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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  March 12, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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therefore you know which directions you know a lot of people understand excise tax go therefore you know which directions you know a lot of people understaexcise tax goals therefore you know which directions you know a lot of people understaxcise tax goals therefore you know which directions you know a lot of people understacise tax goals therefore you know which directions you know a lot of people understaise tax goals therefore you know which directions you know a lot of people understase tax goals therefore you know which directions you know a lot of people understae tax goals therefore you know which directions you know a lot of people understa tax goals theree you know which directions you know a lot of people understata you know which directions you know a lot of people understaax you know which directions you know a lot of people understax you know which directions you know a lot of people understa gu know which directions you know a lot of people understagoals the know which directions you know a lot of people understand - there are a lot of issues with actual tools we get in our success for freedom on
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properties we have on and this discrimination is not going to be put up with because - and there are a lot of secrets and a lot of areas has not been you know put on this you know rediscovering of engine plus have our - and - >> thank you is there any additional public comment on that matter hearing none, public comment is closed. >> we can go into discussion my questions are there any issues you want to raise in terms of we have a record and pleasant attempts to reach out no compliance with the basic fundamental rules any issues or concerns around that you've noticed not gotten a came back back. >> yank from ti i don't know
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witness testified to those hearingsank i don't know from t witness testified to those hearinnk i don't know from the witness testified to those hearink i don't know from the witness testified to those hearin i don't know from the witness testified to those hearini don't know from the witness testified to those hearin hearings. >> okay. do you want to testify when you sent the notice? >> officer brown speak spotlights microphone. >> march 3. >> march 3 what was that. >> that was notice was sent. >> and it is march 9 and then presuming it was sent certified mail. >> i'm sorry no no. >> so my question to the city attorney is clearly not there is a compliance problem but given the revocation is the most severe notice is that enough to
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take action on that item? >> i would welcome commissioner mazzucco you're an expert around the rules. >> a couple of follow-up questions for officer brown you testified how long have you been trying to research the officer. >> since 2013 and humidities have you tried to reach officer andrew by mail. >> by mail. >> how many times are you reached out to him telling phonetically. >> he has a packager number so - >> and with reference to the rex regarding the special patrol officers they have a work a certain number of hours per
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month to be active and patrol specialize they have to have their own beat not a system to this is your primary note. >> what beat does officer andrew have. >> have you received any information from the officers whether or not officer andrew has worked his beats. >> he's for the working his beat there's an issue of other people working for him. >> anything further you like and school board commissioner dejesus has a question. >> and i'm not saying you have to d anyone trial try to do a personal service on the officer. >> back in 2010, i spoke with sergeant at the time he spoke to
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andrew and said he was in texas and was operating outside of his beat we haven't gone to specific where i sent the palace the new addresses was in sacramento. >> okay. >> anything additional. >> no, i'm comfortable. >> all right. sergeant do you want to call the vote on the motion to revoke special patrol commissioner president loftus i commissioner marshall commissioner, how do you vote? commissioner marshall i commissioner dejesus >> commissioner, how do you vote? i commissioner dejesus i commissioner mazzucco commissioner, how do you vote? commissioner marshall i
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commissioner wong commissioner, how do you vote? i commissioner melara commissioner, how do you vote? commissioner melara votes i say motion passes all right. anything further on that matter thank you, officer brown sergeant, next lint item. >> item 7 adjournment action item colleagues a motion to adjourn. >> so moved. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? we're adjourned thank you,
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thanks. >> i example the first thing to point out is the first word is camp tlargz to be bugs and dirt and so long as you can get past that part in place is pretty awesome. you're going to get to our cabin and why is it so small well most of your time is spent outside. programming was our first step we wanted to offer a program that is, you know, makes people happy and leaves them with memories. >> here and there. >> so more points. >> ready 1, 2, 3. i think a big part is it's
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coming from san francisco it is real estate a kind of vibe people relate to each other and everyone's living in the city and you can feel the breath of fetish air and the experience you get out here. i think it give us an opportunity to get away from technology you come out here and look at it here and not look at our iphones and you kind of lose users in the city and have a cup of coffee >> i'm corey a typical day increase no typical day. and just the first time being on the talent show and getting a
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huge applause and i never expected it is is r is a great experience i'm an executive chief here at kathy serve over one hundred meals a day for the camp mather folks. people love our meals and the idea they can pick up a meal and don't worry about shopping or doing dishes and enjoy and have a great time at camp mather >> grasping grab on. >> i like camp mather it is a lot of freedom and kids run around it's great. >> they have all the things i don't have to do the kids get to do what they want to do and we basically focus on them that's our only job. >> i like camp mather because i
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can ride my bike. >> i love camp mather. the children are up here playing around and riding their booiths bicycles that's a great place to see what the word is like outside of the city. the regular meeting of the board of education of the san francisco unified school district for tuesday, march 8, 2016, is now called to order roll call ms. fewer mr. reiskin o ms.
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mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton vice president walton ms. wynns mr. haney ms. chin mr. totiano thank you please me the pledge of allegiance please join me the pledge of allegiance. >> (laughter). mr. vice president i think you have awning announcement around the agenda >> at the commissioner president haney i'm wroou resolution encouraging the students to exercise in their
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voting rights and be brought back at the march 22 regular board meeting. >> i want to welcome the members of the public thank you for being here if i want to address the board please fill out a speaker card the hallway and submit the speaker card before the item is called in front of the board mr. superintendent. >> thank you, very much president haney and good evening to everybody that is here and listening the saturday the san francisco unified school district and our board commissioner led by sandra fewer and attended by emily murase and commissioner shamann walton were present at an event called partners as partners at jean
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parker elementary school in chinatown for the chinese speakers a breakfast to luncheon and many workshops over one and 50 parents attended and participated in the and what the child needs to get there and how to help the children deal with stress and anxiety they helped them though to have common core arithmetic's help and help the children about the children's rights and information about the new testing and how to prepare their child had an opportunity to talk about miss truths that are the chinese community around policies the board of education has adopted a truld amazing event for the patented i'd like to thank you all who participant and especially sandra fewer in helping us to organ this and
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chris teen from the office of family engagement, jim ryan and lizzie our assistant deputy superintendent and many of the principals that were there and presents also thanks to the student siding as well as the community youth center and the china town ymca and the department of health this is the first of many events we'll be hosting in the chinese speaking communicated and other communities around the city of san francisco this evening i'm proud to announce 16 standards from john o'connor school and management class will be xooeft the pro star cup the national snooflt is a highly focused on restaurant and culinary arts with 14 teams and design a restaurant and
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create a story board and present this with destroy professionals as destroy professionals and math teams do currently the is it the will be jisz by 26 chiefs wheel they prepare and meal for one hour with no electrical the o'connell is run by a business and they figure out the target market and learn how to keep the business the black that is on the objecting for the multi course meals that is 21st century looks like project based learning thank you to the chief daniel and the custodialy art teacher for the great work with our students and if all of us best of luck to the students and bring back the
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first place prize this school year as you may know will come to think end in a few short months didn't mean it stops mclaren saturday from pier 70 an 22 street the fair includes a rock climbing wall and tense and food trucks more 200 exhibiters will be on hand for every age group if told her to teenagers and studies show most states loss what they learn in math and parents say is it summer is the most challenging to find productive things for the children's or children to do let's get a jump start for the youths by attending this resource fair this saturday march 12 into 3:30 to 1:30 on 22 street
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at pier 70 and i'm happy to announce to promote the bookmaking the classroom sfusd students from 2014 k through 12 were to create their own books and bookmaking competition we're entitle 8 is better than one by corey and super powers by authors both from the john burton high school and help the homelessness by the first name elementary school fourth grades by the malcolm x kindergartener they'll be subdividing celebrated held at jewish museum on sunday from 3 to 5:00 p.m. a hearty graduations congratulations to the students you make us very, very proud and finally i'd like to give a huge shout out to our chief of
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technology melissa and her exceptional team yesterday's the san francisco unified school district went google that means we switched from the former approach to a regal platform you might not have noticed it went smoothly and never this big a transition didn't happen without loves planning execution and ma includes detail so congratulations to the chief of technology melissa and her criminal team mr. president. >> thank you mr. superintendent there are no recognized or resolution or accommodations tonight school districts mr. gibner and mr. totiano. >> thank you as for sfusd report we'll be having the retreat training camp out our goal for to weekend blackberry
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go ov go over your leadership without ward bound california we're excited about this opportunity to work as a team and build a strong student voice even though first time to camp together too as of the sfusd student engagement that will be the spread of the involvement the industry as for the encouraging students to exercise their voelt rights we're currently finalizing the language of in your own words with ms. fewer and commissioner norton and - >> thank you want. >> i also want to wish everyone a happy witness international day yep. >> (laughter). >> i have a lot of women in any family so
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but i'm very happy for them. >> as for the continuation on the - student advisory committee report the annual review synonym we've been working on in are last couple of makes march friday next week from exciting working groups mr. haney e mraepts a student working group and dr. murase is a masters net worker and we have one of our own co-chair as presenting his critical voice in, the working groups we're happening to help out at jane parker elementary school we presenter all the volunteers and special thank you
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to ms. fewer for providing the opportunity for the student voice our next meeting is wednesday i've mentioned 60 years of council and anyone is 80 invited and dinner is provided if you would like to attend the mixed presentation or like a copy from the upcoming agenda please contract mr. salvador. >> delegates seeing none, and one citizen's advisory committee reports can i invite you from the advisory committee. >> does look like they're here all right. so oh, they are oh,
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(laughter) >> good evening, commissioners and snunt i'm a parent of ask the the elementary school. >> good evening, commissioners superintendant carranza i'm georgia i cooperate the advisory committee to the board of education and the mission of the pack is to bring parent voices to the board of education to inform their discussions and decision making police radios this evening report is and just want update of the activities of development of the annual accountability plan. >> members of the esl have
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scheduling community conversations for with the community groups for the engagement caption to reach 200 focus groups with the conversation with will aim to help the approach to equality for public schools and connect the score card with the esl with the alignment of work, communication how previous the input has an impact and shaping the esl by the recommendations that were included. >> so one after concept we hope to be able to share the future is how the allocation of concentration grant fund vary
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from year to year we want to be able to share with stakeholders where we are prioritizing and allocating for the english language learners for those who quality for the reduced lunch and provided an overview of the programs that are increased or decreased and what new programs or activities are funded and also maybe who programs with being restored that were previously cut it is important information for parents to to make an informed decisions when making and providing input around their sit and level budgets for example, we've heard parents ask for reduced class sized and adding oath tier they're not feasible but in order for parents to understand the budget trade off what is changing from year to year in
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terms of the allocations and process we had an improvement with this year's el cap that was a narrative how some of those board programs are provided. >> what is fund but it is unclear how it is varying from year to year from last year's budget we hope to share as we go out we know this recommendation uphold the increased transcript and accountability and that was the recommendation we made last year the recommendation number 7 we are hoping that the board in district leaders will revisit that as we beginning the budget process and the annual control and other plan we included in our report all of the activities relating to the engage process some key things in mind right
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now, we're the process of including the community chfgz is he have others signed up for this week we will look at at the end of march and have the finding on april 14th in this room and on may 18th the district leaders at the young and team will be presenting the ems to the community members and then present our recommendations on may 24th. >> we also are actually recruiting new members for the new school year so, please spread the word on the website and with that it is friday april 18, 2016, thank you. >> thank you for your report
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any questions. >> commissioner fewer. >> at the budget committee meeting we asked for an impact report about the funds on certain initiatives that will be interesting to you what we've funded and just what has been the impact of this funding i think that will be really interesting information around the el cap. >> commissioner wynns. >> thank you for that report and as you know very interested in the el cap outreach process i have a question to ask which is not necessarily a question for you it is not what i want you to do but you're the interprets as well as the san francisco aging & adult services commission without mentioning any names a high profile person in our district made a public statement about not having any idea about
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how the ems process was going forward parents are not getting information which was kind of stunning to me so i'm interested in knowing what you might be able to tell us or the staff can get back to us about how parents are notified about the outreach process so whatever you might know i'm going to guess this person and any other parents only communicate with people at their own school so do you know how i think we - do you have any idea. >> there is information on the website we're trying to line up with the score card is related we're trying to approach it if a systemic so ever school sight is looking at their site right now
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there is you know schools that are not family what is happening it's been the outreach and that's why we're trying to approach is systemically it is available on the website and through the office of community engagement. >> i'm wondering if you or somebody knows we're providing materials as well as you know basically telling the principal to communicate about this process to the parents. >> anybody know. >> commissioner to my living we have not yielded sent out a bulletin through the schools but that is something we will certainly do so - >> i thank you i again, i wasn't expecting to do your far more expert than any of us but i'll talk to the
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deputy superintendent. >> some of those states have very recently been identified so for the community wide so those have not been set it is fairly new information. >> dr. murase thank you to the pack fro organizing those communications it is times intensive but you are reaching families that are tough to reach so really want to commend you for the work and encourage listening and viewing families to participate in that process and to come to the one of the community conversations and encourage folks to apply to the vacancies it is a great way for families to meet families from other schools with similar challenges really, really regarding to engage with the district and school board i
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recommend to the listening and viewing public. >> more questions or comments? thank you for your report i appreciate that. >> item f public comment on content items, there is none tonight. signed up the consent calendar can i have a motion and a second? on the consent calendar and so moved. >> second. >> any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendant. >> mr. steel we have corrections to one of 3 on page 15 consultant should be mark gonzales and not the institute of growth and on page 17 at the top of the page it is incorrectly marked as retroactive and finally resolution on page 121 is
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withdrawn. >> thank you, mr. steel any items removed for first reading by the board any items severed by discussion and vote roll call vote will take place under section oxygen superintendents proposals 3 proposals it's been moved and seconded they were forwarded to the rules and salesmen and labor changes forwarded without recommendation from the ad hoc labor committee so those were held over from the last meeting for action today, i'm going to take each one individually and call on the superintendent to read the resolution the first is one of 2 dash 19 plus accommodation i want a reading resolution. >> thank you president haney danielle hope to do the honors
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the requested objection a example to the board personnel accommodation to provide a supportive investment so far any employee to express help for the infant child on return to the with that, after the birth of the child. >> commissioner. >> my colleagues share the sentiment to make the school district the best place to work this is important for you're working mothers and beyond the policy we discussed in committee the need for the regulations to encourage and urge strong process for accommodating nursing mothers for example, having a dedicated refrigerator for express milk there are a lot of these ways to make the with
6:34 am
that, a better place and this is an important step i urge my colleagues to adopt this thank you. >> roll call vote. >> ms. chin mr. totiano ms. mendoza-mcdonnell. >> dr. murase mr. walton ms. wynns mr. haney 7 i's. >> next one (clapping.) is - board policy sexual harassment. >> i'd like to ask danielle hope to read into the record for the board to adopt the policy personnel sexual harassment to provide protection tennis sexual harassment and retaliationy and an investigation process.
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>> questions or comments from the board roll call vote. >> thank you ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney 7 i's. >> board policy 4 thousand personnel concepts for organizations mr. vice president mr. superintendent i'd like to call danielle hope to roared this, please. >> the questioned action for the board policy personnel concept rules and personnel policies as part of district to workshop and organize the policies for supportive and positive financing that is subsequence with the policy
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agreement with the labor and policies rules and regulations. >> questions or comments on the board roll call vote. >> thank you ms. chin piloting ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney 7 i's. >> the next item adoption of the board policy instruction high school graduation is it's been moved and seconded can i have a report from the curriculum and program committee scomplaupt. >> we had a fun filed program and curriculum committee meeting yesterday and move forward with a positive recommendation by gentle consent thank you vice president walton mr. superintendent read the
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resolution. >> thank you very much president haney i'd like to ask executive director stephen koffman to please come forward to read the resolution into the record please. >> good evening mr. superintendent and board members the requested action i'm steve the executive director of city college and curriculum instruction the requested action to approve the revised board policy high school graduations requiremen requirements. >> okay. he have one public
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school speaker signed up for this item kevin robison. >> welcome mr. robison you have 2 minutes. >> thank you folks i'm kind of fundamentally the graduation requirements for high school i want to backtrack i was talking to the district i'm a teacher in special assignment i work 2014 k through 12 and look at it different schools i work with different grade levels i'm concerned about the fact it looks like we don't have a program in place to i guess hold kids back who don't meet the requirements that move to the next level; is that correct. >> this is your time to talk. >> if that's the case i'm
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wondering why not i see kids in 6 and 7 and 8 grade with a 4 grade level as far as math about 4 to fifth grade as well. >> my question is there a policy where we are not loudly to hold children back that are in elementary school or middle school if there's not maybe we should. >> if they're not ready. >> so do we have your contact information let's make sure we have someone to reach out to you for that question. >> okay. thank you mr. robison. >> comments from the board or superintendent. >> roll call vote. >> thank you
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ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell abruptly ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney 7 i's. >> all right. thank you board members proposal we have one and one that was withdrawn in support of staff training curriculum and services to meet the needs of san francisco unified school district with incarcerated are parents authored by scomplault this was there is a motion and a second on january 12, 2016, can i have a report first from the budget committee ms. norton >> yes. heard that on march 2 little button impacts with $5,000 dollars plus with a recommendation. >> and commissioner vice president walton. >> thank you president haney
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in curriculum and services to meet the needs of sfusd students with incarcerated patterns whereas 2 thought 7 million children have their parents in jail and over 7 million children under a correctly supervision and since 1991 the portion with at least one incarcerated parents has increased by 80 percent and whereas according to the all in favor, signify by i dcyf needs ascertainment 2 thousand youth plus were tempted estimated to have a parent that spent time in county jail or prison it this didn't include youth or children that didn't include the transitional youth and whereas one out of 9 african-american children has one in comparison to one in 46
6:42 am
white children and according to the center for dcyf the research the parental incarcerations is one of childhood experience that has a approved effect on the brain and body with lasting impacts on a child's health and whereas a number of studies suggest the effects of partially arrest and incarceration on a child development are profound children suffer from achth or anxiety and sadness and low esteem with the declining truancy aggression and depression and difficulty in sleeping and a or concentration problems and yars starting from the time the child parents is into custody their traumatized
6:43 am
by the parents arrest or from reuniting with them and whereas children with incarcerate parents effects challenges and very few services are specifically designed to have this widespread experience with changing schools often and lack of stability and consistency and whereas the maintenance of family ties during incarceration is one possible means of less i mentioned the impacts of children month want to have relationship with their children including education and whereas the children with incarcerated parents have challenges with relationship due to a lack of communication from phone calls or letters and visits and whereas in 2003 the san
6:44 am
francisco children of counterparts parents papering promised the krarntd parents includes amongst others a right not to be justice or blamed by the way, of the parents incarceration or struggling with the parents incarceration a right to a lifelong relationship with the parents and whereas project one a youth program for teens with incarcerated parents completed a survey of over one hundred youth whereas what kind of support during the parents categorization 25 percent said someone to talk to at school 24 percent said peer support group and 33 percent therapy or across town and whereas children with incarcerated parents oftentimes city government placed and isolated it is a lack of understanding and sensitivity for the experiences and the
6:45 am
needs of our children with incarcerated parents by school staff and peers whereas social workers on a unique position to provide the support for incarcerated parents and only sfusd school balances programs the 15, 16 is the academy of arts and academy high school in it's second year and whereas children with incarcerated parented have strength and should be strengthened and talk about the proposals policies and program and whereas in 14, 1 for the first year all chounldz i councils have trained by the goals of training were for staff to obtain an increased understanding how many children are impacted and the challenges in life strategy and policy recommendations and written resources to their with the
6:46 am
students and whereas there have curriculum at all grade levels to help with children with parents that are krarntd of a london and whereas popper culture like empire and other tv shows help children to keep and whereas sesame street has challenges that includes this media and vital materials and targeting the caregivers and a range of other professionals to interact and thrombus that the board of education requests the superintendant of city hall's schools will provide wellness staff and officers and other school staff on the needs and experiences with students with incarcerated parents should speak to their experiences and
6:47 am
therefore, be it resolved stanford university will provide provide school wide training and be it therefore resolved sfusd will consolidate and integrate the curriculum for materials to impact see categorizations to the grade levels and make some curriculum available to schools and school libraries those should be that work directly with children of coronary artery and have educational information about how to support children with incarcerated parents and be it therefore resolved sfusd will pursue specific programs with krarntd and further be it resolved, sfusd will research best practices for counsels and teachers and staff to have communication with the incarcerated children that may include written materials the best interest and appreciable by law and tlobdz a they've
6:48 am
identify a staff liaison for be cooperation with one family parents in san francisco county jail and ford sfusd will add questions about incarceration and parental incarceration including the risk survey that helps sfusd understand the experiences and needs of children with krarntd parents and the data will remain confidential and anonymous we have public comment i'll call a number of names you'll each have two minutes. (calling names)
6:49 am
>> i'm call the next set after that. >> hello good afternoon, commissioners my name is cecil i'm 20 years old here with project put and commissioners representing district 10 my stepfather was incarcerated in high school i joined project y to advocate and raise awareness of parents incarceration effects the daily life i'm a balboa park high school graduate none came up to me when of failing a couple of courses the only way to open up to my teachers in my senior year and i really wish i would have this support when my parents incarcerated was
6:50 am
happening ever since he was locked up i wish i could have had that support from the teachers and the resolution is very important to me because i feel it is critical for the solutions b will not only talk about the incarceration but effects the lives of many people and generally will help the youth urban recognized and 18 thousand plus youth in san francisco have a parent that guess locked up a huge number and hope that the board of education will pass this resolution to continue it to grow thank you. >> (clapping.) >> hello my name is a montana i go to california visual
6:51 am
academy and the college of san francisco i've been the project since june my dad was incarcerated for 5 years i have those not been able to see him he is here now he's one of my best friends i joined project hope to make a difference after my dad was sent away i gave up in school and preoccupied with any problems and focused on keeping the grades any attitude changed i stopped talking to any friends and teachers any teachers saw they grades and attitude but didn't ask when was going on with me one day i told any teacher and notified the principal and ever since then, the principal keep on and on me was waiting for me to make a
6:52 am
mistake for example, i was going around school with girls with dress code she'd pull me out of the bunch and look for mistakes i heated to the baseball show i had the right not to be labeled because of anything like that parents incarceration if teaches and staff at the mite my high school had training with children with incarcerated parents i would have loved any teachers support i'm here representing san francisco children of incarcerated parents please vote in support of this resolution thank you for your time (clapping.) >> hi my name is dan martinis he go to high school been a part of this project since june 2011 my dad was locked up for 10
6:53 am
years in arizona i got in touch with him and one visit being a child of incarcerated partners made school difficult teachers didn't said what i was going through and none asked me if something was wrong and then when teachers teachers found out about any dad they would tell me i would be just like him the only time i got support what i joined p y i found support and have a ally it don't just me and ask me how i'm doing and care about that he young children of incarcerated parents desire this and sfusd needs more programs
6:54 am
like this one thank you for your time and please vote in support of this resolution (clapping.) >> good evening board hi (laughter) i was here last night and boy did i love that i'm a senior in technology high school and 17 year-old the part of resolution that excited me and sticks out the fourth clause where states help teachers to have more development and encouraging them to be trained how how to deal with children of incarcerated parents here's why it was hard groping and facing this i was tied to as likely to enter the criminal justice system and the designing years what stuck out my third grade teachers held me
6:55 am
accountable and told me that i would have a jail cell waiting for me, i was sxhant told my behavior didn't change i felt i was held to the stigma of one day being like my parents and that my father was not the best here's why i'm here emphasizing the resolution to further break the stigma and besides receiving pink slips i began to grow and help others around me like fighting against incarceration it makes a distance in my communities and the sfusd i'm a catalyst produced out of this system to me e telling the system it is infected you hope you pass this resolution to
6:56 am
benefit the youth that will have had the opportunity replace you thank you (clapping (clapping.) hi, i'm 16 years old and been a prong since 2014 so my father was incarcerated when i was 4 i'm 16 year now it is 15 years i didn't see him ever since i joined this project to find out who was was and the assistants life as a child of an incarcerated parents has affected any education i was not able to focus and he was not taught so to this day struggling with the english classes and not having the problem o proper education i wish i had because any mom wanted to keep on moving
6:57 am
because of my dad's location so i only experienced negative experiences due to the necrproblems and confusion as a child in particular i'm focusing on resolution number one to focus on a more broad education because of this i feel it was passed i'll have in any history a class not be a criminal and just as educated as him i'm here and urge you to vote in support of this resolution thank you and good evening. >> (clapping.) >> hi my name is dea angle not a youth but i'm 34 years old a marriage and therapist and we're
6:58 am
not learning about the population i'm speaking on behalf of mr. gaza and reading for her, she says i'm 17 and attend jean going forward done school my parents is a currently incarcerated in county jail and has been incarcerated singles november i joined project what i felt i had inform space to talk about my parents incarcerated there was no space at home and no space at home to talk about the issues that came out of having a parent incarcerated my education has been severely impacted by my parents incarcerated as a senior i have to attend all the field trips i have no parents to sign the permission slips i make excuses and as a result i get a huge
6:59 am
drop my grade and further be it resolved, sfusd will distribute it informational and educational resources to teachers, councils and staff about how to support children with incarcerated parents if this resolution was passed no child will feel the need to hide having a parent incarcerated and the teachers will have the support to deal with the parents krarld i'm here to represent the parents incarceration i urge you to vote thank you for your time. >> (clapping.) >> hi, good evening. i'm introducing you to the following gentleman detries he will give you prospective inside of the heart of a child of an incarcerated parents he is going
7:00 am
to read the letter and i ask you hear the full letter i don't know if this is okay. but i'll invite him up to speak go ahead. >> hi my name is demetrius i'm 16 a junior to the private school it says dear son i know your communication skills are bad you don't like visit me i won't either but to clear up and tell you some things you're at the age you should know i'm sorry, i was not there for you when you were young and never wanted to leave you when you were starting school i didn't teach you the fundamentals of basketball and sports so to continue - i knew you were going to be something
7:01 am
special in life i was your inspiration to be greatest i tried to push you into basketball and people could see you - >> so i never intend to mess up or make a bad decision if i did i hope i'm not 6 feet deep we want to meet our kids and didn't mean for you to grew up with 0 single mom or live in the projects i never meant excuse me. i never meant for you to grow up with two jobs to keep you and food on the table and know you
7:02 am
wanted to excel i took you to the give him our mom seeing us but more important dangerous people where are getting shot the only time i get no time to teach him so you'll remind this and thank me i plead the look forward and never wanted to you to - i wanted to show you how to drive and car and but other people think about you i wanted to be the one to get out of our problems and not be the person but it is clear in my only the responsibility as you as a dad i'm sorry about the responsibility i may not have been ready for but i think i messed up you were the last boy and i had to do something
7:03 am
positive so 41 don't run in my footprints i believe we need to do something and not make the same navigates i and your brother accident i hope you never forget and remember our bragging rights and not grew up and hate me because i love i'm so sorry i'm not there i wish you would respond to any letters i haven't seen you in 13 years i miss you, we haven't talked on the phone in years it is partially my fault i want to take to you to make it right. >> thank you (clapping.) >> i want to call the rest of
7:04 am
the speakers (calling names) i also have jam i didn't hear. >> good evening, everybody i'm jamie staff and happy to be here just like my coworker i have a letter to read so tonight, i'm richie i'm 16 and attend gordon with project web my dating dad was incarcerated in jail for 6 months when my dad came home he heard about project what and i applied and got in i wanted to see because i don't throw myself into programs like this my dad what in jail from the beginning
7:05 am
of my junior year he disposing goes introduce cool to uncool i think about it a lot and with the staff i'd talk with them and told to speak to a therapist or sign up without being told i hate talking to random people about my problems i'd hold in everything that distracts me from my work at school this resolution for sfusd is important because it will train all school stiff staff from children with incarcerated parents and provide deeper supported school wide this could have made a change because staff would hear me out and understand why sometimes school a hard and important for me to be heard i'm here representing san francisco children of incarcerated parents
7:06 am
he urge you to vote in support 37 resolution thank you for your time and thank you for listening. >> (clapping.) >> hi, i'm back so my name is zooey the project manager and an alumni of sfusd that had a mother incarcerated while i was going to the full system it means a lot to hear about the resolution i will read on behalf of alicia this is her testimony i'm alicia i'm 16 and i attend the academy on treasure island and i'm part of project what both of those parents were incarcerated any fathers incarceration detrimentally impacted our relationship my mom is currently in san francisco county jail over 5 years awaiting trial my father's relationship was rough my district attorney dad is out for
7:07 am
6 years we still don't have a good relationship my mom heard it was a good place and help to get the word out about incarcerated parents having any mom in jail effected any education but my mom was also on me and may have hotivated when to jail i got into fights and argued with the teachers and principals in middle school i never went but in high school i needed to go he did my mom was incarcerated i have days i don't want to go about it is for this resolution pass i have teachers that support my relationship with any mom i'm here representing the lifetime academy i want to add to the testimony working closely with the one contract family visiting
7:08 am
program her mom shared a letter from the mothers in san francisco county jail and they could us they wanted to be mentioned and their gratitude so thank you. >> (clapping.) >> hi, i'm valerie i'm 15 years old i go to lionel academy been a participant in this project my dad was incarcerated he was sentenced to 26 years it's been 3 years since i've seen my dad, i joined project what i needed to have a supports and wanted to support people we know what their going through as me being a child of an incarcerated parents the fact my dad was not there impacted me i
7:09 am
couldn't focus on my school work i was thinking about the problems and none to talk to a lot of people thought i could have talked to a therapist are council but people don't thinks i needed my dad to talk to my dad doesn't have many contact i had no positive experience of a child with the educational system one the negative experiences every time one of my teachers talked about the criminal justice system students said whatever they wanted of it was rude and teachers didn't make sure if anyone was uncomfortable about the issues they were tarnishing i felt ufsh comfortable and had to leave the classrooms multiple times that brought down any grades when
7:10 am
talking about the criminal justice system so this entire resolution is important to me because it means that my experience as a child of incarcerated parents will in particular for the district to understand and prioritize supporting the youth with relationships with the incarcerated parents or parents if this resolution is passed i mean, i'll feel more sponsored the fact my dad is in jail and focus on my work knowing that someone in any school will help me i'm here representing san francisco's incarcerated parents and urge you to vote in support 37 resolution thank you for your time. >> (clapping.) >> good evening, commissioners i'm adele the member of the strooekz and the director of youth commission to support
7:11 am
those advocates here really bringing clear demands for redress of the effects and the roll that our public system can have in addressing the effects of the last several decades of the incarceration i wanted to thank them this is a intergenerational issue even a growing committees around the way to deincarceration we had decades to address the harms and the way he harm families and communities this is been a big priority of the go youth commission of project what assuring the family unit in our county jail and you commissioners are supportive of this resolution we want to thank commissioner vice president walton and commissioner president haney for sponsoring this and the entire board and
7:12 am
urge our support this is the kind of initiative and forward thinking that will take to really get out of the mess that's been created the last thirty to 40 years with the responded of incarceration and the impacts think families 19 thank you to the board and the youth leaders i'm inspired and humbled by them thanks. >> (clapping.) >> good evening board members i'm noah and i'm a policy in fact, with the san francisco human right commission for the most part i hopel take the compelling testimony from the amazing individuals that have presented before me and the consideration when voting on that resolution he wanted to add that the hr c is the enforcement agency for the
7:13 am
city that enforces the now and then discriminations ordinances of the city and we have worked on issues facing people with arresting records for many years although we don't have support from the commission on that particular resolution h.r. staff want to appreciate the language the resolution and welcome the opportunities to offer guidance and support going forward including knowledge we have dwand from previous initiatives working on issues such as the human rights the war on drugs outreach and advocacy from the fire chance ordinance for that the increasing the protection giving access to employment and affordable housing and other initiatives to thank you for
7:14 am
that. >> (clapping.) >> good evening i'm going to bring this down a little bit again supreme court and commissioners i'm monique i work for the san francisco human rights resolution mentioned sfusd will explore and pursue the programming and services for children with incarcerated parents last summer we hosted the interims through the initiative and the cf i learned about the criminal justice issues the fair chance and the 1964 voting rights and more as a result, the youth are ambassadors with the family that said we offer the guidance and support thank you . >> (clapping.) >> peter alexander. >> good evening peter's
7:15 am
alexander among other things i'm a gardener and writer social corruption safer and seek two has the right to engage i feel an energy in this room feels like the working of a upcoming miracle and the most beautiful things we'll see the power and embracing the promise lands prophesy the martin luther king made a statement if one anyone is wrong for incarceration so are we all and the proofcy i've shared for 219 years as the world is walking through the tiers involves a simmer little 40 day shut down of the system by the warriors that arise as a mighty piston those warriors that are
7:16 am
willing to do without violations to especially up the first door and after this door we're the promised lands seen by martin luther king and the man behind the first door is a brother named leonard who's now in prison for 40 years and he's dying he's spiritually schedule in the first man to walk into the promised lands in accordance with the proofcy robert redford did a documentary called the incidents and anybody that knows the case knows he's innocent so too is not affidavit that get off death row for the 1981 crime and doctor jeffrey mcdonald so
7:17 am
we are an incarceration nation perhaps time for the youths to elevate. >> please wrap up. >> well, i'm wrap up by saying that is about power and love and the students will be supported if beyond and above you hear it i say it so be it. >> (clapping.) >> now open up for comments and questions from the board. >> commissioner vice president walton. >> first of all, i definitely want to thank all the students for coming out and share our personable stories i think that it is not easy so thank you for taking the time and advocate for yourselves and families but being strong and brave enough to side that we never know what our students are going through and this resolution is really about continuity and making sure we take responsibility for the
7:18 am
students that need us the most for the students that deal with some of the most severe issues that most of us may not experience 2, 3, 4 life i'm proud to say that we actually had opportunity to work with some of the students you've heard speak tonight and students that have parents that are krartsdz on this resolution because we really wanted to make sure their voice were happier are had he e.r. heard we came up with solutions and responses i'm not take a lot of time but take the time to thank project what can the youth commission and hrc and san francisco children of incarcerated parents, dcyf and most of all our students for coming here and excited about the fact that when students walk into the schools we'll video a
7:19 am
better consciousness of what they're experiencing what they're going through and taking into consideration as we deal with them introduce the education system thank you all the students and thank sxhaept for taking the lead on putting this together it is very important and it will assist a lot of the students but argue administrators and school climate so thank you. >> commissioner wynns . >> (clapping.) >> >> thank you. i want to especially thank even e everything especially the students and tell you it is the things you said were so important so meaningful to us i'm sure all of us to me it is as commissioner vice president walton said it is difficult to know as much as we would like to know what is like to be a student and so those -
7:20 am
this kind of testimony is helps us actually beyond the idea of supporting what is before us which certainly i do and i'd like to ask that the authors to include all board members names but to particularly to say again how meaningful and tough that is how much respect i have for all of you who spoke today, i'm interested in whatever to do to meet the needs of students that may come after them so what you've done is important thank you. >> ms. fewer. >> yes. thank you to all the speakers i've known several is it so who's patterns were incarcerated and they've been in the system this resolution is over due i wish the board passed
7:21 am
something like that maybe 15 years ago when i think back now about the experiences of some of the people i knew their parents were incarcerated this can have been a good help thank you for coming up and advocates thank you for that concludes my report the youth. >> thank you. i want to thank the young people for coming out and sharing our stories with us for someone that has works on the case for many years and spent time with the children and understanding the dynamics that gone between children and parents of incarcerated youth the one thing that really struck me tonight we don't think about that for our own students and that when you're engaged in advocacy outside of your own
7:22 am
work you tend not to think about it when it comes closer to home i think a lot of what you shared tonight resonated in terms of how we need to not only as the adults in the classroom but the adults outside of the classroom and how we understand and recognize the challenges you are experiencing and going through that it is also really important for us to be able to have and really good understanding the training that occurs i mean it doesn't hit me to ask if you know if you're parents is incarcerated or if you're challenged because of you know this issue or that issue and i think we all needs to find ways to reach out appropriately and
7:23 am
to truly understand and right-hand turn the champions that you're faced with many of which we have a responsibility to support so i really appreciate having you come out and share really heartfelt stories i know are difficult to say out loud so i wanted to thank you for being willing to share and i just wanted to thank my colleagues for bringing this forward those are the kinds of conversations we as a district have been proud and bold on and those are not conversations are standard conversations in go school districts and they need to be because you are our students and we need to be able to support you and protect you and to understand what you're going through and so for that i'm really grateful thanks.
7:24 am
>> dr. murase. >> thank you to the colleagues for bringing this on or about forward and thank all the folks that came up to the microphone it takes courage to do so but i think it is amazing wharf impacts you can have by coming up to the microphone several of us reluctance toured the county jail in to see the conditions monthly to visit the 5 k charter school but you'll encourage the young people to advocate for these issues for that are ways to communicate with incarcerated parents and i would like to ask our commissioner secretary that i will be supporting this resolution if we could send a copy to our sheriff our new she have and probation chief to make sure they understand that we want to be meeting the needs of
7:25 am
children of incarcerated parents. >> delegate mr. totiano. >> i would, of course, like to thank all the students your powerful as a student being here it is not easy to speak on the podium this is not an easy topic to talk about thank you to project what as to you commissioner and the board of education for bringing this forward i this is topic that students don't realize it is something that is brought up but not sensitive i mean it the sensitive about there has been are many cases i know where i have many friends will have an incarcerated parents as well as a family of my own my own uncle i didn't get to meet - this district has a
7:26 am
responsibility over you all as well as the whole world ever adult does to sf students i'm sorry you guys were very brave for speaking this school is not just a place for educated i'd like to mention we should feel comfortable as students and being educated and just having a comfort ability in school is very important as this is nerve rocking to talk about. >> yes. i'd like tee echo that you know all those words have been said and i can't exactly find the right words to commend for all the supporters and the
7:27 am
board of education and all the speakers especially the youths i also have a similar story any partner mr. totiano i have an uncle i've never met he is incarcerated and he ended up committing suicide i'm or i've never met him before i don't exactly have the right words i know there is some - i feel bad because you know there are other issues that are similar to those kind of issues that is curiosity laid out right now in those this resolution we want to say what i actually try to do is you know like a similar issue i often noticed you know how in schools many students who may even have krartsdz parents or a family members i know at my school
7:28 am
especially at my tables our stakes are random in his i tried to reach out to those not to say introverted but bashful and shy i don't mean to treat them as my beginning i didn't pigs to get into their minds i feel bad i don't like to see or witness others to be - ousted from the community every single individual has many priorities you can't say reach out to every single individual but that is what i try to do and don't have the right words to think sorry i don't have the right words but grateful even when i see someone
7:29 am
witnesses an adversity so thank you for this resolution as well as pulling this forward . >> (clapping.) >> well, thank you to everyone that came out and spoke and the superintendent carranza's for sharing your stories and courage there was many students that spoke out and leading up to the creation of that resolution thank you project what and the youths commission especially, when we started the confusion about what we can do what school districts can do to support the children with this experience we needed all the folks that experienced if first hand so most of the thickness the resolution came griblg drainage from children and directly from
7:30 am
teachers and social workers this is about young people and their experiences in their schools and telling me we see them we want to understand them and support them that we believe in them and that the things they glow that are the hardest things we as a school district want to stand alongside and be if in solidarity and fight with them with with unimaginable experience that so many young people will understand or imagine having exercised my uncle was incarcerated growing up and many of us is the magnificent incarceration has touched everyone in some way in deep what is your especially children and many, many thousands of children here in our city so if there's any place he want you to feel understood
7:31 am
you have people that have our back and people that time to understand you and fight with you, we hope that is our schools in san francisco and you know the thing that i think is going to happen hopefully, we'll be able to make some 0 positive changes it address some of the things you've brought up tonight but the reversions of this conversation what incarceration does to children will be much further than that and see a reversal of what caused this putting 235r too many people parents in jail we're the first district that i know have to do that have a specific policy addressing students with incarcerated parents i want to appreciate the staff thomas that is head of the people's services
7:32 am
has done a tremendous amount of work and he really was a huge part of making this possible that is a process but as commissioner vice president walton said about tent outlet and recognizing we have a responsibility to you all and doing our work to address whatever we can do in our schools and need to do it with the support of all of you the human rights commission thank you for being here hopefully, this this is the beginning of the clove process and usf so we'll do this together and do this with the voices and the experience our young people as we work tonight so thank you, again, for big deal here. >> (clapping.) >> we'll add everyone's names and co-sponsors.
7:33 am
>> ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns mr. haney 7 i's. >> so we have an item that was withdrawn from the agenda courageously the students one speaker signed up i'll let speak peter's alexander. >> thank you, very much. i want to you hope the students will listen about voting and
7:34 am
that is, i can share with you that franklin delano roosevelt stated this is true that wants are not elected their preselected and that the only rules vote we possess a financial vote through a strike and when i think of voting i think of someone we voted in around here not two long ago sxhartd leeland yee because he made an issue of transparent three years ago which certain people in office couldn't afford and he passed the billy authored a bill that people that california care can have chiropractic and those certain people that can't afford the transparency had something that costs them millions and millions
7:35 am
why he was set up and sent to prison the corrupt oversees that work for the one percent completely control the system they treat california like rhode island and yet we're the most powerful state in the world yet all the money this takes on the entire nation they take 72 percent of their haul from california are we nuts? >> this needs to change we were not placed on the planet to be slaves to barns and attorneys in the constitution of the united states the law of the land 95 percent of attorneys wounded have a job and in d.c. no. much thing as republicans or democrats when it comes to
7:36 am
voting their by and large bar lawyers and services first and foremost the pope by law and the pope is not my law thank you, thank you mr. alexander we're at item j public comment on general matters and as i call our name everybody please line up here you'll have 2 minutes each thank you (calling names) (laughter). >> this is my last speak. >> he's popular (calling names). >> that's last times i'm sorry. i'm thinking the presidency
7:37 am
(calling names). >> okay. >> so here we go jimmy heinrich purple haze teachers calling for a raise as the false money system the fred's don't laugh well over one and 50 millions along with lincoln and jfk murdered and dead the santa ross gave an assignment to the students so they might see regarding the banker corrupt government that made it clear that in respect to the government we better feel fear now then came cause to be nervous he was visited by the secret service and yet soon after none of that was dloshsz
7:38 am
at his eulogy the system supports the one percent and our local teller it is correct billy clinging is the rocker fell and as preachers preach reverend pinckney being angle expectation walking at all pubically challenges the state get 10 years in prison yes absolutely teachers will be fired and arrested for encouraging each other a far safer for the service degree and actually funny to be asking for money maintaining the system as fools to access it embrace the revise the veterans and seniors they're ready to strike now get on board as our hearts living lord remember that super duper
7:39 am
schools out class dismissed warriors don't ask they task and students will lead to lead because the teachers will follow by the way, what it comes to current they're a little bit hallow i'm here speaking power and truth of all frae fear this is a true proof tendency that martin luther king saw the promised lands and indeed be what we find at the at the end of this 40 day walk far more than a talk it's about power thank you for blessing me with some of our times the 40 day - >> thank you thank you, sir. >> so we'll have- (calling names). >> oh, this is not -
7:40 am
(calling names). >> sues i didn't seal gal thank you for your patiencr patience >> good evening superintendant carranza and happy international working women's day 63 percent are paraprofessionals and teachers with women in the san francisco unified school district i'm here tonight to introduce you to several of our educators that will speak about the
7:41 am
affordability crisis and had you to say impacting the consultant for them to do their jobs and remain from the school district the cost of housing is truly overwhelm the teachers paraprofessionals and other school workers and in sfusd you can see this as a high turnover of the parents if the ability to fill a permanent par pet position if their it is about say described as crisis by many of you and by the upper level administrators the district while the state budget is recovery and the skraekt will get to get revenues the coming year recalling you the leadership the school district to set aside not recurs for wages to reopen in the fall by
7:42 am
doing so you'll sends an important message to the educators throughout the district you'll respect and value their work and do that you'll want them to stay in sfusd otherwise i'm afraid many more dedicated teachers and paraprofessionals will make the painful decision to leave and the growing crisis will continue to destabilize our schools and impact you are students thank you for your time (calling names) good evening commissioners and superintendant carranza and parapet we wanted to reflect a little bit on the national women's history month theme every year a different theme and this year they're honoring women that shaped the future to public
7:43 am
service, government and leadership although often overlooked and undervalued they have dramatically emphasized our public policy and the valuable institutions and organizations we honor women like sister mary ma depend on a public health leader and minnesota commissioner of health and daisy a civil rights organizer and journalist and leader of the little rock school integration and sonya within the founder of the nationality organization of women and the first woman attorney the general council at the eeoc and isabel gonzales was a champion of that concludes my report religions for the serial number and ella the first
7:44 am
governor of connecticut of any i's state elected in her own right and karen a civil rights lawyer a lobbyist and leader that dedicated her career to irks in asian-american quality and each of those public leaders succeeded against great odds and women face many odds they at the they demonstrates the opportunities that women in public service face many of our teachers are public servants especially our women let's reflect on that tonight. >> (clapping.) >> good evening board commissioners and superintendent carranza my name is pearl a 10 year kindergartener teacher at
7:45 am
chaeflz i'm lucky to be there with passionate teachers with serving our students at the population but we have parents and families that we work with who they want the best for the students to achieve contemplating chavez has ups and downs and transitioned from administrators to teachers to curriculum to standards to testing to staff turnovers and built the community among other things our staff and seen huge breaks but we're threatened by the affordable housing crisis the next year a hoivenl of teachers will be leaving and breaking up the hard work i'm one of the
7:46 am
teachers i'm lucky to be in a rent-controlled apartment but after seven years my partner and i want to start our own families and looking we cannot finds anywhere to afford even a tiny bedroom is not p to be found but we can't be in san francisco we'll move to portland the summer where the salaries are similarish so cost of living is better i'm here to ask you in support of paraprofessionals and it will be sad to see that fall apart and start over whatever happens will not effect me but the teachers and the families that i really, really love so thank you for your time . >> (clapping.) >> good evening board and
7:47 am
commissions and superintendant carranza i'm rebecca a kindergartener teacher as chavez elementary school pelosi pearl is my partner teacher and i am incredibly sad to lose her and the collaboration we've built together i'm deeply committed to the chavez communities and to my students they're like my own children i work extremely hard with other educators to provide the by itself so they can succeed and i feel very lucky to work in a school where many my clam in one day have students that speak english and arabic and tagalog and american languages and
7:48 am
chinese and to bring all those students together and build such a strong communities we've worked hard to do to see it fall apart because of the housing crisis is frightening i was priced act out of san francisco in the middle of the school year the only place i found out to live was a dining room in oakland so i'm currently living in a dining room in oakland and commuting to the city this makes it extremely hard to mooeks presents many of my students are homeless or living in one bedroom and because of this hicks we are doing to larger due to the housing crisis is where he e we'll have a position open at
7:49 am
every level i concerned about the hard work and not sure how much longer i maintain this lifestyle i'm constantly achieved and want to have the best for any students we'll precious any support you can provide thank you. >> i'm the chair of the education of san francisco i i am an inclusionary teacher and he represent and i'm one of the 6 hundred plus early educators in the district that are predominantly female
7:50 am
minority women and who are the lowest paid unit educators of san francisco employees the districts i've been on the ballroom team since 1999 every team two years or so as we prepare and begin to bargain. the next contract i have the displeasure of trying to pertain to any children why i'm not the classroom and explain to my parents and colleagues i'm outside of the classroom advocating for them on a 2014 as we finally liza year of negotiating page 26 states the salary schedules to be adjusted to reflect an additional one .5
7:51 am
percent increase that didn't happen even though for me that one .5 percent equals on this dollars a day the significant thing is the principle a contract is a binding legal agreement and me and my colleagues don't understand why on january 1st we were disallowed our salary increase and given to us on january 21st if, in fact, we continue to bargain and dismantle the krerlt
7:52 am
of the district this can't happen thank you >> good evening, commissioners and superintendent i've been would ever the superintendent carranza nurses for 20 years i'm here to talk about indignity means doing the right thing in a reliable planner we admire this a moral compass doesn't move with the wind and integrity means homeless of character just as a number without frooshgz speaking of numbers the relation to integrity i'm sad to report i can't apply to integrity when describing this district our labor residents signed a contract state law stating my payroll raise with the cyber educators of the bargaining unit will go into effect of
7:53 am
january 1st of this year instead of doing the right thing the district unilaterally that will not receive our raise despite the negotiating and arrest one what the money is negotiable i as a single parents of a college student and someone that is evicted from their apartment cannot support that argument i watch the city rents rise every dollar counts every day and district applies to fairness your neither i urge you to direct the payroll department to give us the raise this was to be in effect on january one do the right thing let the word integrity enter the vocabulary when used when
7:54 am
discussing the san francisco unified school district you are asking us to sign letters of tints to referendum return i say you sign letter of continued to pay stake our claim to integrity pay us what you owe us and pay us now thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good evening commissioner first of all, i want to thank all the range and file members of the sfusd that came out they did classroom they deserve our replacement and living wage you've heard the sdalz we gather international women's day do so like the women is lead the strict in massachusetts the dedicated remedy w women that keep the children in school they
7:55 am
deserve the raise in january you owe us some bread i'm not go back in the contract for us it the black and white and time commissioners to make it right and pay the teachers the pay raise in january and make a commitment to the wall the educators in san francisco female paris teachers you really needs us and want us not lip service will be pledge of allegiance to earmark the funds it is time now to send a clear message to those who are teaching children to read and write and informing those who love i know that san francisco unified school district has the fund you have millions of more than you had the years past i know you can do the right thing if you don't make the right
7:56 am
choice i'm afraid that next summer and fall sfusd will see a mass exodus of teachers do the right thing you can do it we're counting on you. >> (clapping.) >> good evening everybody i'm here for any regular want to work together and talk about summer we're getting ready for that to definitely we're working on the service provider curriculum and mind to share one of the books we're using this summer knock knock my dads dream will be good for the district and books choinldz a young man that waits for his dad to come home his dad is incarcerated and wanted to talk about the curriculum the
7:57 am
purpose high school that veronica gary's talked about 9 and doing family guides are last year guide will be used were the mayor's office of housing and public development and the new guides will be spanish bilingual focusing on the hillcrest partners and want to say we're going to be the author series kickoff may thirds last book won a newburgh award and back with the ms. mendoza-mcdonnell we actually have reached out to dee watkins wrote the book living and dee while black in america and jackson the national award refinery winner will be here and the young lady it did the thousand books for young girls
7:58 am
and caption and john lewis and andrea will be releasing their third book and landlords to them hopeful hopeful and still waiting for the summer rldz list and last year was the first year we had a list we want to share hopefully it the random but to partner the work that is happening in the community and what happens the district to support each other and is academic gains over the summer. >> (clapping.) >> good evening john william tomorrow there is an a series on tv underground a great opportunity to see the educators and parents and this weekends we
7:59 am
talked about a resource that is also very helpful in understanding the movement the road to ratification how are you 27 states tables the most process between january 31st and december 6th of 1964 when 27 states ratified one of the barriers to using materials like that is that since 2005 the district has not put black history month on the academic calendars and saturday we choose to do the program it is also black american day a state high school in california but not take advantage the san francisco unified school district so those dates matter and the history matters he hope that you will take the
8:00 am
opportunities to learn more about it so you'll understand how to important it is for our students. >> (clapping.) >> hi my name is linda i'm here for the carve doors i'm here because on behalf of i've had kids prior to this my kids are struggling students i'm here because i'll give us this to look at i want you to listen to me don't put your phone down you done any schools out here and listen to me all i'm asking for is come and help us build classroom doors for our or our kids i have kids with disabilities and all kinds of district attorney's office they can't focus they have to like the