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tv   Small Business Commission 81015  SFGTV  August 15, 2015 7:00pm-8:16pm PDT

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the record for the commission to comment on sort of the change in direction that the sfmta and planning department are taking with the transition they're making some t d i f there are significant considerations they gave them some good thought in the new policy such the you know the 5 thousand credit you're going to get if you expand an extra 2 thousand there has been thoughtful things it is going for the record since we have to provide a written comment it may not be the final comment to provide desecration to the department that is good and solid and other issues to came back before you. >> rights in the spirit of this
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collapsing of the number of different buckets to put things in we don't want to go opposite and say yeah. let's put paperwork around 24 semipartion this cleans it up. >> so again you know i'm we're here to i've you can promote the interests of small businesses to the extent it makes sense for this small businesses in the city collectively so just thinking about whatever we might motion and the request we might make to each the departments. >> don't look to me for another motion. >> so i think we have at least one motion on the floor which is to request the department to go
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back and take a look at the 5 thousand and do on assessment about i think to do an assessment where the 5 thousand comes from and if there are considerations for the possibility of an increased amount. >> yeah, so - well, the motion on table to increase from 5 thousand to 10 thousand if you want to withdraw that we can took at approach. >> we can ask them to look at the 5 thousand. >> okay. so look at. >> the rest of this i personally like the rest of this i've seen it in my work with construction and stuff it actually cleans it up and i think about some of the other small businesses were moved
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around town and getting hit with this fee under this program we wouldn't have gotten hit with the fee i'd like - like a cleaning up. >> like a container store or costco it is like a storage is that storage or display and in fact, storage is part of the display it will get both a tricky situation you'll start having people play a cat and mouse game what is storage and retail likewise in a factory we like it to be one in the same people see that as part of the retail experience seeing the factory don't you guys come around and look at my factories (laughter)
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and the only thing that makes me nervious one the things if someone else comes and raises the rent it effects everyone in the neighborhood but like you said in there program if it is already paid and switching that carries over. >> real quick there is sort of two points he do angle economic feasibility study one of the things the market is going to ask what the market is going to ask the cost of the developer is not drooiven what the rent is charging only the market value can bear is what their charging that is a separate economically separate from charging a fee. >> right. >> if the rents go up on a particular building the market value can bear it and has a ripple focus on the rest of the
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neighborhood. >> it effects the development i'm congressional going to put in 20 thousand of retail i'll not add the next 10 it will make that invisible for a developer i'll have to cram it down my next attended the market didn't allow so all the fees effect the composition of the development itself so whether you can really command the rent whether it is commercial or residential to offset the fees that are charged and even though city likes to move ahead of that step. >> and is second part of the motion i think what was commissioner white recommend looking at the 8 hundred square feet issue with our pop ups and maybe have a discussion with our office of economic development. >> that's another situation we're trying to make that impact
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fee consistent with the other ones so typically 8 hundred square feet of new construction or addition is a trigger for other impact fees. >> that's the size of 3 horse drawn cartridges (laughter). >> that was mobile retail back there there's a rational. >> and in all seriousness that is from the retail side then the commercial side if you're doing a large expansion. >> the average size. >> so perhaps i mean, i think it would be good t have a conversation i think the margins of who that might effect are small by significant. >> okay sure. >> adding to the motion a consideration of the 8 hundred square feet and whether this is somethings that could or should be modified.
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>> i like that. >> okay great. >> so bryan if you have tracked that motion into some concise wording you're the man of the hour. >> i'll give it a try commissioner yee-riley made a motion to have the department do a assessment on the rational for number of for the square footage how they drive that number and consideration for increasing the square footage a and b recommending the department discuss the 8 hundred secret in regards to pop much as the with oewd and possible modification of the square footage. >> yep. you got it. >> and then is there any sort of additional third sort of force for the other component of the legislation? no >> not unless anything else.
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>> second. >> i second. >> i can do a consecutive roll call. >> commissioner adams. >> commissioner dooley commissioner president dwight commissioner ortiz-cartagena is absent commissioner yee-riley commissioner tour-sarkissian. >> commissioner yee-riley. >> thank you for your patience and thanks for the public commenters for coming out. >> don't forget your tumble drive adam. >> item 5 is discussion and possible action on the project plans. >> adams did you get our u s b arrest cool thank you very much. >> thank you so supervisors
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tonight in your binder is the registration form boonlz our feedback of what you have in the binder starts out with an instruction to the applicant what's raider in the application it does give a little bit of the information about the registry and the eligibility requirements that is outlined in the legislation registration process a business may fill out an application we'll forward to the mayor and board of supervisors unless the application is not complete then to the mayor and the board of supervisors then to determine whether they want to nominate that business to come before you or the mayor or the board of supervisors to nominate the business we contact the business
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they fill out the application and it comes before you a $50 application fee not refundable in section one the name of the business, the founding date, the name of the business owner or the ownership and the mailing address if the applicants is someone around the business or the business owner then the name the applicant in terms of for the communication is needed in terms of the application then we have the business registration number and the secretary states the corporation number asking for that and for them to check if they're a nonprofits or e station and to write in the date that the business was founded headquarters or founding date
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headquartered date in case a business didn't start in san francisco but relocated here and asking for previous locations for what it would be the original location if it is a business that might have multiple locations we're tracking the historical - the history of the original location i want to oil the ignite section 3 the narrator the business will be writing the narrative to demonstrate to the commission what about you know it is to be - what about them makes them a legacy business in addition to name and business description and define the character of the business and note any change or notification of the business and the date and reason for the
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modifications some businesses may have slight changes it is up to you to determine if it is enough not the same business or modified i don't know how many scenarios that might be but give a thirty year history if the headquartered date including the ownership history, any business disruption that requires it to be close for more than two years and i put in a decided classroom some businesses in japantown that are over thirty years old but had to be close for more than two years because of the japanese increment. >> because of the earthquake. >> yes. maybe circumstances that i can add tearthquake.
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>> nationality disaster. >> right i don't want those people to think those businesses are xutd excluded because they're closed for more than two years and maintaining the fiscal features including the business goods and services and tied to historical cultural or social what is the business or nonprofit contribution to the city's history and identity in the community, describe how the business represents part of the city or neighborhood shared economic social path, economic social path past, present, and future what makes the business community serving those are the things referenced in the legislation and the description of the patrons and the
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beneficiaries a description of the business fiscal location if the fiscal building within the business in which the business is located and maintained features inside perhaps out and to what stent the use within the property and you know do they obituary it or not that is just interesting demographic information for us to have and would the community be diminished if the businesses were sold, relocated or shut down those are questions to put forward if you think there are any you know. >> this is very good. >> that may be considered and then in addition for businesses with multiple locations that provide you know the listing the multiple locations and their
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history and then also to include any you know supplemental documents legal documents business refrigerator and photographs documenting the history memorabilia and newspaper clipping any audio or visual things like that they could include in their application to help you know supplement their narrative story i forgot to note that for section 3 i think i put this in here should be more than 6 pages in terms of the narrative. >> so i think i read there this it looks me comprehensive you've asked the right questions if other questions need to be asked
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we might decide maybe there is something we've not been asking we want to know but encourage companies that who i think some of them are a slam dunk not having to go through you know a big ordeal to prepare this application it depends on the legacy business wants from by putting in this proclamation do they want the recognition or looking for financial benefit from the city of the things that are going to be available so as it stands today it looks comprehensive enough to go to market. >> yep. >> i want to mayor, i mentioned section 4 is just to make sure that businesses are aware we do need to make sure their current
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on their tax and understand those documents be part of the public record to make sure we dot all the i's and cross the t's that's our understanding. >> i think the application is user friendly. >> it is very good. >> will this be online. >> it will be online eventually but as soon as we have it officially i know there are some businesses that are interested in starting this process now. >> can we make it a pdf. >> we definitely can. >> one that you can fill out as a pdf. >> we'll work on that so the narrative portion will - yeah. >> that's fine. >> this is an excellent i have a question the last sentence the
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photographed images without compensation (inaudible) is that - >> it would be things like a photo credibility's it is for any reason as part of our program we want to use a particular photograph to highlight a legacy business and we can, do. >> we should be able to do that. >> if the giants apply they'll have to hold back on all their players (laughter). >> all right. any other commissioner comments. >> okay. so any public comment open up for public comment seeing none, public comment is closed do we have any action. >> i would make a motion to approve that and want to give kudos to regina and her office that is excellence
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well-thought-of and i'm kind of involved that this in another level you got all the bases covered. >> i want to acknowledge sf heritage and partners. >> it's very thorough and short and sweet and easy so i will motion to approve this. >> second. >> second. >> i'm sorry who seconded it. >> commissioner yee-riley. >> commissioner adams commissioner dooley commissioner president dwight commissioner ortiz-cartagena is absent commissioner yee-riley commissioner tour-sarkissian and commissioner white. >> all right. knocking them down. >> and item number 6 is director's report. >> commissioners wanted to provide a quick update that i think other one of the most last
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meetings i may have mentioned about the start up in the day initiative with the white house to is one of the first city's to sign on in supports and pledge and that is an initiative by the obama administration to start encouraging the city to do more online making it easier for businesses to get started i think the business protocol was one of the initiatives but they did have a prize they sent out with prices for small grants and large grants to do projects so we submitted a project with to the small business administration on a $50,000 project we want to see with the
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business portal to enhance the online application we were awarded that price. >> wow. >> happy about that so congratulations to jane once again and then quick update about paid sick leave because of my absent donna the director and i are trying to connect to get her questions of her tennis what we're trying to go for hopefully by the next commission meeting we'll have information i'll send you an e-mail to let you know there are seiu is cleared for collecting snitches for the ballots for there to propose increasing the minimum wage up to $15 an hour for california by
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2021 so call roll california minimum wage is $9 $10 next year and up from there and senator leno has his legislation out there to increase the minimum wage as of $11 to 2016 and up in 2017 but san francisco is a reminder i don't need to remind you we'll be reaching $15 by 2018 so you might want to be aware and in your binder we have a list of legislation recently introduced that will we're working to get scheduled recess is many of the board of supervisors offices are closed right now we don't have
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some of them set but working to get them scheduled and, of course, a list of the legislation that has been heard by you can what past land use you know what pass through committees and signed by the mayor and, of course, the service station retro to be conditioned so we're staying in touch with supervisor kim's office. >> okay. >> so that's it for today. >> fantastic fantastic. >> item 7 president's report. >> i have only one i attended the biological meeting we have the continuation at the chamber of commerce last tuesday the focus was primarily on consumer impacting consumer behavior and is timely discussion of needed
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to be but sf connect we're trying to keep sf connect and for the behavior as opposed to other biological campaigns whether the sf loma campaign efforts to corral that and have consistent mercy housing to encourage consumers that was primarily the discussion that's all i've got and item 8 vice president report. >> nothing to report. >> item 9 commissioners report. >> just want to report that i visited the navigation center. >> how could i forgot and it was on mission street two by these we toured the whole area so it was pretty nice facility.
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>> yep. >> item 10 new business. >> i wanted to follow up on i know we had someone come in from the superbowl you know that spoke. >> oh, yeah. >> do we know how it is going working with the small businesses around the city interested to know if they've been partnering. >> what you hear is what you get not that i'm aware of of manipulative activity frankly. >> i will contact jason and ask him to come in ash p that will be good. >> yeah. we should hear what they're doing and the plans. >> it is almost in the football season. >> 26 weeks ago away. >> yeah. >> anything else any other new business. >> do we have a motion for
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adjournment. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> everyone opposed (laughter) seeing none, wait (gavel)in session for the unified school district forgive tuesday, august 11, 2015, is now called to order ms. casco roll call please. thank you ms. fewer mr. haney
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mr. walton ms. wynns dr. murase thank you and mr. - thank you i understand commissioner fewer is not feeling well but welcome to our student delegates please join me in the pledge of allegiance thank you agenda item a approval of the minutes there are nun together as i've notwithstanding in the past if i meetings the members of the public if you wish to address the board of education
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you need to complete a speaker card prior to the item being called and presented to ms. casco importantly according to policies and procedures speaker cards will not be accepted for an item already before the board i'd like to ask for your cooperation b pertains report superintendent carranza thank you mbes and public a special welcome back to the central office staff and commissioners welcome to the first meeting the new school year in the first 2015-2016 school year and as i mentioned all the site staff has returned to the schools to welcome the students next monday morning i feel the excitement we'll transform the students
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lives a reminder august 17th is the first day of school and all caregivers are gathering supplies for the lesson plans i hope you got a well deserved rest as we gear up to kickoff another school year in the unified school district as and look forward recent highlights as we prepare first and foremost our board amazing adapted the 2015-2016 budget in june which includes $71 million no increases to the budget most of resources are straight to the employees our hard working employees for increased sailors and benefits contribution the board of education unanimously adapted a new implement k through 12 computer science curriculum how
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we are approaching this work in the education week interview with the stem executive director jim is linked on the website based on the carve data we received in may the california department of education has updated our congratulation rate to 83.9 percent in rent an increase for the school district from the 81.7 rate in 2013 we're especially proud of the class of 2014 given the class of 2014 was the first graduating class for the rigorous requirements also known as the k through 8 our collective hat is off to you the students and faculty and paraprofessionals and support staff that worked tirelessly to
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get them across the stage i wanted to mention we'll soon know the results of the 2015 assessment of the student performances the new assessments we've all been waiting for those tests are simply one of many ways to gage the student progress if you remember the school quality index the academic duchlt of achievement 40 percent on the compliment cultural and indicators is it is one of many ways to engage the process like the goals the state standards in the core curriculum those tests are far different to make any comparison between the old scores and the new scores this is baseline year and what we know the results are coming in with the standards for rigorous than in the past i can
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say with certainty the hard work of the ucsf teachers and the work they've been doing in the classroom have been to implement the common core standards ain't curriculum shows the scores overall on this early date are far ahead of the urban districts with similar groups we look forward to sharing those and describing for the public what those scores mean i'm all to take a p&g and express my heavier heart i have mentioned we lost our boo loved teachers east taught in ucsf for 14 years and which we all consider quote/unquote a kid magnet a teacher in downtown high school
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shared his love of nature for this course called get out and learn he changes or changed the lives of hundreds of students and will be missed by all we also were sandal to learn we lost a visitacion valley middle school student in a tragedy water accident a teacher at elementary school and recommended as a person that brightened up the room and finally we recently learned the city the entire city lost a champion for san francisco in particular the mission district and a former member of the board of education and wanting restraining order add originally from bolivia and in san francisco dedicated her life to sincerely the immigrant community i have the distinct
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pleasure of knowing her and license to her many stores the first latina woman elected to school district and while serving served for 12 years most recently, the executive director of the mission language and vocational school ion on behalf of board of education of ed and mary kit and the other individual we'll adjourn this meeting for them this evening on a happier note we're very excited to open up willie brown middle school this is the first school we've built from the ground up since elementary in 2005 i've been on campus it is a fabulous place of learning that
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our community should be very proud of the new school is a focused curriculum in a 3 story sglasz building with status quo a full media lab, a maker space equipped with tools and equipment that students will learner and the school will offer a full array of emotional support for the students and families including a health clinic and opportunities for students to develop their skills while working location the counselor they will have a counselor and help to enable the students to have their skills and competent icy was the most excited when i visited the microscopic room the acoustics are beautiful and the best of a
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public education in the heart of boyer i look forward to everyone learning and thriving in san francisco's public schools. >> thank you, mr. superintendant we're on item c the recognition of the accomodation there are nun together we move to item d the student delegate report most of 55 thousand students are enjoying their last week ever summer vacation two dedicated student delegates i'd like to introduce them who have a few words to share. >> thank you, commissioners and superintendent it is a pleasure to be here i'm terry are a self-interest senior at george washington i'm really like sports for instance, basketball
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and asking him and batted mitten and been part of the track team since the year and a passion for music i've been playing the violin for almost 8 years as for my goal it is quite simple to take into the students concerns it is there's so much to discuss and relate to at the board of education so much time and so i hope to get all this work done thank you. >> thank you, president my name is miguel i'm 16 i've an upcoming senior what the arts of sciences and representing the advisory committee as well as the delete entrance i hope to make that enjoyable for all students and
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been involved inform three to four years i have a passion for sports as well as teresa i love soccer i side fencing we set up a fencing and this year i had the pleasure of going to all state and i can take an eight place it was a hard fight it pushes me to work harder in life that's all i think of as well as being a boxer in the ring that's what motivates me thank you, again president. >> all right. thank you very much we look forward to working with you over the coming school year item e the council report nun
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and consent items no cards speaker cards for this item item g consent calendar i need a motion and second to do you want the consent calendar. >> move the consent calendar. >> second. >> thank you very much any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendent? >> yes. dr. murase the corrections to the consent calendar are federal, state, and local 2 d on page 31 for the agenda in the background only uc berkley should be changed to regents and the university user universal should be changed to the regents of uc berkley program on page 71 modification to contract number 1162
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acceptanceable environmental sciences should read 21903912016000151123 not 1139 the last sentence should read the replacement windows replacement and m e.c. screening of the project 148, page 1019 should be marked no and the activity should be deleted through 516 and 158, page 1 61 october code changed if r from 4313 to a 3 and the amount should be changed to $32,000 and the fourth $3,490
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and page 197 not a retroactive pay should be marked no and page 249 in the amendment to resolution line at the top of the page the correct number is 14 is 12 and 158 page 261 the cost is not a credit the it should reflect the credits. >> thank you, my items removed by the board seeing none, any severed by the board. >> thank you. i have two items one is two a on page 24 and the 2 f on page 33. >> okay those will be taken up roll call vote my apologies i understand the student delegates had an
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additional announcement we'll return to the student delegate report. >> last week on august 5th we would like to thank mr. truit and mary richard for allowing the student leaders to have the opportunity to stack this professional day event where at as far as i am concerned cathedral we spoke our voices focusing on our strongest character strength. >> thank you, again president i'd like to talk about the annual s aa retreat training this saturday august they've be having the training all the new comers and returning representatives will be altogether in a training over around golden gate park as a
7:43 pm
full s ac c we'll be phone call on the strong community with the variance schools and the voices for our students. >> i'm sorry next s ac c is monday at 4 o'clock p.m. anyone is welcome to attend our meetings as well as the incentives dinner is provided for the guests attending if i like to attend or make a presentation or like a copy of our upcoming agenda please contact our student leaders mr. lopez thank you. >> anything further? this is all thank you >> thank you very much we'll now return to item h
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superintendents proposal nun together and i boards proposal none on item j request to speak regarding general matters the speaker cards are generally according to topic so let's see i'm going to call folks forward and if you could please hold any kind of applause until the very ends that would be much appreciated so i have (calling names). >> our first speakers let's see two minutes please. >> okay bryan affording in the in for
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the page 15 of the agenda to hire an outdoor consultant to help with the data tracking i believe. >> i'm sure, sir this this is an item on the consent calendar not on the agenda. >> well, then i'd like to see an equal amount invested in the clerk's office to the staff that serve duty letly and let our clerks get equal attention with the training. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please >> my name is jessica i'm here from the san francisco puc and here to show our support for the willie brown middle
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school that is openly up and i'm rep harlan kelly and our commissioners we're incredibly excited about this investment in honda and like to speak to perp on behalf of somebody that lived in the mission community in saying that he was a great leader to us we rarely are amazed by the legacy area for the latinos to uphold a credible legacy thank you. >> thank you. i'm rebecca my daughter and i are one of the people that remain in a a comfortable school alexandra my daughter some be entering kindergarten we're in the local district of grot even our close
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school i'm becoming more and more fearful we'll not have a school what is if she is not given sorry i'm nerve nervous how can i compensate for the socialization i realize as a san franciscan and american i'm astonished we require a bus for a close prompting proximity and in addition, i submitted a harding park appeal and the modified list of school requests my appeal was denied based on the board panel not seeing how it is attend and in addition to not being available any other
7:48 pm
options other than the school i find is uncomfortable and demeaning to have to explain our harding park it is a glaring illustration of a good cause unrecognized i've been adult 3 times of the john mirror hayes valley i've been robbed and file number all of a sudden and have my life traelgdz and in a treatment of a psychiatrist and psychologist and advocate for the last 3 to 10 years for the active a direct result stemming from those occurrences how this is not relevant to my daughters location in regards to her education i'm unable to grasping i'm looking for opposed and given nun i'm disheartened back to my fame traditions and
7:49 pm
transition that are we have a take care must no count down to get excited. >> please wrap up. >> give me two more senses i've spent my life supporting this city where am i now what about my daughter i've been hushed into uncertainty to our future in the hometown of san francisco, california in the united states and not wanting to raise alexander's expectations bit serving her rights through an education experience. >> can you police dog ask mr. steel if you can get connected not audience thank you very much. >> i want to recognize form member of the board of supervisors who is in the
7:50 pm
audience let's see next, i will call on folks to speak on k c and college (calling names) let's see i have a second julie if you could please come to the podium 2 minutes. >> good evening, everyone thank you for your time i'm julie the principle added san francisco international high school i wanted to talk about the dilemma a different kind of limbo the students a facing we have many students this year that experienced the collaboration of the july administration the ucsf class of 2015 worked hard for 4
7:51 pm
years to attend the classes to get credits and pass the courses we have students that have scholarships and attended school they're not allowed to attend the universal our school served recently for the english learners and our students some have spent two or three years in the country this can be a stumping block for the universal they said you can't attend the college our students were not given an opportunity to pass this test they were counting on the july administration to get them to college they're ready to go to college we ask you give them the opportunity to get into the college we need a diploma
7:52 pm
let's here from some of the students and families. >> if you could please hold our applause to the ends thank you very much. >> hi my name is chavez aim a state of international high school i'm an immigrant to the united states i have i am trying hard to learn english for the united states i want to go to college for a better future sf state i can't take the test and pass it so i can't go to college i come here for hope i failed this year i want this year i am the one of the group i deserve this thank
7:53 pm
you for listening. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> niechlz a casey martinez i'm from - i'm here to share my opinion of being able to take - i came to the united states 4 years ago and started fifth grade without knowing any english and now passing out of my class i'm ready for college
7:54 pm
and i don't have any high school diploma because - i'm ready to college so, please give me my diploma thank you for listening. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please >> (speaking foreign
7:55 pm
language.) >> my name is mr. mar is the father of christine i'm here attorney at law to give my opinion of my daughter not taking casey my daughter finished the class but can't attend the university without a high school diploma i want you to give the opportunity to casey or give her a diploma due to the impeding the opportunity to go to the university for her dream for the effort she's put into
7:56 pm
her studies i think she deserves the opportunity to college thank you for your time tonight. >> good evening my name is tiling i'm a fourth grade teacher at san francisco international nibble they've met the high standards of the district and my school they've completed scholarships and accepted to four-year colleges as an educator it is hard to watch students held bake my students have dedicate their commitment and now time for you to show yours give them their diploma they deserve to continue studying thank you.
7:57 pm
>> thank you very much>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> and hi good evening i'm tiffany a 11 and 12 grade teacher they industrial high school i'm here to share my opinion although there's been many students who have used the opportunities of the july casey to get into the four-year colleges they've got labored and told you over it and will be able to handle college although the casey is not the best way to - it is an injustice we can't afford for is already underprivileged students please consider those students and the impact this has on their future they've come to this country for a better life please don't leave them behind since the casey was
7:58 pm
suspend their getting not having the opportunities. >> thank you very much we would like to applaud for the speakers. >> at this time, i'd like to the superintendent for a response on this issue. >> thank you, dr. murase thank you for coming forward and expressing your yourselves a couple of things to clarify we are absolutely with you on this particular issue school district has been fighting all summer to get clarity around what i we're going to be allowed to do given the state protective take care has suspended the k c for this the board of education didn't hold the authority to issue our diploma without clear direction
7:59 pm
from the state board of education, in fact, we're going to make sure that a copy of those comments are sent to the board of education at the state level and the superintendent to understand the lingo we had a choice to make that summer with the k c is no longer a requirement for graduation, however, the board of education at the state level has not given guidance or direction as to what we can duo do number two, of not having the k c's in the future so the choice do we go ahead and issue a diploma to everyone that met even though requirement for the diploma yet not passed the k c and a simple answer is yes unto the issue the board of education says there are not
8:00 pm
requirement i have to fulfill we'll be required to revoke our diploma and notify every institution we've revoked our diploma that is not something we're willing to do and not something a position we're willing to put our community or students in limbo of so what we're doing is advocating for clarity can we issue a clip and i guarantee if he can we'll issue it on the day we get the note in the meantime, what we're willing to do with the students that have this situation we're willing to communicate 0 our colleges and universities about the communication why we feel we should be able to issue a diploma yet we're not allowed by state law at this point to issue a diploma so we can communicate that it is a bureaucratic mess
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we understand that but we're absolutely in audiotape with you in terms of getting clarity and our ultimate goal we'll be able to issue a diploma fourth with having completed the k c and issue a diploma immediately so we just want you to know we're standing with you and whatever you can do to help us to get clarity at the state board of education your help to get the decision about the students so thank you, again, for coming forward. >> thank you, mr. superintendent this is the public comment not a time for discussion but i ask when you forward the testimony that you hear a letter, drafted it on behalf of the board of education asking this issue to be resolved next the speakers on the
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pathway. (calling names) >> if you could please come down you'll have 2 minutes per person to address the board thank you. >> hi, i'm a teacher with ucsf and taught at john o'connell about 15 a assistant principle one thing i know that it is crucial for the students kurment relevant curriculum and equality we hear from the district quite often the arabic pathway reflects those values i know that i'm here to stand with the boards decision to continue with the pathway and time to say that
8:03 pm
as a member of the jewish community the jcrc doesn't speak for me it is crucial we understand that the attack on arock and on the language program are really problematic and i hope that the board can stand by its decision and support our students. >> thank you. >> yes. i'm robert r0g9 i've been a teacher in the district for 27 years and i'm starting my 28 right now i teach at mission high school and i'm also to speak in support arabic language to the pathway i was here when the board unanimously passed the resolution and over the summer i began to hear attacks from the jcrc on arock in particular also
8:04 pm
i'm a jewish teacher in my experience i've worked with arock in any both in my classroom and school anticipate they've severed as the very, very strong support for my an arab students my students have gone to arock for tutoring and after school work a bull warmth of their every part of their identity as arab students in a city and society very often attacks them and so for me when i heard those attacks over the summer i was very concerned about the braids response i've been happy to hear that the board stood firm in its support not only for theries but in its support for the partnership with
8:05 pm
arock and obviously curriculum is decided by the district and by teachers so it is not about the partnership that you have what the community partner but i think in terms of the perspire that arock represents a very significant force in the ash ash community and done positive work with the students and community and i urge you to continue that partnership as i move forward with the ash ashic language pathway thank you very much. >> thank you i'd like the speakers to (inaudible). >> hello, i'm a jewish ph.d students at uc berkley and in biological a head std with the
8:06 pm
team workers union that represent almost 18 thousand student graduates and a member of the jewish for peace i was here to commend the boards decision for arabic pathway it is a valuable tool and counselors of the board to take this stance in the arab budget cuts for the marginalized students i also want to say personally i've worked closely with arock on several projects for the past year through the union and arock has been a good friend of the union and you couldn't pick a better community partner for this project so i want to make many clear and sent a letter to the board i've sent
8:07 pm
to everyone of you and cc'd here i hope you'll read my letter and the details so thank you for the opportunity to speaker. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm a san francisco residents and prior state penitentiary university student i wanted to thank you for the opportunity to thank you for supporting the ash ashic and language pathways it is such an important opportunity and i applaud you for making it available and as a jewish community person i say you have chosen no better community partner thank you very much. >> thank you. >> i'm elliott a parent of the kids in unified school district i'm a sign language interpreter i work with the deaf and hard of
8:08 pm
hearing students i'm a jew the thing that really struck me was hearing arock being called a hate group i've been involved been participating in arock activities for several years and identified myself a jew when it is appropriate eave never felt my hate they do a great service to our communities that's where i go to get information i also know that i don't think there is a siren arab speaking student that has not benefited from at least one program that arock provides i like to communicated the board to allow them to lead on the ash aarabic topic.
8:09 pm
>> i work with jewish rights for peace i've been a long term activist here for human rights and justice in the bay area i was shocked that would come up for reconsideration you'll hear my support for arock and hopeful you'll lay this to rest and let's get on with such a wonderful program including arock. >> thank you. >> hi, i'm lee i want to add my voice to commend and thanking the board with moving forward with the ash ash pathways it go an incredibly value service so thank you for that and i wanted to say it is not
8:10 pm
without necessarily attacking the jc c the fact in their claiming to represent the jewish community compels me to come out their speaking on my behavior and attack an organization that is probable cause principle so without attacking them necessarily i think this is important that the board understand that the jcrc doesn't get to speak for all jews and represent us that arock is a hate group is out of place so thank you, again, for allowing me the opportunity to speak in support of the pathways. >> hello board thanks for allowing me to speak thank you all for moving forward with the
8:11 pm
last thing pathway action a jewish grouping in the bay area to learning hebrew and celebrating my cultural and having my identity affirmed and have similar opportunities it is clear my patents would in the have sent me to learn hebrew if not for the institution so similar it is clear chog those organizations arock that are cherished in the community is the only ways to successfully moved on the language pathways given that a political organization that is directive agenda has tried to santa fe rail this but thank you for moving forward and continuing to try to realize those courageous and bold goals so thank you. >> thank you very much if you like to applaud at this point
8:12 pm
(clapping.) there are no more speaker cards so we will close. >> yes. anita. >> good evening. i'm letting to now of the united people of san francisco today was the first official workday for the teachers of the san francisco unified school district we know many, many have come in to get ready as how members set up their classrooms the media has highlighted thelation minute scramble to fill our sfrtdz vacancies the supply and demand is not work in the favor word is out san francisco is the most extensive city in the united states and newest teachers and paraprofessionals have taking to
8:13 pm
leap of faith unified school district did an extensive search i'm glad to hear many of the positions are filled the ucsf members expect the same resources you'll need to retain the 5 hundred teachers you've just hired i raised my family here in san francisco as a young teacher 25 years ago i could afford a down payment on a modest played we that want that for paraprofessionals and teachers the affordability criticized is not going away it - i'm here to tell you and our members we're prepared to side whatever it takes to make sure that all educators can afford to live in the city their so proud to work thank you very much
8:14 pm
(clapping.) thank you. >> good evening. i'm susan solomon executive director of the units educators of san francisco i want to welcome the new student delegates and look forward to hearing more from you i want to echo what president belong said we're excited to be pack be a witnessed over 50 of our members getting trained through a joint member education on boar we met many, many new teachers with the teacher orientation and as president said we heard about how hard it is for the teachers and paraprofessionals to afford housing in san francisco i know as of early this morning there were 96 teacher job openings and as friday 31 paraprofessional openings so we need to know what the plan is and how to make sure
8:15 pm
our students are faced with a need to stabilize the workforce and as i remind you the last year we're to have contract bails within one year about salaries we want to see our educators come here and stay here and they need to know they can afford to live here just like president my kids were born and raised in san francisco and had the great benefit of the san francisco schools so was i and my sisters and cousin we all that had benefit we want the families to joy that benefit keep them here and support them any way you can and pay them well, thank you.