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tv   [untitled]    May 2, 2015 1:00am-1:31am PDT

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a update. we are open to that discussion, but i will say this, people will look at that today precisely because wree a very strung economicically strong city. they wouldn't look at that stream if our values of the land were up and down up and down so whatever we end up doing is going to require that we continue to be an economically strong city. if we falter on that it doesn't matter what stream you have, it will go down whether it is land prices or the value of housing in san francisco. >> i was sitting for some of the work shops and a lot of discussion was about money and budget and that is always the concern, one thing mayors do is look at the city hol istically and this is a great conference of parks and great to see families and people enjoy, but
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we sometimes go to conferences on water and sewer. oh, my gosh. there are such conferences and those are real needs, but they don't center the nice pictures of families and things like that. they do meet and talk about these just like this and can't talk about public/5t part nership or towerism dollars or raising grants and opportunities for grants. we have that in common. the point is, i think there is great reason for optimism. the creativity you hear for where the money is and the opportunity, it beats a lot of other programs and the needs out there, so i would say be in good cheer about it, it is always tough out there but the opportunity are far greater because we have a product people can see, touch and feel
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and enjoy. there is a a constituency [inaudible] that will pass the sewer bill [inaudible] the parks bill is approved. >> parks are wrun of the things that bring in economic development like the water fall park. our river vision park brings a estimated 10 billion of investment in so it is a fairly easy sale. like you said, sewer and water are not always. they just don't see where that goes >> we said urblier and agree parkerize a great equalizer for the qualities that sometimes are reflected in fast growing cities and we have been able to harness over 10 thousand scholarships in the past year for kids that wouldn't afford these particular programs like some of the summer programs. we raised that money and i think a conversation is we need to continue making sure we have
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that robust play in tact because i think all of the benefits wie identified. >> one of the implications, i know in san francisco, one, i'm proud to say we get 72 percent support on the bonds which is tor fic, in our case we build up and can't build out so all is a lot of multifamily housing and parkerize the backyards for the people. in texas it sounds like you go outh rather than up >> no, we have been big for some time and the stronger push is return people to the inner city. the urban individuals are taken hold. we did a open street project this past weekend on main street. we have a brand new applauseey down town that is phenomenal.
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10 years ago we probably had less than 500 people living down town and now there are 8 thousand just in down town. all our inner city urban village is how to revitalize that. one of the biggest bras is parks. we had a 50 year old historic swimming pool they closed 5 years ago before i was elected and one of the campaign promiseicize to get that reopened and one of our big familiesm came to me and said, i grew up swimming there and i'll help you reopen that if you agree the operating expenses and we put it in the budget in perpetuity because he gave 500 thousand dollars to redo the pool and quee matched it with 350 thousand. wree a focused on the inner city parks. the developers are taking care of the new parks, but we have foogrow are inside the city
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>> put in a certain amount of open space as part of the plan, do they also aplije themselves to perpeteral maintenance to theope nl space? >> many do. probably 50 percent of them take up the maintenance of the open space. the other 25 percent the home owners association do it and the other 25 percent the-donated to the city and more often than that the developers will donate if we take it on >> there is a greater greenville fund in your tear or, mayor white, is that a aspect that helps in all aspects? >> most of the major parks including fall parks came with endowment and easy to get the private sector to the see the vision of the park and be excited and want to buy into it. that is for extra maintenance for the park. one thing about parks too is they
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are changing. i don't think teng years ago anybody had a dog park, right? now people want a dog park. we are get aglot of density down town with lots and lots och high rise residential and i think it seem tooz be a requirement that if you live in high rise residential you must own 2 dogs. you have other politically speaking neighborhoods in the city when you talk about a dog park and they look at you like you're crazy. that is a emerging thing. in a urban area-you >> you brought it up so i'll pursue it. in san francisco it is a cunl tinchs issue on and off laesh dog and dog parks. we have a nlsh park that has a whole set of rules. i say our
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most continchs meetings weilate to dogs. how is seallyl in that area >> it is true everywhere. the role of dog squz parks is a contentious issue >> next to ferrule cats . in the park too >> you are mayors, i want to hear solutions. where do we go with this? it is a interesting challenge for everyone >> we have a more contentious issue we are about to propose to eliminating smoking in parks, but we are a state that legalized marijuana so this is rainteresting is a interesting issue >> our situation with the dogs we have 2 dogs or more, i think it is mandstory that everyone has 2 or more. when you have children you also have grand dogs so more often than not more have more than 2
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including us. the dogs we have areas-we have 2 dog parks and another coming in that are successful in the inner city and outer areas in the suburbs, they tend to have areas des ignated walk your dog on a leash or you can have them off leash but they have to behave and the first time they are sited by another neighbor. the ferrule cat pap yulgz in the parks is a significant issue and we have a spay and neuter program and return them back to the park if someone takes over the colony. the way you know they are handled by the city and we clip their ear and then they go back and the people that feed and love them get the chance to take their [inaudible] it was exextremely contenches over ferrule cats >> i don't they think that is a problem, is it mayor? >> we have ferrule other
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stuff, but not ferrule cats. we have ferrule trashers. mainss, cost of course in urban settings are much higher i think and that is what we are challenged with is when we invite a lot of people to come to the city and they do our urban parks are highly used. a higher level of maintenance is one of the challenges. i also think that for both mew and established parks water of course in california is a huge huge challenge. we are about to embark on a very expensive but absolutely need ded reuse water connection between our treatment plants and golden gate park. that is the millions of dollars, but worth it in the long run given the water drought challenges. maintenance is one of the major discussions we are having now because of the parks
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>> we get the same thing on maintenance in the summer when it is 110 in forth worth and die, do we mow or not mow it. [inaudible] fussed at if we are not mowing, but it is expense v proposition to manage >> it is. i know that we literally have 4 minutes left, i wonder if giving each mayor a opportunity for a minute to talk about just what you would like to give these folks out here that are day to day trying to make parks work and trying to build parks to give some closing thoughts and maybe mayor white we can ask you >> i think the best you can do for parks especially when dool wg people in the private or public sector who have sth funding is take people to the park. one of the problems we have in smaller neighborhood parks that don't have a wide constinch waens because they are not well known and perhaps low income neighborhoods you
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need to take people on the bus and drive them ov. the kind of people who enjoy and support parks in your city are really already predisposed to support a smaller park in a community if they are given the chance to be introduced to it. whether it is the fact they don't have adequate bathdrooms or the maintenance isn't kept up, i think getting back to more optimistic message, there are people that have a heart for it and willing to help in a sense that is broader than the big park, but you is to show it to them. there is nothing like taking them there in person and meet the kids and people using it. they tend to call back a month later and say i want to help >> mayor murray >> thank you again for having me here today. i would close by saying that some of the things we are about to do in seattle with public and private partnership have very important
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and they can add value. look at new york, we know how good those relationships can be, but when it come tooz keeping programs going and maintaining the parks so they can operate, not having a dedicated sfedy source of income from the public sector means when times get bad and times will get bad again at least in the city like ours where they are good now, parks will suffer. they are one of the first places to suffer and the programming in the parks will suffer. this is a opportunity for us in america to talk about how we maintain those parks kw how we maintain those programs thoferb long run. >> thank you. mayor price. >> thank you all for what you do. you really are at the heart and sole och the parks and nation. parks are that critical element that bring to had public to the communetries the health and vitality, the resilience. people want to come and need to be outside.
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children need to be outside. it is very cyclic and with that comes economic development, the more parks the better the parks and more like lato attract better business and the type of business you want. one thing you can do is tell your elected officials what you see in the park. stel them what goes on in the park and how they can make your parks better. we rin big and buzzy sit squgz are not aul illways in the park, but you can tell us what you think and that is huge help for any elected official to hear from the people on the front line >> last but not least mayor lee >> i'm glad again for greater and greener conference to be here in san francisco. it is extremely interesting time, very positive time for ideas, for making the right investment choices and if i learned anything in the past few years,
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parks and open spaces have become a economic driver for the city and you can see the numbers, millions of dollars come into the had city because we maintain and create open spaces and parks and maintain historic iconic ones we already have that are the signature for many generations. it is a very netesting conversation about steady stream of revenue that has to be matched by the fill philanthropic, the dollars and i'm excited to be philanthopy as part of that because that is also voters and people interetc.ed in high squault parks. when you have over 33 parks in the city, now [inaudible] from the private sector because of the generosity of google and [inaudible] coming together to fund those. you anyhow you have people that are really
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invested in the quality of this and so it is a great time to have this conversation because ult mltlyimately i think people want that steady stream and also want the philanthopy and understand the role from health to education to tourism, to just equality of life and the roll of parks being at the center of our infrastructure and quality of what we want the city to be. i'm glad to not only host this but take from this ideas from the parks aliness and trust [inaudible] park department to go forward and see whether we can get to 100 percent of 10 minute walk tooz a park for everyone in the city. >> thank you mayor. please join me in thanking all these mayors. .
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>> well, thank you very much for coming and welcome to the appellant restaurant in the downtown center city college of san francisco i'm the chair of culinary studies department you're in one of our classrooms
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one of four food service i89s from the studies department we're a two year degreeed program that offers a degree in culinary arts hospitality management in addition the classroom you're in now is where the backing certificate is as well as our culinary arts certificate and some of the students to my left are part of the one year certificate program a little bit about what we do we're one of the programs in city college having been started by a graduate if the r from the cornell school of hospitality we like to say what we do is over live experience to our students you're in a classroom that students offer food and make all the of a food and bread all the
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chocolates we breakdown all the meat and make all the saucers and the students serve you the food we the students spend before thirty hours a week for an entire semester it is valuable and so incredibly special in this community is the amount of hands on experience students get from coming to city college of san francisco this is true of any of the programs one of the areas and one of the reasons we're so valued in addition what you'll see here is students who are working full-time in addition to coming to school and being committed to their education we like to say in our departments learning never
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tasted so good in addition to this campus we have food services at the ocean campuses that operates our cafeteria as well as other services we have strong ties to the community later on you'll see one of our alumni as well as the advisors board speak we at city college in our programs in general really rely on community input and partnerships we say partnerships with the city of san francisco the hospitality initiative we have advisory committee and people that help to shape our curriculum and embedded in the community and communities and we value your support thank you for coming today i'd like to introduce our chancellor arthur
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asian pacific islander our (clapping.) thank you janice is truly is a privilege for me to be here to welcome back in the the first time and certainly many, many times she's been here leader pelosi but before i have her come up i'd like to say thank you to all of you that have helped the institution there it's 80 years of support to the economy and people of the families of this great city you know as we start enrollment today for the summer i'm very happy to announce the spring semester was the turning point of the institution the first time in 3 years we've eclipsed the enrollment numbers and on our way back (clapping) you know it's my privilege as the chancellor to stand here and
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tell you this institution was here not only for the students but for the community we've served like as talked about did hospitality industry this this wonderful culinary arts served we have over 3 thousand courses we provide almost on a daily basis to students who want to do better who want to live a dream we create dreams for those who don't have them and create americans when they come to our shores as immigrant and teach them english but more importantly we teach them how to adapt and become part of this wonderful fabric of america city college is one of the most diverse institutions in the world i can't count the number of differences we embarrass in this wonderful institution
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we are truly a microcame over of san francisco and what it does for our nation for the world and as a gateway economically and socially as we make change on a daily basis you're here at the downtown campus and here at fourth and mission you know we do special things as janice said we're getting ready to opec our first enterprise students will be selling they're back wares to the public and fund for this help to underwrite the program but also teach students how to assimilate in the with that when they become part of businesses part of the best of the best things i
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get to do as chancellor get to boost by my faculty we have a wonderful faculties along with the students and staff and administrators i'd like to acknowledge our president virginia perez (clapping) it's her responsibility for the daily operations of our centers as well as the campus along with jessie lee our center dean (clapping) you know this is really probably the best job i've ever had and the best job because of you and because of the partners we have both with the mayor's office and the unified school district the university in the city and our elected officials with great pride i get to introduce her
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again leader pelosi is just perhaps the stanch it best ally we've had and she's been doing it a loojt to help the institution not only to strive but the best of the best that's where we're headed we're strong and coincided and enforcing people today leader pelosi my pleasure (clapping.) >> thank you, very much. chancellor tyler for your tremendous leadership this must be the best job anyone would have because really you and your colleagues are doing most important work your investing in the future and helping young people reach their aspirations as well as growing our economy and doing great nominations some
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of which is done directly by the students it's mites how were you to be associated with the city college san francisco very proud of the faculty yes of the students, and all the leadership and the community support that it has is that me? nope maybe it's some pieces going into the oven (laughter) i don't know or should i say is it i did is my honor to be here with mayor ed lee we're talking about the future of going forward but we have to acknowledge we had some challenges some bumps in the road and frankly without the mayors surely great leadership some in the forefront and some behind the sequence we would and the best news of all
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that enrollment is where it is and has as the chancellor said higher than this time last year and growing for the students tomato it's important for the fund from the state a few principles i'd like that will be a l l e not al a few principles i'd like to support is one nomination begins in the classroom and when you see the innovative spirit of those young people learning and deliver on a product in a way that is entrepreneurial it is pretty tlifl when you see people that have spent a lifetime a generation of their time working in the private sector and coming here to teach those young people how to go forward you see that
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nomination has gone from one generation to the next and so i salute you for the k3r0ir8 spirit and the culinary spirit this means a lot of things but it certainly is inviting and i can't wait to come back to enjoy a meal the second point nothing. nothing brings more known to the treasury local, state, and federal than the education of the american people whether it is early childhood k through 12 higher education or lifetime learning and all of those fields community college of san francisco has played a role nothing bring more money to the
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treasurer so that's unfortunate he search warrant to have a debate in washington, d.c. about the importance of education anyone that says we need to cut education to reduce the deficit is talking about a false economy i am sure for every dollars spent for community college 54 a quarter is returned to the public do menu and to the economy so we must fight we have a fight on the way and the republican budget not to be bipartisan they've freesz peel grants for 10 years 10 years they've frozen peel grants for 10 years they've freesz the aspiration of young people and people returning to school will even
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later in life the aspirations of returning that the aspiration of those who want to be the first responders the mix that brings to community college is talked about the diversity chancellor is not only the diversity is such is a strengthen i say in washington about the community i represent the beauty is if the mix strength it in the mix so this is why we're thrilled that obama has said he presidents two years of community college to be free just think that of what that >> just think the parent could not soft that he would their kids education they can go all out and sigh reach for the started it is affordable and
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assessable to them and again, we want to have the kids go to school and i say kids to me everything is a kid but those students to be able to go to school whether it's in the summer and the idea you cut off summer just as known as how quickly young people or students can get into the workforce again, the taxpayers if we want to get down to dollars and cents but broader reach their ass perspires and most important jobs and the best jobs helping people reach their aspirations and bringing nomination to our economy and people that might not have had the access and reducing the d