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tv   Small Business Commission 72715  SFGTV  August 13, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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and director regina [inaudible] because what was special and unusual about this work group is it was trying to solve a the time is 207. the meeting problem from many different perspective chblt the people that par tit paced in the work is being televised thanks to sf group included work groups and gov tv staff. member of the your commissioner and director and department of building public please take this inspectioning, the planning opportunity to silence your department, department of phone squz other electroning public works, the mayors office devices. the ringing and use of cell phones pagers and on disability, bomu and others that came together. i think it similar sound producing electroning devices are prohibited at this meeting. is apparent today with the public comnlt is limited it 3 seismic safety program is a minutes per speaker unless good program because the comments you may regina were otherwise established. speakers are requested but not very good about looking at any required to state their names. work we do is a opportunity to submission of a speaker card improve accessibility. july we [inaudible] please deliver speaker cards to me prior to celebrated the 25 anniversary of signing of americans with approaching the lectern. there is a sign in sheet at the front disability act and in 1990 table for those that would like there was the expectation the
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work would be done now and yet to be assigned to the waiting as we go through the city there are many places that for a list. commissioners stephen variety of reasons have not adams, here. commissioner been able to retrofit their kathleen dooley. commissioner entrances and make their mark dwight, here. commissioner william ortiz, businesses fully accessible to all as a civil right and think here. commissioner3 4 f1-- the legislation tackles the project in a way to insure we improve the accessibility of the business squz protect our small businesses from lawsuits through this very thoughtful program to improve buildings over time and use this new disability access compliance unit at the department of building inspection to work together in a way we haven't had the opportunity to do in the past. i do want to thank supervisor tang and look forward work wg you and here to answer any questions you may have on this as well. thank you. >> thank you. commissioner questions comments? no. okay.
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any memberoffs the public wish to comment on this item? >> i is 2 speaker cards, first up denise [inaudible] and chip [inaudible] welcome. >> welcome. good afternoon commissioners. i thank you for the opportunity to be able to speak with you today. my name is denise [inaudible] cochair on the mayors disability council and would like to read in record a letter of support for this building code amendment for the legislation of supervisor tang to include chapter 11 d to the building code. dear commissioners the mayors disability council is writing this letter in support of supervisor katy tangs proposed legislation introduced at the board of supervisors meeting on tuesday july 7, 2015. this proposal would expand access requirements for small businesses and other
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soft story buildings cannot be entities that serve the public requiring that commercial built anymore. we found since buildings with primary entries then about 15 percent of our and path of travel into any total pop ulation live in these buildsings subject to the had existing buildings be made ordinance so this is a huge accessible for people with safety concern for the city of san francisco and the update disabilities. supervisor tangs important legislation would i'm about to give shows good serve to reduce the number of numbers so excited where that is going. again, after 1989 physical barriers people with disabilities face when accessing small businesses. the building inspection people with disabilities will commission put together the be able to benefit by receiving plan for seismic safety. it the same privileges and services as people without involved 100 member thofz community and several small disabilities, which will businesses and looked at promote full and equal earthquakes in a holistic sense inclusion. just as a so what does it mean for the importantly, this legislation community in san francisco? 17 provides much needed support to the small business community. general policy san francisco should be doing to look at earthquake safety. from then the mdc empathized with city administrator ed lee put business owners who are together a safety concerned about whether they are in compliance with the implementation plan which i oversee today. one of the state or federal disability
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biggest issues is deal wg the access law. the [inaudible] disability access compliance unit will provide soft story buildingsm. the multidepartmental guide squns ordinance looks at type 5 or outline requirements for each wood frame. [inaudible] business property owner. buildsings built before 1978 personalized through the use of and 2 or more stories over a a check list to assess where soft story. this was a data the property stands with regards to the ordinance. we crunch and didvent a existing list of the buildings so had to understand that there will be cost associate would the look at permit records and implementation of this ordinance, however the [inaudible] to get a list of ordinance has a mechanism to grant exceptions where they are 6700 properties. septof 2013 extreme cases of physical we sent properties a notice and the notice said they are constraint or financial burden subject to screening so it on the property owner. the access appeals commission will be empowered to review the means they have 12 months to conditions on a case by case fill out a document to figure basis and render decisions that come f the building should be in our out of the policeman. document technical program. the completion was infeasibility, unreezable hardship and [inaudible] the the following year and had 95 mayors disability council
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studied this ordinance and percent complinets rate and found it to be a fair and within the 3 months following balanced approach to solving we bumped it up to 99 percent accessibility issues for small compliance rate. huge numbers, business owners and the disability community. as we very exvited about that. that continue to celebrate the 25 is 5 thousand buildings that will be retrofitted by 2020. anniversary of ada, let this there are about 20 thousand san legislation set a dpmp for the city and county of san franciscans who live in these francisco by making business buildsings. when we look at [inaudible] for all. how that effects small business >> perfect timing, thank you. it is concern. the majority the value of reading your fall in the 4th tier so they presentation, thank you. next are given the maximum amount of up. >> good afternoon, my name is time so fl is a different level chip [inaudible] the other of care and work ethic involved cochair of san francisco mayors so want to give the maximum disability council. most of my points are contained in a time to comply with the law. there are about 786 buildings letter read by my colleague. the situation for people with disabilities is there are many in the process. in addition barrier tooz the goal of inclusion in american society. there are 20s 2 that received we face barriers in employment and education as well as final completion and sign off. the first deadline are a few
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years from now. it is great to physical access. the legislation is important see people getting the ball because it brings our brothers rolling. one of the other charges we had is alonging at and sisters with disability closer to fuller inclusion in financing options. we know one society so i want to urge you size fits aul won't work for to support this legislation and ret row fit so we talked to help it move forward. thank you >> any other public comment? seeing none public comment is private banks. the cities closed. commissioners. director >> i just want to make a developed their own financing mechanism too. we went live comment thmpt to extends my with the financing in december and have [inaudible] which is appreciation to supervisor tang impressive considering this is for developing the legislation several years out. i also and this is ground breaking and handed out a map. this it is historic and to have the reflects the work we did with office of economic and work city come together to look at force development and looking what more we could do to help at the neighborhoods and our property owners and small overlaying where the buildings appear. there is a important businesses and mostly help individuals with disabilities caveat i should point out, the be able to access our goods and buildings reflected here are the noticed buildings so the services. so, i think the information isilateal old so they are not the buildings that
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have to ret row fit, they timing-having patrick [inaudible] and give the received screening forms. so presentation to talk about what far we see average numbers come we are doing with the seismic through, the average construction cost is reported safety but also to highlight 71 thousand dollars and that is the issuewise the california based on about the 600 or so building code that under the permits issued so far looking seismic safety even though a business may be required to do at the construction cost. the other nice thing is we see some accessibility, but as he creative ways to keep stores in said, most of the average operation during construction. accessibility cost is 71 we do this with hospitals. thousand dollars which is well making sure things like ground under the evaluation thresh floor retail are operating is hold so additional 20 percent not as difficult as you may think so we have seen a rate of is over 14 dollars and dealing these being very successful with a entry way especially if throughout the course of construction and if the you have some sort of step, is construction is happening at a going to be much more than 14 thousand dollars if you have to steady schedule we are in and out of there. a contractor try to deal with lowering it, starts 30 to 60 days and in and getting additional structural drawings, possibly going through out. happy to answer questions the commission may have. historic preservation so that business may choose to spend >> commissioner adams >> i want to say you are doing
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a great job. i do know a that 14 thousand dollars in another area doing couple landlords that are accessibility. we still proactive and starting their haven't accomplished our goal construction and know they have which is one of the first a couple buildings done things that you need to do-the levels of priority of already and they are retail accessibility are pact of space squz in every instance travel and entry way and most of the businesses don't have to deal with path of travel the retail store was able to because that is in the public stay in place while they were realm so the entry way is the doing the construction. the first place. so, the timing of sit a being more proactive i supervisor tangs legislation is thought was great and you see more and more as you go into very critical because there is still a good number of property the neighborhoods construction owners who haven't gone through being done especially on the the seismic retrofitting. east side. the outreach was while i know a-there are businesses who have been able fantastic. you really got in front of the land lrds, the to stay in-and conduct business banks everybody to put put but frafr the majority of the everybody together so good job. >> thank you commissioner. properties on hate rr street they had to go dark so it is >> submissioner really critical that we are engaging with the property owners now especially if the >> i have a question about the business is-if that property will go dark to make their
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properties-that is sth total entry ways accessible. the number-how many of these only way to get around as i see buildings involve smauz small it and correct me if i'm wrong business? >> it is hard to say because richard, but to deal with that small business can fit into 20 percent is to do what we are several tiers. the vast requiring with the mandate. majority of small business are the timing of these 2 things in the 4th tier. roughly, i are really important and while don't have the numbers but assume around 1 thousand i know there will probably be buildsings are in tier 4 hick ups, but think it is >> what type of financing are ground breaking and for us to demonstrate not only throughout the methods of financing for california but nationally what we are trying to attempt to do small businesses in the context of ret rofitting? is i think extraordinary and important and quite historic. >> all the financing we look at so, just want to extend my help the landlord as the appreciation to supervisor tang and to director johnson and business owner because they are required to comply: working richard halren and commissioner dooley and everybody involved to come up with the very smart withria in the small business there are options for way of approaching this and microgrants and thingathizeophorous is doing, also to document situations and but it isn't the businesses responsibility to be complying
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cases where it may be with the retrofit so the technically infeasible or there is a real hardship and that is financing is geared towards the information we can send to the construction work >> the 4th tier has to comply state or to the federal level bine 2020? >> correct as examples of issues or >> the business is shut down during the retrofit somebody concerns or things to help deal has to compensate them or they with trying to achieve are out of business for a while? accessibility. >> correct and that is base ond the stipulation in the >> thank you. any other commercial lease and the comments, questions agreement for the landlord to commissioners? >> i move that we support come in and do work >> the landlords have been very katy's legislation. >> i'll second. roll call? good work wg the tenants on these, the ones i know of and work with. i do know and can't >> commissioner adams, yes. commissioner dooley, yes. say the names recollect , but commissioner dwight, yes. they are in the marina and the commissioner ortiz, yes. commissioner yee, riley, yes. landlord gave the tenants break but they are still in business commissioner tour, sarcson, so they are paying rent but not yes. commissioner white, yes. unanimously approve. full rent. there are a few >> thank you supervisor.
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>> thank you. all right. landslords that are doing that because they have to do it and thank you all for coming out don't want to luce the tenant for that. next up is item >> where the business has to number 6 shut down can have a ripple >> item 6 is prezen taiz and evect on the employees, i was discussion on administrative code chapter 14, san francisco health care security ordinance thinking what we can do to 14.2 j, the department of protect [inaudible] >> i think we can do more to public health plan to maximize help the small business so don't think we should be done enrollment in health insurance thinging about that solution. and include option frz when we talk about correction incenting employers to provide quality. presenting today is we talk 30-60 days. the small colleen chawla druckter of policy and planning. businesses will fail after a disaster so trying to get them >> i have a presentation also to think in those term squz look at the big picture is for you if i could get that on the screen would be great. where we should focus our >> colleen i think we can efforts and the small business community >> through the president, mr. switch the mic if it is easier for you. >> it is on. sorry, now it is. dwight, so i know i live in the
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upper hate rr so there is a >> is that better? thank you. fair number of properties in so, good afternoon the upper hate so a good number commissioners i'm colleen have gone dark and my guess it chawla and deputy director of heth dedepartment and here to is happening between leases present the proposal for modernizing the health care because several new businesses moved in after the work is security ordinance and certain components chblt the item went done, so especially in those to the hement commission for the first of the 2 hearings instances, it is a great last tuesday and the heths opportunity to insure the property owner is making their commission wim hear it next tuesday and are interested in entry way accessible especially the feedback from the small if they are have to lower the business commission so thank you for had opportunity to be floor to make a level entry, so here. san francisco has seen is the city at all tracking great success enrolling people into health insurance since the implementation of the what accessibility improvements affordable heth cair act are being done and made through [inaudible] high cost of living in san francisco [inaudible] health insurance remain for the seismic retrofit? are they some san franciscans. our tracking it and how much of the proposal to modernize the city work is being done and maybe squaupgz create a employee wellness fund seems to compp for those businesses that are not moving out, is the property
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lment the affordal care act. owner taking advantage of just a little overview of what making the entry way accessible i plan to present today. i was 1234 >> a couple things, there is a told to give a thorough presentation and know you deal easy data run that can be done with this issue not an regular if xhrmsh buildsings are doing the soft story work and they basis so it includes health would be required to do care security ordinance. i'll give a overview and why we are accessibility as a rule of that. you have to review the plans to figure what the proposing it. talk about the particular interventions were so that level of detail hasn't health care security ordinance a little one on one on health been looked at yet, but it could. the initial numbers is care security ordinance. talk about proposal in more detail 71 thousand for the average ret and then discuss what benefits we expect to accrue to san row fit so they are required by chapter 11 b and the building franciscans, to employees and code so they are only required employers and the city. i to spent 20 percent. there are think you have all received or several over the threshold so brought a copy of the memo to they would be required to bring the building into full the helts commission. from a compliance. >> commissioners comments or employer perspective this questions? no. provides employers with new
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>> thank you very much options to obtain health commissioners. >> thank you. brian lets move insurance for low income and part time employees. in on. addition it provides a >> we need to open for public opportunities to support comment. employee wellness activities. >> anyone have public comment the proposal insures all low from this item? seeing none and moderate income san franciscan have access to we'll close >> item 5 is discussion and affordable health care. the possible action on bos 5150732, proseal levelerages the city option program and in this graphic the gray indicates what building code mandatory exists already under the city disability access improvement administrative fee. this is a option program and blue and ordinance amending the building code to require a building with orange indicate what is new. a place of public accommodation existing city option program there are medical reimbursement to have primary entries or path of travel into the building accounts where individuals employers contribute on their accessible for persons with disability or to receive from behalf. they can use that the city equivalent accounts to reemburse for medical expenses. it also facilitation technical includes healthy san francisco infeasibility or technical hardship establishing a so employers who contribute on behalf of their employees to disability access compliance unit within the department of building inspection and a fee
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to offset the cost of disubltd eligible individualerize enrolled in healthy san francisco. the new components access improvement program. today we have a presentation by are in blue. we are proposing supervisor katy tang a new account that continues >> good afternoon thank you for san francisco's commitment to hearing this item today. i know this is has been a long aca and prioritizes em time effort we spent many years working on and there are enrollment for 3 thousand san several people here who helped franciscans. those that are work on it. i would like to not eligible for this extension thank rugina [inaudible] and we continue to allow them to kathleen dooley, carla here from the mayors office on maintain their enrollment in disability. knroe there are healthy san francisco so nobody member thofz mayors counsel goes without affordable health here as well as richard halren, care service. in orange is a i want to give him a lot of new budget initiative the credit for thinking about how department of public health will implement in 2016-17 to approach this from department building inspection. called the employee wellness fund and the idea hire is this spent many years trying to work on the issue of ada and reemburse employers for how we do this work and try to eligibility expenditures and i'll talk in more detail about encourage accessibility around the small business community. that in a moment. why are we on the one hand trying to make here today with this proposal?
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sure we provide access to squaerfbd also trying to make san francisco as i said has sure it is something that is seen success in the implementation of the feasible for the small business affordable care acktd. since community and doesn't put them 2014 more than 97 thousand san out of business undur ada. we thought oaf various solutions. we started out by giving a free franciscans sl gained helts insurance through med i-cal or inspection and offering that to businesses and they would post something in the window saying they completed this. we covered california. our state exceeded federal enrollment offered one pagers in different rates. it is largely due to languages telling people about the different resources seck suss with healthy san francisco we are so far ahead. available for financing and helthsy san francisco is a finally we realized we needed a larger more comprehensive coordinateed health care effort from the city to say program for uninsured san that look, this is a very franciscans and approximately important issue and want to 80 percent of uninsured make sure our business residence were enrolled in community is trying to provide healthy san francisco and that meant we know who the uninsured adequate access for everyone who wants to utilize a service were. as a result our rate of and also provide a way for our businesses and property owners to document they made this uninsured has gone down by 54 percent in the city. and yet effort so if there was a
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lawsuit filed against a property owner or business they affordability challenges remain can show and have proof they for some. we-some remain made a effort to achuv unable ta to take advantage of accessibility improvements. i think the summary that was affordsability and [inaudible] stated, what the ordinance is some others are exempt for doing is we put in the building hardship or religious reason squz still others are unabling code to require existing building with a place of public to afford it. the accommodation either have all affordsability concerns were highlighted in recent city primary entries and path of travel accessible or receive a health care initiatives, the determination from our access 2013 universal helths care appeals commission for counsel which xhrgzer adams and equivalent facilitation, [inaudible] as well as the technical infeasibility or amendment tooz the health care unreezable hardship so this is something that is new. we also security ordinance introduced by supervisor campos and passed establish a disability access complinets unit within dbi that in 2014. both of those highlighted the issues of we hope to congregate more affordability for part time people from different employees, plow wage earners and the health care security departments so businesses and property owners are not running to different departments at different times trying to ordinance required a plan to come back and address figure what they need to do.
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affordsability for helths insurance and that is what is we are also-i just want to go before you today. in that time over quickly the different tiers we are setting up. it is we did a lot of work. we hired very good convince you had a through a grant from the presentation about the soft california health care foundation 2 consult ants to kory retrofit program because what we did is model our legislation off that program and hope to conduct that same review the issue of affordability and address a level of successful outreach on program. we have 2 focus that. we divide the city groups of employees and buildsings into 4 categories. employers. 40 percent of the first are those that probable have main entrances covered california enrollies already struggled to pay accessible and met the premiums so add the cost of standards based on the living in san francisco and it california building code 1998. is exas baited. we convened category 2 and 3, you start focused groups and among getting into those buildings where the primary entrance may employees the chief concern is have a step or 2 or more. cost regardsless of whether they are insured or uninsured category 4 are the ones where is the primary factor. for we are calling-there are all employers we found employers sorts of issues there so you
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vaprimary entry or entries with said they wanted to offer more than one step or more than wut element that do not comply health insurance but had a hard time do it. sometimes health with the minimum code requirement so it is the catch insurance plans don't allow you all category. based on the 4 to offer insurance to part time categories the first thing we employees and other times it are asking our property owners was just cost prohibitive. as to do is submit a compliance i said, we engaged 2 consultant check list. it ranges from to work on this proposal that is before you. the first one was the uc berkeley labor 12-30 monthathize property center and the reason we chose owners have to submit the check list t. is what the seismic them is because they created a soft story was trying to do and simulation model that is relied on across california to look at survey because we don't have accurate numbers at the moment. health insurance uptake rates then the next step would be 3 and various elements of the aca months from when you submitted implementation so they had soft the compliance check list. weir we could use. what does affordsability mean, howmany that ranges from 15-33 months. people do we talk about, what does it take to make health insurance affordable for them?
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the last step is 3 months later health managementish you obtain the permit. for the third step we do build in an associates worked with the operationalization of the exception for extensionoffs program. they did financial time if the planning department or dbi or any other department regulatory and operational held up the permit for whatever feasibility analysis to help determine once we determine the benefit amount is to give to a reason. most significantly is that we are trying to empower person, how do we get that benefit to had person? what is the best way to get it to them the access appeals commission so they qu owe can use it? to issue those determinations so whether there was a technical infeasibility and so collectively their research founds there is a high costf forth because right now if a living in san francisco chblt they estimated it at 59 percent business or property owner were higher than the national cost trying to make accessibility of average living. also we improvements what do they have found post affordable care act to show that they tried? especially as we talk about insurance trends that relyoon potential properties in increased cost sharing leave people between 250 to 500 district 3 where there are historic buildsings and it is difficult to achieve the work, percent are the most we want a formal something from
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the city to show someone made a vulnerable. [inaudible] paying effort. we are not the highest proportion of guaranteeing this will be upheld in court but at least it income to their health shows we are trying and the insurance. as a result this city is aware and trying to population is at the highest risk of being uninsured or work what other solutions there may be. that is in a nut shell under insured. the proposal the parameters of the program that we are hoping for and we that relies on the city option really do think it is very is the one considered most ground breaking because i viable to address this issue. thichck it is the first time a i will deal with a brief health city has taken it upon them sevl to have a comprehensive care security ordinance so you program to make sure building understand what it means when i say modernize the city option. the helths care security owners are aware of the ordinance as you knerequires requirements and allowing the employers to make health care flexibility and the cases especially giver en san francisco's tow pography and expenditures own behalf of many hig touric buildings to employers. make quarterly allow for the flexibility. i want to thank everyone who wrapped their heads around the issue how we have a program
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that we hope will be a benefit expendstures for employees working more than [inaudible] to the people who want to on this chart are the 3 most access all our brzs and the businesses who want to provide prevalent ways employers service to everyone in san comply. by far most employers francisco. the way that the legislation is written, the provide health insurance. responsibility falls on the about 85 percent comply by property owner but we are very providing helths insurance. well aware in the private about 20 percent comply by contraxual relationship between property owners and tenants providing health reinbursement they can discuss on their own account and another 20 percent using the city option. what we the arrangement they have but we wrote it in a way that it are talking about here is the falls on the property owner. people who comply by i'm happy to answer questions contributing to the sate option or can bring up carla johnson so about 44 employers comply with health care security from the mayors office of ordinance overall. we are talking about the 20 percent disability for questions who comply with the sit a >> commissioner dooley option. what does the sit a >> i want to thank you catty do? if the person is an-if the katy for all the hard work and time you put into this. it was employee is a uninsured grailt to work with the residence of san francisco we different minds and it is direct them to healthy san really much needed and thank francisco program and they are
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you so much. >> thank you and i do want to allowed to get discounted give a builated thanksgivings enrollment. if they live to [inaudible] thaums who was part of the initial discussion outside the city or insured as well and felt this was a some other way they get a important issue we as a city reinbursement account. should be tackling. >> any other comments, [inaudible] so it is these 2 elements wree prosing to change questions? no. thank you very in this proposal. again, here much, supervisor. >> with that i'll bring up carla johnson from mayors is just a modern ization office on disability. component of the proposal. the >> good afternoon, it is so good to see you today. i also bridge to coverage feature want to start my comments by under medical reinbursement is new as is the affordability thanking supervisor tang and her aid and commissioner dooley extension for healthy san francisco. i should say and didn't say this early on, this proposal makes no changes to the way employers contribute on behalf of employees, they occur on the back ends after a contsbution is made and what we do with the [inaudible] more
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accessible. so, first the bij to coverage, this is a attempt to do what we heard both employers and employees wanted us to do is make health insurance more affordable. so, for san francisco residence whos employers contribute to the city option and purchase insurance on covered california and income below 500 percent of positivety they have access to bridge to coverage medical reinbursement account. the currents medical reinbursement account is the value of the employers cont bougzism pr part time it can be small and full time it can be large. what we proposal is calculate the value in the reinbursement account based on what the employee needs to make health insurance
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affordable. assistance for paying premiums and assistference out of pocket cost. the first one is premium assistance and individuals will be able to get help paying 60 percent of the cost with the monthy premium and that correlates with the higher cost of livling in san francisco so paying 60 percent of cost evens it out for contribution for health care. the cost sharing assist sns component. this is when you go to the doctor you have a percentage of a hospitalization you have to pay for, you have a flat dollar amount every time you use prescription drug coverage so the cost sharing assist sns designed to make sure the deduckable in the health insurance is never more than 5 percent. if you needed health care services you couldn't afford to get them and for go
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[inaudible] this avoids the issue of underinsurance and provides that bftd. the other thing it does is leverage the federal benefits that employees are aurmd elg nl for on covered california. you see in the chart the bars from left to right, those are federal poverty levels starting at 150 percent all the way to 500 percent. the bars themselves, they represent the total the average cost that a 40 year old san franciscan would have access in health insurance on covered california. if they had to pay their full dedectable it would be 7 thousand a year for a 40 year old san franciscan. the blue bar representathize amount the
4:27 am
federal government will pay toward health care cost. you can see very low income the federal government subsidizes a lot. in the orange is how much this program will subsidize the cost of health insurance so at the low level this program subsidizes somewhat but by far the federal government is making most of the subsidize and as the income goes occupy the federal subsidize and the local subsudegoes up and leveled out. this is intented to address the 250-500 percent of poverty for now insurance or under insurance. who are the people that will be helped with the program? there are about 3 thousand. uc berkeley did the analysis of the numbers expected to benefit from the program. 2016, about 3 thousand. most are younger than 40 and health insurance the cost goes up with age so that 40 year old example is
4:28 am
really the average cost that we are looking at. 73 percent are part time and work fewer than 30 hour as week and their employers are not subject to the aca mandates. 85 earn less than 47 thousand a year, that is about 400 percent of federal poverty level and 6 aket percent are eligible for subsidize on cover california. the overall cost is support pd by employer contribution tooz the city option on behalf ofome ployees benefiting. all employers contributing on behalf of the 3 thousand people will cover the costf the program both program expenses that benefits to the individual. in the first year we anticipate 7 million inb.s will go out. it will cost about a million to administer the program and 8.8
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contributions come in and have [inaudible] that was a medical reimbursement account. the affordsability extension for helthsy san francisco is the safety net. this makes sure if people are not eligible for reinbursement accounts and people say they cannot afford helths insurance and the employer doesn't contributes to city option they are not without services. we are making 2 change tooz this program. i'll run through this because it has very little to do with whether the employer contributes or not. we increase the upper income limit to 500 percent of the federal poverty level to align with affordsability analysis we did and we are saying that even if you are eeligible for covered california that may not be enough to make it affordable for you and if that is true we'll make sure we can stay in
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healthy san francisco. these are the eligibility requirements urm that i just described. what we are doing differently with this change is we are ramping up the enrollment and education assistance we provide already. right now if you enroll in healthy san francisco we'll say you can be eligible for helths insurance on covered california and can help you enroll but we want to do more education and say this is how much the federal government will penalize you on your tax return if you don't enroll and this is how much it cost to participate in healthy san francisco and here is how much it cost for helths insurance. even after all that calculation and discussion if a person says that is great but i caebt afford it we'll allow them to enroll so beefing up the education and enrollment assistance. the people eligible for this option are
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those not eligible for affordable care act insurance. largely the undocumented. we have about 15 thousand enrollees now and this can 12 thousand are undocumented. also people that are exempt from the federal mandate that don't have to pay the penty we'll allow them to pay. you don't have to pay a penalty if you are homeless or have a hardship or religious reasons. if the cost is too high you are eligible for mandate exemption and if the employer doesn't offer insurance and still unaffordable we allow you to stay. i should point out here just in the first column it is hard see, the total expenses for helthsy san francisco program providing care to about 15 thousand san franciscans is
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about 112 million a year. [inaudible] of about 28 million a year. the city general fund supplements the cofs the program to the tune of about 83 million dollars a year. and then finally the employee wellness fund. this is a idea in progress so we would love your feedback on this. what we are proposing is create a separate wellinous fund that works like a reinbursement account that reinburses employers for approved expenditures. it is separate from the health care security ordinance. we presented this idea to the helt commission and had thoughts too so i'll share
4:33 am
their thoughts with you as well. the goal here is really to look at intervening earlier in a persons helths. the affordable care act has a focus on prevention and wellness and health promotion and that is what we want to do here. target the diseases of highest prevalence, heart disease is the highest in san francisco. it might make a impact on health status as a city overall so we are looking at that. research the rand corporation had done for the federal department of health and human services found that employee wellness programs reduce health care cost for employers and increase productivity and reduce absenteeism and address employee health issues,
4:34 am
specifically related to exercise frequency, smoking behavior and weight control. so, one of the other suggestions that the health department had was maybe looking at not reinbursing employers for what they expend for these programs because it may be complicated for employers trying to run a business to also think about wellness expenditures but having the health department provide something of value to employee wellness. flutuate clinics or smoking sussation services. maybe we make those more accessible to business and employees. so, that is the summary and just to recap what we expect the benefits of the proposal would be. generally affordable health care for all low and middle income. this means no one is left without
4:35 am
health care and that is good for people and business and the city and everyone. specifically for san franciscan we make health insurance more affordable for about 3 thousand san franciscans and keep healthy san francisco available for those who caebt afford it and promote employee wellness through the wellness fund. for employers we increase access to affordable helt insurance for low wage and part time employees, something the focus group participants said they wanted. we also are offering to invest in employee wellness for employers in san francisco. and then for the city overall, the bridge to coverage option is entirely funded through existing mechanisms. the affordability extension we budget frd that to make sure nobody is left behind t. avoids costly charity care reliance on free services at the hospital when we take care out of the
4:36 am
emergency room. the employee wellness funds provides opportunity to have new partnerships with the business communities to look at the overall health of san franciscans. that concludes my presentation and happy to answer any questions? >> thank you. commissioner tour >> i have to thank you for your presentation. it is a complicated field and you made it quite clear and thank you for the 101 presentation. >> thank you >> this discussion was for the city option only? >> that is correct, >> it doesn't increase the contribution-it is readjusting the budge squt redirecting your efforts in managing. >> that is right >> the employee wellness fund is also limit ed to the city option >> what i didn't say is that we are planning to convene a group
4:37 am
to look at what the employee wellness fund would look like. we wanted to address the a ffordability of helt insurance and know employee wellness is another component we want today address so we plan to convene a group in 2016 that will determine the parameters of the program. now we think it is probably employers who contribute to the city option, what they reinburse for and the elg lt requirements and how much they are eligible for reinbursement for, those are to be discussed in the work group. >> commissioners any other comments or question? >> thank you for this. it helped me wrap my head around it a lot better and i think you did a very good job in your presentation today .
4:38 am
>> commissioner yee, riley, >> employers still have the option to contribute to the other options? >> yes, there was a change in federal law that made one of the options-change one of the options. helths reinbursement accounts is a option available under prior to the emp limitation of affordable care act and after implementation it didn't meet affordable care act standards so the way to contribute to reinbursement account is for things like dental and vision and not heth care. that is still available and employers can comply that way but we see increase of compliance through city option. employers find it easier to contribute to city option given the new rules under the helt care silty ordinance >> any other comments. thank you very much. we'll open to public comment. seeing none
4:39 am
public comment is closed. thank you very much >> thank you. >> thank you colleen. >> item 7 is discussion of update on state paid sick leave regulations, >> commissioner wanted to let you know, so the letter that you approved to be submitted to [inaudible] is submitted and we are waiting for a response, but in the inrim the state passed changes to the law so thought we should take the opportunity to make sure that is highlighted. so, the eligibility requirement slightly change. i think the individual was somewhat eligible from day one, but now has to-there is a 30 day or more to be entitled to be paid
4:40 am
their sick leave. other highlights, i won't read through everything but other highlights that are important to note is that there was a requirement where if the employee was-the employee left work and came back within 12 months especially for seasonal works that may be a case and it required the employer to reinstate the paid sick leave owe adthe time the employee left and this is removing that requirement. it also has more clarity on exempt employees and change tooz the pay stub notification in that the employer no longer has to write out the amount the individual
4:41 am
used but what is in their accrued or their bank as per the state law. and then the other element is there is something about dealing with the accrual method. the second item allows employers option for accrual and so we will take a look at this-we haven't had the opportunity to take a look at this closely as it relates to the interpretation we had done previous. how that
4:42 am
effects the 48 hour accrual if business goes by the straight accrual methwud the state. we will get back to you on that. so, i know the commission wanted a more charted out and so we are irk wg on that but wanted to wait and see what-we knew there were changes happening at the state level and didn't anticipate for them to take place so quickly so we'll have that for you no later than the next meeting but hopefully sooner. i just wanted to bring that to your attention and we are waiting on [inaudible] for their response. >> it is interesting with that is san francisco we have our paid sick ordinance and everyone in the city knows how that works and everything. i hear outside of san francisco,
4:43 am
a lot of small businesses have no idea this law is in effect. i was amazed talking to people in san mateo and sant aclara county, they had no idea and go on line and check and are like, oh my god. in a company like mine where i have employees in san francisco and outside san francisco and la and other states, we have 4 different paid leave policies dependent on which city you work in. >> i think it does highlight the fact that the california employers association who helps decipher this and there are non profit entity, one thing they said is generally not until a employer gets to have 50 or more employees do they start to
4:44 am
seek-they may bring in in house to help sort of manage all the employer rules and regulations, but generally seeking 3rd party assistance, businesses between 25-and 50 may start seeking 3rd party assistance. there are a number of businesses so for a non profit entity like california employers association which you can become a member, a lot of small businesses are not away a entity like them is there for as a resource for hr service s and help interpret the law. i think this speaks to the difficulty and speaks to why we need specific direction from [inaudible] for our smaller businesses.
4:45 am
>> all right. thank you for that. any public comment on this item? no. stephen? okay. seeing none, we'll move to the next item >> item 8, discussion and action on legacy business action and project plan >> commissioners i'm requesting that we continue this to the next commission meeting. there were items around non profits that i needed to get clarity on and so do not get that in time, so we'll continue this to the next meeting. >> i'll make the motion to continue to the next meeting >> second. >> second that >> all in favor. >> aye. it is continued.
4:46 am
>> we need to call for public comment before we motion that? >> any public comment? seeing none public comment is closed. >> i motion we continue to the next meeting >> i second that. all in favor. >> item 8 is-sorry 9, directors report >> so commissioners, 2 things i would like to highlight is on 716, the last commission meeting i said is coming up is the quarterly meeting the mayor has with small business leaders and want to thank commissioners and dwight and yee riley for attending and please add anything at this moment or during the commissioner reports. so a couple things i pulled out from the mayors budget, the 6.7 million that have been in his-that were highlighted in the press
4:47 am
release as part of the budget that came from topics discussed at this meeting. one is construction mitigation fund, so in that will be primarily targeted i think to polk street, but to work to provide some mitigation efforts. it isn't necessarily direct reimbursement to businesses but to do marketing promotion and better coordination of city agency working with the businesses to help mitigate the impacts for the work that is being done. there is continued investment with the business portal, so that we are going to work to bring more permitting on line, working towards the e signatures, working towards credit cards being taken for all permits. those are some focuses being worked on but
4:48 am
continued to-on line business-new business registration. and then there is the small business accelerator team and in that is actually going to-is funded a full time position to be a case manager for restaurants to help restaurants as that is the most complicated kind of permitting, licensing business entity for small businesses to get through the city so there will be a case manager probably will not start until the beginning of 2016 who will be there to work with all restaurants and help navigate them through the getting their business open, navigating with the different city agencies. i think this is a very critical and important position and from that the
4:49 am
acceleration team does consist of liaisons from department of building inspection rks planning, dpi [inaudible] work force development, our office so that we get together and take a look at issues, needs, what is transpired and have it as a learning process that we can carry forward and apply to all businesses that have to get their permits or get their business open. another is the bilocal initiative and commissioner dwight is also attending these meetings. so we will be working with other
4:50 am
business organizations, the hotel council the golden gate rest jaunt business association, the couns oldistrict merchants, sf travel, sf chamber, to take a look at developing a partnership by local initiative. we'll still retain the mayors shop z dine in sf loma is a organization but to develop a comprehensive bilocal b to c or b to e, which is business to employer. the biz connect will stay in tact as it is and continue to be worked on in partnership with the chamber to develop and expand on, but this is expanding on the
4:51 am
traditional bilocal initiative and concept. commissioner dwight, is there anything you would like to add to that? >> no i think it is just we are really trying to keep sf biz connect on point as a business to business arrangement because there are a lot of other stuff that goes on for the other modes of local punching, >> some of the idea is develop tool kits and messages businesses can take and adopt with customers or employees. are there sort of marketing tag lines so we all are utilizing if we are really talking a bilocal message to employees or consumers that if we work to have a consistent messaging tag line way to communicate it which each entity or organization doing it then it has a larger ripple effect and
4:52 am
a larger voice and so--so, there are 2 meetings and there is another meeting next week and so we'll keep you posted to what is being developed. -as to what is being developed in relationship to that. also, we did ask the business group to think about you know, the upcoming years and what are key topics of things for this group to work with the mayor on. so, some of the topics that came up again were just dealing with congestion, multiagency communication still is somewhat a issue and also for the sit a to work with the private
4:53 am
entities to be more responsive around their congestion and work and notification. homelessness has been brought up a couple times and think may be a ongoing topic for especially for the city to report back on. departments improving their response and turn around time for small businesses. so, those are some of thethis the business community exspessed wanting to focus on for the future. and then last week supervisor tang in response to the controllers report on restaurant permitting process helds a hearing to highlight what was in the report. there is a series of recommendations that the controllers office has made, so
4:54 am
the supervisor tang asked departments to respond to that and asked them to do an inturnt assessment what they could do to improve their response turn around times and what resources they may need to be able to do that. she asked them to come back in 6 months to report on that. also, i think where mentioned to the commission in that report it will be important this body to weigh in on the recommendations the controllers office had so i forwarded copies of the report. if you prefer a printed out copy sent to you please let brian know. we'll start drafting initial responses to the recommendations but by the first meeting in septi thipg it is good for the commission to
4:55 am
submit forward to both the mayor, board of supervisor and controllers office an official response to those recommendations. and then some legislation that is going to come before you, again these are the first 3 of them are issues--sorry, the first-the second and third were ones that had been discussed with the mayor, with the small business leaders but again working on improvement around neighborhood notification when work is transpiring. and a contractors parking plan, i think that we heard from many business areas especially i heard quite a bit from merchants in hayes valley where there is private and public work happening and it is going on for over a year with
4:56 am
all the new development projects and they are taking up all the parking. these will be coming before you so please read through it. there may be additional recommendations the commission may want to provide and then the second one, the public right of way occupancy fee, the mission creek merchants are in a flood zone so there are mitigations businesses would like to do to help prevent the flooding of their businesses. supervisor campos has very quickly it is a mitigation fee for doing work in the public right of way. >> wouldn't that be covered under federal law because if you're a commercial building in a flood zone you have mandatory flood insurance you have to take out, if you have a lean on
4:57 am
that building which is supposed to cover the business and-- >> i think there are some-i think what-some of the businesses have been impacted year after year with the flooding and so i think this is trying to help them deal with a little more of a proactive step especially if you have to go to the public right of way to prevent the flooding into the business, so i think supervisor campos is trying to- >> this is where? >> commission street, folsom [inaudible] >> i think this is dually important with the discussion of el nino and high amounts of rain coming up. you will also be-we are working to schedule the dates before the offices go-the board of supervisors go
4:58 am
dark due it legislative recess which starts next week for a month. and to get these scheduled at least either in late august early sep. commissioner dooley you talked about the formula retail and subsidiaries so that is now officially introduced and will be before you. just wanted to provide a update, so i heard from some of the massage establishments that had already gone through the permitting process, they got their dbi permit and planning permit sign off and the only thing they didn't have was the department of public health because at that time it was not required of them. so, reengaging i heard from a couple of them
4:59 am
last week that the department are making them-dbi is making them regolow the process so i will dee exploration but there may be a opportunity for the commission to ask the departments to come back before them >> let's be sure we understand both sides of the story before we hear it. >> for those that have gone through the permitting process where they have done their dbi work, these are the ones that i feel confident i know they have done that. >> once we get both sides if it is the case, we have to do something and talk about it. >> i-right. i thing there be a opportunity to work with the departments to say-they still may have to go to dbi to get
5:00 am
conformation to make sure they have done everything appropriately and get it checked off, to me that makes sense. >> let's understand the circumstances. >> i'm just making you aware of that. update future meetings, we'll have sfmta, they are updateing and revising the transit development impablth fee so they want to make sure-there has been several reiterations and how small businesses have-how it effected small businesses who have had to pay the transit impact fee, so they want to make sure that you are aprized of what they are planning and then commissioner dooley, you had wanted to get an update on the vaeckancy for xhrjs properties. we are trying to target for
5:01 am
august 24 and then i just really want to express my appreciation to brian pool for really getting our meeting minutes done quickly, getting them out to you and getting the commission back into an orderly and timely manner of getting information to you and the work done. >> in deed, it is great. you have been engaging proactively and i appreciate that >> you do a great job >> that conclude my report >> all right. we need public comment on your report? no. my report, i have nothing to report other than the fact i did attend both of the meetings that the dreblther talked about. the meet wg the mayor and the meeting regarding bilocal at the chamber of commerce with oewd tod rr
5:02 am
[inaudible] was there. i'm troying to keep focus on the partnership between the chamber of comrbs and oewd to promote b to b purchasing. the first thing we are trying to get is a meet and greet to bring business together to talk about the buyer squz seller squz have a cocktail party if you will. i think finding way tooz celebrate any successs because there a number of great examples we could be promoting of local businesses buying from local businesses. anyway, working on that actively. nothing else to report. on to the next n. >> item 11, vise president report >> nothing to report, however i do want to bring to your attention, i noticed the director put in your binder a mixer, the ba mixer at 1300 august 11. just wanted to bring that to your attention and that is it.
5:03 am
>> item twechbl, commissioner reports. >> commissioners. commissioner ortiz >> it will be short president. >> times up >> last week i have been helping on the renaissance center entrepreneur center help with the [inaudible] program so i help several small business on the [inaudible] see how we get small business to the next step. tackle projects that prevent them to get to the next step. pretty cool >> fantastic. anyone else? >> i just want to reiterate the jbba may contact you at 1300 fillmore sponsored by goog squl hope everyone can make it. i'm excited for that. >> commissioner yee, riley >> i attended the mayors quarterly meeting as well, so it was productive and organized and great. i also want
5:04 am
approached by the hong kong economic office and they are very interest #d to foofind out more about the food truck business so i answered questions [inaudible] >> food trucks in hong kong? anyone else ? >> i met with oewd [inaudible] and he is interested in being involved in the commercial vacancy discussion, thenoter business business association went liferb on our site with the updateed vaeckancy and he reviewed that and we would like to figure out a way to have other associations, other neighborhoods put their vacancies on line with oewd to reach out more and fill the vaeckancy squz put our heads together once again to talk
5:05 am
about folks who choose not to rent at all. >> speaking of which, did [inaudible] get their permit? >> yes >> that is one less vaeckancy, i have a queshz in regards to that, did you guys go around to get the information yourself on the buildings? >> yes. block by block >> there are 15 vacancies and only 8 are for rent. 7 are just not for rent and a number -maybe 5 or 6 look vacant but are being used as storage for adjacent businesses so they still are covered with paper and that. >> okay. commissioner adams >> we had a-in conjunction with economic and work force development we did a retail strategy for upper castro and
5:06 am
market and one thing we did is a vacancy thing and we counted 21 and out of 21 there are 8 that are habitually vacant and we are doing the same thing you are doing, we want to put them on our new website we are currently working on now. i don't to shame them. we have the pateio cafy and i'll put it out there live. that is sitting empty for 15 years. we had conditional use purblts for businessatize to go in that say yes but you have a owner for whatever reason and get that conditional use-we just had the burger place that got approved and all of a sudden it is not happening. it is one landlord who controls like 5 of the vacant spaces in the neighborhood and purposely
5:07 am
keeps that vacant. >> why is that? what is the motivation? [inaudible] >> i talked to this landlord and said you know, what is in your head? he says it is my space, i own it and can do whatever i want with it. it is like-after a while you had a restaurant there, ham burga mary. they come kwr present to castro murch squnts go to the neighborhood group jz everybody says yets, goes in front of planning and planning says yes, not happening. that is a big frustration. i applaud commissioner dooley when she sticks on that and i see it in your neighborhood and my neighborhood t is everywhere. you go to west portal and oceanarve new, it is the same buildsings sitting dark and vacfront a long time and after
5:08 am
dealing with what i had to deal with, it doesn't help the neighborhood and attracts crime. i read about the homelessness, the homeless sit in front of these place jz this is what is attracting it. >> what are you seeking if i may ask? >> that is the things under california state law if it is commercial building you can't make them do anything and local ordinance is tough because we talked about this in the past because state law and commercial supersedes xhrjs. there has to be something, shame them. i don't know. i'm glad you brought this up and something that is actually in a city right now where there are other businesses that do want to come in and it is hard to find them and the rent rate is high, there has to be something you can motivate these people >> we talked in the past about even having the city require just to put a notice in the
5:09 am
window saying who owns the the--[inaudible] >> in oewd did that vacancy so you can go on line and look at it and we had the brokers all work together but that worked great for the vacancy where the landlords wanted to get rid of their stuff but it doesn't help you when you have a landlord who just lets rust raunts sit vacant >> we have one that is empty since 1986. >> is the person still alive? >> if you go in the cast row the first thing everyone asks is what is up with the patio? you put your hands up and say, i don't know. >> okay. there is nothing we can do other than
5:10 am
>> shame these people. >> i think when the last legislation passed obviously in terms of taxing means you is to go to the ballot and so then the likelihood of something like that passing is probably-- >> it is interesting proposition. get a neighborhood voters to say we won't-don't want this, this is blight >> when we did a survey a number of years ago every neighborhood had at least 5. >> 24th street you had the empty grocery store there that used to be real foods. >> i just want-taxing is one method. the second is to attract nuisance that is the city attorneys office has done
5:11 am
taken action for certain properties that attract nuisance, that is another way but these are extreme cases. some jurisdictions not necessarily in our state but in other states and nations do charge for and tax for vacant properties that of course you need [inaudible] vacancy tax >> i think it is worth taking another look again and try again and see if we come up with something different. >> interesting. first the flip side of that if you go into a economic down turn you tax people who can't rent their places so how do you write that law so it is effective when there is demand and unwillingness to lease versing a time where there is more supply than demand
5:12 am
>> i think in the last one there was considerations and a lot has to do with length of time, so-- >> there is clearly space out there that we have nob nab landlords who don't want to rent. do we have any other reports? okay. >> item 13, new business >> any new business? we are done. okay, final item motion to adjourn. >> i move. >> all in favor? >> ay
5:13 am
watching. >> ever wonder about programs the city is working on to make san francisco the best place to live and work we bring shine won our city department and the people making them happy what happened next sf oh, san francisco known for it's looks at and history and beauty this place arts has it all but
5:14 am
it's city government is pretty unique in fact, san francisco city departments are filled with truly initiative programming that turns this way our goal is to create programs that are easily digestable and easy to follow so that our resident can participate in healing the planet with the new take dial initiative they're getting close to zero waste we 2020 and today san francisco is diverting land filled and while those numbers are imperfect not enough. >> we're sending over 4 hundred thousand tons of waste to the landfill and over the 4 hundred tons 10 thousands are textile
5:15 am
and unwanted listen ones doesn't have to be find in the trash. >> i could has are the ones creating the partnerships with the rail kwloth stores putting an in store collection box near the checks stand so customers can bring their used clothes to the store and deposit off. >> textile will be accessible in buildings thought the city and we have goodwill a grant for them to design a textile box especially for families. >> goodwill the well-known store has been making great strides. >> we grateful to give the items to goodwill it comes from
5:16 am
us selling those items in our stores with you that process helps to divert things it from local landfills if the san francisco area. >> and the textile box will take it one step further helping 1230 get to zero waste. >> it brings the donation opportunity to the donor making that as convenient as possible it is one of the solutions to make sure we're capturing all the value in the textiles. >> with the help of good will and other businesses san francisco will eliminate 39 millions tons of landfill next year and 70 is confident our acts can and will make a great difference. >> we believe that government matters and cities matter what we side in san francisco,
5:17 am
california serve as a model phenomenal in our the rest of the country by the world. >> whether you do not to goodwill those unwanted text told us or are sufficient value and the greater community will benefit. >> thanks to sf environment san francisco has over one hundred drop off locations visit recycle damn and thanks for watching join us (clapping.) >> good morning celebrate brants on behalf of bearings the director of health for san francisco and dr. ed chow president of the health care i'll delighted to welcome you
5:18 am
and celebrate the 50 anniversary of the grand experiment that touches millions of americans since their launch 50 years medicare and medicaid are a resolution in our nations history few programs have had to many impact of the lives of the people in the city in san francisco there are over hundred and 20 thousand people goibt for medicare that is over 60 percent of the population and over 2 hundred and 6 thousand san franciscans enrolled in medicaid that's one quarter of our citizens population today, we're proud and delighted to host this event here in the city hospital san francisco general and fromme trauma center where over 50 percent of our population is
5:19 am
commodity of medicaid and medicare enroll easy at this time please allow me to welcome partners we have with us today first katherine dodd (clapping) kathy is director of san francisco health san franciscans and form regional director of historic preservation commission we welcome you back home we have dr. sue carlyle our partner san francisco general (clapping.) and we have katherine duke the director of the health care district will you please announces (clapping) and finally we have tracey trustees of alameda health
5:20 am
district and alameda. >> (clapping.) we want to thank you all for joining us at this visionary public policy and celebration now my great pleasure to introduce the mayor of our great city mayor mayor edwin lee (clapping). >> good morning, everybody. good morning. >> i just wanted i to make sure you saw my ignites tie (laughter) thank you for the introduction and for all the good work in our health network great to see so many people here faces have famous everybody in the room here that be celebrating our 50 accounting anniversary of medicare and medicaid i can't think of a better place in the
5:21 am
san francisco general hospital it has been a centerpiece i know that all of you have been associated with our hospital know that is our signature we're excited this year but i'll say i will speak all today along about baseball and other things what we've been able to do in health care is like winner the world series like our community partners our friends here at san francisco general and the whole system has benefited from a really programs but the people that were committed in the programs not only to fulfill the goals we've stated but once those goals are stated to make sure that the mantra that everybody gets assess and that we will figure out eventually; right? i'm a great fan oracle
5:22 am
to figure out a lot more things and interested on the topic that will be presented by dr. is both a challenge but we all know we must do better at the city government has an important goal to play in making the lives of all people better and the first time in a decade yesterday, i got to sign the historic biggest baddest budget in the city of san francisco (clapping.) two year budget no budget cuts people came in and honestly told us what we needed to get done we're fulfilling the promises and making sure we're taking care of the gaps as well it's a balanced budget with increased revenues allows us to do in the past years we've not done it is
5:23 am
smart strategy investments and make sure we are thinking about sustainability and sustain this for the long term those are good economic times for the state but also the greatest opportunity to make sure that the prosperity is shared by more people if not by everyone we need to touch everybody's lives a great advantage we've been able to do with the creation of the handsomelying bird place some of us focused on the behavorial health issues our example that we can do something here we can replicate it in many parts of city to exceed far too many examples of what's his name we were not able to pay attention to this incredibly important issue later this year i'll be excited
5:24 am
to join all of you and more in openly up our new sf general hospital yeah (clapping.) it is a great thing for the city and so many ways again but the ignites are going to be there it's a world-class institution and surviving the institution and the number one trauma center in the entire northern california with the reputation of just being really great responders but emanates the education aspects a level of care the level of intention and the multi cultural approach to serving everyone in the city and i think this is why i know this is why the voters overwhelmingly
5:25 am
passed the largest revenue general obligation bond we honor that by making sure that on time and open and alive and everybody works within this is happy they get the machinery that is needed that's why friends of the sf foundation is so for this is the giants thing pam and others and all the friends that led that effort (clapping.) and be able to say this is also a name of priscilla and mark zuckerberg along with thousand of others donations to make that work that will have the state of the art machinery the things that the bond can't do but accomplishes what we need to get done to fill all the gaps ultimately on that day i'll
5:26 am
praise everybody that works there that's why people go yes, it's the building yes. the machinery about it you don't have the people that number one thing to care for your health and have the attitude that is why request have a world-class center for the confidence for the people for uncontrollable circumstances caused to be going there we want to preventive people from having to go there as many people as possible this is why celebrating that that milestone of 50 years but understanding the world series games we've won since that that time is so important (laughter) that was a world series win when we got the san francisco health plan kraeth katherine and
5:27 am
everyone figure out we were not going to be satisfied we'll get to universal be health care when the government gets there no, we wanted to be the t could be done that president obama didn't have to be alone on this we can be the for or against examples and guess what 54 percent dropped in uninsured persons since health care was incorporated 50 percent drop in san francisco that's incredible part of this history and we couldn't have gotten it down without the obama legislation but gave his the foundation to live the dream and prepare and plan and implement to do all the things with a lot of partners and marries like my predecessor building in it to get it done working with the director of the public health
5:28 am
and barbara working with the health commission yes keeping a good dialog with city government that we're all partners in this we created one of the first medi-cal managed care plans and built sf and none is left out in the partners and help to reform everybody has assess we'll find more ways to make that footage now mayor u make sure that people use it before they come to the emergency care and educate ourselves that's why i have to be a better example of health myself i want to say that you'll have you are here not only to celebrate the milestones but to really re1rib9 what we're trying to do in making sure that access
5:29 am
and people take advantage of the system it doesn't work if people don't take advantage and not thinking how to be healthy in 20 years or my kids more healthy and do all the things whether preventing obesities such things i'm very willing to do spend money on experiment with make some mistakes along the way in an effort to get to the right answer and making sure that we have partners in entire bay area to work with us to make sure they do it right. i want to say to the fellows partners anothers hfa o and others initiatives those partnerships that allows
5:30 am
us to be experimenting but affordable i look forward to working with you on those big challenges with the staff and the entire region to make sure that your tireless efforts don't get wraurtdz unduly and also very much happy to not only listen careful to sandy's word to transforming the health care into making sure we're doing all the right things i'll interested in her leadership, of course, and roshlts leadership to make sure we're doing you'll see right things kathy heinecke republican has us on a right beat to make sure we're doing all the right things in the city to prevent the costs from over comping use it is more than a celebration but a confirmation we're heading in the right direction to invite people to
5:31 am
take care of their health and our systems are assessable and culturally assessable dealing with the issues of the time that allows me to say i'm not just building more housing but service and communities i want to make sure people health and public safety job opportunities and the family investment are all taken care of and i'll say coming back from the invitation of pope france to talk about climatic change to human trafficking around the world we're very, very lucky to be in san francisco where minds of people are saying we can do better we can be a city for everybody and build infrastructure and build confidence in people that want to come here we'll take care of you where it is health or
5:32 am
housing or criminal backgrounds the dedication for again, we had the chance to talk about transforming lives we're in the business cities are in the busy business of transforming lives and this is what we always want to in do in our health care business whether it is preventive or responsive or the aftercare we're going to do all those things we're the greatest city in all the world thank you
5:33 am
5:34 am
5:35 am
5:36 am
(clapping.) >> good afternoon, everyone good morning; right? good morning, everyone (laughter) thanks everybody for coming out it is not everyday that we get to no matter a new muni line let along a rail line on which the historic streetcars will be operating we couldn't be more excited to be out here we have a lot of folks without whom we wounded be here so a special day
5:37 am
for muni and special day in the history of transit a great day for the city i'll start by saying a lot of people have to work hard for a long time to make something like that happen but at the top of the lard is the mayor from the time he took office and really the decades in the city supporting infrastructure in supporting good capital planning the kinds of things to have p in place to get to a point like this the mayor is a supporter and couple of years ago we convened a task force that land to a $500 million bond that was approved last year this week he signed the city budget among many others great things that is bring to the city included
5:38 am
service increase which the t line is a part this is the kind of leadership we need to bring the kind of transit service to the city to have it grow in the future please carry on conversations out in the hallway. please join me in welcoming our mayor, mayor ed lee >> (clapping). >> good morning as well thanks east side for our leadership if i can thank you you and the commissioners of the sf transportation agency and our county transportation authority working together with the city and the board of supervisors and really glad to be here today with supervisor christensen, supervisor scott wiener and supervisor jane kim joining us we're dedicated to improving expanding our public transportation it the best example i god got to ride on the newest edition to the streetcars
5:39 am
and ike thank you, again rick from the historic streetcars history he provided that connection we were talking about dolores park all the mayors if feinstein on to that have really led the effort i know that from me, me to art to senator feinstein so many people wanted to link the entire embarcadero well, this morning i'm here to dispel rumors the e line is to be the ed line it is the embarcadero and f is not the fine line but all the alphabet but there are names here i want to say i know senator wanted to be here and representatives from feinstein and boshgs that have begun fantastic not so many
5:40 am
other things that helped our city to be successful i wanted to ride that with senator feinstein i know this is in her heart to get this done she's a great leader in the past and the cable cars and all alternative things that hopefully rick will have a chance to talk about the history this is a remarkable day to exemplify an additional 10 percent of services means in one part we've got extensions of line and in other be neighborhoods of the city but for this embarcadero to have this e line go all the way if at&t park to fisherman's wharf and have an open air approach to it and then have muni drivers like robert parks and others working for muni since 1997 i think enjoying every year to
5:41 am
serve the popping public a whole system mr. their pcos or police department or management or commissioners working with the federal commissioners and board of supervisors and state and local agencies working to improve that's why we have confidence that our muni can have a one billion dollars operation that really cares about getting people around this desire city we can manage and certainly manage all the things to get people around the visitors and people working here friends and families safely and efficiently through the rest of the city this is one of the most enjoyable rides both cars are historic that car comes from england i won't mess with all the details but i'll say that we say an uncovered vehicle that has a lot of history to it riding along
5:42 am
the embarcadero it is fun it is exhilarating and another kind of cable car experience in san francisco and i love the history of the city i'll work and continue to work to make sure those things can happen and that services will increase that we reduce congestion and work hard on that by the way, make sure that vision zero is all part of everything we do this $500 million bond our public passed we're working very hard attorney general make sure those vision zero projects are done and i know that muni is in the lead and other agencies public works and everyone else has to work with high levels but let's celebrate this new service and line let's link to the history of the car and the fun but all the appreciation that i have thought marries and the
5:43 am
leaders and confirmations before us and the supervisors all working together to make sure that is part of the great public transportation system we want to have in our great city making history and celebrating that past but moving forward as the coincide phrase from muni it is all about forward muni how we serve more of the public the pride in the system for everybody works with each other congratulations sfmta and congratulations county transportation thank you, everybody for being here hope you get a ride on this as much as you can thank you (clapping.) >> thank you, mr. mayor certainly we wouldn't be here without our leadership the leadership at city hall extends to the second floor the board of supervisors has continued to provide the policy and funding leadership to support things like bringing
5:44 am
the e like to fruition but the mayor made reference this is a long-standing demand for the people that ring the bell for the embarcadero for this kind of services this provides the connectivity from the caltrans to the ball park all the way up to pier 39 and fisherman's wharf and the northern part of the bayer the supervisors that represent the policies are are here and instead voices for better transportation in san francisco and better transportation service i was called into a meeting three or four years and the institutional leaders from the corridor demand or expressing the demand for this kind of services and the grassroots leadership that manifest in the supervisors
5:45 am
it represents that is part of why we're here first representing the northern half of the e line i want to bring up someone before they got into office was an advocate for the transportation for the northeast part of the san francisco she's been in office and focused among things on transportation issues and saving transportation so ms. marcason district 3 julie christensen (clapping) >> good morning my first thanks are to rick and bruce and the leaders and the volunteers of the market street railroad i was out the advocacy it is a 20-year project so congratulation to the market street rail way determined effort to make that happen i'm perspective to mayor ed lee and
5:46 am
the volkswagen of leaders for dianne feinstein for supporting this crazy idea and tilly chang and others that made that happen i this is a great thing for the city this is going to be a lot fun riding along the waterfront i want to focus an district 3 my district includes some of the density neighborhood in the united states we have a typography a roll call top great most of my constituents don't own cars we're trying to improve the public transportation for district 3 i'm thrilled that soon our district will have the first subway in san francisco and the first rapid transit in san francisco and i'm delighted to welcome the e line as charming and fun for my constituents this is serious business not only do we have
5:47 am
those are o those dense neighborhood but welcomes tens of thousands of shoppers to union square tourist that are visiting fisherman's wharf and chinatown and other places in the district they need to get around and this transportation on the east side is virtually important not only to get people back and forth but to make sure our city runs smoothly we're excited about f this edition in service i've been quoting from of the follower leader of bothering talk the market is a great city not one poor can bribe but when rich people takes massive transit that puts on and on us on that thank you. >> thank you supervisor christensen and representing the southern end of the e line is supervisor jane kim that's been as most folks know one the leading voices that was behind
5:48 am
vision zero to san francisco and vision zero being our goal to eliminate traffic faults by 2024 but representing the folks that have among the lottery levels of car ownership and transit ridership the highest but a voice to improve leadership to pushing up to engage the east side of her district and to think extend and approve transit district for the east side including the. rightone: lynn line please join me in welcoming jane kim. >> thank you. i was going to that supervisor christensen and i have some things in common absorbing 60 percent of the residential construction in san francisco taking place be here for years your residents have been asking for more public
5:49 am
transit lines to make sure we have to the infrastructure to make sure our neighborhood is connected to others i want to recognize our residents that have for years been advocating the chair bruce he couldn't be here he he is going to jury duty heart broken and co-authored from the cracking and dr. many me, me for the foundation that push for the e line to make sure it happened and it makes me proud we're delivering on that today director reiskin not often you have a new line our district has two the 55 which is connecting the mission neighborhood and bart to mission bay along with the ucsf medical campus and the average office building and the e line it connects fisherman's
5:50 am
wharf to the bart and caltrain station transit is critically important as we grow we know that everyone can't continue to drive we have to make our streets safer for pedestrians and bicyclists but make sure we have option for the residents not only to get to the do you only core but we're also crisscrossing and connecting neighborhoods this is a huge effort and it is nice to not just talk about is it or promise it but say we're going to be openly it today congratulations to the market street roadway and sfmta and the mayor's office and great to have a line it connects into districts thank you supervisor christensen. >> thank you, supervisor kim as many of you know the board of supervisors also sits as the trpgs transportation authority the coming transportation authority and i wanted to
5:51 am
acknowledge the executive director tilly chang and the da is currently chaired if i supervisor wiener it sits on the metropolitan adrenalin transportation commission a strong voice for the transportation particularly looking at san francisco's needs but locally has been one of the stropth voices for transportation for the advocacy in 2011 for the streets respond up until last year supporting both the geobut bringing prop b that increased the general fund that goes to muni wouldn't have been there without his leadership been a strong supporter of systems constructive critic i rides it everyday and like us he experiences both the exchanges but seize the opportunities please join me in welcoming from
5:52 am
district 8 supervisor and chairman of the transportation authority scott wiener. >> (clapping.) thank you, ed and my district is not including the e like line but the end of the f line one integrated system for the streetcars sometimes in san francisco we have this tension between the city's past and historic where we are moving into the future the e line really in my mind is a perfect blend of the fast and the future it is wonderful to be able to preserve and use those wonderful historic streetcars i want to give all the creditor it in the word to the market street railway and others for saving those streetcars and saving this system along with the cable cars to make sure as the city changes and grows we don't just jet son some of the treasurers we have
5:53 am
as a city but this line is not just about cherishing the past it is b also about moving us to the future as a city we good and talking about the impacts on housing and the costs of housing but the congestion in the city and the wear and tear and strain on our public transportation system as we good by 10 thousand people a year we've not been focusing on enough we're growing in this part of town and need to have more and more more and more parts of city that are connected by transit and particularly the mission bay area supervisor kim has mentioned is an area that is supervisor breed and didn't have nearly enough transit the fact we have those tracks in the ground and vehicles and have this line and we're not making the best was was a shame to
5:54 am
activate this entire ear and utility those vehicles to connect noib to the northern neighborhoods is just tremendous it is only the beginning i know we have more and more transcript h transit systems and the voters have been clearing about the sfaiks to eveningly passing the muni bond last year and passing unanimously the voters get it and city hall gets it we're going to keep doing this i want to note our county transportation authority was administered through the statistics as invested $19 million in historic strrts that is a team effort so congratulations to everyone and particularly congratulations to the residents and everyone else who will by the people from this service thank you (clapping.)
5:55 am
>> thank you, supervisor wiener and the rest of the board of supervisors it really is a team effort we couldn't have done it without you a little bit closer to the ground in order to make the streetcars available and in order to be able to find the the resources to be able to expand the services to open the line there are a lot of tough decisions in terms of the overall mta budget in terms of of the execution of our strategy plans they're made by the board of directors we're governed by a 7 member board the folks that are appointed empty the mayor serve would the compensation but we've been very lucky over at least certainly from my tenure in having great leadership with the board of directors it is
5:56 am
with great pleasure i welcome up the chair and vice chair please join me in welcoming tom nolan and concerning. >> thank you, mr. mayor the board of supervisors is happy to be here on behavior the board of directors we're numerously proud 7 thousand people move around the city that is a wonderful thing i want to mention two people one is not here i never think of historic vengeance without thinking of cam beach who died several years ago and also i wanted to say ed reiskin we're so fortunate to have a man of his dedication and lots of great things are happening thank you vice chair. (clapping.) >> year and a half i think the chairman said it all i will echo nothing in the city happens by
5:57 am
the result of one person's actions or organizations this one example i look forward to riding the e line it was some of the most fun i've had in san francisco thank you (clapping.) >> thank you. the political leadership behind muni and behind the e line expands far and wide the mayor made reference to senator boxers and senator feinstein was one the chief architect and part of what makes that possible we're joined could i by formerly supervisor and board president supervisor david chiu staff and justin a muni alumni want to acknowledge him and assembly member the support we get increasing a recent hundred and $40 million
5:58 am
cap & trade is how we're continuing to grow service in san francisco we've heard from a lot of the folks in government but without question next to dianne feinstein there was no person who is as both peppering and professionally responsible for us being here today than rick this is a passion of his both in his professional time and a lot on his own times over decades that is part why we're here today please join me in welcoming the president of the market street railway association rick (clapping.) >> well, we know this is a team sport in fact, san francisco is a team sport and i could spend all day talking about everyone that is involved in the activity its all
5:59 am
true you don't do anything alone in this city and the listener of the mayor and ed reiskin and tom nolan and cheryl brinkman and sfmta are important for the betterment of the transportation system i want to acknowledge the market street raul railway past and present your surrounded by them those folks have given thousands and thousands of hours of volunteer time over decades to help make what you see here happen if you sit in this spotlight thirty years ago we have had been directly under a double freeway the entire waterfront you know had trithsz away from it's mairment history but didn't know what that was
6:00 am
going to be a few people had the vision to see a world-class waterfront i want to acknowledge one in particular he can't be here he passed away one year and one day ago doug right that served mayor feinstein and served mayor agnos as the deputy mayor for transformation tra transportation that is part of douglas lying lillian widow i hope you'll give her a round of applause also anothers important few minutes is me, me the president of the delance project she got those tracks put in to connect the f line up there what the n and t line to the south the e line
6:01 am
couldn't have taken place if it wouldn't have gotten done she lobbied city hall she can't be here but i'd like a hand for me, me delany's street is a gift to our city the original vision so for the e line that mayor feinstein and doug started was to go to fisherman's wharf and continue to for the mason the e line has been a tragedy dream for a looked at and connected the parkland and provides walking and bicycle successful assess and serve the nonprofits organization that were at for the mason the past director of mason alex it is here a guiding
6:02 am
light in retrofits this idea along with the fisherman's wharf organization they're the who helped to get the national park to do an environmental impact report not paid for by the city by the fed's with help from then speaker peelings office we're ready to engineer and fund that as soon as we get through the remaining hurdle to senator feinstein has pledged her hope we hope the city family makes that a reality the effort mason makes that longer and astrologer when she was mayor dianne feinstein support made the first streetcar possible in the 1980s i was in her office as a wet behind the easier volunteer and
6:03 am
said is this not a mayor we can do this. >> she would i'll do it but i don't want to see new junk she had high standards he knew that every street corner had to be beautiful and reflected well, in the city she loved to see the original muni streetcars in fact, the one that the mayor piloted for the mayors coincidental they still run and she loved the streetcars from around the world and a can new from back in the 1980s and she loved to drive that car and she actually grove it several times well, today, besides openly the e line we're to double our procure mark street railway has been from england we
6:04 am
depended upon r donated it from muni we started the first official run with passengers and has it's original sign reading the pleasure beach we don't have a pleasure beach but have a promenade and it is embarcadero so muni shop workers and i'll shout out to lee and mike ellis and the other carl johnson retarded if muni did a great job restoring this car (clapping.) we can't do this without our city workers ballot wouldn't have sailed our way excepts for two generous by michael thorstein who under wrote the costs of the car
6:05 am
michael put your hand up please (clapping.) and to get it here we got a lot of help from ed ford explicit represented by cassandra (clapping) >> i bet you didn't know that fedex ships streetcars ear thankful to both of them and everyone associated with the boat and the e line thank you all so have much (clapping.) >> thanks rick and finally as i said before there was a strong community demand for the advocacy to get service on to the embarcadero so i want to invite up a couple of community leaders one from the north side and south side starting with
6:06 am
john a third generation fisherman's wharf guy and the president of the festers benefits district please join me in welcoming in welcoming john (clapping.) >> thank you, ed also like to thank ed and supervisor christensen, formally assemblyman david chiu and denying for helping to make it possible the fisherman's wharf association is happy for the e line service to begin my family has been a part of the fisherman's wharf for a a long time and watched the waterfront transform back then the embarcadero was beginning it's transition to the incredible use any questions of the uses today back then the what if was an island between the maritime and the embarcadero and fort
6:07 am
massachusetts so that to the west west people like to use the cable cars but the locals used their cars today, the wharf is more important than ever we we've got the moratorium and the cruise ship and at&t park just to name a few automobiles can't handle the demand we rely on the f line it is transforming travel we thank senator feinstein for her lunar new year. >> thank you to her for connecting the designations and taking the pursue off the embarcadero and thank you to the sfmta for making that a reality and looking forward to the full 7 day service we urge the city and national park service to
6:08 am
move forward for fort mason our past leader was responsible for reviving the plan through the historic tunnel and saw the exhibitions were a natural fit with our restaurants and attractions we needed that extension soovrn and bend to having attractive streetcars to the jerry dell square and the hiding and the muni pier and fort mason we hope you'll all join in supporting it. >> thank you. >> thanks john and representing the southern end we're pleased to be joined by katie the president of the rincon hill mission bay association she's been a unifying voice in government and other
6:09 am
organizations to improve the quality of life many evenings down pier 40 where the group has it's meetings and she's a great advocate and critic when need to be but a great partner in improving things in that part of town please join me in welcoming. >> good morning neighbors i see a lot of the familiar faces i'm so excited to be here on behalf of the rincon hill association welcome to the e line finally we've been advocating for the e line for a number of years? a tree special day for us who live here thank you, mayor ed lee and director reiskin and rick and bruce of market street railway our eastern neighborhoods if you're not familiar going set we're the most dynamic part of
6:10 am
the city we're adding residents and businesses every single day but the option in transportation have not kept pace we're happy to have the e line but now, now we need to look at the future and make sure that the e line gets extended to fort mason and the dog patch thank you. >> (clapping) >> well thank you. i want to close by anglo the many people within the sfmta who have been working not only to make this event and day happen but the e line up and happening john halley our transit dork and his staff lee and julie and others our communication director candice sue who is responsible
6:11 am
and thank you to the riders that know how to use the e line and we're joined by our rail director the difficult task of getting people from safety and a lot of folks working together to make that happen so thanks everybody 10:00 a.m. tomorrow we'll start our weekend 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. if this point forward and next year extending 7 day service so we'll really excited to be at this milestone and thanks everyone to be coming out we'll cut a ribbon and service starts tomorrow morning thank you. >> also want to acknowledge one last time our board chair bruce is serving the city on jury duty
6:12 am
it is all for him he played a huge we'll role we all appreciate it. >> hold this with one hand 1, 2, 3. >> all right. (whistle blows) (clapping.) the airport it where i know to mind visions of traffic romance and excitement and gourmet can you limousine we're at san francisco inspirational airport to discover the award-winning
6:13 am
concession that conspiracies us around the world. sfo serves are more 40 million travelers a year and a lot of the them are hungry there's many restaurant and nearly all are restaurant and cafe that's right even the airport is a diane designation. so tell me a little bit the food program at sfo and what makes this so special >> well, we have a we have food and beverage program at sfo we trivia important the sustainable organic produce and our objective to be a nonterminal and bring in the best food of san francisco for our passengers. >> i like this it's is
6:14 am
(inaudible) i thank my parents for bringing me here. >> this the definitely better than the la airport one thousand times better than. >> i have a double knees burger with bacon. >> i realize i'm on a diet but i'm hoping this will be good. >> it total is san francisco experience because there's so many people and nationalities in this town to come to the airport especially everyone what have what they wanted. >> are repioneering or is this a model. >> we're definitely pioneers and in airport commemoration at least nationally if not intvrl
6:15 am
we have many folks asking our our process and how we select our great operators. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the food option in san francisco airport are phenomenal that's if it a lot of the airports >> yeah. >> you don't have the choice. >> some airports are all about food this is not many and this particular airport are amazing especially at the tirnl indicating and corey is my favorite i come one or two hours before my flight this is the life. >> we definitely try to use as
6:16 am
many local grirnts as we can we use the goat cheese and we also use local vendors we use greenly produce they summarize the local soured products and the last one had 97 percent open that. >> wow. >> have you taken up anything unique or odd here. >> i've picked up a few things in napa valley i love checking chocolates there's a lot of types of chocolate and caramel corn. >> now this is a given right there. >> i'm curious about the customer externals and how people are richmond to this collection of cities you've put
6:17 am
together not only of san francisco food in san francisco but food across the bay area. >> this type of market with the local savors the high-end products is great. >> i know people can't believe they're in an airport i really joy people picking up things for their friends and family and wait i don't have to be shopping now we want people take the opportunity at our location. >> how long has this been operating in san francisco and the late 18 hours it is one of the best places to get it coffee.
6:18 am
>> we have intrrnl consumers that know of this original outlet here and come here for the coffee. >> so let's talk sandwiches. >> uh-huh. >> can you tell me how you came about naming our sandwiches from the katrero hills or 27 years i thought okay neighborhood and how do you keep it fresh you can answer that mia anyway you want. >> our broadened is we're going not irving preserves or packaged goods we take the time to incubate our jogger art if
6:19 am
scratch people appreciate our work here. >> so you feel like out of captured the airport atmosphere. >> this is its own the city the airline crews and the bag handlers and the frequent travels travelers and we've established relationships it feels good. >> when i get lunch or come to eat the food i feel like i'm not city. i was kind of under the assumption you want to be done with our gifts you are down one time not true >> we have a lot of regulars we didn't think we'd find that here at the airport. >> people come in at least one a week for that the food and
6:20 am
service and the atmosphere. >> the food is great in san francisco it's a coffee and i took an e calorie home every couple of weeks. >> i'm impressed i might come here on my own without a trip, you know, we have kids we could get a babysitter and have diner at the airport. >> this is a little bit of things for everybody there's plenty of restaurant to grab something and go otherwise in you want to sit you can enjoy the experience of local food. >> tell me about the future food. >> we're hoping to bring newer concepts out in san francisco and what our passengers want. >> i look forward to see what
6:21 am
your cooking up (laughter) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> today we've shown you the only restaurant in san francisco from the comfortableing old stand but you don't have to be hungry sfo has changed what it is like to eat another an airport check out our oblige at tumbler >> thank you. this is great day a historic day i'm going to make
6:22 am
it quick with this large historic budget i know we're all rushed to get what can to work we have san francisco and the exciting things we get to do i'm excited again for me and the supervisors for the department heads and commissioners there were many years we look at each other and said what do we have to cut and how to communicate with our communities about the highest priorities are and i know it is historic for many reaps but that this is the first time we've be able to enjoy a new cuts budget in the city and county of san francisco (clapping) that is really worth celebrating (clapping.) i want to thank the buyer board of supervisors for again unanimously adapting this yesterday so it we can get to
6:23 am
work and implement all the things we've promised to do budgets are the revenues of the values of this city i know that the board and my office and the budget office and harvey rose and everyone 0 recognizes that for many, many years thank you to all the partnerships and deliver to the for the purpose of san francisco a balanced budget that september occupy our city a budget that reflects a lot of hard work between going and the people we serve i want to particularly thank our sxhoopd who is be able to make sure this has good leadership of the board i also want to thank a ignore to the i successful effort our budget schar mark farrell and all the budget and
6:24 am
finance committee supervisor tang and supervisor mar and supervisor wiener and little entire members of the audience and thank you to supervisor christensen she gets to say this is my first budget signing and thank you to all the departments, the commissioners and community leaders and again, thank you harvey rose because you're able to find what the board needed and make sure weal doesn't compromise what we wanted that's a great job again you know this is a historic budget as i said and a historic time for the city because of fiscal discipline we've really had throughout the entire boards staff, supervisors and the departments and because of smart economic policies to focused on job creation, innovation and resiliency in our residents and our business community
6:25 am
this budget we're making historic investments to make sure our city remains save and solvent for everyone so everyone will prosper our city budget invests in the pedestrian safety thank you to our public safeties departments they know we're a growing city the board knows that as well and our growing demands in the first responders be there and have the confidence of the public they'll be there any time something happens and sometimes before things happen we plan to hire 4 hundred police officers a hundred and 98 firefighters 55 paramedics 369-1-1 dispatches within the next two years and we can all agree that save san francisco is more than just about pedestrian safety it is about strengthening
6:26 am
our social safety net and this budget delivers with many members of the board said we have to make sure that we support our service deliveries through the nonprofits and support our homeless services like your navigation center the 5 hundred new unit that back up that center and make sure that center is the model it should be and expanding our programs for seniors and children and youth people living and working here can now enjoy like not other time in our history a liveable city that's why we're investing in $253 million in the capital plan to improve our streets and roads make sure that assess with people with disabilities are improved and make sure we were water wise investments and address our drought i want to say thank you, again
6:27 am
to the board for helping us and me make inpreened investments in probably the great choice we've had more years and decades have been in the making for avenue, i 7, 8, 9 to thank supervisor farrell and is supervisor avalos in helping me to develop a funding package that invests hundred and $40 million for the new resources to prevent evictions we're not going to stop implementing last week the entire board we're sending to the voters this november the largest affordable housing bopped in the history of the city $310 million bopped that will not race property taxes in san francisco i want to thank every single one of you are for your support and partnership we're going to make sure we fix our public housing
6:28 am
and speed up the production of housing and for families and seniors and veterans and, yes we'll fix every elevator we're in charge of; right? to him (laughter) we'll also continue to invest in the diverse neighborhood and community and infrastructure again, thank you again, there's a much i think thanks to go around for the elected officials here but the people that do the hard work on the budget have to present the right stories and the right connections and so i want to peppering give a special thanks to people that are deliberating involved in that budget to make sure that the right facts, the right data presented, that no matter the department asks for we make sure that is connected up with the
6:29 am
strong policies of the city i want to say thank you to the controller's office ben rosenfeld and the entire staff for working with kate howard and her entire staff to make sure we're on the right facts, working with, of course, as i said harvey rose and his staff and make sure we work with all of the departments again, i want to thank budget chair supervisor farrell so for his leadership in building a collaborative relationship with the finance committee london breed your leadership is in1r5ub8 because your passionate about a lot of things you care about i know this budget is a strong reflection of the vails you carry with that, please let me have wanting breeding to say a few words and supervisor farrell and going back to work
6:30 am
supervisor president london breed. >> (clapping). >> it's a really exciting time in san francisco i'm so honored to be in a position to serve as the board president during a time we didn't have to make any cuts to some of the amazing programs in our community in fact, we're invest more 2, 3, 4 affordable housing and infrastructure and transportation the things that matter to everyday san franciscans so today with this budget is signed by the mayor i'm going to be really excited and rev ready to work with the different departments to spend all the money to improve san francisco thank you all for being here and i also want to say to the budget committee under mark farrell's leadership thank you for your working with members of the board of supervisors to make
6:31 am
sure that every single vicinity that every corner of san francisco is impacted in a positive way in this budget it was an amazing collaborative project with harvey rose a lesion he's been doing and work on budget before i was born i love to say that i never thought i would see the day to work with smoking gun someone he's truly an intervention and kate howard the mayors budget director she was amazing i don't know how she makes the numbers work she does a great job i'm excited we've got a lot of work to do your leadership in the san francisco ethics commission through this budgeted demonstrates that we are making changes and making ways to make the city and county of san francisco the best city it can be thank you all for
6:32 am
being here supervisor farrell (clapping.) >> thank you london and thank you, mayor ed lee for your leadership you know if there were one theme of this year's theme at the board of supervisors was the affordable the number one issue we dealt with as the board of supervisors during the budget process we were able to make recorded investments we've never seen from at the board of supervisors specifically $25 million as a new affordable housing which tacked on to mayor ed lee incredible efforts for incredible relieve to san franciscans and make sure our city is the diverse city we're able through the process to make sure we had 11 co-sponsors the mayors 3 hundred and step outside the box million dollars affordable housing and the mayor and the board of supervisors i think this year yourself e
6:33 am
during our budget process the incredible leaps forward to make sure that san francisco is secure this the future i want to say thank all the people first of all, my bucket committee members vice chair katie tang to supervisor eric mar supervisor wiener and supervisor norman yee thank you and to all my colleagues that played an integral role and harvey rose this is harvey's 44th budget in the city of san francisco so harvey to deborah thank you to you so much to benefit rosenfeld and his incredible team this wouldn't have happened to todd for this and mission bay i michelle and everybody a special, special thanks to kate howard the mirrors budget director it is difficult to over sate how much that of an impact it kate had to
6:34 am
mr. cobb and everyone in the marries team and room 2 hundred to my office to justin a margaret to the staff of every single board of supervisors office thank you for your leadership as well is it happens together as a city father and mother and a lot of back and forth and i know this is probable you're most fun time of the year i want to thank you for being in front of us to the treasurer carmen chu our assessor-recorder the follower budget chair that i let take my keys from. >> thank you this is the budget we can be incredibly proud of it faces all the problems and drives the city forward i'm excited to make it happen thanks
6:35 am
everybody (clapping.) >> (laughter). >> done everyone. >> your electronic de
6:36 am
they teend interfere with the equipment in the room and can we please rise for the pledge of allegiance? >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> i would like tacall roll
6:37 am
call. >> thank you inspector. >> president loftus, here. vice president turman is excued. commissioner marshall, he
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