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tv   Public Utilities Commission 81115  SFGTV  August 24, 2015 12:00am-1:21am PDT

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greater roof top solar was being threatened and being able to count that as part of our clean effort >> yes. there will be restrictions for minimum rpf compliance but not the maximum levels so it gives the flexibility to have the roof top solar fill in the gap above the minimum compliance levels >> okay great, thank you. we can open up this item for public comment . >> [inaudible] you try to [inaudible] by not turning on the air conditioner but [inaudible]
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>> thank you. next speaker, please >> good morning for once supervisors. eric [inaudible] with various groups including san francisco clean energy advocates. the other problem with i [inaudible] measure is it will set different standards for pge so it can get away with calling [inaudible] when we couldn't-it was silly. on what is happening today, advocates want to make very clear that ibw made an agreement that after you vote on this in the hearing and send it forward they will send out a press release immediately announcing their intention tooz campaign
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against their measure and for our measure including putting a ballot statement saying don't vote for this, vote for the other one. advocates need to see that happened before you all at the board in about a half-hour vote to send it forward. if doesn't happen i know it is drag to be here friday, but you need to hold that vote until the press release goes out or we feel we don't have a deal and if we lose quorum and have to go to a pal balt misher fight we are plepaired to do that and will and will win. the last thing is hopefully ibw is watching and if they attempt this in other counties-i'm part of a state wide organization on community choice and will aggressively defend any county. >> thank you very much. any other member of the public who would like to comment? seeing
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none we'll close public comment. before we have a vote on this measure muchbing forward i would like to see if we have a motion >> make a motion to excuse supervisor tang, she cannot be here with us today >> take that without objection. you areoon the committee today. okay. just announced president breed is a member of the committee today so president breed will be voting with us. so, president breed >> thank you. i just want to thank there l the party involved in trying to build a consensus about around this issue. we all care about prckting the environment and this is a significant way to do that. i just want to say to supervisor cohen and supervisor avalos, thank you for hosting this meeting at such short notice. this particular item
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today will help us hopefully prevent a fight at the ballot this november and bring all parties together in order to move this forward and not only follow state regulations, but enhance reguless here in the city and county of san francisco. especially because we want to launch clean power sooner rather than later. what we are doing here is just a step forward in that direction. the mayor has made a commitment to move aggressively forward and launching this program and we are committed to that so fortunately at the ballot box this won't create that level of a problem so that clean power is delayed in the skity and county of san francisco. i'm excited, it has take an long time to get here. i just joined the fight when i became a member of the board met many here today have been
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advocateing for this for many many year jz it is trully amazing we got to this point and look forward to this measure passing in november and hopefully passing at the board and hopefully ibw sticking to their word and supporting the ballot measure and all of us coming together on this particular issue so we can move this problem forward as soon as possible. thank you jason freed for all your work for many many years on this particular issue. you have been consistently fighting to balance all sides so we can get to this point so excited and look ing forward to the launch of clean power in san francisco finally. last but not least, thank you supervisor avalos for being my partner on this particular issue and it has been great to work with you and your team, both jermany and connor in our office have been
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grain grait on this issue as well. thank you >> thank you. i think we had 2 bites of the apple last year, one looking at how the pec budget extracted dollars for the reserve for clean power and we prevented that for happening and you coming calling for the study for ininstrumental as well. we can have a motion to move this item forward? >> yes i would thrike mive a motion to move the item forward with positive recommendation as committee report to the full board >> second. >> we'll take that without objection. madam clerk do we have other items? >> that concludes our business for today. >> we are adjourned. .
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>> good afternoon. well good morning, everybody. and
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worriment special meeting of san francisco full board of supervisors july thirst your last meeting of legislative madam clerk please call the roll thank you madam president commissioner avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor christensen supervisor cohen supervisor farrell not present supervisor kim kim not present supervisor mar supervisor tang not present supervisor wiener supervisor yee yee not present madam president we have quorum thank you ladies and gentlemen, please join us in the pledge of allegiance
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of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all okay. colleagues can we have a motion to excuse supervisor farrell, supervisor yee supervisor tang a supervisor kim moved by supervisor christensen and seconded by supervisor cowen colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the nerve mind i'll take that back hello supervisor kim colleagues can we have a motion to excuse supervisor mark farrell supervisor yee and supervisor tang seconded by commissioner avalos cultivation without objection those peripheries 0 are executed madam clerk can you please call first item. >> countered by the rules committee at a special meeting on friday july 31st at 9 in the morning and forwarded as a
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committee report to the orders on ordinance to define the terms clean energy and green house gas free emergency or energy to provide accurate information about an election to be held in 2013. >> okay commissioner avalos. >> we madam president. >> i want to check to see if you have anything to say and i did not at this point. >> i'm excited we're good to go on the ballot measure our right to know ballot measures specification is how san francisco follows state law in how it independence and reiterates the beach chalet to follow the state portfolio
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standards including unbundled renewal credits and insures outline solar energy in san francisco are top clean tier energy that is significant a single most environmental effort in san francisco and by helping to contribution hundred percent clean energy one of the most effective things to prevent climatic change i want to really thank you all for having this meeting but more specifically it took a long time to get to this point i want to thank jason fried and commissioner avalos and his aid jeremy and my aid conner johnson and roger kim in the mayor's office jed holtzman and i want to thank member of the sierra club and
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1245 to move marred forward with that on measure to help us launch clean power at the beginning of next year this is a significant step in san francisco thank you you'll again for all your hard work and let's make clean power happen for san francisco with that, i'd like to entertain - madam clerk can you please call the roll on item number one. >> supervisor campos supervisor christensen supervisor cowen supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor wiener commissioner avalos supervisor breed there 8 i's that is this motion
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is approved unanimously madam clerk. >> at this point the public any comment up to 2 minutes within the jurisdiction of the board pursuant to the boards rules direct our remarks to the braid as a whole nen r number one is not eligible speakers using the translation services get up to twice the time and if you need to put up a document advise sfgovtv. >> first speakers. >> good morning supervisor christensen and supervisor kim supervisor campos and supervisor wiener and supervisor mar and others prisoners any giants prisoners must open they're open prier being a mit i didn't man once prisoners criteria will one step
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closer to all the principles of wisdom by that matter applied to our - that happening should go to the benefit for people of war. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> supervisors on clean energy i want to make sure and thank two important activists bruce in clean sf and babe it that has been helpful well. >> thank you brooks. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning thank you housing step one out league of women
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voters the ellis act and step two banning no fault step 3, freezing market rate rents all through the city those are from 79 onwards if you've been there longer than than 8 years will reset our rent back to where it was 4 years earlier 10 or 5 years earlier there internal revenue few people that be long time residents that have gone through the market rate relent apartments we wanted to keep whatever we can including myself fourth point if you're a renter and your property is sold you get part of the sales prissy
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like the 5 years people that percent and some places that wouldn't work another building could work the percentage of - the number of years you're there you get represent every year of the sale price pro rated of our apartment that is a formula we can work with the renters need to get a piece of the action this helps some move the next part what are we doing with the land the hundred units example 10 percent market rate condos 10 percent condos sold to the people that are living in in this neighborhood whether chinatown or admission we'll limit it. >> testifying. >> thank you. any other members of the public who want
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to speak seeing none, public comment is closed madam clerk my memoriams colleagues that brings us to the end of the agenda madam clerk, any announcements? >> there's no further business. madam president. >> okay. we're adjourned
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>> the commission will please come to order at secretary will call roll commissioner taylor-mcghee commissioner chow commissioner chung commissioner sanchez and commissioner walker second item it did approval of the minutes for july 21st, 2015. >> so the minors are before us for approval a motion for approval is in order.
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>> so moved is there a second. >> second. >> are there corrections to the minutes if not we're prepared for the >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? minutes have been passed unanimously item 3 the director's report. >> good afternoon, commissioners mayor ed lee signed the city's balanced budget for fiscal year 2015-2016 and 2016-2017. in his comments he said that your creating jobs and growing a thriving economy while keeping the city save and compassionate the city and county of san francisco the major employer for the next two fiscal years includes additional employees to staff the new san francisco general hospital implements our electronic health care records system and the department of public health division as well
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as implementing the affordable health care act the city budget also vests to support the most vulnerable san franciscans and it includes resources dedicated to help san francisco general hospital adding 5 hundred new supportive housing for people to the navigation center and millions of new fund to support seniors and people with disabilities covered california has a modest rate interest for san francisco for 2016 they recalling reduce the prices in san francisco, california expect an average rate of 4 percentage across all terse this is more than all the regions in northern california we had a great anniversary of the 50th anniversary of medicare
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and medi-cal celebration of medicaid on july 30th, 1965, presidents johnson signed the medi-cal and medicare for pregnant women and people with disabilities medal and medicare has protected health and improving the nations economic security on july thursday medi-cal and medicare serves held on event added san francisco general hospital and trauma center to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the medi-cal and medicare our dr. hernandez and ceo of the health care foundation was the distinguished keynote speaker we have started a black african-american health project there are 3 processes for the projects one of those is the
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workforce development and that workforce subcommittee has begun in the project chart for the black african-american health initiative was you signed in march and whether the fifth committees that is headed by our colleagues are leading this effort and promoting the interests for the african-american careers and creating black african-american applicants students and volunteers they hope to develop tragedies so retain and show ridicule and support the continued education for the pathway for the existing staff i want to thank them for that work in that area there is an update for san francisco general hospital no new compute u updated other than they're waiting for approval for staff and i'll let the commissioners know we're still moving forward
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towards building our new hospital director's report is ended and if there are any questions and commissioners questions of the director on the report i want to point out to the commissioners we had printout from the website the organizers of the 50th anniversary program that was submitted to us a liz of the contents of medi-cal and medicare over the past 50 years i thought would be useful for your information we're having that distributed to you today are there any outlet comments? if not we'll precede thank you and we'll precede oh, actually yeah. just want to comment once again that the mayors budget for our next two years is really extraordinary for in department
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and want to thank the department for all the work they've run intoburgburg to advocate for the program and the mayor and board of supervisors for having actually confirmed not just confirmed but added to it and gave us even more robots i think that says well, for the work that our department is doing so thank you, again director >> i'll note no public comment for that item but item 4 is general public comment we have one. >> yes. mr. office of the city administrator to duffey i didn't please and mr. duffey i have a timer for 3 minutes when the buzzer goes off. >> commissioners nice to meet you i'm on the health center
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clinic patient advisory committee i have a sister at the age of the internet a 6 degrees of separation but not 3 degrees of separation we know be a lot more people before that i think that is kind of a silver lining to the aging process for example, i heard about rudolph better gary's doing the artwork and i'm looking forward to take a look at that ford was president and hopper and many people responded and i'm looked forward to it look those links i've been in the citizens advisory committee for some time and tom o'dell won 20 years now we've had some ups
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and downs and some times we came close to disbanding with the budget part of new to the center was difficult our liaison died we worked through all those things is it appears that the department is putting ay used effort dr. the director she's a apparently going to be at all the health centers i want to thank you for doing that i think there are look good things it come out of that i've been involved and it helps to have reenforcements thank you. >> thank you all right. we'll move on to item 5 report back if the finance committee. >> chair. >> good afternoon the finance
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and planning committee met before the commission meeting and we had you know a really robust discussion on the presentation on chirtd care and i think that actually inspired more questions than answer and including you know the goals of charity care like you know in the time of the valuable affordable health care act and charity care was adopted 15 years ago and back then we didn't have the kind of sentiment as we do today those were some of the questions that came up and you know the presentations were actually coming to the commission and so i want to put on this to
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thinking how we can actually create a partnership that really serves the buyer city and county of san francisco and including the most important part to reduce you know like health care for those who live in the city we also have some new and old contracts for your approval and it is all on the consent calendar with the contract report there are actually, two items that have been tabled for the next meeting for approval and those two are the medical contracts and services and the network within the contract report the 3 contracts that would be still need your approval will be the clinic works the data way and
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the staffing. >> commissioners the reason i've taken off a clerical error the report needs to be clean before it comes to you. >> right there were typos. >> any questions. >> commissioner questions or comments to the report from commissioner chow? no comments all right. great we'll go to the next item >> we'll move on to item six the consent calendar consent calendar is before you you heard the two items that are removed from the consent calendar does anyone wish to extract any items if the calendar otherwise. >> yes. please within the contract report so under the consent calendar it will be all the items on the consent calendar that we need approval of within the contract
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report which we have to items removed. >> yeah. it is the 9 approximately 8 millions on the pharmacy agreement; right? >> tip probation officers and 1, 3 and 1, 5 for the pharmacy kind of in the middle of the block of the first folder all contained in the contract report. >> any other questions? if not we should note that the walgreens program extends our 40 b program that required a link to each clinic only to all of the san francisco walgreens clinics under the b program is that not correct director barbara garcia
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>> that's correct. >> that's a significant difference an, an added benefit to the program under 9 previously i nodded if you were at chinatown clinic and went down to only one walgreens and couldn't go to another walgreens you had to go to another one like castro that allows all the walgreens in san francisco to participate in this program. >> that was my only clarification we're prepared forever the vote. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the calendar has been adopted unanimously. >> thank you, commissioners item 7 the dpw policy on the dpw facilities as you recall this was introduced at the last meeting. >> good afternoon, everyone. commissioners colleen i did not have anything additional as the secretary said the draft of the
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policy at the last meeting it didn't require our package of the resolution only the affirmation. >> i was wondering if on this is more a technical question on the block that we have which on page 2 if you would get that if so r this this is yet california but for the process in the text and my two questions and which i believe are editorial under the section for dpw non-hospital building and director would review and submit recommendations and would it seems to me that the commission actually then makes also a
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review and recommendation; right? to the board of supervisors as it says under item d. >> yeah. >> so the block should clarify that by putting that in and the board recommends. >> so i'll make that change. >> thank you and so the last - the bottom block expelling facility naming in connection with the gift of any amount u amount the director reviews and submits the remedies for final approval and here i believe under our section e it says that the commission will approve the request so the word approve needs to be there also and moves it to the board of supervisors. >> to be consistent with our text. >> that's right thank you for catching that commissioner.
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>> so if those are accepted as the editorial correction ann another motion it in order to approve the column. >> so moved. >> there is a motion and a second is there further discussion on the policy? if not, we're prepared vote >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the policy is passed unanimously thank you thank you, commissioner i also note no public comment or questions item 8 is the resolution of the port naming the general clinic and richard a fine clinic. >> i'm not sure who is representing item - ms. >> if you recall a presentation at the last meeting. >> yes would you like to help refresh our minds on the items. >> there was a proposal on the small video last week of the
12:52 am
part of the richard fine to rename the general clinic at san francisco general hospital the richard h fine clinic and the drafts resolution in front of you for your consideration compliant with the - and the draft resolution is before you the motion will be in order. >> so moved. >> is there a second. >> there's a second commissioner sanchez. >> yes. >> yeah. i just like to make a comment pertaining to the naming of that clinic regarding dr. fine initially when it was brought before the jc c to be named by the department and in reference to the hourlong program in general many of us attended it was an
12:53 am
awesome tribute to a outstanding recommendation to the richmond h fine clinic i sort of took the wind out of my sails it was shifted to dr. richard fines people's clinic and i've been trying to get that out of high head why hadn't it bothered me i've known dr. fine when i joined and at 69 all the way through and couldn't think of a more outstanding position to have a clinic named at the san francisco general hospital to have it named that i guess somehow this sort of limitations his focus and maybe i'm just responding many of us were involved in the 60s and 70s
12:54 am
in coming back with the gi bill to berkley and at central nervous system that was part of our effort but dick fine was an extraordinary human being, he played a key roll in working with many of us at the general to form call the urban healthy was a key member it involved every single chief of service at the general from dr. tom surgery to dr. from that he had arctic's and we got them altogether and got the funding, etc. to not only increase the qualities of service based on the philosophy of our faculty and residents the outcomes in reference to what they're doing and dr. fine
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played a critical role and continues to play a critical role so the funds many of the folks that served only the committees were some of the old guard the services of retired champions and many at the oil library at the san francisco general you saw all departments one or two some were submitted with replacements and this is a meaningful thought so i got a few comments from dick fine represents the finest of central nervous system so i want to interject that that needs to be said and something else that is important dick fine figure out through the urban health board to insure the minority students in potrero hill be bayview hunters point and the mission had opportunities through san francisco general hospital did this through the urban health
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and navigate 4 videotapes we're working with the students and working with other groups to increase access to training and minority positions one the key people involved was francis a mexican-american who become a nurse and got her masters was the director of the urban health project and she was showing so impressed with his service unfortunately after they passed away left a scholarship for the students from the valley to go into nursing and paycheck to the services he provided to the community to me had doesn't say enough about him the reason i'm saying that in other types of awards like the staff like the julie the honorees for top
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residency in each of the departments we think about what dr. discretionary review violence did but julie discretionary review violence he supported many the dean and the chancellor but his commitment was the quality of care at general hospital we had the rapid report and talked about who they were and why they're here so as i envision dick fine clinic i imagine their teaching the under graduates and staff what an outstanding position dick machine fine was in the memory of san francisco general hospital that was dedicated to serving i'll regardless of country or people anyway, i just want to share that i think that - he doesn't like to be so-called - i mean,
12:58 am
he marks to a difficult drum but worked within those organizations and programs to insure that access to qualify remains the flagship of excellence and the medication that no other departments in the central nervous system we feel some of us feel quite strongly it would have been great to keep it that way and the curriculum and the training of the future health providers would certainly reflect his philosophy and commitment to people of all walks of life that was what he was through the chair i apologize for getting into that but i'll support it so recommended but i do feel you know it could have been greater had we kept the tradition and used that as an ongoing teaching this is in my opinion.
12:59 am
>> thank you, commissioner because commissioner you can amend the resolution but i think i'd ask director garcia. >> yes. i asked the same question and know it is not just people so i asked the same question that request that went through dr. fine and that way i honestly think it takes away from what you said dr.ations and fine i believe that went through him and he supported that and in fact, he does walk to a different drum i wanted to honor the way he was and i the that through the staffer that presented it i appreciate our comments and puts the meaning that is the bigger title.
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>> thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. i think we could note the reason it the name is in and unless commissioner you're entitled to amend the resolution okay. any further comments if not all those in favor of the resolution as presented please say i opposed any public comment no vision zero update. >> item 9. >> good afternoon, commissioners and director barbara garcia and secretary thanks for the opportunity i'm megan wear the director of the health and sustainability and also
1:01 am
co-sponsor of the vision zero task force to present to my colleagues we put together vision zero initiative in may of 2014 the committee passes the resolution in support of vision zero we're here to provide an update. >> so just a give you a little bit of background about preceding vision zero san francisco has been annotate leader respect to transportation safety with the first to install the pedestrians countdowns we're all familiar with now we've been a leader with implementing this to schools in 2010 had a mayoral directive for the collision down by 2021 we played a leadership role including for the prelims of a number of improvements and
1:02 am
publishing a pedestrian strategy in 2014 vision zero was adopted citywide including by the commission and citywide task force was established i co-sponsor you know despite the exchanges around this at the end of 2013 a girl 6 years old was killed in a intersection awhile crossing the 6th death in that december and the city's responses is no more deaths are acceptable and really the only acceptable target is zero we now have san francisco in vision zero that is supportive by a number of city departments the mayor, the board of supervisors we meet on a quarterly basis of the task force towards the ends of coordinating around engineering and execution and enforcement and activities to fundamentally
1:03 am
will eliminate traffic deaths by 2024 it was introduced in 1997 had much success we needed to design a transportation system that protects the most vulnerable people using the transportation system including people walking and biking and seniors and young people i think in many ways that block is consistent with the mission of the department of public health i know this is you guys can you see the map hopefully in our handout i don't know about that slide since vision zero was adapted it is inspiring to see the national limit it growing hopefully, a map that shows the different cities across the country that adopted vision zero and in 2014 san francisco and
1:04 am
the city we've got a number of cities in california adopted last year well including santa fe, san diego and a number of cities in the country including portland and seattle and additional cities are really every week their say new energy around our city and country a vision to do you want that to san francisco is at the forefront of this. >> yeah. >> oh, no. >> i apologize. >> thank you there's the map and really with respect to in san francisco what we've seen despite early declines in the 90s and the 80s starting in the 2000s we've seen the please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones, to in the death in our city thirty fatalities a year up to 2 hundred a year
1:05 am
injuries and approximately 70 percent are people walking and biking and half the people killed are walking awhile walking are seniors while i'm here to talk about the leadership that the department is providing in that work including on the task force with respect to the data and analysis and evaluation and education engagement in our growing roles as well the task force is co-chaired by mta and dpw we meet as i said on a quarterly basis comprised of city agencies that play a key role no vision zero we've got active community engagement including the neighborhood coalition led and i by walk sf over 40 organized that signed on that coalition it is really existing to see the continued
1:06 am
engagement of the community in this work. >> in 2014 and 2015 we had a number of successes with respect to progress on vision zero it's first year we had 24 projects in 24 months 16 projects are underground they're on track to completing that project delivery showing the city's commitment with respect to education citywide campaigns honest leadership on this she'll talk about and seen an increase or increase on the part of the police department and working on developing more data tools to make sure that the initiatives are day driven and also has hired a new epidemiologist who is serve for this work as well
1:07 am
as advancing with community organizations we have a two year action strategy on our we are talking about that is online that includes more information about the initiatives as well as resolution of the number of departments that joined the hunting in supporting vision zero with respect to the action in 2015-2016 i highlighted in blue when i'm talking about we're going to dive deeper on today including the citywide strategy for education to schools and we're excited in the most recent budget in the seniors program is implemented given the disproportionate fatalities among the seniors and monitoring the resources and continuing the community engagement slides on reverse is a high-level summary of the
1:08 am
resources into vision zero which is appropriate three-quarters by grants and 25 percent from the general fund with respect to the data piece one key contribution that was identifying the high injury network that map identifies the 12 percent of street miles of fatality injuries to vision zero includes people in vehicles and riding bikes and vehicles this is in the contained how to effectively have the preservation initiative at its core of vision zero is the fundamentally addressing the issues of evaluated so in red the high injury corridors in communities of concern that are disproportionately low income communities and communities of color and community where people are walking and relying on transit and thor percent of the
1:09 am
streets in the city 50 percent of part of high injury network dpw is also working with other city departments to develop accountability metrics we know that the goal of zero fatalities is you know the how to be accountability in the short time to have any driven actions and monitoring the impacts on the street a number of metrics we are working to measure in the interim our new epidemiologist we're excited about our collaboration with the san francisco general hospital to work with the trauma sushlgz that treat the patients and working with the polite data to capture 25 percent of cyclists injuries on the records and we're able to target our
1:10 am
initiatives and she's really done precedent work meeting with the police department and the transportation agency all on the same page about the monitoring that is very intuitive and simple i sure it you it not as simple as it seems weren't to having it consistently recorded to the public and there's a screen side of map that is u updated with respect to fatalities we've also development an online interactive injury data with environmental data on a number of factors that are associated with how we predict and look at it patterns this is a screen shot of map that helps us look
1:11 am
at not only the types of injuries but what are the patterns where the aerial streets and fast moving traffic around schools and senior centers and this type of tool has been used for example, with the sfmta capital improvement program for pedestrian safety to analyze the patterns and really target their engineering to the patterns we see in the corridors so have more program improvement measures and now i'm going to turn it over to ann no way that will talk about education. >> good afternoon, everyone. everybody with respect to education related to vision zero we really are working very close with our partners headed by the mta to create the prosperity citywide strategy to the board
1:12 am
of supervisors and the transportation authority outlining all the different educational opportunities welds implement in the next few years for vision zero and we've adopted 37b9 with the information proud about it's the public preservation is not just teaching individuals about how to slow down or cross the streets but we're effecting all the levels we're talking to the providers in various was our health providers the muni operators large vehicle operators we're working with the coalitions i'll talk about in a minute and changing our organizational practices and working with flunking 0 policy and we're going to achieve vision zero we have a citywide strategy that outlines a number of different educational opportunities i managed save out
1:13 am
to school and as megan tubed we've included the streets for pedestrians and the mayor's office has funded it in the city budget for that the next two years because over 50 percent of pedestrian fatalities are seniors and this is a population that needs a lot of save so save outreach we're looking at ways inform coordinate all the information about vision zero and bring that directly to seniors and people with disabilities we focused on creating community-based education this picture is a standard campaign i've worked with supervisor kim's office all over at tenderloin and selma and a had tare highlighting the community residents a professional photo shot that is in the neighborhood we live here please slow down we offer some grants to
1:14 am
selective groups that are working in neighborhoods that are on the high injury network walk sf is the leads for the coalition and groups that serve modeling and non-english communities south of market and chinatown ceda and the economic agency with working with groups in their native languages to deliver the information a national program we founded in 2009 we're interested in promoting walking and biking for obviously for various reasons of promoting health to make it safety in order to do so we work with the school district and a number of city agencies and a number of community-based groups school starts in 2 weeks we're adding 10 for elementary schools to the program that covers half
1:15 am
of the elementary schools i'm proud to say they've passed the vision zero last spring they're one of the lastly partners to join us and as part of changing organizational practices our team worked with the mta to produce intents the schools on the next those are schools that have typically high rates of walking and have a lot of injuries in the buffers of school their prioritized to get the improvements to the streets and sidewalks my prime is gene elementary have r half of the population walking to school and the highest number of pedestrian injuries we have asked mta to produce intents and have gotten 3 grants for the elementary we
1:16 am
work with the vision zero coalition it is lead by walk sf and in partnership with the bicycle coalition they help folks to keep the city accountability we again offer many grants and the prime example is actually before vision zero we gave walk sf a little less than $10,000 in 2011 to implement a local option in the subtly was passed to allow the municipalities to implements 15 mile-per-hour school zones we're the only city to fully take advantage of the local option to the city hall's that are eligible other schools in san francisco have done it on a skais basis but walk sf worked with mta to get if implemented for all the schools it makes all
1:17 am
the schools once the speed limit drops it helps with the bumps and the speed limits needs to be reduced first, it was done by walk sf i want to acknowledge one thing barbara co-wrote with her counterpart ed reiskin and acknowledge the hard work with rachel and the communication team for working closed with the mta communication team in helping to profile vision zero in the communication it's been getting a lot of attention and that's the end of the presentation we're open for questions. >> thank you very much questions commissioners commissioner taylor-mcghee. >> a clarification goith
1:18 am
the 15 mile-per-hour they're eligible for the school zone unless they're actually on high-speed aerial so 4 or more lanes not allowed to have that in the state law only 4 schools in san francisco for example, betsey carmichael has it does not have it on one end which is on 7th street but on the surrounding 3 areas the block that are narrower and smaller so but those streets will be getting bigger improvements through other avenues of vision zero and they're a dozen schools that have absolutely no boundaries the mission school is o1 on 16t street from mission all the way up to church.
1:19 am
>> commissioner sanchez. >> this is a think excellent report i'm really glad to see the coordination among the nonprofits this is a good benchmark a number of schools that may not be eligible with the early childhood schools that are part of the school district they're not huge but they're very important and they have families that walked or drive cars and drop off, etc. i know them particularly in the mission that contacted us over the years about trying to get signage that shows kids crossing or especially you have like alleys going between and you get cars or motorcycles and bikes and parents are trying to pick up their can i see and the teachers it is really traumatic my
1:20 am
question is there some unit that could be contacted or we could refer them to get signs posted both in the eel and in the white zones which they have they have for a year and a half to get the signs saying do not park here it's a real question. >> i'll certainly take that back to mta the issue is unfortunately in all of the codes that mta has to operate by the schools are denied by k through 12 we'll brick bring it back. >> it is we're trying to fourth why. >> it comes up repeatedly. >> i'd like to acknowledge tour staff i sat in one of the meetings with the police and municipal transportation agency with a variety