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tv   [untitled]    April 26, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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eek, we should please set meeting dates for hearing the 38 porjz that will come before this commission as cus or drs the hearing is not tied to the dir and could i assume one could wait until after the closings of commission comments of the dr comments and then start scheduling them i look to the adopt to help us schedule them to start sometime in may an under take that. >> i see zoning administrator sanchez notice ably wringing his fred so terms of hearing the various applications it's been our intent to wait to the n rb
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process to bring those before you and discuss those sooner but i believe we can only calendar for disapproval. >> that's correct commissioner if we don't wait until the dir is complete only two options denial or continuance we can't approve a project that is the attempt that's one thing but i think what we're hoping to do and bring the informational basis our strategy for how to bring those 38 to you in groups because there are so many projects. >> but i know we're 0 not to have a discussion can we ask the department instruct those to what they think the issues are i'm total unaware that a the course because it will involve a
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significant amount of additional time and perhaps we could together with the city attorney have a more robust discussion in the next week or two. >> commissioners commissioners if there's nothing further to department matter item 7 directors announcements. >> good afternoon commissioners since i have nothing urgent in the interest of time i'll wait. >> past events of the board of appeals. >> good afternoon aaron star planning staff at the land use commission supervisor tang's massage establishment ordinance was on the agenda they heard this ordinance the item was continued until may fourth the
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land use to continue to work on the grandfathering clause also on the agenda the noise regulations relate to places of entertainment 24 ordinance will amend did planning code for the purpose of the planning department it will require the planning department to notice the entertainment commission for the projects within 3 hundred feet of places of entertainment the planning commission heard supervisor breed's legislation and the planning commission relayed approval the modifications to one refine the entertainment outreach process in order to including exclude 80 those to the residential building and second riders the sponsors subject to the outreach process to conduct the outreach prior to the application to the
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planning department and 3 reduce the timeframe for the planning department to receive comments or recommendations for the entertainment commission from 45 to thirty days in month case all the commissions recommendations were integrated into the revised ordinance at the land use commission all of the commentsers were in support with the residential development progress as the land use commission members spoke the need for the hours for the late night tenant that is essential to the city's character the land use commission voted unanimously to in favor of recommending the owners to the full board and on the agenda two landmark designations for on golf street this was sponsored by supervisor breed the historic preservation commission heard this proposed
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landmark designation last year and unanimously recommended approval to the board of supervisors there was only comment in favor of labor designation the property owner was not present the land use commission voted unanimously to remedy the landmark designation to the full board the other landmark designation was on market street as long as the swedish-american sponsored by supervisor wiener they voted unanimously to remedy the landmark designation to the board both the building owner and others recommend it. >> at the full board this week the off-street parking ordinance sponsored by supervisor breed passed it second reading the housing balance monitoring and reporting ordinance sponsored by
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supervisor kim also passed its second reading the approval the 5 conservation areas was adapted and the landmark designation for the swedish-american hall was heard and passed it first reading there were 3 introduction the first one was for interim zoning controls for the neighborhood commercial districts sponsored by supervisor tang next one was the planning code amendment for the rincon hill master plan supported by planning and finally supervisor campos short-term rental owners was amended and also retained this week that concludes my remarks. >> any public comment on this item? >> okay public comment is closed. next item, please. >> commissioners, that places
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you under your general public comment not to exceed a period of 15 minutes commission on items of interest to the public that are within the jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission for up to 3 minutes. i do have several speaker cards. >> (calling names). >> good morning, everyone. mr. president, and commissioners, i have copies of my remarks for you will have you my topic that monster homes in san francisco if it is the norm as in many areas the neighborhood character it certain to change the residential guidelines organization complashltd with surrounding building and b open space and maintain the light in
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adjacent properties the devil is in the details so it is most more what is scale and doubling the square footage deny comparable scale do no harm to neighbors evaluating proposals in any project subtract from a neighbors light is that fair views are not sacred but the neighbors are and i'm here to advocate that the planning staff reinterpret the distinction of what constituents open space all parties unhappy can be gained by the beguiling fascinate oversees with the aggressor having the disadvantage of the uninformed this is highly unfair falling off the skyline is e graegz
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which ended up creating the coastal commission maybe we need something similar rather than the lure of more, more more in the interest of time i'll skip private investigator 3 by private investigator 4 not forget the economics as the marshall swift guidelines added costs and the property sales market is suffering 15 hundred a square feet each square feet is worst $1,150 in san francisco so if you like sole map give the applicant they walk away with a cool million dollars with profited life is a zero-sum gain someone domains and someone
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losses already the fox is in the henhouse a two properties are adding a third floor many more will follow and i last your your incubate and this is on your watch to the hour is late you can stand up against this even a small step like verizon is in the same class as horizon is the first step. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm georgia i live in noah valley i have a similar issue but it is not exactly the same by close i've been here before may i have the overhead please i've talked
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about false this is the 1 on jesus street this is the house i've shown you that and then there it is now it is bigger than the adjacent house when is 6 units this is going to be one unit it is interesting i met a neighbor an chatting nothing he said they asked the project manager could you preserve the rear yard more and bring the house afford and it is no, i can't do that they couldn't pursue it they gave up and i guess my question is if this had been treated as demolition or even gone for a variance would they had to move the house forward and protected those people's backyard this is
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another one i found the other here's another 1 on 24th street off of diamond there's the house as it was now, it's historic here is today it looks like the christ i didn't museum no new york this is up on 27th the original house and that's the one i took about a month or two ago and this is the one the other day i have messenger and mr. sanchez is really nice he responded to my overwhelm and i'll write back to him and thank
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you and to the appropriate people in the building inspection i guess my point who is going to take care of this is the the building inspection or the how do you figure out this i felt bad for the people on jersey street when are we're going to know about the residential guidelines because as the previous speaker said those are for people that are really, really troubled by the loss of what we perceive to be their mid block open space thank you very much. >> i believe i'm next donald green i'm in lowell heights i've been observing the number of gas stations in the city i know the
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board of supervisors passed a code change some years back concerning the use of service station the dispositions are changing my concern we should have a citywide review of the gas stations and the policy towards increasing pumps that increases or reduced the price and the attractivenessness of auto and the public safety from increasing traffic in and out of gas stations the citywide study there are 73 stations in almost all parts of the city 19th avenue is one so if you guys could have the planning department took a longest view in addition to look at some you'll have an overall apply supply in the city if you want
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to have a larger number of becomes or smaller and where and how that's my suggestion i saw supervisor farrell yesterday he thought it was a good idea thank you very much. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm john of todco group i'd like to update you on some important positive progress we're making in the central selma area which you see on the on the from the director that was put out a new concept foresight specific conceptually big developments in central selma this is an outcome of our dialog and in particular
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not just the open space but they're proposing to require that 3 of the leaguer parcels include affordable housing sites for affordable housing in selma without that we are not going to have future sits no selma prop k won't be realized we won't have the sites to build affordable housing those are big steps and i appreciate the staffs responsiveness on the one side you see our detailed look at the complex of the 4 big or 5 sites other 4th and brandon this is a special use district is he see up to 4 million feet of office space on those sites a big concentration of office space but the street level the first
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floor and the ground floor this has to occur so the 4 million office space is really constricty part of our future south of market neighborhood that's our approach i like the staff with a variety of open spaces connecting to the 4 street streetcar with the from me lesson becoming greatest places and major retail south of market population is growing dramatically we need more supermarkets that is the perfect place it will serve mission bay residents and, of course, the affordable housing we say community garden and playground the kind of pun fatality that can't do our nonprofit staff can do and finally i mentioned last
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week, we is a major development on student housing open the academy of art property they can fit one thousand students this is the right place for the student housing and we think that is utter the academy required to do it of the consequences of they're taking away ourcy slment thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners thanks for your time i'm joel are the electrical management corporation committee speaking on behavior of local 6 and the san francisco electrical association i want to address the department more so than the
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dependent on an issue for the local hire ordinance a document with planning letterhead and city and county seal through the administrative code that is two page kind of best faith effort document that the developer is required to fill out prior entitlement as far as most of electrical work going on in the city it is done by a specific contractors that pay minimum wage and health and welfare and so contractors that don't participate in this sector of ours i track the construction projects that come through city hall and planning and whatnot i'll check the packages and not
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see the documents and i've spoken with the developers they say this is for the jeopardy to worry about but speaking with the oewd and pat this is an affidavit that needs to be filled out it is not much so ask the developers to fill out the two page document thanks. >> thank you for one more challenge of authority maybe it maybe beneficial for governance to spend less time talking about new established enterprises for the regulation on social inequality 3 examples are one coming up later our legacy we work to protect 25-year-old and
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the academy of arts with the social and racial equality and responding more times findings things in street traffic big traffic in low income neighborhood and things like the housing element we plan for 80 percent of new heirs is a cigarette mended ratio of the neighborhood and to follow up on a couple of points commissioner moore said our social fabric we hold dear and looking at the way the i mps not informational information but beneficial to say where they fit inside of things if they're able to put financing sees and in 50 pages
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we don't see how it's financed and look forward to seeing how it is on obtain society. >> is there any additional public comment public comment is closed. >> commissioners commissioners, that places you under your urge regular calendar. >> zoning administrator i know that the lady has brought several properties before us before in the same style with you, looks like the property was demolished on the prior are you aware of the any action on the ones they bring. >> those were referred to the planning and i asked them to follow up but i'll follow-up with dbi and any additional properties i object to forward
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those thirty to dbi. >> the residential guidelines were discussions when i first got here so for it to be redone like in the summer. >> we're looking at the fall. >> fall. >> we hope to bring the hearings for the revised hamburger in the fall. >> commissioners, that places you under your your regular calendar and item 4 was pulled off of consent case at 3822, 24th street a conditional use authorization. >> great good afternoon, commissioners with planning staff you have before you a conditional use authorization for a two-story dwem the replacement structure is a ground floor and 5 residential unit workplace the 24th street noah valley mc d the don't guess a certifying and above required
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demolition arrest the property 10 thousand mixed use building is proposed with no off-street parking secured by bikes on site for residential unit bike spaces are provided for commercial spaces on the sidewalk the proposed building is 45 feet the project will increase the number of bedrooms and 9 on site the single-family dwelling is owner occupied no unit exist open site the conditional use has not been selected at this time project on 24th street noah valley commercial district is surrounding and zoned within the mc d and properties to the north are rh3 and r m-1 it is repeated one half block from the church
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line we've gotten support letters that are in your packet one more letter of letter has been submitted and is available for our review otherwise to direction or support for this project the mixed use are appropriate and impartial with the surrounding building with a mixed density and no cut will be introduced thus having one street parking space the department represents it is approved as recommended with that concludes my presentation. >> is the project sponsor here? >> hello bryan patterson for
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the project sponsor this is a great project proposed to you today it is a small in fill development project replacing a small single-family owned and occupied it is out of character with the neighborhood mixed size over ground floor retail of a moderate size i'll show you a few photos of the existing home awhile old unfortunately has lost all it's defining characteristics i believe was a mid century gone wrong adjacent are buildings that wish much larger and massive and more contemporary and in fact the structure is set back so far you don't see that while walking
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down the block until you're right in front of it the neighborhood is commercial district 24th street and cd education we were excited about activating the ground floor with retail space this is very well received by the neighborhood and plans for - 14 letters of support no opposition i know a couple of people want to speak on 80 this project that is the first time we've heard from them i'd like to introduce you to the project sponsor themselves as well as brad the architect and those are owner and couped owners proposing this project not professional developers i think they've done a fantastic job in engaging with
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the neighborhood that's why you see the amount of support brad is here if you want to introduce some of the features of the project and come back and tell you more thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners i'm brad, i work with the xhault u consulting we were asked to approach the building with some concern for the street presence for this neighborhood commercial district with that said of course the modelation of the building is above we took the cousin at the adjacent buildings and looking at the variety of volumes not there and tried to come up with something that was both spare in its design but clear in terms of the articulation of where the commercial spaces are identified and the lobby entries are articulated for the residential
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use this explained the nature of the equally divided block to the two aspire volume where the simple punk situations in that volume the area below is minced as for the mixed use to be identified there and the upper stories are set back we're articulating in terms of the stairs are intended to compliment the materials as well as the craft between the dark and light the materials again there is a weathering steel with glass at the ground floor and we're using a fiber cement panel i'll be happy to answer any questions you have. >> thank you. >> and the project sponsor if you don't mind like to introduce
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themselves as well. >> hello, i'm allen i've been a long time resident of san francisco since the 80s this is the first development i've undertaken we've tried over the course two years to be as open and engaged with all the planning and neighborhood and we've had generally a good response so for. >> i'm lynn workshop one of the owners occupants we've lived next door to the building similar to what we're proposing we've gone through the planning commission meeting for that building and tried to address the concerns the neighbors had when we that designed our building so we've built or proposed a building we hope you'll approve it thank you. >>