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tv   LIVE Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  March 8, 2016 2:00pm-6:01pm PST

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>> the city of san francisco sfgtv meeting of the board of supervisors occurring tuesday-march 8, 2016 will begin shortly. >>
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because good afternoon everybody and welcome everyone to the board of supervisors meeting march 8, 2015. mdm. clerk, please call the roll >> supervisor diablos, present. breed, present. campos, present. cohen be present, farrell, not present, farrell be present, kim not present, mar, not present, peskin,, present., tang, present. wiener, present., yee, present. you have a quorum >> ladies and gentlemen these join us for the pledge of allegiance. >>[pleage of allegiance] >> mdm. clerk any
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communications? >> none to report >> any changes to the federal 2nd 2016 whether board meeting minutes? seeing none, is their motion to approve those minutes? moved and seconded. 20 past can we take that without objection? without objection the can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. was meeting minutes will pass after public comment unanimously. >>[gavel] >> let them cook please call the next item >> today's special order at to copy him is the appearance by our hon. mayor edwin lee. there be no questions omitted from the eligible districts the mayor may address the board for up to 5 min. >> welcome to the chamber mr. mayor. you have the floor. >> good afternoon supervisors and also to the members of the public. i did receive any
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questions this month but i'm going to take the opportunity to address our city's response to homelessness. i know that earlier today it was a media event calling homelessness a-quote, crisis. that event did not offer solutions. novo no new philanthropic partnerships. no new sites for navigation centers no path forward. but it did offer rhetoric. in my years of public service, supervisors, never governed in search of headlines. i do believe in real results and i know that those who are homeless also count on him. back in december 3 of last year, i too, said homelessness and reached a crisis point them up but my response included substance. substance like 522 new units of permanent supportive housing in the last 7 months. expanding the
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national shelter modelmy administration created, the navigation center good ending chronic homelessness for veterans. a new 180 bed shelter at cure 80. 80. el niño shelters to cover 700 people thanks in the collaboration and cooperation of interfaith council. helping hundreds of homeless people out of a public health emergency on division street and into shelter without having to make a single arrest. $20 million for a new bond funding for homeless shelters, creating a new courtney did on this department, a billion-dollar funding commitment with a goal of subsidizing 8000 homeless people by 2020. i've held several meetings with sec.
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julian castro and obama's homelessness director. last month, i led a west coast mayors funding effort to get more resources to solve homelessness. so much we agree on, but i believe we have a vigorous disagreement over allowing people to inject heroin and meth to literally destroy their bodies and their minds in a city funny sheltered as some have proposed. we should, instead on expanding successful residential drug treatment facilities. look, we need to build more navigation centers and i share the frustration of those are critical of how long our efforts are taking to bear fruit. but anger does not help and cooperation that does. so, to those who are actually in interested in cooperating,
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genuinely willing to work together, we're great opportunity. in the 6 months since i've announced plans to double our navigation centers, i have received very cooperative responses from about 4 supervisors. you know who you are and i want to thank you. you've demonstrated your leadership for the people in your district and for the cities homeless population. my administration identified more than a dozen potential navigation center sites spread around the city and working with the interfaith community and city departments with surplus land. today i'm announcing a new dedicated project manager. a partnership between our whole office and public works apartment with the sole focus of getting new navigation centers built as quickly as possible. we have already begun community meetings and what we hope will be our next to new navigation
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sensor sites. one year. 80 and one in the south of market area. 2 supervisors, who want to help solve this work with me , work with public works, work with the human services agency, and certainly, without public health department and at least 4 of your colleagues of already begun that work with me. work with us to get these sites community by in your work with us to make this happen. this supervisor's, is a true test of our resolve and hope you stand with us in the months ahead as we build the centers, as we staff them up and as we give real help to our homeless people in need as they deserve. thank you. >> thank you mr. mayor. we will continue with our agenda. mdm. clerk, these read the consent agenda. >> item 1 through 13 are on consent. these items are considered routine. if a member objects and item may be removed and considered severally. >> seen-supervisor wiener >> i don't remove anything i
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want to make a comment. specific to item 10. the legislation we passed unanimously last week to increase the tobacco purchase agn san francisco. from 18-21. as you probably saw in the press >> supervisor wiener it'll be appropriate to remove it from the consent agenda to discuss it. >> sp removed it >> so we will remove item 10 and on the remaining agenda, adam clerk please call the roll >> supervisor yee aye, avalos, aye, breed aye, campos aye, cohen aye, farrell aye, kim aye mar aye, peskin aye, tang aye
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wiener aye there are 11 aye >> the items are passed in the first reading and adopted finally passed and approved unanimously. >>[gavel] >> please call item number 10 >> item 10 and ordinance woman the whole code to bring it tobacco retailers from selling tobacco products including smokeless tobacco electronic cigarettes to persons age 18, 19 or 20 >> supervisor wiener >> i apologize for not severing it to begin with. colleagues, last week we pass this important public health measure unanimously and thank you for your support. i look forward to passing again unanimously today. as you probably saw 2 days after we passed it, in an unexpected development, the state assembly passed pending state legislation to increase the tobacco purchase 8 221. it was unexpected because tobacco measures have frequently died in the state assembly that this is a wonderful step forward and
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the state senate will take up again this week. we don't know what the governor is going to do. i hope you will sign it. this is the kind of law where potential preempted by the state can be a really good thing. we are monitoring this carefully. we don't know what is going to happen exactly and when it comes to state legislation it isn't over till it's over to so, i like to move forward. i with this legislation and if the state passes legislation we will evaluate whether our legislation is complementary or conflicting and then if we need to suspended or amended we will certainly do what is needed but for now i think it's important to move forward with this trendsetting legislation and i want to thank you colleagues for your support. >> bt. colleagues can we take this item same house, same call can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. e ordinance
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is finally passed unanimously >>[gavel] >> adam got go to our regular agenda. first item >> item 14 and ordinance to amend the planning code to require conditional use authorization for the removal many residential units whether authorized or unauthorized exceptions. units received prior planning or approval single-family homes demonstrably unaffordable or unsound and to amend the building codes require that notices of violation under the filing of an application to legalize an authorized unit in certain certain circumstances improve the planning departments ceqa determination in making appropriate findings >> supervisor tang >> last week i do not support the legislation but since having more conversations with the planning staff i'm comfortable with supporting this today. i want to for the record state that >> thank you. see no other names on the roster, mdm. clerk, can we do a roll call vote on them >> item 14, supervisor yee nay, avalos aye, breed, aye campos aye, cohen aye, farrell
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aye, kim aye, mar aye, peskin aye, tang aye, wiener aye there are 10 aye and one nay with supervisor yee in the design >> the ordinance is passed >>[gavel] >> item 15 >> item 15 resolution to authorize the opposite contract administration to enter to a multi-year contracts with golden gate petroleum to spy city to province with a renewable diesel for the term of april 1 to a multi-year contracts with golden gate petroleum to spy city to province with a renewable diesel for the term of april 1, 2016 to march 31, 2019 in the amount not to exceed $60 million >> rollcall vote >> item 16 supervisor yee aye, avalos aye, breed aye, campos aye, cohen aye, farrell aye,
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kim aye, mar aye, peskin aye. tang aye. wiener aye. dark 11 aye >> the resolution is adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> next item >> item 16 a resolution to actively authorize the treasurer and tax collector to accept and expend a $315,000 grant from the mott foundation for extending our reach and family engagement prekindergarten through college through august 31, 2017. >> colleagues can we take this item this resolution same house, same call can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes.'s adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> next item >> item 17 resolution to approve the agreement for coming storage and disposal of abandoned and illegally parked vehicles. in an amount not to exceed $65.4 million to march 31, 2021 with the option to extend for up to 5 additional
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years. dick supervisor avalos >> i want to recognize the budget committee further work on this measure. since the budget committee liberated we also had a hearing that was looking at fees and court fees and how they were impacting the working people. through that, we heard a lot about the towing fee and how much difficult it is for our people who are low income were struggling economically to be able to pay for the fee. how the inability to pay for the fee could be 2 people losing their vehicles can not having the ability to get to work, which often is beyond public transportation, and putting them in i cycle with area are actually not able to escape poverty poor economic distress. so, idea makes a lot of sense that we look at paring back these fees. to actually make it easier for everyone to survive in san francisco during our economic crisis. in
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2009-2010, the board of supervisors had all the fees of the city before street i recall in budget committee that those years having pages and pages of these that were ramped up in both years. i don't think we have actually is a city recovered and we actually have lower fees now that our city is doing better economically. so, it makes a lot of sense that we actually have a real discussion about what we are trying to do with our fees. to actually recover costs. to bring more revenue into the departments. to curb behavior that we don't want to see. or to salvage resident. all of those things are things that happen and seem to be goals that we have as a city. it makes more sense that we have some clarity about those. idea makes sense to
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start soon, to start right away. we have before us the auto return administrative fee that is part of the whole contract we have before us today. to me, it makes sense that we give the mta a little bit more time to reassess these fees, still giving time to actually approve the contract before us before the expiration date of much 31st. so, i would like to see we can find some, a lower feed costs that would stop residents much less than the weight of fee currently does. i realize that toe is there for people who actually have an infraction or break the law, but i believe all of us make mistakes. i have made mistakes and have my car towed in the past. it really hurts. i am doing okay economically
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depending on your point of view. there a lot of people were doing much worse economically. for them, a total would be devastated to their pocketbook and devastating to their ability to pay rent or stay in the city. i would like to come after a short discussion on this measure, motion that we continue this item to next week to allow the mta board to give us a better sense of what the administration fee can be. that way we could save residence some money and economic distress . it could very well be the mta is not there for that of 4 board meeting next week, so we may need to be continued again i like to continue this for one week so we can have rated discussion about how we could save a lot of residence and san francisco economic distress. supervisor avalos has made a motion to continue its item one week to the media march 15 20
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system. moved and seconded. supervisor kim >> i want to rewrite many of the comments made by my colleague supervisor avalos. we did actually cosponsor a hearing on municipal fines of which total away fees were included in that discussion. i think there has to be an overall conversation on this board as a legislative body to really consider how we generate revenue to pay for government services, and what are the appropriate sources of revenue, and how do we charge our reverence for it. a $600 on average tow-away fee impacts are residence different. the penalize agent of that the impacts are residence disproportionally. for some of us, it's an incredible inconvenience for others, it hurts our monthly budget. for others, it is a decision between paying rent and buying groceries were getting the card you may need to get to work and to keep your family in order. i
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just believe-this is a comment i made back in june when i voted against the six-month extension of the auto return contract-pcs are just too high. this is a topic that came up in our budget subcommittee meeting in 2011 and 2012 where asked sfmta to re-examine our ministry to the that have gone up 150% since supervisor avalos came on the board of supervisors. yes, there's a time and place in which we can look at examining increasing fees and certainly the recession was one of those times, but now we are doing well again in terms of revenue. again, i think more political question is, what is the proper way to pay for government services and how much do we charge for get i think the cost recovery conversation is one we've had with sf mta for quite a while. i was quite surprised to learn that in cost recovery
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that we include things like painting curbs and also a director salary in cost recovery. i don't think we have a consistent policy for how we charge cost recovery because the other times it came out is during the commuter shuttle bus debate in 2013, when i also asked at mta i did you come up with a dollar per stop we pick in that scenario sfmta kept it as affordable as possible. i'm not sure salary was included in that cost recovery. it would cost recovery, let's have a consistent standard of how were going to do it. san francisco should absolutely not be in the business of impoverishing our residence and that is what we are doing by the singular mistake of telling their cars away. yes, we want to regular driver behavior. we don't want cars on the street on their street cleaning sticky john edwards clean and healthier, when we need to regulate traffic during rush hour. we
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have these rules in place for a reason. but, we also should not be in the business of impoverishing our residence percent either the states. nobody is trying to get the car towed. in fact, most people i talk to did not understand the fine, missed an alarm, most people are trying to follow the rules and then get slapped with a 6-$700 tow-away fee. i like to work with the sfmta over the next 2 weeks if supervisor avalos and peskin on the ministry today which i think is exorbitant and certainly the increases we've seen over the last few years. i'm not sure they been justified. 2, i think we need to look at the number parking lots we are renting. this is an issue came up at our municipal last week. do we need to have 2 parking lots to store our vehicles? 3rd, but to look at the storage fee. for many residents come up with 6-$700
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on the date the car gets towed is very challenging to do. we read some of the stories in the chronicle article that came out this morning. perhaps we should give more time to our residence to come up with the money and not charge them additional fees for the storage, which in many ways is the moment the car arrives on them i like to look at a hardship program. we do have residents that simply cannot afford to pay this dollar amount. the city of chicago has managed to figure out what to do archer program. i know it's challenging. sfmta doesn't like to income means testing but i think we look at the chicago model is a variety of factors we can look at the people can submit as evidence that this a form of hardship. either prove that they live in public housing. that they're free and reduced lunch. better on food stamps. that the house was in foreclosure. i think there are multiple documents that can be submitted which is what the city of chicago does to prove this would be a hardship for you to pay could finally, i would just add we
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need to make this program as affordable as possible and still regulate behavior. i still think it is there in place for a reason. but i just don't believe that what we are doing today is right or fair in terms of us impoverishing residence. again, to pay for our transit system. i look forward to working with sfmta and my colleagues on reforming the system before we both his contract and >> speeding up. i would like to associate myself with your comments but i also want to also add that one of the things you forgot to mention is the actual ticket that folks get, which adds to the expense of the towing fee. supervisor wiener >> i'm glad were having this conversation. i am very sensitive to the fees that are charged when cars are towed.
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the guard towing fees, when you look at the aggregate of what people are often required to pay, are quite high and is creed a hardship for a lot of people. i think it is a good idea to take a look at how we can lower these towing fees. colleagues from as your call from last year, my office worked for several years with the mta and with the auto return , really with the mta, to figure out how we could provide relief to the owners of cars that are stolen and then towed. we had a situation where people who nothing at all wrong there, sadly stolen and dumped in san francisco and then towed and they may not find out where it is for days or even a week and all of a sudden they're hit with 1000-$1500 in fees and fines which could be worth more than the value of the car. some people would actually abandon their cars. so, we work closely with the mta, methodically in a
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way to provide relief to the owners of these towed stolen cars, and also to minimize the financial impact on the mta.. i want to thank mta for working with us. mta did work with us or grade period of years. it was in a last-minute request the contract came up. we worked for several years past and resolution by this board we know our exact position before contract negotiations began, and mta listen to us and hurt us and came back with a really solid change could i have that multiple people approach me on the streets to think the board of supervisors and the mta for providing at least. my car got stolen and i today very large little to get it back. i appreciate that you guys do this. so, with that said, i am sympathetic to people get the car towed and then struggle to
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pay. i'm also sympathetic to the needs of muni riders, many of them who do not own a car in the need to have reliable transit service to get to work, to get to school, to get to the doctor. when muni is not adequately funded and when service struggles and suffers, there's a lot of people who do not own cars who have significant hardship. that's why, i, and i know others have focused extensively on making sure we are protecting the money that muni has poor service, per bus operations, for rail operations, and increasing the amount that muni has. we know that muni has a structural deficit. we know that for the 2017-2018 fiscal year, muni already has a $25 million projected operating deficit. so, the choices we make here and the mta board makes in response to this board to reduce the towing fees, while that might be a good thing and something i could very very much get behind, that
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means money that will come out of muni operations, directly out of muni operations that means directly out of bus service, directly out of subway service, directly out of maintenance. that's exactly where that money comes from. i want to make sure that we as a board of supervisors, when we are making policy choices like the very legitimate policy choice of trying to lower towing fees were not doing it at the expense of muni and we are actually paying for those choices. understanding that there are trade-offs when it comes to the decisions about what lowering towing fees. so, today i'm making a drafting request to the city attorney's office and the controller for a supplemental appropriation from the general fund to the mta to compensate the mta for any reduction in revenue that the
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mta experiences. that muni experiences, as a result of any towing fee change that this board demands of the mta. colleagues, we should be putting our money where our mouth is. it were put to make this demand, we should find a way to pay for it and not just take the money out of muni operations which so many of our residents rely. so, i've heard various ideas of what this reduction may look like. we ask mta to copulate with the cost would be good the high end of the cost that we occurred would be $3.2 million per year and so, the supplemental i'm requesting is for $3.2 million as a general fund contribution to muni to make muni whole. of course, ends up being less than that i will adjust the supplemental to a flat the ultimate amount. thank you. >> thank you. supervisor peskin >> colleagues, when i first became a member of this board,
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the administrative fee on a toe was $25. when i left 8 years later, that had risen to $50. that was 7 years ago. it has, in the last 7 years, risen by over 430%. that is just, frankly, outrageous. while i do understand that muni has a need for operations, i also note that we have attempted to create, abby some supervisors, flexibility in muni's ability to use certain fees, like the old transit impact development fee. today, the transportation sustainability fee, not just
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for capital, but also for operating. there are many ways that the mta can address this issue without soaking those 42,000 individuals who have their cars towed. i think the public policy questions raised by supervisor kim as to having a uniform policy, and by the way, 100% cost reimbursement come up is a very dangerous thing for the city and the mta and this body over things we have control over, to do because if you are over the 100% mark, it is no longer a fee. it's an evil evil tax that has not been approved by the voters. i think out of an abundance of caution, should never put it at 100% good i think supervisor canady raises some very good questions. how can you justify an 87% administrative fee? how can you justify an 80%
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administrative fee. and the answer is it's loaded up with all sorts of things i'm including the cost of those toes from individuals who had their car stolen. that do not appropriately responsibly along their. listen, this new contract, which nobody has an issue with relative to the operator, relative to the rfp, both of to the new way it is structured, which is as a management fee, why are we paying and subsidizing the cost of various mta staff when that is what the management fee is for. so, i question why a portion of the director of the mta's salary is being passed on to these individuals who get their cars towed to objectively, 87% administrative fee is usurious. we should all recognize that and delighted in the next week or 2 the mta will rethink this wrongheaded policy
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and bring those fees down for those unfortunate individuals for help have their cars towed. eject bt suburbia supervisor yee >> there's been some interesting issues raised in this discussion that were not raised at the budget committee. i guess, one of the things i want to hear a response from mta in terms of some of the issues that are been brought up . is that possible? >> is their representative hear from mta? >> good afternoon. steve lee from mta. i'm here to answer any questions. >> supervisor yee you have a specific question. >> there's been several issues
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raised in terms of an administrative fee. some more specific issues raised. can you answer, do you have a response to these issues? for instance, do we need to charge up to 1% as supervisor peskin [inaudible]. should we-again, without knowing what were talking about, what percentage we are talking about that goes into the 2nd of director's salary, things like that are unknown to me. can you answer those? >> absolute. the 100% cost recovery methodology with regard to the administrative fee was a i would say a policy implemented in 2010 with regard to this program. so, the 100% cost recovery includes all of the costs to run this program.
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with regard to the 86% supervisor peskin mentioned, is the overhead rate that's applied to the direct cost and the old red rate or overhead percentage includes in its salaries for hr, accounting, our insurance, our rent tomato field costs that are included in parking control officers. the rent that is paid for at the enforcement building. my costs and my staff costs are not included in the direct charges, so all of this is considered overhead. >> i guess it would have been helpful if we-do you have during the budget presentation that weren't specific line items
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that i was aware of. do you have those? >> certainly. the intake cost related to this program, the entire program costs $24.1 million. of that, 12.3 is the contractor fees included with regard to fees and a very low cost. $9.1 million is mta costs and 2.7 is rent. of the mta costs, the 9.1 million, of that the direct costs are related to parking control officers. our hearing officers as well as a couple of work orders dept. of emergency management, sfgtv and those cost altogether with the overhead rate to the direct charges are enforcement and hearing officers is $9.1 million. >> those numbers i saw in
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terms of the bigger overall numbers. i guess, what is being questioned are more specific line items of different people's salary. what percentage of the salary. does it make sense. is a higher percentage than what you usually used to fund the program. or is it determined by the size of the program, what percent you take of of administrative salaries. those types of things we actually do not see. >> the overhead rate is a consistent rate. it's used or applied across all recovery programs. that is calculated through our accounting folks determining what is the size of the operating budget related to these programs. so, the 86.7% is a constant percentage used among all other recovery programs. eject thank you. speak >> thank you. i didn't be helpful if we had it was broken
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down more. it seems there's a lot of questions about some of these issues not hitting but certainly it would've been helpful to have specific really dollar amounts just to see what it looks like. i understand the ministry of overhead. i understand administrative fees. but even when i was running programs of my own organization i could tell you within that 50% of administrative fee take i could say this goes to that that and that that's what up not hearing. thank you very much. i also want to make a comment about what supervisor kim mentioned in terms of those that cannot pay. whether not we have a program like chicago's. it's really intriguing for me especially for talking about setting up a program for those that paid the lease for the first time they actually make a
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mistake like this. i would support something where you keep on pain if you get towed if you keep on pain if you get towed towed it 10 times any. i am open. supervisor avalos, to have a continuance >> thank you. supervisor kim >> supervisor peskin made this point for me but i want to reiterate it's not a question about charging our drivers more were charging on the unique writers more. it's not an either. designer transit first policy either. it's really a question about what is the appropriate and fair way to generate revenue to pay for government services like muni. is it progressive taxation we pick is a flat progressive
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healthy in exorbitant penalty which disproportionately impacts poor and working-class families who have to make a decision again between paying for rent them a pain for food, and getting the car they need and depend on out of the tow-away law. i would even surmise that those that have higher incomes are more likely to star their cars in parking lots and garages and therefore may not be as impacted by tow-away signs on our streets as well. so, if we want to look at making up for the revenue loss, i support that. in fact, 6 members of this board said we want our developers to pay their fair share based on the size of the development they built a commercial buildings to help pay for muni. not working-class and poor families with these exorbitant fees on tow-away charges. it's not about whether we want to fund muni adequately or not and if we lower the tow-away of the were suddenly taken a money wait for muni riders. the
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question is what is the appropriate source of origin was the fair source of funding that pays for government services and services like muni. what i'm saying is that in exorbitant flat progressive penalty like our tow-away charges not the appropriate source of funding we should be able to look at other sources of revenue to make sure muni is running efficiently frequently and when purging our transit first policy by making it easier for people to ride on public transit. >> thank you. supervisor wiener >> i completely agree supervisor kim it's not an either or. we can lower the towing fee and we can keep muni service intact, but the way that you keep muni service intact while you're lowering the towing fee is to find an alternative source of funding and that is why putting money in the general fund to backfill the amount were taking out makes a lot of sense. so we both that is the way to do that, but i think it's important not to take money out
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of muni without putting money into muni to make it whole. >> thank you. supervisor avalos >> more than wanting to have the last word, i actually just want to emphasize that last week we had a discussion about funds for the mta, for muni to our transportation sustainability fee. supervisor tan peskin mentioned that his comment] it was also discussion about how we could use that psf to cover operations but that was something that was being refused by the makers, some of the makers of the legislation we have before us. so, we have lots of sources we can use and soaking residents for that doesn't make a lot of sense. if we are trying to get full cost recovery from people drive
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vehicles, who get their vehicles towed, and have impacts on riders, why are we not willing to charge developers a little bit more to get some greater cost recovery for the impact the development has on her chest rotation system in san francisco ? we missed that opportunity but when it could be coming back again it's important to mention to this discussion today >> thank you. seeing no other names on the roster, on the motion to continue this item one week to the meeting of march 15, 2016, madam clerk, please call the roll >> supervisor yee aye, avalos aye, breed aye, campos aye, cohen aye, farrell aye, kim aye
2:45 pm
, mar, aye, peskin aye, tang aye, wiener aye there are 11 aye. this item will be continued to the meeting of march 15, 2016. >>[gavel] >> madam clerk go to the next item, please >> item 18 resolution to authorize the dept. of pub. health to accept and expend $2.8 million grant for active transportation program funds to the metropolitan transportation commission safe routes to school grants program for the period of september 1, 2017 to august 31, 2019 weaving weaving indirect costs and to delegate authorize agent to execute these agreements to any amends the director of health. >> can we take this item same house, same call can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> next item >> item 19 is a ordinance to create a cash resolving fund
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for the office of clerk to keep up to one dollar synthetic-ish petty cash in making nonsense of branches to a stylish cash results in city department. same house, same call can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. the ordinance is passed unanimously on the first reading >>[gavel] >> we are past 2:30 pm and now it is time to go to our 2:30 pm commendations. we have a commendation from supervisor katie tang >> today i would like to call up someone who's been part of our city government for about 3 decades and is like to invite up to the podium mr. richard lee who served in our san francisco public about if we can give him a round of applause, please. >>[applause] >> so, today i want to bring
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richard here because unfortunately, he's leaving our city. he is retiring. i believe at the end of this week. is that right. he is already retired but made him come back on tuesday. sorry about that. i first met richard at the dept. of pub. health obviously a lot of our work with the massage industry and a lot of the legislation working but through that process got to know richard and some of the work is done through dept. of pub. health. so want to take this time to honor him for his incredible service to our city. so, richard served as the acting director of environmental health and he also start working with the city in april of 1987 as a senior industrial hygienist, where he initiated new programs in the bureau of toxics and safety services such as dph emergency responder program but san francisco fire department hazardous material program. 2 decades later he was promoted to the director of environmental health to go to reprogram and there, he
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managed all the promoting programs in environmental health branch, including massage, food, water quality, and healthy housing. in june of 2013 richard became the acting director of environmental health results incorporate the health branch into the new population health division. some of his colleagues are former or current describing as honest and dedicated in his leadership they helped move are not mental health division into the 21st century. so, i understand that richard, after he is fully in retirement fans of starting a walking group and plans to start biking more. hopefully spend more time with his family and i want to say, if so rare when we get to see people who served our city for somebody decades so dedicated and diligently good so we want to honor you at this time and wish you all the best in your retirement. >> thank you very much.
2:49 pm
>>[applause] >> first, one say thank you for this honor. i know a lot of city workers don't have this ability for the honor so thank you for the board and thank you supervisor tang for all the work you've done with us and a lot of the supervisors we work together on a number of ordinance and resolutions together. i just want to say it's been an honor working for the city and for the health department and that i hope we can improve the environmental health in san francisco in the last 30 years i was working here. i want to thank a lot of my prior staff were here today supporting me that they are a great group tank urge you to work with him closely. thank you. >>[applause] >>thank you. we also just
2:50 pm
received a request for accommodation from supervisor mar. >> colleagues, invite up stephanie anderson to come forward. we have a number of businesses and community based organizations were going to acknowledge today. i'm the chairman of the bay area quality management district and i sit on the body with supervisor avalos represented from mayor lee's office as well. the bay area air quality
2:51 pm
management district every year recognizes winners will recall the great race for clean air. it's an amazing two-month competition between bay area employers of community organizations to reduce air pollution by encouraging employees to use commute alternatives such as public transit, carpooling, walking anything but driving alone to work. between october and september well over 500 employees from about 50 different companies log in their daily air transit commutes and reduce approximately i think it's 326,000 pounds of co2 carbon dioxide from the air in that two-month period you we choose bay area winners in 3 categories. the highest one is the highest co2 savings. number 2 is size percentage of quote clean commute days logged a number 3 size percentage of employees participating in the race. i want to add knowledge the winners from san francisco. there's winners all over the 9 county bay area. the highest overall co2 savings in first
2:52 pm
place in a longtime winner in i think every single great race for clean air is nectar therapeutics, representing for the trophies brenda chu and rb asking people to come forward. for the highest level of employee participation the word is given to 5 different cadres from big to small businesses, inherent san francisco or 6 different winners. in the tiny tiny mini category but there are big big force in our community especially with this unit zero it's walk sf that took first place accepting the word is kathy deluca. the small category companies with 2600 employees from insect bites we have peanut labs and research now accepting the trophy's erin davidson from peanut labs. the first place winner in small category is hdr incorporated accepting the trophy is michael or. in the middle sized company category comedies with 100-500
2:53 pm
employees all 3 winners are from san francisco. number 3 the jcc jewish community center of san francisco and exiting for them is suzanne stoppard. in 2nd place collier accepting the trophies angela goggles in the first place winner is nectar therapeutics and once again rendered when the jew accepting the trophy. congratulations to all the winners. the great race for cleaner sponsored by our air district bay area quality management district in concert ship with [inaudible] a complete of all the winners is and i like to ask if this anderson from the great race would like to say a few words. >> thank you very much. thank you so much for recognizing these employers who put in so much effort to encourage their employees to use alternatives
2:54 pm
to driving alone to work. i think the big message here is that a lot of small businesses can have a very big impact on our local air quality encouraging people to carpool, take transit, ride bikes were use other modes to get to work. even if you can shift your mood mode every single day changing your mode of commuting one or 2 days we can make a big impact. wanted out everyone who worked so hard to make this change and thank you so much for this recognition. >> thank you, stephanie and let's have a hand for all the winners. supervisor avalos, do you want to join us? >>[applause] >> thank you for your hard work and congratulations. that was the last of our 2:30 pm
2:55 pm
commendations. colleagues, who were turned for regular agenda. beginning with item number 20 >> item 20 resolution to receive and approve an annual reports that broadway benefit district for fiscal year 2014-15. >> will call vote >> on item 20 supervisor yee aye, avalos aye, breed aye, avalos aye, cohen aye, farrell aye, kim aye, mar aye, peskin aye, tang aye, wiener aye. there are 11 aye >> the resolution is adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> item 21 >> item 21 and ordinance 2 men the planning code to allow the existing bar on the ground floor the upper market street input commercial transit
2:56 pm
district expand to the 2nd floor under specified circumstances with a conditional use authorization tool from the claimed by ms. ceqa determination and make the other findings. >> colleagues, tickets item same house, same call be without the ordinance passes unanimously on the first reading >>[gavel] >> next item >> item 22 one ordinance to amend the ministry of code delete the requirement that applicants for membership on boards and commissions goes all felony convictions to limit the city from using criminal history information in making decisions about appointment and removal of members of certain boards commissions and other bodies to require the city to follow certain restrictions when inquiring about were using conviction history information to make decisions about appointment or removal. >> see no names on the roster, holly story tickets item same house, same call can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. the one which is passed unanimously on first reading
2:57 pm
>>[gavel] >> item 23, please >> item 23, a resolution to authorize adoption of the mental health services act any report for fiscal year 2015-16 >> same house, same call can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. the resolution was adopted unanimously >> >>[gavel] >> item 24 and ordinance to admin and the ministers go to update the definition of final conversation for purpose of retirement benefits under the san francisco employees retirement system and to include in the definition compensation on about the judges retirement system and judges retirement system 2. >> same house, same call? supervisor peskin >> will call please >> on item 24, supervisors be white aye, avalos, aye, breed, aye, campos aye, cohen aye, farrell aye, kim aye, mar aye, peskin nay, tang aye, wiener aye. there are 10 aye and one
2:58 pm
nay with >> the one looks is passed in the first reading >>[gavel] >> item 25 >> i'm 25 is a motion to appoint william barnicle, kimberly-clark and michael muffy to the veterans affairs commission term ending january 31, 2020 >> rollcall vote >> item 25 supervisor yee aye, avalos aye, the breed aye, campos aye, cohen aye farrell aye, began aye, mar peskin aye, tang aye, wiener aye get there are 11 aye >> the motion is approved unanimously >>[gavel] >> item 26 >> item 26 motion to appoint angela bowman to the reentry council term entity june 1, 2016 >> can we take this item same house, same call? can we take
2:59 pm
that without objection? without objection the motion passes. approved unanimously >>[gavel] >> amigo 2 committee reports. >> item 27 considered by the land-use transportation committee is recommending on monday, march 7 and was recommended as amended with a new title. the resolution to declare the intention of the board of supervisors to water the vacation of james allie jackson street as part of improvement to the chinese hospital and to set the committee as a whole hearing date for april 5, 2016 at 3 pm here in the website of chamber one 200 were all persons interested in the proposed vacation of the said public right-of-way and and madame president@258 colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call? the motion prevails. >>[gavel] >> will call for introductions >> supervisor yee you are first to introduce new business. >> i have a few things. today
3:00 pm
i'm going to be introducing a call for a hearing of the office of early education. i want to hear their draft plan or plan to approve as a citywide plan to basically roll out the budget for the upcoming years and so this is, as you know, important issue for me to see how well we set our serving our youngest children in the city. hopefully this plan does exactly that. i also want to mention that, because i brought up this other issue and asked for a hearing and even though i asked for this it's been
3:01 pm
almost 4 months since i asked for it. i want to re-mention on to have this hearing on thursday . regarding the issue of chronic absenteeism, which is really important issue, not only to me, but all the families that get impacted. we need to do that because there is a pattern of those young children that are absent a lot from school and will continue to be absent and eventually drop out of school. the other thing i want to do is introduce a resolution-and this is not a new type of request-but introduce a resolution and a growing problem in our community. that is problem gambling. last year the board of supervisors unanimously declared march as problem gambling awareness month and
3:02 pm
were bringing this to attention this again as it continues to grow in our communities. gambling is becoming more successful with online games. it's not just sitting around a card table but there's a lot of places where you can access now. this includes daily fantasy sports and internet casinos. as you can imagine, we have one of the nations most popular gaming gambling occasions, just around the corner with the ncaa march madness basketball tournament. i'm sure there are several people in this room that could play in that but we have to understand that not everybody can control their urge to putting a lot of money into this and being essentially can lose a lot of market while these games can be fun and enticing there is a dark side.
3:03 pm
every year, 62 $8 million included more than 1.2 million californians meet the criteria for problem gambling. in turn they negatively impact the lives of another 40-80,000,000 individuals. a lot of family members. i can attest to this because i've had family members with gambling problems and they had no help and i know at least one of my family members where the family got [inaudible] because of much the individual spent on gambling. this is real stuff that happens to the best of us. in terms of our relationships. since addiction is so well hidden, many people do not realize they have a problem. only 15% only seek treatment. the problem gambling is a disorder. it's a disorder
3:04 pm
and has similarities to alcohol and drug dependence. that's why when you look at what's happening now, many of our social services princes, they actually package of living together because this is all related. a lot of times with the gamut tales of drug addictions or alcohol addiction. anyone can have a gambling problem. the addiction does not discriminate across social economic groups. age or race. it affects so many communities is considered a public health issue. however, set high risk of gambling addiction are most vulnerable population. which is the youth, the seniors, and as admirers including asian community. i remember some of these because i mentioned before even my mother very heavy gambler. maybe that's why i don't like gambling. because of what she did. this is why it's crucial to shed light on the problem gambling so families and
3:05 pm
individual suffering can seek the help they need. in san francisco the dept. of pub. health, in partnership with the chinese health coalition is when the nation's first problem gambling prevention programs that is being modeled by others across the country. they provide free resources, counseling, support and outreach to at-risk communities in different languages. there is also a locally based 24-7 help line. the number the number is 188-8968 the number is 1-888-968-7888. that's available to people. so, i hope we can reach out to more people who need these resources and keep an eye out to the ones to provide this addiction starting in the first place. i also want to thank supervisor eric mar for cosponsoring this resolution and getting his support for this issue over the years. the rest i submit bedecked thank
3:06 pm
you. supervisor avalos >> collies, today i'm submitting a piece of legislation titles, prohibiting leasing for the extraction of fossil fuels. on public lands on by san francisco. i want to thank my cosponsors for jumping on with this legislation. pres. breed, etc., thank you very much. who would have thought that san francisco has public land is leased to chevron to drill and extract oil. it's incurring county and actually kern county the current river oil field sites have been known as a site where contaminated water is leaking into the water supply of that county. could this field be part of that? were not quite clear yet who are looking into that. overall, does it make sense that we have
3:07 pm
property owned by the city where oil extraction is going on? it's a scientific fact that collectively the fossil fuel corporations known reserves around the world if we were to burn all the known reserves we would release so much co2 that would make the planet uninhabitable. mother earth would not be able to sustain life. in order to actually keep temperatures low and order a goal scientists and the un has put forth to keep temperature increases the start of the industrial revolution only 2°c, we would need to keep two thirds of the known reserves of fossil fuel corporations in the ground. at the same time, while we are trying to prevent the burning of this fuel fossil fuel
3:08 pm
corporations are trying to increase their drawing, increase the known reserves, to more exploration. san francisco can do our part. we can make sure that we keep oil from being burned and we can make sure our public land where oil currently is being extracted cannot be used for that extraction purpose ever again. the current lease with chevron x buyers in the year 2020 and this legislation would terminate that relationship with chevron corp. and would not see our public venues for julian. i would actually help with alignment purposes of reducing our carbon footprint and reducing toxins into the environment there were trying to do as a city to protect residents, not just here but in california and around the world. because co2 is a global issue. so, this legislation also mirrors legislation that congressman jared hoffman from
3:09 pm
san raphael introduced late last year called the keep it in the ground act, and that act would ban new leasing of federal land for oil also fuel extraction. so i think it's a really great step forward that we can all join in in our efforts for preventing climate change were limiting the impact of climate change and this legislation is part of that. the rest i'll submit >> thank you. pres. breed bedecked today i have 2 items i'm introducing a resolution supporting janus only built 1825 written by a similar member rich gordon and co-authored by nearly 2 dozen state legislators this one is for the dog. currently when a dog is seized from an animal sighting fighting ring california law automatically labels it a vicious dog. regardless of whether it's a puppy, a stone pets were breeding mother. the victim, in other words is presumed to be dangerous to be the aggressor.
3:10 pm
that's a standard we would never accept for humans and we should not accept it for our animal friends either. the vicious label condemns stocks to a life of strict confinement, which was always results in these canine victims being euthanized whether they were actually vicious or not. many of the dogs seized in connection with animal fighting would thrive in a loving supportive environment and do not pose any other threats to dogs or humans. we know this because it's been proven time and time again in other states. the vast majority of states give canine that comes a cruelty a chance for adoption by offering them the same individual health and behavioral assessment as other dogs brought into a shelter. many many of these dogs do go on to live healthy happy life.
3:11 pm
not in california. in outdated and frankly, cruel provision in the law arbitrarily condemns these dogs and puppies for no reason other than they were the victims of human criminals. aba 25 would change that. it will allow emotional thirds to individually violate dogs from animal firings just as they would other dogs and make a fair and informed assessment but the dogs temperament, adoption or placement with a rescue organization. trained shelter personnel are the ones making these decisions. they do it every day, with every other incoming dog using best practice techniques developed over the years by animal shelter professionals. i want to thank this san francisco convention of cruelty to animals the american spca, the
3:12 pm
humane society of the united states the best and animal society and the california animal control directors association for their support. together, we can give these canine victims chance to live happy lives with human euthanasia being the last resort instead of the foregone conclusion. we can give these dogs a 2nd chance. colleagues, ask you join me in supporting some legal 1825 in urging the state legislature and governor to pass it. the 2nd item i have is in in the morning. it's very personal to me. over the weekend, on march 6 i lost a dear friend to leukemia. chris carpenter. he was only 46. every year, 12,000 patients are diagnosed with a life-threatening blood cancers like leukemia. they rely on a bone marrow or umbilical cord but transfusion to survive. chris could not find a donor match and although he tried a new innovative treatment it did not work for him. the only
3:13 pm
successful treatment for this type of disease is through a bone marrow or umbilical cord blood transplant. according to the asian-american donor program, 70% of patients diagnosed with blood cancer cannot find a matching donor within their family. that means they must depend on strangers,, but because makers use matches to inherited patients are more likely to match with someone from their own race or ethnicity. that is the issue at hand today. according to the national marrow donor program, 30% of all registered owners are of minority dissent. 16% of asian or pacific islander patients cannot find a donor. the ratio increases to 17% percent were latino patients, and 24% for african-americans.
3:14 pm
these numbers may not seem very high, but every life is precious and every patient deserves all the help and resources that can be made available to them. part of the problem for the lack of marrow donors is a common misconception that donating bone marrow hurts. maybe you've seen medical tv shows where doctor inserts a big needle into a patient's spine. in fact, donors are given in this easier during this outpatient procedure so there's no pain in the bone marrow is extracted from the back of the pelvic bone. when the anesthesia wears off donors may experience pain similar to feeling a bruise after falling on ice or slipping. the whole procedure takes just half a day and the discomfort for a day or 2 is incomparable to saving someone's life. i am currently
3:15 pm
working with the asian-american donor program to organize a donor drive right here in city hall. registering as a donor takes only a few minutes and we especially need donors from the following ethnicities: african-americans, american indian, and alaskan native, asian, including east, southeast and southeast and native hawaiian and other pacific islanders, hispanic and latino and other multiracial individuals. i will announce the details of the event once they're finalized. i hope everyone will come and sign up to be a donor. chris leaves behind a twin brother and he is named paul. a good friend of mine as well. his wife, danielle and their children and their grandchildren. he will be missed by his family and the community who loved him. tank you and the rest i submit >> thank you. supervisor campos >> i would like to begin by
3:16 pm
making my colleagues who are cosponsoring an ordinance i'm introducing today declaring a state of emergency on hopelessness here in san francisco. i want to thank my cosponsors, supervisor campos avalos, mar, yee, and pres. breed. i look forward to engaging other supervisors as we discuss this very important initiative. i would like to begin my apologizing to the people of the city and county of san francisco. as an elected official, i say this also as a person who lives in san francisco and who loves the city, i believe that collectively city government has failed the people of san francisco when it comes to
3:17 pm
adequately addressing the issue of homelessness. i believe we have failed. i don't believe that the agencies responsible for responding to those issues to the issue of homelessness, have done the job that is needed. the fact is that for years people without homes have been pushed into neighborhoods throughout the city and county of san francisco weather was the mission, bernal heights, worse in my district saw the market or supervisor canady's district. this issue has been going on for years. it there really hasn't been a real substantive plan that provides services and housing for all people who need them. this failure has cost a public health emergency that recently her with respect to payments on a mission street went to the removal of those encampments.. as a supervisor, it's not like i woke up today and said we have an emergency. we, as
3:18 pm
members of this board, have been working on this issue for many years. throughout this time i've always tried to be a part of not just the criticism but the solution. when i talked to the mayor more than a year ago and talked about the possibility of partnering with him and his administration to open up the first navigation center, i did that with the hope that we could-that we could-come up with something that works and what is incredible but the navigation center as a concept is that the concept has actually proven to work. it is not a silver bullet, but it has demonstrated that if you please people in the right setting to connect housing to it it's possible to wrestling move people into permanent housing. that has happened in less than a year at this navigation center. yet, a year after the center was
3:19 pm
opened, it still remains the one navigation center that the city has. we should have opened many more navigation centers a long time ago. over the last few months i have received hundreds of calls, e-mails, from people throughout my district and other parts of the city and i have to say that i no longer know what i can say. i don't know what i say to the mother who complains about taking her child to school, having to step over the human feces that's on the sidewalk, or to the residence of bernal heights complains about some psychotic episode that the person living in front of their house is having with the fact that the person just went to the bathroom in their driveway. the people of san francisco are rightly upset. they are angry.
3:20 pm
they are angry that people who lost jobs, people would've been evicted, people dealing with drug addiction, people doing with mental health issues, that they're living on the streets of san francisco. 7000 of them. what we have seen by way of response from this administration mercifully, to the mayor and he's a good person, it's not working. removing people from division street, if you take that example which has impacted my district, supervisor campos district and supervisor cohen's district, moving people without getting everyone am a place to go is not actually solve the problem. it simply has moved people to smaller streets and sure enough, if you walk around division street you'll see tenants have sprung up in other smaller streets. when the executive branch talks about this issue, and appreciate the
3:21 pm
goodwill, there's a lot of conversation, a lot of talk about how they are working on something. last week supervisor farrell held a hearing on navigation centers which i was proud to cosponsor during which the mayors among the head of the mayors office of hope, a good person who has a lot of skills, unfortunately said would take as much as 6 months to open yet another navigation center could so long as it is the case that we only have one navigation center 75 spaces, it will continue to be a problem that we don't have places for people to go and i will talk today and i will and with this. as it was going to the navigation center today, i saw a woman, and elder african-american woman who is sitting right in front of the entrance of the navigation center. her name is roslyn. she
3:22 pm
was there because, over the weekend, her best friend--they were homeless together-sleeping next to each other-her best friend had died on the streets of san francisco. she was camping out in front of the navigation center because she did not want to be next. she was treating with me, david, can you get me into the center. it breaks your heart that all i can say is, i will try. we have 2 do better. we have an obligation to do better could not only for roslyn, but for all the people and same san francisco because this has reached the point where it is a crisis and with all due respect to the mayor, i appreciate a lot of hard work has gone into this, but we have to do better than what we are doing is simply not enough. what i'm asking for today mud in this
3:23 pm
introduction, i am asking that this board of supervisors moved as quickly as possible to activate a provision in state law-and a lot of president breed for waiving the 30 day rule on this item-activate a provision in state law that is usually reserved for natural disasters floods and earthquakes and this may not be-this is not a natural disaster. it's a man-made disaster but it's a disaster nevertheless. this will allow the city to take emergency action to build additional navigation centers on city property. the declaration of a shelter emergency expedite the red tape that could be an obstacle to opening the centers. in the next few weeks following the introduction of this declaration of emergency, i will be introducing legislation as soon as possible
3:24 pm
that requires the executive branch of the city to build an additional 6 navigation centers in the next year. 3 of those centers must be built within the next 4 months. some people asked me, is that doable? is 6 the right number? i'm open to a question but i believe the city government we have to set a target for how many and when they will be open. the word which will also require a funding plan that will activate emergency reserve funds and streamline and cut current spending and are known 9 billion-dollar budget to pay for the centers that are needed. i want to say this. it is important we have an open and transparent process. to my colleagues, with this ordinance envisions is that there will be a process that we have plan
3:25 pm
outline that plan will be presented to the board of supervisors sue the week in review for ourselves what is presented by the administration. the idea is that within a matter of one year, we will see centers that we know have worked in the mission work in other parts of the city.. i would say this. if we can afford $5 billion for the super bowl, we can afford money to address this crisis of homelessness. we, again, i reiterate, cannot wait any longer. i want to thank the residents of my district of written to me, who called my office. i want you to know that i've heard you and that i will do everything within my power within the next 9 months, which is how long i have left in office, to make sure that we as
3:26 pm
city government doing everything we can. as member of this board of supervisors, we don't have the authority under the charter to dictate to departments what they should do. but we do have the authority and the ability to lay out a strategy and to hold them accountable to hold this administration accountable for complying with that strategy. that is the point. i ask you to join me in this effort. i want to thank my amazing amazing staff, carolyn goossen, delivery ruined, sheila chung hagan have been working on this. i also want to thank our city attorney's office. this is very complicated stuff and we want to thank them for the expeditious handling of our request. i look forward to our conversation. the rest i cement >> thank you. supervisor cohen >> cement >> supervisor farrell >> colleagues i have one hearing requested i know there were differences were highlighted recent note about
3:27 pm
super bowl super bowl l and the funds dedicated to public services during his weeklong events. as budget chair, i do take these managers of our city very seriously. when cq obviously make best use of our resources. during the trip to the super bowl there were discussions and questions about roughly 5 $9 was it worth the investment of hosting the super bowl l related events. even though economic experts predicted we'd end up in the black, i was taught the time we need to wait until the ink was dry after super bowl lii of value it when it happened that only as a signal from a cost perspective. now the super bowl l is over, reno's were the most attended in super bowls in his. the most philanthropic estimate 1.19 people visited the san francisco for the related events eating up to the game. we also saw early signs that super bowl l was an economic boom for our city promising
3:28 pm
revenues from our city hotel taxes during the week zimmerly from concession revenues and passenger private and corporate air traffic at sfo. according to recent reports the city's hotel taxes brought in roughly $5 more than during the same period last year and i know not every hotel was during that was here for the super bowl but the number is significant. over 60% increase in commercial passenger traffic compared to the previous year. the concession tenets realized to war than $4.5 billion more of additional revenue as a result of the super bowl with some retailers reporting increases over 500%. there are smart economic numbers to come out clean so taxes and other revenues and i look forward to reviewing those numbers as well. given number of pending personals is a supplemental appropriation related to the impact of super bowl l, i want to ensure we have an honest and transparent discussion of the cost and benefits of hosting that they gain. in the coming
3:29 pm
weeks.until his office be issuing academic reports on super bowl l. that will for the first time the economic impact both in terms of revenues expenses calculated for hosting super bowl figured today i'm introducing a hearing request on the economic impact of super bowl l that the controller's office to present on the report when it's released in the coming weeks. again with all pending proposals and dialogue around super bowl l, and its impact to my feta was necessary for us and believe it's necessary for us and the public to run honest interest and discussion about the cost and benefits and look forward to seeing that in the weeks to come. the rest i submit the dick thank you. supervisor kim >> thank you. supervisor kim >> i have a series of legislation on introducing today are along the lines of following in supervisor david campos on the homeless crisis
3:30 pm
as well. i supervisor campos as already mentioned, the homelessness crisis we are seeing today is not the result of a single policy decision. if the results of decades of misguided and mean-spirited policy decisions from the 1980s, including an investment in affordable housing both the federal government and state decisions to close mental health hospitals with insufficient investment activity based this odious. those dealing with mental challenges. and wages that have not kept up the increasing cost of living and housing made many of our urban cities. 600,000 americans don't have a home to sleep in on any given night. today, 600,000 americans don't have a place they can call home a note that have a bed to sleep in. 100,000 of them are chronically homeless. over 40 years ago, this country had a surplus of affordable housing. in fact, 300,000 units above
3:31 pm
and beyond was a waiting list needed in terms of housing are indigent or low income houses. beginning with the reagan initiation which began 2/ housing and hud funding since 96-2002 seen a 50% reduction housing subsidies and funding for over the last 30 years. when you add that with the gentrification we were seen in cities across the country today, the loss of single room occupancy hotel,, the aids crisis in the 1980s, the institutionalization of the mentally ill and cut back to social safety network. under the clinton administration, we see the mass homelessness phenomenon that exists in cities across the us and the state of california today. in fact, one out of every 4 eligible households for federal rental assistance actually are able to get that rental assistance simply because the cost of housing is too much. we have a growing homeless population here in san
3:32 pm
francisco. similar to what we are seeing in the city of los angeles and sacramento. change is needed and while we strongly to make sure that every dollar we spend here in san francisco is accounted for and spend wisely, and i support supervisor campos to open 6 navigation centers of this year, we also need the state to step up and help because this is a statewide problem and challenge that no single city, even one as generous and compassionate as san francisco, can solve alone. in fact, this original statewide issue. we cannot solve homelessness like counting) don't have a green assisted by day shelter system. we would ask or expect southern california to deal with the aftermath of a metro q earthquake alone here we witness the sierra foothills to address devastating fire alone we when asked sacramento to respond to a flood without help and we should let any single district or city solve the homeless rightness crisis was
3:33 pm
seen in our city today by themselves. today i am announcing a legislative package that i will not claim is a silver bullet solution but it's a group of policies that we have 2 pursue because we know this crisis is not insurmountable. we have solutions in a store with really investing housing first by freeing up in coordinating statewide resources in responses to the needs of our fellow citizens to who need our help desk of the. in fact, what is the moral imperative of cities across the country the state of california is that our fastest-growing demographic and homeless count are working families. their families with a working parents and children that cannot afford to live in the city where they are employed. we also have to have a single customer center database that allows us to account for spending and the will to engage which programs
3:34 pm
are effective as public and 9 homelessness in which a be scaled to need. so, must last for steering on a system that we can make sure were maximizing resources. similar to what the city of new york has called for in the last month. by mayor glossier. finally, by putting into place a citywide pitstop toilet program that we already know works. the one we started here right in the tenderloin because the reality is we don't have enough shelter beds right now for the over 7000 homeless men women and children were struggling to survive on our streets by sweeping intense, in cars, in shelters, or couch surfing. i want to think big and acknowledge supervisor stan is been working very closely on declaring a state of emergency at the statewide level. supervisor campos is working to declare a local state of emergency and supervisor and president london breed working closely with our office to make sure we have a citywide pitstop program. to mention a couple statistics in california accounts for 21% of the
3:35 pm
nation's homeless population in 2015. 21% of the 600,000 americans that need a bed that they can call home on any given night. california also the highest percentage of homeless people counted in on shelter locations in the united states. we also the largest number of homeless unaccompanied youth at 20% of the national total. we also the largest number of veterans experience in homelessness with more than 11,000 veterans living in the streets of california in 2015. almost a 3rd of san francisco's homeless population in this became homeless outside of san francisco a self-reported in a recent survey. the state of hawaii has a greater state of emergency and the use of proclamation as a way to make additional funds available and
3:36 pm
to contact homeless summers providers in earmarking funds for family shelters and bypassing existing ordinance to take swift action to stand up needed shelters as soon as possible. the city of los angeles has declared a citywide state of emergency and a san francisco to supervisor campos is resolution is doing the same. we can also do more to have a coordinated statewide response with certain concrete actions good one, also plus property but the state to, making standard shelters designate for specific needs of need and interest whether their families, lgbt, seniors, medically frail, and young people. finally, immediate investment and more afford housing resources. something the state has also cut so that municipalities can put shovels in the ground and build affordable housing projects into the pipeline and refinance with much lower land cost the public property can be used as a private property. the senate president pro tem kevin kelly
3:37 pm
on has introduced thelike home admission policy framework and its goal is to put a $2 billion bond because of permanent supportive housing for the chronically homeless with mental health illness could to enter $9 over 4 years to build supportive housing and short-term rent subsidies while the permanent housing is being constructed and support for 2 special housing programs that will assess assist families. this is a white state of emergency is an important way we has the state of california and you more to address the most miss in all of our communities. finally, as i mentioned, i'm also introducing a supplemental appropriation to get 6 more pit stops throughout the city in the ground before a fiscal year of 26-2017. we know that sucks and i represent have had a huge impact in our community seen reductions in steam cleaning request as much a 60% in these neighborhoods because we finally have
3:38 pm
provided an option for people who don't have one to use toilets with dignity and respect. also providing our residents who may not be using the toilet opportunity to walk through clean and healthier streets. in 2015, in november, we call for a hearing to expand. citywide to include staffing the bathrooms as well as adding. mobile toilets in the mission, south of market, western addition and the hates. i do want to recognize and thank department of public works for the creative thinking and their support throughout the pilots and expansion. also one that happy to see a mobile pit stops are expanding their hours and days to 12 hours a day and 7 days a week. we want to make sure we're basing the locations on objective criteria such as 311 calls, your kitchens, away from residences and business entries and also make sure were just in multiple needs including storage
3:39 pm
disposal boxes, dog waste bags distribution, and other sorts of things that the pitstop has been incredibly successful in accommodating. on average, already, almost 100 people use the original 3 pit stops in the pendulum. every single day. these 3 pit stops in a district that we piloted with incredible support and leadership of public works have used over 4500 times and we saved over 2400 gallons of water per month because of the reduction in thinking requests in these neighborhoods. these facilities have made our streets cleaner with over 120 bags of garbage collected at these 3 sites good job bags made of able to the public and secure needle boxes and properties diesel of used syringe needles. this is not a problem or need that is unique to the homeless population of san francisco. in fact, cities across the country note the work we are doing and asking how they can start pit stops in their cities as well. we look
3:40 pm
forward to seeing its expansion beyond the south of market tenderloin and other mission to other parts of the city as well. again, what acknowledge my colleagues for their support in addressing together they issue of our residents in neighborhoods and the rest i submit. >> thank you. supervisor mar >> wanted knowledge supervisor kim for the editorial on homelessness and raising the issue an emergency at the state level and thanks so much to supervisor campos for the introduction the mayor starting the meet up with some comments. instead of pointing fingers i think we should all be doing our best to work together on solutions and a supervisor kim mention it's not a silver bullet but even the mayor's comments about the navigation centers, from my memory, as mayor art i was really 80s developed a heartless correlator that, multiservice center approach to look at humane and
3:41 pm
compassionate approach to homeless people with homeless people involved in that development of a policy that creation of navigation center type centers was really critical as well as substance abuse, detox and health services with pathways to permanent housing, even at that time and in my opinion, the 6 centers that supervisor become poses is proposing is similar to the proposal like mayor actos back in those days. supervisor avalos and the staff and i visited. 80 temporary 180 bed shelter with sam dodge cleverly support and respect and i also wrote along with hot teams to the richmond this. homelessness is not in the city's order. stretches all the way up to hear the house where damon at the beach used to be as people are congregating in key parts even in my district and in the district approach we
3:42 pm
are working with nonprofits and churches and sam dodge and his staff to try to figure out how do we find more of a geographical spread of different centers of the homeless that are in the city score, but also out in as far out as supervisor avalos were cohen's districts are far west is my district have access to a place that i can have all their belongings confiscated and built some sense of services and a safe and clean place to go, but i hope that with my colleagues and their approaches with uplifting fingers and saying people are seeking headlines and working together on these issues. also, i want to thank supervisor yee promoting the problem gambling issues in the asian and pacific islander communities and thank especially to-chanting the issue for many decades. colleagues: today i'm introducing a resolution that addresses a major public health danger that's creeping into our
3:43 pm
city many other cities around this country. it involves fast food big box and chain establishment applying for alcohol permits for on-site sales. examples are taco bell and starbucks and i want to thank especially the tenant dave does own, san francisco police department as alcohol licensing unit for bringing this issue to the attention of our public safety neighborhood services committee over her back of time. our office has been looking at this issue since last year and i want to say that with a strong grassroots san francisco prevention coalition involving the youth leadership and ucsf san francisco department of public of them many others organizing for healthier and more equitable approach to dealing with these issues, and last september we held a hearing in public since committee to address this growing community concern of oversaturation of alcohol outlets in business is authorized to sell alcohol especially low income
3:44 pm
committees with the saturation type it work only about 4500 different businesses that sell alcohol throughout san francisco but the floodgates could be opened with taco bell and starbucks and other big stores starting to seek these licenses could revert from the grassroots prevention coalition that concerns especially from young people the growing number of chain seeking these ways of gaining revenue at the expense of the health of our communities. that's tremendous public health impacts that can be quantified how much it cost to our city to according to our department of public health. acetic according to the cdc an average of 500 underage youth die annually from alcoa related causes in california alone. last december, airport hearing, i am any from the community expressed our concerns as this new retail shift in the box and large change business models that currently allow or are gearing up for starbucks and taco bell and other entities to seek these kinds of alkyl permits. i also just wanted to say this resolution raises the
3:45 pm
concern that the alcohol beverage or concerns and urges the california dept. of alkyl beverage control tonight alkyl license applications at fast food and café retail chain businesses is different and i urge your consideration support. the rest i will submit >> thank you. supervisor peskin beta coll colleagues, unhappy set up be placed on the imperative agenda at the end of the board meeting a resolution declaring this saturday as russell give me today in the city and county of san francisco. russ recently retired after 65 years at the boys and girls club. he is beloved not only in north beach, but throughout the city and county of san francisco. he spearheaded a $10.5 million renovation and expansion of the boys and girls club, which
3:46 pm
recently opened it is much much more to say about the stern demeanor but i would like to radon in the meeting declare march 12 b ross community in the city and county of san francisco. on a sadder note, on a side note, although they too adjourned today's meeting in the memory of my friends and -who worked as a food server at the fairmont hotel for 20 years until she retired. she, after expenses and intimidation as a worker became a proud local union shop steward and stood up for her coworkers. just as countless hours on the negotiating committee for 3 citywide contracts and were locked up by the hotel she walked the picket line night and day making up songs to keep spirits high. i remember her in that locker. she was arrested 5 times in labor demonstrations fighting for healthcare and she loved music. after shift at the
3:47 pm
fairmont she could sometimes see the great artists perform at the venetian room including her favorite, ella fitzgerald, and the mites of them breakfast or lunch the next day. in 1982, she met her husband by lovely man named john, who is playing with a band at ginsburg's irish pub, if those of you remember on bay street. after a courtship of 3 years they were married on chris needs the 1980s extrudes the consent is about time. after hearing and saying around the house, john encouraged and cajoled her to sing at the gold dust lounge and from then on she took great pleasure in being able to participate in the music she loved so much greatly appreciated the many great musicians who generously shared their world was her. my condolences to her husband, john , to her twin sister, to her daughter and son in law and son and daughter. >> thank you. supervisor tang
3:48 pm
. supervisor wiener >> kali, today i am today i'm introducing to reform our public contracting process, specifically to allow public agencies and san francisco to rely on contractors as a factor in awarding contracts. in san francisco currently we have a basically a pure low bid system. the lowest bidder receives the contacted regardless of whether the contract is done a good job in the past. regardless of whether the contractor has ended up costing the city even more than other bidders because excessive change orders, understaffed jobs, delays or poor workmanship. we know most of our city contractors do a terrific job and deliver good and timely work product to our city. unfortunately, there are
3:49 pm
some contractors do not. we are in a period of unprecedented infrastructure investment in san francisco replacing our entire library system, renovating basically every part, rec center, pool and playground, accelerating our road resurfacing. modernizing our sewer and water system. our public health system and so on and so forth. as we invest our precious public dollars in this important infrastructure work, we need to make sure that taxpayer is getting the best bang for his or her box. the only way to do that is to make sure that we are awarding contracts based on the overall best value, not just the low bid. of course the bid price is important factor in determining how to award a contract, but city departments should have the ability to look at a contractors past performance, to look at their ability to actually deliver a job on time
3:50 pm
and on budget, to look at whether they engage in unreasonable practices around change orders. to look at whether they have a track record of a systematically understaffing their jobs so that they end up taking way too much time and costing more that taxpayer. this best value system is, i believe were the beginning of a trend. los angeles is moving towards a best value system. san francisco should as well. this legislation requires that departments take a look at how to do this and we also understand every department is different, and what the department will need to do is to create the factors they'll be of value weighted and make clear what these factors are upfront so that all bidders know going in that they will be held to the same standards as every other bidder. so, this important legislation. i
3:51 pm
believe in a strong support and colleagues i look forward to discussion about this important topic and the rest i select >> thank you. supervisor campos you have to be re-referred >> i just want to make a point i actually failed to make as i was introducing my ordinance declaring a state of emergency on homelessness here in san francisco. i think it's really important that as businesses happening you have work that's been done by supervisor kim along with pres. breed and cohen, to the extent work be able to solve us it will require more than just city government to act. it would acquire state and federal government to act. i think it's important if we do succeed in getting the state of california to act that we also enhance our standing relative to other jurisdictions. other jurisdictions like the city of los angeles that are actually
3:52 pm
declared a state of emergency and i think the declaration of emergency. san francisco puts us in good footing in terms of our ability to actually be a priority when it comes to the funding is provided by the state of california where the federal government could awake supervisor kim and her staff the work they're doing because i think it's very critical components and i think it's important to make out no. the rest i submit >> thank you. bottom president >> thank you. madam clerk. at this time can we please read public comment >> the public may know just the entire board of supervisors drafted 2 min. on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board to include the items on the adoption without reference to committee calendar and the minutes. the public is not allowed to comment when an item has previously been subject to public comment at a board committee. pursuant to the board's walls of order please direct your remarks to the board as a whole and not to individual supervisors nor to
3:53 pm
the audience. speakers using translation assistance we allowed twice the amount of time to testify in if you would like to display a document on the overhead projector, these clearly state such usf gtd and remove the document when you would like to screen to return to live coverage of the meeting. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> commissioners, the cultivation of public virtue should reflect the connection of truth and nature in unity for understanding and good reasoning and ultimate principles. civil servants and expression of personal major their disciplines can lead people in accordance to a desolate holiness having true joyfulness. the unity of political economics religious education in activities and studies are principles should well be in good support
3:54 pm
[inaudible]. so human realization with progress step-by-step will move accordingly with prosperity. [inaudible] should go without alienation and prejudice. [inaudible]. of achieving the state of perfect wellness. personal cultivation should gain great success in understanding of the true way to maintain the 7 virtues. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> smg tv, i have graphics.
3:55 pm
sorry to hear about nancy reagan dime. dying. she wrote to walter paulson, you can see there. she wrote, to walter paulson. i used to write ronald reagan many years ago. i used to send christmas cards and letters good i got a letter with type letter from both of them. and a note from nancy did so too bad about nancy. sorry about nancy reagan dying. in all the leaves are brown all sky is gray. i went to walk on a winters day. if they can afford you, they might leave today. california dreaming. on
3:56 pm
such a winters day. i stopped into city hall. i passed along the way. well they like to do their prayers and i began to pray. you know the city wakes the and they like to affordably stay but california dreaming, california dreaming on such a winters day, on such a winters day. if you're going to san francisco be sure to look for affordable housing there. if you are going to san francisco then you'll need some friendly people there. thank you.
3:57 pm
>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello. my name is-in honor of mother earth this is the way i'm celebrating international women's day. that we may all live to see the day when the lives that we all own the earth will never be spoken again. that we will no longer allow the enslavement of the earth mother humans, or any other species, that we humbly recognize the interdependence of all life. that we and operate community agreements about respectful and sustainable use of space. not these of ownership. that homes will be a right and a sacred trust. in the future, this time will be remembered as a revolution. revolving around the access of love and the on housed will be honored as those who fearlessly claimed the
3:58 pm
commons. in day where the occupiers of today good no matter what was done to them, they returned to declare their right to exist, that they were courageous in creating homes out of practically nothing, even when their own government stole their possessions arrested him for sleeping, and give them no food and shelter were even toilets. may we save ourselves by reaching out in every way we can and ending this a moral and immoral system. this priority is always in the end, about honey and power. we see our brothers and sisters in the streets, they we see them as the leaders that they are toward a compassionate future. thank you i'm a all of you for the steps you made in the right direction you made. i would also like to honor amy weiss who did not win mayor but
3:59 pm
is acting the dignity and responsibility towards the homeless as our mayor should today. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm inspired to come to this meeting today by something i read in the san francisco chronicle. the supervisor declared a shelter crisis and part of that was in relation to alcohol and the very uncomfortable for the community of elderly people on the street. it gets harder and harder the older they get to fix things right so that they do have a healthy lifestyle. maybe we can prevent the degradation to
4:00 pm
people in alcoholism by a new approach. the suggestion-the suggestion in the newspaper was to have warehouses. this has been tried out as it said in the paper, but it doesn't have enough background knowledge to it. isn't that easy. what we need is not so much what-houses that houses for doing something about alcohol addiction. and that is knowledgeable. i wrote an article published to all the voters in the county and it said 5 white truck drivers drink beer. it told me the kind of thing we can do to go on present knowledge but it takes a different kind of audience
4:01 pm
were not so much an audience but a different kind of forum. maybe supervisor campos would have talk with me and he could tell by his wet-houses that would tell you another way to do. that's good people on an expert bases. >> thank you. thank you, ma'am thank you for being here today. thank you, ma'am. next speaker, please. >> so, we invited the department of justice to our city did we did and outreach in the bayview. they're going to have a meeting today at the mission where they're going to
4:02 pm
speak to the department of justice, the doj. which i feel should stand for that apartment of jokers. you cannot have an investigation. the review board tells you it's good take him about 2 years to come up with some type of adjudication. while our young men and others are dying on our streets of san francisco. i come here from time to time and i'm listening to you, supervisors, and i know the supervisors that have compassion and i know the other supervisors who are sellouts to melissa and to the developers take money and don't do anything for money. now, on april 14 we shut down city hall. you know that. may the supervisors ran away from these chambers. it's not impossible
4:03 pm
for us. to shut down city hall. it's not impossible in this digital world. this is not a threat. when we shut down city hall on april 14 we inform everybody include the mayor who ran away. we will shut down city hall without stepping into city hall. and we will see there is a movement now. those supervisors who failed to represent the constituents of san francisco we will target you. we will target you. so, i walked for [inaudible] i took my time but i walked and made it good i attended a protest and so one supervisor. i'm telling you [inaudible]. >> thank you. i would just like to knowledge who is in the
4:04 pm
audience >> thank you. i like to knowledge in the audience was in the audience but who's hanging around the former chief of juvenile hall, bill silverman. thank you for being here today with us go. you look very happy since i guess retirement is agreeing with you. next speaker, please. >> hello. my name is sonia trouts. i'm founder of the sf bay area renters federation. at the favor he 17th was committee hearing peskin and kim insisted 25% inclusionary requirements would not kill any project. if this claim is sincere, don't give away any affordability. don't exempt any projects from the 25% requirements. don't grandfather anything in the pipeline. if some projects need to be exempted in order to remain economically feasible,
4:05 pm
then we approve that 25% is too high and some projects will be killed in the overall amount of affordable housing might go down. so, i'm asking the board of supervisors to vote against any grandfathering of projects that comes before you before the 19th if we see you vote for grandfathering, we will know that when deals are being made between supervisors and developers who are seeking relief from the new 25% requirements. what the developers have to offer exchange for grandfathering? is up to developers opposed to [inaudible] and save via media projects but future projects made in feasible by the new 25% requirements will never be proposed and renters and future residents will be thrown under the bus to thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i am mike-i live in north
4:06 pm
beach. i concur with previous speakers remarks. i question cutting a deal with one group of developers over another. particularly, when the current criteria for that one over the other is where they stand in development pipeline. regardless of what anyone came to a conclusion of about the feasibility of the coming measure, it is highly likely that 25% acquirement is going to kill some projects. i would put to you that the projects that will be killed by that requirements are among the projects that we need the most. projects with tight schedules. projects with limited budget. because those other projects that are most likely to filter over time. most likely to become affordable over successive years to working people. years after they've been built. if they won't get
4:07 pm
built if this deal goes through. moreover, i would put to you that we should not be basing our goals for affordable housing based on what percentages we can exact from builders. we should making the goal based on the number of units we need can create. because otherwise if you base it simply on percentages you come up with further punitive answers that we will not get parking rate projects built and were going get the afford housing either. thanks for listening. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is john sure him with a san francisco renters associated i'm happy to see co2 emission items come up for today. i'm here to ask the board of supervisors draft and pass a resolution to study code changes to incentivize cost
4:08 pm
timber construction in san francisco. this uses superstrong advance particleboard beams made from sustainable forests to place steel beams were concrete and rebar in large and small high-rise construction at why is this important? in concrete rebar to such around 50% of the total greenhouse gas emissions that come from a building with a course of its lifetime come from concrete used at the time of construction. we will build hundreds, 100,000 or more units over the next century in san francisco. the midrise and small high-rise density were cross laminated timber can be used. we consider the reduced emissions generated by these buildings the city as a whole. in fact, this source carbon in the friends keep being locked in the atmosphere over that 100 could, and or global [inaudible]. the professional
4:09 pm
information you can find on the internet is very encouraging. willie is made of cross laminated timber residency 20 stories in austria and scandinavia. vancouver portland and seattle also projects planned in code changes. san francisco should be following closely behind so they succeed without major problems, technical palms. wiccans are using cross laminated timber as well. the largest construction that is relatively new technology not account afford in building codes and also just the inertia of the construction industry which used to working with concrete. here's the thing. the price of concrete is the percent higher this year than it was last year one developer told me. it was only high due to construction. in this environment cross laminated timber reduces housing costs. we can use to reduce housing cause either to make sure were housing gets built with the same amount of money or to- >> bt. next speaker, please. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> tom gilbert. in deference
4:10 pm
to nancy reagan, she existed, a woman in a man's world in a man's group. i took my pat took it down in the peninsula the 97-year-old woman has died. she was being evicted during this period in my world, you've seen this. the overhead, please-an 80-year-old woman on her last day in the apartment. i've shown you this before per a rent increase was $600. she lived with her 55-year-old daughter. 10 months later she had a stroke. we need to do better with our housing. times have changed. i hear the stage
4:11 pm
and said federal be involved in our new housing. i don't think so. no response in the private sector very much. overhead, again. this was submitted originally to the housing plan, 5 points and the 5th point is a formula. again, for what we need each development to have what we need each developer to have is a certain amount of homes for the homeless to my low income, foster kids, navigation systems, need homes. whether this can be built work can't be built. this can be built. if we ask architects around the world to build what we would need and require, on
4:12 pm
each poverty, i believe architects will say we can do it and we should. >> thank you. next speaker, please. is there any other member of the public would like to speak? seeing none, >>[closed session] public comment is closed. >> items 30-3 to consider for immediate adoption without committee reference to a single rollcall vote and act as these items. member may object and severed an item and have it considered separate. >> before we have our red colleagues, does anyone want to suffer an item on immediate adoption calendar? supervisor tang >> item 30 1b dick supervisor avalos >> item 30 >> on the remainder item, can we have same house, same call. that is passed without objection unanimously >>[gavel] >> item 32. on item 30
4:13 pm
>> to to declare march 2016 national social work think on all citizens to join with the national association of social workers to celebrate and support the social work profession. >> supervisor avalos >> as supervisor campos often says, is a lawyer, i do this and i'm actually a social worker. i got my masters in social work from san francisco state university it as a social worker i really believe the city should be doing everything it can to empower its residents to take part in civic life and determine the future of our city and our city registers its resources. that was part of my efforts as a social worker to up explore how we can build this kind of empowerment and that-today we have from the national association of social workers a resolution before student before student there
4:14 pm
march 2016 national social worker month and would love your support for this resolution. thank you, colleagues. >> which item are we on? can we take as item same house, same call can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> item 31 resolution to oppose golden gate national recreation areas proposed rule relating to on and off leash dog walking in urban parkland route san francisco. marin and san mateo counties >> supervisor tang >> i like to request we continue this for one week >> supervisor tang has as we continue this item one week item one week until march 15, 2015. moved and seconded. can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. this item is continued >>[gavel] >> madam clerk, next item
4:15 pm
>> give to imperative items mdm. pres. the first is offered by supervisor peskin. resolution declaring saturday, march 12, 2016 as russell j kalina day in the city and county of san francisco. >> supervisor peskin >> i like to move about act findings >> is there a 2nd? moved and seconded. can we take this without objection? can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. this motion is approved >>[gavel] >> do you want to talk about the item would you like me to open it up to public comment? >> i spoke about it during my rollcall had no other comment >> are the imperative item, is there any member of the public would like to comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> can retake the item same house, same call can we take
4:16 pm
that without objection? without objection the motion passes. item passes unanimously >>[gavel] >> i'm clerk please read the next imperative item. >> on behalf of supervisor mar it resolution declaring march 9, 2016 to be paris one day in the city and county of san francisco >> did you circulate copies of that? >> yes >> i don't have a copy. thank you. >> i move this early to mandatory meets are common to the brown act to declare march 9, 2016 as cars one day in san francisco >> so that was moved by supervisor mar. moved and seconded. can retake that can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. the without bypasses >>[gavel] >> president read i did want to say honoring this 105-year-old man i was wrong is only important for the fantastic american film
4:17 pm
festival and the asian art museum which will have major painting he did 80 years ago on display on thursday. it's an unusual painting that it's in chinese jesus he did over 80 years ago but be on display for only one day and a 4 pm some of us are gathering to honor mr. want. i just want to say his influence is is an acknowledged hardly at all but he did the is artist that the bar style animation for damage that those of you have seen that is neither. he's also includes many of the animators throughout our history and all until pixar today and many others animators. the windows in los angeles county emigrated to the us to angel island and had an impact as a depression era artist and showing his grades are about so integrating his asian-american culture and what he did influence in the whole industry. ration americans come i think it's important that his knowledge but also just generally for animators and artists. he was
4:18 pm
the impact, he was the oldest living detainee on angel island and the angel island immigration station foundation is acknowledging him as well with their heritage award for his life achievement that he was born in china but my family was in the emigrated to the us through angel island like my dad did. at the age of 9, though, my dad was. couple years old when he came to angel island. over the course of his career he worked on bambi, but also films like the wild bunch and rebel without a cause good is a living artistic treasure and pioneering icon botches for asian-americans but for all artists as imaging, kim fest is honoring him by screening a documentary on his life is kicking off the festival on march 10 and it's opening night where hundred 5-year-old will be there and thursday is when the chinese jesus. it's an unusual painting. i just showed it to supervisor yee but it's worth checking out. it's at the
4:19 pm
asian art museum on thursday but mr. wong 105 years old will be at the kim fest opening on march 10. anyone wanting more information i urge your support. >> thank you. this item is now available for public public comment any members of the public would like to comment on the specific item? seeing none, >>[closed session] >>[gavel] >> collies can retake the item same house, same call? without objection it passes unanimously >>[gavel] >> i'm clerk please read the in the mornings >> on behalf of supervisor peskin, for the late mrs. in hunt, and on behalf of you, pres. breed for the late mr. chris carpenter >> thank you. is there any other item before us >> that concludes our business for today. >> collies, thank you for being here today. we are adjourned. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] .
4:20 pm
>> shop and dine the 49 promotes loophole businesses and changes residents to do thirds shopping and diane within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services we help san francisco remain unique and successful where will you shop and dine shop and dine the 49. >> my name is neil the general manager for the book shop here on west portal avenue if san francisco this is a neighborhood bookstore and it is a wonderful
4:21 pm
neighborhood but it is an interesting community because the residents the neighborhood muni loves the neighborhood it is community and we as a book sincerely we see the same people here the shop all the time and you know to a certain degree this is part of their this is created the neighborhood a place where people come and subcontract it is in recent years we see a drop off of a lot of bookstores both national chains and neighborhoods by the neighborhood stores where coming you don't want to - one of the great things of san francisco it is neighborhood neighborhood have dentist corrosive are coffeehouses but 2, 3, 4
4:22 pm
coffeehouses in month neighborhoods that are on their own- that'stest. >> good afternoon leaning be the meeting will come to order this is the regular meeting of the land use & transportation my name is supervisor cowen the chair to my right is supervisor wiener the vice chair and to my left is supervisor peskin our clerk is ms. alicia. >> thank you our friends at sfgovtv phil jackson and others for broadcast in meeting on sfgovtv madam clerk, any announcements? today. >> yes. electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk.
4:23 pm
items acted upon today will appear on the march 15 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you, thank you very much for the announcements can you please call items one and two together. >> item numbers one and two an ordinance claire declaring the tension of james alley as port of chinese hospital for the settlement and quit exclaim deed for the easements thank you. >> supervisor peskin is the author of these two items. >> thank you, madam chair and colleagues these are two instrument necessary for helping the chinese hospital move forward the first is a resolution of intent to vacate a street actually truth be told a half of a street 6 and a quarter of wide wide by 37 feet deep 90 necessary for the completion of the incredible many decades effort to rebuild a size
4:24 pm
administratively chinese hospital in district 3 in chinatown you first of all, want to commend the many individual that have been revolved in the rebuilding of this facility i saw a reactor facility and wanted to acknowledge the effort ever rose in particular but also have thousands of donors and the construction team headed by david limping and many, many people in the community for whom this is been a long, long sought after dream that is finally coming to fruition on april 18th a formal celebration of opening in order to move forward james alley which lies on the east side of the hospital needs to be vacated as a matter of fact
4:25 pm
there are a number of underground facilities underneath the alley and the state of california insists the cyber alley be vacated by i city the document that are the item before you actually require as a condition of the agreement that the alley forever is open space so that public nanlt will continue to exist albeit it in private and not public hands open to the public and the chinese hospital will be adding a number of community amenity to that area with that colleagues subject to public comment there are a few install amendments we need to make to the resolution on page 2 at line 19 there is a blapg there for a public hearings that is required for street vacation that blank should be filled in
4:26 pm
to be april 5th of 2016 and the title of the measure should also indicate at the end of the title that the public hearing will be set for april 5th of 2016 so i'd like to move those amendments. >> thank you public comment. >> yes. before we take the amendments. >> subject to public comment. >> all right. ladies and gentlemen, any commenters on items one or two public comment is closed. thank you so supervisor peskin has made a some amendments excuse me. this is an amendment to number one. >> number one amendment. >> sound good we'll act on these agenda will be one and two full board with a recommendation a motion to accept the
4:27 pm
amendments. >> motion by supervisor wiener and we'll take that without objection. that item passes and i'd like to move number one with recommendations as a committee report for hearing by the full board tomorrow march 8 and refer item number 2 without recommendation to the april 18th board of supervisors. >> we'll take that without objection. that item passes. >> m can you call item 3. >> item 3 a resolution arthur the placement of the plaque with the sidewalk of washington with square park and accepting the gift from the friends. >> supervisor peskin. >> hebrew was a beloved member of the north beach telegraph hill hill not dimming the lights for you herb and herb one of the
4:28 pm
many things that herb did in his life before he passed was to really do everything with the community to help make washington square everything that can be he was a friend of mine i want to thank the friends of washington square particularly june for all her work in coming down to have a commemorative plaque installed on columbia and unity herb was an architect a pioneer the lgbt and the neighborhood movement and was beloved and respected despite his rough and grumpy exterior i'm delighted we are joined by one of the family members jane here today as well as folks from the department of
4:29 pm
public works and the rec and park department i want to thank in my staffer connie chang for her work and friends of washington square and thank the friends for coming up with the funds for a plaque that sdlifrz to be there and left, right or center north beach and telegraph hill and residents and merchant everything or everybody replaced her this resolution before us will urge the department of public works to waive the cost associated with the permit ate installation of the plaque after public comment i will have one small amendment to the resolution is there anybody here from dpw or rec and park that wants to testify mr. spur. >> good afternoon so for the i came to really
4:30 pm
discuss some of the installation features to the plaque itself. >> sure. >> i'm not completely sure exactly of the permanent location that was identified by regardless of that wherever to be installed to mountain the planning plaque in a safe way that will keep it in its location for a long period of time. >> i don't know if you want me to discuss the cost associated with that and the maintenance and upkeep. >> sure absolutely the public school and members of the panel should know. >> in order to mount the plaque we need to cut a 36 by 36 portion concrete and cement to a couple of studs on the back of the plaque put washers and fix
4:31 pm
it to the cement the ongoing up keep the oncofor it it minimal and to shouldn't take too much for us to do that in order to get if installed $3,000 us to cut out the cement and pour back for it i will say that will be a generous estimate. >> i understand the plaque has passed the slip resistance test. >> it has some raised features and should be slip resistant yes. >> thank you, mr. spur is abigail from the rec and park department here? >> thanks for taking time out of your day. >> thanks good afternoon and chairman and supervisor cowen and supervisor wiener and supervisor peskin i am abigail
4:32 pm
with the rec and park department on our partnership team and on behalf of rec and park i would like to share that we support this authorization placing this plaque on the walk only union street we felt the proposed location on union street is a fine location and adjacent to the park we're all for it i would like to make note i've been working with the friends of washington square and pubically express my appreciation for working with them they've been committed to work with rec and park and expelling and this commission i think this is a wonderful way to honor the gentleman and hope so it inspires the people from the north beach community and criticizing to roll up their
4:33 pm
sleeps sleeves to get involved. >> thanks to and your colleagues and the folks at sdpep for working with my staff and the friends of washington square and colleagues when you go to washington square and see the lighting set up that was herb at work madam chair can we open up for public comment. >> please join us public comment 2 minutes you'll hear a soft chime come up. >> you'll have 2 minutes. >> thank you. i canned add much to what airbnb said he's a wonderful imply and friend of mine for 35 years and a neighbor and z done incredible things for washington square i hope we will
4:34 pm
succeed in getting the installation costs waved. >> thank you thank you for all your hard work june appreciate our perseverance and jane. >> thank you in my cousins was passionate about many changes e things family and architecture among them he served as a family patriotic amongst the last of his generation in our family and will find by all which includes 4 generations his friends were considered family to him and the circle herb loved his work as a architect and didn't retire until a year brother he died he loved washington square park as you know he was the founding member of the friends of
4:35 pm
washington park and was involved herb knew so much people that was impossible to walk to washington sequoia and not stopped several times to be introduced to the police officer and merchant and other neighbors pga by herb's commitment of many decades to the preservation of the neighborhood and community should be pubically recognized and celebrated on behalf of his family we're great to have to plaque to honor herb's legacy and serve as a reminder to everyone of the importance of being actively involved in communities wherever you are thank you. >> thank you jane. >> is there any additional public comment? >> on item 3 all right. seeing none, public comment is closed. >> a motion. >> so madam chair i'd like to on page 2 line 11 insert two
4:36 pm
words permits and so for the resolve be it therefore resolved that the board of supervisors hereby urges the department of public works to waive all costs with the permits and the installation of commemorative plaque. >> thank you very much it is easy. >> is there a motion to accept the amendment all right. motion made we'll take that without objection. to accept the amendment is accepted thank you. >> and i'd like to send this matter to the full board with recommendation. >> we'll take that without objection. that as well thank you madam clerk, is there any further business before this commission? >> no, that concludes our business for today. >> thank you ladies and gentlemen, our meeting is adjourned
4:37 pm
4:38 pm
>> i would like to call to order, the finance committee to order. our chair, spurp mar will be here shortly, and i'm lon down breed and we are going to get this started. to my left supervisor norman yee and jane, kim and we should call the record. >> commissioner breed? snechlt here. >> compos? >> absent. >> kim >> present. >> mar? snechlt absent. >> yee. >> here. >> could we approve the minutes,
4:39 pm
without objection, those are approved. >> we will take the public comment. when public comment has been completed. >> all right. let's get to item number, 3. and we are now joined by commissioner mar. who is the chair of the committee. >> item three. state and federal leg sislativep date, this is an action item. >> welcome. >> happy to be here today. i thought that i would give this a brief, overview of where we are at the capitol and where we are. >> could you identify yourself? >> i am sorry, yes. >> mark watts, advocate for the transportation, authority in sacramento. the legislature welcomed the new assembly speaker yesterday, when he was sworn in and he was elected in january and so he is now, fully in charge of the transition has been completed. and it was a very, very, happy
4:40 pm
ceremony. and i think that he has filled out priorities for his term. and i think that they will suit the state very well. beyond that, where we are in the legislative process for the capitol, is on a sheet of paper here that i can't seem to find. >> darn it. i apologize, here we go. the end of february was the last day to introduce measures and you will see that reflected in the matrix today, where we have gotten about 40 bills, that we reviewed and made recommendations on. and i will come back to that in a moment. but next major deadline for legislation would be april, 22nd. for the bills that were introduced in late february. and they have to clear the first committ committee or they are dead or
4:41 pm
they are dead for the remainder of this session. there is a spring recess in the midst of this process, on march 17th, and march 28, they will be in recess, so the hearing for these measures will be very, very, heavily attended. and very, heavy agenda. s and as they try to get through all of these by the end of april. in terms of note, on transportation, funding, which is a strong interest around the state right now, senator bell, has a measure in the special session and he intends to amend and we had hoped to see that on monday or tuesday at this point in time, his office says that he is refining some of the amendments, his amendments will add significant amounts of funding and finance for transit projects. even though the main balance of the bill will be focusing on the state and local, road repairs.
4:42 pm
there is an indication that the administration may elect to move on with a more stream lined proposal in about $2 billion range, that would not require a super majority vote in the legislature, we are trying to understand if that is something that they are working on. but there are indications that there are, or there is a preference to try to get a small amount of funding for state and local road repairs, rather than make the push for the larger amount, that is represented in senator bell's bill and the assembly member's frasier's bill. and i will be keeping you abreast of the developments as we go through the next couple of weeks. in terms of the matrix of the legislation, there are 13 specific recommendations that we are making to you. one is a changed position, and then the other 12 are new bills
4:43 pm
for your consideration. and in addition, there is like 32, or 33 other measures that we have recommended watch for one reason or another, and they have may have applied to a policy area, where there is not much flesh on the bill at this point in time and many cases there are spot bills on topics that may become of interest. and so rather than trying to find them again, when they get amended and we put them on the watch and that allows us to monitor that flux more evenly. and so if you would like, i can cover the 13 measures, starting with the first one, which is ab 1550 on page six. this is a position we had recommend that opposed in the past. and we are recommending watch. and it deals with disadvantaged communities in the cap and trade area. it did not change for the proportions of the projects or the funding that is required to be spent in the disadvantaged communities and as you may
4:44 pm
realize, or you may recall from the first go around of the money and the disadvantaged communities in the region did not fare well because of the way that is designed, and this bill, takes another step and leads the current, 25 percent requirement in place, but as the requirement and 25 percent of the funding must be for projects that benefit, low income households. and so, what we have or why we are recommending moving to a wasatch front rather than oppose. we would like to continue working on the definition of disadvantaged community more in the background and working with there is a green gas reduction, and working to see if we can improve the disadvantaged definition. and we are asking for your changed to a watch position. >> i just wanted to thank you so much for being sensitive to the low income communities. and in some ways whether they are in the san francisco bay
4:45 pm
region or east la, so that we are taking in some ways a regional and even a state wide approach to equity but policies, but thank you. >> and we have seen a number of these types of measures over the last couple of years, and we are recommending oppose on ab 1768, and on page 10 of the matrix, and essentially, it directs, the, remainder of the high speed, rail bonds to be used to pay off the, outstanding high speed, rail bonds, effectively, turn nighting the stream for the project and so as a consequence, we are recommending oppose. and in the several more and i will cover them briefly, because i don't think that there is going to be concern about the recommendation and we are recommending oppose on 1866 on page, 12. and this would redirect, the
4:46 pm
remainder of the high speed, rail bonds to the state water project funding and again, that is a major change in the high speed rail. and we think that the policy of this before you is for the high speed rail program. and the next measure, ab1886, we are recommending a support and i have to tell you that i have to draw a diagram, three or four times before i fully understood this one. and essentially, there is an exemption provided within the e seqa, where 25 percent of the projects are no further than a half mile. this takes it to 50 percent, so no more than 50 percent of the land mass, is an expansion of the sequa expansion for these types of project and we are recommending a support position.
4:47 pm
ab 1964, on page, 14 is another, and a long series of bills, over the last couple of years, this one is little bit different than the ones that we have seen before. this simply extends the white sticker, authorization, to access hov lanes, and the white stickers are pure, battery and electrics and the natural gas vehicles as distinguished from the greenstickers, when are the hybrids. and so this, applies only to the white sticker vehicles, but they are growing in sales, and the population throughout the state, is growing. and the concern is, that allowing, the continued and expanding access of the hov lane and so we recommend an opposed position. >> ab2034, on page 15, recommending the support position to you. and more than a decade ago, the federal government, authorized the delegation, to state
4:48 pm
transportation departments. to over see nefa, of the reviews, within their state. and that was enacted and it has been continued once and this simply continueses that authorization at the state level to allow cal transin circumstances to administer and over see both nepa and sequa documents but i will not comment on the effectiveness, but it is a continuation of an existing policy. and what will bring the high speed rail program to an end. it says that no more bonds could be sold. >> and it will have to go back to the voters and so there is a double layer of protection against this becoming effective. because i don't see this measure moving forward but that one is found on page 15, if you would like more details or more information. we are also recommending support on ab, 2126, on page, 16.
4:49 pm
of the matrix. and this applies, to the state's current authority to utilize construction manager, and general contractor and authority, for administering projects, large scale, complex, projects and it will be coming to another bill, similar to this in a moment that applies to you, about you this applies, only to the state. the state has the authority to do six and they have occupied the six slots in statute, and this will extend it to 12 for cal trans, to administer. >> mr. prazir is the author. and the state, highway and protection program is the main program or the main, financing source at the state level for the projects that are approved or we construct that provide, major maintenance and reconstruction, as well as the operational funding to operate the state highway system.
4:50 pm
and the funding is generally, only available to the cal trans. and the ctc and the annual report, recommended the expanding a one small provision within this program to allow the operations, to also have capitol improvements. so previously, up to now, the operations will be you know, widening the guard rail, and you know, expanding tauxiliary lane, and this allows for the capitol projects to qualify for the same projects. this bill, ab2374, was introduced by mr. chui. and we are recommending that the transportation authority not only support but register as sponsors of this measure, because it came from staff conversations with the author's office. and it would uniquely expand, or authorize, some what uniquely authorize, that the ramps, for
4:51 pm
the -- island, program and the ramps that connect to the bridge system, would be eligible utilize the cmgc authority just like we, or just like cal transhas now for a certain number of projects. and i would specifically be targeted towards some of the complex engineering and construction that is anticipated for phase two of the ramp project. and i have been doing a lot of due diligence with state engineers and other folks who have had concerns in the passed about the similar authority. senator bell, has introduced sb 1066 which is on page, 35, and we are recommending a support for this measure, it does not appear to do much on the surface. and it is more of a place holder sponsored by the -- and what it does is it provides in the state
4:52 pm
law, the authorization for the new fast act revenues approved by the federal government and by congress to flow to the regular programs at the state level that we anticipate them to. and in essence, it does not really change the law, but it is, and it, it would, actually be operative, if it were to pass. the game plan, however, is for the self-help counties to have, a joint, jointly, jointly managed bill that they can work on in case there are wrinkles in the fast act that the people have not anticipated and some of the funding formulas. so this is to preserve their option is to move the legislation. and senator glazier from the east bay has introduced us, and we are recommending the support position and it is on page, 35. the mtc, has commute benefits ordinance, and they have the authority to adopt a commute,
4:53 pm
benefits ordinance, and that is soon to expire. and this was, simply, extend that authorization, indefinitely, and consequently we are recommending support. and the final measure for your consideration, is sb, 1259, by senator runner, and on it is page, 36 of the matrix and we are recommending oppose. this picks up the idea that have been attempted several decade or more to allow veterans with special, decals and the ability to access toll facilities and there has been similar, authorizations in other states, where we have, and the reports are that, it can result in fraud. and associated decreases in the toll revenue. so, it is, mainly an issue of
4:54 pm
equity. with that i bring my oral part of the presentation open for questions if you have. and i will try to answer them. i am still trying to digest all of the bills. there is more than 1,000 in each house. >> so questions colleagues? >> i wanted to say on the sb1128, by glazer that the bay air quality district, and the community benefits policies and give many options or a couple of options to employers, and i think that is a really important one in insuring that we are reducing greenhouse gas and trips as possible. and the coalition that are really trying hard on automatic speed enforcement. and the speeding cameras. but i know that some communications with some of chui's office were fruitful up until the last minute but we are hopeful that there is legislation that comes forward, but it is a little disappointing but i want to give a shout out for the work behind the teams on
4:55 pm
those efforts but thank you so much, mr. watts for the great presentation. and commissioner yee? >> thank you, for your presentation, and i know that you mentioned some bills may not have all of the details, necessary, or whatever, and so you are watching it. and one of them may be, under or possibly may be ab 1677. >> on page, 9. or 17? >> i guess that what i would like to do is to move that to suggest that we urge you to move it from watch to support. and the reason for this, is because this is a bill that, so that the board of supervisors have already passed a resolution to support. and we want to keep it consistent and we want to keep the heat on.
4:56 pm
and we are actually, my office is working with the senator on this particular bill and we are trying to give them as much information in terms or suggestions about the bill, as possible. hopefully, we will have some meat on it. >> so, commissioner yee has made a motion to add, ab 1677 from the move from watch to support. is that your motion? >> yeah, this is in regards to the tour buses. in terms of making it possible for local jurisdiction or the local government to have the additional inspectionses as sort of the general idea. >> is there a second on the motion. >> so it is seconded by commissioner, breed. so we are adding 1677, to the action list, presented by mr. watts. any other comments, colleagues? >> let's open this up for public comment. is there anyone from the public
4:57 pm
that would like to speak? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. and so on the motion to add ab1677, from a watch to a support, position, could we do that without objection? >> the house has changed. >> so the house has changed. roll call on the motion. >> breed? >> aye. >> campos? >> absent. >> kim. >> aye. >> mar. >> aye. >> yee? >> aye. >> the motion passes. >> and then now on the recommendations on the new bills and the recommended positions can we do that same house, same call? >> yes. >> thank you. >> thank you, so much mr. watts. >> next item? >> item 4, introduction of new items. this is an information item. >> so let's open up this for public comment, anyone from the public that would like to speak? public comment is closed.
4:58 pm
next item. item 5. ? >> general public comment. >> good morning, commissioners. (inaudible) trueself or well-being. (inaudible) money, (inaudible) making oneself a well-being. (inaudible)
4:59 pm
>> thank you. >> next speaker, anyone else? >> i would like to speak about number, 18, please? if you could go to 18. so i think that we have already handled. >> you might be in the wrong meeting. >> i apologize. >> or actually i am sorry. i apologize.
5:00 pm
>> i think that the proper time would have been when we were dealing with the legislation. but you could speak on general matters. >> that is fine. >> okay. so seeing no other public comment, we will close public comment. and mr. stamos next item >> item 6, adjournment. >> thank you for coming today. meeting adjourned. >> welcome to the the
5:01 pm
regularly scheduled meeting of san francisco entertainment commission thursday, february 4, 2016, i am commissioner joseph sitting in for commissioner president tan call the roll. >> typically i know i don't. >> any announcements. >> i don't have the housekeeping spiel please silence all electronic devices. i want to thank sfgovtv perfect. >> for broadcasting this and what am i leaving out call the roll commissioner frost commissioner lee supervisor thomas and commissioner caminong and commissioner joseph for the record commissioner president tan is out of town and
5:02 pm
commissioner perez i don't know we haven't heard anything. >> first order of business all to welcome to the commission lauren thomas as our new public health representative let's get 80 this meeting rocking and rolling number one is general public comment this is the time the public has a chance to comment on items of interest to this commission that are not on the agenda. >> is any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. and item 2 approval of the minutes i'd like to i'd like to entertain a motion a motion to continue we don't have sufficient votes to perform to vote on the minutes. >> somebody. >> i'll make the motion to continue to the next meeting.
5:03 pm
>> there is a motion and a second is there public comment about continuing the minutes seeing none, public comment is closed. call the roll >> commissioner caminong this is on the motion to continue the minutes commission thomas. >> commissioner lee sfrauft commissioner joseph. >> okay item number 3 on the agenda headlight item number 3 the report from the executive director jocelyn you're up. >> all right. i'll be brief last night what the 90 awards we're all fairly tired i wanted to mention just fleeting discussion of the 2016 summit submit we are considering dates right now in the latter end of the year if you're new to the commission we do an annual
5:04 pm
submit for permit holder and folks interested in the this taken place comments sometime in octoberish at this point and i would love you guys not this minute but look at our fall skerldz so see what might work and through by e-mail at me ideas for this go tops we've done many things the last year included more of the residents development work as well as a presentation from the new york city on sexual assault prevention and some kind of highlight of new information we look forward to as around where we are in terms of the residential development to this point and maybe legacy businesses
5:05 pm
you know some think about that and send an e-mail that would be great we had a fairly extensive meeting with folks if the controller's office on a one-stop shop permit center called i didn't hand this out because it is a lot of information the controller's office is working towards creating a new city offers gown at where the goodwill site of development is at 15 hundred mythical observing a long time before that will be built but the plans are in play and there's a vision for one-stop shop permit that listed 99 and so what i mean not online but literally a one-stop shop
5:06 pm
permit center that excludes ever needs for 6 plays of building permit construction permits through business operations and possible special events and cashiers and for the purposes of having everyone in one place so we are invited reluctance to be part of task force because we do what is considered like a business operation kind of permit and then observing we're involved with special events permitting as well so we are i'll keep the commission apprised we're interested in that sort of hold the special event aspect for some time because those other you know issues are tougher to tackle with and the intention to
5:07 pm
move planning to this location as well the whole operation so in addition because there is very big huge building so all the offices will be in one place a big project i'll keep the commission up to date and i'll answer questions i'm able to answer i have a little bit of information blue pretty early on here i'll give you this for the visuals. >> so that's that and i handed out this sort of 3 pageers the 116 online information it is not the most gorgeous but basically a it screen shot, if you will, of what the link on our website relative to the disclosures that
5:08 pm
are required via chapter one 16 for anything obviously getting built this took a long time we didn't have to pay for this i'm proud of that every person that moves into one building win three hundred feet has to sign a disclosures and the people that are renting and selling it have to give them the disclosures and sign an affidavit a lot of in and out we needed a way for twenty-four hours so this stuff to happen any time we created a form we vetoed it to the city attorney there the language and in a week or two to have those folks from that landlord side take into account this so it is
5:09 pm
intuitive enough for people to use it a little bit anyone done but this will end up with the back end basically like a spreadsheet that is searchable if we get a complaint we'll search before i address or name or figure out if someone didn't get this notice there is enforcement actions so 9 back end is a database that is the most important thing for me has this guarantee goes from year to year it when build up hefty but this will like spin-off if our website and i'll get more input as we go my sense we don't know if it works great or if it is work but i think it is fairly simple there's that
5:10 pm
you've already introduced the commission that was my intention but i beat me to it welcome commission thomas and as far as corrective actions we'll discuss that i'm going to turn it over to shawn. >> thank you director cain good evening commissioners just a few items to note you may or may not noticed that 3 different entries on any notes have the same address my eagles a little bit of cut-and-paste is incorrect the first listing the 3 m has a proper address and but all 3 of these know they're in
5:11 pm
the mission i think the most important item on the list the regular detergentcy ball regime we've gotten complaints for the first time from the east to complex across sutter street if the regular gunmency upon the first listings i assume due to the cultivation of the smaller place under the ball park we've got heavy base coming from the main room at the regular gunmency so we' two i think we should get
5:12 pm
resolution this mr. have upgrades and ballroom and market across the street one has the ongoing i'm working with sfpd and public health to try to get to a permanent stop people playing on the street an electrical out let and serving many neighbors i issued a citation for violations of good neighbor policy to 7 and 8 to the cafe and that was after text and phone warnings and conversation all warnings i plan on having a meeting with the staff in a couple of weeks. >> and everything else pretty run-of-the-mill if you have any
5:13 pm
questions. >> question quick question. >> yes, sir. >> there was 3 same address; right? >> right. >> he just corrected that. >> oh. >> yeah. that's a. >> you got to listen. >> i can only do one thing at a time. >> it's on other. >> oh. >> yeah. but those are around pretty close to that - >> area are they the same people complaining. >> no one is sort of on on and off kind of thing people complained some are charging a cover i have not seen it. >> a question on the break. >> so are those guys outside and oh, we want them to - them
5:14 pm
to stop having access to the contribute. >> that's a development yeah. >> we want commission the help of the sfpd for the street performer to move along because the residents above the restaurant are very, very bothered and it is very late into the night we're not talking about 9 or technology but two or three in the morning that's what we really want this is very challenging obviously the first thing we can do is go after the amount indication and the othpl
5:15 pm
part. >> inspector pauley. >> several items to report to you about new complaint and 84 the noise complaint from the hotel next to the campus hotel issues around noisy smokers and just planners conjugating the additional i did notice two large groups won their line is really busy and the smoking section which is which when i was there formed a across the additional is narrow alley i mentioned i was concerned about that to the head of security at that time, i went by there and did an inspection i was by this weekend but asked
5:16 pm
about a party i haven't heard any compliments i didn't make a big deal but nevertheless, we received a complaint it was forwarded to us from officer my hat's off i'll go by thursday and take time to see if we can't solve it and a similar with barbara rosa loufrng i went by new year's i didn't know if it was the same operator when i talked to the operator the week after the first week of january they said they are were not doing a lot of entertainment they were going to do a lounge situation that changed they have been doing entertainment and a neighbor on the other side of the brick wall getting a lot of
5:17 pm
noise complaint i haven't had an opportunity to talk with the management again since i got the complaint i want to first go to the residential unit and probably happen this weekend and emigrate on idea before i do anything and we'll go from there so pending this weekend his night club another containment from sfpd from officer mathis - it's a reoccurring issue they'll have to need to get under control so i'll be by there this weekend to talk about it and move towards a
5:18 pm
resolution a couple of compliance first off 125 mission street i talked about with the management about the complaint and, of course, i mentioned the last couple of hearings i've been by and a lot of the containment railroad overexaggerated but i got on e-mail from the complainant that shares the wall with the venue and he had a video of a sound test he took they were exceeding their rating or whatever exceeding the codes he forget which code but nevertheless, i talked with management and went by there with commission lee we saw there they were keeping the side door open to a room where the wall is they shared nevertheless, they need to keep the door shut and go from there
5:19 pm
if they can solve it themselves but director cain talked about that another issue with irish pub i was able to track down the owner with the help of sfpd i called the owner and talked about the issues he's having he explained to me as far as keeping things picked up and people have been drinking i recommended to him was you know shoe the people towards montgomery and washington there is less residential down there as opposed to 120 beyond a shadow of a doubt up the street a good place for ubers and taxis to pick up they're basically empty
5:20 pm
on washington street during that time of night so it looked fine no complaint and fusion lounges a couple of things i've seen super bowl weekend where they had you know probably over booked parties it was an issue i meant to talk with management about but they fired the manager that was under and hired somebody new so i forget traifz last name but the manager of magical a capable manager i think those issues are fine for now i'll follow-up and go from there and holly cows it was one street over super bowl weekend the issues was resolved it was a busy party i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> i have one question
5:21 pm
does love in propaganda do they have a migrant occupancy or limit in the smoking section how many people can be out there an would the time. >> i don't think so. >> how many people were there. >> probably around 20, 25. >> and that narrow alley they can certainly impose is it a barricade or smoking section. >> the smoking section is not barricade. >> maybe they should do that and maximum occupancy. >> honestly, i feel they can move people down the street and get them out of the alley altogether not that further of a walk around the corner and retail there i feel like. >> under a hundred feet from the door. >> it is approaching one
5:22 pm
hundred feet. >> a common area out of their control. >> they feel or otherwise well-behaved it is a lot of women hanging out there. >> okay. thank you. >> but the guy is having his own equipment and sound test and . >> i was explaining i've been by and not found compliance it will be hard to keep on coming but when you request so he should you know definitely at least have something to show me it is hard to go on his word to for compliance issues we bought one meter that is code compliant and taking video and taken sound test so it is hard to august if there were a couple of negligence that were loud so -
5:23 pm
>> does we have a phone number because they leave the door open or - >> they have other issues going on between the venue and like the neighborhood or the building owner some other stuff go on and so i try not to get two deep into that i try to enforce whatever you know the issues i tried to solve that with that said, they talked but you know bodies feel like the other side is unremarkable so it is pretty well contentious issue. >> when i went to the backroom it is pretty dense and the backdoor is open when you get closer to the door your ear - then when he went to the back
5:24 pm
alley so we can only do what we can do. >> the sound test was clear as they keep the side door shut is it so fine but the particular time it was busy and they were not paying attention at all the door was open so i think the change of management you know some issues there but i talked like i said, i talked to the owner and give me the managers number i'll talk to the him or probably talk to the manager anyway. >> do you if this guy's sound is calibrated. >> i'll not take that and write a citation but you know it is not likes threshold loud
5:25 pm
clearly louder way louder. >> the one thing i didn't say keep this door closes signage. >> they prop it on the other hand, open to get supplies out to and forget to shut it. >> probably something around the the bar areas i'll talk to him about that and on the hue is that the alley the condo from the back of the alley. >> so using that side door for smoking. >> they didn't have issues with the atmosphere they had people in front smoking and not many on the side by the way, the sidewalks. >> i remember there was fights they stopped that. >> the previous owner were getting complaints because of the door and that's why they
5:26 pm
went to the front. >> the owner is the same owner he was the same owner. >> i mean with zebra lounge was there. >> i suggest i think officer migrating and a he has more knowing any more questions for the sound inspections any public comment on the director's report there seeing none, public comment is closed item number 4. >> police department questions or comments. >> hello officer migratiathis
5:27 pm
and propaganda is they're new name but the same issues they do the remodel for the propaganda and they're getting the complaints in the hotel i contacted looking at inspector pauleys ideas as far as to reduce the noise i think we're on the same page i'm going to briefing read a quick e-mail i soent to the manager at vessel danny i've been cracked by the hotel about the noise from the establishment it appears the same issues are coming back you're from the alley and the smoking is creating a noise issue as a result, the hotel will discount rooms because of these disturbed and upset guests the hotel is getting bad reviews and this is the hotel industry
5:28 pm
effective immediately please have the guests off mission street i don't want our patrons to congregate the street but guide our patrons to stockton street that are for the security issues and motivating the patrons to go to stockton street and relieve the alley i think if we move them up to strongly street get rid of of the noise and the crowds 25 people 1340ik underneath the windows of hotel or the street which is the at closing time and trying to get phone numbers warrior where they'll go next creates a big problem you have the hotel right there paying top dollars whether or not they are paying top dollars they're staying in san francisco and for them to be
5:29 pm
disturbed is not acceptable we want them to follow the good neighbor policy and not abort the neighbors the hotel should not think losing money with prior conversations with the general manager she said they refunded tens of thousands of dollars i think what i'd like to do so if this works and come up with anything that the commission can recommend just to tweak this so they can operate and not disturb the patrons. >> my only concern about that is more it could be more than a hundred feet from the door and under the good neighbor policy all we're responsible to say one hundred feet and so, i mean unless they were willing to sign on and - i don't
5:30 pm
know how to solve that problem maybe something the staff should ask the city attorney about can they sign something to be willing to do one and 50 feet or more once they send them away beyond one hundred feet they're not responsible for them anymore. >> we have the problem every weekend inside the hundred feet every single weekend if we get them to thin out and they'll keep on going get to stockton street there is car traffic you'll not have the noise that goes into the walls it will be in front of the hotel a much bigger street. >> have you gotten response to our e-mail. >> not yet i put it out there today. >> i wonder what was said.
5:31 pm
>> background family extensive conversations and meetings with the hotel and the operators of the love and propaganda about this problem this is guilty or not guilty for years not new and just to say we're shut down and then reopted it x baited the problem they knew that was especially frustrating for me so this is now again, the same issue it was k3e79d it was anticipated, and yet no change and we went down the road of discussing what the hotel can do inside the rooms in particular that are effected what can the club do assisting the hotel address nothing has changed now i'm beyond mad just so you know.
5:32 pm
>> is this a non-smoking venue. >> i'll ask the attorney. >> about the hundred feet. >> the point is nothing changed and now we're at square one again, it is not pretty. >> the owner of the club they said to can go beyond their own; right? >> we're not requiring them to. >> that would be great if they sent us something inform e-mail we're willing to proposal beyond the hundred feet. >> i have a question as far as that goes i don't know the boundary line but from the exterior of that building is part of club goes in closer to that your hundred foot line will be extended towards stockton street yes on the entrance that door over one hundred feet but the building line. >> for the question for the
5:33 pm
city attorney i don't know i'm not a lawyer but - >> point of clarity it is less than one hundred feet about 50 feet. >> is it that's fine. >> i was trying to picture it in my head and so - >> keep going. >> the second one the noise issue that was previous atmosphere and this was an e-mail i sent off today, i recently received a series of noise complaint and i'm from the board of supervisors your neighbors have exclaimed about noise emitting from our club the noise issues are x baited by the smoking in the alley one of the neighbors said your music is too loud when those alley doors are open your 3 unit building is pounded with noise and on thursday i asked him to keep the
5:34 pm
doors closed and when the but the owner refused to speak with me and the security staff did nothing i want you to downloading do you believe your effort to remove the barriers and your neighbors have exclaimed of the noise the alley after the business is closed and please be in compliance with the northern california and lastly midnight shift sergeant had to respond to the area in front of our venue because of drunk people getting into fight i'll caution you as far as the owners to check the thinking intoxicated individual and keep the sidewalks clear. >> so a question so that side alley was not useful it is was the front in their not
5:35 pm
complaining then awning that's an issue and thought that would be less problems if they could put it the alleyway but it has caused problems we're quickly getting oversee complaints too it is not accounting we'll not - to core edge off it is not your property it is hard. >> commissioners any other questions all right. >> next item on the agenda hearing and possible action for existing permits under the jurisdiction of the entertainment commission. >> item number a paul and deanna
5:36 pm
doing business as the seller of 85 sutter street. >> commission we had this only a previous agenda we were requested by the police and the operators to push this in today so we're discussing this i want to be clear on since an incident it took place flo i don't know now, maybe late january i think this was it had serious consequences and end in someone's death the club has been closed it was more time during the weekend and was shut the two people who are listed on the agenda are no longer
5:37 pm
involved in the business the third partner the business owns the lease to business the longer lease his name a steve good idea man operated the venue before the two folks came into the picture and again, he is the lease holder he remains he has been working with us and the police department abc liaison unit as well as central station to sort of decide where to go from here he sent on e-mail last thursday to the office basically temporarily surrendering his entertainment permit for the location on
5:38 pm
sutter street indicating that to those two people are not involved the business and he would agree to because he didn't know now yet what he'll do with respect to the location we told you the central station but trying to come up with a business model and other partners or you know an entirely whatever scenario he agreed that before he want reactuate or give the treatment permit he'll come before the commission and present the new form and whomever is involved and the police department is in concert with that so i expect this will take a few months if not longer there maybe pending abc action not really sure i know that
5:39 pm
director or sergeant. >> lieutenant sorry he's out of town so if i want to follow up on that we'll have to wait until he gets back. >> bottom line with respect to the safety concerns and the police and the neighbors this location is out of operation and my extension that it will not come back into operation until it comes before this body. >> it sounded like a great plan we'll hear from folks - officer mathis. >> yes. we're doing this together in concert just for technical so the technical purposes of what is on the agenda together you know they'll be - i'll ask you to make a motion to have that motion and
5:40 pm
if you have my questions i'll ask that we've moved and passed the negative actions and the folks that operated are gone so we look forward and talk about what you might consider and maybe the officers will ask you to consider what partitioned may work better at that location. >> okay steve we've meet with the are entertainment staff as well as mr. good idea man and central station are our public safety concerns the license has been turned in and central station are satisfied with that and look forward to working with mr. good idea mman i'll ask is
5:41 pm
last places the seller didn't work i'm not going to rehash all the things that happened but look forward to working at the business plan and have it vetted by everyone on the commission. >> thank you. >> questions for officer mathis. >> they turned in their license what do they do to get it back. >> the abc separate from a different violations that apart it is the abc office and upon them going to the abc office it will be automatically restated not suspended. >> it's surrendered called a temporary surrendered up to don't know it used to be like thirty days i don't know how
5:42 pm
long it is now kind of put it on the shelf and wait until he's ready you have to operate at least one day a month i believe and if you can't if you're remodeling or a fire or something you have the option it is a piece of real property it is an option of surrounding that license for a period of time and then renew that surrender once or twice something like that. >> yeah. this license has been surrendered and the entertainment permit was turned if and the agreement with the entertainment commission and staff and mr. goodman was that there will be discussion with the commission as far as what kind of plans they were having brother it was reinstated and. >> he can't open the door and just be a bar he's closed unless he wants to open up as a sign
5:43 pm
shop or something. >> anybody else. >> i guess i have questions in terms of - what types of actions have the entertainment commission requested in the past in similar situations what are the types of can any conditions in a legal sense by what types of determine have you asked of people in these situations. >> i think this situation is just for a second this situation is not something we can ask for conditions on the permits have surrounded so this is going forward comes to us with a plan and .
5:44 pm
>> not if you typically this is what i'm describing is the best case scenario i think when we have you know problems that capacity to a point we don't take that we reconditioned this particular permit many times this is the back story so this just came to a head the worst way possibly something that was unfortunate and though the
5:45 pm
operators or one of the operators responsible of all of them decided to do what sounds like dramatic and substantial like you know a burden financing, of course, but to start over so normally you might have conversations around hours and security the regular kind of issues alu you're trying to permit it is in this case not necessary we'll might come back with a permanent application or not depends on what the direction you know the operator decides to go in in the meanwhile we feel very confident the neighborhood that nothing bad can happen nothing can. >> so the permit is not revoked it is not suspended it
5:46 pm
is surrendered he voluntarily surrendered it we haven't take action does make sense. >> any other questions thank you. >> you want to hear. >> i'd like to hear from the owner if he's here and get his feedback. >> okay. >> sure come on up i don't know what he'll tell you the officer said he hadn't got a plan it is just closed mr. goodman you're up. >> thank you after the incident that occurred i voluntarily the next week we opposed one night the abc came in and some issues next morning i voluntarily shut down and a few days later i surrounded the abc license
5:47 pm
and certainly want to run a business or have a partner that is cropping with the public authorities roadway i'm pursuing every option selling the business to a responsible party or partnering with someone reopenly it myself i intend on keeping it closed until i determine the best way to move forward i've had a 25 year lease on the space that is important to me that we bring in a business that will be there for quite sometime. >> so the other partners you had after all this was sorrowed severed the other partner is out. >> something a 25 year lease is a long time i'm confused.
5:48 pm
>> i didn't have gray hair when i started. >> i was going to say. >> do you have anything future in the relevant. >> i will hear from him and i am available if you want to meet. >> we got calls from the academy and stories your neighbors probably looking forward to something new. >> they are and i've working closely with the academy the past as well i'm a very good i have good relationships with the help and others clubs. >> so fine. >> any other questions thank you, mr. good idea machine a man. >> this is not an action item; is that correct. >> it is listed as an action item yeah. it say is an action
5:49 pm
item i think the action i would ask the commission is to make a motion i guess you know to accept the temporary surrender. >> can we taken a motion to accept the - >> this is hard to word make a motion to accept the surrender and give the mr. president, the permit holder as much time and necessary and when he's prepared with a new plan to come back to the commission for recultivation of this permit how so that sound yeah can something missouri. >> so moved. >> great so moved. >> second. >> there is a motion and a
5:50 pm
second any furthers discussion? public comment call the roll. >> commissioner frost commissioner lee commission thomas commissioner caminong commissioner joseph. >> thank you very much good luck to you moving on item number 6 hearing and possible action for applications for permit under the jurisdiction of this commission item a >> oh, where am i i have not done this in so long maggie unfortunately had to attend to family issues so i think i can handle it. >> back again. >> this is an application for extend hours for pizza located on 19th avenue way out there the synopsis is this is coming
5:51 pm
as compliance and as you may know a late night pizza particularly if 11:00 a.m. 6:00 a.m. daily and terryville station approved the permit for the conditions are met and the owner are here come on up. >> and i think we are represents from the police department as well. >> good evening, commissioners i'm stefan i've been privileged to introduce the owner of pizza on 19th avenue and in addition go james roads the security guy give you a little bit of background about a year ago mr. jabbinger on his own free will prayed for a conditional use permit for extended hours from
5:52 pm
2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. shortly i'll say february of this month we were able to get to the planning commission to unanimously support the usage from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. we were able to get into the community where we talked to the pops organization that is people on the park see overwhelm support and reached it out the outer sunset group that comprised of businesses and residents their overwhelm supportive and a good communication with the park side police department officer ma glove and accept the conditions we discussed one condition we'll designate staff security starting at one a.m. and
5:53 pm
continues to 20 minutes past closings we're asking you to approve your extended hours with the conditions from the pd. >> and we're open for questions. >> questions commissioners? >> yeah. one thing that caught my eye only 10 people 10 customers arriving by cars. >> yeah. it serves the neighborhood most people will do take out and come in and pick up a slice or two and some people stay but it is kind of a moving o bruce business he's been there for 14 years. >> i think that a lot of people during that time will be driving up and running in and getting their pizza and drive away. >> yeah. some people call in ahead of time it is ready when they arrive. >> if you.
5:54 pm
>> yes. he does. >> is only parking is on 19th avenue right. >> all the cars that come in. >> yeah. there is a school next door park side is gated no parking let's see in the space that schools runs from 7:30 to 6 at night the gates are shut down at night. >> plenty of room to park and not disturb the people. >> amazing it is accounting i live across the street. >> what time is he normally. >> he was opening past the hours of 2:00 a.m. without a permit for sometime we bought
5:55 pm
the place i we bought it and came forward i talked to him, i said look you have to get a permits it is a two-step lengthy process he didn't have an excuse why opening. >> he wants the permit to stand. >> yes. >> pizza for breakfast (laughter) any other questions. >> i just you have approval at planning could you get a final permit conditional use authorization in writing did you get that. >> there were no conditions there was no opposition it went to consent calendar and it was approved. >> great if inform questions up to date have a seat we'll bring up the terryvillthe terry
5:56 pm
>> officer dan taraval police station we don't have any laltd venues the taraval way out there i think in termite locations it is residential out there we don't have the density of those late night venues like most other police district do i have been working the clerk will take the roll with the owner hesitate receptive to our conditions there was the one condition regarding the staffing from midnight until we worked and came to a consensus to change it to one a.m. to 20 minutes avenue closing that addresses most of concerns. >> great, thank you anyone have questions for the officer
5:57 pm
great. thank you very much. >> okay i'm going to open to public comment on the continuous pizza. >> any comments seeing none, public comment is closed commissioners the matter is with us. >> motion? discussion. >> i make a motion we approve. >> do we have a second. >> second. >> there is a motion and a second any any further discussion? >> with a that have the clarification with the police conditions. >> i didn't with the police condition. >> okay on that motion and second same house, same call? >> sure. >> thank you. >> just one clarification the writing here it says midnight we will change to one; correct? >> ; correct.
5:58 pm
>> good luck to you item no. 7 commission questions or comments. >> anybody. >> the 90s was great. thank you very much. >> all right. new business new agenda items commission anybody? staff? >> okay meeting is adjourned thank you. >>
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
>>[gavel] because good afternoon everybody and welcome everyone to the board of supervisors meeting march 8, 2015. mdm. clerk, please call the roll >> supervisor diablos, present. breed, present. campos, present. cohen be present, farrell,