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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  November 10, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm PST

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no more speaker cards i want to invite anyone that hadn't had an opportunity to speak you'll have 23 minutes like everyone else. >> i'm silva johnson i've been trying. >> through the chair. >> i'm sorry ms. johnson just a moment. >> ms. johnson spoke. >> ms. johnson the clerk of board said you already spoke you can only speak one time. >> - >> ms. york the clerk has indicates you've spoken okay anyone else that wants to speak i'm sorry, i have a card for you i don't see you in there.
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>> good afternoon, supervisors my name is michelle i'm other director of the programs for the united playaz and a selma recipe since 2000 i'm aborted in like everyone else i'm concerned about the rapid pass that san francisco is changing and the gentrification that is nerk our neighborhoods in the 90s i worked in bay area and the gentrification telling everyone it is coming for them things have changed to me the changes in sthm central selma have happened because of code compliant benefits 12 percent housing is not enough i feel like surveys from a city requirement that is where i want to put my advocacy efforts i've spoken a lot and ouch about my support of this project and you can't why this is today, i want to talk about the higher amis
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when you talk about the dollars amounts associated with the higher levels it sunday's ridiculous but for my employees not to put them on blast but folks that work with us and retail they don't qualify for the 50 percent and above i'm happy there are things happening f in public housing that exists for the lowest of the low i don't know that people don't like the way that sounds i'm glad san francisco is pitting time and energy into the revoiftd our assets and affordable housing is targeted to those lower amis i'm in support of higher amis it reaches the nonprofit workers and features or teachers and other folks that are two member incomes that again kwltsd.
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>> i stand corrected ms. johnson if you want to talk on items it through 4 my apologies i realize you spoke on item one. >> thank you, supervisors. >> i just want to make comments on the planning for our citywide and to you know the process that and make housing i'm very familiar with the building of hours and we put down you know where this project i've been fairly really taking disadvantaged because of my illsness and i think that is one of the things we've been you
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know sdraurgd because that has to do with the amount of money we've in which you've got to talk to businesses last week investing what the medication and making more money that you'll never discussed with me and you just maids your own decision and the questions out of - which would always job hungry and want more and you talked about they're calling me i make a lot horror money 90 in building hours and more assess
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come on in a the work - other things i've already developed that is different ideas i have and i have a study for a project one of the things i think a lot of people are scared of my aunt i didn't did a lot of things processes and strive for that is not fair. >> thank you very much all right. ladies and gentlemen, is there anyone else that wants to speak on this item that has not spoken before all right. seeing none, public comment is closed this matter is in the hands of the committee supervisor kim >> the floor is yours. >> thank you chair cowen i want to thank all the members of the public that is often hard when we have major projects come before this board that is also a
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board spectrum of opinions on any project in the neighborhoods our neighborhood is person it is our home i live two blocks away from 5 m this is personal to me certainly understand the myriad of concerns but also support for this project development a complicated i think i understand that you know really well having to approve and negotiate much the development south of market and the tenderloin i want to start off first, by making a series of amendments and some concluding remarks so i have we have distributed amendments both to the planning code and the development agreement that are before the board members today and mr. gibner do i need to read
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into the record or speak. >> john gibner, deputy city attorney. >> yeah. i think. >> covered it during our openly comments and mr. guys the planning commission about the pamphlet to the suds don't have to read into the record but describe them as you worry about. >> i'd like to make the amendments into the cladding zoning map and codifying many of the points that are negotiated up until today and assuring that aspects the development are codified within the zoning map and planning code. >> okay. >> i'll see if there is any comments nope. >> do you have another amendment and those are all my amendments we know that dme has an additional amendment. >> thank you, madam chair i
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have an amendment sdwrbd to the development agreements agenda item 5 it is really 4 and it is an amendment has to do with with street widths we've had issues in the past that board approved major projects with certainty have the dimensions and down the road city department comes back a insists on a chronic a can say cascading effect that causes challenges and in an ad hoc way the department says i hereby demand you change the dimensions of the road needs to wider roads matt haney that narrower sidewalks and so forth so this amendment will basically require that any city agency does in the future decide it times us to
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change small business week with respect to the sidewalk width they'll have to meet with the agencies and developer to try to work through it so it is not the wield west it is how it is played out in the past that's my amendment. >> thank you very much why not take those amendments one by one supervisor kim start with our two like to make a motion. >> thank you. >> i thought i made the motion just to amend as i've articulated in my opening statement. >> we'll take that without objection. those amendments pass excellence we'll take that without objection. the amendments pass and supervisor wiener a motion. >> yes. i move the amendment he distributed and describe and excellence i'll second that a
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colleagues those amendments pass we'll take that without objection. so the dew to the pepdz sequence those items we need to move forward without a recommendation; is that correct madam clerk and yes move the amendment items forward. >> okay. i move we forward without recommendation and supervisor jane kim i wanted to make some conclude comments but we make the motion to move out and certainly have opportunity to speak next tuesday, i want to say i'm never excited about approving an amendment that is not 100 percent but want to build on a sited that affordable housing costs between $406,000 a door we need to work with our
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market-rate developers to subsidize affordable units and also to build for value in the land what is important when we approve the land to the developers we insure we share that development with the community i think there is multiple ways to look at the displacements and the gentrification here many in san francisco we're all heart broken it is questionable whether building less or building more achieves less development and gentrification and build a more exists san francisco the jury is out the point we're at right now i do support us building development as well as that developer and development is building for as many san franciscans as possible i don't want to disagree with points by the that public this is spot zone he wish one area plan and built what was in that plan
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that's not the practice in san francisco for quieted a time when we're trying to build more affordable housing it should be okay to do spot zoning i want to say there is often a lot of debate over who is affordable housing well affordable housing is what has been defined by hud zero a to wyoming 20 percent of ami developers tried to fin it in a fluid income way 33 percent is affordable housing and on top of that their additional 7 percent more affordable housing this is the ways that is when we negotiated to the giants in lot 337 i see people come out against that project i know the locations are different but development will continue in san francisco i think we need to
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share that future developers with condominium toe middle east this standard and voting no on the project where the developer is willing to come in other developers will ever commit to 40 percent avenue, i do think a wide range is important i think i want to build as low and subsidy the units so many marching families that get pushed out the city frankly the middle-income residents are pushed out and the nonprofit workers families that make been with one and $30,000 a year those are people that or exactly too many of the not the people in the room i think we have to be careful when we discuss and fight over the breakdown we realize we're trying to build confusing and each project will
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look different in the overall balance when we are doing development in the city make sure we incorporate it into the larger picture which i've attempted to do in negotiating that deal with forest city and is mayor's office of housing and community development have been strong supporter and affordability in this project and, of course, the developer that made that difficult but instead said we want to get to this grossly and i look forward to the continued conversation next it's on the environmental impact there will be other issues and amending the project but i'll be supporting the motion to move out a of committee. >> thank you. >> colleagues we'll take that without objection. all right. motion passes. >> thank you. >> clarify that is going out to the board of supervisors
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meeting and correct. >> thank you madam clerk, is there any further business before this commission? there's no further business. >> >> thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, this meeting is
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>> good morning, everyone welcome to the veterans academy here node presidio and i want to thank our veterans administration how you doing vets great to see you and we're here to rezoning confirm over commitment to the vets and thankfully for joined by address the commission up to three minutes. par offending and mark, thank you for joining me this presidio has and this site has been a very successful model of housing affordable housing for our veterans and it has been a part of a network of housing that
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beacon hill and i worked on now sam dodge beven margaritas to rest a little bit as our homeless are thank you to the staff in working closely with any office of housing and focus on vets i know that veterans day is around the corner we have more news was we rezoning confirm our commitment to end chronic homelessness and thank you to president obama and the first lady mrs. obama they've challenged many mayors across the country to make sure all us mayors do we we can to he said the homeless of vets we'll do that in san francisco i want to thank our source of hours sharing michael are you are a wonderful agency and working on
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homes for heros on office of the city administrator it's street and residential hostilities of hotels lying ever like the one on kearny center the that is yet again another great model today, weer identifying that we have about 200 and 70 homeless veterans we're going to houses by the end of the year and identifying housing unit but asking for more help we're going to be helping help from the federal government we need to make sure that those vouchers that our veterans get have the opportunity value that is reflective of the kinds of housing costs our vets are facing even though we have perhaps enough of those vouchers to go around they don't reflect the high cost of living that's why we're advocating with hud and the freshen to increase the value 0 so this bmsz a more
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valuable thing the other part to request we have a deeper commitment by the property owners in san francisco we have great people who have served our country that are having have possession of the voufrngz and need homes and apartments and place kept off the market we want to make sure that we ask a broad venue of landlord and property owners throughout the bay area to assist us in low income those units for our fine veterans this is what we're nourng today begins with the city's commitment address my commitment as a son of a vet he want san francisco make sure i honor my father and his service by honoring the vets and treat them as they're my own kin as well we can't do more and better
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by treating them well they've stated that for the country our role to make sure we honor them and not just housing in our city when we welcome in vets do it in a holistic way services that are invaluable and a lot of issues have arisen for the vets we've identified over time and want to provide them with good health services and good job plummet and training that's why our office in concert with our homes are create a jobs portfolio for the vets for one stop and working with the trustees like ac election ralph at city college to make a ask the next question to those who are returning and work with them as they get the training and jobs of the 21st century we want to be there with supportive community community-based
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organizations and all the training agencies have a spot for veterans to make sure their convenient and assessable and effective in giving job training to our vets ultimately i want to make sure our vets with work in the 15 destroys that are indicative of our success as a city health care a big economic driver why not and tourism and hotel industry and culinary worlds best we're hosting the super bowl 50 why not have the opportunity veterans in that tourism and making sure they're part with us and earner good job in the technology industry over the course vets can help that is what we're doing with tech sf recruiting veterans and young people to work together to make sure they have the job skills
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and we're creating in our city a administrative reviews segment that hopefully regrets the kind of commitment for look good men and women in the past this is making things with our hands and something we want to work request city college and the local legislators have a brewery and candy and crocks or my favorite ice cream i can make ice cream over the course i can make my favor one scoop for you two scoops for me in all the destroys we want our vets strained and ready and able we'll be advise our employers that you have a very great pit in picking a veteran for a job while advocate and make sure you have every chance of success ublt though that housing is one
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of the most important things that's why the question what a crisis in the city and make sure that out of this crisis we emphasis the needs for people who have already as far as i am concerned for our country that is getting homes for our veterans we have more to say than when it comes to veterans that are homeless we want to make sure that they're off our streets and on to warm housing that's why we're securing the are long term leases with our residential hotel but we want to take over the vabt vacant hotels and rezoning do them and rezoning wire and rezoning paint and have them with new facilities and alliances just like 250 kearny street expensive but worth it you should see the faces of those they'll not be proudly when in they're in the center of where everything is happening and get a lot of good
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contact right next door in the restaurant and in the industries that are downtown to get the jobs we want those are all the things we're doing we're also building new housing for the veterans how about new housing in mission bay we've dedicated and break ground brand new housing for the veterans i'm proud of working with the mission bay residents they embraced that idea if the get go so 9 biotechnology companies and others welcomed the veterans where we have more and make sure that we preserve the housing that veterans with in right now and to make sure that a place like this gets a long he remember long-term history ♪ city and work with the presidio trust to make sure they how were you that as well i think that of all places and whether it is
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downtown, whether it is otis or the mission bay the presidio has extra matt haney because this is was the place a lot of people in the history took off to protect our country and welcome them so thank you veterans and the administration that is working with us and thank you to the community groups and homeless staff and outreach staff and the service providers thank you sam for your leadership you're taking acknowledge now in fulfilling big shoes that beven has in taking a - but most 0 importantly will to eir e every single one of our veterans thank you for your your sacrifice and service i have gifts i want to welcome up here for a little bit of discussion about his life and what this means where patrick
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>> thank you, sir (clapping.) >> we're really excited about moving into the academy today, i just my dog and i are owner move-in thank you to the plowshares and the mayor and people to help house everybody that is involved in the preservations in this city and country i'm truly grateful for this opportunity. >> thank you very, very much (clapping.) >> thank you, patrick and you know now for mark your welcomed to those welcoming bathes for the unit they have some good seeshltz and stuff you can much on a great partner in the city one i cherish flou plowshares your
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obvious on the other hand, and in people's lives and advertising us on the issue buses a day to day basis that is unavailable in central government to keep us on track so michael. >> (clapping.) thank you i don't want else to say you've covered that all geeze what can i say i'll say that this you know this building inspection former admitted base is the swords to plowshares to a place that people are former soldier are healing and having housing and since and response to that it is magical when you do things like give a veteran and can we to their own home helping with jobs and benefits that's a key we've been here
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since 2000 i said this base being able to take a deep breath and look around christie one of the most you beautiful spots this is worth several therapist i don't want to offending the therapist but taking a deep breath it is making a big difference with the community you know having a backing of mayor ed lee and this commitment that is what it takes takes a tremendous investment in the federal side and the federal assistance the veterans and the hope and a hope house and office all the working very hard people that is how it happens at the end of the day the veterans are there we need services on staff and onsite to make a difference
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in their lives they've what wife be able to do with the help in the city it is typifies a time we're grateful and onward and upward thank you so much really (clapping.) >> okay wow. wow, i get to give the keys to each one >> alfred welcome to your unit here (clapping.) thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> mark welcome to our unit thank you we're proud thank you. >> patrick welcome to your unit and your. >> reilly thank you very much. >> so we're going to take age tour all right. thank