're trying to fire him how deep rooted is this you know what i'm saying here's a police officer okay anyway, he they trying to take his badge and we
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would like to look at this deeper if we can. >> thank you, mr. district attorney's office. >> next speaker. >> is there any public comment? further. >> please come on up. >> anyone here for public comment line up. >> no, no, sir. >> we're trying to get everybody up to wants to speak. >> greetings madam chair and chief suhr david elliott losing with the city and county of san francisco mental health board and advocate for the sro collaborative i'm here to talk about the crisis interference training i sits on the oversight committee and trainer as well in the march 167 training the board training i taught a couple of modules but i attended the 40 hour training as a community member to see how it is going i
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want to commend the lieutenant for doing an outstanding job if the commissioners are interested i'll be happy to report back on the observation of training what is working well, it is a very effective training let me say that we have a great collaboration of some police officer trainers that are helping the officers to understand how to zeal with smoking gun someone suffering a mental health country and talking about down rather than threatening them this is a work in progress we have a ways to go but with lieutenant magdalene's leadership we made good progress and again, if the commissioners are interested i'll be happy to report more fully with the crisis intervention training i also thank you for your support
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to help getting this going and restated thank you and thank you chief suhr for your support for this program. >> thank you, mr. elliott. >> we'll have another time for the c l people to come before the commission good evening welcome. >> thank you to all of you. >> my name is a carol i'm a longed resident of san francisco a mother, grandmother and great grandmother an aunt of african-american males in the city and i mean no disrespect to anyone certainly not to you chief suhr and the police department but you have had a discussion on a number of occasions with other african-american women and i want to tell you today
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that there is such a distrust of the police department that there are many things for which i will call the police but if there was an alteration and in my home between african-american males i would reluctant and won't call the police because i'm not sure that one of them moistened up dead that dialog needs to happen i think you need to know that this distrust exists as a woman in san francisco black woman wouldn't call the police for an alteration with african-american males in my home >> thank you, ms. tatum (clapping.)
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>> next speaker. >> good evening welcome. >> hi my name is ms. clay the vice president of the political with the harvey milk club and very active in a board member of the san francisco black leadership forum i want to thank everyone for being here and also all the work that is going on to resolve the issues i call on the community to acknowledge that everyone everything that has been done is not working we need to look at this as a safety crisis our black and brown officers are not safe they don't know whether their officers sitting in the next car are sending the texts it is still
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going on and still unresolved in the process we need to do more i'm asking us to standwith us and come together as suggested last week with the board of supervisors and come together as a community with yolanda leading us we would like to come back before you again with some more solutions that address the climate right now thank you. >> thank you, ms. clay (clapping.) >> next speaker. >> is is there any additional public comment hearing no one that being said in response to a number of concerns about the text messaging cases those kinds will be addressed in closed session we can't talk about them we have a process that begins officially tonight call item 3.
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>> the reports and announcements chiefs report and review of recent activities. >> chief good evening. >> good evening public for those who especially the last speaker spoke to whether or not there are members in the police department that is working with the police officers so i'll read from the report that i put out on april third 8 of the members engaged go in text message with the homophobic it is incapable with the duties of a police officer those are december that i believe thinking this leaves them below the standard of a police officer they've been suspected the 8 members are suspended not working their cases is sent to the recommendation with pfeiffer two
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other officers participate in single testing of events that inflammatory texts that didn't rise to the level of the bad information this have been their cases are forward to the commission that has discipline up to interpretation the remaining 4 officers were in texas messaging that were determined to be violations of the department policy that didn't involve hate speech one texted the irresponsibility and one failed to notify and was responding in a manner unbecoming an officer and did also did not conform a supervisor those officers will be disciplined up to suspension for 10 days i want to thank director hicks i soot with and walked over those
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14 members and their activities that was the ocii that one, the volumes of information that were distributed to the occ they looked at another and director hicks and staffer called this to my attention we spared no resources where those officers will bey assigned by this commission for termination and 2 officers up to and including interpretation i apologize to the community much of the sentiment expressed tonight a said and we'll work with the community to rebuild accident trust that's been severely tested there is only 2 thousand police officers on a lighter note i and other
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members of the staff participated in the bias training as i think we've heard together everybody has bias we need to work against it a playing out and the remaining captains about undertake the same training by itself human rights and i want to thank the staff and this will happen in the month of may i'll forego i know we have an important matter to discuss. >> any questions for the chief. >> commissioner dejesus. >> chief i appreciate that i want to say we have an early warning intervention system and one of the things they've talked about the sergeants are the front line and kind of know the officers inside and anti they work with them closely and work in the stations and it just
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you'll this information means that someone had to know what was going on or know those texts were being sent with a kind of thought or beliefs going on that's disconcerting to me we need to look at this in terms of leadership and speaking up and reporting those kinds of incidents that so they come to our attention (clapping.) and so that's it i wanted to say that. >> if i could. >> i think that it is the early intervention system but a good time a to look at this we put that early in may my first year on the commission good idea commissioner dejesus we'll look for flags that's something we did put in place. >> thank you anything further
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chief. >> chief anything further. >> obama. >> inspector next item. >> ocii director's report. >> director hicks. >> good evening commissioner president loftus and chief suhr and police commission and members of the public last week i attended the all day training conducted by kimberly it was co-hosted by the mayor's office the department of human resources and the human rights commission and last weeks training was a pilot to determine what type of planning training for additional city departments and chief suhr is indicated that there will be training in may for the police department for members of the police department
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also last week, i attended at the invitation of supervisor eric mar the board of supervisors public safety committee hearing on addressing bias in the criminal justice system there were reports from chief suhr and our district attorney and from the human rights commission points i addressed were 3 fold one point was around bias diversity in the workforce and expands training to reduce bias the second point was around funding of body cameras we all know that is not the equipment that is the most expensive but the storage my recommendation
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was 50 percent of the police force be equipped with body worn cameras and the appropriate funding be provided not only for the camerasism but for the storage so the officers that have the most contact with the public will have the body worn cameras and my final point was accurate resources be provided to for the complaints to do the job that we are charged with doing pursuant to the city chapter i'm working with the mayors budget office to make sure that ocii is inadequately supported in piss biggest just to quickly run through more specifically some of the issues on the reduction those are our recommendations that are both in the report from the president
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obama task force on 21st century policing as well as the report that the civil rights department of justice did and the first point that the police department should strive to create a workforce for culture background, and, secondly, enhanced training to reduce bias i didn't say to eliminate but reduce it by the science tells us we all have bias it's how we act on the boys it impacts others particularly in a law enforcement position so in the department of justice investigation the ferguson police department provides us to help reduce bias on the police behavior the following should provide training for the
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officers for clear and consistent empathic message that the precisely and other discretionary behaviors is not acceptable and information on stereotyping and bias can effect police work and the procedure for the legitimacy for the officer safety and the negatives profiling of crime prevention to provide the train and responding to boys profiling and other forms of discriminatory points the third to include the community members that have expressed high levels of the trust from the police so include them into the training when i attended the training conducted by customly i did ask her
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whether they are training provided for the interaction with the community and with the officers she said the initial training not to lay a foundation first that's something that should could could be on that is streelz crucial i have attended those types of training in other jurisdictions where 0 not only the command staff are present but the community is present as well i'm going to quickly quote from president obama's interim report from the 21st century task force on policing police officer training should insure basic recruit and insure that incorporates content airbnb recognizing and kr07b9 boys and
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cultural responsiveness as a nation becomes nor diverse diversifies it is important that police officers are sensitive to diversity and law enforcement provides planning i training that recognizes the minority community whether their victims or witnesses of crime subject or criminal suspects and i've hit the loose two items the bodys before i conclude my prosecution i'll say the homophobic text messages that's not explicit bias we all understand that is explicit bias this is no doubt from the police commission it is extremely important for the police department not only for
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the police department but every city department to have this training so we're better providers of the serviced that we've been charged to provide with that, i'll conclude my remarks. >> thank you, director hicks i see that commissioner turman has a comment. >> i want to add into something you've said around the community voices training aspect i've met with several community leaders and they've expressed they i believe there is a place for the communities voices in training so not only did he now share that belief i've heard from what i've heard from you it seems like it is an appropriate time to bring the community leaders to talk about how we can form that to add another dpiechlt to the training we'll
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have and support that we start to understand exactly how our community is and have the contingency work together so let's get on that right away. >> thank you commissioner turman any further questions for director hicks. >> the in-law unit. >> commissioners reports and other reports. >> presentation i'm sorry by the controller's office regarding the district boundary assessment. >> forgive any interruption i'm going to repeat what i said in the police station there's been a lot of questions i appreciate the person f that said i don't know what you guys do it bears us saying with the process is going to be going forward you
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took the time so the process for discipline i closed session and this commission hears evidence from the department of the alleged misconduct and this commission acts as the hearing officers in those cases to one decision whether the semiautomatic occurred and determine the penalty for this reason you're not going to hear from administrative review are the colleagues about the specific cases you'll hear the process and that process begins tonight our rules and how to proceed are on the website it is important to understand how things are moving forward there is a good reason we'll nobody be speaking is to the specific allegation colleagues anything to report okay for everyone here oh, commissioner melara forgive me. >> quickly today, i noticed the meeting between the mayor's office and the mission community
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for the plan peace plan they're proposing to implement in the community. >> thank you, commissioner. >> and for the next line item is a presentation on the redistricting process we've been undertaking we're going to hopefully move to that line item. >> presentation by the controller's office for the property property. >> good afternoon. chief suhr and members of the public i'm randy the project manager at the controller's office i know you've seen me in front of you over the last several months i'm here to talk about the redistributing i believe i was here on march 11 we were charged with at this point having gone through 4 meetings in the
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community districts and hearing the input from the public and hearing the commissioners we were charged will agree golden state warriors those suggestions and going back and meeting with our stewart consultant public safety strategy group to run the data and numbers for you as well as taking into consideration the the data that may arise on the suggested changes we've invited kim back from public safety to walk you through the presentation you should have in front of you briefly we she'll go through and discuss the data changes and the surrounding changes data and present 4 options for the considerations of the data and operational items that reflect really what the public had trishd over the
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course of those 4 public meetings with that i'll introduce kim. >> thank you. >> welcome. >> good evening, everyone good to be back good to see the project coming to a close on our deck so let's go through where we're at randy summed it up you went to the public hearing meeting and put together some basic changes requests 4 general areas that the changes were in first one is in the tenderloin district the option of going to west to polk or van ness in the park richmond district a decision how to keep the neighborhood together that gives two options changes to the southern and bayview district were around moving the line that had been proposed for 16th street to
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mariposa and small change for the mission and bayview that is basically, the bridge park that session that is in the mariposa utah street we'll go through each of those to refresh your memory we refer to this as sb 3 b. >> we number them all systematically so that's the proposed map to refresh your memory other than where you started in september we'll look at the requested changes in the data that coordinates to them the first, you'll see the tenderloin is west from the current boundary line and this one to van ness if you see on the bottom part of the tenderloin there is the carve out section for the city
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hall and the serving plaza in front of the of city hall with that equates to in the way of number this the dispatch of the number of calls there are 50 thousand that change and that's over year period so if it is about one percent of calls for service fairly minor the cable is the incidents that occur as a result of calls that come in that is again around the one percent and the population change with that proposed district line is half a percent so very small percentage change when our looking at that with with the overall numbers the next change we mapped out moving the tenderloin west to polk rather than van ness still carrying out city hall and the green space in front of it so stay in northern the changes
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result in 27 approximately cad calls a half of a percentage and cable is over one half a percent in the population is not even a half percent change if you consider that there is operational consideration you have consideration you have to think that makes it if you look at the map itself there is not clean lines for the tenderloin it is something to think about it also does a carving out the st. city hall and the green space there is still enter activity between the tenderloin and the northern district you'll have a discussion and he chief will have to consider how to address those issues as the demonstration to lay out the
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district order at this point next change is for park and that is moving northern boernd north to geary this is what it looks like on the map go ahead and for my colleagues if it make sense to take it now we're done with the tenderloin chief if you want to weigh in so we can wrap my arms around before the component part so the tenderloin we have recognizes from the community 3 over it is not necessary advocates it was an incredible crowd in the tenderloin that asked for some of these changes i know that this is an interim process and really want to partnership with the captain out there and the chief in terms of the operational issues chief i don't know if you want to speak to those. >> sure we i spoke with the
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captains captain cherniss and lazzaro i believe in talking to many members of the tenderloin as well that the main president of the tenderloin to become as full staffed that's as sees to as many officers that would be to leave the eastern border at market street and third street and then still do sort of the rack thing where the north south street runs the mission and the mission street is in the southern both captains captain cherniss and the other captain building the shiftd of the lines from larkin street to polk and van ness although it doesn't seem to be represented in the do not driven numbers as far as an inordinate of service both captains have talked to members
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find their station the poblgz cottons for service and the demonstrations that go both ways they still believe the better border is larkin street they would agree that the most police officers would go to tenderloin if the entire market street run down to third street and the market street beat officers on the first day but again, i'd be anxious to hear if the rest of the community. >> what we did was larkin street under the community prospective sort of a hot bed location for drug dealing move it to polk and certainly to van ness for consistency sake if that's where the northern border would be i'll suggest the goal of this conversation is for us