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tv   LIVE Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  March 1, 2016 2:00pm-6:01pm PST

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>>the city of san francisco sf gtd meeting of the board of souped-up >> the city of san francisco sfgtv meeting of the board of supervisors occurring tuesday-march 1march 1, 2016 will begin shortly.
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>> the city of san francisco sfgtv meeting of the board of supervisors occurring tuesday- march 1, 2016 will begin shortly. >>
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>> good afternoon, everybody and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of march 1 22nd. m clerk please call the roles we did thank you. supervisor avalos aye presidents agreed, present. campos, present. cohen not present, the farrell, present., kim, present., mar, present., peskin, present. tang, present., wiener not present, yee not present. you have a quorum. >> ladies and gentle please join us in the pledge of allegiance. >>[pleage of allegiance]
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>> madam clerk either any communications clerk >> none to report >> colleagues any changes to the generate 26 2016 board meeting minutes clerk seen no changes, a motion to approve those minutes moved and seconded. can we take that without objection? those we passed after public comment >>[gavel] >> can you please read the consent agenda. >> items one and 2 are on consent. these items are considered routine if a member objects, and item may be removed and considered separately >> seen no names on the roster item clerk these culpable >> on the consent calendar supervisor wiener aye, yee absent avalos aye, breed aye,
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campos aye, cohen aye, farrell aye, kim aye, mar aye, peskin aye, tang aye. there are 10 aye >> those ordinance are finally passed unanimously >>[gavel] >> bettencourt item 3 >> item 3, and ordinance to establish an infrastructure financing district including subproject area. 70 this to work core and would often infrastructure financing plan and appendix for city infrastructure financing district number 2 to approve a tax initiation agreement and the ceqa determination >> supervisor cohen >> i want to thank you for your support on this item. this i have the is critical to the pier and it we helping us to develop a financing plan to
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fund the parks, street improvements, infrastructure needs that currently exist. some of my colleagues have expressed an interest in hearing the whole presentation. as we do not do this last week and the item was not heard at the budget committee. so, i want to present to you-we've got representative from the port making a presentation to answer whatever questions you may have on this very important piece of legislation. >> good afternoon members of the board. presidents pretty good i'm elaine forced interim port director and i'm here today on the final lead of the ift and associated infrastructure financing plan. both to provide an overview and request your approval. as supervisor cohen noted, what you're considering today is a very important piece of the ports land to address its backlog among capital backlog, to invest in needed public
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infrastructure, to revitalize port property, and to provide really critical public realm improvements that are needed for the growth in these areas to provide good neighborhoods. while the ift is relatively small, 23.4 million, it really reflects much larger tool that will be able to use together to address are now 1.3 billion-dollar backlog. today you're at the end of it was decade-long effort that support ne through to find creative financing tools to deal with our backlog in this effort really culminated in 2012 when the capital planning committee in this board of supervisors approved a policy to guide port ift and this policy has helped us structure this particular infrastructure financing plan and that policy calls for a review of impact to general fund and to ensure the general fund is net positive
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good from the project and that we maximize the state share of tax from our infrastructure financing plan and that we understand maintenance costs and have a plan for maintenance cost, that we do excellent public outreach and after the board's approval, we continue to work with the capital planning committee to review the infrastructure and public realm improvements are cost effective. so, this will be our first ift and alternate over to brad benson and he will walk through the details. >> good afternoon president breed and members of the board. brad benson director of special projects. here representing the port team on this project. so, we are really excited about what's happening at pier 70. this board of supervisors approved a lease agreement with the norton development and the port, a 66 year we lease to reedit some important
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historical resources at pier 70. pier 70 is the home of ship repair and has been for 150 years, and there's this wonderful collection of victorian era historic buildings that comprise the union iraq's historic district. norton is rehabbing 8 of them and that construction activity is underway now and it's the beginning of some pretty dramatic changes that are going to happen on the 70 acre pier 70 site. as alain mentioned, we've been working for 10 years to establish these infrastructure financing district powers. ift interest infrastructure financing districts alike we develop in law. used to operate where the legislative action to the board
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of supervisors can set a base year, and then gross and property taxes above that year can be captured by the infrastructure financing district and bonded against to fund public infrastructure improvements. so, we've had a lot of help along the way. sen. mcminn and 25, some remember-my former boss in 2010, and then i have the policy supervisor kim and mayor lee sponsored for us in 2013 we really appreciative of all of that hell. we have developed. into distinct edge and we still shall repair operating on a good portion of the site. this year, with the generosity of voters voting phase 1 of crane cove park about a 10 acre park opening in just about a year. norton as i said before is rehabbing that store buildings on 20th st. and more working with a partner to develop a mixed-use
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neighborhood on the waterfront site, the 28 acre waterfront site and we back to the board of supervisors with that project hopefully in early 2017. the legislation before the board last week with the ordinance that you are hearing a 2nd lead today in 2 resolutions. one, approving the issuance of bonds not to exceed $25 million, and the other approving a memorandum of understanding between the port about the controller and the tax collector governing the administration of the ift. we are working hard to establish this ift in fiscal year 2016-2017 if the board adopts the ordinance on 2nd lead today, the effective date for that ordinance will be april 10 and we hope to go to courts to do a judicial validation action by may 9 of this year. as alain mentioned, we are leveraging the local sheriff property tax which represents about $.65 of
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every property tax dollar with the state share, which is another $.25 at pier 70. so it will capture $.90 on the dollar in an ift. the other $.10 goes to the local county education office, bart and the air district did not touching that portion of the property tax. we expect to be able to collect approximately $710,000 per year through the ift over a 45 year period. the legislature can't you did it share because of the real bladed conditions at pier 70 which was a fundamental to redevelopment law. we have 11 condemned buildings at the site. 14 are least restrictive. there's environmental contamination and we have not had a real project investment in the site for many decades.
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so, looking to the sources and uses initially the developer and the port are going to contribute sources approximately $1.7 million. then, in about 5 years, subject to this board's approval, a bond totaling about $6.6 million , and then we will collect tax increment on a pay-as-you-go basis annually totaling about $50 million. we will use those sources to find projects funded by a goat which will go over both of those in the moment and to pay interest on bonds. the uses-i talked about using geo-bonds to fund crane cove park phase 1. the bulk of this ift funding will go to crane cove park phase 2, about $14 million. were going to need to find additional sources like future geo-bonds to fund the remainder of that project. we need to move electrical infrastructure out of one of these historic buildings. it's
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infrastructure that acid provides power, public power to the shipyard and there's some transformers that we need to get out of that building to allow we have of the building and we have some important sidewalk and ada improvements. so this is phase 2 of crane cove park shown in red. this will be one of the most amazing parks on the east side of the city overlooking ship repair. it will be eventually 20 acres in size. a huge asset to the eastern neighborhoods. this is the electrical infrastructure and building 102 we need to replace to have a functioning shipyard and then on 20th st., we need to repair sidewalks and make it safe for ada access. so, elaine emphasized that in this process the mayor's budget office and the controller's office wanted to give a lot of thought protecting the general
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fund. we are captioned property taxes that would otherwise go to the general fund. so we done an exhaustive analysis of what the general fund impact is. we are looking at the other taxes the project will generate, sales tax, business taxes, etc. emma and we're seeing on the low-end, $24 million in general taxes to the general fund. on the high-end, if we have some high gross receipts tax payers, 38 million, and only $8 million in general fund in police, fire and interest expense. so we think the general fund number with this project and the investments made through the ift make the general fund that to the good between $60 million and $30 million. this new employment will be happening at pier 70 the businesses occupying these historic buildings will employ up to 165 people. we see a lot of construction activity happening right now, about $10 million of construction payroll direct and indirect. so we think there's a
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lot of benefits of the project overall. we hope that will be able to store this torque levels of public use and enjoyment of we hope that will be able to store this torque levels of public use and enjoyment of pier 72 this and the follow-up project. he did can you go back to the employment side in terms of jobs, can you explain on this project, how many local higher specifically as well as whether or not they use lv are mine or the businesses work contractor for their hiring with regard to this project? >> with respect to norton was using their private equity and debt and also geo bond loans seismic safety loan, they are required to do a high level lb participation in their project. lb participation is 17% in the
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project. they been looking at all the crafts and trades who are working on those buildings to reach that 17% threshold. that is monitored by oewd and cindy >> i mean, for example, what is the percentage of san francisco residence working on this project? >> we will have to reach out to origin to get the percentage, the local resident portion on the origin project. >> more specifically, residents of the southeast sector and understanding where these residents are located? >> okay. with respect to the project funded by the ift that's before you today, these will be public works projects. so, the park crane cove park phase 2 project, the electrical infrastructure project, or did they take on some of the sidewalk repairs around the buildings but the bulk of the work being funded by the ift will be public works, and we
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will be working with our sister city agencies to set ld percentages and to recruit local residents to those jobs. >> proviso avalos >> just on local hiring i was a multitasking so i do not hear the whole conversation on local hiring, but the legislation that says on public land we need to be building at 30% local hiring across every trade, so that's not the goal on hearing? >> that is the goal. what i'm saying is all the id funded projects are going to be public works projects subject to that legislation. >> very good. thank you. >> but you don't have the specific numbers for the project now as it relates to the percentage of local hires currently working on this project? >> but i don't have is information on the origin development project which is is
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the area over which were forming the ift but the board approve the origin project this last year >> yes, i do realize that >> so we will come back to you with an update where wharton is that good with respect to the projects funded by this id, we have not yet finalized the project designs. we will go through the process and follow the boards legislative policy mandate >> that's going to be important because the previous project that we approved, got complaints that local higher has not been a priority and lb contractors have not been a priority. so i am concerned. i don't have the accurate information.. i mean i don't have any information to help me understand whether or not that is the case. but, i have received a number of complaints about this project in particular and so i am very concerned and wanted to make sure that i bring that to your attention >> okay. we take that seriously and we'll contact our
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development program and get back to your office this week >> thank you. >> did you want to continue with your presentation was that it?. that's it. i did one take a moment to thank the controller then rosenfield and his staff get the maser budget office so much with the id policy and put together this ift teleport staff and city attorneys that worked on the project. and the budget analyst was a marvelous work with >> thank you. colleagues, any comments, questions? seen no names on the roster, can we take this item same house, same call >> i think you'll need a roll call. supervisor yee >> will call >> on item 3 wiener aye, yee
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aye avalos aye breed aye, campos aye, cohen aye, farrell aye, kim aye, mar aye, peskin aye tang aye. there are 11 aye >> the corridor is finally passed unanimously >>[gavel] the next item please spit >> supervisor yee >> i would like to rescind the boat on item 1 and 2. >> supervisor yee has made a motion to rescind the vote on item 1 and 2. seconded by supervisor peskin get can we take that without objection? without objection, the boat has been rescinded. >>[gavel] . colleagues can we take item 1 and 2 same house, same call?
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without objection those ordinance are finally passed unanimously >>[gavel] be the next item these >> item 4 is a charter amendment for staff to amend the charter of the city and county of san francisco to authorize the board of supervisors to update the inclusionary work portal housing obligation for housing development projects and setting forth increased interim requirement in affirming the planning component ceqa determination at an election to be held on june 7, 2016 >> supervisor kim >> to the members of this board, before us today is a charter amendment to exclude and delete a portion of the charter from the housing trust fund that would take away a ceiling on her inclusionary housing requirement of 12% set for market rate developers. in the city and county of san francisco. this charter amendment was put forward in an
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effort to help reach our city's goal of pain 33% affordable housing. at 50%, affordable and middle income housing could we know that inclusionary housing is an important tool in allowing us to hit that goal and it's a tool but also does not require any general funds or public subsidy. we know that developers can do 15%. this was a percentage the developers were able to hit 3-2012 and the passage of housing trust fund. the initial women with housing trust fund back in 2012 was that under very different circumstances, a time when we were in recession, when we are seeing a slowdown in the market him and also in an effort to help spur development and much-needed housing here in san francisco. but also to help secure funds that we believe we would lose to the loss of redevelopment and capturing of tax increments to build affordable housing. this, my
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sellouts to the board to the ballot a charter amendment which would set aside a portion of our budget equivalent to the tax anchorman set aside for affordable housing, plus in exchange reducing the on-site obligation for market we developers from 15-212%. we do not anticipate the incredible bucket economy that was followed both in job creation and growth but also the incredibly lucrative real estate market that followed. in this time, we are seeing the immense production of market rate housing does push the city to build more affordable and middle income housing. so, the charter amendment before us today delete any type of ceiling provided to developers under inclusionary on-site moment allows the board to set this inclusionary policy as needed based on what we deem as proper policy. in the interim, the charter amendment also sets a new goal. it sets a new goal
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of doubling our inclusionary requirement corrupting our market rate developers back up to the 15% that we know they can build for households of 55% of average median income and below, and on top of that, asking developers to build 10% middle income housing on top of accurate reading it to 25%. we also, as you raise the on-site obligation, also believe there has to be equivalent in the off-site in the fee. so, raising that to 33% is what we put in. now, these are interim controls. we understand that were going to work through this process both with the mayor's office and our developers, of which we've codified some of the agreements in the resolution that supervisor norman by introduced last week where we will negotiate and talk about what is both this fiscally feasible in terms of the project but it can produce in terms of inclusionary housing, but also the maximum
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affordability that we can build. we know that 60% of the pipeline should be affordable to 60% of san francisco good currently, were probably hovering between 25 and 30% of that need. this inclusionary tool will allow us to get there and we believe this policy should be and hands of the legislative branch the mother board of supervisors, and not set within the charter amendment. colleagues, ask for your support for this charter amendment before the voters of san francisco today >> thank you. supervisor yee >> i just want to say there's probably no one of my colleagues that wouldn't want to have an increase in affordable housing for our citizens in san francisco. sometimes we will look at different ways of getting there. so, this charter amendment would push us to think about this further and to support an increase in the affordable housing, and however,
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it raised some issues that several developers and other people have asked me to look at . so,, talk about it later but the resolution that am introducing actually is a companion piece to this to support, or to address some of these issues that people have raised. the charter amendment, it allows for us to create some of these finalize issues and ordinance form. i don't get into the details but it does address the issue of feasibility. it does address the issue or look at the issue of grandfathering, and also in terms of how may times we can do this in terms of changing the percentage we are looking at as a finalized percentage. so,
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those are 3 items that people brought up in the resolution, which is really a compromise between the authors of this charter amendment and the mayor's office. so, i'm happy it seems we are in the right path to support what we need to support to satisfy everybody's concern. so, for that i will say all be supporting this charter amendment >> thank you. supervisor farrell >> i want to thank the sponsor of the legislation as well as supervisor yee. i know that a lot of discussion lately. i like to request that we because these are part and parcel together have the resolution as part of the general comprise here to see the language of the resolution. i know was introduced last week. i would like to request that we look at that in conjunction with voting on this charter amendment. given their so inextricably
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linked. i don't know procedurally whether it's best to do for the vote on this item until we see that language that something i could put out there for my colleagues to consider >> supervisor peskin >> mdm. pres., relative to what supervisor farrell just raised, this resolution that supervisor yee referenced is really a roadmap about how this board will work expeditiously to adopt a piece of trailing legislation prior to the june 7 election. it's a set of admonitions to the 11 of us as to just the things that supervisor yee said. it is our mutual policy desire together with the executive branch to have the maximum economically feasible affordable housing in new working rate construction going forward, as well as going backward in the pipeline. that
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we as a body will endeavor to consider a fiscal feasibility analysis, which will be of course prior to the june election, and that we will consider those results in the adoption of permanent inclusionary rates after or for that matter, prior dependent on the feasibility study is a contrast, when we have the ability to do that when it comes out of the charter. i'm not saying that the words in there are meaningless. it is a roadmap. it's not substantially different than what is in your board packet today, but i think that the question before us is a question of whether or not we believe that we should take the cap out of the charter and return to the legislative and executive arena for it requires
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passage of a ordinance 6 vote and a mayor's signature or 8 vote and that is what this is really all about. so, with all due respect to my colleague from district 2, the question before us is whether or not we want to put this measure on the ballot in an effort to increase the percentage of affordable housing in new construction and i think the only thing that matters in the fine details of that resolution is that it is a statement by this board that we will honestly and sincerely in good faith consider fiscal feasibility going forward. so, with that, i'll respectfully object to opening public comment and hearing the resolution fire to the consideration of this charter amendment. i believe that supervisor yee is reviewing some last changes that are gone back and forth with the mayor's
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office, but this is all about having faith in your colleagues and feed in the process and fate in the negotiations, as a matter fact it looks like supervisor yee is sharing with you the handle of changes since last week. >> supervisor, before i call on supervisor wiener, i would say supervisor peskin, i don't think it's unreasonable if we want to put this item on the ballot with unanimous support of this board to make sure that each and every board member is comfortable with any trailing legislation were legislation relevant to what we are trying to a copper shear in terms of a feasibility study. my preference would be that we try to build a consensus here with all members of the board so that this goes to the ballot which is much support of the board as possible but i will put that out there and at this time readiness supervisor wiener >> thank you for those comments. i want to first of all echo them. i think the fact
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is, this are separate measures but in the debate on this charter amendments, supervisor yee very correctly indicated that he was went to be making amendments to the resolution. the reason that supervisor yee made those comments is that this is part and parcel of exactly the same issue and the same debate to say we are taking the inclusionary maximum out of the charter and that there will be trailing legislation. the whole point of the resolution is to at least a supervisor peskin said, give a roadmap forward. so, it makes perfect sense for the 2 of them to be considered together. in terms of the amendment and i've not seen him. sitting here today we are being asked to vote on a charter amendment with the understanding that we will then make amendments to a related resolution later in the meeting and then go back on a
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get why would we not consider the 2 together? idle problem having public comment before we go. it doesn't matter. was disputing were done of vote on this today but it makes sense to consider them together and i don't understand why there would be any objection to doing so. >> thank you. seeing no other names on the roster, and no other comments, it looks like wouldn't have to take this item to a vote supervisor wiener >> was there a motion by >> sir, you're out of order. sir, you're out of order. supervisor wiener >> with her motion by supervisor farrell? >> no, there was not a motion. it was no motion. >> through the president, can i inquire whether the intent is to make a motion? >> supervisor farrell
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>> i'm having to make a motion. i just have not had a chance to beat the grief. i do respect my colleagues, we are done up vote understood that i given there's inextricably linked i think would be the mistake not to. i'm happy to make a motion. but i'm also prepared to vote but in deference to the board president but to conduct these meaning has not had a chance to review the language you think we should hold off. but i'll make a motion >> motion to do what specifically?. to defer voting on this item and we've heard item number 22. >> colleagues, is there a 2nd? moved and seconded. see no other names on the roster the motion to continue this item to a time during the meeting when these items can be both be heard and reviewed, any question or debate on that?
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supervisor kim >> so we have a moment that event circulated out of her >> i don't have those amendments. i don't either. >> okay. i don't know if we have to delay this vote into we hear the resolution. i'm okay getting a little time. may we can go through item 13 and then call the vote on the charter amendment. >> it sounds like we be: those 2 items out about order and giving everyone opportunity to review those amendment. supervisor farrell >> to the author of the underlying legislation the charter amendment, i am happy to defer to an atomic sense. i think out of again these are part and parcel together they make sense for it would have a chance to quickly read them as expeditiously as possible, but to without having colleagues a chance to see the additional language, this is procedural and i don't think it makes sense.
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>> thank you. supervisor wiener >> it's not about quickly reviewing of guiding widget of a chance to see them and consider them and i don't understand why that would be an issue. so this is i don't think anyone is trying to play games. i think we want to understand these are 2 items that are going to move forward together and i don't see what the objection would be to doing that. i understand sometimes amendment are not ready to go until the medial of the meeting and we've all been in that position. but we should have an opportunity to thoughtfully review them. this is not the house of representatives with that kind of stuff happens. we like to look at things here >> i agree supervisors the winter i don't think it's an unreasonable request. supervisor yee >> i want to say it's not necessary but i think it's reasonable for us to postpone this book that until we look at
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this and i think once my colleagues look at it you will see that it'll make a strong case that we should all be supporting the charter amendment. >> colleagues, can we do i need a roll call vote or without objection? we would just hear both items at a later time in the meeting. i think that without objection. without objection that would be the water of the day >>[gavel] >> madam clerk please call the next item >> item 5 is a ordinance to amend the planning code to increase the transportation sustainability for nonresidential projects larger than 99.9 thousand gross square feet in a bar nonresidential production dissolution and repair projects is filed of element or by mental applications on or before july 21, 2015 but have not yet received approval to pay the
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fee with a partial refund and to affirm the planning department ceqa determination in making other appropriate findings. >> supervisor avalos >> colleagues, i typically do not speak out on 2nd reading but since this legislation passed last week, the mayor has indicated he will veto today's version of the psf. here are the words of the mayor's spokesperson christine ali. she says, or wrote, the psf is a critical part of the funding for the transportation system we need for our future. she is no disagreement from me with that statement but she goes on, just a few months ago, a store agreement was reached and ratified by this very board with broad support and buy-in from diverse stakeholders around the city. the mayor believes that the ordinance passed yesterday, the ordinance that's again before us today for 2nd reading, unravels years of collaborative work that was
2:40 pm
developed behind closed doors and will not serve our growing city in the mayor will be till it. i would say that i was part of the collaborative process, a process that involved months of effort could my office is part attending public bodies like the planning commission and the land use committee to strengthen the psf to what is before us today. it's news to me that the mayor had made a historic agreement that it is news to me that our role as the board of supervisors was simply to ratify the work that the mayor's office had so innately done leaving millions of dollars on the table. i'm also confused at the mayor's spokesperson can say today's esf was developed behind closed doors. when clearly it was the mayor's historic agreement that was done behind closed doors in apparent backroom deal for us to ratify good as far as i can tell the planning department
2:41 pm
helped, but didn't strike the store agreement. the planning commission was not part of the deal. the mta was not part of the deal. how do i know? because each of these bodies helped me and my office to work on this measure that is before us today. so, who crafted the historic agreement that the mayor would like to ensure passes with his veto? that question still remains for me. last week one of the said that current psf is fair could i ask, therefore? only to the rich and powerful. it's fair to the san francisco giants and it's fair to force city another big developers and corporations who make big campaign country reasons in our elections. if the veto is fair to the rich and powerful it is unfair to the taxpayers who will have to subsidize a huge impact in development and
2:42 pm
increased demand big obama will have on our transportation system. there'll be a huge bill and the money would have to come from the taxpayers. the veto gives developers but not the taxpayers, 8 pass good the veto is fair to developers as grossly unfair to everyday people. the people rely on muni as her primary means of transportation. the veto is unfair to the muni operators, the staff, the mechanics, and those that make muni run for hundreds of thousands of passengers a day. i was not elected by the rich and powerful to that was elected by people who climb out of 14 mission during rush hour. by the people that put their lives at risk walking to the hazards of balboa park station or the people who disembark from the m
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line. last week we spent long hours talk about financial feasibility of setting the inclusion our fee. last week and we continue to do that today. last week the mayor's office one of the board of supervisors to set the inclusionary fee based exactly on the controller's office formula because, to them, this feasibility was vitally important to getting the inclusionary fee right. however in the case of a psf where there's willing to raise the fee even beyond what is before us today, and still allow projects to be feasible, the mayors refusing to use financial feasibility as a guideline. colleagues, we are well short of a sweet spot in this measure gets us only a little bit closer. the only opposition we have seen to this fee is from the chamber of commerce. not one affected developer has contacted me or my office in opposition of this version of the psf that is before us today. at the same time, we've received many
2:44 pm
e-mails and encouragement from everyday people who want a greater investment in our transportation system. colleagues, we owe it to them to not stock them with the bill. i urge you to support today's psf and hopefully we can avoid a veto. the tango >> thank you. supervisor campos >> all simply note i will simply note i hope there is a veto but if there is a veto something to consider whether or not we should take this issue to the voters because i think the voters of san francisco would have no problem doing what, i guess, the administration is unwilling to do, which is to make developers actually pay their fair share. >> thank you. adam clerk please call the roll >> on item 5, supervisor wiener nay, yee aye, avalos
2:45 pm
aye, breed nay, campos aye, cohen nay, farrell nay, kim aye, mar aye, peskin aye. tang nay. there are 6 vi and 5 nay with the tick the ordinance is finally passed speak out >> can we go to item the next item and call 6 and 7 together >> item 6 resolution to exactly approve amendment number 52 boarding areas bmc principal concession retail lease between pacific gateway concession in the city accident the lease term to possibly september 2019 and the
2:46 pm
lease term for one concession location to proximally june 2016 for a minimum annual lease amount of approximately $958,000 to accommodate the terminal one rita bowman program. item 7 is a resolution to approve the terms of the 2011 lease and lease agreement between china southern airlines company ltd. and the city with an estimated rent approximate 1.2 china southern airlines company ltd. and the city with an estimated rent approximate $1.2 million for abusive use for the lease term to commence following board of approval to june 30, 2021 good >> see no other names on the roster, madam clerk fees call the roll for items 6 and 7 >> supervisor wiener aye, yee aye, avalos aye, breed aye, campos aye cohen aye, farrell aye, kim aye, mar aye, peskin
2:47 pm
aye tang aye. there are 11 aye >> those resolutions are dotted unanimously >>[gavel] >> item 8 please >> item a resolution to approve an amendment to the conduct in the department of public health and the san francisco aids foundation to provide hiv prevention services to extend the contract by 2 years through june 30, 2010 for total amount not to exceed approximately 20.2 million >> can we take this item same house, same call out objection resolution is adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> next item >> item 9, issuance and delivery of multifamily housing revenue bonds in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed approximately $13.89 for the purpose of providing financing for the acquisition and rehabilitation of a 50 unit multifamily residential rental housing project known as the columbia park apartments. >> same house, same call without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously otto
2:48 pm
>> madam clerk please call adam 10 >> item 10 ordinance 2 men planning code to allow under certain summertime stanzas production of this designs in the fillmore transit district affirming the sql act and making other appropriate parties >> same house, same call without objection is passed unanimously on the first reading >>[gavel] >> item number 11, please >> item 11 is a ordinance mendenhall cobranded tobacco retailers from selling tobacco products including smokeless tobacco electric cigarettes to persons aged 18, 19 or 20 >> supervisor wiener >> collies, the legislation before us will increase the legal age for tobacco products in san francisco from 18 years of age to 21 years of age. oh i think my cosponsors this legislation for their support
2:49 pm
and their sponsorship. i also want to thank and the board of education and the health commission, the youth commission each of which unanimously endorsed the legislation. i also want to thank the american heart association, the san francisco medical society, and the san francisco tobacco free coalition for their collaboration and partnership in this legislation. and i want to a knowledge andrews power for it on ice after his work by increasing the legal age to purchase all tobacco products for making years of age to my 21 years of age we will save lives. tobacco remains the leading cause of preventable death in the united states killing nearly 500,000 people each and every year and costing our country as much as $170 billion healthcare expenditures. according to a study by ucsf the annual cost of smoking in san francisco alone months to $389 in direct
2:50 pm
and indirect health care cost. when it comes to youth and adolescence, up to one out of three high school students nationally consumed tobacco products. in san francisco 5.4% of high school students readily smokes cigarettes and 13% regularly use e cigarettes. each day 7 or children under the age of 18 become a regular daily smokers in almost one 3rd of them will eventually die immaturely due to that tobacco use. with this trend, nearly 6,000,000 children under the age of 18 who are alive today will eventually die from tobacco use. 95% excuse me, 95% of smokers start smoking before the age of 21. people who start smoking as teens are more likely to become lifelong smokers than those who start smoking in their 20s were later.
2:51 pm
high school students who smoke are more likely to drop out and more likely to experience teen pregnancy. the nicotine and tobacco terminally changes the brain chemistry of children and adolescents. children and adolescents are in other words -smoking is more harmful to young people than it is to older people. according to a federal study by the inst. of medicine, if we were to increase the age of purchasing tobacco from 18 to 21 across the country would see a 25% drop in youth smoking the my 12% drop in overall smoking, a 12% drop in premature death,, and a 16% drop in sudden infant death syndrome or sids. nationally, 80 jurisdictions have already increased the age from 18 to 20. including new york city in the state of hawaii. locally, santa clara county adopted this change for unincorporated areas. berkeley just passed a similar ordinance
2:52 pm
last month. those bird as a ordinance but it's been bullied by the tobacco industry by threat of a lawsuit. and a bill to raise the statewide tobacco purchase age to 21 failed in the state legislature due to intense lobbying payroll by the tobacco industry. this legislation is modeled on the state legislation. it isn't lead takes the existing restriction of banning the sale of tobacco to people under 18 8-year-old, 19-year-old, a 20-year-old good use of the same enforcement structure. it would be easy to add minister, easy to enforce. i want to note, we have received multiple letters now from the tobacco industry threatening to sue us, making a claim that we dispute that this law is somehow reacted by state law. to be clear, are lost did not in any
2:53 pm
way interfere with or undermine state law. it is very complement 3 to the state law. in fact, makes this a lot easier to enforce because we know there are 16 and 17-year-olds can easily pass for 18 they cannot pass for 21. so we disagree with the industry's position, and i will note san francisco and this is where we are different than those bird which understandably is a smaller city was reticent to be engaged in pitched litigation with a multibillion-dollar industry. our city has ahead history of taking on major industry in the name of public health in the name of consumers and winning and we will do so here. our job is to protect the public health of san francisco and this legislation will help us do that. i want to thank you for your consideration today and i ask for your support >> thank you. supervisor mar >> out to thank supervisor's wiener. this is a health equity
2:54 pm
measure good as supervisor wiener mentioned, it will significantly decrease the amount of youth smoking in our city. 25% but also 12% overall of smokers and it helps to counter the tobacco's efforts and strategies to target younger and younger people to hook them on a lifetime as they are trying nicotine addiction. i also wonder think bob gordon from the tobacco free coalition. he owed ebt project to many other leaders with the lgbt partnership for years and years of effort to look at strategies to counter big tobacco's targeting of young people in our communities. i think a measure that joins 100 other cities and 8 other states. it's part and thanks much to the dept. of pub. health sapper championing some a different health equity
2:55 pm
measures throughout our city as well. colleagues, i urge your support as well. let's pass this and really protect our youth and sport health equity adversity >> >> thank you. supervisor cohen >> i deftly want to associate myself with the comments of supervisor wiener and mar. we stick together. i was one take moment to uplift the young people of and organizing around this issue for several years lobbying myself. i think eric mar as well around a measure to support the increase of the smoking age. so supervisor wiener mike on wednesday. happy to be a cosponsor. >> thank you. supervisor wiener >> i want to thank you for reminding me that apartment of public health. colleagues whom i think we are spoiled and sometimes don't realize how lucky we are to have this
2:56 pm
incredible really and cutting-edge department of public health and whatever the area is, whether tobacco prevention or should read averages or hiv, or oral health, we have some of the foremost experts around. it makes our lives a lot easier and it really strengthens our ability to move forward aggressively with a health policy when you have the department of public health behind it. so thank you to barbara garcia and her incredible team. >> thank you. seeing no other names on the roster, colleagues can we take this item same house, same call? without objection this ordinance passes unanimously on the first reading >>[gavel] edict item number 12, please >> item 12 and ordinance woman the planning code in the zoning map to rezone the know we value town square from its current designation as 24th st. the lead hourly neighborhood commercial district and for the public open space to affirm the
2:57 pm
pentagon's ceqa determination and make appropriate findings >> can we take this item same house, same call? without objection the orbit passes unanimously on the first reading >>[gavel] >> item 13 is a orbitz to amend the removal of any residential units whether authorizer or unauthorized exceptions residential units that have received prior planning approval in single-family homes that are demonstrably unaffordable or unsound. many the building codes require that notices of violation order the filing of an application to legalize an unauthorized unit in certain circumstances of from the planet harms california domiciled quality act and making other appropriate findings >> supervisor tang >> i do i think supervisor avalos on the planet apartments for this particular proposal and i think that i do understand what especially the planning
2:58 pm
department was trained to get at with these regulations. i do have some outstanding concerns. mostly with property owners who are trying to continue living in their homes and who may be doing certain remodeling projects in their homes again, not to say there are not other things going on in our community that can cause evil to be displaced or for housing to be more expensive. understanding that there was a duplicated version of this file, i think my bike supervisor wiener, i'm interested in working with him and i think some of her colleagues in trying to figure out whether amendment to this particular proposal but again i want to state for the record, i nursed in the gold that are trying to be achieved but think of some other things we can do to make sure we're protecting people were not speculators, but who may be going through some other legitimate remodels of their home. >> thank you. supervisor yee
2:59 pm
>> colleagues, i do understand the intent of this legislation. to protect our housing stock and the rights of tenants this is something i share concerns about especially the current climate but ottawa think supervisor avalos for looking at creative ways to trying to protect our housing stock. however, i do feel that there may be unintended consequences with this legislation as it pertains to many of our homeowners in the rh one zoning areas many in district 7. there's a distance between those trying to gain the system and make a profit and those trying to raise their families here in speed event. some of these new regulations would be too burdensome and overarching for homeowners in this latter category. i understand supervisor wiener and avalos
3:00 pm
working on trailing legislation to address some of these concerns around single-family homes i look forward to working with them to ensure homeowners are offer fair and practical solutions. i like supervisor tang i like to also be part of that solution. so i will not be able to support this legislation today >> thank you. supervisor wiener >> i know supervisor avalos will be talking about the legislation. i just want to say as a member of the land-use committee, that we get it very thoroughly that this legislation did believe we have 3 different hearings on it. i want to thank and acknowledge supervisor avalos, the author, for taking feedback on it and for being very flexible in responding to a number of the concerns that were expressed. we made numerous amendments to this legislation in committee as noted by 2 provides are tang. we do have a duplicated
3:01 pm
file is now pending at the planning commission could still be some additional work but supervisor avalos in the beginning has been quite flexible on this legislation. i appreciate that every supporting this legislation today. >> thank you. supervisor avalos >> thanks everyone for speaking on this one way or the other. yes, this legislation has been a long time in the making. back in 2013 we approved something very similar that would protect housing from being demolished or converted or merged. the overall goal is housing preservation and san francisco, we have seen more housing lost than housing that, on the market. that's where planning department documents. we know we have to act and do things outside of the box. essentially, that's what this legislation does. it really creates a higher threshold requirement whenever a property owner wants to remove a units
3:02 pm
of housing from the market. we have already approved a part of a version for this that affects units in the c-3 were downtown commercial district and that's actually saving hundreds and hundreds of tenants already. we know this legislation before us will save any many more tenants, thousands, perhaps fit in my district, there are hundreds and thousands of units a lot of them unauthorized whether our tenants. where property owners actually have the only way they can actually have enough money to pay for the mortgage is actually to rent out space in their house. often it's a garage. it's really born good we also have these tenants living in the spaces, who don't feel they have the same rights. to make sure their property they are actual living space can be protected. that's what this legislation essentially does.
3:03 pm
it evens the playing field so that tenants can have a recourse to go over the planning commission to defend units that they are afraid of being taken off the market. it also does not take away of property owners right or ability to be able to remove some think they can get conditional use it as a notice of violation that shows they have to remove a unit because it needs to be built up to go. that they actually recourse to do that. there's also funds set aside in department building inspection that could be used for property owners do not have the financial means to be able to make improvements to bring the holding of the code and legal that is being worked out by supervisor wiener i am also looking at how we can have funds that of the designated in the proposition c they can help close the gap in their ability to make buildings up to code and to legalize them as well. there have been numerous
3:04 pm
discussions of this legislation at the planning commission. and the planning apartment and planning commission have done a lot of work to help make us strong legislation and to improve it. the building dept. of building inspection has weighed in on this at least twice in their committees. so, if you like we've got a very public vetting of this legislation at supervisor wiener said, we do have trailing legislation that's coming before us that will-were getting language from the city attorney on that to craft that will require mandatory discretionary review. so for a property owner would have such a high-property owners in-laws and single family homes,, it would not have such a high threshold of conditional use to be able to get a permit for making changes to units. it would only require mandatory discretionary review to merge converts, or demolish a unit.
3:05 pm
that, to me, seems therapeutic i support that version that will come before us very very soon. so, colleagues, i urge your support for this legislation but what i'd like to-i'm not sure if mr. gagner is prepared to make this change . we do have some cleanup language to add an amendment to the legislation itself and mr. gagner can explain what that is in the make another proposal about how we might be able to divide this file that is before us today. >> john gagner. a few cleanup amendment proposed by the planning department going through this one last time before adoption. on page 6, line 9, were reed's single family residential building, we would add, on a site in a rh one or rh one district to match the language but other language in the ordinance, and on pages
3:06 pm
12, 14, and 15 renumbering subsections 4-4 renumbering subsections 4-4526 and 67. >> thank you. would like to see if it's possible if we can have can we divide the file to have a separate approval for the part of the legislation that will be not affected by the mandatory discretionary review that can be in land-use? so, that version about the units that were trying to protect outside of single-family homes with unauthorized units, i'm not sure how easy that would be to do. i'd rather see if we can get part of the legislation to be voted on today. haven't seen at the last minute, i see my colleagues are not to be
3:07 pm
supportive i want to figure out a way we can move at least one part of it forward. >> supervisor avalos jaswant 30, for the proposed amendment from our city attorney, do you want those proposed amendment to be for both the existing file and the possible duplicated file as well? >> yes. i will motion that we accept the amendment referenced by the city attorney. >> supervisor avalos has made a motion it is their 2nd? colleagues, and can we take the amendment without objection and without objection the amendment passes unanimously >>[gavel] >> i like to be referred this at a later time to the agenda. a motion for that >> colleagues, is there a 2nd. moved and seconded. without objection, we will prefer this item to it on in the agenda. >>[gavel] >> madam clerk, can we go to our committee reports. >> item 14 was considered by
3:08 pm
the wolves committee and regular meeting madam clerk, can we go to our committee reports. >> item 14 was considered by the wolves committee and regular meeting on thursday, february 25 at 11 am and recommended as a committee reports.. it's a motion ordering submitted to the voters and ordinance to amend the ministry of code to acquire the office of citizen complaints to investigate all officer involved shootings at an election to be held on to investigate all officer involved shootings at an election to be held on june 7, 2016. >> colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call ? without objection the motion is approved unanimously >>[gavel] >> next item, please >> item 15 was scheduled to be heard at the land-use committee at a regular meeting, but was not forwarded to the board as a committee report. so we'll skip over item 15. the next item is will call for introductions. the kick was go to a call for introduction. supervisor wiener >> i know supervisor tang will
3:09 pm
be fully discussing her resolution which inhabit to cosponsor opposing the golden gate dog restriction to i want to thank supervisor speaking for her leadership on this resolution. in the past, is one of be the 3rd time that we gone on record opposing these restrictions which will harm any speed san franciscans and undermine our city park it on the germany times we and bring county have to say, no, we are opposed the federal government to listen but i'm hoping that 3 times will be the charm. but i will defer to supervisor tang am sure will fully describe this measure >> thank you. supervisor yee >> i also want to mention thank supervisor tang for
3:10 pm
bringing up this resolution that we will be opposing that will be presented or has drafted. i chose to describe it but basically when you look at the usage of any of these spaces that we are talking about, there may technical pieces that goes on. whether with dogs or whose families without dogs, but our families certainly with dogs. one of these, the plan does not seem to do is strike a good balance between the different users. so, for that i will i'm glad to be a co-author with supervisor tang to make a resolution to voice our opinion against it. >> thank you. supervisor avalos >> the general call for introductions supervisor avalos
3:11 pm
>> supervisor avalos? supervisors. >> submit content supervisors because >> cement submit. supervisor cohen >> cement >> supervisor farrell. i have one item. you continue to gun violence in san francisco and across our country. where the contributor doctors documented time and time again which was addressed in part by there were happy to cosponsor this year was regarding the safe storage of firearms. this issue continues to threaten public health in our city. recent study over 1.7 million children under the age of 18 were living in homes with loaded and unlocked firearms but another study 73% of children under the age of 10 living in homes with
3:12 pm
guns knowing the location of their parents firearms. such as children and youth who are at risk. about guns in homes are also susceptible to theft during home invasions which was part of the issue last year. according to data from the bureau of justice statistics program of the united states department of justice, closer 90,000 arms are sold stolen each year during residential burglars. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms estimates 50% of stolen firearms are subsequently used in crimes. on average, 13,004 910 guns stolen during home invasions will be used each year to commit crimes. some of them maybe right here in our city. these reasons, above and more, i'm introducing today a safe gun storage and trigger lock law the mandate all farms in san francisco residences katz in a locked container or disabled by a trigger lock approved by the california department of justice. currently, nor san francisco law only handguns and the weather london such as rifles or shotguns are subject to
3:13 pm
interlock requirements. the proposal" the existing prologue imitate all farms not just handguns, he properly stored the proper trigger lock approved on the california dept. of justice list. under this proposal every violation would constitute a misdemeanor if convicted and punished by a fine not to exceed $1000 or by imprisonment in the county jail that would not exceed 6 months. in order to encourage reports to law-enforcement agencies of lost or stolen firearms, a person files a report with a law enforcement agency notifying the agency of firearm has been lost or stolen would not also did to prosecution under this proposal. public safety continues to be the forefront that every single san francisco in our neighborhood. since congress continues to fail to act intrusive gun safety measures, i do believe we are to our families and our children to be as aggressive as possible with legislation to ensure public safety and proper handling of legally obtained firearms in city limits to
3:14 pm
prevent gun violence on our streets. under this proposal we have the opportunity to win this honest density storage laws in the country backing up what supervisors become us did last year and enhance our public safety sued wide and drastically reduce unintentional gun violence. i strongly believe we never should be forced to back down from advancing commonsense gun violence policies that improve and to save lives and reduce violence. i look forward to discussion and the rest i submit >> thank you. supervisor kim >> submit >> supervisor mar >> colleagues, coming up on the part of the agenda is a resolution in support of incredible institution in the richmond district about our theater so they 90 years in san francisco in the richmond district. so, i look forward to that but just the details join us for the balboa theater's 90th birthday bash on sunday, this coming sunday, march 6 at
3:15 pm
7 pm did the show in a film from the 1920s. posted by gary meyer ran the theater for many many years with magic and music and a lot of other stuff going on. please join us. for more information, cinema as for more information. also, for other history buffs, the western newburgh project is in the richmond district is participating in the san francisco history date this saturday and sunday, march 5 and 6th. i should say that the western neighborhoods project has worked with a number of organizations from the internet archives also based in the richmond district to san francisco heritage and many others along with our office of workforce and economic developer to organize this event at the old mint on mission street and 5th street. they are also looking at developing programs called reframing the archives from preservation to community
3:16 pm
engagement presented by the freedom archives that some of you may know of, and the lgbt or date lesbian historical society archives as well. at 3 pm on saturday, join us in theater one of the old mint for a slideshow of 100,000 pictures presenting open access history. it's an open-source i guess library by the western neighborhoods project online, but founders dave gallagher and woody-founders of the western newburgh project along with nicole mendel. in 2015 the western neighborhoods project launched open as f which the new website that displays the results of a huge ongoing effort to archive and is made 100,000 images of san francisco amassed over 40 years by an individual anonymous private collector. some of the most interesting shots are from playland at the beach which is where i live at ocean beach in san francisco with the amazing footage of our amusement park, disneyland that lasted until
3:17 pm
1972 in san francisco. the slideshow will present many high-resolution gems of the collection and highlight the process of bringing them to the public can i went to knowledge what he wanted. he often quotes that history belongs to all san franciscans enjoying it openly is the duty of the which of the western difference in price. you can join us all highlighting our great history in san francisco. other activities are free. for more information you go to sf history also, these join me in attending the asian art museum 50th anniversary celebration beginning this thursday but also through the weekend on march 5 and 6th. the museum has been serving our city person the richmond district district 1 in golden gate park and now in its current location of the old main library in the civic center area. the asian art museum is a diverse global audience in discovering unique material aesthetic and intellectual achievements in
3:18 pm
asian american art and culture. the lead to events commemorating the asian art exams 50th anniversary of the celebration party from 7-11 and then the community we can take pl., saturday, 5th and 6th from 10 am-p.m. it's totally free. all are welcome to bring in or join in on the celebration will be attending the ceremony in the afternoon on sunday as object for more information asian and lastly, one of the amazing festivals in our city is coming up also next week and not this weekend, but it's called the camp fest. i was an intern in 1984 any many years ago in its former telecommunications association but this festival runs from march 10-20th. it's in a number of neighborhoods in san francisco from chinatown to japan town, south of market and
3:19 pm
civic center to the mission but also in theaters in bochum. the official opening is next thursday, march 10 at 7 pm at the castro theater with amazing film about the legendary disney artist tyra wanted the festival honoring good is well known for his work on pmb and other groundbreaking disney films good campus recognizes that influence not only on the asian-american community but the arts and animation community globally it is also unique opportunity to showcase various asian-american artists such as my former sf state student michael that the film days of just about the khmer rouge survivors from the us and cambodia or been the wings film on san francisco activist and leader eddie chang or james chance that when frank wants chinatown in san francisco among whole bunch of other films about the asian-american
3:20 pm
community: to mention then wings documentary the eddie chain story, it's very important to support it. as many of you know, eddie has been honored by our board a number of times. he played an important role not only turning young people's lives around the chinatown now community youth center could i worker years ago in the 80s, we also build unity among different communities. the 10 day festival provides the opportunity to export diverse talents of asian and asian-american artists in our communities and the diversity of the different types of experiences of the asian and asian-american communities. affordable parking is available across the street from a number of the theaters close to public transportation and its ada accessible. get your tickets early because they saw that the cost is $40 for general omission and $12 for members and special ticket packages as well. information is that caa the rest i will submit >> thank you. supervisor mar.
3:21 pm
supervisor peskin b >> today requesting the city attorney draft a piece of legislation that is going to build on many years of other supervisors work, some of them successful and some of them less so. i believe in supervisor terrance common, mabel tang, and myself attempted to come up with strategies to build more what we now call accessory dwelling units in those days we called in the units. we are on the called secondary units. subsequently, one of my predecessors, david chiu emma succeeded in that effort in parts and subsequently supervisor wiener passed a pilot program and later on prominent legislation or district 8 and my immediate presence of czars are him a supervisor christiansen for the
3:22 pm
stick figure today a masking the city attorney to draft the excess redrawing units legislation to 4 to be built with the existing envelope of residential buildings citywide. as we know from our experiences in district 8 and district 3, together, the planning department estimated that would construct some 1300 units in each of those districts average between the 2. it is my belief based on those numbers this could supply as many as 15,000 units to the city and actually, if you look at the planning department total feasibility numbers, could actually add as many as 40,000 units citywide. unlike the density bonus program we can do something without threatening existing neighborhood character, without the threat of displacement to small businesses, were existing residence. all the while increasing the amount of existing rent control housing.
3:23 pm
my proposal actually a decade ago did not figure out what supervisors wiener and christiansen figured out is that there's actually an exemption by contracting and indeed those units can be subject to chapter 37 of our ministry of code. the rent stabilizes and arrested this up like maddock strategy that does not frighten existing rent control properties or as i said before, threaten small businesses of displacement. i'm hopeful that in the weeks ahead of able to introduce that and hopefully colleagues, it will meet with your support and approval. the rest i will cement >> bt. supervisor tang >> is my colleagues mentioned earlier i am introducing the legislation in partnership with supervisor scott wiener and together were saved our formal
3:24 pm
opposition to the wool which will indeed significantly reduce the amount of area where are city residents and visitors can go with their dogs, whether it's on or off leash. for example, as proposed, along ocean beach about 75% of ocean beach, which all of that portion bordering district for, would be off-limits to dogs with her on leash or off leash. other areas impacted include fort funston, crissy field, van zandt and so forth, and i just think that for an agency whose original mission was to seek to provide other areas more open space available for the broader segment of our public they would actually come down with a proposal such as this. so it is truly alarming and a supervisor wiener had mentioned notches san francisco but marin county san mateo county board of
3:25 pm
supervisors, the time and time again throughout the past several years expressed extreme opposition to this proposal in addition to about 8000 members of the public who also expressed their dissatisfaction. so, although there is a public comment period tobi open until may of this year, i certainly hope that they will take your comments into serious consideration given the original charge admission for why they in existence in the first place and really understanding truly that this will also impact those without jobs and their family because more people we forced to go to other parts, parks, in our city run by our recreation parks department. i do want to thank everyone who's come out and spoken on this. including sf dog, even our director of animal care and control and our spca in san francisco and again just wanted to send a strong message to really listen to all the public feedback and including our congressional
3:26 pm
members, nancy pelosi and jackie speer's office who have made statements about this as well. with that, i submit >> bt. mdm. pres. supervisor avalos has omitted saul and the chamber back you >> with that, we will return to item number 13. i will call on supervisor avalos. >> we party accepted the amendment, so-actually, i was talking about amendment with the city attorney and i'm not going to do with the technical changes from the city attorney and i'm not willing to roll the dice on a vote >> so, did you want to do locate the file? >> i will not be duplicating the file. i was suggesting it's just we 2, located to separate different parts of the file and we have legislation that will i
3:27 pm
think satisfied a lot of the concerns that are colleagues have and i'm going to go forward with the version we have today to for passage >> supervisor tang >> as i mentioned before, i went to work with supervisor wiener and the wide on the version that has been given located already. but because those amendments are not before us today it does give me cause on this particular measure overall but again i support the planning department and what your goals are supervisor. >> thank you. >> with that, colleagues, on the item as amended, "please call the roll >> supervisor wiener aye, yee nay, avalos aye, the breed aye, campos aye, behind aye, farrell aye kim aye, mar aye, peskin aye
3:28 pm
tang nay. there are 9 aye and to nay with supervisor yee and tang in the dissent >> the word expresses on the as amended on the first reading >>[gavel] >> mdm. clerk, unfortunately, we can't call item the accommodations until 338 exactly so we will take a one or 2 min. recess until 3:30 pm hits and is an is 3:30 pm hits will move to our commendations. >>[gavel] >>[recess]
3:29 pm
3:30 pm
>>[gavel] >> thank you, everyone. always, it is now time for 3:30 pm the show commendations for women's history month. i'm extremely pleased to be part of this celebration of women's history month and to recognize somebody amazing women for their efforts and hard work. the city and county of san francisco. each year, this is
3:31 pm
time to appreciate and celebrate the contributions of women in our community who are courageous leaders working to improve the quality of life for all san franciscans. since 1996 the san francisco commission department on the status of women has recognized the vital work and contribution of women in our community through women's history month program. i would like to welcome the department on the status of women executive director, emily rossi to the podium to provide a brief history about this occasion, and i like to also welcome and thank all of you here of the arteries as well as the family members and friends who joined us here in the chamber today. ms. rossi, welcome >> good afternoon. happy women's history month. we are here to launch women's history month and celebrate the women
3:32 pm
making history in our community. i just want to take a moment to celebrate the awesome women on this board. president lyndon breed leo cohen, jane kim and katie tang. let's give them a big hand good >>[applause] >> the national scene for the 2016 women's history month is working to form a more perfect union honoring women in public service and government. this year we might be 96 year old that's right to vote. >>[applause] >> 52 years since the civil rights act. and 18 years since we enacted the ordinance to become the first municipality in the world to enact a local ordinance reflecting the principles of the un convention on elimination of all forms of discrimination against women. we have come a long way to be
3:33 pm
with to have our first african-american woman president of the board of supervisors. >>[applause] >> a more perfect union begins with community advocates and today, you'll be highlighting some of the finest working right here in san francisco. now, i return the proceedings back to pres. breed members of the board of supervisors so they may introduce your honorees. thank you very much >> thank you. thank you for being here and just a quick correction. doris board was the first african-american woman to serve as president of the board and i stand on her shoulders. >>[applause] >> it's really an honor to follow in her footsteps as the first african-american woman to serve as board president. people begin our commendations, i would just like to remind my colleagues that you have 5 min.
3:34 pm
each, and so if you could keep your remarks to a minimum so that your honorees can have more time because sometimes my colleagues are very worried any arteries don't get the opportunity that they deserve to say as much as we want to hear, and so with that colleagues, the all have 5 min. each and i'm looking forward to hearing about some of the amazing women we have in the chamber today. we will be going in the order of roll call and so with that the first person up his supervisor scott wiener. >> i know you're not referring to me. don't answer that. >> if you feel guilty, maybe. >> i want to thank all the amazing women who are part we are honoring today on amazing women not being honored today who make our city work and the
3:35 pm
amazing place it is. colleagues, today i have the privilege of honoring yana-for women's history month. why hope is in the chambers right now.. please come on up. yana teaches- >>[applause] >> welcome. donna teaches 7th grade math and stem education at james lake middle school in the district that i have the honor of representing, district 8. she came to san francisco from texas is a graduate of the university of texas at austin, where she earned a bachelors of science in mathematics. yana earned her master of arts and education at the university of san francisco and prior to coming to san francisco she taught english for a year in taiwan. she briefly worked in the private sector as an actuarial consultant in dallas for about 5 years. she loves
3:36 pm
outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing and want to travel and visit all the national parks that she possibly can. that's a great goal. with regard to stem education, her curriculum and activities engage your students on a daily basis and provide great opportunities for students to explore the field of scientific technology engineering and mathematics one significant project that students do is the construction of a bridge in her class is the only middle school at the engineers alliance for the arts competition to annually coiled at the pg&e conference under where middle school students compete against high schoolers. in addition, she's currently working on a green project worksheet collaborate with other 7th grade math and science teachers to implant a grant in providing green spaces around school campuses. colleagues, we know that stem education is essential to preparing our young people for the 21st century economy in san francisco were generating
3:37 pm
enormous numbers of math and science and healthcare and technology and biotechnology and wants her own children to be competitive with those structured so, thank you for your service am thrilled to be honoring you today. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you much for honoring me. i do not know is have to speak. i work with so many amazing women that i was honestly surprised to come here. so accept this on behalf of all of them and in a time where the commodity is no longer being the keeper of knowledge but how to use the knowledge i agree that stem education is going to double the plainfield are black and brown kids and am excited to be here. so, thank you. >>[applause] >> congratulations, again.
3:38 pm
with that i like to recognize our colleague from district 7, supervisor norman yee >> congratulations wally honorees today. every one of you is a special person and not any more special than i'm going to honor. that is naomi kelly. >>[applause] >> naomi kelly is actually the
3:39 pm
first woman and first african-american to serve as a city administrator. nominated by mayor lee and confirm by the board of supervisors. ms. kelly manages 25, not just one or 2 but 25 city agencies. over 2600 city employees. you know, what makes it so special for me is she's a native san franciscan and one of the wonderful things about naomi is that she's really reached when a more powerful positions in san francisco and is not because somebody owed her a favor. it's because she worked really hard to get there. she spent 17 years of her life moving up to her position in the city, and i
3:40 pm
think she's just a perfect example of one that actually came to the ranks, did great and has been recognized by not only today but by our mayor and other people. so, what she has been doing the last few years in her capacity, really shows her strength. she strengthen the city's safety and resilience, ensure the efficient delivery of city services, plan for long-term infrastructure needs supports small businesses and neighborhoods and expands opportunities for all. she has led critical initiatives including very difficult situation, we envisioning the san francisco public housing system. she has been leading
3:41 pm
same-sex marriages at city hall celebrating the city hall centennial bringing community revitalization in mid-march. it sounds like about 10 people's worth of work and that's how much she's appreciated in terms of what she does here in the city. so, i would like to at this point turn it over to the most powerful woman in city hall. naomi kelly >> >>[applause] >> before we turn it over to -visit presidents be great, >> before we turn it over to our city administrator i just want to say a couple things. ashley started off as an intern working under naomi kelly when she first started her career at
3:42 pm
the mayor's office of neighborhood services, moving onto being the director of the taxi board at the time, and then going to last wilco coming back to san francisco and becoming the director of purchasing and finally the city administrator. her knowledge and understanding the city and county of san francisco, how it works and how departments were, here in the city and her ability to manage all them now as the city administrator clearly makes sense. she is done san francisco proud. i know her mom is here. beaning without this little, thank you for being here and just stand up and wave because you're the reason why it's all happening for her. her rock. >>[applause] >> as someone who came up under ms. kelly, i learned a lot from her. i've watched her fight hard battles over the years to deal with a lot of challenges and just do it with grace. on behalf of the city and county of san francisco, congratulations and now you
3:43 pm
have before. >> i does one at one thing >> supervisor peskin >> the only thing supervisor yee neglected to say she also runs the public utilities commission. >> oh yes. >> thank you supervisor peskin i may not be able to go home tonight. supervisor yee thank you so much for this great honor. as you can see my family is here today and they're very proud of thank you for nominating me for women's history month thank you board of supervisors what was going to say i'm here also because of you. each and every one of you i've worked with and i've enjoyed working with each and every one of you and continue to look forward to that. as you were talking to the different policies work with the supervisor avalos on low-carb bread with supervisor campos on
3:44 pm
initial id cards working with supervisor kim on all the different committee benefits agreements the midmarket payroll, tax exception and making sure that the folks in the tenderloin in such a market receive the benefits of it, supervisor peskin i can't tell you how much know my years of city purchaser in parliamentary procedure and how to just good government how to keep the government running and supervisor breed and cohen, i can tell you and supervisor tang and kim, i do not say who was powerful woman in san francisco because women are phenomenal and i enjoyed working with each and every one of you and you are the powerhouse of this board of supervisors and supervisor mar, again, supervisor wiener, i work with you on a regular basis. i want to quickly say ivy on of working with mayor lee i've opened to put on a woman's summit on june 21 of working with dr. rossi and the commission on the status of women to put on and talk about
3:45 pm
issues with this board of supervisors are the leaders in those conversation did everything from our minimum-wage ordinance are paid sick leave, parental leave, all this, you are the leaders in the national forefront and how we take care of women were primarily poor people of color, and those policies that come out of this board the white house is watching that and we want to again promote that on the national scene. not just all of our great legislation that comes out of here. but also talk about possibly kickstarting universal childcare as we have artie done great in preschool for all but what about all those moms who want to get back into the workforce and they can afford child to. can we start that conversation we. so i'm looking forward- >>[applause] >> to working with all of you on those issues. i want to give a shout out as you so my mom is here but also my dad is here and he has been a great rock and great advice on how to
3:46 pm
handle these very difficult conversations and his advice throughout the years has been to menace. tremendous., give a shout out to my puc family and most importantly, the city administrator family that is here. i see them back there all my deputy city administrators and everyone that supports me in the city administrator's office and also my best friend michael fourth-grade teacher albeit so, thank you again. shout out to all the teachers getting awarded today and all the other honorees. thank you. >> begot >> >>[applause] >> naomi, come back. sorry i missed you ms. little and mr. kelly. we all know who's the most important person in the family, right? mom. >> congratulations mrs. kelly.
3:47 pm
>>[applause] >> with that i like to recognize supervisor john avalos from district 11. >> i would like to call up bridget diving the- >>[applause] >> so i rise to honor bridget who is the district 11 residence and also was just recently in 2014 elected to the city college board of trustees. bridget has been someone who's been very very actively involved in politics and in
3:48 pm
education and a much or where she's had the greater impact probably the more fruitful impact has been on education. she herself has been a product of a family that, despite parents who do not have a lot of formal education valued education so much they were to ensure that she would have a very formal informative education experience. she got her undergraduate degree and be a in rhetoric from uc berkeley and she went on to get her law degree from the same place as well. she is now a teacher, a professor, and the college of ethnic studies in san francisco university and about the honor, several times of going to her class to be part of her instruction and it's really great to see her in action and to see just how inquisitive her students are and what a great role model she is as a latina
3:49 pm
educator at the school district or at san francisco state university at my alma mater. so, bridget has also been instrumental leader in district 11 and in the look latina democratic clubs, where district 11 democratic club through her great effort was able to actually integrate a level of participation in the club that led to incredible icons and imagery that she's been able to bring and to engage a lot of people. i think that's one of her strengths is that she's able to reach out and create images that can engage people in our democratic process. i first met bridget and josé, her husband who is also here, at their house back in 2008 when they were working to support barack obama and they were phone banking in her
3:50 pm
house for barack obama back in 2008 and from there i think i called pennsylvania and north carolina and they actually brought in a lot of young people who came and also recalling from your house as well. so, the house became a very formative place for young people to learn about the democratic process, to be engaged in the voting and in the electoral process, and owed a lot to you for your work in san francisco and reinvigorating the democratic clubs in district 11 in the latino democratic club as well. it's my great pleasure to honor you with the former border surprise for women's history month as someone whose use your location as an educator and a lateral politics. i think you for all your great service. >>[applause] >> thank you so much for this
3:51 pm
honor. this must be the fun part of your work. i'm guessing because i'm among many noble women here and i'm just honored to be among them. thank you for your kind words. i do want to say that it's been a great pleasure to work with you, john, as was the other supervisors i've worked on with community issues. supervisor jane became norman yee and become close and mar my former colleague mar and erin peskin, thank you very much. for your help the community issues that we been working on. i also want to thank my grandmother at this moment. my grandmother she only had an 8th grade education but she really instilled her love of politics and education in me. i grew up with her with my grandparents, and they were an incredible influence that my
3:52 pm
grandmother used to tell me if men had babies abortion would be legal. website 10 years old. i do not understand back then but she was like an incredible influence on me and i miss her to this day. but i also want to give a shout out to the other educators they give so much of themselves every day. my san francisco university colleagues, they work so hard with her students to help them move into the future and prosper. my city college faculty, i know they work so hard that it was one of the homers when i was actually running for office that i would hear this over and over again, students tell me what incredible faculty member had change their lives. also, directly you may have heard of this last week, my students. i
3:53 pm
am so proud of my students when they stood up to budget cuts for the college of ethnic studies. i just was so amazed at their maturity,, at how they worked everything out in a calm peaceful manner and made those commands. i have to say that as an educator, that's when you feel like we've reached them. so, i just want to give a shout out to people i work with my students because i know you're honoring me today but really, that is what counts. so thank you very much. >> >>[applause] >> i hope you don't mind but i'm going go out on a limb and tell everyone what your favorite color is. it's red. >> for
3:54 pm
>> congratulations again. ladies and gentlemen, it is my turn. colleagues, for the women's history month i have the honor of recognizing susan stroll us. come forward, susan. >>[applause] >> susan is a very active community member in the haight asberry community. someone who does work and doesn't want to be recognized for what she does it she works tirelessly because she cares about the community and cares about helping to make the community more beautiful,
3:55 pm
helping to make the community more safe, and this is exactly why you deserve this recognition, susan. she visited the event in 1984 as a price for being employee of the year and she is only fell in love with the city and moved here a year later. she'd been a renter in the haight asbury neighborhood ever since good lover of the arts, susan became a gallery director for the swanson art gallery and served as board secretary for the california craft museum. she is also a board member of the friends of sharon art studio where she serves as president for 6 years. she became involved in the community in activism when in 1993, the resident-she became an member of the residence against druggies after an escalation of drug marketing and criminal activities in the haight asberry. she strode the streets
3:56 pm
readily measure her neighborhood was free from violence and illegal activity and in 2007 she born the board of directors for the haight asberry improvement association were she's a member to this day. one of the main reasons i mean this is how i met susan. she has been the organizer for friends of robert blake. making sure that albert blake was clean. our blake was inviting. robert blake which is the goal gateway to golden gate park important part of golden gate park, every month, susan is out there rolling up her sleeves, coordinating volunteers, bringing people together, and doing everything she can to protect that part of the park and to make it look as beautiful as possible. so, for many many years she's been doing this consistently, and it is appreciated. when you think no one is watching we are watching. i want you to know your supervisor and your community appreciate your hard work and your consistency. to
3:57 pm
make sure that that area is not only beautiful, but that area is safe. that area is inviting. and that everyone wants to visit and enjoy that part of the park has an opportunity to do so. because you make sure that is a beautiful vase for people to visit. she has been reckoned as baby san francisco parks and recreation department. any many folks in our community really appreciate and it asked me to support and honor you for the work you've done good she is a caring tireless community advocate for the haight asberry community and we are so grateful for your involvement in trying to make a difference regardless of what's happening in the neighborhood, you're always there. you're always at the forefront and would really appreciate you. the kind of person you are is what makes our community better . on behalf of of the board and on behalf of the city and county of san francisco, it is
3:58 pm
my honor to recognize you for this women's history month. >>[applause] >> thank you pres. lyndon breed. i do appreciate this moment. i do want to reiterate of all the things you say i've been involved in, none of it is a singular effort. all that takes the cooperation energy, participation and support of my neighbors and friends among the haight asberry is an amazing amazing place to live and there's a lot of amazing goal there. it just feels awkward to be pulled out sing early because it takes many to make this thing work. a little correction. there 2 other founders for the friends of our elected robert blake will and ted lowenberg another amazing neighbor of mine who came with me today to celebrate this moment. so thank you very much and thank you all. i appreciate
3:59 pm
the honor. thank you, ted for also being here. >>[applause] >> supervisor campos
4:00 pm
>> next, it is indeed my honor to recognize an exceptional person and i would ask egon jones to come up. she is here with her family so if any of you want to join deeann come up as well because it is a family affair. i'll be honest with you. i've been pretty nervous about today because-by the way, we also have another member of the family in more than just one. former supervisor family member-part of the family who is here.
4:01 pm
>>[applause] >> so, i've been nervous about what i was going to say because i don't know that i can say in a limited period time that i have everything that needs to say about this amazing individual. she was first organized by the united states in 1981 when hiv infection was identified early in the decade. in those early days when we did not know what caused aids or how it was transmitted, was widespread fear and loathing of individuals that were diagnosed with the disease. the disease hit the gay community with a vengeance. in that initial period of the hiv crisis the average lifespan after diagnosis was 18 months. i cannot overestimate how this disease ravage san francisco's
4:02 pm
gay community at entered dion jones to the same. fresh out of city college where she studied to be a nurse and plan to be a midwife, dion was recruited to be one of the first nurses staffing a new word that san francisco general hospital. ward 86 was formed in 1983 to be the first clinic in the country boasts robust exclusively on treating patients with hiv aids. when most people including doctors and nurses were terrified of people with hiv-aids, dion jones was among the first to sign up to care for dying patients shunned by most of society. not only did she helped found ward 86, which he personally invented the concept of patient care, patient centered care, that is now considered a best practice not only in san francisco but the entire medical establishment. >>[applause] >> foreword 86 patients
4:03 pm
patient centered care meant suspending the concept of visiting hours expanding the notion of famers all loved ones could visit that patient. dion has spent the last 33 years working at ward 86. she is cared for patients during the time when you had hiv-aids go from a death sentence, we are it is today, a disease that could be treatable within reach good she was recently quoted in an article about her career st., and i quote, we are seeing now know what is needed to stop the epidemic and prevent hiv and we know what to do. so now the question of capacity and political will. and having the resources to do it. from the beginning people were healthcare providers couldn't just be healthcare providers. they had to be activists and
4:04 pm
understand pharmaceutical companies role, drug trials, and other issues. we have to be completely at the forefront run the expansion of access to health care benefits and in our country and -in spite of being in hiv nurse in 2016. jan jones, for everything you have been to san francisco for the last 33 years, and i look forward to what the next 33 years brings. thank you so much. it is my honor to recognize you as part of women's history month. women of the year for district 9. >>[applause] >> thank you supervisor campos honorable supervisors, madam clerk, my family, friends and colleagues who are here, thank you so much for this honor.
4:05 pm
david, i beg to differ. it wasn't it was never just me. there many people, some of whom are in this room, go been there from the very beginning. this was never just been about a virus. this epidemic has been about the perfect storm bringing together a virus, with all the forces of racism, sexism, homophobia, a horrible drug war, and poverty and that is what has fueled this epidemic around the world and fueled it in san francisco until millions of people, tens of thousands of san franciscans and continue to this day. your leadership, your predecessors and your leadership is--has been key to all the progress that we've made over the last
4:06 pm
we are in the 35th year of this epidemic and will continue to be absolutely critical. my hospital, your hospital san francisco general hospital has been really key in this epidemic. we continue in this health of women in the city continues to point the way about how were going to get to zero. howard and this epidemic and i thank you all. all your predecessors and all of you for all of the political muscle, political will, the willingness to fight it out, to disagree, and to come up with always figuring out what is the right thing to do at any given point in time in this epidemic and make sure that everyone, everywhere, gets access to that highest standard of care. i want to thank my family because they've had to put up with my work for all these years. 2 of
4:07 pm
my granddaughters are you. my partner. my daughter annie and many of my colleagues from san francisco general. thank you very much. >>[applause]
4:08 pm
the 10th congratulations again, this jones. >>[applause] >> welcome to the chamber former supervisor that some women tom on the honor.- >>[applause] >> i also would like to give my friend a shout out. the partner to ms. jones, guide thank you all for being here. >> >>[applause] >> with that, we will move to our colleague from district 10, supervisor melia cohen >> good afternoon, everyone. i first of all want to recognize the leadership of dr. emily rocky. still here in the chamber here you are. thank you so much for institutionalizing
4:09 pm
an opportunity for us to honor women every year. this is a great time and i also want to recognize the commissioners to make this possible as well as your staff. for those that don't know the commission on the status of women has done a tremendous amount of work on tracking women, pay gaps, of care disparities, and she and i and is was a few of my other colleagues have offered tremendous legislation has made san francisco a city leader in the entire country when it comes to advocacy on behalf of and for women. so you definitely deserve a round of applause for that. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> today, i'm very honored to be with to present to you raphael nicolosi. this is a woman born in italy and raised in the sunset district could she graduated from san francisco state university with
4:10 pm
an education major and taught 3rd grade for 33 years at lakeshore elementary school. ms. nicolosi was organizing amazing field trips so that students could explore the city and visit city hall to meet elected officials and learn about public service. ms. nicolosi is an avid traveler and would incorporate experiences abroad into the classroom. and actively use world maps as a learning tool because she felt geography was essential to understanding the local community. since her retirement ms. nicolosi continues to spend time traveling the world and inspiring young people. ladies and gentlemen out for one offer personal remark because niccolo ms. nicolosi was my 3rd grade teacher and she was the woman that took me on a field trip to city hall that rented the seed in me that i could be a supervisor. >>[applause] >> so, i have to tell you it
4:11 pm
is with great privilege to be able to present this award to her. she was one of the people that i think about often when i'm in this chamber. when i was stood in the gym are right where we are today i took the oath are member thinking about her and it was that tour we met then diane feinstein who spoke about the importance of public service. it was at that moment that and also the stairs of the rotunda, that i decided i wanted to be to dedicate my life to public service and here i am today and it was because any thoughtful and courageous and dedicated public school teacher ms. nicolosi. >>[applause] >> thank you supervisor cohen for this wonderful award. this incredible honor not only to be nominated but to be included among these by prince young women that are really doing something to make a difference
4:12 pm
in our city. it's truly humbling for me. the greatest joys of teaching is to make a difference in the lives of your children. excuse me, in the life of your students i should say. but to find out 30 years later that i did, indeed, make a difference well for lack of a better word that is awesome. this honor is definitely one of the highlights of my career. to be nominated by this young beautiful accomplished and empowered kick ass woman was in my 3rd grade class in 1986 and even then as a young girl demonstrated not only her smart but her leadership qualities and that somehow i was instrumental where she decided then she would seek public office and try to make this beautiful great city of san
4:13 pm
francisco into an even greater one to live in, that is sold be warding and something i will remember and cherish for the rest of my life. i don't really know what i did or even if i deserve this honor, but i'm not giving it back. >> ladies and gentlemen, >>[applause] >> not only was ms. nicolosi tremendous educator but she also did it with style and class. she was a fantastic dresser and she always wore the best pair of shoes in that also was my inspiration comes to fashion here in the chamber and particularly sporting fancy footwork. so, these join me in welcoming one more time and honoring ms. nicolosi. >>[applause] >>
4:14 pm
>> congratulations, again. that was the cutest. >>[applause] >> you can tell us the truth about supervisor cohen outside. thank you for being here today. with that i like to knowledge our colleague from district 2,
4:15 pm
supervisor mark farrell >> i first want to congratulate all the women that are here today, especially those being honored and thank you for all the commitment to our city as well as dr. rossi for all of her hard work. today, this honoring women today for women's history month also unique date the guys i would've done this regardless today and i see she's already have because they're someone up here is very familiar with these celebrations, and i'm so proud and happy. such a bittersweet but great way for all of us if our city to honor my good friend catherine stephanie. so, congratulations. >>[applause] >> i will note in the program it says catherine stephanie is a legislative aide to supervisor mark farrell. well, that was the case until 4:30 pm
4:16 pm
yesterday when catherine was sworn in as san francisco new county clerk. so, we have a huge round of applause. >>[applause] >> catherine has been a legislative aide, or was a legislative aide for 9 years for the district to office before being sworn in yesterday. she spent 4 years working for my predecessor supervisor-5 years in my office , and i couldn't think of a better person to take on the role of county clerk and really to do was all proud in the city and county of san francisco could catherine dominick and gigi are children are here. her family was here yesterday when we she was sworn in. catherine and her family have become artlessly work colleagues and friends and i'm so happy for
4:17 pm
all that's going on now in her life. just to give you a bit of background, and why we all think so highly of catherine, she has her undergraduate from st. mary's a law degree and or alum from the university of pacific law school. and start a career as a prosecutor over in the east bay and the district attorney's office. she was she working government down in san jose and came up to she actually started a tv show with host of a tv show, a live call in tv shelf for a while the gigi you do not know that as well about your mom. that was before you were born. but then work for michaela before hand and then for my office for the past 5 years. she has an amazing husband, chris. they lived in inside district 2 for number of years. i think close to 10 years right now.
4:18 pm
obviously, an amazing market a triathlete is so much promoting gun safety laws in our country here locally. i think more than anything, catherine, as a legislative aide we are also blessed by people that work for us insight of city hall could catherine has been our liaison to the community. i can't think of anyone but the residents and neighborhood leaders, the merchants inside of district to love more than certainly more than me and that is catherine. catherine has been the link between them and the district to office for 9 years. simply erode placeable in so many ways acting catherine, your work has been just unbelievable. i was a truly, we cannot done it without you. i could not have done it without. you're going to be so sorely missed but were so happy for you and the opportunity in front of you. you're going to do us all proud. more than anything, i'm so happy that we are friends
4:19 pm
and that were going to continue that family friendship for so long. catherine was the one who spearheaded somebody of our family events inside of district to whether rehab family festival or movie nights which attracts many families, and am so thankful for all of our projects were then continue that i would miss you a ton but we know you're just downstairs and you know were just upstairs the congratulations to you and your family. dominick and gigi, thank you for allowing her mom to work inside of city hall to serve all lessons befriended you guys are amazing. and catherine congratulations and look forward to working with you as a new county clerk. so, congratulations. >>[applause] >> thank you supervisor farrell. it's nice to be honored today. i was born at st. luke's hospital and then say weeks old my parents took me out of san francisco without my consent and i was raised in
4:20 pm
nor said california but i was raised in italian catholic family and my manic and probably had to read pictures probably display on the wall mary and jesus, the pope and president kennedy are the present. my dad was always inspired by john f. kennedy speech is not what your country can do for you but we can do for your country and volunteer for vietnam and under rotc at the university of notre dame and i was just really i grew up with public service being embedded in the and like i said yesterday there was 16 years old i went to washington dc and lived by myself at georgetown university and ironton for my congressman at the time and like a 16-year-old intern they put in a back room and had the answer constituent mail. but a really get me a sense what people were struggling with at the time. i saw an elderly couple come to visit congressman
4:21 pm
tony-and they do not have an appointment but happened to be there any was very gracious. he came out and they stress gratitude like i'd never seen before. i knew in a moment that's what public service was about and that's what i wanted to do. i want to help people. it was a very basic it went to law school because i thought like anyone you want to be a politician you need to go to boston. i later learned that probably not always true. i did start my career as a prosecutor in contra costa county. when my greatest choice was to go to court and say catherine stephanie, your honor for the people. i absolutely love that. i love representing the people in representing the people of district 2 for the past 9 years. i went back to law school to get my llm which is just someone who is a glutton for punishment was another degree but it's a matter of law and i went back to public service
4:22 pm
and eventually landed here at the board. working for you and as you said, supervisor-and just yesterday appointed by the county clerk position, which am so grateful for. naomi kelly was previously honored and jennifer johnston one was for several moments but when the greatest thing i was able to do as a legislative aide was to play a large role in saving sing the hospital when i worked for--then, to see that carry on and watch supervisor farrell supervisor campos and now we have held their axis on the part of the good that was huge for me to also you mentioned will be naked watching the community come together we build this and they can get our first movie night 700, our 2nd 1000 it was absolutely amazing to see the community come together like that. i said my outgoing e-mail to everyone i
4:23 pm
said 3 posted notes on my computer this whole time. one said, how can i be of maximum service today. the other said, grace because we need grace at times as legislative aides because this job can be very difficult. people like to yell at us at times and the others patient tolerance kindliness and love. after hearing sen.-speak on his book united, i decided to move removed the word tolerance from that post it. he said it's not enough we practice tolerance. that what it's really about in public service is that were practicing love and were helping people. that we should really aim for more than just mere tolerance. i can't agree with you more. just really quickly, this theme of women's history month really got to meet working to form a more perfect union. i think about all the women who come before me and worked to secure my right to vote my daughter's
4:24 pm
right to vote it to pave the way for going to law school was not an insurmountable choice. to make certain i have healthcare choices that were unheard of just decades ago. i think about the women and the mothers who seen injustice in society and try to fix. like mothers against drunk driving to dramatically changing against drinking and driving saving thousands of lives and i think about the mothers i work with in my volunteer capacity with moms demand action, mothers who refuse to accept the gun lobby vision for our country did i'm honored to fight with them as we were to change the gun culture in our country so we no longer have to suffer the loss lives to gun violence. >>[applause] >> i want to thank you supervisor farrell for nominating me today. you mean the world to me. it was just such a gift to work for you these past 4 years. he supported me as a working mother. you don't just talk the talk that you actually walk the walk and made it clear that
4:25 pm
showed up for my children did mean i wasn't showing up for you. i thank you for that. oh i think my colleagues who are like family to me. it's bittersweet leaving all of you. i would think everyone on the board here. i absolutely loved working for the board of supervisors to think my sisters pres. breed is a proviso cohen was my mentor. we need more women in office. in a one thank all of you for your public service. i look forward to representing our mexico city is your county.. thank you. >>[applause] >> supervisors develop i hope you didn't go out to make those files before you left? >> no, no, no we got them
4:26 pm
before. >> congratulations, kevin on your new position. i know you'll do us proud. >>[applause] >> can you also know weddings as well as allow them to happen? just kidding. congratulations. now i like to recognize our colleagues from district 6, supervisor jane kim >> well, i like to bring up these 2 amazing women who i
4:27 pm
have actually known since a very young age and have looked up to their work in advancing our civil rights and being leaders in san francisco in our asian american community. the chart judges will in change and julie tang. >>[applause] >> i thought to bring up both of them because they're part of a coalition for the women of jesse. many of you have seen these ladies before us. advocating on behalf of them in who are trafficked and put into slavery for services over the last couple of centuries. i want to thank you for your work in remembering these women. so that we never do this again. we know this work continues today and that's what so important for us to recognize our history and commemorate this women and
4:28 pm
you 2 have been the fearless and tireless leaders in making sure that we never forget. but, beyond the work that many of you know of these judges before us board of supervisors, you may not know as much about the immense other sides of their lives as a good judge saying is a tireless and passionate advocate in our justice system. she is the first asian-american female judge in northern california. one of the founders of the civil rights organization, chinese for affirmative passionate one of the founders of the asian american bar association, the founder of the coalition which she still leads today with her fellow warrior judge tang analogic became after masters degree in social work for columbia and her psychology degree from occidental. in fact, i personally got to use the skill sets when i interned at the juvenile justice bauman and the public defender's
4:29 pm
office. i got to see that she was not only a meter of justice but also provided counsel for the youth and families that came before her providing so much more than just what are normal judges would provide in the juvenile justice system. she also used her leadership inst. and children's waiting room in our courthouse and a successful award-winning to drug courts. what is also perhaps a little less known is that before all this she had her own law practice and helped to defeat the 1979 briggs initiative, which would have banned any teacher to identify as of dbt from teaching in our public schools. she was also one of the first-one of the first city officials to speak at the first candle light vigil marking the one-year anniversary of supervisor milk
4:30 pm
assassinated judge tang is a well-known architect of the san francisco superior court first the message violence courts. where her innovations remain in place today. she has fought for dances and short equity of resources and access to justice for everyone including advocating for state legislation that would ensure in california civil court could not just limited in this country to the us but has extended to china as well. especially on the topic of how to reform the justice system to promote legalization of youth offenders. as a district attorney here in san francisco, she broached the concept of restorative justice before there was even a term. advancing the idea of a justice system and a process that can truly uplift us while respecting victims of crime. but these are, shins and achievements are the ones that everyone may know. lesser-known is the true legacy these 2 women have provided. that is their mentorship of so many younger women below them. i just want to thank you so much
4:31 pm
for leading the way and allowing women like me to be able to be public servants and leaders here in the city and county of san francisco. i know it's only possible for me to be able to serve because of the groundbreaking work that you did to continue to crack that soon. thank you. >>[applause] >> supervisor the hand. >> before you give her much i want to acknowledge your leadership. i have served in the shadow of your great wings and want to say thank you. i appreciate your leadership and i to have been taking no. dick supervisor mar >> thank you for being so inspirational to the rest of us and for mentoring so many from our communities did thank you both of you but we miss you in the richmond district, though. >> thank you so much. thank you supervisor jane kim this
4:32 pm
opportunity to honor the lien and need to give us the opportunity to remind the community of the women justice coalition as you all know the last time i stood here and stood at the podium and spoke to the supervisors was when there were 400 people here urging the supervisors to pass a resolution to build a memorial to commemorate the suffering of the comfort women. comfort women is a euphemism for sexual slaves. women who are raped, abused, by the japanese military during world war ii. their suffering is immense. this suffering is universal good it's emblematic of all the suffering of all women and all genders and there were comfort boys to actually. not just comfort women. but when lily and i discovered during our study of comfort women issues. it's emblematic of the suffering and therefore
4:33 pm
we encourage their rides. the justice coalition is moving ahead with planning and installation and i want to say that i hope there will be support for it for this installation. the fact that the supervisors representing all the citizens of san francisco supported that resolution, supported the installation, and any effort to stop that resolution is an effort to destroy the dignity of the women were represented in this memorial. i want to give a shout out to supervisor jane kim, supervisor eric mar first regarding this movement and also to supervisor david campos was on the committee to pass this resolution. you really made such an honest attempt to address the audience. you are really brave and thank you a shout out to all the supervisors made the resolution having. were going to rely on you and
4:34 pm
lean on you to continue make this a reality for all women who are suffering must be remembered. >>[applause] >> >> i'm very cognizant of all the people here waiting to be heard. there's many other supervisors. i just want to say when i first came to san francisco in the 80s, there were no women supervisors sitting here. when i first came and became active in san francisco we do not have any asian-american sitting in this chamber. when i first came to san francisco things were very very different. there's no such thing as honoring women, honoring the people who worked hard to serve the public. the time has changed. we live in a different world. together, we can fight for a better world. you know, george-said those who cannot remember the past are
4:35 pm
condemned to repeat it get we must remember the past. the suffering of our forefathers and foremothers and 4 sisters and 4 brothers, so that we can become united together and have a better world. i will not repeat what my sister has artie said that the reason were honored together because were joined at the hip. people can tell us apart. i'm grateful to be honored by supervisor kim and melia >>[adjournment] thank you for your kind words and katie, london breed i'm so happy to see women on this esteemed board of supervisors. and eric mar i love you so much. you speak from your heart and i thank you very much for your compassion. i urge everyone in the chamber to work together with us to fight for a better world. i'm so surprised that jane kim remembered i was one of the first asian-american who fought with harvey milk and pass the initiative in those days it was not possible due to
4:36 pm
coalition politics and is one of the 5 people that spoke in his first candlelight vigil. in those days people just don't seem to have the ability to coalesce. but you know what, things are getting worse. in that respect. coalition politics is no longer coalition animal. people are more divisive to do when he to get together and get together for a better world and making sure that the memorial is passed and built in san francisco so those that suffer in the past will always be remembered so that women who been enslaved will never be enslaved regardless of whether it's during war or peace. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> i have to recognize my parting. bolan done and the dunn family thank you very much for being here. >>[applause] >>now that the paparazzi is
4:37 pm
done, congratulations, ladies and thank you for all your hard work. supervisor mar >> i want to first think dr. on the commission status of women. also, for the friends of the commission on the status of women president-and the friends for sponsoring the root section happening afterwards as well.
4:38 pm
could linda burley with emergent senior center please come forward and anyone else from the senior center tweetdeck it is my honor to acknowledge an amazing person with a huge heart that given so much to the richmond district over 6 years could talk about linda burley, the director of the richmond senior center, who most recently has stepped down and started yesterday at the dept. of aging and adult services. for district 1, the richmond district, respectfully honoring a woman whose greatly inspired me as she led the richmond senior center the 400+ person senior center that nurtures new leaders that builds unity across cultures and fights for adequate funding for seniors and people with disabilities in our community in the richmond but also citywide get going to the richmond center feels like home and i think gov. willie said it
4:39 pm
best when of the senior leaders, that it is 2nd home but many people knowledge the amazing wraparound art services . other aging in place programs to my the community kitchen, cooking together and eating together, it's not just like any senior center. it's a 2nd home for many of us and when i'm there i feel just welcomes my home as well. i want to savor the many isolated and lonely seniors richmond senior center is an amazing place on too many of us. linda burley born in los angeles is lived in san francisco for nearly 4 decades. she dedicated her life to helping people. she is a masters of fine arts in english but first ambition was to be a nobel laureate but after lively career as a bartender, a bit manager market researcher,.com executive and a manager of a kennel, would've found a way to the nonprofit world first managing volunteers at the commonwealth club and then meals on wheels in san francisco. the volunteer base
4:40 pm
she's billed at the richmond senior center and at goldengate village is remarkable. i'm worked side-by-side with her for 6 years. when she led the senior center and also built an amazing institution, the goldengate village as well. linda served on the boards of community living campaign with-also the coalition of aging where she spearheaded efforts a dignified budget for people with disabilities. her advocacy on behalf of seniors and people with disabilities is incredible. under the direction of the richmond senior center, they are the aging and disability resource center for district 1. linda also worked with michelle and sarah-from the neighborhood center to develop late unique aging in place partnership for district that provides home delivered groceries to isolated and momo
4:41 pm
seniors in our neighborhood. also the reasons the new center one of first senior centers in the nation to develop what many of his colleagues village model and thanks much to next village as have for supporting the return district village but it's an amazing place in our neighborhood and we are doing our best to promote more of the village neighborhood model throughout our city and to support the growing movement nationwide neighborhood-based senior organizations that improve communities through the naked vendor represents the concept of aging in place and how she lives. she's thankful of her garden condo, a huge mortgage and nascent neighbors, but really as she ages in place in her own neighborhood, she began working again at that part of aging and adult services as a program analyst just yesterday and is furthering work with seniors and people with disabilities. i know she's going to advance making san francisco and aging friendly city that we can all be proud of as we build a coalition for dignity for future programs throughout our neighborhood. please join me in
4:42 pm
honoring our district one woman of the year linda merkley from the richmond senior center. >>[applause] >> i am having the same corsage dilemma i had at my high school prom that it keeps falling off. this is truly humbling when i first heard, when i got any milk that supervisor mar was going to nominate me for this award, i'm just truly humbled. i'm so appreciative. i want to thank supervisor mar and his website of aids for their friendship and support the last 6 years. what we have accomplished at the senior center would not be possible without your french. it really would not be. i have learned that public service is fun. i know we don't think of it as fun but it really is fun along with the responsibilities that go with it, it is fun. i have worked on a number of issues for seniors in the city
4:43 pm
with other agencies, colleagues and other senior service agencies in the city, neighbors in the richmond district and my cults and friends at the richmond senior center, and am so lucky to let so many wonderful people. i realize that by working together for a good cause the community enriches the advocates hearts. i also know very much that most people would really like to do the right thing or to do something good. they just need the opportunity given to them. so, thank you very much >>[applause] >>
4:44 pm
>> again, congratulations. >>[applause] >> folks we have 2 more supervisors to go. i like to recognize at this time supervisor from district 3, supervisor aaron peskin >> for those of you who have visited me at my usual morning coffee haunt for the last quarter of a century, you probably have met the district 3 women's history month
4:45 pm
honoree, mine and my wife's dear dear friend eva-. eva, why don't you come up? ito was born at kaiser on geary boulevard the group in the community of north beach and a family of strong woman like her mother sonya who's here and her great aunt, yolanda, with whom she started she was a little kid when i first met her washing the dishes at the center of the vortex, the café. she is beloved as the matriarch of that institution by her employees, by everybody that she crosses paths with. but she's much more than a businesswoman. she is the heart and conscience of that institution that hosts summary artists and poets and rich people and poor people and she
4:46 pm
takes care of them and sets an example for the neighborhood in a way that is profound. whether it is making sure that some of them who are indigent and up with the incredible funerals. we honored the late-at this board and was eva who made sure that we had a marching band celebrating his passing from his single resident occupancy hotel to his other home, the café. don't be fooled. she is tough as hell. she will 86 you from that café if you miss behaved. she is known for her generosity even as a little girl of 9 or 10 she had a strong desire to help others. her husband who is here today
4:47 pm
and friends have stories of her finding extra pastries after mass and wrapping them up to give out to the underprivileged. she was he suffering on the streets of this city. there used to be a flower stand across the street from the café outside the st. francis at columbus and ito would help the overly woman there so her blooms to the passerby. she grew up with her great aunt in north beach and helped them at the café and sing with her mother whose beautiful voice is well known throughout the neighborhood and beyond. eva herself has spent at least 2 decades serving a motley crew of characters, artists, poets, at the café crammed into its tiny quarters seeking camaraderie, solace, laughter, user, or just a good cup of coffee but that is a place where ito has presided over folks who now are happily met reid predicted. host the annual firefighters toy drive and takes care of her real
4:48 pm
family and her extended family. she is here today with her husband of 15 years, who tells me all the time how much he loves her more each passing day. it's because this woman gives of herself every single day to the community she is a bright light and beloved anchor and i'm thrilled to introduce her to all of you today. with that, are women of district 3, eva - >>[applause] >> thank you supervisor peskin and to the rest of the board for having me here today. i'm very honored. i do not know i was to speak. they got you covered most of it. i really appreciate the been nominated with all these great women. well, i started at a young age as you said and my family, i
4:49 pm
aunt yolanda my mom, my friends were hanging out at the mall or playing sports on the weekends and have put me behind the counter and taught me how to publicize helping customer, how to get close to your community. we were basically north beach very strong close knit community until this day i'm very happy i'm there good i don't know what to say but i want to thank my family for coming here. my mom, my sister, my cousin and my in-laws are here. my other sister, rose. if i forgot everyone i'm sorry. then the north beach business associate fellow borders some
4:50 pm
of them are here and appreciate the support and try and do things for our great neighbor. thank you come again. >>[applause] >>congratulations, again.
4:51 pm
>>[applause] >> last, but certainly not least, district 4, supervisor keady tang beaded thank you and goodbye shoes >> thank you to the department and attempt status of women. i guess the only good thing about going last that i get to say we saved the best for last. today is my honor to recognize someone who works in city government, jane dump it if you would give her a round of applause, please >>[applause]
4:52 pm
>> so, i love the theme this year and i'm so glad were able to recognize wonderful people who work in our city government or public service or community service. i first met jean when she was working at the office of small business and this is before we had beefed up our office of a comeback, get workforce to vomit before we had our invest in neighborhoods. we had to do a lot of work together and try to help our small businesses in our community and so then came time widget to move on and should to go onto the department of technology knows there he sat when she had to leave but she had a much greater mission to my and that was she had to be the development of our cities online small business portal. so, amazingly, jane work with only 2 other people-she had 3 people total, her whole team consist of 3 people, herself, jason and kimberly a together
4:53 pm
small team developed our city's first online small business portal which was delivered on time and under budget in just one year. the portal launch in november and 2014 indiana for my office is going to be displaying the portal and all you should hopefully be familiar with it. thank you sfgov tv if you could show the overhead. what we have now to something that looks nothing like a government produced website that produces provides information for those looking to either start or expand a business. san francisco. some of you here honor today, you run your own small business you now difficult is to navigate all the different city departments and processes so through this portal you can access information on permits and forms. you can download was called they started to find a we you need to do. there are other very important resources there and again it's already such an amazing hub of information that took so much time and effort to work with all these different departments
4:54 pm
to develop, but i know it's going to continue to grow under jane's leadership and hard work. i will point out the small business portal is one of the winners in the white house's startup competition and received a $50,000 grant to continue development of the portal. i also hope that mayor lee will support in his budget that bauman of this part of the jamaica mike and jane represents what city government should be all about. which is, there's innovation at the table consumers whose hard-working, someone always ready to serve our great city. so, this is also why jane will be receiving the 2016 managerial excellence award later this month for her work on the portal. i hope that all of you utilize this wonderful tool. again, i think it's more than a website. it's a really innovative way for government to better serve our community and look forward to seeing the portal expand and grow have even more hubble
4:55 pm
features but more important a commodity is wonderful we have some light jane working in city government practically had 20 more of her we would be so much more efficient and productive and they are to serve the community. so thank you, jane, for all you do. >>[applause] >> thank you so much supervisor tang into that apartment on the status of women and all my fellow honorees, i feel so unworthy. such great women were honored today. i'm honored and pulled by this wonderful recognition and supervisor tang thank you for always being an inspiration to me for all the great work you do in the community especially for small businesses. these always say my career in government was completely unintentional. 6 years ago i stumbled across an opportunity to work with small businesses at city hall and after 4 years of serving on the front lines of providing assistance to small businesses, day in and
4:56 pm
day out, but took on the challenge of building the san francisco business portal. so that we can help our small businesses start stay and grow in the city the san francisco business portal would not be what it is today without the support of the office of economic and workforce development, dept. of technology, office of small business, small business commissioners, each and every one of the supervisors here today is way as well as mayor lee. the portal would not be what it is without my amazing set. jason-is working tirelessly as we speak because were getting ready to launch the 2nd phase of the business portal where we will now allow users to submit permit applications on one. and angel -since moved on to a attend gravid graduate school at harvard. i hope she's busy right now so we can encourage her to come back to san francisco where she started her career. so, today is also a
4:57 pm
time to celebrate women's history month and like to take this opportunity to thank one woman who has and always will inspire me. my mother. she could not be here today but i know she's watching. hello, mom. my parents that i immigrated to the united states exactly 30 years ago this month we landed the great city of san francisco. when we first started we had about $600 to our name after sleeping for months on the floor he finally found a mattress in a dumpster. i probably should not say this on tv but it both my parents especially my mother have taught the value of hard work and perseverance. over the years my mom has always told me to not only work hard but to be kind to other people. to always always always put the needs of others above my own. so, when i look back on my 6 years here in city government i think maybe
4:58 pm
it wasn't so unintentional. i think maybe i meant to be here. i think maybe i was supposed to be here to serve the people of san francisco. all of the values my mother has instilled in me really made me proud to be able to come to work every single day so that i can make the lives of every san franciscan of little better, so that i can make a positive impact on this great city we live in. thank you so much for this great honor. >>[applause]
4:59 pm
>> resolutions, again and thank you. the cop >> well, my friends we have come to the end of our program. i want to congratulate each and every honoree here today. clearly, some of amazing women all over the city and county of san francisco thank you to my colleagues for making such excellent choices and at this time, i would like to invite all of the honorees, their families and friends to join the friends of the commission on the status of women for brief program with mayor lee and dist. atty. george
5:00 pm
gascoigne the mayors, some across the hall in room 201. congratulations and again thank you dr. rossi and ladies, we will be seeing you out and about doing the great work they you continue to do for the city and county of san francisco. thank you. >>[applause] >> colleagues, would you like
5:01 pm
to take our recess or continue with the meeting? at this time we are going to move to our next item, which is public comments, gen. public comment madam clerk, please read that item and a like to ask numbers of the public to please exit the chamber quietly. >> at this time the public may now address the entire board of supervisors for up to 2 min. on the items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board to include the minutes and items without reference county. pursuant to the board tools please direct your remarks to the board as a whole and not to individual supervisors nor to the audience. speakers using translation assistance be allowed twice the amount of time and you like to display a document on the overhead projector these clearly state such do sfgtv and removed the document when you like the screen to return to live
5:02 pm
coverage of the meeting >> first member of the public, please. >> good afternoon. my name is -i'm here today to recognize you and recognize that we have women [inaudible] woman of the day. that woman her name is hillary clinton. she's going to win today. i'm very glad to receive [inaudible] and i want to give a copy to our supervisors. give one copy to-i should something with her that i want to share the good hillary, hillary, we love you. california voters are offered. the republicans, nobody wants
5:03 pm
them anymore. remember, us when you win. don't worry, about the other >> madame president ipods the speaker's time you cannot campaign in the chamber. speak generally about hillary clinton, not about voting for her worthy of action, please >> okay, i would like to mention to you that she is a strong woman in the united states and she deserves and must win wednesday night. the winner of the state. not the winner of the month.the woman of the year. i support her and i'm very glad to invite her to see everyone of you as my family when i meet her. believe
5:04 pm
it or not, i keep my promises. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening, supervise. action coalition the him after the organization. i'm here to speak on item 24 which is to amend the redevelopment plan area to allow block one also known as 160. period we would encourage you to approve the item to move it to the full board on april 12 we been supportive of this project that think it's important to remember that this project is within the form of redevelopment planning areas gone through much more extensive approval process including going through the citizens transbay citizens advisory committee which received an endorsement from and into the opposite community
5:05 pm
infrastructure commission which received unanimous approval for. then the planning commission. overly onto the full board. it's unprecedented 40% on-site affordable housing for middle class families and we would think that given the discussion that state place at this for the past couple weeks with the charter amendment this be a project he would want to support. we support it just because the extra hundred- amazing affordability 73 more homes, 44 formerly affordable at 60%. equity achieved-it's a testament to ocii and supervisor kim for coming up for that 40% parking payment and as well as [inaudible]. it's a lot of enthusiasm from the architecture community as well.
5:06 pm
were excited to have this power in the city. we hope you can move it to the full board on april 12. thanks for your time >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon pres. breed and commissioners. carpenters local 22 directors in about 3500 carpenters here in san francisco. we support the amendment to the redevelopment plan for the transbay redevelopment project area. also known as 160 fulsome. that extra 100 feet is going to add housing that san francisco needs, affordable housing. is going to add jobs that carpenters and all trades workers need in san francisco. it's going to provide middle income housing that actually carpenters they go to work on the project may have an opportunity to live in that tower, and we ask that you also support it. thank you.
5:07 pm
>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> tom-disappointment for police chief new policy, to both. we stopped. still not the change we are seeking. that is still the wrong direction. we should have a desire instead of a police officers retiring. never point a gun out of their holster, never firing a bullet. another disappointment. muni. where losing 8 seats on the light rail. each, maybe 12. with that they be more on the buses. i can't tell on the buses. so, but the new policy now is, if you're sitting in a disabled or senior seat you make it reprimanded. so kind of
5:08 pm
making repercussions were almost making it criminal. it's a new direction. the future plan to have more standing room. is it part of the 3rd street disaster between the giants baseball park, the giants development with 11,000 jobs, the hospital that's already there with the 18,000 of the basketball stadium. we are going to replace 3 part lines and a freeway with reducing 8 to 12 seats in our muni rail so more people can stand. again, i think it's the wrong direction. just before the dust settles on this past election, the mayor's race, i was disappointed with the top echelon of the democratic party. i was a new
5:09 pm
direction man that was a new mayor's man. we can all agree that he was hand-picked. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> joe wilson hospitality house urging the board to move with deliberate speed to address the widening and deepening affordability crisis. i appreciate the value of feasibility studies and anticipating with some degree of trepidation once spent months spent questioning the study's conclusion, challenging the study's methodology, debating the study empirical data. meanwhile, committees across the city, bayview, omi,
5:10 pm
chinatown, expensing experiencing deepening inequality and a whining affordable the gap. i actually found it interesting feasibility study done by an engineering form in the midwest addressing a particular crisis to public utility. it turns out this feasibility study was commissioned by the state of michigan treasury department, conducted by a firm out of detroit on behalf of the city of linz michigan, looking at the cost benefit analysis of pumping dirty water into communities across the city. it turns out, they concluded that it would be economically
5:11 pm
feasible to use dirty water, rather than to continue to use healthier cleaner water because the economics did not work could i urge you to make sure that when you act, you act in the best interest of the public, not merely because the numbers were. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is julie galli also work at hospitality house and i want to voice my support for updating the inclusionary ordinance to increase the amount of affordable housing required in all the developments. i work with lots of members of the community and affordable housing is by far the number one concern. i've also been part of several committee coalitions and groups to meet with developers to try to negotiate something so they can come to the neighborhood in a more i guess cohesive way and
5:12 pm
time and time again they say they will only build a legal minimum of affordable housing. despite with their budgets are. so, making these kind of changes can have a massive impact on not just middle income people but helping people with homeless and getting housing as well. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is-i testify that the planning commission last week and also at the january hearing. i am deeply troubled by the misuse of the word affordable. the planning department said that none of the housing that is in the mayor's so-called affordable bonus density plan would allow people to make less than dirty $4000 a year to live in those filings. i wish you
5:13 pm
would strike the word, affordable, from any with this station that appears before this body. the city is building no housing whatsoever for anyone who makes less than $34,000 a year. this is one of the biggest lies ever seen perpetrated in san francisco history. if i am wrong, please correct me. i like to see some documentation. but the planning department is actually speaking through 2 sides of its mouth when at some point in that hearing said we are building housing for the lowest income people in san francisco. well, they also said that none of the housing would be affordable for people who make less than $34,000.80. so, those are 2 irreconcilable visas of information that i have not seen corrected anywhere. i wish he would correct it for us all. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
5:14 pm
>> this is one of points i want to highlight also. you get situation enjoyed by high income bracket of people but not enjoyed by lower income bracketed people. first welcome you advertise affordable and low income housing and have the voters vote for your campaign but the truth of the matter takes place and read the fine print, it's not affordable whatsoever. it's like it's 5m project. i watch when you supervisors speak to the public and say you're providing housing opportunities for teachers and teachers can't afford to live in the 5m building then i watched the city attorney talk talk about board of education director and his staff can afford to live in the 5m though. then when public comment, not one, but 5 schoolteachers, explain and testify they cannot afford to live in the 5m apartment building complex. again the
5:15 pm
same response understands and testifies that she cannot afford to live in the 5m apartment building complex. you claim low in affordable income housing, affordable housing, and the lowest income for the building is $71,000. the next income bracket is about $89,000 and tops off at about $105,000. that's not affordable low income has moved its fraudulent information. you do the same thing with proposition d you claim 40% affordable housing and then when you look at the fine print, after campaign input a female that's living in a in-home foster care, and wants to live in the building it turns out you're providing greater opportunities for people that are making $122,000 a year. since when does a person that's making $122,000 a year need to be under a low income affordable housing program? now, i want to point
5:16 pm
out there's actually been >> thank you. thank you very much. i'm sorry, sir. next speaker, please. unfortunate, i could give everyone the same time. it's 2 min. >> [inaudible] >> sir, thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> hello. i want to speak about the expense i had yesterday. was working on market and buchanan. i stopped and saw their 3 people on the sidewalk and i saw these officer harassing them and i was standing there watching and
5:17 pm
the police officer began to then interrogate me i was not doing anything wrong at the very minor example of i think the harassment of people on the street feel. it escalated i was a leader. i was called pearl brought. the officer began to make up things about me. i was just watching, observing. the people i talk to on the street after the officer left so they felt very threatened and think about people who go through this on a regular basis, i have place to go. i place where i could go to be saved afterwards. i'm curious about how people who might not have place twos to go would react to an officer coming up to them and threatening them and also lying to them and not being honest with them could either than the city i pay taxes. i believe that we should all have a say in terms of how people are treated here. again, very minor, minor incident, but
5:18 pm
people might not hear-people here might not have experiences like this but there are people not being treated fairly and with respect and i would like it to be recognized and more to be done to make sure that everyone, every single person in the city is treated with respect and safety. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i live in south market and jane kim is our district supervisor. i live in-house. my issue is housing. the un-affordability of husband and i for one i gross under $60,000 a year and i'm a veteran, vietnam veteran. i then
5:19 pm
eligibility home certificate. i participated in-i participated with a couple of other the beyers for some homeowners program. to no avail have been able to-and this is 2011, 2014 and 2015. i have certificates good nothing ever came of it. the transitioning between befriend housing authority with the property at 330 and 320, tina is questionable and i think that my residency there is in jeopardy. i think-i don't believe that this ami +12% of
5:20 pm
affordable housing is appropriate. i think it should be a little bit more conscientious in your decision-your decision-making process in terms of affordability. 120% does not cut it. not for me and i refused to be displaced. >> thank you very much. are there any other members of the public would like to provide public comment at this time? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> colleagues, we have some unfinished is this. we will go to items 18 through 25. our adoption without committee reference. so, mdm. clerk,
5:21 pm
please call items i can-25 >> these items are considered without committee reference. a simple rollcall vote may enact any of these items. member may object something and i'm having considered separate. >> are there any members would like to sever any items? supervisor yee >> yes, item number 22. peter supervisor peskin >> item number 25 >> at this time, we are-22, 25. >> letter present, item number 23 >> 23. okay, on the remaining items, adam clerk these called role >> supervisor wiener aye, yee aye, avalos aye, breed aye, campos aye, cohen aye farrell
5:22 pm
aye kim aye, mar aye, peskin the i tang aye. there are 11 aye >> those items are adopted in adversely >>[gavel] >> adam clerk please call adam 20 to >> item 22 resolution to establish city policy to maximize the percentage of affordable inclusionary housing market rate development report ordinance and to ensure fairness and feasibility. >> to proviso yee >> supervisor yee >> this is a resolution that will frame further work in defining our in establishing what is really needed with affordable housing would like to move with in the charter amendment that we on the june ballot. most of this with a
5:23 pm
timeframe that would like to do this so i had submitted resolutions last week and now there's been some discussion about certain language that i would like to amend and it's been agreed upon as a mentioned earlier so, the let me read out quickly, or highlight the summary of the amendment we are talking about. so, one of the amendment we included was the board of supervisors intend to adopt a ordinance by april 19, 2016. so, we are time definite. the 2nd amendments would be joining ordinance would include
5:24 pm
grandfathering clause to ensure fairness for projects in the pipeline. in the 3rd amendment would be joining ordinance would include a feasibility clause requiring the controller in the city department to conduct a periodic economic study to maximize affordability in the cities inclusionary housing requirements. number 4, the first economic usability analysis shall be prepared prior to may 31, 2016 and will provide that the board of supervisors will review it within 3 months of its issuance. number 5, trailing ordinance to allow for the project middle income units to be one of percent of ami in the board of supervisors will set the maximum affordable unit pricing based on input from the feasibility study. number 6, trailing ordinance shall allow for the city to approve projects by developing a development agreement which can
5:25 pm
include variations from the inclusionary housing requirements. so, these amendmentwith the groundwork for the trailing ordinance and indicates a good faith effort to adopt us by april 9, 2016 with the provision indicated in the summary of amendments. that i just outlined. i feel comfortable with supporting the charter amendment as was introduced and to pass this resolution with the understanding that these arefor agreed upon legislation. colleagues i hope to have your support in this. first, i would like to say-make a motion for amending the resolution >> so supervisor yee has made
5:26 pm
a motion 2nd by supervisor farrell. before we adopt the amendment, i just needed a point of clarification on the proposed trailing ordinance and the date certain of april 19 trailing ordinance and the date certain of april 19, 2016. can you please explain where that date came from, and if it's actually realistic based on the fact that it's arch first and this is--it may take more time than that? >> the purpose of that date is to show intent to introduce the ordinance. so it's not the completion. i will defer that to supervisor kim said she was part of the discussion >> supervisor kim >> this is a date negotiated with all parties. he was in conjunction with the mayor's office. they will be working
5:27 pm
very closely with the planning department to ensure a swift hearing of the trailing ordinance so that we can have this in land-use and to pass it by april and to pass it by april 19 now. so this is the date that was worked out but we did go to the week and get that the planning department they would work with the planet salute you this back of the board by the middle of april to provide assurances to stakeholders on all sides in terms of the charter amendment that's moving forward for the june primary ballot. >> thank you for that clarification. it just seems very ambitious. with that, colleagues, can we take these metrics without objection? without objection humanoids passes unanimously >>[gavel] >> on the item as amended to take this item same house, same call? without objection the
5:28 pm
item as amended passed unanimously >>[gavel] >> is called the next item >> item 23 is a roses resolution to urge the san francisco public utility commission to provide enhanced public access to testing roads and trails in the peninsula watershed land consistent with the goals of protecting the water supply and environmental quality of the area. >> supervisor avalos >> this resolution is next up after hearing about a year and half ago to having great public access at the peninsula watershed. i meant for to go to committee select a motion that we send it to committee for a thorough discussion. >> so, we can just send it to committee. okay, great. thank you. we will move to the next item
5:29 pm
>> item 25 is a motion to authorize operation of green proponents and opponents ballot arguments rebuttal about arguments for similar to the voters at the june 7, 2016 consolidated general election. >> colleagues, i actually have some amendment and for contact purposes, it's best for us to designate only one author for each argument and my staff has asked around to each of the offices that think we have a consensus on how to proceed with this particular item. i want to entertain a motion as follows: for the parks funding charter amendment proponent list only supervisor farrell, the inclusionary housing charter amendment proponents, list only supervisor kim, for the paid sick leave ordinance proponent list only the mayor good for the office of citizen complaints ordinance opponents, list only supervisor cohen good delete line 20-22 on page 3 as the ordinance has been with
5:30 pm
drawn, and on the opponent side, remove supervisor tang and supervisor peskin from the parks charter amendment and remove supervisor peskin from the public health bonds. so, those are my proposed amendments. 20 to clarify? 2nd by supervisor tang. can we take those minutes without objection ? without objection the minutes passed unanimously >>[gavel] >> see no names on the roster colleagues can we take item 25 as amended? same house, same call without objection the item passes unanimously >>[gavel] >> colleagues, let's go back to our item, i think there was number 3 or 4. for? number 4? let's go back to item number 4.
5:31 pm
supervisor avalos beat it on the resolution about ballot arguments led to be actually delete language referring to the mayors to 2030 measure transportation measure because that's no longer on the ballot we should be deleting that as well. >> on page-line 20-23 on page 3? >> does that refer to the transportation measure the mayor was repealing, if so i'll just ask you for point of clarification. >> i need a minute to find exactly where that is. >> madame president,, it looks like the board is not authorizing any opponent arguments for this palace so willie, you could strike all of the pages for and 5 in the first 6 lines of page 6 as well.
5:32 pm
which lists the measures but since you're not finding anyone to write arguments opposing those measures you don't need to list them in the resolution. in a somewhat related point on this resolution, i don't believe you stated who would write the proponents argument for the geo bond should >> so, let me go back and i'd like to entertain a motion to rescind the vote on item number 20. moved and seconded. without objection the vote has been rescinded >>[gavel] detect at this time, i will entertain and additional amendments. supervisor avalos >> yes, i would like to amend the resolution to strike
5:33 pm
language referring to the mayor's declaration of policy that was slated for the voters for june 7 entitled [inaudible] by prioritizing-that would be the bottom of line-page 5 top of page stated that measures no longer on the ballots. >> so, is there a 2nd? site my supervisor yee. can we take the amendment without objection? without objection the amendment passes unanimously >>[gavel] >> i like to add an additional amendment to make the mayor the proponents for the geo bond. that is a motion. so moved. can i get a 2nd? can we take this
5:34 pm
amendment without objection? without objection the amendment passes unanimously >>[gavel] >> mr. given or are we all set? anything else? okay, colleagues can we move this item forward work for this item without objection >> just took a vacation all of your previous amendment stand as made by yourself and made by supervisor tang. the original amendment >>-made by myself and by supervisor avalos i'm sorry. supervisor tang as a 2nd. okay, thank you. okay, with that colleagues, this item as amended can we take that same house, same call? without objection the item as amendment passes unanimously >>[gavel] >> madam clerk, now let's return to item number 4 which is only been called.
5:35 pm
colleagues, seeing no names on the roster, no one has anything to say, even supervisor peskin is not in the mood to rise, with that, colleagues can we take item number 4 same house, same call? without objection the item is passes unanimously-the item is submitted unanimously >>[gavel] >> thank you. mdm. clerk, can you read the in memoriam. >> we haven't heard of item on behalf of supervisor mar mme. pres. >> we do. we did resolution commending about all a theater on the occasion of his 90th anniversary and the clearing march 6 as balboa theater day in the city and county of san francisco. >> please have a copy of the item? has it been circulated?
5:36 pm
supervisor mar >> it's purely mandatory and i strongly urge supports of this acknowledgment 90th anniversary of the balboa theater. >> so, we have an imperative item. colleagues, it requires the board to adopt 2 separate findings by two thirds majority or 8 vote before unanimous adoption of the item itself. we need to take the first finding and so the first finding is that it is purely amendatory and so that has been moved by supervisor mar the 2nd by supervisor farrell. colleagues commit can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes >>[gavel] >> the 2nd finding is that the need came-the need to to take action into the tension of the board after the agenda was posted
5:37 pm
>> i cannot do that, yes >> is moved by supervisor mar. 2nd by supervisor farrell. can we take that without objection? without objection that passes unanimously >> on the actual item itself is now open to public comment. are there any members of the board would like to specifically comment on this imperative item? please come forward. >>we speak into the microphone >> in supporting the bible theater on the 90th anniversary and declaring march 6 as balboa theater day in the city and county of san francisco, i would like to also thank them for having the oscar party on
5:38 pm
sunday night. they're one of the theaters that have oscar party along with the rocks. san francisco, we are an oscar city. i hope this will bring more shine to what's going on. on john coach. the women over there" rangers. i hope we are an oscar city but we are also need the good women that these awards it comes under and let them bring us out to live in the city. it's a woman's world. it's very important that on this day [inaudible] st. patrick's month, march madness. we really hope san francisco will have a woman like barbara lee who secured 3 other dollars for family people in section a
5:39 pm
to stay there and[inaudible] thank you for the balboa high school. >> thank you. are there any other members of the public would like to comment on this particular imperative item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> colleagues, can we take the approval of this item-do we need to do a roll call vote? >> call vote matter president >> book about >> supervisor wiener on imperative aye ui yee avalos aye breed aye campos aye, speed cohen aye, farrell aye, kim aye mar aye peskin aye, tang aye. there are 11 aye
5:40 pm
>> the item passes unanimously. the cattle >> adam could be 3-d in memoriam >> today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following beloved individuals on behalf of supervisor peskin the late mr. chin will >> madam clerk this brings us to the end of our gender is there anything else be forced? >> that concludes our business for today. we did things you, everyone. we are adjourned. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> . >> shop and dine the 49 promotes
5:41 pm
loophole businesses and changes residents to do thirds shopping and diane within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services we help san francisco remain unique and successful where will you shop and dine shop and dine the 49. >> my name is neil the general manager for the book shop here on west portal avenue if san francisco this is a neighborhood bookstore and it is a wonderful neighborhood but it is an interesting community because the residents the neighborhood muni loves the neighborhood it is community and we as a book sincerely we see the same people here the shop all the time and you know to a certain degree this is part of their this is created the
5:42 pm
neighborhood a place where people come and subcontract it is in recent years we see a drop off of a lot of bookstores both national chains and neighborhoods by the neighborhood stores where coming you don't want to - one of the great things of san francisco it is neighborhood neighborhood have dentist corrosive are coffeehouses but 2, 3, 4 coffeehouses in month neighborhoods that are on their own- that's >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:43 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ it looks at good and tastes good and it is good in my mouth pretty amazing. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i am the executive chef i've been here as a chef at la concina since 2005 reason we do the festival and the reason we started to celebrate the spirit and talent and trivia and the hard work of the women in the la concina program if you walk up to my one on the block an owner operated routine i recipient it's a they're going
5:44 pm
to be doing the cooking from scratch where in the world can you find that >> i'm one of the owners we do rolls that are like suburbia that is crisp on the outside and this is rolled you up we don't this it has chinese sister-in-law and a little bit of entertain sprouts and we love it here. >> there are 6 grilled cheese grilled to the crisp on the outside outstanding salsa and a lot of things to dip it knocks you out and it's spicecy and delicious i was the first person that came
5:45 pm
here and we were not prepared for this every year we're prepared everybody thinks what they're doing and we can cookout of our home and so the festivals were part of the group we shove what we do and we w we tried to capture the spirit of xrifs. >> and there from there to sales and the hard part of the sales is 250 assess our market and creating a market opportunity giving limited risks and sales experience to our guys and
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
♪ ♪
5:54 pm
♪ >> the san francisco playground's hitsvery dates back to 1927 when the area where the present playground and center is today was purchased by the city for $27,000. in the 1950s, the sen consider was expanded by then mayor robinson and the old gym was built. thanks to the passage of the 2008 clean and safe neighborhood parks bond, the sunset playground has undergone extensive renovation to its four acres of fields, courts, play grounds, community rooms, and historic gymnasium. >> here we are. 60 years and $14 million later, and we have got this beautiful, brand-new rec center completely accessible to the entire neighborhood. >> the new rec center houses multi-purpose rooms for all kinds of activities including
5:55 pm
basketball, line dancing, playing ping-pong and arts can crafts. >> you can use it for whatever you want to do, you can do it here. >> on friday, november 16, the dedication and ribbon cutting took place at the sunset playground and recreation center, celebrating its renovation. it was raining, but the rain clearly did not dampen the spirits of the dignitaries, community members and children in attendance. [cheering and applauding] ♪ ♪. >> a lot of water heater in san francisco look like this may be yours doesn't too do you know it is the post earthquake problems
5:56 pm
we'll show you to brace our water heater hi, everybody i'm patrick director of quarter safety for the city and county of san francisco welcome to another episode of stay safe today, we'll talk about bracing water heaters water heater failure is a leading problem with earthquake fires you have a a single source you'll have in our home. >> how are you. >> so what are we looking here. >> this is a water heater 3 weighs from 200 to nine hundred pound during an earthquake that weight will try to move sideways we need to secure is.
5:57 pm
>> we'll brace the water heater our model home in south of market we'll use a simple kit interest the hardware stores from $20 it the the clean up itself single thing to do what necessary look like. >> this is what you'll find in our kit a inch and a half wide strap to attach to the wall around the water heater and so you want to compare this in some garages around the city and state which is called plumbers tape innovate as strong and we need to brace the water heater if you find this you'll want to replace it with a streetscaping kit. >> we've put blocking so that way we streetscape the water heater a nice fit it is
5:58 pm
important and important probation officer mention you need to move our water heater to strap is it talk about to a license plumber they'll come out with a firm once we streetscape those obviously we want to follow the manufactures instructions. >> typically the instructions will require the strap one strap be installed to fit the top third of the water heater and the bottom on the bottom 1/3rd away from the controls if it is above a certain size 50 gallons a third train e streetscape in the middle of the water heater. >> a lot of time i see older water heaters on the ground obviously explain why this is required and the mr. chairman is required if you pa a water are hereto in the garage gas fumes
5:59 pm
can accommodate and the pilot light will ignite the fumes so you want to above the grouped level. >> so why not go ahead and he get started with the bracing. >> we're joined with peter from construction he'll help us
6:00 pm
>> there you have it for not a lot of 340e7b in a short time we were able to reduce the risks as you can see secure and even in a big rumble bell not going to come losses thank you for watching we'll give is one more big push as you can see with