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tv   Board of Education 102715  SFGTV  November 4, 2015 5:00am-8:41am PST

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talk about it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now this is the special meeting of the community investment and infrastructure the successor agency to the san francisco redevelopment agency for tuesday, november 3, 2015, welcome to members of the public madam secretary first item. >> thank you, madam chair the the first order of business is item one roll call commissioners, please respond when i call your name. commissioner mondejar commissioner pen commissioner singh commissioner bustos madam chair rosales all members the commission are
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present. >> the the next order of business is item 2 announcements a the next our next regularly scheduled meeting will be held at one p.m. city hall room 4 to 56 b announcements of prosecution of sound producing electronic devices please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones, and use of cell phones, electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a c announcement of time allotment for public comment please be advised a member of the public has up to 3 minutes to address the commission unless the commission
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the commission adopts a shorter period on any item. it is strongly recommended that any member of the public wishes to address the commission fill out a speaker card and submit it to the commission secretary. the the next order of business is item 3 respect on action taken at a previously closed session meeting if any there are no reportable actions the food and beverages is item 4 matters of unfinished business no matters of urban finished business the the next order of business is item 5 matters of xhvtd of consent and regular agenda first, the consent agenda none the the next order of business is the regular agenda items 5 a, 5 b, 5 c are 5 d and
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5 e related to the golden gate warriors center and mixed use on blocks 34 and 32 will be heard together and acted on separately 5 a certifying the environmental impact report for the golden gate warriors and mixed use extremity on blocks 29 through 32 in mission bay under the california environmental quality act ceqa and the ceqa guidelines mission bay south redevelopment discussion and action resolution number 692015. >> 5 b adopting eir finding in the california environmental quality act ceqa and the ceqa guidelines including the adoption of a mitigation monitoring and reporting program and in a statement of overriding
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consideration in connection with the development of time golden gate warriors event center and mixed use development at micro i mission bay blocks mission bay south redevelopment area discussion and action resolution number 702015 5 c approving the amendment 209s development in connection with the golden gate warriors event center and mixed use development on blocks 29 through 32 in mission bay south redevelopment project area discussion and action resolution number 712015. >> 5 d conditionally approving the basic concept seismic design for the golden gate warriors center and mixed use development on blocks 29 through 32 in
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mission bay south with the agreement with fossil fuel, llc mission bay south redevelopment project area discussion and action resolution number 722015. >> and 5 e informational presentation on the executive directors determination regarding uses as allowed secondary land use pursuant to the land bay with the golden gate warriors center and mixed use on blocks 29 in mission bay setting the redevelopment project area discussion ma'am, executive director. >> thank you, madam secretary good morning to the commissioners and the members of the public thank you for joining us commissioners over the course of the last year you've held informational presentations on
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the proposed project number of actions for our consideration and action today we will have executive director sally walk through the proposed action and the informational presentation she'll be joined by representatives of the project sponsor and the project consultant team with thatwith that - >> thank you director bohe and good morning, commissioners i'm sally deputy director tiffany might have given me a promotion (laughter) here to present a number of items related to the event center on blocks 29 through 32 in mission bay south that the golden gate warriors radio proposing i'd like to go over the agenda is follows i will highlight the various actions before the commission and walk you through through the project
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site and description go into detail on the sub e subsequent eir action and the ceqa finding you're being asked to adapt i do you want some refinements subsequent eir will walk you through a number of transportation related refinements then i'll invite the project sponsor to present their project and walk you through the diabetes as well and there are a number of other actions before us as well we'll go into the second half talk about the designs for the development amendments we're recommending and provided you information regarding the executive director secondary eye determination and highlight the various contracting goals and our small business before his goals for the project describe 9 public outreach undertaken and walk through the
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next steps. >> so the actions before you are in 4 separate resolution search warrants the final eir adopting the ceqa finding for the findings themselves along with the mitigation monitoring and reporting program or the m m rp in resolution 70 dash 2015 and amending the mission bay setting in the resolution and conditionally the combined seismic design in resolution 72 dash 2015. >> so the project as i mentioned is located on blocks 29 through 32 in mission bay south hidden valley high school in blue an 11 acre site ever vacant proposals and the golden gate warriors
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have completed the resolution to the site in october here's the site plan showing this 19 thousand plus seat purchase center it is approximately 5 hundred and 13 leasable square feet in approximately 55 thousand square feet of retail and 13 loading docks and one hundred 32 parking at the garage and it includes open space for the project. >> i'd like to note that the site plan as you can see a gate house element sort of between the two towers includes a variance not the gatehouse this is because about there is an easement that needs to be completed or agreement with usf for to agree not to have the
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opportunity gate i'm sorry to allow the gates house in that easement i'd like to correct a error in my staff memo that project was completed the project sponsor and usf has entered into an agreement nostril officially completed by you everybody is moving forward with the understanding the gatehouse it the preferred scenario. >> so moving forward into intro into the environmental review so we'll we've taken a number of steps with the colleagues in the city planning department to undertake this environmental review with a notice of preparation issued on november in 2014 and held a scoping meeting in november 2014 and the draft eir was published
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on john june 5th public comment was on june 5th and extended through july 27th for a total of 5 two days and then we published 0 robust to comment the responsive to all the comments received during the june 30th draft and the written comments received during the public comment period ending on july 27th in addition the responses to comments received after the close of public comment period including a letter from the alliance dated 2015 it is the u.s. army co-sponsorship recommendation and a few not addresses including a letter concerning the eir alternative analysis and other letter concerning the hazardous materials and finally
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two letters from the air quality zone for the measure in the eir and one from johnston temple ton regarding the environmental just the letters are in your packets and copies available for the public as well none the last minute comments chance the conclusions concerning the impacts on the environment. >> so the responses to the document is organized and filed cantonese a list of persons and organizations and public agencies that commented all the copies written responses to the comments a description of project rei am not sure few minutes a project variance a revision since the publication
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to comments an eradicate sheet was prepared to correct errors that was distributed to the commissioners and available for the public here those tax changes are not changing the conclusions in the eir two other changes want to note for you since we drafted the eradicate sheet one regarding the m m rp that references the transportation managed plan or the t mp rather it is provided an as exhibit in the appendix in 3 so it is not reprinted as a separate exhibit we'll strike the reference that has to the m m rp and i'd like to note in volume 5 in the response to comments in chapter 15 usf has requested we hang the words regarding the mp r-9 p about the
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event lighting plan and in the 5 bullet like us to change the language it describes the light configuration similar to those associated with the uchlgs helicopter pad we had language and doable e feasible with the outdoor lighting space so remove the as feasible we'll strike that out. >> as noted before the public comment period has closed on the eir and the action to consider certifying the f d i r the commission has considered the adequacy and accuracy of the final eir the certification has been considered by the commission the certify was in compliance with ceqa and red
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lights the judgment and analysis and has a ceqa for the monitoring and reporting program. >> the second fbtdz that the commission is asked to adopt a product description of the environmental impact report of the product and in consideration of approval the project and recreation of alternatives a statement of offering riding consideration providing reasons for the commission action and rejection of response in the in the project the m m rp is the timing for implementing and timing of mitigation measures the eir will enter into an agreement if necessary with other departments to act as at designee. >> so, now i'd like to note that the variance project refinements
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included in the response to comment document again none chain 9 eir those for the onsite generates to reduce the wind hazard judge's and the clean plan and construction related to the those onsite soil treatment and the pump generators and refinements for transportation i now like to ask alex from the office of economic workforce development to come up and present the transportation items to you. >> thank you sally and good morning adam from the office of economic workforce development pleased to walk you through some of the project as they relate to transportation we were last before you at our
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schematic workshop we presented a number of transportation improvements that are come to this neighborhood eir refreshment on the slide have not chang's changed but on the city's on behalf of to a multi - the transbay terminal and the landing for the water emergency at golden gate near the ferry building and the completion of street grid and others listed those are unchanged since the last session sitting on top of those improvements are a number of specific improvements for the arena this is our special event service buses center an is t third and coordination with the transit agencies but there is one difference as we started to refine our analysis as part of plan we identified the need for a potential centralize brtd mr.
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chairman in the document and we released as part of drirt and those platforms are considered as a northbound and southbound separated platform an either side of the intersection that combines them with added capacity employee and post events we're studying this as a project variance in the eir we've also had 18 months of conversation in the community with variance stakeholder in the residents to the rincon hill through mission bay and dog patch and the bayview and the eastern neighborhoods and the commercial interests from the biotech and mission bay and the usf mission bay hospital and the giants advocacy organization and the bicycle coalition spur, etc.
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as a result we've added additional parking control officers it is difficult to see the stars on the map shows 3 categories parking control officers those we analyzed as part of draft eir and released in the june dwraft and added as a result of the analysis that was conducted as part of draft a few additional to create the local hospital assess plan a specific plan to allow patients doctors and staff of the hospital to get to their designation without the arraign attendees and directing them to 16th street and mariposa and protecting the streets in some of the interior circulation streets for local use and we will used parking control
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officers and signage to separate that traffic we're invasively two parking lots to the south of the site as intercepts so cars driving i driving into the area has a please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones, is to park away from the immediate venue so we don't have conflicts with bikes and others as shown before the positioning a week from tomorrow on november 10th to consider the preliminary steps to realize those one 200 and 50 lot at grade at 19th street and illinois that serves the park pier 70 development and dog patch and mission bay and the events center and the others further to the south cesar chavez strait called the western pacific site west of pier 80 t a
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gravel site for consumer price index supervisor tang of delivery vehicles from 9 convention event we can use for over flow under the duly sworn scenario a free shuttle from that location to the center. >> in terms of capital and operating costs for transportation serve the event center that are one time costs of $55 million in $2,014 we're a comparing apples to apples across the all sources and uses that $55 million purchased light rail vehicles with the mta is in process of acquiring and listening the day have you as cross tracks on the t third line to make sure we're not interrupting service further down line on the t third and
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signals and other in the ground infrastructure about $25 million in one time forces largely if the transportation and action development fee the project sponsor will be paying to offset those costs and $30 million delta we will be looking to finance with annual revenues generated by the event center. >> in terms of annual revenues we contracted with economic and planning systems and that kaiser permanente and marks and the agency to review r receive those the center net of the project and property tax increment that stays in the neighborhood for infrastructure and affordable housing will generate $14.1 million per year once operational for the city general fund i'll not go through the sources but the sources are listed here a portion of them
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are dedicated by the charter those will continue to go to their dedicated sources so if we break down that $14.4 million 2.9 goes to the forces and $6.1 million is our estimate of operating cost it largely mta to pay for the parking control officers and those infrastructure bus drivers and inspectors and personnel and rolling stock to get people, too, and from the site and the estimated costs and two remaining funds one a dual event reserve that was an important thing to the community and the hospital to make sure under peak condition a lot of activity in the neighborhood valued services where necessary and that will be
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as discretion of the director of transportation all of that concluded we have $2.9 million for the kaekd and restricted existing funds and $1.9 million returned to the general fund as a result of that. >> on october 6th we introduced an ordinance at the board of supervisors to create a controllers reserve with the transportation improvement fund that consideration will be heard in the finance committee next monday and at substantially at the full board of supervisors the fund that is entitled will set aside the funds for the operating costs and the debt costs and the reserve and other resources we know we have those funds into the future and we can continue to provide that service
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without degradation of service in the city other public review and other as part of that it is subject to annual appropriations by the board of supervisors but should a future mayor or board allocate less than the full amount a public process to make that a transparent process as part it creates a 5 member advisory committee to the mission bay transportation improvement fund that advises the director of transportation on the budget and the expenditures of that reserve so they'll be able to collectively provide advise to the mta in order to reallocate transit service and traffic enforcement and others services the mta provides i should mention we're the before the mta board later today
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with a resolution considering both ceqa adoptions and finding as commenting to the transit service plan at implementation of the mission bay fund if adopt by the board. >> turn back to sally. >> thank you adam before we turn to the design phase i'll ask the commissions parish to let me correct the record i misspoke for the correction for mitigation t r-9 d i'd like to reread the correct correction that is the event center interior lighting in the 5 bullet of that mitigation measure it will anyhow read avoid void the light helipad landing area and adding new language where feasible for the
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television flash lighting screens around the the 16th street or third street and then strike where feasible thank you. >> so, now i'm going to turn it over to e turn to the other project approvals for the major concept and schematic design as as you recall staff has several workshops including a draft major phase in january of this year and then we frentd drafts the basic concept and the schematic designs in may of this year so the project sponsor is here today to present information on the project including the updated schematic design i'll to do invite rick the president of the golden gate warriors to kickoff the presentation and joined by others
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good morning, commissioners actually, my checking in the mba scores on the smart phone you don't have to adjust them the warriors one an mba game by 50 points last night (clapping.) if i hadn't seen that i'll rephrase my sale station great to be here and thank you for your time this day is actually the culmination of 3 and a half years of a journey that began on pier 30/32 in may of 2012 little did we know about the route to get to this point but speaking for our ownership to peter and the hole organization we are thrilled to be here with you today since pivoting to mission bay we've been overwhelmed by the encouragement from the neighborhood and the city as a whole in addition we've been tremendously impressed with the work of ocii planning, mta and
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the mayor's office i'm not paying lip service when i say that the city hemisphere e team has played a integral roll in shaping that plan i'll be remiss without acknowledging a few of the people that worked so hard to bring today to pass you've met a couple sally and jim morales and others ocii, adam and ken in the mayor's office and chris and red and david from planning and peter albert and mar mary miller from mta as i was coming over here i wish one other person jim maps his hard, hard work is very much a part of what you're considering we lost her a year ago but she's in the room could i as you may know this is a community process since coming
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to mission bay we've had 11 public mergers and more 50 myers with the dog patch and potrero and usf and the mission bay biotech community that community dialogue is significant improvements a particular nuts and bolts the announcements between the warriors and usf and the city to address hospital and neighborhood assess during the warriors events that amsdz present with the fund described the warriors made an unprecedented commitment to cap the number of events in the building under certain kickers this cap an event which has been called by chancellor the last tool in the toolbox is unprecedented for any other mba or nfl arena anywhere in the country and demonstrates our commitment to addressing usf
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concerns and those of the neighbors while there's been very appropriate focus on transportation those last month's i'll be remiss if i didn't mention the project design itself you'll hear from daiftd we have evolved the project designs call roll since the last presentation to you i think you'll see substantial improvements in the project and numerous refinements to the building architecture and the materials and this will definitely be the entertainment portion of your day today so i'm going to turn it over to david who really gets to have all the fun david. >> thank you, rick that's a nice introduction good morning, commissioners nice to see you all again, i want to start off i'm introduce kansas and today is a big day in kansas for us
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(laughter) after thirty years we brought home a championship and my family and friends along with every single person in the city is celebrating probable like i celebrated the warriors home championship earlier this year you know for me, the chances chance to work on those projects that unites cities is an credible blessing i feel so lucky i've worked on projects for 20 years in the sporting industry and beds the fact it is hard-pressed to find a building type that unites cities is it so bigger than any one person i get to be up here but an arm of people that are behind me working day and night to make sure that is exceptional in
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every way i'm happy to say for me an unprecedented moment in teamwork on this 50 percent of the team are were on target for the 50 percent threshold for sbca half of the people are local small businesses and i want to be sure and recognize them they're in the room today i'd like them to stand up thank you. >> thank you. >> so again my voice is the voice of all those people that are working so hard to make many projects something special and i'm proud to be up here to talk about it. >> okay. i won't reiterate the site plan sally walk you through it with the members i want to take a moment to say nothing significant has changed
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since i spoke last time this is the same project you've seen before there is no significant intriez but improvements i've said before buildings are like people they grew up and if we're lucky and disciplined with you're thinking you get better with time and we'll talk about the normal process for development and refinements and improvements to the projects they should look familiar to you. >> in your packages before and after discriminates they're more difficult to look at than others i'd like walk you through how the projects are improved and better since we last spoke in may the project was primarily steel and glass with the because of precast we as we begin to work through the interiors of the arena and
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balance the exteriors aside with the other buildings on site the office buildings and the commercial and retail areas is important to think about the ways we've added sustainable wood materials to the exterior of the arena i've used this analysis hopefully that main with his e make sense we thought of the arena like a piece of fruit it is different in the inside the kinds of warmth and materials to the 0 interiors of the building on the interior it softens the exterior appearance of the building so some of the is on track detectives with now addressed with the sustainable wood material the other thing we did we began to think about the articulation of the metal panel on the exterior of the building about
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an unarticulated metal panel we're now beginning to actuate and punch that panel with the perforation that adds a level to the building you'll see that in the renderings too the dash marks in the exterior of the facade that begins to add another level and scale of material it reduces in our minds reduces the scale of the building and make see it more visibly comfortable the big one of the big challenges you can see on the bay area it terrace was supported by columns i think 5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 columns that supported that space as we improved the design i want to remind you those columns came down and sat on the chief
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practice board so those columns had been transferred and supported on the foundation we refined it we pulled it back small enough to limit the columns the structural engineer was comfortable rome the columns it decreased the structure to support that portion of building up at the roof level rather transferring the columns this creates a dramatic appearance on iconic appearance we've optimized the structure in a visibly exciting way here as you can see from a human scale working class around the scale the pedestrian path that links the main plaza clockwise before you see there in the may
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drawings the columns you had to walk under those columns i columns doifrd we did the studies on the way the win trafltz we will be potentially added risk for wind tush lansz around the pathway from the north, northwest and spinning around the building those not only add a scale of cultivate to the pedestrian pathway making that feel like a urban street they brake or break the wind to make it a comfortable place to be so minor improvements around 16th street and the parking garage entrance and the accessibility and pathway up to the main plaza to continue to the 360 pathway in and around the site and i want to take a moment to
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measure the landscape the designers here locally are doing a fantastic job of breaking down into neighborhood neighborhood that are articulated and their supported with indigenous materials that are friendly to the investment stinkly supported with low irrigational water and ingigs and appropriate for the site streetscape the designers as and designed the soft escape the landscape and those areas are working on the streetscape i'll not read all but the level of detail we're thinking about the furniture around the site where are the trash containers and you know comfortable where are the bike racks we're providing more bike racks than
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needed we want this to be a confront place for bike rider you'll read the rest the point we're creating a soft an urban environment that is comfortable for people 365 parking by youth we're refinancing the sites light for different events and allocated to the different program needs of site and the development sally textbook the time to mention we're seeking and in decision with usf about those discriminates show what happens if we were not successful in negotiating the variance the gatehouse is the fourth side of urban room i've talk about that before in the
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center of third street it mites wind coming down the street adjacent to it but creates that room that enclosure we've had the study and spent time if that gate was relocated from the plaza was depressed unfortunately, if this this somewhere we'll end up with a two height plaza brooklyn brooklyn broken into less functional and the depressed plaza have a difficult time conceding in this level but hope we're successful with the preferred plan an aerial view you've seen that this is updated in the corporation of green roofs and the plazas and the location of the arena and the bay front terrace that is cone free. >> this is a nice shot of the
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northwest corner we understand still that the majority of spectators will be arriving here we were carve to think about the experience as you enter the plazas from 8 foot into the elevated plaza and enter into the rear you've talked about how this becomes the front porch people joy stopping and have a sandwich or wait for a friend and enjoy that moment. >> this is a shot after you walk up and arrive in the plaza your back to the gatehouse with the front with sfwrans to the arena and the grand lobby space inside the arena eave shown the baseball counterfeiter this is the flexibility space as a outside multi purpose room the pumpkin
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patch in october or christmas tree space or host outdoor community events at any time and again think of this as a flexible room and a space people can enjoy there is it looking our back to the arena look at the reason in its preferred location that is a nice shot of the corner of third street and 16th street this is a nice shot the designers in the city did a fantastic job how the materials have helped to inspire some of the materials into the arena they were working with the warm colors i felt be entitled to inspired to bring those materials a it is difficult to
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design a commercial building like this they've done a fantastic job i think i mentioned with the side core it on misses the floor plates for the kinds of tenants that want to lease the spaces but a difficult design challenge you've going done a fantastic job on the exterior of the building here it is from a different am between the point where the commercial building and others arena almost touch each other and pass into the main plaza 360 degree pedestrian walk around the site and arena. >> this is the walk evaluate on the corner of the southeast corner we're on 16th street looking towards the water as you can see the southeast intranls lobby and the bike valet on 16th
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street this is one of my favorite shots of southeast corner very, very dramatic a repeat with the updated materials but the integrity and the impact of that view of the building remains unchanged wal-mart along here the building is on the podium of restaurants and cafes that open up to the park with street dining and operateable walls and improves the scale of the building we don't have to bring the building to the curve is sits in a comfortable pronounced the rooftop roof is assessable to the public 365 a year this is why we're up at the pedestrian pathway our back to the water we're luke the entrance or third
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sgrans to the arena we can enter here we're allowing for the access and maybe more importantly egress. >> walking around the building we have an access way elevator lobby just off here an escalate lobby they make a stop on the rooftop level this shot with the gateway in the background towards the plazas. >> and there a nice feeling of what it street cafes and shops along the way the graduating that breaks the winds and twinkle i didn't lights that make it feel like an active space oath shot of of it there.
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>> one of the most significant changes to the exterior of the building to introduce those light bands we as a normal part of development project we had optimize the facade to reduce it soap as soon as possible so is it smaller in girth like the exists difference between wearing a winter coat and tight t-shirt first of all, we had to pull wrapper age a building shaped like this is difficult to actually generate the geometry so the panels don't bend in two directions we had to work with
5:48 am
sophisticated computer programs and smart engineers to redesign the exterior towards those panels bending in one direction we reduced the divider to introduce those offsets in the facade we are 86 using those as a potential for light bands to add more drama frankly to that facade especially during the nestling knitted and see the pattern of perforation would could be articulated we're working on the final details another shot and the lobby entrance with the patterson of the metal and the other thing we introduced on 16th street we introduced some windows before a large blank facade it was onerous for me we hadn't gotten to it but since then redesigned
5:49 am
that facade to include light into the concourse that brings light and in the night it breaks down that facade to a more friendly to the street. >> and a quick shot of the interior fte few changes from what i present a further refinement. >> this is a shot of the main entrance lobby off the main plaza over third street over off the main plaza work in that entire building exploding in front of you and see the stack and lots of excitement and drama in that space the aerial with the city from the background just updated for the current design and with that, i want to say thank you and pass the baton back to sally
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thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you, david so as typical with design approvals this is a conditional approval i'd like to go over the conditions described in our memorandum and incorporated into the resolution so those conditions include the project will comply with the m m rp and the improvement measures contingent on the secondary use the staff level staff will have approvals or approvals on variance administrative structural plans we'll go
5:51 am
through that process we've asked on retail and restaurants spaces under 45 thousand square feet restrictions be applied to ensure they stay as restaurant spaces as planned and requested design information as typical as you, you go through the next design review we asked they submit a signage plan before the commission for you to review and we would like to see typical further refinements on the retail frontages on the terrace boulevard and provide us with materials and colors and just novelist that the project is, of course, required to pay any required impact fees and invited to the child impact fee and the
5:52 am
transportation impact fee so turning to the design for development or the d fornix d the design in mission bay south is regulated through the mission bay south d for d document it is consistent with the controls of redevelopment plan and with the design guidelines for the d fornix d of the event center and related elements in the project to date the d for d amended 3 times and so the amendments related to this project falls into the following categories list we'll add relevant additions to the project and describe the height for the events center will be hundred and 35 feet under the maximum of hundred and 65 feet noted two
5:53 am
towers we're making that notion in the d for duo d's to show the 24 hours with in this redevelopment plan and allocating unused towers and showing that elsewhere and created the distance between the towers and creating a bulk allowance and we're justin the street wall and sunlights to - the design guidelines allow for the provide architecture statements and so we're noting that is the case with the event strsh that is the important earth moment we've included information to the event center around the parking garage ratios as well
5:54 am
as far we've talked about the 4 to 5 resolutions that are before the commission i'd like to present information related to an action taken by the executive director and this is related to secondary land use determination to the mission bay south redevelopment lays out the principle and redevelopment plan is the authorize for the approval of secondary land use to the executive director past secondary uses approvals are the ones for the ucsf hospital and others kaiser permanente building the event center actually has a variety of used for the principle and secondary uses so staff prepared on analysis for the executive directors consideration which was include in the information provided to the commission. >> so i'll walk you through through the principle and secondary used for the center it
5:55 am
is office use for the golden gate warriors room and the retail spaces and restaurants, artists and arts the performing arts and culture nature and other arts uses including the outdoor activities for the front bay terrace the secondary uses under the entertainment night time entertainment and the recreations building and structure of a non-use character the staff has concluded about the secondary uses included in this generally consortium with the planning and design controls established under the refreshed my memory plan and the use at this that are contemplated and proposed will provide development that is necessary and desirable for and comparable with the neighborhood and the community therefore staff remove the executive director approve
5:56 am
the event center as a secondary use so in the mission bay south participation agreement it must comply with ocii and the opportunities programs so the project sponsor has been working closely with the contract compliance staff and they've undertaken an extensive outreach and multi reach in bringing on team members approximately 95 percent of disciplines have been identified and their meeting the ocii goal of 50 f b or pe credit and the participation is $8.2 million to at a time which 90 percent is committed to the ftes in our pathways there was a breakdown of all the professional services ftes with the percentages there for you and moving forward once they move into the construction phase they'll have a having percent
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subcontracting goals and include a 50 percent local workforce hiring goal and the payment of prevailing wages in the permanent stage the permanent hiring is in correspondence or crayons with the hiring program. >> so, now describe for you all the outreach as this project is under review the key stakeholder outreach includes the neighborhood groups in mission bay and rincon hill and dog patch and other eastern neighborhoods objective usf and mission bay the san francisco giants and the biotech round table and bicyclist coalition and the ball park cooperation committee and the advisory committee we can't do any projects without they thank them for their dedication and attendance to this project
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i'd like to note some endorsements that the project received on october 6, '78 usf enforce the project on october 20th we received a letter from the life science community endorsing the the project and cca we had 10 merging over the last year and a half including october 8th an unanimous recommendation from the cca to approve the project i'd like to note another approval letter in our packet from the mtc they've written a letter of support and again in our packet and copies are available for the public so again, just to go over the different phases of review and actions we've taken to date under environmental impact we started with a notice of
5:59 am
preparation in november of last year, we published the eir the draft eir in june of this year and held a public hearing to accept oral comments on june 20th it closed in july and we published the comments on october 23rd on the design approval we have been before the commission a number of times including april of 2014 the executive director gave a report on the warriors then purchase of the site and completed in december of 2014 a presentation to the planning commission regarding overall design and then we came before you in january to talk about the major phase and in may i mentioned to do the draft design workshop we remember back to the planning commission for the workshop and went to cca on
6:00 am
october '78 and here again before you for the environmental impact report certification adoption of fthsz and the d for d sign for approvals. >> so the next steps the immediate next steps to accept public comment on the items you've gone through the commission about consider the certification and adoption of ceqa findings and consider other actions and hear from the executive director on secondary use and after the project environmental impact report has been certified and the project approvals made the project goes before a variety of other public bodies as mention the project will could going both the mta board for the ceqa finding and resolution upon the funds for the project that was zipped on thursday this goes before the
6:01 am
planning commission design receive of office projects in mission bay as laid down out in the redevelopment plan and on monday november 9th the blow-by-blow transportation legislation goes before the budget & finance committee at the board of supervisors and the number of action before the puc port and have be entertainment commission on november 10th with that, that concludes my presentation. and if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them over public comment thank you. >> thank you that was very thorough presentation. >> so before transparenwe enters how many. >> i can't tell you but we have several a number of speaker cards. >> we'll take that without objection. limit public comment
6:02 am
to two minutes and see how we do. >> can you please begin the calling of members of the public 5 names at a time members of the public i'll call 5 names at the time please approach the podium if you're no overflow room make our way to 416 members of the public are asked to be seated in overflow room after making comments in order to provide space for the next
6:03 am
speakers. >> (calling names). >> hi commissioners and bryan i'm here speaking over a lot of the san francisco bicycle coalition we have been working with the warriors closely over the last year to improve the bicycle facility and programs i'm happy to say after mta and oewd we're pleased with the transportation designs and the current programs with that the significant bicycle improvements to the terry boulevard and 16th street around the sites the project coordination with the bay area makes that a safe and comfortable designation to and from by bicycle the proposal their strong with ongoing
6:04 am
moderation this a great place to bike to we're thrilled to see the warriors space for the valet parking that accommodates the city's growing bike trips speaking for are experience the stadium is small for parking the valet along with the robust encouragement programs makes this the single most bicycle friendly professional sporting venue in the country on completion a feature in the city's cap the bicycle trips takes an ongoing effort we're looking forward to the purpose with the warriors to ensure this city is a great place to bicycle to thank you.
6:05 am
>> good morning my brother's keeper i'm tom representing the mission bay lines a couple of points first of all, the co-counsel sent a letter contesting the secondary use the predicamentness it is not a allowable use i encourage you to look at that she'll speak to flush out the reasons if it turns out not a proper secondary use you can't amend the design i
6:06 am
have a letter i'll submit i e-mailed yesterday it is here with respect to the findings the eir complies with ceqa it turns out it doesn't for lots of reasons one of the reasons has to do with with the fact that the eir took the position that compliance with the city's permit a water quality permit is no water impact significance well, i obtained and said you have to prove and apply and with response to the comments we got the water permit filed so it is simple not a proper basis with no significant effect on air and water quality i'd like to give you those binders and my comment on the final eir which is in too
6:07 am
binders with exhibits a there s. >> is it this the first time your giving us this you a it is on that point we only had 11 days after our staff of 58 people had 5 months two wishes to speak quick points the pollution is therefore - >> continue. >> that mitigation measure is no longer effective to reduce we never thought it was not effective to reduce the impacts to less than significant because the agency to do the offset program is no longer agreeing to the price and that is a mitigation measure that the project sponsor apparently has reduced to adapt that is the trigger to redo that and the people can comment that was a development that occurred
6:08 am
yesterday based on the letter on the table and finally a letter from my co-counsel thank you. >> uh-huh. >> thank you. >> commissioners jim lazarus city attorney san francisco chamber a partner for the alliance for jobs our expletive will benefit from this facility a transit rich location one that accommodates not only the great growth we appreciate in mission bay but the growth of our visitor industry to the development of this facility i urge people to look at the ballot handbook from 1996 when the ball park was on the ballot the ball park the ballot argument the world as and knew
6:09 am
that would end with the development of around with the congestion and tax revenues away from the city gridlock oppose the ball park that if happen this is one of the great engines and a privately developed arena at mission bay will do the same this is a site that k3450789s this public and privately jointly developed facility and like other downtown facilities will have a tremendous impact on jobs and tax revenues to the city for decades usf lived comfortably with the stadium down the hill are college and high school and professional football in a 70 thousand plus seat stadium i'm sure that you usf moab can live as comfortably with that great center a block or two away thank you very much.
6:10 am
>> thank you. >> (calling names). >> good morning, commissioners my name is victor i'm the business manager of love 67 for the laborers to know and also the vice president of the council for san francisco we are here to support and express the importance of having an arena to be built in mission bay we're extremely excited with about the great jobs this will create and once again give the san franciscans one more reason to be proud the warriors have worked hard and done everything right that is possible to get all the support they needed a need i'm here to let you, you know, we're
6:11 am
permitted with the mission bay alliance that is been an global obstructing those facilities that has so many support thank you. >> thank you. >> can the following people come up pete are farm david de la torre laura corin woods. >> good morning, commissioners. >> good morning. >> i'm peter i'm here representing national association of mineral contractor and supplies with a northern california chapter the association association is provide subcontracting opportunity to minority krashlts and suppliers having built this newcomer projects in the bay and
6:12 am
this area we welcome this project will provide a lot of intraushth opportunities and create jobs in the community this is an excellent project foreign this bay area to have a stadium in the backyard we support the commissioners looking forward to approving this. >> thank you. >> good morning, commissioners i'm leroy piranha 18 year residential in the dog patch community there a lot of wonderful things going on in the dog patch and this is ann another addition that will bring more just jobs bring comfortable to the parents that don't have any place to take their kids in the afternoon
6:13 am
and kids want to do something positively and enjoyment for everyone in the family to do the neighborhood it definitely coming up in developing well, i ask that all of yendorse that thank you. >> thank you. >> good morning, commissioners laura vice president for the campus plan usf on behalf of of usf i wish to express the supports for the golden gate warriors and submit a letter since the warriors announced it's intent to built at mission bay as impressed it's concerns about the impacts the proposed project on parking and traffic with the patient safety we've reviewed and commented on the documents as well as
6:14 am
participated in numerous meetings and testified before this body and as placing we presented a letter on the draft eir and we've concluded did city's response is satisfactory we appreciate the hospital transportation plan for the project and appreciate the proposed offsite parking to the south of the design center for the teebdz the 19th street at pier 70 and pier 80 ellis is unable to make the off-street parking we need this parking to meet the patient and visitors we appreciate the mission bay transportation improvement fund the over lap reserve account and those implemented by the projects we also appreciate the formation of an ssi that includes ellis and appreciate the refinements
6:15 am
of tower plan and the proposed muni usf station variance recommending the part of approval a few areas we believe the final eir could be strengthened the city making are long term comments on the off-street parking and asking the city provide a solution to the congestion on the off-ramp and the wastewater compensate at mission bay to serve all the development thank you for your k of my remarks. >> thank you very much. >> good morning, david telling for local 261 i'm here with the iran dissolve institute i'm the
6:16 am
chairperson i'm here to voice our support in moving forward with that project because of the commitment to building a pool with union labor securing the area standards and community involvement so i strongly encourage the approval of the eir report and moving one step closer to finally getting this project built and into process. >> can the please step forward (calling names) and continue. >> good morning my name is kathy i live in mission bay the proposed oversight is
6:17 am
directly next to my home i'm excited to watch the warriors and have concerts and family shows like disney globe troubleshooters and sfoshthd o so forth i'm excited about the wasting park there is nothing in this community in the south thanks in the south neighborhood it provides a place for the kids and families to enjoy the beautiful views in a safe environment the warriors have done an impressive study it fits well in our mission bay community thank you. >> thank you. >> morning director bohe and commissioners i'm corin wood i chair the mission bay advisory
6:18 am
committee which has unanimously approved at schematic design donor the arraign i'm representing the mission bay cca on the ball park transportation court reporting committee i've worked for at least 10 years i don't know how can to try and deal with the exist traffic in and transportation implementation both mission bay and the ball park to me approval of the eir is the first step and it is all will prelims that all about making sure that we don't get forgotten once the approvals go through that are commission of the sisters in terms of traffic and mitigations and improvements and the legislation that is moving to mta and the board of supervisors in terms of how it is going to be managed
6:19 am
ocii is the responsible agency this project ocii has taken a very low key approach to mission bay over the years, in fact, the last couple of years we've been starved for staff help and support as tiffany knows we need dedication if, if you, dictate those monitoring and everything else we need you ocii to make it sure things happen bruce because they won't hopping happen up to this or that agency you dedicate to it go took us 15 years to get across mission bay promised in '03 we still have streets that are open that are finished and not open parks that are finished and not open we need the ocii to
6:20 am
take is an aggressive approach to managing the process to survive this thank you. >> thank you. >> (calling names) prelim make your way to the podium. >> good morning. my name is a david i'm coming here in support of warriors project first of all, i live in the mission now and visited 3 hours away in 1998 my dad drove me to the area of third street and where around was it was desolate and demand not a source of pride when i
6:21 am
think the most beautiful city in the america my dad said the 0 giants will be playing here and berry bond will be hitting balls i didn't believe him notice 18 years later we see what that area has become and what kind of boom i see this warriors project mission bay is more developed already than that south beach area when around was proposed we see similar benefits from the prospective of the city second not as a resident but a person who covers supports sports i coffer sports i travel and see venues around the country that is part of my job i see which ones fit into the fabric the city and the ones i'm not excited to at&t park is a
6:22 am
major success and studied from this warriors proposal i think that this one will fit perfectly into the urban fabric of san francisco in a way to improve the city you can't be taken sierra's as a major city in the world without a venue like this i urge you guys to approve that thank you. >> thank you. >> good morning, commissioners and thank you for the opportunity my name is thompson o thomas i live and work and have a small business in san francisco i've been a resident to the city as since the 1970s and would go south of market for 15 years plus i witnessed the difference the construction of basketball brought to the neighborhood in 2000 and helped to reignite the
6:23 am
development of the neighborhood since then the golden state warriors will reignite the region sports plays a large roll in our society and teaches people to enjoy the values such teamwork and sport manship that venue will stimulate the economy this buildings the mission bay warriors rather than to put on performances to larger audience thank you. >> good morning. i'm mta i'm the cfo for the live performance in the state of california in bakersfield and long beach and redding and oakland and santa fe and sacramento los angeles times two and stockton they have
6:24 am
arraigns we don't here in san francisco our best opportunity to have a world war arena is now because of golden state warriors they've done a phenomenal job creating the eir that addresses the concerns that are raise our office no on 16 and rhode island with the familiarity we know what the traffic is and they've been addressed by the plans in place by this eir this organization has deny on a phenomenal job and continues to do so for the entire history given the opportunity to bring this rather than to san francisco and if they had live nation will provide live entertainment to this amazing city that currently goes to oakland and santa fe because of the lack of an arena in san francisco thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> will the following individuals please come forward
6:25 am
(calling names). >> hi i'm scott van horn thank you for the opportunity to you today, i work and live in dog patch i can see the site from my unit when i address this commission in june, i voices i support the project i still do, however, i want to address the eir and those who are attempting to increase lie it, the people said they'll stop the project participating in the city and state to the environment they've been planning from the beginning to use the considerable wealth to litigate this i was at the meanwhile e meeting which jake david said they'll sue until the
6:26 am
cows come home they've worked with the mta to make the massive improvements and improvements to waterfront parks and benefit everybody and worked with the city to put aside a reserve fund as you can see from those articles they didn't wait for the draft eir to be published before they started to attack that at least what we assumed would be in that that includes the material ross earlier they make that clear they'll not be funding that but instead those bloinldz want the land and throw away the improvements to build to themselves leaving the community out in the cold i urging you to approve that to see the massive benefits to any neighborhood and the city and hope to see the warriors bring
6:27 am
another championship to san francisco thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good morning, commissioners i'm henry ami i've lived in the city and in the coastline and a small businesses since 1994 i wanted to speak on a number of terms i'll be brief and commend the warriors for their outreach in the community a part of neighborhood meeting and addressed a lot of the concerns from the neighbors including did transportational and educational opportunities for the third street corridor i'm in favor of the project and excited about the design and rather than the open space thirty percent felt projects project looked like to open space will be the open
6:28 am
plaza and walk 360 degrees around the arena and the lake front area is substantial and not worthy is provides a lot of opportunity for the citizens of the city and others that come to visit your city to enjoy the lake front and the opportunities of retail and business in the area and stimulate the economy i think that it is really, really a beautiful design and i'll keep it brief and say i'm in favor of the project thank you very much. >> good morning my name is jonathan a business representative for the sheet love 1014 we are faucets with the bill and trade council and the san francisco alliance for
6:29 am
jobs consisting of growth here to express our strong support for the arena we're flitdz by the mission bay alliance their opposition for a project that has a lot of community support the warriors working hard with the community and labor that brings pathways for san francisco youth opportunities to become state certified hens apprentices and living wages and benefits to thousands of workers the warriors arena will be added to a long list of projects that provided opportunity and employment and entertainment to support this project thank you. >> good morning, commissioners i'm a long term residents of
6:30 am
castro hill an active communities volunteer when i see and the warriors have done and what they're committed to help the under served of our community taken place for the trades and then those jobs translate into the other jobs as they move there their careers from my house on the on ramp i know the traffic congestion and commend the effort that is gone into the traffic mitigation i urge you in all sin certainty to help our community and the warriors succeed thank you. >> commissioners michael 90 san francisco building trade council we remember thrilled to read about the agreement within usf and the warriors with
6:31 am
regards to this arena evils is an institution we respect and landing in mission bay you'll recall through the deal there mayor brown we're not surprised by the agreement with the warriors and the ongoing discussions to refine our decisions have shown them to be corporate and pragmatic with regards to the mission bay alliance of water quality you'll recall chevron excavated and removed hydro carbons to bring the water up to standards that wart has been taken care of already, we're interested in new jobs in the construction and the new opportunities to the community this allows us to correct in pointing out this is an economic
6:32 am
boon and the continuing source of opportunities for residents of san francisco in other types of employment as well we ask you to approve the environmental impact report and to carry on with the approvals today thank you. >> thank you. >> will the following people please come forward (calling names). >> good morning commissioners john of san francisco travel and san francisco travel remains a enthusiastic support supporter it adds a dimension to the $10.7 billion travel and tourism industry in the city that is a large venue that can accommodate many of the special events and programs we currently can't accommodate and if this project
6:33 am
is approved we're able to accommodate those special projects and programs that will expands the benefits of truffle of travel and have tourism that contribute for taxation to the city general fund and expand the overall activity in san francisco we encourage the commission to approve the eir before you today and move that important and valuable project forward as soon as possible thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> hello commissioners. i'm christi live in los alters a commission for the city and thank you for all the work you do i'm currently between jobs full-time employment i've been driving for unusual and not rep that o add to the extent there
6:34 am
are those jobs will be created through this new park i think other opportunities for san francisco of the technologies to fill in to provide meaningful new york for others members of the community i want to say during my time as at environmental commission nothing comes in perfect but i think you'll find as i've seen over the last few years is that rick and his team a world-class organization not only in professional sports wells fargo to work hand in hand to do the right thing lastly i want to say that i have 4 daughters and raising kids e kid is about creating family memories one of the moments in my life to watch those games with any kid's and i
6:35 am
think about coming to this venue with them will quality as a memory for me and my children thank you. >> thank you. >> good morning, commissioners i'm charlie the district roach for the local 3 i'm also the chair of the labor caucus of the jobs for sustainable growth and both of the organizations trespassing expressed their support for the warriors project the operating building trades council discussed with the warriors how best to work together the relatives the commitment to work with the labor to maximize opportunities for the san francisco residents to have living what this jobs with benefits those residents in the trades need a sustained stream of projects to remain employed it is important to
6:36 am
remember that amendment is building is pled their unemployed again, the warriors are the poster child for outreach with the building trades and the communities to the cbo's and within the city where we live because this is a great opportunities for the members to work on a project that provides the city with a itch needed annuity and improves the city with their career opportunities thank you. >> go warriors good morning. i'm annette i'm a resident of bayview hunters point and i want it thank you, commissioners for being here take into consideration and approve the eir report the warriors this new event center is just been long coming and long overdue in the evening times and we understand
6:37 am
there is very little to do here in our neighborhoods and even though with the emerging businesses in the dog patch area we appreciate that is kind of for grown folks not the kids this is an opportunity for our families to get out and bike and enjoy the great outdoors i'm a staff member of rec and park here in san francisco so i really, really advocate for the outdoor and to be able to bring something along the waterfront it is a great annuity in a world-class city in terms of the plans for transportation honey you can't come up with a better plan i take the t train i can't goat home it takes an hour maybe it should take 15 minutes i'm
6:38 am
thankful they took the time to pass this one are the prkz how can we make that right for everybody and they the three i really want to thank the warriors team for being such. >> community partner and really looking forward oh, the warriors did you see that game last night 50 points come on that's world-class i gurgle u encourage we need the foot traffic to come to help to support continue to sustain. go giants i'm sorry go warriors >> she's so excited (laughter) pursue good morning. i'm joel i'm a local 6 electrical worker
6:39 am
that lives in the sunset i grew up here and went to high school and college and lucky enough to buy a home in the sunset with my sister i'm here speaking today for the san francisco electrical contractors association and the electrical workers local 6 both sides of the bargain industry are very much in favor the certifying the eir and moving forward with the project as promoted 32 local business enterprises in san francisco that are in favor of 24 project that pay their payroll taxed and pay their gross receipts and san francisco transition journey think men and others not as labor supporting from the other
6:40 am
brothers and sisters from the other unions but any public comment is here in full support of project thank you. >> can the following people make it to the podium (calling names). >> dear commissioners, good morning and thanks for your time and thank you for allowing me i'm david wong the bay area deputy sheriff the foundation for the executive director and we work with youth and once a year with the deputy sheriff program we take three hundred on the other hand, to 5 hundred disadvantaged youth to go
6:41 am
christmas shopping out of that program we ask our pro sport athletes to accompany to do the shopping with the guide the kids to a better direction i'm the retired deputy sheriff in san francisco if we can prevent kids when their young we can prevent crime just imagine with coach coincides to shop their parents is so amazing the shock that, you know, that we shop with them imagine we tell the parents and children that warriors is in the home is with us and that would be world-class world-class decision i hope you can make that world-class decision thank you. >> thank you.
6:42 am
>> john william templeton with the african-americans freedom building with the subsequent eir violates substantive to every criminal justice system law in the 1994 federal executive order i've prepared a document when it fails to take into account the cumulative effects of land use i heard the planning commissioner, i conducted a analysis of that eir to see that it is substantially has documents in certain combroumz of people are more valuable than others that breaks a covenant $2.2 billion will link to the rest the city
6:43 am
and negatively impacts 1941 usf hsa had a had an clan to plant cotton they turned down the invitation we shouldn't leave our impacted communities behind in order to approve that project. >> thank you >> good afternoon good morning. >> my name is matt valentino the president of the south motorbike association we are in full support mission bay needs a sense of place i think the way we picture if no events and no games that facility will be excelling valuable to our neighborhood not only the president of that organizations he live within walking distance
6:44 am
of the warriors site we're super excited as neighbors and business folks in the community one of the things that will important we've heard one point of opposition today we'll have a difference community in support of this project the comments that have come in the support range across business, local merchants, community groups and residents and neighbors and folks from around the region and city versus the paid consultants and paid legal folks that give you binders to throw mud against the wall those guys the mission bay alliance came forward with the eir to make comments about suing until the cows come hemihome i've been practicing
6:45 am
lieu when someone said they're going to sue you and sue e sue i until the koudz come home no case this is no case against an incredible he amount a of community support i want to say thank you and the warriors for participating with the city in a community oriented process we look forward to you coming to san francisco thank you. >> thank you. >> will the following people come to the podium (calling names). >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm depending on a resident in the city of san francisco i am activity active in the community as a federation member
6:46 am
as well as is a absorbing member, however, i'm speaking for myself quite frankly i'm very unhappy with the right wing folks trying to prevent progress to take a dead block of dirt and packing make that a center for the communities for that venue as far as providing more jobs about 6 hundred with our corporate square footage and on the retail space on the first floor that is an opportunity for dog patch and small business owners so have their business at the plaza and also want to speak concerning the open space this project has 33 percent open space about 3.3 acres there are parking concerns, however, we do have that safeway garage off of
6:47 am
king street and have the opportunity at&t ball park and garage to rely on amble opportunity for parking and i want to point out this particular project electricities $18 million to the infrastructure of the city as well as $40 million towards the transportation of the infrastructure system as well so again, thank you for hearing me and all your hard work please support this project thank you. >> thank you. >> hello commissioners. i'm nike want to thank you for allowing me i'm excited to welcome the warriors to san francisco i'm supporting the project one the arena will be
6:48 am
built app on a private project and two the development is entirely privately fined a huge deems for the teams commitment for the neighborhoods i've seen through the process i've been part of this since the beginning and worked tireless with the community addresses change and i mean they're basically one of the best developers i've worked with and i worked a lot of with a lot of developers that is great to see that they also will be the new arena will trigger the communication of a long awaited 5 and a half acre park in mission bay that is personal i'm a representative of the park open space advisory committee one of the things i've been pushd for it open space in this area this is something i pushed
6:49 am
a strategic plan to the commission to have a strategic plan for the area for open space to find places that is a perfect space and they're adding that is major a waterfront park we don't have a lot of i should say this is huge the site is excellent freeway assess and benefits from the infrastructure under a way including the off-ramps and intersections improvements and more than 9 thousand public parking spaces already in place thank you guys for hearing me and i hope you vote to have them here thank you guys. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners monte sereno with on the south of market business association first of all, i want to commend and applaud the worries worries
6:50 am
for not giving up the burden and throw in the towel we can't go to the piers and go to oakland but no, they stuck it out they've work hard and said we're going to do it they removed reached out to everyone as the association i'll involved that the emergency out in the bayview and dog patch because what the warriors they have not only baseball but other entertainment more people coming out into the the area and trickles to the bay area and to the rest of south of market that will be a really great thing to have in the south of market area i can tell you right now when it comes to businesses in the area around the giants park once no games a lot of those businesses not too much going on this will help them to do much better with
6:51 am
the warriors so once again i think they're a great team my daughter loves them and if i didn't speak in support of this program she wouldn't talk with me again, i urge you to please support this i'm in favor of it thank you. >> thank you. >> good morning happy election day i'm john change the owner of the newest port restaurant in mission bay located at pier 50 at 295 up the street from the arena we've named our restaurant at water tavern and plan to open in the spring i'm the owner of high dive restaurant that is at pier 28 since 2004 my family and i live
6:52 am
in north beach and care about the quality of life in this city 100 percent in favor of this project preceding immediately my partners and i have look at the drirt and building they will solve 100 percent of the potential traffic circulation problems in this area i speak from externals high dive is at bryant and embarcadero and traffic is a given the city does an outstanding job of managing pedestrians and other traffic mission bay is a mixed use neighborhood that needs more activity public open space and complaini championship teams i urge you to vote in favor. >> will the following people come up to the podium
6:53 am
(calling names). >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm dennis diamond consultant and education he teach in the san francisco public schools i want to thank the c ii and work you've done to insure the mission bay for the warriors arena can address the traffic concerns successfully i also wanted to share that i support this environmental impact report to be certified today for the benefit of everyone in the city and also i want to mention that thank you for responding to any comments i provided you with some materials and he e-mail this morning and also you, your comments in the eir thank you for addressing my comments regarding my
6:54 am
proposal including a how clamor in the arena one clarification i think know that is a major effort i've been doing for many years i want to thank the warriors for all their long term support for our kids and throughout the bay area with with that said, my proposal as you committed in the eir i've never had the intention to build a new high school or high school in the city or in mission bay area they've mentioned that briefly in the comments my idea hopefully the warriors will take this idea and address and incorporate it into their community foundation efforts to expand their education programs and use it as a model the warriors have tremendous influence through the mba to create this classroom any way to see fit to expand that to their
6:55 am
colleagues across the country for all the mba and other folks thank you very much. >> thank you. >> morning i'm carla tucker the project coordinator for the urban academy that is an enrichment program 200 about his of color that are smart saturday educational program that transformers young boys into eager learners so they can be ready to excel a group of wonderful volunteers and organizations some that come out to support our boys anticipate the programs and activities throughout the year but this brings me to talk about our nabbing championship team amps
6:56 am
there about to solidify their move to san francisco the warriors project will attract ever had thousand jobs permanent and construction bayview hunters point has the highest unemployment rate our families are excited about the opportunities the warriors have also already keep in mind a tremendous amount of community support by providing tickets for kids and families to attend the professional games and awarded several abhorring grants and reflushing our courts and showing overall candidates to health and education to warriors means so much more than baseball it allows public to have access and will also set the tune for the waterfront and eventually will add to the connection point to the hunters point shipyard
6:57 am
candle stick and warriors move mission bay will help to pay for the muni services 1942 something that will gridlock improve the families in the bay area communities for that we existed and grateful they'll coming over to the city thank you. >> thank you. >> good morning, commissioners daniel for the record i'm currently cherish chairing the new community leadership foundation we would like to say we support the warriors coming to san francisco and the times we came here before i spoke we're excited
6:58 am
about the entertainment venue and having a world-class arena in san francisco we know this is just the first step of a long term process as you may know the on the haiti wear is dealing with the communities i come from the fillmore area the best warrior player willingly w low smith came to san francisco will prove that it is being election day the communities benefits agreement we speak about at the center plays a role like this project the warriors project and even when we having things coming to the city that brings opportunity whether that or the super bowl being this a whole city and our organization one the things i'm tasked about how to be creative and getting young people about the development in.
6:59 am
>> was it impacts grassroots communities in san francisco that's one of the things we want to help the worries we're native in san francisco and been here since day one so communicate to the rock bottom community to the top that is big for the city and definitely creates opportunities and make sure the laws on the book 50 percent hire go forward thank you. >> thank you. >> good morning my name is sharon johnson i'm a native san franciscan i am a locate warriors fan i. the youth program manager and potrero hill housing i'm here to support this project with the warriors i've worked with the warriors important a long time
7:00 am
38 they gave us ticket and supported the efforts with the youth in our communities and they've just this is a wonderful, wonderful opportunity to bring a championship team here to san francisco i am here to see ditto to all who support this project and look forward to welcoming the warriors here to our community thank you. >> does the baby want to say something (laughter). >> i'm calling for the last time oscar james (calling names). >> good morning my brother's keeper i'm susan grand holly it's a hard to follow a baby sleeping in a warriors injurecy i'll do my best we all support
7:01 am
the warriors that's not the issue bulb the public looks to this commission to follow did environmental laws in every way before approving that project or considering approval you received a number of letters if me and others regarding the environmental problems yet the final eir we received with thousand of pampers has the approvals they're being rushed introduce it is unfair to the commission and public a lot of the environmental questions are not solved i'd like to comment for the record a few letters those are hard copies i'd like to focus on this short announcement on a problem that needs to be solved we brought up in the draft eir comments in july the eir declined to study the land use consistency of this plan the mission bay the south mission bay redevelopment plan
7:02 am
sets out a carve plan community in those classic bare blokes to allow development of the biotech industry and others comparable uses the eir did not study land use it said it qualified as a second time night time entertainment none of the secondary uses night time terminator that is for bars and small evening establishments are reaction building claimed that is actually entertainment that is not a active recreation but in fact, something people watch or a public structure or use, in fact, that is not because not a public building and you can't say fix that problem by considering an amendment of the redevelopment ambulance right now that project is directly inconsistent and
7:03 am
explicit qualify as a secondary much less a primary use we'll ask you to take time to look at the eir comments that we submitted and in particular take a hard look at the finding that are not reportable regarding the secondary use i'm not sure do you have more time. >> no, no i - just finish. >> thank you very much look at all the issues raised and again, the public is looking to you to make sure whatever is approved certainly at another location it is fully resolved and not go forward and create environmental problems thank you. >> thank you. >> are there any others that would like to speak? >> madam chair, i have no further speaker cards.
7:04 am
>> none in the overflow rooms. >> we checked. >> we'll close the public comment thank you, everyone for speaking i think my fellow commissioners and i are a little bit tired we need a break we'll take a thirty minute break i think that is fine with so we can stretch our legs and come back for the balance of the calendar
7:05 am
>> thank you, everyone it is 110 and we're back in session thank you very much for your parish we took a little bit longer than thirty minutes so public comment is closed. but before i turn to my fellow commissioners like to request staff to present a response to some of the comments we've heard thank you madam chair rosales and sally for the record commissioners we we have a few staff that wants to respond and chris concerns from the planning department. >> good afternoon chris censure with the environmental
7:06 am
planning and i'm part of team of city staff and consultants who have spent the last year and a half presenting the environmental impact report that is before you today, i want to talk brief about that process and the function of ceqa the function of second is to provide informed decision making by the public and public agencies about the environmental consequences did proposed project an informational document its purpose it disclosure about the environmental facts i feel strongly that the team and many of the expert consultants and city staff and the city attorney's office month contributed to the drafting of the final environmental impact
7:07 am
report that is before you today meets the requirements of ceqa that it thoroughly dollars all of the potentially significant environmental effects of the project it identifies feasible utilization measures that reduces the impacts and it identifies feasible alternatives that would constitutionally lessen this project the responses to comments document which together with the draft supplemental or subsequent environmental impact report formed the final eir if you certify it today in response to the comments we've received on the draft documents both during the public comment period as well as after the public comment period through october 7th at this point we had a cut of we'll respond to in the response
7:08 am
comment document and finalize that document we've received a number of comments since october 7th we responded to all comments we as of yesterday afternoon in writing and provided with the late comments and responses that have come in since that time starting 6:00 p.m. last night and earlier todays hearing we received a number of additional comments we have not prepared written responses to those comments, however, i wanted to assure you this team of technical specialists and attorneys and city staff have reviewed the comments submitted and we do not in our opinions our expert opinions building that the materials that have been submitted in the last 15 hours
7:09 am
or so raised any new issues or didn't contain new information that would alternate any of the conclusions with want final eir put before you the nature of the information and comments in these late supplementals can be characterized as a disagreement among experts are issues we have already respond to in the resident to comments document or addressed in the draft eir now with that said, there are a few specific topics i want to provide clarification on as to how we responded 0 to those comments and how the issues raised in those comments are addressed in the document we've provided to you and to bring
7:10 am
that up i'll we made a quick list of the topics that are covered by the comments that have been received again in the last 15 hours or so and cover transportation and quality and noise and green house gas emissions and 9 hundred certification and wetlands ohio hydrology and wastewater, utilities and sgroe i didn't and recreation wind and shadow urban decay the process land use economic issues, and environmental justice and social economic issues of that topic there are no new issues that have not been already addressed and analyzed in the final eir documents in the technical analysis and
7:11 am
documents are in the record we've provided on a couple of points one additional eradicate or really a minor change mitigation ab q t that measure reads pay a mitigation fee for the air qualify management division 2345u6789, 20118 thousand plus for the per year we want to change that not to exceed to no less than and we have discussed it change with the project sponsor and the project sponsor has indicated agreeable to that change the mitigation measure is
7:12 am
patricia incorporates to a late comment letter we've received from the bay area air quality management that letter and the response to that letter is obtained in the packet we've distributed we didn't make that hang to the measure that was on oversight it focused on the amount of the offset mitigation fee and the planning department staff and air quality in house consultants are ongoing discussion with the district about, about the amount of the fee for the draft wasn't we're continuing those discussions and clearly have not reached a final agreement we will continue those discussions we will very much like to reach on agreement with the air district on a workable
7:13 am
ouch set fee as a mitigation approach no time for this project but use for further projects having said that, in recognition of the fact we've not reached a final agreement with the measure we added another option to that measure that is a change in the response to comments document that additional option allows the sponsor to have the opportunity emissions with alternatives to enter into an agreement with their district as an offset i wanted to note the city has done exactly that and used the mitigation measure approach previously for the america's cup event that eir included an emissions offset project to
7:14 am
offset emissions generated by the events of traffic and spectator event that offset was a power facility port to dry dock facility that allows ships at dry dock to make up to grid power as opposed to their diesel menus and offsets significant you know amount of emissions that is an ongoing benefit to the city and residents in the area and hallway has been implemented successful we feel providing that second option further support of feasibility of the emissions offset let's see on the topic of air quality we also want to note that as a
7:15 am
result of project prelims of the draft and the finally, those are refinements around the construction process for the project including additional dewatering and the onsite treatment of hazardous soils by the pug mill a slight increase in the average daily construction emissions about 2 to 5 percent oh, as well as these emissions will be contributed to the construction of the center platform variance with some you know additional structure relate to the variance we believe that that 3 to 5 percent increase in the emissions is not a
7:16 am
substantial increase in the driving or recorded in the draft eir we'll note the off society mitigation measure that was discussing will more than offset the emissions that mitigation measure is offsets both the operational emissions that succeed the emissions during construction of the project so we feel that issue has been if he addressed in the eir in response to the document. >> with respect with the ucsf comments regarding improvements to the mariposa pump station to address did ongoing and existing wastewater contribution issues in the project area the sf puc has and the
7:17 am
department of public works planning department staff and consultants and usf has again been in discussion over those issues before the publication of the draft the puc has implemented as voted in the response time in the document interim fixes that addresses the contribution capacity shortfall in the near term and is right now working on finalizing the design of the project which will be implemented long before the capacity of the current system is exceeded and just explain that further little analysis in the draft eir in response time demonstrates that sufficient capacity is available now and will be available at the time the marina project is implemented only with cumulative
7:18 am
build out of the plan and usf planned falls there's an issue with the further structure capacity that has not been missed the city is working on it fully intends to provide the required infrastructure before it is needed let's see - just want to make sure inch caught all the tops with respect to comments late comments about the ability of the eir to rely on compliance with the city's mpd s water charge district under the clean water for the southeast water treatment plant again, the concerns raised about a record of or history of violations we
7:19 am
think that a bit of a miss characterization that concern was noted in the comments received on the draft eir we've provided responses on that topic and had discussions with sfpuc staff and really we think of more accurate characterization of that history is that the regulatory process in the permit establishes discharge limitations things occur with a regulatory process that the sfpuc complies with to report any things to take corrective action that is really in the
7:20 am
sfpucs opinion you know to be expected to the regulatory process and really finds of the how the regulatory process is supposed to function and then finally it wanted to address some concerns raised about the enforceability and prelims of the mitigation manufacture and the improvement measures and candidates on the part of sponsor and city through that project in our approval actions one of the action before you is if you were or to certify the eir to adopt an m m rp for the monitoring for the program the m m rp provided a detailed and lengthy documentation of the parties responsible for the implementation of you know all the mitigation and improvement
7:21 am
measures as well as the parties responsible for the monitoring and reporting and what the compliance actions are in this case we have gone further we normally do we have constituent in order to improve and simplify the ongoing monitoring process for the m m rp report to be submitted to the project sponsor reports on the current status of compliance with all the measures in the m m rp and an introduction to the m m rp which identifies the enforcement tools available both your commission and to other city departments that have you will be designating people responsibilities to and they are robust and adequate in my view
7:22 am
in addition to all that the planning department has recently created and has staffed now a new position flextime position dedicated solely to my attention monitoring and condition compliance something that we have the capability to do in the past more resources to dedicate to that function. >> i think that's all i have nonetheless you have questions about the eir or the environmental review process. >> i think we have on those topics no questions right now. >> thank you very much i'll go back to shelly. >> next adam to address some
7:23 am
information and after that another individual to address. >> thank you, commissioners director bohe for your attendance to detail two items related to the fiscal feasibility analysis a letter from the controller's office submitted to the record with the analysis of the tax increment available from the project and the amendments alternatives to the project we've received this documents received late last night one hundred 4 pages from a law firm including an analysis from the marina consultants questioning some portions of our feasibility i wanted to note a few things into the record the report august's the bio technical is a better use for the city and their 5 reasons we
7:24 am
disagree further the benefit to the city provides a means to improve the city's infrastructure and the induced demand the consultant compares 2 thousand added biotech employees excluding the staff that serve the concessions and janitorial and other functions up to two hundred and 20 times per year and no transportation improvements for the light rail and the cross over track and signage for the neighborhood or the sfmta he attribute about one million dollars to the alternative biotech and even though the project includes two office buildings with biotech uses the city gets a greater
7:25 am
gain rather than the city only if an ongoing costs associated with the biotech center are assumed to be zero given the estimated employees that there will a hundred a.d. that is a false premise the doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result out costs partially offsets the tax precedes and finally hotel taxed the report raise capacity to accommodate the additional attendees and whether the attendees are already staying in the city when the events are at iconic the city's hotel room has increased modest from 84 to 8 six the daily rates have increased more than 50 percent
7:26 am
the city's hotel market is constrained by limits the room rates to increase and the corresponding tax revenues to complete there are hotels being built including third street and channel in mission bay and we stand behind the go feasibility analysis prepared by our outside consultants prepared and congruity with the controller's office thank you. >> madam chair rosales and my brother's keeper i'm jim the general council and deputy director for ocii i want to take the opportunity to respond to a couple of lowers received this morning but council for the
7:27 am
limits to the project in mission bay alliance susan grant has submitted a letter that basically says that the proposed event center does not qualify as a secondary use under the grounds that were stated in the staff report provided to this commission to the director mr. tom lip i didn't has provided a letter that says we followed the wrong procedure we also agrees with ms. grant holly not a secondary use we should have used a variance precede for this project i wanted to emphasize the most important fundamental flaw with their argument that is it ignores the redevelopment authority that exists for this mission and executive director to experience we are aware of
7:28 am
the dissolution that occurred occurred but not has the horticulture if it's context for 80 this project, in fact, the dissolution law and the state has confirmed that mission bay south and along with at project areas are continuing obligation of the successor agency and with that, we have a contractual obligation called the mission bay south and redevelopment agreement that requires the agency to approve consider and approve the development that meets the objectives of redevelopment this is what this project does this they ignore and look at it what i call a very pro switch approach how the ludicrously should be determined first turning to the secondary use the plan divides the
7:29 am
principally principle and secondary uses staff in recommending to the executive director and the cost has focused on 4 secondary uses the night time entertainment, recreation, and public structure non-industrial use of the site these some of these terms have definitions and aimed at the development plan night time is defined and ms. grant hollys view only meant to include small venues night clubs and places for people to gather but, in fact, no size limitations on night time entertainment and, in fact, it some of the categories
7:30 am
listed as possible night time entertainment venues could be very large so staff is recommending that the night time entertainment secondary use is an appropriate one to consider in terms of recreation ms. grant holly complaints that is not recreation but entertainment assuming to be consistent with her night time definition the depiction will include the athletic event people obvious as well as others events that occur that they will go to their regional time finally on secondary use the public structures and use that are non-industrial are listed that is permissible secondary uses in the redevelopment plan also not defined in the
7:31 am
redevelopment plan and the staff is a recommending to the director that you she exercise your discretion under the law under the enforceable obligations to existence to interpret those to include a permissible use. >> oh, i wanted to highlight since we're on the topic of secondary use the standard not just whether or not there is a lists secondary use which there is but a determination by the executive director to do a positive contribution to the plan area in mission bay south based on the consistence with the designation that i've described at the size contemplated and the promoted
7:32 am
location provides a necessary and desirable and compatible with the neighborhood or the community you have received a 29 page secondary proposed that used the fact to sort and heard testimony today that further support for the determination made by the executive director you've heard about the jobs, the benefits to the community to businesses to the richness of san francisco goes to the necessity and desirable ability of this use and heard if usf across the street and heard from backdoor in the area and residents all of which have testified that this is a desirable and arguably compatible with that desire in
7:33 am
the area so you and the executive director certainly have the opportunity information to make that determination i wanted to turn to mr. libby's letter he august's you should have used the variance process both state planning law and the planning code first as i mentioned at the beginning this is an exercise of redevelopment authority that has survived the solution and grants to the commission and the executive director very inroad degrees for the appropriate uses allowed in the project area that will alleviate the flight and not bound by state laws and the planning code indeed the plan adopted by the board of supervisors over 15 years ago explicitly states the planning code has been super seated by
7:34 am
the land use by the plan so the entire variance procedure and standards have simply not relevant to our consideration today and your determination and, in fact, the state provisions percentage he sites regarding the variance are not applicable to a charter city such as a san francisco. >> mr. lip i didn't claims that it was ironic you should not amend the size of the development the design for development as you know an anular document this project meets all of the land use requirements but requires a few amendments to the design for
7:35 am
development the agency this commission and the director certainly have the discretion to determine what is the best approach to review and consider approval of the project it could consider a plan amendment or consider the design for development and variance or a variance in the redevelopment plan and the exercise that of that discretion with the careful review staff has recommended to the director and this commission that you use one secondary use determination and an amendment for the design forever development to fit the unique qualities of this project and so with that, i'm available to answer any questions.
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>> a hi, i'm karen fry a project manager and sfpuc and the bureau of environmental management honestly i've not considered a public sector job i realized this was an opportunity to work on large capital projects from san francisco all the way to our hetch hetchy and the yosemite national park i work with engineers and city attorneys and scheduled and we all work tom nolan e together on the project. >> the excavations are in red
7:57 am
we'll have the interference to go under the street. >> my next project is the largest project in the water system improvement program this is the southeast plan that involved a lot of kworpthsdz with the community groups and public when 9 commissioners such the planning commission and the board of supervisors or this ftc commission they help us in city hall this is a beautiful building it really is the inner workers of the building you feel you're in the heart of government and it's exciting to be part of that
7:58 am
♪ ♪
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♪ >> the san francisco playground's hitsvery dates back to 1927 when the area where the present playground and center is today was purchased by the city for $27,000. in the 1950s, the sen consider was expanded by then mayor robinson and the old gym was built. thanks to the passage of the 2008 clean and safe neighborhood parks bond, the sunset playground has undergone extensive renovation to its four acres of fields, courts, play grounds, community rooms, and historic gymnasium. >> here we are. 60 years and $14 million later, and we have got this beautiful, brand-new rec center completely
8:00 am
accessible to the entire neighborhood. >> the new rec center houses multi-purpose rooms for all kinds of activities including basketball, line dancing, playing ping-pong and arts can crafts. >> you can use it for whatever you want to do, you can do it here. >> on friday, november 16, the dedication and ribbon cutting took place at the sunset playground and recreation center, celebrating its renovation. it was raining, but the rain clearly did not dampen the spirits of the dignitaries, community members and children in attendance. [cheering and applauding] ♪ ♪
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(clapping.) >> all right. good morning, everyone how we are doing this morning >> good morning. >> all right. they say that the last mile is sometimes the most difficult mile but with today's announcements we're tagging a giant leap forward to making san francisco a zero waste a big applause i'm joshua proud to service ovrp on the commission of the program and our assistant is in route we'll hearer about zero waste and the creation of zero waste community council and we're going to hear from 9 community as well the policymakers that led us to this point without further ado, that is my great honor to introduce a leader