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tv   [untitled]    June 19, 2015 12:30am-1:01am PDT

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city we have seen black people around the country step up in black lives matter to call out the racism in the system we don't want jail and more police to be an extension of that racist social control we have to ask ourselves who is going to
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feel safer if that gets built you are not hearing voices from the black and broun community that's where safety lies no more jail no more police. thank you. >> thank you next speaker? >> hello my name is josh green i'm a transgender man i work with transgender in foma we're seeing that nationally and in san francisco i know from my work the way we create a world without violence is transleadership organization a new jail is not going to make people it's other going to increase the staggering harm we're facing transgender are profiled by the police particularly transby color people are disproportionately
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unlikely to make jail 805% of people are in jail because they can't make bail 60% are african american this moves i do not see the jail as a criminal justice i see it as injustice poor people transpeople are disproportionally harmed we bail reform and housing and less harassment particularly at the hands of the police. if you are invested in and care about the transjustice and safety do not built this jail if you invest in communities that is causing us such harm thank you. >> thank you. next speaker? >> good afternoon supervisors my name is jimmy louis i'm a
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retired board of directors of. i'm on the board of directors transgender law center i'm a member of the steering committee for san francisco hearing alliance to the point of police bias i want to speak to the notion of officers with justice i remember the founders lotao and sanders the cheap of police and someone you might be surprised about. richard hungista are foundings members for justice those gentlemen were inherently felt bias on their own department so the bias that goes with the san francisco police department has a long history i met those folks in 1976 existed i will tell you in 2015 it exists that's my statement on bias in the san
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francisco police department it's not improving secondly i want to speak to the notion of jail i don't need to give you stattistics you have heard statistics as a farmer licensed therapist in san francisco people who are victims of persistent traumatic stress disorder not post it's persistent communities where stress continues every day those folks are often the folk you find in jail don't build a new jail do the kind of things that helps folks live healthier lives in san francisco. >> thank you next speaker? >> hello supervisors my name is nanci rue bin aye want to thank you for holding this meeting today i started my career in san francisco 40 years ago on this
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very issue when i walked into county jail 1 and 2 on 1965 i was apolled i had a career where i ran the jail mental service and went onto be the deputy director for the community we are the only county in california who has a recent jail built yet our jails are empty i was asked about my colleague s to today to appeal to you as responsible stewards for the county and city dollars 82 million p you amortization it's $600 million bail projects all of these issues would be resolved in a responsible way
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you heard the other people talking about today the only number jumped out at me in the reports i heard today there are 170 people in the jail today sentence those folks are going through the criminal justice system as the general public view it 1,030 people are awaiting processing the only reason they're there is because they're poor if you or i would be in the jail we would be out of there in 2 or 3 hourses these 1,003 people are there because they can't qualify for the small amount of programs we have to get people out it's ludicrous to spend $600 million on a jail we don't need when we need programs i would like to thank you again and see you again on the hearing on the 16th. >> thank you next speaker we're going to close public comment in a moment. next speaker? >> my name is camille walt ton
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i'm part of resistance and black lives matter here in san francisco and work with the youth all across the city who are low income currently formerly homeless identify as lgbtq all of these people -- that is why i work with them i'm not going to talk about alternatives whether you follow through with those things is up to you i can take a wild guess how that is going to go i'm going to name that black lives matter the whole movement the gal vin niezing happens in this country not only because of the murder of tray von martin and unindictedment of george simer
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man the kills of black people have been normalized since they came here on slave ships 80% are in jail that is broken down people it does not tell me why we cage people because they don't have the money to be tree. instead of investing for more black people homeless and transpeople in the xhupt to put in these camings, we need to invest in more opportunities for them to have affordable housing, living wages access to quality education access after 6:00 p.m. when most of the after school programs are funded to be open it's also very clear to the people work in this building every day black lives do not matter seeing black lives are filling 56% of the jail
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population no new jail in san francisco thank you. >> thank you next speaker >> good afternoon my name is jessica san francisco taxpayers public safety thank you for having the hearing and continuing the hearing to july 16th we can have a full presentation on the report of the proposed rebuild. a couple of points what has brought me into this is my concern is how agnostic or projail city staff has been at the planning discussion and design related to this i think because there's an absence of leadership to look at alternative policies what the solutions might be for 295 people i'm asking for your leadership in that it's been quite troubling to hear the comments and the regard with how people are treat this proposed
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jail rebuild. people have talked about it. as though the jail is building itself. it is not. there has been several allocationses at least 6.75 million has been aloe keaeded to date for planning and designed and the mayor's budget includes 2.5 million more in planning and design. second specific request i would ask that you hold a hearing on an accept and expend resolution prior to the submission of the $80 million grant proposal that the mayor's office is planning to commit for construction for jail and construction costs sometimes you hold the hearings after the grant has gone in i'm asking you hold the hearing prior to the hearing. thank you so mch. >> thank you. next speaker?
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>> good evening. julie christensen -- [inaudible] a light to enjoy delta is away can end there. -- [inaudible] from u.s.a. back to hong kong four years why? because the people still this no it's enjoyable. [inaudible] however prison is not so enjoyable. i was scheduled to a day no some
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how i lost track. leader yee is not a good guy. however he's not that much of that guy yee is a tough guy so set him free he's under the false ak cue indication of transporting admissible firearm and explosives >> thank you. anyone else would like to speak? come forward ma'am next speaker? anyone else we're going to close comment right after her. >> good evening supervisors i'm my name is soe for san francisco teens with incarcerated parents there are 18,000 teens with incarcerated parents on any given day one of the arguments toward this jail is it's going
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to to support incarcerated people who are told time and time again to create a safer space for children for incarcerated parents to be in kwhiel we deserve to interact with their parents not in our name are you going to build a jail over and over again that's what the young people are telling us what they need more than a new jail and safe conditions to visit their parents is to let them go home. not with the current rates of resittism is in this city i'm asking you not to build a new jail. >> thank you. with that let's close public comment i want to say before i give colleagues a moment to give closing remarks i will be moving
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that we continue item number three it will be transferred to the government audits and oversight committee thursday morning i'm not sure this one or the next one. but jane kim's office should no and i will ask my colleagues to file that item it will be by supervisor kim as well and there are two cards i have here i want to thank everyone for testifying i will say that the community remarks all of us or none to project what where others have significantly changed my views of the new jail you have moved one of your targets clearly i have concerned for inhumane conditions in the jail i want to find not only community based alternatives and funding programs but ways we renovate the existing facilities for the
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folks incarcerated in them you have moved one of your targets very well done on the police racism and bias it's very clear that the individual bias and racism and prejudice is one thing the systemic causes are another thing as we as a board deal with budget committee items the different recommendations from many of the racial jaws tis committees and others i will do my bust to integrate that in the next two hearings we hold i will make sure the cosponsors of the hearing supervisors breed cohen and avenue loss know the recommendations i know some are skeptical we will not follow through we will do our best on that i want to say in this historic moment as we in san
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francisco and other cities in race and police department i'm hearing we need to be driven by community based solutions thank you for testifying today supervisor avalos >> thank you mr. mar i'm glad to hear movement that is exciting i will not say anything more about the issue of policing i think i have said enough i look forward to this work continuing on the issue of the new jail i want to thank supervisor kim and breed for putting this forward i think it's good it's going to be continued and it will be heard shortly at a different committee but it's interesting to walk testimony. it doesn't all cut along gender
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lines. but it is interesting to see that so many of the women that came and testified were talking about, building a new jail and i guess that not only shows that women are smarter than us [laughter] but what's interesting is that you know the arguments that are being used to justify a new jail to me are just so nonconvincing the idea you got to do it for the benefit of these families the idea that you got to improve the living conditions of the people that are in there let's speak very frank if you want to help the conditions you don't have to build a new jail to do that there are things we can do
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to address those conditions now and to the extent there is disproportionate number of money that want to build i understand the infatuation with building we can can build interestingly enough we need to build 2400 units of affordable housing in the mission and guess what? the average cost of affordable housing unit is 250,000. that is $600 million that we're planning on spending on a new jail let's use that $600 million to spend in the mission and build 2000 pour hundred units of affordable housing we need in that neighborhood. (noise ( ( (cheers from the audience)
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>> i will move that we file item number one and continue to item number two. item number two? >> provide clean and sanitary washrooms for gas station patrons >> i will move we continue this item let's hear public comment first marrian cathedral king and mary from the friends in service committee are they hear to speak? yes. >> thank you so much. chairman and committee members aye marrian representing shef ron we're here to signify our opposition to the amendment and to work with supervisor kim and your committee for alternative viability for the bathroom the
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reason for the objection to the amendment is for the safety and security of our employee employee can get slapped by a customer unfortunately 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., there is only one employee if you open the restrooms you have people that will shoot up heroin people who will steal and put our employee in jeopardy so our position is as it is we're opposing the amendment however we're willing to work with all of you to come up with an alternative solution >> thank you for being here and waiting so long as well >> i have my blue card there my game is dave s; i have two gas stations in san francisco and belong to the board of association and soma request
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that you oppose this solution we have safety lack of outreach to our industry the small business commission heard this and opposes it. there is excessive regulatory burdenses and excessive punitive fines there is lack of consistency in picking on our industry and not others for example fast food grocery stores corner stores food struck trucks for the homeless population police stations hospitals none of these are required to have bathrooms for their patrons muni doesn't require they have restrooms in there and they service hundreds of thousands of people the safety issue is a big one as the previous speaker has mentioned being in business since 79 there is a tremendous
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drug use i have had someone die from a heroin overdose in my bathroom feceses on the wall and parts being stolen thank you i wish you oppose it. >> thank you, next speaker. >> my name is johnson i have been reading about this drug addicts and what they have been doing with the bathroom situation and what they have been doing with police control and it has not gotten better it's gotten worse. this organization [inaudible] that has a point that we need to you know try to straighten this all out and to clean all of
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these bathrooms up in right manners or not prevent the spray i had already put on 2006 my problem they want me to pay a bill but i don't have the means to do it. but still they do a job like they're supposed to and those are organizations with bathrooms that they got with the public i mean that's good but it's not you know putting it to where the renter is getting streets cleaned stuff like that which get rid of diseases that we got here in this world. and the radiation here is going to get really bad and in
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processes for housing that's what i'm going to do as an organization is build more houses more apartments more businesses so that san francisco state can achieve off a lot of these buildings that need to be you know in our process for our homes >> thank you ma'am. public comment is closed seeing no other comments colleagues can we move this item be continued at the call of the chair >> so moved >> thank you we will do this without business any more items of business? >> there are no more items of business. >> great. thank you. meeting is adjourned..
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>> it seems like everyone in san francisco is talking about housing san francisco housing prizes are among the highest it tops anyone million dollars and rent rise unfortunately, this is not the first time housing has been in the news thought california the cost of a home has made headline the medium prices for a house in the the $207,000 in california it is more than twice that amount and the laura u bay area is higher it's more than doubled the states so while more than half
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of the americans can afford the medium fewer in california and quarter in the bayer and now fewer than a 6th of san franciscans can afford it so why it housing in san francisco so go cheven condition tharz the obviously a high demand to live here the city is known for cultural diversities that attacks new residents and the credible opportunity our city diverse and will daytime committee grows jobs as a result we estimate the number of jobs is at ann an all-time 0 hive of 6 hundred thousand in the 80 the population was 6 hundred and 75 thousand now, it's grown steadily and quickly the recent estimate is 8 hundred and 40
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thousand the highest in the city's history and it's not only san francisco it is greek the bay area has $2 million for residents and jobs then in the 80 and the growth is expected to continue by the year 20403.9 million people unfortunately, our housing supply does not keep up with the demand i might not realize the majority of construction is housing that's been suspended for years due to the 2008 recession while population is increasing the housing is only increasing that i 9 percent if we don't pursues housing the cost of housing about only increase how do we plan the regional allocation identifies the total number of
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housing unit by affordable level to support the new residents san francisco incorporates it into the housing elements that guides the housing policies the arena data places it in the investment plans for the growth throughout san francisco those plans developed by years of community planning laid the ground work for the construction so the city he e sets the goals in broad terms the private sectors builds market rate housing and non-built affordability housing that majority of housing in san francisco as well as throughout the country market rate houses built by private developers within guidelines of the city some below market rate you howls paid pie public and private dollars and prized to be variable to