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tv   [untitled]    April 17, 2015 12:30am-1:01am PDT

12:30 am colon slash schools forward slash sf if you didn't hear it is on our school loop we would like to thank mr. bill sanderson for his continued help in informing our school privilege to allow 10 minutes to vote in a designated area ton campus hands on last time we had an intelligent for the commissioner sandra fewer present to presenting to the entire sf c we're would like to thank her and also mr. kim coats was there we want to thank her also the sf c voted to support of the cpa campaign and ms.
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kathy listen if the project management talked about the use of educational technology every sf c representatives had an opportunity to complete a tax survey experienced other evaluations sf sfusd and police department so tomorrow after school we'll be able to provide their student computed regarding the sfusd this meeting will be at the pupil services at 4:00 p.m. newcomer immigration safer in an ongoing safer this thursday our sf cc will coordinate with city hall to provide newcomers immigration services for all new students here at the sfusd our goal is to welcome all
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students with open arms and provide any support needed safety crossing guards the sf cc is reducing all preyed pedestrian accidents tonight with supervisor yee office we're coordinating for students and schools to be part of the program that week ear next meeting is april 27, 2015, at 5:00 p.m. the sf ac ask a public council anyone that with me welcome to attend our meeting dinner will be provided for all our s ac c reps attending another 4 o'clock if you want to attend or like a copy of our up and coming s organization cc please contact our s ac c leader salvador bar
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thank you. >> thank you very much student delegates we appreciate our report very much next item on the agenda let's see item e council report the pack will not be present they're involved in two community conversations this afternoon at malcolm x and george washington elementary school we'll eastbound hearing from them at future meeting the next item f is public comment on content items we have quite a few of the speakers on the content stems i'll need to limit public comment to a minute and a half because we have quite a few speakers they're all on
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content calendar one 54 dash 14 three on page 46 i'm going to go ahead and read the names of speaker cards on this content item if there are students among the group i want to ask the students go first so they can be excused (calling names) if you could please come to the podium and ms. casco will time you for a minute and a half please push the red bottom and students go first. >> first speaker please. >> hello, i'm a 11-year-old i
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go to bryant emergency room in the fifth grade i have had lots of great teachers two of them in teachers america what makes my class unique i feel like it is family my teachers have got me close to 38 my dreams they make me feel like i'm on the path to success i would like more teachers like my teachers those teachers stand out and think differently they might have come from the same program but all different thank you for your time. >> thank you very much temple and in order to allow as many speakers as possible hold your applause to the end. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, everyone i'm a student
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in the thatth grade in a math class i think ms. dobie is a great teacher she helps people and she pay attention to everyone's feelings and concerns i don't see in any other class than hers how she creates a game to get through an evaluation or other issues we didn't understand last year but now we come to her class ready to learn and excited to see what she's planned ms. dobie helped me i got a d in math and that led me to building i was a horrible math student but ms. jay has
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opened the door i'm earning a great grade she thought - now it is not sorry now it is not only my favorite subject but she's my farther teacher i'd like to have more teachers like ms. jay if i had more teachers like her i'd like to say i'd be a a student ms. jay explains subjects thoroughly i don't see that in a lot of other classes. >> thank you very much your time is up>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> hi, i'm a 7 grade math teacher i grew up in san francisco and received my
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batches in confirmations i developed a deep passion with a comment deserve for the properties and prediction how can we insure an equality mragd i decided to pursue education for equality with a combination of continuance 101 support i joined teachers of america i've received an amount specific centered around how to implement tasks that promote conceptual understanding in math and teachers of america has provided immediate one-on-one support to how to create metabolic relationships to how to promote teaching in the classroom and more importantly teacher america has provided me with a the time to reflective with individuals in similar struggles to have the
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same trust worthy partners that are friends in this movement that bond that brings us close together to move forward together as well the ability to collaborate in a power network has made me a teacher better i'm humbled to be part of this community and grateful to be welcomed i hope this partnership continues to thrive for the students and families thank you the benefit of the listening audience i want to give a summary they're providing public comment on this is partners the $60,000 partners for the teacher of america in 3 areas recruitment and employment of 44 teachers ongoing core alumni and opportunities for professional development for district teachers thank you very
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much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm a first year core member with teaching eight grade english i joined this for teaching for many reasons i grew up in washington stat with demographics similar to my school i went to a school that was cared considered by another schools it arpgd me because of the violence and my sense of school was an experience that helped me to college for many of my students i'm the first black teacher but because i also kind of look like i'm 14 but it is also, because i am a person of color awhile those automatically give me an constant connection it's a
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combination of many factors excluding coming from a similar communities have a beautiful relationship with my students and in my development as a educator it is a direct level we have the departments that leads my principle are all alumni from the middle school their alignment with the t f organization i got a lot of support and my coaches within my school and appreciate the supportive and look forward to the continued partnership thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. i'm a first year core member that the teachers of america i'm reading for a teacher not here i'm goodbye relay rodriguez i'm in a department loads i become an educator because of the teachers
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in the past that made a difference as a person of color the odds were stacked against me one of the things i become a teacher i'm proud to be a 2010 alumni and joined teachers of america because of the focus 2, 3, 4 providing excellent teachers and helped to bring those conversations around equality and assess to the forefront of plane stream conversations especially those who are not involved in education teachers of america is not perfect but the difference is did core members brought in from different walks of life and units us in the core very much. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm michelle miller a fifth grade teacher i'm a alumni
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in my fourth year of teacher and i want to talk about why i joined teacher of america because growing up in upstate new york i had the privilege that become parent to me at the university of wisconsin i realized it the zipping that people were burn ♪ madison determined the education i said to join an education to you joined teachers of america to be an alumni with the kids i couldn't love the community and families more it motivated me to give more in order to do that part of the solution giving the teachers at the school site 4 alumni teachers that are working everyday with the kids not going anywhere i believe that this is
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one of the areas to give our kids what they deserve and hope to continue our partnership thank you very much >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm jennifer the very proud privilege of the middle school and the assistant of principle of everett you got to hear if the corporate alumni i'm also a core member since 2003, i was part of massive hiring effort we hired 27 people in one school year out of the 27 over the course of 5 years 18 were teachers of america or alumni and many of you seated before me are familiar with the everett turn other than in the course of 5 years i'm authentically attribute that to the tremendous spirit and collectively of the
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individual we assembled from teachers of america many not but i am very strongly urging you to continue the partnership it is structural in the schools and key in helping us with the educators of color in front of our students this is a huge priority a big part of our strategy and teachers of america recruits very, very strong role model folks that come from circumstances and their able to get them into the clamor that is an issue we've grappled with i instant here so is thank you very much for continue to support this relationship you very much. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello by way of interrogation i'm adam i'm here for 3 reasons one i'm allocated good lookinger a resident of the city i hope to
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have a family this is relevant i had dinner with a family of friends they sold their home and left as a taxpayer and voter i expect you to do anything in our power to work toward building a better sfusd reign 2 i'm here a teacher i taught ninth grade and eight grade i wouldn't be here if teachers of america didn't support me in teachers of america i joined the national strategy and founded a company in 2011 lastly i'm here as altered embezzling letter who helped teachers getting observation and february on line and they upload the videos and share with someone that gives them feedback
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is it so the traditional incoach model we used this across the country by teachers of america in this respect teacher of america's is a support model used for teachers tonight have you have the option to continue this i urge you to do so. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening, everyone i'm a resident of san francisco form educator and now i lead the teachers of america i lead the partnering how to better service the families i'm grateful to have the opportunity to meet the majority of you and share a little bit about what brought me to the list but some of the innovations we're taking on for the educators today you have the opportunity to approve a contract that continues our
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partnership to the next level like years part it includes the next cohort of teachers who teach in hard staffer areas and are reflex of our students it is the pathway for the support to representative the 95 alumni educators and roles in the district over the loose few years we've worked with the principles to support to the secretary nodes of the initiatives and the stronger reestimation of our teachers 85 of our teachers continuing beyond their commitment i look forward and thank you for brifrg our stakeholder and teachers and partners and students thank you
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very much. >> thank you very much that concludes the public comment we move to consent calendar i need a motion and second on the consent calendar. >> i move the consent calendar. >> thank you. any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendant. >> yes. please remain standing we have corrections correct name and subject line for background for university of california berkley to ed reiskin regular gent of the uc berkley and 154 on page 2 withdrawn from the consent calendar correction to 144 k-6 and correct funding source to the general fund and correct code to zero 100002014 and 121042850 and
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correction to 4b b-144 on pages one hundred 34 and 35 this is $44,000 3 hundred plus dollars and total two funding services as follows title four 21st century community vs. program and correct the sax codes as follows: (named) totally $4,000 as follows: (named) arrest $15,000 plus dollars as follows: (named)
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total in $4,058 to correct to $4,100,000 and to date as mentioned thank you, mr. steel. >> are there any items served by the board and discussion for vote. >> ms. wynns. >> i'd like to sever 154 dash 1 ak 3 on page one hundred 6. >> the teachers for america proposal so there will be a roll call vote under section o of the remaining consent calendar items and then a discussion and vote on the served matter under sections 2 so the next item on the agenda is h superintendent proposal
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15410 sb for the enrichment expertise plan for 2015-2016 was moved and seconded on miracle 15 i'd like to call on the superintendent to introduce the staff person to read into the record. >> dr. murase please come forward. >> good evening superintendent and kathy supervisor for the public enrichment fund i'd like to read into the record with your permission and therefore, be it resolved clause resolution approval of a public education enrichment fund for
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school year 2015-2016 therefore, be it resolved that the board of education and the san francisco unified school district commends the hard work and thoughtful recognize for the committee on perceive and the steering committee and the library advising committee and the master plan steering committee and all the staff members that contributed to the success of peace and therefore, be it resolved that the board of education the san francisco unified school district approves a public education and enrichment fund for the 2015-2016 school year after examining the recommendations from staff and the community advisory committee an peace and therefore, be it resolved that this spending plan maybe alleged during the process based on the availability or subsequent adjustment to the peace allocation by the city and county of san francisco the superintendent is requested to to the board of education and
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the board of supervisors that such amendments may occur. >> thank you very much did you have any additional information you want to share with the board. >> yes. i do thank you i would like to talk about the materials before you 3 documents the first is the 16 peace proposal this is for 3 if you look at each of the documents in the footer they have a v-3 that tell you you're on the correct version this is the third version since the second version was reviewed on march 24th the section is the document version 3 that has updated information on version 3 and the third piece of document you have the updated peace cad memo i'll discuss briefing i
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call your attention to the supporting materials page 4 has the summary of the changes in version 3 since version 2 was reviewed and i'm going to review briefly the changes 4 changes to the programming and budget first change is a change within the sports portion of tell him and a total of 4 hundred 72 plus dollars shifted is from athletics to physical education to support 4 full-time pe teachers is it brings the increase to 10 full-time pe spfltsz the additional 10 pe specialists will enable 37 schools for days of support
12:56 am
noted that all elementary schools and include k-8 entity teacher support the theefks has been reduce in the repair line item those funds were earmarked for the lowell track project is it so no longer planned the second in the stem budget we have shifted $210,000 from the pathways line item to increase the support for reducing class sizes in eight grade math total ftes dedicated to this 5.3 ftes personalized pathways will no longer be in the budget as the priority is in reducing the size in eight grade math and the next change is a clarification ever distinction we've included a fte
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african-american council to support african-american students and that has been changed to a student advisors to better articulate the responsibilities of that position person will still be working with the superintendent for african-american achievement that positions is for targeted support for african-american students to increase their access to college and career activities for college this advisory will provide other support so for african-american and high school black student units fourth change a shifting of $1,800,000 plus within the multi lingual paths program it is dedicated to increasing the fte portion dedicated to the filipino pathway from .2 to .4
12:58 am
in addition our multi lingual pathway department provides additional fte so we can hover a one .0 special assignment for the filipino to the pathway this increase provides support to the filipino paul mccartney at betsey carmichael and long fell and initiate the program placement for filipino restriction in memorial day for the pathway sustainability and the alignment for if that at the high school level the program placement program is the analysis that will be considered in the development of the 2016-2017 peace spend proposal the pathway language has been reduced but will be other funding will be stauth for two other pieces of information one
12:59 am
regards the board meeting from ms. wynns for the costs of translation services specific looking at the hiring additional staff and engaging contractor for increasing the services those questions are being reviewed by assistant superintendent trusting and his team and will compile a report for the board secondly the commissioners you have received an updated version of peace recommendation memo the peas came back met for version one and two and looking at the changes since version one came up and agreed on recommendations that are included in the memo for your review co-chair murphy is here i'm going to turn it
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over to dr. murase for discussion. >> thank you very much ms. fleming for you and ear or your team and thank the public citizens advisory committee for reviewing the proposed changes we will now move to public comment and then enter board discussion i want to call on the state's first so i have (calling names) we say quite a few speakers to limited to a minute and a half please come up to the microphone. >> the additional folks on this item (calling names) but if